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Malden, Mass., 1649. Casco Bay, Maine, 1650. 

Boston, Mass., 1657. 



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Copyright, 1901, 1902, 



THIS Volume III of Lane Genealogies contains the last work 
of Rev. J. H. Fitts. The body of the book was complete 
and in the hands of the printer. Mr. Fitts, on finishing the copy 
of an index, laid down his pen to go to the post office for his mail. 
Returning, a near neighbor setting some rare hedge plants, asked 
him to cross the street and see them. He handed the label with 
the name of the plants to Mr. Fitts, who read it aloud, returned it 
and at once fell forward lifeless, his face in the soft earth, Novem- 
ember 22, 1900. The cause of his death was heart disease, of 
which he had had some premonitions, but with no thought of such 
a termination. 

The Preface, toward which Mr. Fitts left notes, has been pre- 
pared by Alfred Church Lane, A. M., Ph. D., F. G. S. A., of Lans- 
ing, Michigan. The Annals, etc., have been arranged and completed 
by his brother, Lucius Page Lane, S. B., A. ^L, of Boston, who has 
also completed the indexes, by the aid of Miss Ellen \V. Lane, and 
her sister, Elizabeth Nickerson (Lane) Church, of Maiden, Mass. 
It remains for an old friend to add a notice of Mr. Fitts, especi- 
ally in relation to his genealogical work, as a fuller general mem- 
orial of him is in preparation. 

Rev. James Hill Fitts was born in Candia, N. H., March 3, 
1829, of John, the 7th generation from Robert Fitts, 1640, and 
Abigail Lane, the 6th, from William Lane, of Boston, 1648.* He 
attended Pembroke Academy and Merrimack Normal Institute, N. 
H., and graduated at Bangor Theological Seminary, Me., 1858, and 
was a member of Andover Theological Seminary, 1870-71. He 
preached at Boxboro, Mass. ; was ordained at Candia, N. H., 
November 2, 1859; installed at West Boylston, Mass., September 
3, 1S62 ; Topsfield, Mass., June 22, 1871 ; acting pastor at South 
Newmarket, now Newfields, N. H., April 18, 1880, till his death. 

♦See Gen. Fills family, p. 23, and Lane Gen., Vol. I, p. 175. 

iv Lane Genealogies. 

January i, 1862, he married ^lary C, daughter of C. M. and 
Dolly (Pillsbury) French, who survives him. Before study at Ban- 
gor he taught in schools and academy in Maine and Massachusetts, 
served two terms of three months each on the Christian Commis- 
sion in the civil war, and was on school boards wherever he was 
pastor. As one of the School Board, Mr. Fitts wrote the annual 
reports, and the esteem felt for him was manifested by the attend- 
ance on his funeral at his church in Newfields, of the schools as a 
body, and their provision for his picture to be placed in the school 
building. In 1895 Mr. Fitts represented the town in the state 
legislature, and was influential in changing its name from South 
Newmarket to Newfields, the early designation of the southerly 
portion of the town of Newmarket a century or more before its 
division. This change was influenced by a legacy of $10,000 from 
Hon. John M. Brodhead, son of Rev. John Brodhead, to the town 
for a library on condition of such change. Mr. Fitts was a trustee 
of this fund. He was a member of the New England Historic- 
Genealogical and the New Hampshire Historical Societies, and of 
several missionary societies, and for thirteen years was scribe of the 
Piscataqua Association of Congregational and Presbyterian ministers. 
A writer of various historical and commemorative discourses, and 
an indefatigable investigator and successful collector of the facts of 
local history, perhaps no one man ever knew so much of the local 
history of south-eastern New Hampshire and contiguous parts of 
Massachusetts and Maine as did Mr. Fitts. It is hoped that the 
mass of manuscript information he left may be given to the public 
or preserved for future use. In the course of his researches he 
took genealogical notes of the Hilton, Wiggin and other historical 
families of south-eastern New Hampshire, which are esteemed of 
great value by some of their descendants and kindred. 

His first formal work in this line he published in 1869, the 
"Genealog}' of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America," 91 pages. 
His later and larger efforts have been for the Lane families of his 
mother's name. He aided Rev. Jacob Chapman materially in the 
preparation of Vol I, and Mr. Chapman did what he could to aid 
and encourage Mr. Fitts in compiling the succeeding volumes of 
Lane Genealogies. 

James Hill Fitts. v 

These works were doubtless stimulated and their publication en- 
couraged by the prevalent popularity of genealogical research, but 
the immediate cause of Vol. 1, and so of the rest, was a suggestion 
by Mr. Fitts toward organization. 

The occasion of that suggestion was in the old church yard at 
Stratham, N. H., where are the graves of Dea. Samuel Lane, the 
eldest child of Dea. Joshua, of Hampton, and representatives of five 
generations of his descendants. When Jabez, the youngest son of 
Dea. Samuel, had set the stones at the graves of his parents, he took 
his children there and charged them to keep those stones erect as 
long as they should live. His son Charles told his son, John William, 
of this, who took it as an injunction to do likewise, and was im- 
pelled to search for the older graves of the family at Hampton and 
perhaps Boston. No clew could be found for the graves of the first 
William and wives, probably in Boston. But search in Hampton 
among the bushes of the old " graveyard " revealed a foot-stone 
inscribed " Dea. Joshua Lane." Proceeding through the bushes 
the headstone was found erect, but the headstone of his wife, 
Bathsheba, was broken and lying on the ground. Dea. Dow, the 
historian of Hampton, was the only one found who could have told 
where those graves were. John W. took his father, Charles, when 
past eighty, to see for the first time, the graves of his great grand- 
parents, and they temporarily reset the head stones, both thrown 
flat on the ground, it was said, by cattle running in the yard. The 
idea of a more permanent memorial was suggested, but how to 
interest descendants was a question. After discouraging efforts and 
considerable correspondence, beginning in 1876, Mr. Fitts was 
consulted, who wrote, March 16, 1885 : "I think the matter of a 
Lane monument has been talked of in a general way about long 
enough. Get specifications of monument with inscriptions as a 
basis of work. A meeting of the family at Hampton, whether a 
dozen or a hundred attend, will give it something of a business 
character. You have made an heroic beginning. Go ahead ! " 

Further search in the old ground had shown some initial head 
stones near Dea. Joshua's grave. The one next north was imbedded 
in the grown roots of a pine tree some eighteen inches in diameter, 
letters inward. The second stone bore the initials, " W. L." In a 

vi Lane Genealogies. 

diary of Dea. Joshua, was found for 6th January, 1745, "My 
honored and dear mother died," and for 14th February, 1747, 
" My honored father died at my house, aged above ninety." It 
was thought if on the broken stone in the pine tree should be 
found the initials, " S. L.," these graves next his own must be of 
the parents of Dea. Joshua : William, son of WilHam, of Boston, 
and Sarah (Webster), his wife. A petition to the selectmen of 
Hampton resulted in an article in the warrant and a vote of the 
town, March 10, 1885, permitting the tree to be taken out and a 
monument erected. The tree was dug out ; the fragments of stone 
carefully removed and placed together showed the desired ** S. L." 
To this, in part, Mr. Fitts referred as " an heroic beginning." The 
meeting he suggested was called at the Town Hall, in Hampton, 
August 18, 1885. Organization was effected and committees were 
chosen as suggested by Mr. Fitts. Plans were made to raise funds 
for the monument. Relics of the family were shown, including the 
broken initial stone, with its " S. L.," the family tree of Dea. Joshua, 
and an original copy of the " Tear of Lamentation," read at Dea. 
Joshua's funeral, by his son Jeremiah, once owned by his daughter 
Abigail. By the generosity of Dr. J. W. White, of Nashua, N. H., 
it was voted that this address be reprinted and a copy given to 
every contributor of ^i or more to the monument fund. The sons 
of Rev. Jas. P. Lane did the printing, as they did of the address 
of their father, given September i, 1886, when Gov. Frederick 
Smyth was present, by whose generosity this address was also given 
to contributors of $1 or more to the monument fund. Thus dona- 
tions came from Maine to Georgia and California, and one each 
from England and the Sandwich Islands. 

George W. Lane, of Salem, was treasurer of this fund, and 
reported $479 received, and $60.22 allowed by him as interest 
while collecting — in all, $539.22. The monument of Quincy gran- 
ite cost $397.52 ; plan, lettering, labor, posts, markers and found- 
ation, cost $101.70, leaving $40 unexpended. It was not ready 
for dedication, as expected, at the 250th anniversary of Hampton, 
to which the Lane meeting came on the invitation of the town. 
It was hoped there would be $100 for the town of Hampton, 
whose annual interest should pay for the care of the lot, but it was 










James Hill Fitts. vii 

voted to apply this surplus toward completing and printing the 
Lane Genealog}', begun by Dea. E. J. Lane, of Dover, N. H., in 
1839, and continued by Rev. James P. Lane, till his death January 
6, 1889. At the fifth annual meeting for the dedication of the 
monument, August 14, 1889, Mr. Fitts made the principal address. 
He was chosen with George W. Lane, of Salem, Mass., Dr. E. B. 
Lane, of Boston, and Rev. John W. Lane as a committee to see to 
the completion and printing of the genealogy, which committee 
also became responsible for its cost. Rev. Jacob Chapman, of 
Exeter, N. H., undertook the work, as is recorded in his Preface to 
Volume L 

Rev. Mr. Chapman, Mr. Fitts, J. P. and J. W. Lane deliberated 
long in mutual correspondence on the simplest, most comprehen- 
sive and best form for inscriptions on the monument, especially the 
general one on the south end. All agreed on this, toward which J. 
P. Lane had the last word : 

To the Memory of 

, A W o r t h y A n c e s t r y 

By Descendants 

And Kindred 


The Town of Hampton 

By Vote 


March 10, 1885. 

The inscription on the north end gives all the known dates of the 
first William, viz. : 

William Lane 

In Boston 1650 

Made Freeman, May 6, 1657 

His wife Mar^' 

Died May 22, 1656 

3 children 

His wife Mary Brewer 
Mar. Aug. 21, 1656 

4 children, 

viii Lane Genealogies. 

On the east side on the right and over their graves is the inscrip- 
tion to William Lane, of Hampton, and wife, and on the left the 
inscription to Dea. Joshua Lane and wife. 

Dea. Joshua Lane William Lane 

June 6, 1696 Oct. i, 1659 
was killed by lightning Came to Hampton, 1685 

June 14, 1766 Feb. 14, 1749 

His wife His wife 

Bathsheba Robie Sarah Webster 

Aug. 2, 1696 Jan. 22, 1660 

Apr. 13, 1765 Jan. 5, 1745 

16 children. 7 children. 

On the west side are the names, year dates and places of resi- 
dence of the sixteen children. The picture shows the east side 
and south end. 

My first acquaintance with Mr. PMtts was as a fellow student at 
Merrimack Normal Institute, N. H., in 1850, when neither of us 
knew that we were of the seventh generation from William Lane, 
of Boston, 1648. This friendship matured on Mr. Fitts' coming, 
in part by my influence, to my native Newfields, since which we 
have been in frequent correspondence. It has been a source of 
satisfaction to aid and encourage Mr. Fitts in his unselfish efforts to 
introduce our relatives and kindred to each other, but for all I 
could do I have felt in debt to him, I miss him as a brother be- 
loved. In my gratitude for his life, many whose records are in 
these volumes will share. 

And when we think of the Christian integrity he so fondly traced 
in our progenitors, I am confident we shall agree that he might 
have used the language of the Hampton monument and dedi- 
cated this book 

To THE Memory of a Worthy Ancestry. 

John Wm. Lane. 
Hadley, Mass., July 24, 1901. 


THE first two volumes of Lane genealogies brought together 
accounts of the descendants of nine of the name who 
reached the New World in colonial times. As Rev. James Pills- 
bury Lane has remarked, there were over a dozen of them, and it has 
seemed wise to close this, the third, volume with Rev. Mr. Fitts' 
account of three more, who were of the same English stock, leav- 
ing to some other hands the task of building into further volumes 
the mass of notes which Mr. Fitts had accumulated regarding other 
Lanes ; in particular, the families of Sampson Lane, of Portsmouth, 
N. H., 1646, and his kinsman, Ambrose; James Lane, of Bos- 
ton, 1662; Nehemiah Lane of Lunenburg, Mass., 1728; John 
Layne, of Lee, N. H., 1760; Alexander Lane, of Fishkill-on-the- 
Hudson, N. Y., about 1700 ; NLitthias Lane, of Bedminster, N. J., 
1721 ; F^benezer Lane, of Western Virginia, 1770; Amos Lane, of 
Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, 1808, father of Gen. James Henry Lane, 
of Kansas ; James Asa Lane (of Ohio?), i 781 ; and the Lane family 
of Bristol, Maine, 1836; and that of colonial Virginia and North 
Carolina, connected according to tradition with Sir Ralph Lane, 
Knight, Governor of Virginia, 1585, including Elliot T. Lane, of 
Mercersburg, father of Miss Harriet Lane, of the White House ; 
James Hardage Lane, grandfather of Gov. Henry Smith Lane, of 
Indiana, and Joseph Lane, of Halifax, N. C, 1727, father of Col. 
Joel Lane, the pioneer, and grandfather of Gen. Joseph Lane, 
Governor of Oregon ; as well as additional material relative to 
families included in Volumes 1 and II ; that is, those of William 
Lane, of Boston, Mass., 1648; William Lane, of Dorchester, Mass., 
1635; Robert Lane, of Stratford, Conn., 1660; and Cornelius 
Lane, of Middletown, Conn., 1744, Somerset county, N. J., 175-, 
and Albany, N. Y. 

It is far from safe, in the case of so common a name, to assume 
that all Lanes are of the same family, or that because one Lane, 

X Lane Genealogies. 

whose name was inscribed on the roll of Battell Abbey, came over 
with William the Conqueror, any of the American Lanes wind their 
way back in continuance to that one, still represented among the 
gentry of England. It is quite possible, however, that if the name 
Lane sometimes was a local designation, applied to a man who 
lived in a lane, e. g. : John at the lane, the existence of the name 
as a surname already may have aided in the assumption of the 
shorter form. It is quite likely also that in some cases the Gaelic 
Maclean has been shortened to Lean. One case of this has fallen 
under my own observation. The change of spelling from Lean to 
Lane would then be an easy matter, especially in times when as 
Mr. Fitts remarks, " in early records the name is variously spelled 
Lane, Laine, Layne, Lean, and the name with the prefix Mac or 
Mc has the same variety of form." Rev. James P. Lane mentions 
the possible derivation of name from the French laine, the word 
for wool, and suggests that French Huguenots, wool growers or 
workers, may have assumed the name. The name of Reyner, Job 
Lane's father-in-law, is certainly French, and there were Huguenot 
settlers in this part of England, so that Rev. Mr. Lane may be 
right. But in default of definite documents we have to admit that 
kinship among Lanes is a matter of conjecture, and that the path 
of the genealogist is appropriately enough strait and narrow. Yet 
we have been enabled by wills, with the indispensable help of my 
friend, J. W. Evans, LL. B., Sc. D., F. G. S., to locate definitely 
the English home of the Lanes included in this volume (owing to 
the fact that their family so long retained an interest in property 
in England,)* as in Rickmansworth, almost a suburb of London. 
It seems therefore fit that they should have a volume to themselves. 
Some have questioned the use of these genealogies and the wis- 
dom of the taste for them which has of late increased so greatly in 
America. But it has never been thought unworthy the dignity of 
the historian to trace the genealogies of reigning families, and each 
of these family genealogies may be considered as a contribution to 
that of the American sovereign. He who reverences the Bible 
cannot despise them as useless, for he must own that many of them 
are preserved therein. Nor can the evolutionist consistently main- 

— ■' I . - I --  f 

♦Page 33. 

Preface. xi 

tain that the more recent boughs of the family tree are less worthy 
of study than the earlier. Moreover in such books the historian 
finds many little incidents which are precious as showing what the 
average man was doing and feeling. It was a bright idea of Rev. 
Mr. Fitts to cull from his pages such facts and group them together 
as Annals, and excepting indexes, etc., this is practically the only 
part of the present volume which he had not completed. It has 
been prepared from his rough manuscript notes by my brother, 
Lucius P. Lane. 

References in the text or in his manuscript show that Mr. Fitts 
had examined records and histories and other publications relating 
to the towns of Bedford, Billerica, Boston, Gloucester, Maiden and 
Salem, Mass., Charlestown, N. H., and Woodstock, Maine, and the 
Massachusetts counties of Middlesex, Worcester, and Suffolk, as 
well as the Massachusetts and General Court records and archives, 
Winthrop's Journal, Sewall's Diary, publications of the Society of 
Colonial Wars, the genealogical works of Bond, and Farmer and 
Moore, and the Avery genealog)'. From Mr. Fitts' notes he had 
evidently intended, in addition to previous acknowledgements, to 
express his thanks for help in preparing this volume to the late 
William H. Whitmore, Esq., whose " Lane Family Papers " ap- 
peared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 
to Samuel Richards, Esq., of Maine, who contributed " Notes of 
James Lane," in Old Times, October, 1883, and to Miss Charlotte 
Augusta Lane, of Gloucester, Mass., Samuel Freeman Lane, Esq., 
of Pennsylvania, Miss Herreshoff, of Rhode Island, and Miss Alice 
G. Lane, and Mr. Thos. E. Libby, of Vinalhaven, Maine. 

Alfred C. Lane. 
Lansing, Mich., July i, 1901. 


THE long delay in the publication of this volume is in part due 
to the fact that, while we were working over the preliminary 
and complementary pages, knowledge was brought to us of the ex- 
istence in England of additional wills, which furnish information 
of the Lane ancestry of the families included in this volume, going 
back three more generations to 1542. Beheving that there is suf- 
ficient of interest in them to justify it, I have procured copies, 
which will be found in their proper places in the Postscript prefixed 
to Part I. For our knowledge of the existence and location of 
these wills, all of which were filed in the Archdeacon's Court of St. 
Albans, and for any information included in the Postscript not 
gleaned from them, we are indebted to the courtesy of Mrs. Mary 
W. (Lane) Poor, of Hackensack, N. J., for whom these items were 
procured by the researches of a professional genealogist of London, 
whom she independently employed. 

Both Mrs. Fitts and I have received requests for the insertion of 
additional information as to some of the families included in the 
volume. Since pages 1-3 91 were all printed, in sufficient number 
for the edition, before Mr. Fitts' death, the only way in which such 
items could be added would be to put them on separate pages at 
one end of the volume, as "Addenda." As this is not a very sat- 
isfactory method, and moreover, to set a hmit to the date up to 
which additions would be received would be perplexing, it has been 
decided not to attempt at all to bring the information to a later 
date than that reached at the time of Mr. Fitts' death. In lieu 
thereof some blank leaves of writing paper will be bound in at the 
end, and upon these may be completed and kept the particular 
family record of each possessor of a copy of the volume. 

L. P. Lane. 
Boston, Mass., July 11, 1902. 


Title page, ......... i 

Copyright, ......... ii 

Sketch of James Hill Fitts, his genealogical work, and the 

Hampton Lane monument, by Rev. J. W. Lane, . . iii 

Preface, by Alfred C. Lane, ...... ix 

Note, by L. P. Lane, ....... xii 

Contents, ......... xiii 

Illustrations, ......... xiv 

Corrections, ......... xv 


Part L 



" HL 
" IV. 

and prefixed Postscript. Lane Family 
in Rickmansworth, England, and 
vicinity, ..... xvi, xx 

Job Lane of Maiden and Billerica, 
Mass., ...... xvi 

James Lane of Casco Bay, Maine, . xvii 

Edward Lane of Boston, Mass., . . xix 




Indexes : 

Christian Names of Persons named Lane, 
Collateral Surnames other than Lane, . 
States and Towns, .... 




Old Home of English Lanes, .... 

James Hill Fitts, ...... 

Hampton Lane monument .... 

Head stone at the grave of Job Lane in Maiden, Mass., 
Jonas Lane, ....... 

House built by Jonas Lane in 1786, . 
Jonathan Lane,^ of Bedford, Mass., . 
Jonathan Lane house, vignette of IMrs. Lane, 
Anthony Lane, ...... 

House of Anthony Lane, .... 

Jonas Henry Lane, M. D., of Boston, Mass., 
Jonathan A. Lane, ...... 

The wife and sons of Jonathan A. Lane, . 
Ruhamah Augusta (Lane) Loomis and her sons, 
Samuel Freeman Lane, ..... 

Jonas Henry Lane, of New York, 

James Warren Lane^, ..... 

Mortimer Bliss Lane, James Warren Lane, Jr., and Arthur 

Bliss Lane, . . . . . . . . .162 

Head stone at the grave of Capt. Francis Lane, South 

Paris, Maine, ........ 235 

Ivlary Lane Richards, . . . . . . •237 

Dr. Samuel Richards, . . . , . . .289 
Ammi R. Lane, ........ 290 

Capt. Mark Lane^, . . . . . . . .292 

Giddings Lane, ........ 340 

. frontispiece 

facing page iii 

• • 




• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 




• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 


• • 



It is desirable that each person who comes into possession of a 
copy of this volume should immediately upon receiving it go 
through it with pen and ink, making upon the proper pages the 
corrections here mentioned. Reports of further errors discovered 
should be sent in the care of The News- Letter Press, Exeter, N. H. 

Page 28, line 6, for ^* Dachariah " put " Zachariah.^^ 

Page 56, at the foot of the page, the words from *' deacon " to ** memorial" 
inclusive, should be placed after the name of Eckley, loth child of Timothy 
Stearns', instead of after the name of Eckley, 3d child of Obed. 

Page 79, at the foot of the page, for *' Bedell Bangs " put *' Biddies Boggs ;^^ 

for" Wilcox;' put ''John Henry Wilson;'' for '* Hodkins'' put 

" Hodgkins:' 

Page 99, line 4, for " 1746 " put " 1846." 

Page no, entry VII, for "Augusta Joy" put "Augustus Joy;" for 
Sarah Skidmore " put " Susan Skidmore." 

Page 117, a little below the middle of the page, for "SARAH HAWES 

Page 129, line ii from the foot of the page, for " Allin Rufus Reed'' put 
'' Albin Rufus Reed." 

Page 141, also line 11 from the foot of the page, for " 1843 " put " 1833." 

Page 160, family 97, for EDWARD ERI POOR" put " EDW^ARD 

Page 171, make a reference by footnote to mention of James Lane^ also in 
Part II, pages 9, 12, 18. 

Page 237, number 83, for "Annie Ruhamah " put " Ammi Ruhamah." 

Page 267, line 7, for " Mehitable Britt " put " Mehitable Brett." 

Page 310, line 2, second date, for " 1790 " put " 1791." 

Page 362, family 147, make the pedigree of Capt. GEORGE EDWARD 
LANE, read as follows: (Gideon^**-*, Joseph^, John'^, James*,) instead of 
(Gideon''^, Joseph*'^, John*, James'). 



Lane Family in Rickmansworth, England, ant) ViciNiri^, 


Name and Generation, counting back 
from the settlement in America. 

Robert Lane* 









Page in Postscript, or Family number 
in Part I proper. 











Job Lane, of Malden and Billeric.a, Mass. 

Name and Generation. 


Job Lane' 


Sarah  (Job') 




Elizabeth' " 


Maj. John' " 


Susanna^ (John') 


Mary^' " 


Dea. Job^* 




Capt. James^ *' 


Job* (Job^) 


John 2d* " 


Timothy* " 


Mary* " 


Catherine* (John^) 


John 3d* 


Samuel 2d* •' 


James* (James^) 


Samuel* " 


Luke* (Job*) 


Name and Generation. Family. 

John* (John 2d*) 21 

Col. Francis* •' 22 

Lieut. Benjamin* " 23 

Ziba* " 24 

Jonathan* •« 25 

Stephen* (Timothy*) 26 

Gershom Flagg* (John 3d*) 27 

Tolly* (Samuel 2d*) 29 

Oliver Wellington* (James*) 30 

Solomon* " 31 

David* " 32 

Jonas* (Samuel* James^) 33 

Ephraim* " " 34 

Ebenezer* " " 35 

Samuel* " *' 36 

Job« (Luke*) 37 

Eliab Bridge^ (John*) 38 

Capt. Amasa^ " 39 

Rnger« " 40 

Elias* (Francis*) 4 1 



Name and Generation. Family. 

Capt. Francis' (Francis^) 42 

T- iah« (Benj.^j 43 

1- :;iamin* " 44 

Ziba« . (Ziba*) 45 

Francis Bowman' " 46 

John' " 47 

Jonathan' (Jonathan*) 48 

Josiah Abbot' " 49 

George' *' 60 

Charles' " ' 51 

John Samuel' " 52 
John' (Gershom F.») 53 

George Washington' " 54 

Thomas' " 55 
Oliver Wellington' (Solomon*) 56 

David' (David*) 67 

Anthony* (J«> 58 

Jonas Henry" ., .*) 59 

(.(.urge' (Ephraim*) 60 
Washington Jefferson" (Ebenerer*) 61 

David Woodward* (Samuel*) 
John Jones' *• 

Daniel Josiah' •• 

Abner Bridge' (Eliab B.*) 
George' ( ! " ) 

Elias Cool, ^v Elias*) 
Allen P'rancis' (Francis*) 
Amos Foster' " 

Samuel' " 


Hosea Foster' *' 

Daniel Walker' (Benj.*) 
Martin B.' 
Levi' (Ziba*) 


' Name and Generation. 
John' (John') 

Jonathan Abbot' (Jonathan') 
Ruhamah Augusta' '* 

Stephen Abbot' (Josiah Abbot') 
J"hn Samuel' " 

Charles Gardner' " 

Charles DeWitt' (George' Jona') 
Ebenezer Hayward' (John Sam'l')83 
Hiram H.' (John', Gershom F.*) 84 
Richard' ♦< *• 

Mary Evaline' (George \V.') 
Samuel Freeman' " 
Clcuif-ntine' (Thomas') 
.Anne .Maria' '* 

Charlotte' *• 

W illiam Augustus' (Oliver \V.') 
Oliver Josiah' ** 

Snnmel Leavitt' *• 

I :. Blanchard' (David') 
Eliza Wail' (Jonas Henry') 
j<«!ias Henry' '• 

Mary Wellington'( Washington J.''j97 
Sarah Adeline' (David Wood- 
ward*^ 98 
JMhn Henr)'' (David Woodward**} 99 
(.rorge Winchester^ (Abner B.') 100 
Ircicrick Douglas' (Samuel') 101 
Julius Arthur" (John') 
J ?in Chapin" (Jonathan A.') 
.^:.;nuel Lane Loomis'* (Ruha 

mah Augusta') 
Richard* (Hiram H.') 
Thomas Benton' *' 
John Wellington' (Oliver J.') 







James Lane, of Casco Bay, Maine. 

Name and Generation. 


1 Name and Generation. 


James Lane' 


William* (J 



John^ (James*) 







David* (Job 



Job Sr.- 


Joseph* (J, 



Dea. james^ (John'^) 







1 Solomon* 



Joseph- " 





Beniamin^ ** 



(Benj. 3) 







Samuel-' (Samuel^) 





Joseph^ (Job^) 





Job 3d3 


Ebenezer* (Job^ John') 



Lane Genealogies. 

Name and Generation. 


Andrew^ (Job^ John^) 


Samuel'' (SamueP) 






Issacher'* " 


Nicholas^ (William*) 


James° (Josiah*) 






Theophilus= '* 




Capt. Francis* " 




David* (David") 


Caleb* (Joseph''-^^) 


Gideon* " 


Caleb Jr.* (Caleb*) 


Joseph* " 


Zacheus* " 


Solomon* (Solomon*) 




Cornelius* " 


Humphrey* '* 




Gideon 2d* (Gideon*) 




John Babson* " 


Peter* " 


Benjamin* (Benjamin*) 


Eliphalet* " 


Samuel* '* 


Jonathan* (Jonathan*) 


Moses* *' 


Abner* (Hezekiah*) 


Joseph* (Joseph*, Benj^) 


Ebenezer* (Ebenezer*) 




Andrew* (Andrew*) 


Capt. George* " 


Stephen* (Samuel*) 


Daniel* (Daniel*) 


James* " 








Samuel* " 


Issacher* (Issacher*) 


Benjamin* " 


William^ (Nicholas*) 




Josiah* (Josiah') 


Isaac" (Isaac*) 


Levi" •' 


Betsey' (Levi*) 


Name and Generation. Family. 

Abigail^ (Levi*) 79 


Nancy^ " 

Mary^ (Francis*) 

Ammi Ruhamah^ " 

Mark« (Mark*) 

George Washington^ " 

John*^ (David*) 

David« " 

Epes^ "  

Hon. Samuel^ " 

Joseph 3d^ (Caleb* Joseph*) 

William Saville'' " " 

Theodore** " " 



(Gideon* Joseph*) 93 

Samuel Robinson^ '* 
David Saville« (Caleb*-*) 
Lazarus^ " 

Cyrus^ (Zacheus*) 
Nathaniel^ (Nathaniel*) 

Wentworth Riggs*"" ** 
Lewis^ ** 

William^ (William*) 
Albert^ " 

Capt. Gideon 2d^ (Gideon*-*) 
Oliver Griffin** " 

Gustavus Adolphus^ *' 
William" (John Babson*) 














Thomas Bicknell"( Peter* Gideon*)107 

Benjamin" (Benj.*-*) 

Zenas" '• 

Eliphalet" (Eliphalet*) 

Frederick" (Jonathan*) 


John" (Abner*) 

Hon. Ebenezer" (Ebenezer*) 

Andrew" (Andrew*) 

George" (George*) 

Stephen" (Stephen*) 

Jonathan Denison" " 

Joshua" (Daniel*) 

John" (James*j 

Polly" (Giddings*) 

Alpheus" " 

Giddings" " 

Calvin" " 

Alvan" r Elias*) 

Eliphalet G." (Peter* Daniel*) 

Issacher" <' »* 

John" fBenj.* Issacher*) 

Joseph" " *• 

James A."** " 

Timothy" *• " 

George^ f John") 




























Name and Generation. 

Edmund Cleaves'' (Josiah^) 


Joseph Hicks' (Levi*) 




Julia Ann (Lewis) Herreshoff' 

Henry White' (John« David^) 
David' (David«) 

James Monroe' " 
John' " 

David' CEpes') 


James Sawyer' 
Sylvanus Cobb' 
Capt. George Edwr^rd' 

Frederick Foome' (Oliver G.*) 
Thomas Randall' (Thomas B.*) 
Palfrey' (Benj.") 


John Barnard' " 

Benjamin Jr.' " 
Jonathan Sewell' (Eliphalet") 
Howard Garland' (George*-^) 



Name and Generation. Family. 

Stephen H.' (Stephen*) 157 

Edward' (Jonathan D.*) 158 

George B.' (John^ Jas.* Daniel*) 159 

Cyrus Benson' TGiddings*^ 
David G.' (Calvin*) 
Adoniram Judson' (Issacher*) 
Timothy' (John* Benj.*) 
Benjamin' (Joseph*) 
Hiram Vinal' '* 

Rodney' (James*) 
William Smith' (Timothy*) 

Rev. Benjamin Humphrey' 
rEdmund C) 



Aerial Deblance® (Joseph Hicks') 170 

Alvin A.» " 

Charles M.^ 

Henry Lyman' (^Henry W.') 

Levi Saunders' '* 

David' ( David' -*J 

Thomas M." " 

Harvey' (James M.') 

Osborne W.' 

Francis Edward' ^John' David*) 

Alexander' /^David' Epes*) 

John K.** ^Timothy') 



Edward Lane of Boston, Mass. 

Name and Generation. 
Edward Lane' 


Name and Generation. 
Edward' (Edward*) 





Lane Family in Ricl(mansworth, England, 


Compiled by L. P. Lane. 

ROBERT LANE or A LANE^* of Rickmansworth, Herts., 
"husbandman," who is described in the Subsidy Roll of 1524 as 
"Robert A Lane," and in that of 1525 as "Robert Lane," in his 
will, dated 4 July, 1542, proved 11 June, 1543, provides that he is 
to be " buryed yn the churche yerd of our blessed lady yn Ric- 
mansworthe," and gives to his daughters Annes Page and Margaret 
Thorpe each one acre of wheat, one cow, and 10 sheep, and 
specified articles of household furniture ; to John Page, son of 
WilHam Page, and John Thorpe, son of Edward Thorpe, each one 
sheep ; and to Elyne, his son's daughter, one bullock. The resid- 
uary legatee and executor was his son Thomas. 

In the name ot God Amen In the yere of oure lord God 1542 the iiijtli 
daye of Julye I Robt Lane of the pyshe of Ricmansworth, husbandman syke 
yn body & hole of memory make my testament and last will yn thys forme and 
man followyng fifirst I bequeth my soul unto Almightie God &c & my body 
to be buryed yn the churche yerd of our blessed lady yn Ricmansworthe 
Item I bequeth to the hye aut of my pyshe churche for tythes for youer iiijd 
Item I bequeth to Annes Page my dought one acre of wheate Item I be- 
queth to Margaret Thorpe one acre of wheat I bequeth unto Annys & 
Margaret either of them x shepe apece Item I bequeth to John Page the 
sone of Willm Page one shepe Item I bequeth unto John Thorpe the son of 
Edward Thorpe one shepe Item I bequeth to my dought Annes and Mar- 

* Throughout the Postscript the index figures indicate the generation counting back from the 
settlement in America. 

Postscript to Part I. xxi 

gatt the Botts [sic] that ar yn the nether pece yn the myld fyld I bequeth to 
Annes Page ij pans Item I bequeth nnto Margaret Thorpe a pott Item I be- 
queth to Annes and Margaret ether of them ij pewt dysshes Item I bequeth 
unto Annes Page one postnett Item I bequeth unto Margett Thorpe one 
kettell Item I bequeth to Annes and Margaret ether of them two peyre of 
shetts Item I bequeth unto Annes Page one cowe Item I bequeth unto 
Marget Thorpe one cowe Item I bequeth unto Elyne my sones dought one 
bolloke. The rest of my goods not bequethed my detts payd and my funerall 
done I gyue frely unto my sone Thoms whome I make my trewe and Lawful! 
executore for to dyspose my goods for the Comfort of my soule and all 
chrysten Soules as he shall thynke best and also my louyng neyghbours John 
Garden & John Euelyng ou sears of thys my last wyll The wytnes Willm 
Hopkyns curat Ric Rosse Wyllm Pearne John Garden John Euelyng with many 
other the daye & yere above sayd. 

Children of Robert Lane^, in 1542 : 

Thomas', m. Alice , and had children. See hereunder. 

Annes^, m. William Page, and had: John^, living in 1542. 

Did the latter in. Mary , or was there also a daughter 

Mary? Thomas Lane, in 1586, bequeathed to Mary Page one- 
quarter of wheat. 

Margaret^, m. Edward Thorpe, and had : John^, who was liv- 
ing in 1542 ; she received a bequest from her brother Thomas in 


THO^L\S LAXE^, of Rickmansworth, yeoman, son of the 
above mentioned Robert Lane, made a will dated 9 Dec, 1586, 
proved 14 June, 1587, in which he provides that he is to be buried 
in the church yard at Rickmansworth, and bequeaths 10 shillings 
to the poor of Rickmansworth ; to his son George " the Table in 
the hale, and the forme and the settles about the window, and the 
horse mill standinge in the Barne with all things belonging to the 
said mill; " also "3. great Erase pott wich was my Grandfathers," 
after the decease of the testator's wife; to his son John Lane, 10 
sheep ; to his son Richard Lane, certain crops and farm imple- 
ments ; to his daughter Joan Wynchfield, a cow and a quarter of 
wheat ; to Elizabeth Culverhouse, one bullock and five sheep ; to 

xxii Lane Genealogies. 

Mary Page, one quarter of wheat ; to James Lane, a house and two 
acres of land in Croxley Green, on the condition that the afore- 
mentioned George Lane, father of the said James, pays to testa- 
tor's daughter Dorothy, ten pounds at marriage, otherwise the said 
house and land to go to Dorothy and her heirs ; to his daughter 
Dorothy, in addition to the above, jQio at marriage, household fur- 
niture and also a certain debt of -Q^ ; to his sister Thorpe two 
bushels of wheat and two of rye, and 40s apiece to each of 
testator's six children. The residuary legatee and executrix was 
his wife Alice. 

In the name of god Amen the ninth Daye of December in the yere of our 
Lord god 1586 in the nine and twentieth yere of the rainge of our moste 
gratious Soueraig Ladie Quene Elizabeth I Thomas Lane of Rickersworth in 
the countie of Hertford yeoman beinge sicke of bodie by the visitation of 
Almightie god Not w'h standinge hole in mind and in good and perfect mem- 
ory Prayse be to god mack ordaine & declare this my laste will & Testa- 
ment in Manner & forme followinge That is to saie ffirste I bequeth my soule 
to allmightie god my maker & into Jesus Christe my onely redemer & saviour 
and my bodie to be buried in the Curche yarde of Rickm shworthe Imprimis 
I geve to the poore of Rickmershworth xs Item I give to George Lane my 
Sonne the Table in the hale and the forme and the settles about the window 
and the horse mill standinge in the Barne with all things belonging to the 
said mill also I geve him a great Erase pott wich was my Grandfathers and he 
shall not haue it untill after the deth of my wife & that she shall not cary it 
out of the house withe her Item I geve unto John Lane my sonne Ten shepe 
wherof five to be Ewes & five to be Lambes not of the beste nor of the 
worste Item I geve unto Richard Lane the third part of all the Corne nowe 
growing uppon the Burie ground payinge the third part of the rent «S: halfe 
a quarter of wheate & halfe a quarter of Rie Two quarter of Otts half a 
quarter of Barley & half a quater of Pease Ten shepe one cowe one gray 
horse and half parte of all carts ploughes Harrowes Horse harnesse & all 
other things belonginge to husbandrie and all the implements & shope gere 
wiche Richard Lovett hath in occupinge* Item I geve unto Johan Winck- 
felde my daughter one cowe and one quarter of wheate to be deliuered to the 
said Johan after harvest next cominge Item I geve to Elizabeth Cvlverhouse 
one Bullocke of three yere olde and five sheep Item I geve to Mary Page one 
quarter wheat after harveste next Item I geve to Jeames Lane one house & 
two acres of Land lying in Croxley grene nowe in the occupiinge of Willm 
Runwell upon this condition that the foresaide George Lane my sonne the 

*It I w>'ll that yf my wyff do marry then my w'yll is that my sonne Richard shalt have the 
Other half of my cartes [?] and plowes & horses and Implements of husbandry 

Postscript to Part I. xxiii 

father of the said Jeames shall paie unto Dorothie Lane my daughter ten 
pound of currant money at the Daye of her mariage or within sixe weeks 
after being lawfully demanded & if the said George doe refuse to paie the 
said Ten pound unto the foresaid Dorothie accordinge to my will then I geve 
the house and the Land to the said Dorothie and her heires for ever Item I 
geve unto Dorothie Ten pound more at the Dale of her mariage and a ioyned 
bedstede with bed wholy as it standeth two paire of shets a Brasse Pott Item 
I geve her five pounds more wiche Jhon Gould of Bovingdon dwelling at 
[illegible] to be paide within Sixe weecks after my deasease Item I geve to 
my sistar Thorpe ij bushells of wheate and ij of Rie whereof one to be paid 
presently after my desease and the Rest after harveste* All the rest of my goods 
cattails unbequethed detts and legacies paide my funerall discharged I geve 
unto Alice my wife whom I macke and constitute my whole executrix & I 
macke Charlys Spencer & Thomas Hull my over seers & for there paines iijs 
iiijd a peece. 

*It I geve unto all my sixe chylldrcn xls apecce to be payd unto them immediately after my 

Children of Thomas Lane^, the last six of whom were living in 

Elvne^, to whom her grandfather, Robert Lane^, in 1542, be- 
queathed a bullock. 

George^, who had children. See hereunder. 

• JOHN-\ 


Joan-, m. \V\'NCh field. 

Elizabeth^, m. Culverhouse. 

Dorothy-. Did she m. Thomas Hull, and have among other 
children, Judith, who m. Henry Lovett? See the wills of George 
Lane, 1627, and John Lane, 1661. 

GEORGE LANE^, of Rickmansworth, yeoman, son of the above 
mentioned Thomas Lane^, and grandson of Robert^, was the father 
of James Lane^, Senior, and the grandfather of Job, James and 
Edward, to an account of whose families this volunae is devoted. 
The will of George Lane, dated 6 Nov., 1627, and proved 27 Sept., 
1628, bequeaths to his son Henry Lane, ;£io and certain articles 

xxiv Lane Genealogies. 

of furniture, to his son Symon Lane a life annuity of ^4 towards 
the bringing up of his children, upon condition that he shall not 
return his children to his kindred, otherwise the legacy to be void. 
To his daughter Isabell Lane he gives articles of furniture and 
^70, to his sons Jerome and James Lane each ;£^io, to Ed- 
ward Lane, son of sa'id James, 40s ; to Anne Hull, daughter of 
Thomas Hull, 40s ; to Thomas, Sara, Judith, Mary and Rebecca, 
children of Thomas Hull, each one ewe sheep; los to the poor 
widows, and to his son John Lane, certain articles of furniture. 
The residuary legatees and executors were his sons Thomas and 

In the name of god Amen the sixt daie of Nouember 1627 and in the third 
yeare of the Raigne of our Souigne Lord Charles by the grace of god of eng- 
land Scotland ffrance and Ireland Kinge defender of the ffaith &c I George 
Lane of Rickmersworth in the Countie of Hertf yoman being sicke in body, 
but of good and pfecte Remembrance thanks be geuen to Allmightie god for 
it doo make and Ordaine this my last will and Testament all former wills to be 
Revoked in maner & forme {following that is to say, fitirst I bequeth my soule 
into the hands of allmightie god my maker, and my body to be buried in 
Christian Buriall as becometh. Item I geve & bequeth to my son Henry Lane 
the Cubberd in the Buttery one Bed and Bedstead with all the fforniture there 
unto belonging wheare in I now do Ly at the making of my will and Testa- 
ment, and Ten pounds of Currand english money, to be paid to him within 
sixe monthes after my Desess. Item I bequeth to my sonne Symon Lane 
fower pownds of Lawfull english money to be paid to him yearly during his 
naturall Life, towards the bringing up of his Children upon Condicion that hee 
shall not Retorne his Children to his Kindred if he Retorne his Children to his 
Kindred then this gift is to be Cleerely voide, Item my sole Executor shall 
[doubtful] Symon Lanes ground one year after the dated abovesaid that hee 
now houldeth, Item I bequeth to my Daughter Issabell Lane the Bedstead 
with all the ffurniture theare unto belonging of the best the bigest brass pott 
saving one and the bigest Kettle saving one, and the Cubberd that is now in 
the Lofte and the greate Cheste and Threescore & Ten pownds of Lafull eng- 
lish money to be paid to her within Three Monthes after my decess. Item I 
bequeth to my sonne Jerome Lane Ten pounds of Lawfull english money to 
be paid to him within Three monthes after my Decess, Item bequeth to my 
sonne James Lane Tenn pownds of Lawfull english money Item I bequeth to 
Edward Lane the sonne of the said James Lane ffortie shillings of Lawfull 
english money, Item I bequeth to Anne Hull daughter of Thomas Hull fortie 
shillings of Lawfull english money, Item I bequeth to Thomas Hull Sarra 
Hull Judeth Hull Mary Hull and Rebecca Hull children of Thomas Hull each 

Postscript to Part I. xxv 

of them one ewe sheep Item I bequeath to the poore widdowes Ten shillings, 
Item I geve and bequeth to my son John Lane the Table in the halle with the 
Tressels benches forme and settles as it now standing the bigest pott and Ket- 
tle that is in the house wherein I now dwell and alsoe the Timber that is now 
ffelled Lying about the house wheare in I now dwell und I make my sole 
Executores of this my Laste will & Testamente my two sonnes Thomas Lane and 
John Lane all the Residue of my goods and Chattels vnbequeathed my debts 
being paid and my funerall discharged my will is that my Executores shall 
have equally between them and I make my overseers of this my last will and 
Testament Roger Eve and William Clarke, and they are to have ijs vjd apeece 
for their paines. In witness wheare of I have put my hand and scale the daie 
and yeare above said in the psents of us whose names are heare under written. 

Abraham Gibb 

the /\ marke of the marke of r -» 

Roger Eve X \ ^^^^ | 

the W marke of ^ ^v— ' 

William Clarke 

Children of George Lane'-, in 1627 : 

Thomas', executor of his father's will of 1627, and trustee under 
the will of his brother Symon in 1629. Not mentioned in the will 
of his brother Jerome in 1646, or that of his brother John in 1661. 

John', executor of his father's will of 1627, and trustee under 
the will of his brother Symon in 1629. Made his own will in 1661. 
See Part I, III, page 2. 

Henry'. See Part I, II, page 2. 

Symon', m. Alice . By hjs will, dated 19 May, 1629, 

proved 15 June, 1629, printed on page xxvi he left ^30 to his son 
Thomas, and /^i5 each to his daughters Sarah, Joan and Frances; 
the above legacies to be paid to his brothers, Thomas and John 
Lane, for the benefit of his said children till of age, until which 
time his wife Alice is to have the profits arising therefrom, and the 
said sums are to be paid by the executrix to the said trustees at the 
house of the said Thomas Lane in Rickmansworth. Residuary 
legatee and executrix his wife Alice. Children : 

1. Thomas^ m. and had children. See Part I, IV, page 5. 

2. Sarah. 3. yoan. 

4. Frances. Did she marry Richard Lovett? Will of John Lane, 1661 : 
" Item I giue & bequeath vnto my kinswoman ff ranees the now wife of Rich- 
ard Lovett Tenn pounds. . . ." 

xxvi Lane Genealogies. 

Jerome^, m. Martha . See Part I, VI, page 5. 

James^, m. Katherine Russell. See also Part I, I, page i. 
His grandfather, Thomas Lane, bequeathed to him in 1586, a house 
and two acres of land in Croxley Green, upon certain conditions. 
In 1 66 1 four sons of James Lane were living: 

1. John. See Part I, upper part of page 2. 

2. Job. See Part II, page 8. 

3. James. See Part III, page 171. 

4. Edward. See Part IV, page 387. 


George^, m. and had children. See Part I, V, page 5. 


In the name of God Amen the ninteenth daie of May 1629 I Symon Lane 
of Rickmsworth in the countie of Hertf yoman being sick in body but of 
good and p fitt Remembrance thanks be geven to allmightie god for it doo 
make and ordaine this my last will and Testamente, all fformer willes to be 
Revoked, in manor and fforme ffollowinge vidy fifirst I bequeth my soule into 
the hands of Almightie god my maker And Redeemer, and my body to be 
buried in Christian Buriall as becometh. Item I give and bequeth unto my 
Sonne Thomas Lane the some of Thirty pownds of Lawfull english money to 
be paid unto him when he shall be of the full age of one and Twentie years 
Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Sara Lane the some of fifteine 
pownds of Lawfull english money to be paid to her when shee shall be of the 
ffull age of one and Twentie yeares, Item I give and bequeth unto my 
Daughter Joan Lane the sum of fifteine pownds of Lawfull english money to 
be paid Two her when shee shall be of the full age of one and Twentie years 
Item I give and bequeth unto my Daughter Francis Lane the some of ffifteine 
pownds of Lawfull english money to be paid to her when shee shall be of the 
full age of One and Twentie yeares And my will is ffurther that all those 
forsaid portiones and somes of money geven and bequethed shall be put out 
and delivered unto my Two Brothers Thomas Lane and John Lane, they put- 
ting in good Security to my Executors and overseers, whearby my children 
may be sure to have there portiones when they shall be of the full age of one 
and Twentie yeares as is aforsaid And my will alsoe is that Allice Lane my 
Lawfull wife shall have the benefit and profite that shall arise according to the 
statue of the portiones geven to my children, tell they shall come to the full 
age of One and Twentie yeares for and Towards the bringing up of my chil- 
dren afore named And Alice my wife is to deliv these forsaid somes to 

Postscript to Part I. xxvii 

Thomas Lane and John Lane vidy that is to say the Onehalfe at the ffeaste 
dale of All Saints next ensuing after the Date Above said, and the other halfe 
at or upon the ffeaste Day of Sainte John the Baptiste which shall be in the 
year of our lord god one Thousand sixe hundred and^hirtie at or in the Dwell- 
ing house of the said Thomas Lane, in Rickm sworth Aforesaid, And if it shall 
happen that any of the said Children, Thomas Lane Sara Lane Joane Lane 
and ffrancis lane Do die and depart this life before they shall be of the full 
age then my will is that his or her porsion soe departed shall be Equally De- 
vided Among the Rest that be living. And if it shall happen that Allice my 
wife Doe mary or contract herself to any man before the forsaid somes of 
money be payable to be put out to Thomas lane and John Lane if shee doo 
not put them in good security for the payments of the said money Then my 
will is that my Two Brothers Thomas lane and John lane shall enter upon soe 
mutch goods and Chattels as the Childrens portiones shall Amonte unto. And 
I make my sole Executrixe of this my last will and Testament Allice my law- 
full wife all the Residue of my goods & Chattels unbequethed I give and 
bequeth to my said Executrixe my Debts being paid my funerall discharged 
And I make my overseers of this my last will and Testament 
William Clarke and John White, and I give them ijs vjd apeece 
for their panes In witness wheare of I have put to my hand 
and scale the daie and year aforsaid 

Witnesses to the p sents 
Abraham Gibb 

Jeremy Lane the marke of r '"^^ "| 

John White X i^^^^l 

the marke of Sy"^°" ^^"^ ^"' 

William Clarke 

The Place of the Yeoman in English Society 
in the Sixteenth Century. 

THESE wills show that our ancestors were yeomen. As an ex- 
planation of the term as used in the England of that time, 
the following quotation from the treatise of Sir Thomas Smith, 
15 13-1577, De Republica Anglorum, first published at London in 
1583, afterwards re-published under the title: The Common 
Wealth of England, is contemporary evidence, clear and conclu- 
sive. Sidney Lee's Dictionary of National Biography says of 
Smith's w^ork : " It is the most important description of the con- 
stitution and government of England written in the Tudor age." 
I quote from the edition of 1584, pages 29-32 : 


CHAP. 23. 

Those whom we call yeomen next unto the nobilitie, Knights and Squires, 
haue the greatest charge and doings in the common wealth, or rather are more 
trauailed to serue in it than all the rest: as shall appeare hereafter. I call him 
a yeoman whom our Lawes doe call Legalein hoininem, a worde familiar in 
writtes and enquestes, which is a freeman borne English, and may dispend of 
his owne free lande in yerely reuenue to the summe of xl. s. sterling . 
This sort of people confesse themselues to be no gentlemen, but giue the 
honour to al which be or take upon them to be gentlemen, and yet they have 
a certaine preheminence and more estimation than lal)orers and artificers, and 
commonly Hue wealthily, keepe good houses, & do their businesse, & trauaile 
to acquire riches: these be (for the most part) fermors unto gentlemen, which 
with grasing, frequenting of markettes, and keeping seruaunts not idle as the 
gentleman doth, but such as get both their owne liuing and parte of their 
maisters: by these meanes do come to such wealth, that they are able and 
daily doe buy the landes of unthriftie gentlemen, and after setting their sonnes 
to the schoole at the Uniuersities, to the lawe of the Realm, or otherwise 
leauing them sufficient landes whereon they may Hue without labour, doe make 

Pl.\ce of the Yeom.\n in English Society. xxix 

their saide sonnes by these meanes gentlemen. These be not called masters, 
for that (as I saide) pertaineth to gentlemen onely : But to their surnames, men 
adde goodman ... I meane not in matters of importance or in lawe. But 
in matters of Lawe and for distinction, if one were a knight they would write 
him (for example sake) Sir lohn Finch Knight, so if he be an Esquier, lohn 
Finch, Esquier or Gentleman, if he be no Gentleman, lohn Finch yeoman. 
So amongest the husbandmen labourers, lowest and rascall sort of the 
people such as be exempted out of the number of the rascabilitie of the popu- 
lar be called and written yeomen, as in the degree next unto gentlemen. 
These are they which olde Cato calleth Aratores and optimos cives in Re- 
piiblica : and such as of whom the writers of common wealths praise to have 

manie in it 

When they are foorth they fight for their Lordes of whom they hold their 
landes, for their wiues and children, for their countrey and nation, for praise 
and honour, against they come home , . . These are they which in the 
old world gat that honour to Englande, not that either for witte, conduction, 
or for power they are or were euer to be compared to the gentlemen, but 
because they be so manie in number, so obedient at the Lordes call, so strong 
of bodie, so harde to endure paine, so couragious to aduenture with their 
Lorde or Captaine going with, or before them, for else they be not hastie nor 
neuer were as making no profession of knowledge of warre. These were the 
good archers in times past, and the stable troupe of footemen that affraide all 
France, that would rather die all, than once abandon the knight or gentleman 
their captaine, who at those daies commonly was their Lorde, and whose 
tenauntes they were . . . And this they haue amongest them from their 
forefathers tolde one to an other. The gentlemen of Fraunce and the yeomen 
of England are renowned, because in battle of horsemen Fraunce was many 
times too good for us, as we againe alway for them on foote. And Gentlemen 
for the most part be men at amies and horsemen, and yeomen commonlie on 
foote : howsoeuer it was, yet the gentlemen had alwaies the conduction of the 
yeomen . . . and the Kinges of Englande in foughten battles remaining 
alwaies among the footemen, as the Frenche Kings among their horsemen. 
Eche Prince therby as a man may gesse, did shew where he thought his 
strength did consist 

l^ART I. 

Lane Family in Rickmansworth, England, 


The frontispiece is a picture of the old Lane farm house at Shep- 
herds, Mill-Knd, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, F^ngland. It was 
the home of Knglish Lanes for at least a hundred years, including 
|ohn Lane ( 1620-1 706?), own cousin and correspondent of Job 
Lane, who came to America alx)ut 1635 according to the family 
tradition. 1 rom the style of construction the house seems to have 
l)een built about the last of the 16th or early in the i 7 th century, and 
I think it is safe to assume that it is the identical building which was 
occupied by the Knglish John Lane alx)ve mentioned, as we know 
that he was "of Shepherds" and that the house was occupied by his 
descendants some generations later. The house passed out of the 
possession of people of the Lane name, by reason of there being 
no male descendants, about the middle of the last century, and out 
of the possession of any of the Lane blood, early in the present 
century, about 1820, as near as I can find out. The house is no 
longer used as the residence of the occupier of the farm, but as the 
bailiff's house, the bailiff being a sort of overseer or foreman. — L. 
P. Lam\ 


JAMES LANE, Senior, yeoman, perhaps of Rickmansworth 
in the county of Hertford, England, was the father of Job, James 
and Edward Lane, of Maiden, Mass., about 1650. (Was the 

2 Lane Family in Rickzviansworth, England. 

name of his wife Katherine? "Will of Rich^ Russel of the county 
of Hereford, the elder, gent., i6 Aug. 1627, proved 10 June 1628 : 
To Mr. James Lane and wife Katherine Lane, ^/t.") Mr. Lane 
had four sons and died possessed of landed estate before 1654. 

John, the eldest son, remained in England. He received joint 
inheritance with his brother James, in the parental estates prior to 
1654, and perhaps was the kinsman and executor mentioned in 
John Lane's will of 1661. Other sons of James Lane, Senior, were 
Job, James and Edward who all settled in the vicinity of Boston, 
Mass. A letter from Jeremiah Gould, dated at London, 6 June 
1654, and directed to his "Kind Friend Job Lane" in Mass., 
shows that James Lane, Senior, and wife had surrendered an estate 
to their sons James and John and their heirs. The father and 
mother died in debt, "a good sum," and the son James paid it. 

James Lane, Senior, had five brothers of whom we have some 


HF^NRY LANE a brother of James Lane, Senior, and probably 
died without issue. The letter of Jeremiah (iould to Job Lane, 
1654, says: "Your uncle Henry Lane is dead; there is 19 acres 
of poor land fallen unto his heir, and there is a scruple made 
whether you be he or no, because you have an elder brother and not 
known to be dead." — iV. E. Gen. Reg., 44: jgy. 


JOHN LANE was a brother of James Lane, Senior, and was 
mentioned in their brother Jeremie's will, 1646. Jeremiah Gould 
writes to Job Lane, in 1653 or '4 : *T made a journey unto your 
uncle John Lane within this 8 days and must meet him on Satur- 
day at Rickmansworth." The will of John Lane of Rickmans- 
worth in the county of Hertford is dated 7 Aug., i66r, and gives 
much family history. The will provides for "Herriotte" payable at 

Lane Familv in Rickmaxsworth, Exgl.axd. 3 

his death to the lord of the manor of Rickmansworth. It be- 
queaths "to Rebecca Baker my daughter ffiue pounds of good and 
lawfull money of F^ngland." It leaves legacies to ten other persons 
in sums varying from ten to thirty pounds. It gives "to the poore 
people of Rickmansworth ffifty shillings to be distributed amongst 
them where most need is ;" also "Three Hundred of Spray ffagotts 
To the poore people of Millend to be delivered to them thensueing 
Winter and continually for one and Twenty years." The residuary 
legatee and executor of the will was "my kinsman John Lane." 

He seems without male issue. His daughter Rebecca m. 


will OF roHx lank. 

1661. "/// the name oj oW Anun, the seavenlh day of August in the Thir- 
teenth yeare of the Kaigne of our Soveraigne Lord King Charles the Second 
over England &c. Anoq. Dnii one Thousand Six hundred Sixty one, I John 
Lane of Kickniersworth in the County of Hertford yeoman being of a good 
and perfect memory (jjraysed be (jod) knowing death certain but the tyme 
and hower very vncertaine being weake and sick in body doe make this my last 
will and 'lestament in manner following And fifirst of all I giue to the poore 
people of Rickmersworth aforesaid ffifty shillings of good and lawfull money 
of England To be distributed amongst them where most need is within one 
month next after my death \\. the direction of myne Executor hereafter herein 
named. Item I giue and bequeath to Rebecca Baker my daughter ffive 
pounds of like good money And to my kinsman Job Lane sonne of my brother 
James Lane deceased I giue and bequeath the sume of Thirty pounds of like 
good money. And to my kinsman Thomas Lane sonne of my brother Symon 
Lane deceased I giue and bequeath flifteene pounds of like good money And 
to Jahasell Lane sonne of my brother Jeremiah Lane deceased I giue and be- 
queath the sume of Tenn pounds of like good money And to Mary Lane my 
kinswoman daughter of the said Jeremiah I giue and bequeath the like sume 
of Tenn pounds of like good money All w hich said Legacies And severall 
sumes of money soe bequeathed I will shall be paid to them and every of 
them within Sixe months after my death by myne Executo"" heareafter herein 
named Item I giue and h)equeath vnto my kinswoman ffrances the now wife 
of Richard Lovett Tenn pounds of like good money to be paid vnto her 
Twenty shillings a yeare during Tenn yeares next ensueing after my death 
Item I give & bequeath to Judith Lovett ye wife of Henry Lovett ye like sume 
of Tenn pounds of like good money to be paid vnto her Twenty shillings a 
yeare dureing Tenn years next ensueing after my death Item I give and be- 
queath vnto my said kinsman Jahasell Lane the bedstedd in my Parlour 
wheron I now lye with all my bedding and furniture of Bedding thervpon or 
therwithall now vsed And if my said daughter Rebecca or the Bnyliffe of the 

4 Lane Family in Rickmaxsworth, England. 

Lord of the Manor of Rickmersworlh shall take away the said Bedstedd or 
any bedding thervnto belonging for the Herriotte to be due att my death 
Then my will is that my Executor shall giue the full price or valew sett vpon 
them for Redemption therof or if not to be redeemed shall giue him the full 
price as they shall be valued att in ready money Item I give vnto the said 
Jahasell Two paire of sheete And one Brasse Porrage pott with a Notch in it 
Item I giue vnto my sd kinswoman Mary Lane Two paire of sheets and one 
Dozen of Table napkins And my long Table cloth with a fringe att end of it 
and one short Table cloth Item I giue will and bequeath Three Hundred of 
Spray ffaggotts To the poore people of Millend to be delivered to them then- 
sueing Winter next after my death att the discretion of myne Executor herein 
hereafter named The said poore people that liue betweene James Edlins and 
Eves house to have the said ffaggotts and none else And if any new erected 
cottage be made or sett vp within the liberty aforesaid hereafter and any more 
poore shalbe therby added and increased such poore shall have noe share in 
the said ffaggotts And my will is that Three Hundred of such like ffaggotts 
shall be given to such poore and continued for one and Twenty years next 
after my death and not longer And concerning Mary Hull which is now 
with me I doe will that my Executor herein named shall take a fatherly care 
of her And shall manttayne her with meate drink and apparell in decent 
manner for and during the terme of Three years next ensuing after my death. 
Item I giue and bequeath vnto James Lane brother to the said Job Tenn 
pounds of like good money to be paid to him within Six months next after my 
death by myne Execuf Item I giue and bequeath vnto my kinswoman 
Martha Lane daughter of Jeremiah the like sume of Tenn pounds of like good 
money to be paid to her within Six months next after my death by myne 
Executr Yf it happen that my kinsman Thomas Lane shall dye before his 
Legacie become due Then the ffifteen pounds Legacie shalbe paid to his wife, 
yf shee shall dye Then to his children And if my kinsman Job dye before 
his Legacie shall become due Then the Thirty pounds Legacie shalbe paid to 
his wife if shee dye then to his children And if any of the other Legators 
That are single [persons] and unmaried happen to dye before their Legacie 
or Legacies shall become due Then my Execuf shall pay such Legacie of 
him or her so dying to the next brother or sister att his owne discretion Item 
all the rest and residue of my goods and Chattells whatsoeuer vnbequeathed I 
giue and bequeath vnto my kinsman John Lane whome I name and appoint 
Executor of this my last will and Testament In Witnes whereof I the said 
John Lane the Testator have herevnto sett my hand and seale the day and 
year fifirst aboue written. " John Lane. 

Read published and declared subscribed and Sealed by the Testator In the 
p'sence of Paul Ives Alice Shrimpton her marke John Hobs his marke." 

Proved Jan. 13, 1661-2, by John Lane the executor, who it seems reasonable 
to suppose was the older lirother or the cousin of Job Lane. — ^V. E. Gen. 

^^S-y 44- 395 y ^' 

Lane Fa.milv in Rickmanswukih, England. 5 


SYMOX LANE, a brother of James Lane, Senior, dieei prior to 
the signing of John Lane's will, 1661. His son Thomas Lane re- 
ceived by John Lane's will fifteen pounds, to go in case of his 
decease to his wife, and if she die to his children. Was this the 
Thomas Lane who was warned by the selectmen of Dorchester, 
Mass., in 1635, to remove to Watertown? 


GEORdE LANE, a brother of James Lane, Senior, was living 
in 1654. He was mentioned in a letter from John Lane to his 
cousin Job Lane, 3 Mar., 1678, as having conveyed estate to his 
brother John Lane whose daughter Rebecca Baker surrendered it 
to the lord of the manor of Rickmansworth. 

George Lane probably had son Richard Lane, who m. first, 

Joyce; second, 1664, Hester \\'illiamson and died 1704; his 
children: i. George, died 1656. 2. Mary, and 3, Rebeckah. 
These daughters had copy-holds at Mill End, Rickmansworth, which 
went to John Lane; and both died before 1678. 


JEROME, JEREMIE or JEREML\H LANE>, a brother of 
James Lane, Senior, from Penn in Buckinghamshire, bought land in 
Rickmansworth, 1624, lived at West End, and had wife Martha, 
executrix of his will, 1647. 


1646. Will of Jeremie Lane of Rickmersworth in the County of Hertford, 
yeoman, 30 Sept. 1646, proved 2 June 1647. 

I give and bequeath to Martha my wife for and during the term of eight 
years next ensuing if she so long live, for and towards the education, main- 

6 Lane Family in Rickmansworth, England. 

tenance and bringing up of my children, all my messuage, lands, tenants and 
heriditaments &c. in the hamlet of West End in the parish of Rickmersworth. 
And if she die before the expiration of said term then I give and bequeath the 
same to the purpose aforesaid, to my son John Lane and to my brother John 
Lane for such part of the said term that then shall be to come and unexpired. 
After the said term of eight years I give and bequeath the one moiety of the 
said messuage &c. to my eldest son John Lane and the heirs of his body law- 
fully begotten or to be begotten; and for default of such issue, to remain to 
Josias my son and the heirs of his body lawfully to be begotten; and for de- 
fault of such issue to remain to Jahasiel my son &c. &c. and then to remain to 
the right heirs of me the said Jerome Lane forever. Provision made for 
daughters Mary and Martha. Wife Martha to be executrix. Witnesses, Jo 
Andreas, John Lane, signum Alice Shrimpton tix John Shrimpton." — Gen. 
Reg., 46: 4SS- 

Three sons of JEREMIAH LANE^ are mentioned in his will 
1646, namely John-, Josiah- and Jahasiel-. Two daughters of 
Jeremiah Lane, Mary^ and Martha-, are named in John Lane's 
will of 1 66 1. These daughters are traced to Charlestown, Mass., 
where Mary died before 1694. 

Jahasiel Lane'-^, m. Prudence , and had son JohiP', born 


John Lane^, of Shepherds, born about 1620, perhaps executor 
of John Lane's will 1661, and correspondent of his cousin Job 
Layne, 3 Mar., 1678, died 1706?; had wife Mary and son John*^ 
of Shepherds, born 1667, died 1728. 

yohn Lane^ of Shepherds had children : 

I. John* of New House, m. first, Susannah who d. 11 Nov., 1720; 

m. second, Sarah , and d. 10 Aug., 1740. 2. James"*, m. first, Mary 

, who d. Dec, 1739; m. second, Ann , and d. al)out 1753. 3- 

Martha*, d. 31 May, 1737. 4. Sarah", m. Howe and had Rebekah, will 


James Lane*, son of John'"' of Shepherds, had, 

I. James^ of Mill End, who gave bond to Ann Lane for her dowry out of 
Bullein's Court bought by Jerome Lane', and made his will 1758. 2. Joseph*, 
will about 1780, left land to Jno. Swannell. 3. Sarah^. 4. Jane^. 5. 

Ann*, Madam of Micklefield Hall. 6. Mary*, m. Swannell' and had 

John, m. Sybil Edlin, and several daughters. 

Descendants of John Swannell- of Shepherds, who d. Dec, 1824 ? 
aged 84 yrs. and his wife Sybil Edlin. 

L Joseph'^, who occupied Shepherds up to 1820-21 ? and had children: 

Lane Family ix Rilkmans worth, England. 7 

I. Harriet^. 2. Sarah Lane^, m. Burford. 3. Jemima'*, m. Wilde and 
had, I) Clara Charlotte, m. Davis and had Edward and Bertram. 2) Alger- 
non William, m. 2 June, 1898. 3) Georgina Henrietta, m. Tracy and 

had Cecil, John and Clara Georgina. 4) James Augustus. 5; Laura. 4 
Sybil, m. Austen and d. 1890. 

II. IVillia/n^, whose children were, 

I. Owen*, and 2, Henry* who had, i) William^ and 2) Jane*, m. 


III. Mar^arei^y m. Stansfeld and had, 

I. Harriet, m. Powell. 2. Alfred, m. Eliza and had, l) John S., 

M. A., (Uxon.; 

I\'. Other daughters'*. 


Job Lane of Maiden and Billerica, Mass., 



JOB LANE' (James), 1620-1697, was born in England about 
1620, and owned lands in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, about 

eighteen miles from London. His uncle Loyse by marriage, 

fell April, 1643, in the sea-croft or club-fight between the King's 
forces and the Parliamentary army under I^ord Fairfax. The tra- 
dition that Job Lane came to America in 1635, when only 15 yrs. 
old, is not authenticated. 

Job Lane was distinguished as ''master-carpenter, " "house- 
wright," "artificer" and ''bridge-builder." He first appears at 
Sekonk, Mass., in 1643, where he was estimated worth fifty pounds 
for the purpose of receiving subsequent grants of land, and where 
he joined the Sekonk Combination, 3d 5 mo. 1644. He was at 
Rehoboth, Mass., 9th 4 mo. 1645, ^^d drew lot No. 28. He was 
of Dorchester, Mass., and returned to England and was married 
there in 1647. • 

"A full manifestation of Thomas Howell's desire on his death 
bed," June 6, 1647, his property to be divided between his wife 
and children, names "Job Lane his kinsman now in England" ex- 
ecutor. "The coppie of Job Lane's refusall to accept of the 
executorship of Thomas Howell's last will and testa""' directed to 
the gov'nor, Oct. 19, 1647," shows him to be a carpenter of Dor- 
chester, Mass. Thomas Howell was of Marshfield. Inventory, 
May 31, 1648; amount ;^3 8, 2s. 

Job Lane settled in ALalden, Mass., near the time of its incor- 
poration. May 2, 1649. "In answer to the petition of seull inhabi- 

Family One. 9 

tants of Mistick Side, their request is granted viz. to be a district 
town of themselves, and the name thereoff to be Maulden." — Gen. 
Court Record. 

A curious entry in the Mass. Bay Colony Records has reference 
to a Negro servant Eneroe who, having been set free by his former 
master Clement, had bound himself to Mr. Lane, May 28, 1651, 
for nine years. Again May 18, 1653, "In ans' to the petition of 
Job Lane in behalf of Ebedmeleck his servant for the remittment 
of the rigor of the lawe &:c. the Court judgeth it mete that the 
sayd Ebedmeleck, for his stealing vitualls and breaking open a 
window on the Lord's day, shall the next lecture day be whipt five 
stripes." — JAiss. Ricords, j : jo6 and 4 : ijj. 

A fragmentary correspondence between Job Lane and the cus- 
todians of the English estates is among the interesting papers 
treasured in the family at Bedford, NLiss. Letters from Jeremiah 
(iuuKl, dated at London in 1653 and 1654, to his "Loving Friend 
Job Lane," contain much family history. He writes June 6, 1654, 
"Vou wonder that your Brother James should delude me to make 
away your estate, and withal wished me not to surrender the 
l)remises to him .... Your uncle assured me that the annuity 
belonged not to you but to your brother Edward if he were alive, 
etc." Among Job Lane's other correspondents in England were 
Mr. Smith of Gildersome, Yorkshire, to whom he wrote Aug. 13, 
1670; John Harwood, his attorney, from whom he received letters 
dated Feb. 18, 1665, Mar. 14, 167 1-2, Feb. 6, 1677, and May 6, 
1677 ; Marmaduke Reyner, his wife's uncle, who wrote May 17, 
1676; John Dickenson of Gildersome, his friend and agent, to 
whom he wrote Aug. 13, 1670, Oct. 23, 1678, June 19, 1695, and 
from whom he received letters dated Mar. 6, 1670, Feb. 20, 1673, 
Apr. 29, 1675, Feb. 6, 1677, Oct. 23, 1678, Apr. i, 1679, •^P''- 
16, 1695 and Nov. 3, 1696. He received a letter from his cousin 
John Lane, dated Mar. 3, 1678, questioning "whether the heathen 
have yet been subdued or not," who also adds, "I have been 
several times with the lord of the manor to search the court rolls, 
. . . and he told me that he cannot find the surrender that my 
uncle George Lane made to my uncle John Lane .... You 
desire to know how my cousin Baker has disposed of the estate. 

10 Job Lane and Descendani-s. 

and I so understand she did surrender it into the hands of the 
Lord of the manor, and then did take it up for her own life to one 
]\Latthe\v Baker kinsman of WilHam Baker, and I think the land is 
past recovery." John Dickenson, Jr., wrote him in 1677, respect- 
ing "Nonconformity in England," and affirmed May, 1679, that 
''the Gospel is promulgated." — Lane Family Papers^ by William 
H. Whitmore, Gen. Reg,, XI and XVIL 

Records show that Job Lane's "forfieture was abated and fine 
remitted," May 23 and Nov. 13, 1655 ; he was made freeman May 
14, 1656; bought land in Maiden of Nicholas Parker Sept. 22, 
1656; was attorney to collect five pounds for William Wilkins of 
Chesham, Buck's county, England, Apr. 6, 1658; was mentioned 
in the inventory of George Mumings, 17th 7 mo., 1658. He con- 
tracted with the selectmen of Maiden, Nov. 11, 1658, *'to erect 
and finish upp a good strong Artificial meeting house, to be com- 
pleted before 20 Sept. next ensuing." 

Contract for the erection of the first Meeting house in Maiden. 

"Articles of agreement made and concluded ye ii^h day of ye ninth mo. 
1658 betweene Job Lane of Maiden on the one partie, carpenter, and William 
Brakenbury, Lieut. John Wayte, Ensigne J. Sprague and Thomas Green, 
Senior, Selectmen of Maiden, on the behalf of the towne, on the other partie, 
as followeth : 

"Imprimis: The said Job Lane doth hereby covenant, promise and agree to 
build, erect and finish upp a good strong Artificial meeting House of Thirty- 
three foot Square, sixteen foot stud between joints, with dores, windows, 
pullpitt, seats and all other things whatsoever in all respects belonging thereto 
as hereafter is expressed. 

1. That all the sells, girts, mayne posts, plates, Beames and all other 
principal Timbers shall be of good and sound white or Black oake. 

2. That all the walls be made upp on the outside with good clapboards, 
well dressed, lapped and nayled. And the Inside to be lathed all over and 
well struck with clay, and uppon it with lime, and hard up to the wallplate, 
and also the l)eame fellings as need shalbe. 

3. The roofe to be covered with boards and short shinglings with a territt 
on the topp about six foot squar to hang the bell in, with rayles about it, the 
floor to be made tite with planks. 

4. The bell to be fitted upp in all respects and Hanged therein fitt for use. 

5. Thre dores in such places as the sayed Selectmen shal direct, viz. east, 
west and south. 

6. Six windows below the girt on thre sids, namely, east, west and south, 

Family One. 1 1 

to contayne sixteen foot of glass in a window, with Leaves; and two windows 
on the south side above the girt on each side of the deske, to contayne six 
foot of glass A piece; and two windows under each plate on the east, west 
and north sides, fitt [to] conteine eight foote of glass a peice. 

7. The pullpitt and cover to be of wainscott to conteyne fifiue or six persons. 

8. The deacons seat allso of wainscott with door, and a table joyned to it 
to fall downe for the Lords Supper. 

9. The fFloer to be of strong Boards throughout and well nayled, 

10. The House to be fitted with seats throughout, made with good planks, 
with rayles on the topps, boards at the Backs and timbers at the ends. 

I I . The underpining to he of stone or bricks, and pointed with lyme on 
the outside. 

12. The Alleyes to be one from the deacon's seat through the middle of 
the house to the north end, and another cross the house ffrom east to west 
sides, and one before the deacon's seat; as is drawne on the back side of this 

13. And the said Jol> to provide all boards, Timber, nayles. Iron work, 
glass, shingles, lime, hayre, laths, clapbords, bolts, locks and all other things 
whatsoever needful and belonging to the finyshing of the said house, and 
to rayse and finish it up in all respects before the twentie of September next 
ensuing, they allowing help to rayse it. 

And the sd Selectmen for themselves, on behalf of the town, in consideracon 
of the said meeting house so finished, do hereby covenant, promise and agre 
to pay unto the sd Job Lane or his Assigns the sume of one hundred and ffiffty 
pounds in come, cordwood and provisions sound and merchantable att price 
currant, and fatt cattle on valuacon by Indifferent men, unless themselves 
agree the prices: 

In manner following, that is to say, fififftie pound before the first of ye second 
mo. next ensuing. And fififftie pounds befor the first of ye last mo. which shall 
be in the year one thousand six hundred 59, and other ffiffty pounds before the 
first of ye second mo. which shallbe in the year one thousand six hundred and 
sixtie. And it is further Agreed that when the sd house is finished, in case the 
sd Job shall find and judgeth to be worth ten pounds more, that it shall be re- 
ferred to Indifferent workmen to determine, unless the sayed selectmen shall 
se just cause to pay the sd ten pounds without such valuacon. 

In witness whereof the partys to these presents have Interchangeably put 
their hands the day and yeare above written, 

William Brakenblry 
JoH Sprague 
JOH Wayte 

Joseph Hills 
and Greshom hills." 

— NisL of Maiden. 

12 Job Lane and Descendants. 

In 1682 the parish of Maiden voted "that the meeting house be 
repaired to keep out the weather and to save the sills from rotting." 
It was in possession of a church bell at this time which was placed 
upon Bell Rock, an elevated ledge near which the meeting house 
stood and which still bears the old name. 

Job Lane purchased five acres of land in Maiden from Michael 
Smith, the last day of the nth mo. 1659, contracted to build a 
bridge over Concord river to be completed before the close of the 
year 1659, "with abutments at each end suitable for the passing 
over with carts," and engaged to raise the frame of a house for 
Thomas Robinson of Scituate, Aug. 25, 1660. 

He was appointed attorney for his brother James Lane of 
Maiden, turner, Nov. 19, 1660. He received from his uncle John 
Lane's will, Aug. 7, 1661, thirty pounds : "and if my kinsman Job 
dye before his Lagacie shall become due, Then the Thirty pounds 
Legacie shall be paid to his wife ; if shee dye, then to his children." 

Petition, 7th 4th mo., 1662, signed Job Lane among nine in- 
habitants of Maiden for the rest : "Our most humble Petic'on to 
this much honoured Court is ; That a Tract of lands of About 
fower Miles Square at A place Called Pennycooke may be Granted 
As A Addic'on to us, for our better Support And Incouragement in 
the Service of Christ & the Countrie. 

The Deputyes thinke not meete to grant this pet. 

William Torrey, Cleric." 
— Jfass. A/rkic'es, 112 : 147. 

Job Lane had paid the remainder of a bill to Christian Hooper, 
Jan. 15, 1662-3, and with Theodore Atkinson, forger, he agreed to 
build a draw-bridge. Mar. 6, 1662-3. 

Job Lane removed, about 1664, from Maiden to the Indian 
Shawshine, a part of ancient Cambridge till incorporated Billerica, 
May 29, 1655, and Bedford since .Sept. 23, 1729. Here his de- 
scendants became among the most numerous and influential 
families of Billerica and Bedford, Mass. 

The Massachusetts Bay Company, under John Winthrop, gov- 
ernor, and Thomas Dudley, deputy governor, left England in April, 
1629, landed at Salem in June, 1629, removed to Charlestown in 

Family One. 13 

July, 1629, and settled in Boston, Sept..i7, 1630, and in Xewtowne 
1 63 1. Gov. Winthrop returned to Boston and reproved his deputy 
in 1632, ''that he did not well to bestow so much cost about wains- 
cotting and adorning his house in the beginning of a plantation, 
both in regard of the public charges and for example." The re- 
moval of the governor's extremely rude frame house from Newtowne 
to Boston was the cause of a misunderstanding between the gov- 
ernor and the deputy, but matters were accommodated to the 
content of both parties, Sept. 4, 1632. The Colonial General 
Court, Nov. 2, 1637, granted Winthrop and Dudley one thousand 
acres of land each, as a gratuity for valuable services in laying the 
foundation of the Colony. 

We have Gov. Winthrop's graphic account of the location of 
these outlying farms. The two eminent men came together from 
Boston by way of Concord to Shawshine and fixed on the right 
bank of Concord river their respective claims. 

January, 1637-8. "Going down the river alwut four miles, they made choice 
of a place for one thousand acres for each of them. They offered each other 
the first choice, hut because the deputy's was first granted and himself had 
store of land already the governor yielded him the choice. So at the place 
where the deputy's land was to begin, there were two great stones which they 
called the Two Brothers, in remembrance that they were brothers by their 
children's marriage and did so brotherly agree, and for that a little creek near 
those stones was to part their lands." — Winthrop'' s Journal, Apr. 24, J6j8. 

The General Court enlarged the grant to the governor by an 
additional two hundred acres. May 2, 1638, and still later, June 6, 
1639, added sixty acres at the "great meadows." 

May 2, 1638. "It was ordered by the p^sent Court that John Winthrop 
Esqr. the p^sent governor shall have 1200 acres of land whereof 1000 acres was 
formerly graunted him; & Thomas Dudley Esqr. the Deputy governor has 
1000 acres granted him by a former court, both of them about 6 miles from 
Concord northwards; the said governor to have his 1200 acres on the southerly 
side of two great stones standing neare together close by the ryvers side that 
comes from Concord." 

Mr. Dudley's farm was also increased to fifteen hundred acres 
and was sold by him, Feb. 28, 165 1-2, for ;£^iio. 

Gov. John Winthrop' of Mass. died Mar. 26, 1649, ^^ 63 years. 
His son John Winthrop, Jr.-, settled first at Ipswich, Mass., in 1633, 

14 Jop. Lane and Descendants. 

but was made governor of Say brook plantation, Conn., in 1635. 
He founded New London in 1645 ^^^ became governor of Conn, 
in 1657. His son Fitz John Winthrop^ sold the entire Winthrop 
grant to Job Lane, Aug. 2, 1664, for 230 pounds current money in 
New England. Mr. Lane paid for the estate by building Mr. 
Winthrop a mansion house and barn at New London. He was 
put in possession of it by John Parker, x^ug. 8, 1664, ^nd took re- 
ceipt for payment July 4, 1665. The deed written on vellum, with 
Fitz John Winthrop's unique seal upon it, is still preserved in 
the possession of Job Lane's descendants. 

The ''Two Brothers" or "Brother Rocks" are composed of rough 
granite each about 10 feet in diameter and standing about 60 feet 
apart on the meridian. The north side of the south rock is marked 
"Winthrop 1638." The south side of the north rock is marked 
''Dudley 1638." The Bedford Historical Society marked these 
enduring landmarks in 1893, the expense being borne by Dudley 
L. Pickman, the present owner. Old oaks cut from the grove 
where the Two Brothers are situated were put into the bridge 
between Boston and Charlestown which Washington crossed and 
praised in 1789. 


'T^HIS INDENTURE MADE the second day of August in the year of Or 
-*■ Lord one thousand Six hundred Sixty & ffour in the Sixteenth yeare of 
the Reigne of O"" Souraigne Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God of 
England, Scotland, France & Ireland King, defender of the ffaith &ct, 
between fifitz John Winthrop of new London in the Colony of Conecticutt in 
New England Esquire on the one part & Job Lane of Maiden in the County of 
Middlesex in New England Carpenter on the other part Witnesseth that the 
said fifitz John Winthrop for & in Consideration of the Sum of Two hundred & 
Thirtie pounds currant money in New England by the value there of in Cattle 
& other currant pay in New England to him in hand before the sealing and 
delivery here of well & truly paid by the above named Job Lane where of & 
wherewith the said fifitz John Winthrop doth acknowledge himself to be fully 
Satisfied contented & paid & there of doth acquit & discharge the said Job 
Lane his heires & assignes and every of them for euer by these presents Hath 
given granted, bargained, Sould, Enfoeffed & confirmed & by these p^sents 
Doth fully clearly «S: absolutely giue, grant, bargain, sell, enfoffe, confirm vnto 
the said Job Lane his heirs & assignes forever a parcel of upland & meadow 
lying & being near vnto Billerica & Containeth Twelve hundred Acres be it 

Family One. 15 

more or be it lesse, & is bounded by the lands formrly granted vnto Thomas 
Dudlow Esquire Easterly & by Concord Riuer Westerly ^: by Concord Riuer 
Southerly & by Billerica comon Easterly. Of the wch meadow, Sixty Acres 
be it more or lesse lyeth about a mile Easterly from the before mentioned land 
& meadow to be bargained & Sould, with the priviledges and appurtenances 
thereto belonging & all the estate, right, title, interest, use, prperty, possession, 
claim & demand what soever of him the said ffitz John Winthrop of in or to 
the same or any part or parcel thereof 

To HAVE & TO HOLD the Said parcel of upland & meadow with in the 
same, & the before named meadow Easterly from the said upland & 
meadow, adjoining as it is bounded & lyeth recorded in the book of 

Records & described by ett with the priviledges & appurtenances 

thereto belonging vnto the said Job Lane his heirs & assigns To his & 
their owne p^per use & behoof for ever. And the said ffitz John Winthrop for 
himself his heirs executo's & administrates doth covenant promise & grant to 
& with the said Job Lane his heirs & assignes by these p^sents in manner «S: 
form as followeth (that is to say) That he the said fifitz John Winthrop at the 
time of the grant, bargaine & Sale of the p'misses & untill the deliv^y here of 
unto the said Job Lane to the use of him his heirs & assignes for ever, was the 
true & rightfull owner of the above bargained p^misses, & that the same is 
free and clear & freely & clearly acquited & discharged of & from all and all 
manner of former & other gifts, grants, bargains, Sales, mortgages, leases & of 
cV from all & singular other charges, Rents, tills, troubls, incumbrances & 
demands whatsoever had, made, done, or suffered to be done by the said fifitz 
John Winthrop or any other pson or psons whatsoever by his or their Act, 
means, default consent or p ur mt. And that the said tfitz John Winthrop his 
heires executors & administrato»^ the said bargained prmisses & every part & 
parcel there of vnto the said Job Lane his heirs & assigns Against all & every 
pson & psons whatsoever lawfully claiming or to claim any estate, right, title 
or interest of in or to the same or any part or parcel thereof Shall & will war- 
rant & forever defend by these p^^sent. 

And that the said Job Lane his heires «S: assigns the said bargained prmis- 
ses, priviledges & appurtenances thereto belonging. Shall & may from hence- 
forth forever. Lawfully peaceably & quietly have, hojd, use, profess, & . . . 
.... owne pper use without the let, Sute, trouljle, molestation, denyall, 
contradiction, eviction? or disturbance of the said ffitz John Winthrop or any 
other pson or psons whatsoever claiming pnending to have any estate, right, 
title, interest, claim or demand whatsoever of in or to the same or any part 

In Witness whereof the said ffitz John Winthrop hath here vnto set his 

hand & Scale the day and yeare aboue written. 

FiTZ J. Winthrop. 

There is no evidence that the Winthrop Farm was occupied till 
bought by Job Lane. He owned a saw mill on the farm and built 

IG Job Lane and Descendants. 

a dwelling house on the eastern side of it. An ancient Lane house 
now standing and occupied as a family residence is situated on 
the rising point of land on the right hand side of the road about a 
mile and a half north from the junction of the main street of Bed- 
ford with the roads to Concord and Billerica. The Winthrop 
Purchase was estimated to contain 1260 acres and continued intact 
until the death of Mr. Lane in 1697, when it was divided among 
his heirs. In 1707 it was surveyed for the first time and found to 
contain 1500 acres. 

Job Lane took a receipt from Thomas Butteriield, loth 5 mo., 
1665. He bought from Joseph Rock, Feb. 29, 1666, the Thomas 
Coytmore mill in Maiden and all the privileges attending it. This 
''corne-mill" was built as early as 1640. The dam flowed Spy 
Pond. The mill stood below at tide navigation to which the water 
was brought in canals or sluices. 

Mr. Lane received as apprentice John Quinne from county of 
Cork, Ireland, who personally bound himself in June, 1666. He 
took as apprentice, June 5, 1667, Thomas Austin, who was trans- 
ferred to him for seven years from his arrival in the ship Desire, 
May 9, 1667, by Capt. Rowland Bevans, to whom Austin's widowed 
mother had bound him Feb. 26, 1667. 

Sale of slave Mercury : 

"Know al men by these p'sents that I Jobe Lane of Maiden in the covnty 
of niidelsex in New Engld Carpenter, acknowledge my Selfe to be indebted 
vnto John Leuerett of Boston in the Covnty of Suffolke in the Massachvsets 
Collony in New Engld for a negro boy called mercury the sum of thirty povnds 
of Current money of new Engld the which svm I the sayd Jobe Lane p'niise to 
pay vnto the sayd Leuerett at his Now dvelling house in boston, or in other 
pay to his Content as for monney, or to his heyres €xeccvtors or assigns; for 
the trve performance of the same I doe hereby fyrmely bynd myselfe my heyres 
execcvors & assignes in the penalty of sixty povnds of like currant money. In 
witnes whereof I haue herevnto set my hand & seale this 12th day of Jvne 

Job Laine." 
[Sealed with a Pine tree shilling.] 

Mr. Lane, "an able and honest artificer," contracted, Jan. it, 
1667-8, to build Great Bridge over Billerica river, the work to be 
completed before Sept. 29 following, and he to receive "seven 

Family One. 17 

score and five pounds starling ; ten in cash, ten in wheat, ten in 
malt and the remainrler in corne and cattle." 

Job Lane, for the sum of 155 pounds and other considerations 
for which he received a receipt in full June 6, 1668, bought of 
Jachin Reyner of Rowley New England, co-partner with his sister 
Anna Reyner wife of Job Laine, one-fourth part of housing and 
lands to which said Reyner was heir in his mother's right, situated 
in the townships of F.dgeton and Welburne, Yorkshire, Kng., and 
occupied by 'I'homas Boyse. The Rev. John Reyner of Dover, N. 
H., as tenant for life, had conveyed one-half of the rents of this 
estate to his son Jachin Reynor, Aug. 7, 1660, and one-half to his 
son-in-law Job Laine, Aug. 5, 1662. Mr. Lane was charged by 
John Harwood with expenses in looking after the estates in I'.ng- 
land, June 24, 1675. His proposition, 1674, to the town of 
Billerica, "to abate him annually part of his dues to Mr. Whiting 
was propounded to the town, but not accei)ted." He was indebted 
to the estate of Joseph Hills of Maiden, Oct. 5, 1674. 

'I'he Winlhrojj-Lane Farm lying remote from the settlements at 
Concord and liillerica was exposed to attack by the Indians during 
King Philip's War, 1675. "Job Lane is impressed," but was 
doubtless allowed to protect his own house. — Billerica Records. 
The 8th 8 mo., 1675, he was allowed to stockade his dwelling and 
be freed from fortifying other appointed garrisons, and empowered 
to keep a "watch" and examine persons as other watches may do. 
The 14th 8 mo., 1675, also Job Laine was authorized "to fortify 
his owne house and to have two soldiers for garrison — men to de- 
fenil his house in case ye country could spare them." 

Certificate of sale : "This may certify to all persons that I, 
Mary Lynden of Boston, do sell all my right in a boy called Torrey 
to Job Lane, given to me according to a County Court record, 1676. 

^L\RV Lynden." 

Torrey became a family name for the colored race in the Lane 

Mr. Lane was deputy for Billerica to the General Court Aug. 9, 
1676, and in 1679; was selectman 1676, '7, '9-'8i ; was classed 
among the ten families under George Farley, tithingman, 8th 8mo., 

18 Job Lane and Descendants. 

1677, whose duty it was ''to examine the several famihes and see 
whether their children and servants were taught in the principles of 
religion;" took oath of fidelity to the state, 4th 12 mo., 1677 ; sold 
to W. Green Apr. 2, 167S, English estate received from Jachin 
Rayner, June 6, 1668 ; had family friends in the Parliament party, 
England, Sept. 26, 1678. 

John Harvard devised half of his estate and his library of 300 
volumes in 1638, as the foundation of Harvard College and the 
name Newtowne was changed to Cambridge in honor of the old 
English university town. It is related that when Charles Chauncy, 
president of Harvard college from Nov. 27, 1654, to Feb. 19, 
1 67 1 -2, had sacrificed his own and his family's pecuniary prospects 
by his devotion to the college interests, he had an estate with ^60 
income given him by a Mr. Lane, probably a relation of Bristol, 
England. It is said that Job Lane erected one of the wooden col- 
lege buildings. Old Harvard Hall was rebuilt of brick in 1672 by 
the contributions of the Colony at an expense of ^1890. When 
the town of Billerica had paid a part of their subscription and 
wished to excuse their delay in forwarding the remainder, the 
selectmen appointed Mr. Lane, the 14th 8 mo., 1678, ''to returne 
an answ"" to y« Hon<^ generall Court vpon y^ i8th day of this instant, 
in reference to our contribution to y^ Colledge." He also "received 
90 pounds for the colledg" Mar. 30, 16S3. — Afass. Recoj'ds, 5.- 


Mr. Lane was taxed in Billerica, 1679, ^^^ two polls and assessed 

^2, 13s, more than any other man. He was notified by John 

Dickenson Apr. i, 1679, that rents in England had been received 

for six years, 1673 to 1678. In 1680, he was one of the appraisers 

of the goods of his brother James Lane, deceased, of Casco Bay. 

Job Lane's son John married in 1682, when Mr. Lane appears 

to have returned to his estate in Maiden. Here he was selectman, 

1683, '6, '7 ; took Robert Stuke apprentice for three years, July i, 

1685 ; was deputy from Maiden, 1685 and '92. The pay of the 

representative to the Legislature in those days was derived from the 

town. Maiden, May 19, 1686, "paid to Mr. Laine for debutys 

charges for the year '85, p/^ I, 14s, 7d;" and at another time the 

same year for like service, ^2, 5s, 6d. He was apportioned by 

Family One. 19 

lot land in the commons of Maiden, May, 1695 ; and bought real 
estate of J. Green, Aug. 7, 1695. He also bought out this year, 
some interest of Mrs, Martha, widow of John Coggan, in the mill 
built by her first husband Thomas Coytemore, brother-in-law of 
Gov. John Winthrop, which he bequeathed to his daughter Dorothy 
and her husband Edward Sprague. 

Letters from England for Mr. Job Lane of >Lalden were to be 
left, Feb. 9, 1694-5 **at Mrs. Mary Ardells at her house in the 
Town Dock over against Mr. Thomas Clark, brazier, Boston." At 
this date William Ardell had a sister in ?2ngland, viz. Mrs. Frances 
'Ihompson. He was a merchant in Boston, 1684, and sheriff of the 
Province of N. IL, 1698. 

Job Lane was a man of marketl intelligence, great business 
capacity and commanding influence in church and colony. Late 
in life he became infirm through age and paralysis, so that im- 
portant i)apers were signed by his initials only, J. 1 . His amanu- 
ensis was Rev. Jabez Fox of Woburn, who married Judith Reyner, 
half sister of Mrs. Lane. John Dickenson declined .Aj^r. 7, 1695, 
to pay a draft presented by Mrs. Frances Thompson because the 
writing was different from Mr. Lane's usual hand. When Dicken- 
son wrote about the matter, Aj^r. 16, 1695, Mr. lane replied June 
19, 1695 : 

"By reason of my weakness and other infirmity of old age at- 
tending me for the space of these six years past, I have wholly been 
incapacitated to do anything for you about that business which is 

above a hundred miles from me By reason that I am lame 

in mv right hand and have almost lost the use thereof, you may 
only exi)ect my mark to my letters and bills for the future. 

The mark of Joh J. L. Laixe. 

Seal : a hand between three crescents." 

Mr. Job Lane died at MaUlen, 23 Aug., 1697, aged 77 years. 
— Tombstone. 

Will, signed Sept. 28, 1696, was presented for probate at Charles- 
town, Oct. 21, 1697. 

"I Job Lain of maiden In ye county of niiddlesex he in a comfortable 
mesure of health, of sound mind and perfect memor)-, Trough God's goodness 

20 J<)]i Lane and Descendants. 

to me: not knowing how sune it may pleas God to take me out of this world, 
doe make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form fol- 
lowing : 

first and principally I commit my soule into the hands of almighty God, As 
my father and deer Redemer : my body I commit to the Earth to be decently 
buried at the discretion of my executor and friends : and as Touching the dis- 
posing of all such temporall estate as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I 
give and dispose thereof as followeth : first, I will that my just debts and 
funeral charges shall be paid and discharged. Itim I give unto my very 
Loving wife Annah ten pounds pr yeer yeerly and eury yeer In currant money 
of newingland to be paid her by my executor at her dweling hous so long as 
she continueth a widdo and in my name : but If my wife seath cause to marry 
again, then my will is that my executor shall pay her five pounds per year in 
money during her natural life. 

Itim, I give unto my sonn John Lain all The land I have in Ingland In 
Yorksheer to him and his haires for ever : also I Give to my sonn John Lain 
Half my farme that Is within the bounds of billereca, with my dwelling hous 
he now lives in and outhousing and orchard and all ye upland he now im- 
proves, the rest of his part of upland shall be in that part which lyeth west : 
also baker's meddo and the delight meddo and the Swamp meddo at the 
upperend of crooked meddo and the west side of crooked meddo until he come 
to a point of upland that points over to a little Rocke Hand whare there is a 
hoi like a well of water, and two acres of meddo further Reeching from side to 
side of said meddo : and the rest of his part of meddo to be proportionally in 
one meddo and in another, — all which I give to him «& his haires for ever. 

Itim, I give to my daughter Sarahs sonn Samuel fich one quarter part of my 
abouesaid farm at bilereca both meddo and upland with a dweling hous he 
now liveth in and a field fenced in and a little orchard and the east side of 
crooked meddo, and to the first dich neere the middle of the meddo, and so to 
run down to farlowes meddo : And from ye dich at the lower end of his 
orchard To baker's meddo & all the land eastward from his hous to the end of 
my line. And the rest of his proportion both of meddo and upland he shall 
have some in one place and sum in another. But if the said Samuel fich doe 
dy and leave no issue of his one body, then my will is that all that estate which 
I give him shall be equally divided to and amongst my surviving children, not- 
withstanding his wife shall have the improvement of the one half of the estate 
which I give him during her natural life : that lands which I give to Samuel 
fich I give it to him and his haires forever. 

Itim, I give to my daughter Jemimas sonn Matthew Whipple one quarter 
part of my said farm at bilereca, part of his upland to ly at a place comonly 
called the t'vo brothers, and to come to a gutter that comes out of flage meddo, 
including flagge meddo and the Swamp meddo, to the two brothers: and the 
north end of crooked meddo all of it that is not already disposed of, the rest 
of his part both of upland and meddoe shall be where it may he most con- 
venient for him : all which I give to him and his haires forever, but if the said 

Family One. 21 

mathew whipple doe dy and leave no issue of his body, then my will is that 
all that estate which I give him shall be equally divided to and amongst my 
surviving children : notwithstanding his wife if he leaveth any shall have the 
improvement of the one half of that estate which I give him during her natural 

Itim, I give unto the children of my daughter Mary Euery one third part of 
those two farms in maiden both housing, upland and meddo now in the pos- 
session of John Chamberlain and Samuel Wait, and one quarter part of those 
lots latly laid out to me one ye land formerly maiden common, to them and 
their haires forever. 

Itim, I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Euerj'S children one third part of 
my two farms in maiden both housing, upland and meddo now in the pos- 
session of John Chamberlain and Samuel .Wait, and one quarter part of all lots 
lately laid out to me one the land formerly maiden common to them and their 
haires forever. 

Itim, I give unto the children of my daughter Annah Foster one third part 
of those my two farms in Maiden both housing, upland and meddo now in the 
possession of John Chamberlain and Samuel Wait, and one quarter part of all 
those lots latly laid out to me one the land formerly maiden common to them 
and their haires forever: further my will is that the fathers and mothers of 
these children last mentioned shall have the Improvement of this there estate 
untill they com to age and then ye said children to have there parts of said 
estates as they come to age when ye sons are twenty years old and ye daughters 
eighteen years of age. 

Itim, I give unto my daughter dorety sprague the east end of my dweling 
hous I now Hue In to the chimney from the bottom to ye top, with my mill and 
all my land adjoining, and my salt marsh and land adjoining thereto to her & 
her haires forever, and likewise the west end of my dwelling house I do give to 
her after my wife leaveth it : and if my daughter dorety doe dy and leave no 
issue of her body, then my will is that all that estate which I doe give her 
shall be equally divided to and ampngst my surviving children, notwithstand- 
ing her husband shall have the improvement of the one half of the estate 
which I give her during his natural life. 

Itim, I give unto my daughter Elizebeth Euery my best woosted Rugg and I 
give to her daughter Elizebeth one of my best peutar plattars and to her 
daughter Rachall one peutar platter. 

Itim, I give to my son William Euerys daughter Mary one peutar plattar 
and to his daughter Sarah one peutar platter. I have already giuen to my 
daughter Elizebath Euery my bason In use. 

Itim, I give to my daughter Anna foster one peutar platter. 

Itim, I give to my daughter dorety my grate brass kittel she returning to her 
mother the kittel she now hath. Also I give to my daughter Dority one 
quarter part of my .... 

Further my wull is that my loving wife shall have one half part of the re- 
maining part of my moveable estate during her natural life and that she shall 

22 Job L.-vne and Descendants. 

have the first choice when it is divided, and also my wife shall have all the 
wood in my home pasture for her own fireing excepting sufficient shade trees 
for cattle — the Rest of my moveable estate shall be divided equally amongst 
the children of my daughters Mary Euery, Elizabeth Euery, and Annah Foster, 
and also that part of estate which my wife leaveth at her deceas shall be equally 
divided amongst those last mentioned children : further my will is that all 
those my children and Grandchildren whom I have bequeathed my estate unto 
shall be posest of the same according to this my last will within two months 
after my deceas: further If my servant William Matthuwes continue a faithful 
servant during his terme acording to his Indentury I give him a good Cow. 

Lastly I doe make null and void all other wills made by me and I do publish 
and declare this to be my last will. And I doe apoint & constitute my loving 
son John Lain to be sole executor to this my last will. In Testimony whereof 
I have hereunto set my hand & seal the Twenty Eighth of September, 1696. 

Job Laine. 
Signed & sealed in presence of 

John Greenland, John Green, John Linds, Samuel Sprague. 

Charlestown, Oct. 21, 1697. By the Honble James Russell Esq. 

Deacon John Greenleaf, Capt. John Green, Mr. John Lynde & Mr. Samuel 
Sprague pi'sonally appearing made oath that they were p^sonally present and saw 
ye subscriber Job Lane dece sign and seal & heard him publish and declare the 
aboue and within written to be his last Will and Testament and y' when he so 
did he was of a disposing mind. 

It is sworn to before me, Juratur Coram. 

Ja Russell 

Samll Phpps, Regr. — Mid. Co. Wills. 

"Inventory of the Estate of Mr. Job Lane of Maiden in ye County of Middx. 
in his Majts province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, yeoman, both 
Real and personall, who deceased the 24th of August Anno Domini 1697. 

Imps. To a ffarme of about twelve hundred Acres more or less in ye bounds 
of ye Township of Billerica in said county, consisting of vpland Swamps and 
medow lands with the fields, fences, orchard and buildings togather with about 
sixty acres of medow land in Billerica bounds about one mile to ye eastward of 
sd ffarme, altogether at 

s d 

To the homestedd of the sd Lane in Maiden aforsd viz one dwelling house, 
barne, corn mill, stream, dams and ponds with twenty two acres of salt medow 
below Lewis his bridge & one quarter part of his lotts in the comons of Maiden 
at ;^225, CK>, 00. 

To two ffarmes or tenements in ye townshipp of Maiden in the occupation of 
Thos Waite & John Mudg togather with twenty acres of very good salt marsh 
in Rumly Marsh near the sd ffarms and about eighty four acres of wood lotts 

Family One. 


in the Comons, in all two hundred and sixty one acres together with the hous- 
ings and said tenements and fenced in for ye most part with good stone wale, 

all disposed off in sd Mr. Lane's last will,— 

To weering apparill and books, 

To Arms and Amunition, . 

To plate, .... 

To goods in ye parlor. 

To goods in ye Kitchin, 

To goods in ye sellar, 

To Carpenters tools & some other small tools, 

To goods in ye East lower roome called ye bedroome 

To goods in ye Middle Chamber, 

To goods in ye East Chamber, .... 

To goods in ye West Chamber, 

To two horses and hors furniture &. pr of fetters, 
To Hay, Horned-beasts and Swine, . 

;{;9i3, oo, oo 
lo, oo, oo 

2, lO, OO 

5, OO, oo 

6, oo, oo 
13, 00, 00. 

16, 00 

3, 00, 00 
12, 12, 00 
10, 09, 00 

7, 00, 00 

4, 07, 00 

;{;20i3, 04, 00 

8, II, 00 

16, 16, 00 

Errors Excepted; sume totall is, ;^2038, 07, 00 

Item, Ve lands in England given to Mr. John Lane in the will, ye value not 
known. Sept. 22, 1697. 

A Przed pr James Converse 

John Greenland. 
more of the above said estate : 

Money at home ;^I2, 10, money out £^ & £^, in all, 

The Above said estate indebted : 

To Rates upon said estate, ..... 

Due to Job Lane, ....... 

To Funeral Charges, proueing ye will & prizing ye estate. 

Debts, ...... 

;f{^20, 10, 00 

• £1, 01, 05 

07, 06 

18, 06, 00 

. /19, 14, II 
—Afid. Co. Wills. 

The estates of Job Lane in Maiden and Billerica have continued 
largely with his descendants through the successive generations. 

Moreover, from near the dates 1662 to 181 6 inclusive, or above 
one hundred and fifty years, the Job Lane family received a yearly 
rental from the English estates — an instance wholly unparalleled in 
New England history. 

24 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Job Lane's first wife SARAH BOYCE, whom he married in Eng- 
land, 1647, died at Maiden, Mass., 14th — 19th 3 mo., 1659. Mal- 
den Record. He married again, 2d 7 mo., 1660, ANNA or HAN- 
NAH REYNER, she b. about 1632, daughter of Rev. John and 

(Boyse) Reyner. The Rev. John Reyner was a native of 

Gildersome, Yorkshire, Eng., and pastor at Plymouth, Mass., 1635 
to 1654, and at Dover, N. H., 1655, to his death, 20 Apr., 1669. 
At Plymouth he was regarded as an able and godly man, of a meek 
and humble spirit, sound in the truth and every way unreprovable 
in his life and conversation. At Dover he was held in great esteem 

by his parishioners. A sister Alice m. first, Southworth ; 

second, became 2d wife of Gov. Wm. Bradford. A son John be- 
came his father's colleague and successor in the pastorate at Dover. 
A daughter Elizabeth m. her cousin Capt. Thomas Southworth of 
Plymouth, Mass. 

A letter addressed by Humphrey Rayner to his niece Hannah 
Rayner, March r, 1651, refers to herself and brother Jachin Ray- 
ner : "I desire that you and he may now in your youth call upon 
one another as your father doth call upon you both, to know the 
Lord God of your fathers as you have good means and helps so to 
do, and it will be for your own comfort as well as ours especially 
when Death comes or age if you live unto it. Our hopes and 
prayers shall be unto God for the same." 

Mrs. Hannah (Reyner) Lane was born in England, 1632, and 
died at Maiden, 30 Ap., 1704, aged 72 years. — Tombsto7ie. 

Here Lyelh Buried 

Ye Body of Job Lane 

Aged 77 Years Died 

August ye 23 


[Stone flaked Ye Body 
away] ane 


Lane Aged 72 

Years Died 

April ye 30th 





















Family One. 25 

Children of Job and Sarah (Boyse) Lane : 

2. I. SAR.AH-, bap. Dorchester, Mass., 2S, 3, 1648, m. Samuel 

3. II. Mary-, b. 1652, m. Willlam Ayery. 

4. III. Elizabeth-, bap. Dorchester, Mass., 1655-6, m. Robert 

IV. Rebekah-, b. Apr., 1658, bap. Dorchester 4th 5 mo., 1658. 
Maiden records say "b. ?>b., 1658, d. 2 mo. 58 years." 

Children of Job and Anna ( Reyner) Lane : 

5. V. John-, b. May, 1661. Maiden record says "Oct., 1660." 
He was bap. in Dorchester, i8th 6 mo., 1661, "being about a 
([iiarter of a year old, by reason of their dwelling soe remote." m. 
Susannah Whipple. 

VI. Anna'-, b. i Sept., 1662, d. 28 Nov., 1662. 

\'II. .\nna-, m. 7 Oct., 1680, by the Worshipful Humphrey 
I) ma, Ksq., Jamus, son of Hopestill and .\Lary (Bates) Foster; he 
1). Dorchester, 13 Apr., .1651, and d. 4 Oct., 1732. He had 
])reviously m. 22 Sept., 1674, .Mary dau. of John Capen. Children 
of Anna (Lane) Foster are remembered in her father's will. She 
d. five days before her husband, 29 Sept., 1732, se. 67 years. A 
child was : 

I. Thankful^ b. Dorchester, Mass. 

VIII. Jemima-, b. 19 .Aug., 1666, m. Maithew Whipple, son of 
William and Mary (Bartholemew) Whipple of Ipswich, Mass., and 
had : 

I. Mijtthe7v, b. Ipswich, 20 Oct., 1685; inherited one fourth part of the 
Winthrop purchase, 375 acres at the "two brothers.". 

IX. Dorothy-, b. 24 July, 1669, m. 4 or 24 Noy., 1693, 
Edward Spr.\gue, son of John and Lydia (Goffe) Sprague of 
Maiden, Mass. "John Sprague Is Chose Scool-master for ye yeer 
insuing To learn Children and youth to Read and wright and 
Refmetick according to his best Skill." — Maiden Records^ Mar. 4, 


Mrs. Dorothy (Lane) Sprague inherited the Coytmore mill in 
Maiden. Her brother John Lane released to Edward Sprague, 

26 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Feb. 9, 1704-5, interest in estate of her father, "particularly to all 

that corne-mill in Maiden now is possession of said Edward 

Sprague, with all the fences, banks, ponds, dams, ditches, sluices, 

runs, streams and water courses thereto belonging, with all and 

euery the privileges thereto, within the townships of Maiden and 


"Here lyes entr'd 
ye Body of Capt 
Edward Sprague 

who Decest ye 
14 of April 1 715 

Aged 52 years. 
Here lyes Buried 

ye Body of Mrs 

Dorothy Sprague 

ye widow of Cap. 

Edward Sprague 

Died March ye 29 

1727 in ye 58th 
year of her age." — Maiden tombstones. 

They had children : 

1. Williaui, b. 4 Sept., 1695. 

2. Ann, b. 20 Mar., 1697. 

3. Dorothy, b. 9 Sept., 1698. 

X. Rebecca^, b. 6 April, 1674. 


SAMUEL FrrCH- (Zachariah'), was b. in Reading now Wake- 
field, Mass., 6 ^Llr., 1645. His father Zachariah Fitch was a grantee 
and freeman of Lynn, Mass., in 1638 ; removed to "Lynn Village," 
incorporated Reading, May 29, 1644, where he and sons Benja- 
min- and Jeremiah^ were among the first settlers, where probably 
he built the first house in Fitch Lane, resided on Fitch Hill and 
was deacon of the First Church gathered Nov. 5, 1645. 

"Upon the western slope or pitch, 

There lived old Zachary Fitch; 

His name he gave to hill and lane. 

A name they both as yet retain." 

— Lillev Eaton, iS^f. 

Family Two. 27 

Dea. Fitch d. 9 June, 1662, His will dated May 3, 1662, men- 
tions, wife Mary, sons Joseph, Benjamin, John, Jeremiah, Thomas 
and Samuel and daughter Sarah, who m. John Wesson of Salem, 
Mass. His estate was appraised ;£43i, 7s., 6d. 

Samuel Fitch'^, by his father's will, was to be assisted by his 
brothers Joseph and Benjamin "to build a house on his lot on Bear 
Hill, 27 by 18 feet with 12 -foot posts, and to clapboard and board 
it, and break up his land or so much of it as can be done by the 
time he becomes 22 years of age." He m. first, 23 Apr., 1673, 
SARAH LANE; she bap. Dorchester, Mass., 28, 3, 1648, and d. 
2 Oct:, 1679, dau. of Job and Sarah (Boyse) Lane. He m. 
second, 26 July, 1681, Rebecca Merriam, and d. 6 July, 1684, 
leaving son Samuel'\ to whom he gave, by will June 27, 1684, real 
estate, and "on cow, the feather-bed that was his mother's, and the 
green rug and on pair of Holland sheets and three of the biggest 
j)euter platters." "If my brother Avery [Robert] doth take my 
son Samuel and teach him to wright and the trade of a smith my 
will is that he shall live with him till 20 years old." Estate ap- 
praisal, ^{^235, 3d., IIS. Other children v/ere : 

Job^y b. Nov., 1676, d. same day. Sarah^, d. 25 Mar., 1680. 

I. Samuei.3, b. 4 May, 1674, received real and personal estate 
by his father's will, June 27, 1684; inherited from his grandfather 
Job Lane's will, Sept. 28, 1696, one quarter part of the Winthrop 
purchase, 375 acres, "both meddo and upland with a dweling hous 
he now liveth in." Here at "Brook Side," he became the head of 
the Fitch family in Bedford. He was soldier in the company of 
his uncle Major John Lane to Dunstable, Mass., in 1706, and first 
town clerk of Bedford, 1729-31, 1733-37. Samuel Fitch was 
chosen, Oct. 13, 1729, "to tacke cear of the Bond and the Deed, 
for the Town, of the Training Field or common." He m. first, 20 
.\Lir., 1696, Elizabeth Walker, and had eight children by her; 
m. second, Eunice Taylor by whom he had one child and d. 4 
Apr., 1742. His will was dated Nov. 13, 1741. 

I. Benjamin*, b. 30 July, 1 703, bought the Michael Bacon mill on Shaw- 
shine river; m. 28 Feb.," 1732, Miriam Gray of Andover, Mass., and d. 7 
July, 1770. The homestead and mill descended to his son David*, a soldier 
at Concord Fight, grandson David^ and great grandson Nathan^ the last of the 
Fitch family to follow the business of millmg. 

28 Job Lane and Descendants. 

2. John'^, b. 12 Feb., 1707-8, who settled in Lunenburg, Mass., at its in- 
corporation in 1728, where his family was captured by the Indians in 1749, 
and who gave his name to Fitchburg, Mass., at its incorporation Feb. 3, 1764. 

3. yeremiah*, succeeded his father on the homestead at Brookside; m. 
Elizabeth Lane (John^"^, Job'). 

4. Dachariah^, b. 13 Feb., 1 712. The town paid "Sept. 15, 1 777, Zeeh. 
Fitch, For hiering soldiers, 10 — o — O." He m. i Oct., 1733, Elizabeth 
Grimes of Lexington, Mass., and located on the Pine Grove Farm in Bedford. 
Fourteen children: Son William^, b. 19 Feb., 1735-6, was killed in the 
French War. Daughter Elizabeth^, b. 6 Jan., 1 738, m. Samuel Lane*, 
(John'^-^, Job'). Son Ebenezer^, b. 5 Aug., 1751, was sergeant of Bedford 
minute men, April 19, 1775, and lieutenant in the second campaign of 1775. 
The town, 1783, "voted to abate Ebenezer Fitch's rates for being in the 
service in 1775." He removed to Rindge, N. H., in 1779. 


WILUAM AVERY2 (Williami), bap. at Barkham, England, 27 
Oct., .1647, son of Dr. William and Margaret Avery who settled in 
Dedham, Mass., about 1650. He was a blacksmith by trade and a 
deacon in the church at Dedham; m. first, 21 Sept., 1673, MARY 
LANE^, b. 1652, dau. of Job' and Sarah (Boyce) Lane, d. 11 Oct., 
1 68 1, cC. 29 years, her broken tombstone still standing in Dedham. 

Dea. William Avery m. second, 29 Aug., 1682, ELIZABETH 
WHITE who had five children and d. 3 Oct., 1690; m. third, 25 
Aug., 1698, MEHITABLE, widow of Samuel WORDEN and dau. 
of Gov. Thomas Hinckley by whom he had no children. 

Children of Dea. William and Mary (Lane) Avery : 

L Mary^, b. 21 Aug., 1674, is mentioned in her grandfather 
Job Lane's will, m. 13 Oct., 1698, Eleazer Fisher. 

IL Sarah^, b. 9 Oct., 1675, m. first, 24 Nov., 1696, Thomas 
Metcalf; m. second, Dea. Joseph Wright of Dedham, and d. 28 
June, 1748. 

HL Capt. William^, b. 31 Mar., 1678, m. first, 26 June, 1700, 
Esther Huntington who d. in Dedham, 13 May, 1750. 

IV. Hannah^, b. 7 Jan., 1679-80, m. 15 Jan., 1700, Jonathan 
Metcalf; he b. Dedham, 16 Mar., 1676. They removed to 
Lebanon, Conn., and were the great, great, great, grandparents of 
Edward H. Pardee, Esq., of New York City, a subscriber for the 
Lane Genealogy. — Avery Genealogy. 

Family Five. 29 


ROBERT AVERY2 (Williami), bap. at Barkham, England, 7 
Dec, 1649, brother of Dea. William Avery who m. Mary Lane- 
(Job^), settled in Dedham, Mass. 

"Robert II son of Dr. William Avery of Dedham, b. about 1649, 
m. ELIZABpyrH LANE, April 13, 1676. He d. Oct., 1722, in ye 
73^^ year of his age. She d, Oct. 2, 1746, in ye 91st year of her 
age, leaving five children, thirty grandchildren, fifty- two great- 
grandchildren and two of the fifth generation." — Memorial in 
K trig's Chafe/, Bostoji. 

Their children were : 

I. Elizabeth^, b. 21 Dec, 1677, is mentioned in her grand- 
father Job Lane's will, m. 6 Aug., 1697, William Bullard of Ded- 
ham and d. 28 Jan., 1746-7. He was b. 19 May, 1673, "^^^ ^' 9 
Feb., 1746-7. 

II. Rachel^, b. 7 Sept., 1679, is mentioned in Job Lane's will, 
m. 14 May, 1702, Michael Dwight of Dedham, son of Capt. 
Timothy and Ann (Flint) Dwight. She d. in 1775, se. 96 years. 

III. Robert^, b. 28 Nov., 1681, was killed, 21 Aug., 1723, by a 
falling tree. 

IV. John"^ b. 26 Feb., 1683-4. 

V. JoHN^, b. 4 Feb., 16S5-6, m. 23 Nov., 1710, Ruth Little, 
dau. of Ephraim Little and great granddaughter of Richard War- 
ren who came over in the Mayflower. He graduated at Harvard 
College in 1706, was ordained the first minister of Truro, Mass., 
Nov., 171 1, and d. 25 Apr., 1754. 

W. Jonathan-^, b, 20 Jan., 1694-5, m. i Feb., 172 1-2, Lydia 

VII. Abigail^, b. 8 May, 1697, m. 5 June, 1722, John Rich- 
ards of Dedham. 


Major JOHN LANE'2 (Job^), 1661-1715, born Maiden, 
Mass., May, 1661, was a leading citizen of Billerica, Mass., where 

30 Job Laxe and Descendants. 

he was rated Aug. 24, 1688, "i p'son & estate, 13s. 2d." the 
highest tax on the list. He was made freeman April 18, 1690; 
selectman 1 693/6-1 704, 'q, eleven years; committee to seat the 
meeting house, 1694, and the same year a highway was laid out 
from the "Concord Road" to his place; inherited by his father's 
will Sept. 28, 1696, "all the lands I have in England in Yorkshire, 
also one-half of my estate in Billerica," 750 acres of the Winthrop 
Purchase ; received a letter from John Whipple his father-in-law to 
which his wife's mother, E. Whipple, added a postscript; wrote to 
his "loving kinsman," probably John Dickenson, England, Mar. 23, 
1697-8, that his father had died 23 Aug., previous, and that the 
bills in favor of Mrs. Frances Thompson were right. 

John Lane and four other residents of Billerica petitioned the 
Mass. General Court, Nov. 17, 1698, to preserve intact their 
former grant of about sixty years since, against encroachments of 
Concord and Chelmsford. He was representative, and with others 
purchased real estate of S. Manning in 1702 ; with others who had 
purchased lands in Billerica but were not original proprietors, he 
appealed to the General Court, May 30, 1705, for a part in the 
flivision of common lands. General Court, Nov. 16, 1705, 
ordered : "That Capt. John Lane [and others] be entided to 
have a proportionable share with other commoners, Proprietors 
and Inhal)itants of s^ Town in all future divisions of undivided and 
waste lands." Joseph D , wrote him from Gildersome, Eng- 
land, Mar. 14, 1708, that one Sampson, an attorney, had claimed 
the tithes on J. Lane's estate ; he sold real estate to E. Sprague, 
June 4, 1708, and the same year was allotted 127 acres of land ; 
with others he sold land to S. Manning, July 7, 1710. 

Mr. Lane was an officer in the militia and very active in the 
Indian alarms before and after 1700, respecting which many papers 
have been preserved. In the history of these Indian wars, his 
name comes into view as the leading military man in town. He 
was Lieutenant in command of the Billerica troop in King Williams 
war, 1693. Order addressed by Thomas Hinchman, Sergeant 
Major, to Lieutenant John Lane of Billerica Aug. 23, 1693 : "To 
Left. Jn° Lane of Billerica. By virtue of an order from the honor^' 
L' Govern^ bearing date 22 Aug., 1693, these are in his Majisty's 

Family Five. 31 

name to require you forthwith to Tnipress eight troopers out of yo"" 
troop und"" yo"" Command, well appointed with arms and ammunition 
for his Majistys service, four of which are to be daily Imployed as a 
Scout about yo'' Town, especially towards the great swamp ; the 
other foure you are also to send to me upon moon-day morning 
Next : \'ou are also to send to me the names of all the sold" im- 
prest who are to enter into sarvice on said moonday. Wreof you 
may not fail. Given und"" my hand this 22 August, 1693. 

Tro Hinch.max, 

Sur. major." 
— Lane Papers. 

Billerica sustained a second Indian masacre Aug. 5, 1695, when 
fifteen persons were killed or captured. ''The family of John 
Levistone suffered most severely. His mother-in-law, and five 
young children were killed and his eldest daughter captured." — 
Farmer and Moore. 

Lieut. Lane received this order from Maj. Jonathan Tyng of 

"Dunstable, August 14, 1696. 
Capt. Lane. 

Indian Enemy above Pick Pocket Mills at Exeter bending their 
course Westward. From Andover also I have advise, also of two 
men being murdered and scalped by the Indian Enemy. You are 
required to order ye one half of your Troops to be in a readiness 
always and at a minutes warning if possible with three days pro- 
vision, so to go & give &c." 

Again February 12, 1696-7 : "Having advice from the Lt. 
Governor that at the Spring near approaching it may be expected 
that the enemy will make fresh attacks both by sea and land, I do 
therefore order that you make inquiry into the state of ye troopers 
under your command, and see that every one of them be mounted 
on a good serviceable horse for war, and furnished with a good, 
well-fitted carbine besides pistolls, and to see that the whole troop 
be in Readiness to pass upon duty : and in case of alarum upon 
* * * Discovering the approach of the enemy by sea, you are 
hereby ordered with the several Troopers under your command 

32 Job Lane and Descendants. 

forthwith to repair to the post or place within your county where 
the Alarum is first given, there to receive and attend to further 
orders, etc." Jonathan Tvng, maj^" 

— Lane Papers. 

Lt. John Lane had acted on a committee to build a bridge over 
Concord river and received compensation for his service from the 
Court of Sessions, Mar. 20, 1699. He was commissioned Captain 
of the Billerica Troops by Richard Earl of Bellomont, Oct. 4, 

Queen Anne's War is seen approaching in the order from Maj. 
Tyng to Capt. John Lane, Apr. 22, 1702, requiring him "forthwith 
to take effectual care that there be strict execution of the Act for 
regulating of ye Malitia & especially to inspect the forces and men 
duly provided with arms and ammunition." 

Order from Major Tyng to Capt. Lane, June 23, 1702. His 
command to be "under necessary precaution against Indian 
surprise, and to send me with all possible speed a true list of the 
names of your officers and private soldiers in the Troop under 
your command. I also pray that your self «S: your Comsion offi- 
cers give me a meeting at Concord to meet the next day after Con- 
cord Court meet by adjournment." — Lane Papers. 

Gov. Joseph Dudley in the following letter, evidently knows 
personally and puts great confidence in Capt. John Lane, who is 
acting as a regimental officer. 

"Cambridge, 5, Nov., 1702. 
Sir : 

I desire you with two of your troops to repayr to the towns 
of Marlboro', Lancaster, Groten, Chelmsford and Dunstable, and 
there deliver severally the letters given you, and encourage the 
officers in their duty, agreeable to the several Directions. Vou are 
also to labor by all means, to speak with Wotanummon and the 
Penacooke men, and to assure them of the friendship with the 
Gouernor and all the English ; but that we are fearful the french 
Indians will be amongst them soon and do mischief to the English, 
and that therefore we must have our scouts out, and if they will 
come anti reside in any proper place near the English, they shall 

Family P'ive. 33 

be welcome ; if their hunting will not allow that, they must keep a 
good Distance from the English towns, and send one man only to 
Colonel Tyng when they would speak with me, and they shall be 
welcome at all times, and I will never depart from my friendship to 
them if they will continue friends. Let the officers in the several 
towns use all prudence not to make the first breach, and let me 
hear from them on every ocation." — Lane Papers. 

Another Order from Col. Jonathan Tyng to Capt. John Lane, 
Sept. 3, 1703. 

**'! hese are to order you forthwith to give out your warrant to 
your soldiers in Chelmsford to watch. Two in a night and the day 
following, at the wading place at ^Vamesit ; and to continue in that 
service till they have gone Round. The soldiers are to keep at the 
said wading place till they are relieved, as the custom hath been by 
Capt. Bower's men." — Lane Papers. 

Capt Lane's command with twelve Billerica soldiers went to the 
defense of Lancaster when attacked, July 31, 1704. He has pre- 
served some names for us : Samuel Hill coporal, John Needham 
clerk, Ralph Hill, John Farmer, Samuel Hunt, Andrew Richard- 
son, Thomas Ross, Stephen Richardson. Others were sent Aug. 
4, 1704, with two days' provisions to reinforce Major Taylor. 
He led twenty soldiers to Groton, Dunstable and Dracut, Aug. 
II to 13, 1704. He led twenty-nine troopers, two days with 
sustenance, to relieve Dunstable, July 4, 1706. *'A list of the 
names of the troopers which served under my Command to 
the relief of Dunstable July the fourth seventeen hundred and 
six. Being 29 men two days with 'their subsistence." [Six of 
the twenty-nine men were from the Bedford side of ancient 
Billerica. Viz. : Samuel Fitch, Josiah Bacon, Nathaniel Page, 
Nathaniel Bacon, Benjamin Bacon, Josiah Fassett.] "Anno 1708. 
Muster Roll of the Company in Her Majesties service under the 
command of John Lane Captain, viz. of a troop subsisting 36 and 
19 men. These nineteen last named were sent out by Order from 
his Excelency, August ye fourth 1704 with ten days provision, and 
marched to Lancaster to in force Major Taylor &c." Among the 
fifteen scouts that "went the rouns with Mager Lane" in 1706, were 
his sons Job Lane and John Lane. 

34 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Twenty-six Billerica soldiers each gave the following receipt : 

"Bilracy, September i8, 1708. Reseved of Capt. John Lane 
the sum of eight pounds, three shillings and six pence ; i say re- 
seved by me for the solgers that bilary unto Chelmsford and Groton. 

James Button and others." 

Capt. John Lane received his commission as Major in the West 
Regiment of Horse and Foot from Gov. Joseph Dudley June 23, 
17 1 1. He is also said to have been Colonel of Massachusetts 
MiHtia and died in military service. — Society of Colonial Wars. 

Major John Lane m. 20 Mar., 1681-2^ at Salem, Mass., before 
Bartholemew Gidney, Esq., SUSANNA WHIPPLE, dau. of Capt. 
John Whipple and his first wife Martha, dau. of Humphrey and 
Mary Reynor of Ipswich, Mass. Major and Mrs. Lane were second 
cousins. She d. 4 Aug., 1713, ae. about 51 years. He d. 17 Jan., 


Copy : "Received of Mr. Job Lane of Billerica y^ sum of ten 

pounds, at twice, for Gloves for y^ funeral of his father. I say re- 
ceived by me. Benj. Fitch. 
Boston, June 24, 1715." 

The Lanes had an inherent love for martial life and were military 
men. Bedford early recognized the services of the following 
officers and soldiers : 

1675, King Philips War, Job' Lane. 

1688 to 1698, King Williams War, Lieut. John Lane^. 

1 703-1 7 1 3, Queen Anne's War, Capt. Major John Lane^, Job 

1 745-1 748, Lieut. John Lane. 

1 775-1 783, War of Independence. Capt. John Moore's Bedford 
Militia Co., Apr. 19, 1775 : David Lane fifer, James Lane, Jr., 
Samuel Lane, Ziba Lane, John Lane, Samuel Lane, Jr., John Lane, 
Jr., Solomon Lane, Stephen Lane, Job Lane, wounded at Concord. 
In the Continental army. Job Lane, Timothy Lane. 

1807-181 2, Last War, Capt. Lane. 

Maj. John Lane of Billerica, gentleman, died intestate. His 
sons Job Lane and John Lane were admitted to administer on his 
estate and gave bond accordingly, Feb. 4, 1714-15. The estate 

Family Five. 35 

was appraised Feb. 15, 17 15, and the inventory was exhibited June 

24, 1715- 

''Real estate, ^1197, 12, o 

Personal estate, 266, 16, 5 

Total, 1464, 8, 5 

Exclusive of rents in England." 

Mr. Lane had received the annual income of the English estates 
in goods to his order from John Dickenson through John Love and 
Metcalf, merchants in lx)ndon, shipped to Henry Bearing a trad- 
ing house in Boston. The English law of primogeniture was not 
transferred to America. New England adopted the older common- 
law and all the children shared alike, except that the elder son had 
a double portion. The heirs settled the estate among themselves, 
Mar. 26, 171S, and the division was approved, July 2, 17 18. 

*'To Job Lane the homestead that was his father's, 166 acres &c. 

To John Lane 130 acres &c. 

To James Lane 208 acres Sic. 

To Nathaniel Page 28 acres &c. 

To John Whitmore 28 acres, also 65 acres &c. 

To James Minot 210 pounds. 

Note : Whereas it not being specified in the writing for Each of 
us to have an equil share in the estate in england, we doe all 
mutually agree to it »Sc for the Eldest son his double part. 

Signed &: Sealed March 26, 17 18." 

When the inhabitants of the Winthrop Farms petitioned in 1725 
for a separate parish, they were not successful at first, but were 
soon incorporated as the town of Bedford, Sept. 23, 1729. At the 
first town meeting Oct. 6, 1729, the family of Col. John Lane was 
represented in office by his nephew Samuel Fitch, town clerk and 
selectman, by his son-in-law Nathaniel Page, selectman, his son Job 
Lane, surveyor, and his son John Lane, sealer of weights and meas- 
ures. Many oaks from the Winthrop- Lane farm were sacrificed to 
build the strong frame of the first meeting house in 1730, and the 
worm-eaten timbers may now be seen in the second house. The 

36 Job Lane and Descendants. 

oak standing in 1899 at the corner of Concord and Billerica streets 
in Bedford is called the Winthrop Oak. 

Children of John and Susanna (Whipple) Lane, five sons and 
four daughters : 

6. L Susanna^, b. 24 Jan., 1682-3, m. Nathaniel Page, Jr. 
IL JoB^, b. 19 Nov., 1684, d. 7 Feb., 1684-5. 

7. IIL Mary-"^, b. 15 May, 1686, m. John Whitmore. 
IV. Jemima^, b. 27 June, 1688, d. 10 July, 1688. 

8. V. JoB^, b. 22 June, 1689, m. Martha Ruggles and Mary 

9. VL JoHN^, b. 20 Oct., 1 69 1, m. Katherine Whiting and 
Hannah Abbott. 

VIL Martha^, b. i Oct., 1694, m. 14 Nov., 17 16, Hon. James 
Minot^ (James^, John'\ George-, Thomas^), of Concord, Mass., 
and d. 18 Jan., 1735, ?e. 41 years. He received property in the 
division of John Lane's estate, 1718, was schoolmaster, military 
officer above 30 years, justice of the peace; selectman, 1727-8, 
35-'6, 40, '7, '9; representative, 1733, '^> 4i-'4 j member of the 
King's council, and d. at Concord, 6 Feb., 1759, ae. 64 years. 
Children : 

I. John. 2. Rebecca^ b. 15 May, 1720, d. 8 Oct., 1761. 3. James. 

"M"" Benj^ Prescott Jun"" of Salem & Mr^ Rebecca Minot of Con- 
cord, July 4, I 74 1." — Publishments, Sa/ejfi, Mass. 

They were m. 12 Aug., 1741. 

Rev. Benjamin Prescott, Jr., of Salem Village, b. 29 Jan., 1717, d. 
18 Aug., 1778, graduated Harvard College, 1736, resided Salem 
and had eight children, of whom Rebecca, b. 20 May, 1742, d. 19 
April, 18 13, m. Hon. Roger Sherman of New Haven, Conn.; he 
b. at Newton, Mass., d. in New Haven, Conn., 23 July, 1793. 

10. MIL James^, b. 12 Aug., 1696, m. Martha Minot, 
Charity Wellington, Abigail Farnum and Abigail Merriam. 

IX. Joseph'^ b. 18 f>b., 1698-9, and d. before 17 15. 

Family Six. 37 


NATHANIEL PAGE, Jr.^, b. in England, 1679, m. first 6 
Nov., 1 701, SUSANNA LAXF2, dau. of Col. John and Susanna 
(Whipple) Lane; she b. in Billerica, Mass., 24 Feb., 1682-3, ^^^ 
d. 2 Sept., 1746, ?e. 63 years. He m. second, ^L\RV GRIMES 
and d. 2 Mar., 1755, cC. 75 years. 

Nathaniel Page, Senior^, came from England in 1684 ; was a 
citizen of Roxbury, Mass., 1686, and early appointed by Gov. 
Joseph Dudley, sheriff or marshal of Suffolk Co. ; purchased the 
Grimes estate of 500 acres at Shawshine in Billerica, now Bedford, 
Mass., in 1687, a part of a grant from ihe Colonial Court to Ed- 
ward Oaks and sold by him, in 1661. The house Nathaniel Page^ 
built has sheltered eight generations of the family and name, in- 
cluding many brave warriors and prominent men of the town. The 
spirit of patriotism was cradled in that dwelling as in but few 
others. For fully two centuries it has preserved in it a colonial 
banner, originally designed in England and early accepted as a 
standard of the organized militia of Massachusetts. Its design 
represents an extended arm incased in mail, grasping a sword, and 
the motto in Latin, "Conquer or die." In 1885 this most precious 
relic was presented to the custody of the trustees of Bedford Free 
Public Library. 

Nathaniel Page, Senior, d. 12 Apr., 1692. Had wife Joanna 

Nathaniel Page, Jr.-, succeeded his father on the Bedford home- 
stead. He also received a patrimony of 28 acres from the estate 
of John Lane his father-in-law. He was one of Major John Lane's 
troopers in 1706, and trumpeter in Queen Anne's war, 1703-17 13. 

Children of Nathaniel and Susanna (Lane) Page : 

L Nathaniel'-^, b. 4 Sept., 1702. Cornet Nathaniel Page was 
credited, Jan. 20, 1730, with ''gift of money to incouragement for 
the town" of Bedford in the year 1729; was chosen selectman at 
Bedford's first town meeting, Sept. 26, 1729, a "foundation mem- 
ber" of the Bedford church, July 15, 1730, his pew was in the 
front on the east end of the great door in the meeting house, paid 

38 Job Lane and Descendants. 

^88.00, Oct. 15, 1734. He m. Hannah Blanchard, who d. in 
1763. He d. 6 Apr., 1779, ae. 76 years. 

"Death from all death has set us free, 
And will our gain forever be; 
Death loosed the rusty chain of woe, 
To let the mournful captives free." 

Their son Thomas^, b. 5 May, 1733, m. l Jan., 1756, Anna Merrlam, who 
d. 10 July, 1810, and gave by will to the church in Bedford a silver flagon 
that cost $140.00, and also the foundation ot the Page and Hartwell Fund. 
Another son IVilliam*, b. 19 Feb., 1737-8, soldier in Capt. John Moore's Co. 
of militia at the Concord fight, Apr. 19, 1775, gave the first hearse to the town 
of Bedford and made other public bequests. Another son David*, b, 4 Apr., 
1740, was known as "King David" because of his lordly manner and cus- 
tomary continental costume. 

n. JoHN^, b. II Oct., 1704, had three wives, Rebecca Wheeler, 

Amittai Fasseit, Rachel Fhch, and d. 18 Feb., 1782. He was a 

man of great stature and physical strength, held a commission as 

cornet, from Jonathan Belcher, provincial governor, 1737, and in 

the Lexington Fight aided in capturing six regulars. He was also 

at the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. 

\i\s son Eheneze}-*,h. 2, June, 1737, m. 21 Feb., 1760, Dorothy (Pollard) 
Fassett and their daughter Anna^, b. 29 Sept., 1760, m. Benjamin Lane*, 
(John"*, Job^, John^, Job'). Another son Timothy*, b. ii June, 1 741, m. 
Margaret Wellington, served in the war of Independence from the opening 
scene at Concord Fight until his death at the battle of White Plains, N. Y., 
Oct. 28, 1776. Another son Xathaniel*, b. 20 June, 1742, was an energetic 
patriot and color-bearer of the Bedford minute men in 1775. He m. 10 Dec, 

1774, Sarah Broiun, she b. 24 Mar., 1747, and d. 22 Aug., 1839. A mes- 
senger sent out by Paul Revere alarmed the family in the night of April 18, 

1775. Leaving his young wife and babe of a few hours. Cornet Page bore the 
colonial emlilem that had l)een carried by his ancestors in former wars, at the 
head of the Bedford minute men, through the heat and struggle of the memor- 
able Fight. Apr. 19, 1775. He d. 31 July, 1819. The color-bearer's daughter 
Ruhamah^, b. i May, 1788, m. Jonathan Lane®, (Jonathan*, John*, Job^, John', 

HL Christopher^, b. 16 July, 1707, "foundation member" of 
the Bedford church, July 15, 1730. He was sergeant with Thomp- 
son Maxwell in an expedition eastward, 1758, in the last French 
and Indian war of 1754 to 1763. He m. Susan (Whitmore) Web- 
ber and d, 11 Nov., 1786. She d. 20 July, 1796. Several children 
d. of "throat distemper." 

"^Larch 26, 1754, Lucy Page, aged 2 years. 
NLarch 28, 1754, Susanna Page, aged 3 yrs., 2 ms., 20 dys. 
Apr. 7, 1754, John Page, aged 5 yrs., 10 ms., 7 dys." 

Family Seven. 39 

Son Christopher^, b. 29 Oct., 1743, m. 21 Feb., 1760, Dorothy (Fassett) 
Pollard, and second, Stisannah Simonds. He was sergeant in the Bedford 
militia, Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775, lieutenant 1779, captain 17S0, and his 
name is seen in various campaigns until the close of the struggle for Inde- 
pendence. Town records: "March ye 7th 1777. To Christopher Page 
Jnr. For Sarveces making Rates, o — 6 — 8. Feb. 13, 1778. To Christopher 
Page Jnr. hireing soldiers, 11 — 13 — o." He led a large company against 
Shay's Rebellion 1786, and the town voted in the following year "to pay each 
man who went to Concord and Stow to join General Lincoln six shillings per 

IV. SusAXXA^, b. 29 .\pr., 171 1, m. Samuel Bridge of Lexing- 
ton, Mass., who d. in 1S36. 

V. Joanxa'^, b. 29 Oct., 1 7 14, m. Josiah Fassett, tithingman, 
T 729-30, "foundation member" of the Bedford church July 15, 
1730, ensign in an expedition to the eastward, French and In(Han 
war of 1754 to 1763. Capt. Fassett d. 18 Feb., 1740. Their 
daughter Susanna m. Job Lane^, (Job'', John-, Job'). 


JOHN WHITMORF;', of iMedford, Mass., m. MARV LANF^, 
(John-, Job'); she b. in Billerica 15 May, 1686. He was b. 27 
Aug., 1683, son of Dea. John- and Rachel (Eliot) Whitmore and 
grandson of Francis and Isabel (Parker) Whitmore, an early 
settler of Cambridge, Mass. Mr. Whitmore received real estate in 
the division of John Lane's estate, 17 18. — W. H. Whitmore. 

Bedford, Jan. 20, 1730, he was "credited with gifts of money to 
incouragement for the town in the year 1729." He was town clerk 
of Bedford 1746-48. 

The distinguished heroism of Mary Lane is related in the follow- 
ing story told by Leander Hosmer her grandson. During a period 
of Indian alarm in Queen Anne's war, the Lane family was left in 
the garrison with only one soldier on guard. A certain stump of 
a tree excited the suspicion of Mary Lane as she looked out of the 
window in the roof and she called upon the guard to shoot it. 
But he declined to do it and laughed at her apprehensions. At 
length she told him that if he would not shoot, she should take the 

4:0 Job Lane and Descendants. 

gun and open fire herself. She then seized the gun and dis- 
charged it ; and she saw the stump roll into sight, a dead Indian ! 

Mr. Whitmore d. 26 Mar., 1753. Mrs. Whitmore d. 27 Mar., 
1783, ae. 96 years. 

They had six children : 

I. Mary"^, b. 17 July, 1707. 

II. Susantsta'*, b. 25 Nov., 1708, m. first, 6 Sept., 1727, Benja- 
min Webber and had, 

1. Susanna, b. 21 Mar., 1728, d. 2 Apr., 1743. 

2. Martha, b. 2 Aug., 1729, m, John Hosnier of Medford, Mass. 

3. Benjamin, b. 14 Feb., 1 731. 

4. John, b, 25 Nov., 1732, m. Sarah Fassett and Susanna (Symonds) 

]\Irs. Susanna (\\'hitmore) Webber m. second, Christopher Page, 
son of Nathaniel and Susanna (Lane) Page, 

III. John'*, b. 15 Apr., 1711, m. Martha Lane"*, (Job^, John-, 
Job') and d. 5 Oct., 1748. 

IV. Francis'*, b. 4 Oct., 1714, d. 7 xApr., 1794 ; m. i Jan., 1739, 
Mary Hale, b. 17 12, d. 21 Oct., 1791 ; ancestors of Hon. William 
H. Whitmore of Boston, Mass. 

V. Martha'', b. 22 Apr., 17 16, m. John Skinner. 

VL William'*, b. 19 Dec, 1725, m. i Oct., 1747, Mary Brooks 
and d. 10 Mar., 1760. 


Dea. job LANE^ (John^, Job'), 1689-1 762, was b. in Billerica, 
Mass., and lived on the old homestead. He was on the ''Indian 
scout that went the rouns with Mager Lane," his father, in 1706; 
was commissioned Lieutenant of Troops, by Gov. William Dum- 
mer, Apr. 16, 1734 ; was appointed by the inhabitants of Winthrop 
Farm, in 1725, to the General Court, to obtain for them the 
regular enjoyment of public worship ; selectman of Billerica, 1726, 
1727, where he was connected with the church; was chosen 
surveyor at the first town meeting in Bedford, Oct. 6, 1729 ; was 
credited Jan. 20, 1730, for subscription in money toward building 

Family Eight. 41 

the meeting house in 1729; original member of the church at its 
organization, July 15, 1730; received ''pue on the north side of 
the meeting house goyning to the menistral pue," Oct. 18, 1734; 
elected deacon, Feb. 9, 1737-8 and retained the ofifice until his 
death, 9 Aug., 1762. 

With wife Martha he and others sold real estate to J- Winslow, 
Apr. 30, 1 719, to W. Merriam, Apr. 12, 1720, to S. Woodbridge 
and others, Sept. 23, 1725. 

Together they signed an agreement among the heirs of Capt. 
Samuel Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass., Mar. 17, 1724-5, and 
])etitioned that the estate be divided, Oct. i, 1730. He and others, 
heirs of the late Samuel Ruggles, petitioned, June 20, 1748, for a 
division of land in Hardwick, Mass., i-io belonging to Job Lane 
in the right of his wife Martha, deceased. 

Probably he was the Job Lane, grantor of real estate to T. 

Sprague, Jan. 20, 1730, to , June 21, 1746, to J. Lane, Dec. 

26, 1748, to C. Paige, Feb. 7, 1749, to N. Bowes, NLay 3, 1756' 
to B. Kidder, May 29, 1758. He was probably grantee, Oct. 21, 
1737, June 21, 1746. 

Job Lane and Mary Lane his wife and John Lane, Esq., and 
others, all of Bedford and Billerica, sold to Josiah Richardson for 
61 — 10 — o, Feb. 23, 1749, two tracts of land in Lancaster, Co. 
of Worcester, containing by estimation about 205 acres — said land 
was laid out on the Right of John Whiting late of said Lancaster, 
as recorded in Lancaster Town Book of records, Nov. 20, 1723. 

Bedford Tax List, North Part, 1748, contained the following 
Lane names : Dea. Job Lane, Col. John Lane, Capt. James Lane, 
John Lane, Jr., Job Lane, Jr., John Lane, 3d, Timothy Lane. 

The "English Right" was of great assistance to the beneficiaries 
for several generations. A fragmentary correspondence, consist- 
ing of scores of letters, orders and bills passed between the English 
cwstodians and Job Lane, is among the interesting papers treasured 
in Bedford. The annual remittance was sometimes made in 
merchandise at the request of the owners. Dress goods were often 
ordered and received. Some Bedford ladies appeared on im- 
portant occasions attired in English gowns. The arrival of the 
large leather covered trunks were events of great interest. The 

42 Job Lane and Descendants. 

legal claimants became very numerous, and the town did not fail to 
tax the annuities. During the Revolution the income was not 
received, but after peace was declared, the full amount came in 
one remittance. — A. E. Bronni. 

The Lane brothers Job and John received a bond from John 
Love and Mr. Metcalf, Feb. 17, 1717, and the English rents hence- 
forth were distributed among the heirs under the style of Job and 
John Lane. 

Order: "May 2, 1721. St. Stephen, Sende 6 large quarto 

Copy : "To Job and John Lane. 

London, July 24, 1723. 

Lane Gentlemen, — 

I have received your letter by Capt. Osborne, date 3d May, with 
one enclosed for Wm. Dickinson which I immediately forward to 
him, and as soon as he sends me your money I shall forthwith 
make return in such goods as you have ordered, directing them to 
Mr. Henry Deering of Boston. 

with the tender of due respects, I remain gentlemen 

your ready servant, 

St Stevens." 

Tax : "1744. Voted not to abate the Rates that the Lanes and 
Pages, gentlemen, were assessed for their income from England." 

Bill: "July 26, 1748. Zach. Ilourryan Sends Matthew Henry's 
Exposition on ye Bible, 5 and 6 vols." 

Letter: Dated "London Mar. 20, 1754, to Job & John Lane, 
expresses regret that the Bibles did not suit." One of these Bibles 
has been placed by Miss Sarah Chandler of Lexington in the care 
of the Historical Society of Bedford. 

Rate: "Feb. 23, 1756. Widow French's rates abated for in- 
come at England." 

The early assignees of money and goods in America died, but 
the style of Job and John Lane was continued. 

Notice : "List of Letters remaining in the Post Ofifice at Salem, 
January 6, 1784. Jobe & John Lane, Bever, 2." 

Family Eight. 43 

Order for goods : ''Bedford, September the i6, 1785. Mr. Lane, 
this is to Inform you what Articles I am Desirous to send to Eng- 
land for. 

Art. Fr^' one Pice of Chents for one gound, Very Dark. 

Art. 2^^ one Pice of Sattain for one Cloak. 

Art. 3^^ One half Pice of Base. 

Art. 4^^ one yard & three-quarters of Scarlet Brod Cloth. 

Art. 5'^ one Silk Handkerchief. 

Art. 6'^ the Rest in fine Linnen. 

In So Doing you will oblige, 

Chrvt. Page." 

Job Lane, Jr'., gave power of attorney to U'illiam Dickenson, 
1 79 1, to collect rents in England. The house and barn at (lilder- 
some were burned in 1792, and again in 1795. 

Dea. Job Lane m. first, 1 7 Dec, 1713, ^L\R'^HA RUGOLES, 
dau. of Capt. Samuel and Martha (Woodbury) Ruggles and sister 
of Rev. Samuel Ruggles of Billerica ; she of Roxbury, Mass., b. i 
Feb., 1 791-2, d. 14 Sept., 1740, in the 49th year of her age; m. 
second, MRS. >L\RV \\'ELI.I\(rrOX, whom he mentions in a 
will, Feb. 15, 1753, and who died 11 Dec, 1783. The will also 
mentions sons Job, John, Timothy and Benjamin, and daus. ^L^rtha 
Adams, Mary Hill and Lucy Lane. 

Dea. Job Lane d. 9 Aug., 1762, in the 74th year of his age. 
His last will was signed Aug. i, 1762, and presented for probate, 
Oct. 25, 1762. Bequests were made to wife, to sons Job, John 
and Timothy, to daus. Martha Adams, Mary Hill and Lucy Stearns, 
and to grandson John Lane. *'My Income from England which 
shall be Due at my Decease, I would have equally divided between 
all my children." The three sons Job Lane, John Lane and 
Timothy Lane were named as executors, who gave bond Oct. 25, 
1762. The estate was settled, Feb. i, 1763, and return made, 
Sept. 14, 1763. 

The will of Mary Lane of Bedford, widow, was dated, Oct. 3, 
1782, and presented for probate. Mar. 4, 1784. Bequests to 
daughter Mary Lane, to sons Oliver Lane, James Lane, Solomon 
Lane, David Lane and Isaac Lane ; grandsons Oliver Lane and 

4:4 Job Lane and Descendants. 

James Lane were named sole executors. Inventory ordered Mar. 
II, taken Apr. 6, lodged Apr. 14, exhibited May 5, 1784. 

Children of Dea. Job and Martha Ruggles Lane : 

L Martha'*, b. 22 June, 17 16, m. first, 30 Dec, 1736, John 
Whitmore; he b. 15 Apr., 181 1, son of John and Mary (Lane^) 
Whitmore (John-, Job^). He was town treasurer 1743, and town 
clerk of Bedford, 1746 to his death, 5 Oct., 1748, ae. 37 years. 
Mrs. Whitmore m. second, 10 Dec, 1751, Nathaniel Adams of 
Worcester, Mass. Children of John and Martha (Lane) Whitmore 
died of the Throat Distemper : 

I. John, b. 23 Oct., 1737, d. 29 Aug., 1743, ce. 5 yrs., 10 ms., 7 dys. 

2. IVilliam, b. 17 Mar., 1738-9, d. ii Sept., 1745, x. 4 yrs., 5 ms., 24 dys. 

3. Ehenezer, b i Jan., 1740-1, d. 2 Aug., 1743, x. 2 yrs., 7 ms., 23 ds. 4. 
Martha, b. 30 Sept., 1742, d. 17 Apr., 1750, ?e. 7 yrs., 6 ms., 18 dys. 5. 
Mary, b. 2 May, 1 744. 6. /-«n', b. 8 Nov., 1745, d. 16 Feb., 1750, k. 4 
yrs., 3 ms., 8 ds. 7. Siisatuia, b. 16 July, 1747, d. 4 Mar., 1750, x. 2 yrs., 
6 ms., 18 ds. 8. John, b. 13 June, 1749, d. 21 Feb., 1750, x-. 8 ms., 8 ds. 

11. IL JoB^, b. 27 Sept., 1 7 18, m. Susanna Fasseit and 
Elizabeth Stickney. 

12. III. John'*, b. 2 Oct., 1720, m. Ruth Bowman and Sarah 


13. IV. Timothy'*, b. lo July, 1722, m. Lydia Davis. 

14. V. Mary'*, b. 24 Feb., 1724-5, m. Jonathan Hill. 

VI. Whipple"*, b. 15 Sept., 1727, d. 4 Oct., 1728, as. i yr., i 

VII. Benjamin-*, b. 29 Aug., 1729, d. 25 Jan., 1754, in the 25th 
year of his age. 

VIII. Lucy^, b. 3 May, 1732, m. 20 Dec, 1759, Capt. Elijah 
Stearns-'' (Isaac^--', John-, Isaac*), b. Billerica, 1735, settled in Rut- 
land, Mass., and d. 3 Oct., 1801. She d. 4 Aug., 1793. Their 

I. Capt. Josiah, b. i8 June, 1769, m. 28 Jan., 1795, Ruth Hunt of Milton, 
N. H., and settled in Leominister, Mass. 

IX. Hannah"*, twin, b. 22 Sept., 1733, d. 27 Dec, 1733, ae. 3 
ms., 5 ds. 

Family Nine. 45 

X. Sarah"', twin, b. 22 Sept., 1733, d. 4 Oct., 1733, ^-12 ds. 

XI. Anna^, b. 31 Aug., 1735, d. 8 Sept., 1735. 


JOHN LANE^ (John-, Job'), 1691-1763, was born in Billerica, 
Mass., 20 Oct., 1 69 1. He settled on the ^Vinthrop Farm and 
probably built the house taken down about 1850, of four inch oak 
walls and flooring; was member of a scout that "went the rouns 
with Mager Lane", his father, in 1706 ; was commissioned to suc- 
ceed his father as captain in 1 7 1 1 and later as major by Gov. 
Joseph Dudley, and was styled "colonel" by courtesy. 

Capt. John Lane gave a bond to his cousin Matthew Whipple of 
Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 9, 17 14; was grantee in the transfer of real 
estate from R. Hill, Feb. 25, 1724, from B. Farley, Feb. 25, 1724, 
from others, Apr. 9, 1728, Nov. 5, 1730, Nov. 10, 1741, Apr. 16, 
1750, Nov. 30, 1757, and grantor to ^^. Whipple, Jan. 7, 171 7, 
to others, Aug. 29, 1720, Apr. 9, 1728, to E. Chearnly, June 23, 
1729, to W. Bulfinch, Aug. i, 1737, to J. Danforth, Apr. 16, 1750, 
to J. Lane, Jr., Oct. 10, 1763. 

John Lane, Esq., of Bedford, Job Lane and Mary Lane his wife, 
and others conveyed to Josiah Richardson for 61 pounds, 10 shil- 
lings, Feb. 23, 1749, 205 acres of land in Lancaster, laid out to 
the right of Mr. John Whiting late of Lancaster, and recorded in 
Lancaster town book, Nov. 20, 1723. John Lane and others quit 
claim to Joseph Wilder, Jr., for 13 pounds, 15 shillings, Apr. 4, 
1749, all right to common land in Lancaster belonging to the Right 
of Rev. John Whiting, Jan. 7, 1740. With others he quit claim in 
favor of Joseph Wilder, Jr., Apr. 4, 1749, for 15 pounds in good 
and payable money, all right to 200 acres of common land, it being 
that granted to Rev. Mr. John Whiting of Lancaster, Apr. 14, 
1 74 1. — Jl'or. Co. Deeds. 

Capt. John Lane was chosen sealer of weights and measures at 
the first town meeting in Bedford, Oct. 6, 1729 ; was credited with 

46 Job Lane and Descendants. 

subscription of money in the year 1729, toward erecting the meet- 
ing house and other expenses of incorporation, Jan. 20, 1730; 
was connected with the church in Bill erica and a "foundation 
member" of the church in Bedford at its organization, July 15, 

''Oct. ye 18, 1734. Capt. John Lane's pue is on the south side 
of the meeting house next west from the south door goying to 
Thomas Woolleys pue." 

Dec. 17, 1739. "Major John Lane chosen for service of Deer 
reeve, sworn to the faithful discharge of the trust." 

He was allowed to work out his rate on the way between his 
house and the County Road, 1745 ; was taxed in the north part of 
Bedford, 1748. 

"Colonel" Lane was a man of great influence in Bedford, promi- 
nent in military affairs and had slaves in the early wars, but had 
freed them before the war of Independence. 

Died Aug. 3, 1749, "Domire a negro boy who belonged to Mr. 
John Lane." Baptized "Torrey, a negro man, January ye 12, 
1 75 1-2." Copy: "To Mr. Harrison gray, treasurer for the prov- 
ince of Massachusetts bay. Sir, be pleased to give Mr. Moses 
Abbott the bearer hereof, all the wages that is due me for my 
negro man torrey more, being in the county service in the year 
1757, under capt^ peaser till he goot to the easel and then went 
to Crown point under capt. elinglesh, or give me an order to Mr. 
Moses abbott consteble of bedford, and this receipt shall be your 

discharge, and you will oblige your humble servant. 

John Lane." 

Col. Lane was assessed in 1761, for his "negro man's ministers 
rate, 2s, 6d." 

Copy: "March ye 23, 1761. Col. John Lane gave a bond to 
Stephen Davis, Town Treasurer, to save and indemnify the town 
of Bedford from any charge that may arise by reason of his negro 
man being set free." 

Col. John Lane m. first, 31 Dec, 1715, KATHERLNE WHLF- 
ING^ (Samuel-, Rev. Samuel', the first pastor of Billerica) ; she d. 
I Apr., 1731, ?e. 39 years, her tombstone the oldest in Bedford. 
He m. second, 16 Mar., 1732, by Rev. Samuel Phillips, HANNAH 

Family Nine. 47 

ABBOT^ (Timothy- and Hannah Graves, George^ from Yorkshire, 
England, and Hannah Chandler) ; she b. Andover, Mass., 8 Oct., 
1695, was "spinster," living in Andover, 1730; and d. in Bedford, 
22 Apr., 1769, in her 74th year. He d. 23 Sept., 1763, ae. 72 yrs. 

"While I lye buried deep in dust, 
My flesh shall be Thy care; 
These withering limbs with Thee I trust, 
To raise them strong and fair." 

— Tombstone. 

His will signed April i, 1761, proved Oct. 24, 1763, mentions 
''estate in Old England," "pew in meeting house," "my Great 
Bible." Bequests to wife Hannah Lane, sons John Lane and 
Samuel Lane, daughters Elizabeth Fitch, Katherine Bacon, 
Susannah Davis. Inventory ordered Nov. i, taken Nov. 2, 1763; 
amount ;£3io, 17s, 4d. Elstate settled by agreement of heirs and 
account allowed May 10, 1780. 

Children : 

L Elizabeth-*, b. 14 Oct., 1716, m. 3 Feb., 1735-6, Jeremiah 
FiTCH"* ; he b. Bedford, Mass., 13 Feb., 1712, son of Samuel and 
Sarah (Lane) Fitch^ (Samuel-, Zachariah') ; inherited Brookside 
homestead, paying legacies to the other children. The farm re- 
mained in the Fitch possession about 125 years. The church in 
Bedford sang the Psalms and, in 1773, "voted to bring in Doct. 
Watts' versions and to have Messrs. Jeremiah Fitch and James 
Wright sett in the fore seat in the front gallery, as they are ap- 
pointed to begin the Psalm or tune." 

Children ; four of their five sons served in the war of Independ- 
ence : 

I. Samuel'^, b. 9 Nov., 1736. 2. Elizabeth^, b. 24 Dec, 1738, d. young. 

3. yeremiah", b. 25 Sept., 1742, received abatement of town and highway 
rates, 1763, in recognition of services rendered in the time of troubles with the 
French." He bought in 1766, the Stone Croft farm, the oldest homestead in 
the village of Bedford, where he built a tavern and hastily entertained the 
Bedford minute men on the morning of Apr. 19, 1775. He was sergeant in 
Capt. John Moore's militia company on that memorable day. "Sept. 15, 1777, 
Jeremiah Fetch Jnr. For hiering soldiers, 6 — 13 — 4." He m. 19 Apr., 1770, 
I.ydia Smith of Waltham, Mass., had eight children and d. 29 Dec, 1808, se. 
66 yrs., 3 ms., 2 ds. His eldest son Jeremiah^ succeeded him in possession of 
the Fitch tavern in Bedford, became an eminent merchant in Boston and 

48 Job Lane and Df:scendants. 

efficient in official circles of the city; caused the cannon ball which struck the 
Brattle Street church during the siege of Boston and then did duty for many 
years as a weight on the front gate of a neighboring residence, to be imbedded 
in the church edifice where it long remained; gave to the old church of 1817 
in Bedford, a bell he had imported with a clock and pulpit Bible, and donated 
to the newly formed Trinitarian Congregational society of Nov. 8, 1832, the 
land on which to build their meeting house. 

4. John^, b. 14 Aug., 1745, soldier in the Concord Fight, d. 31 May, 

5. Mafthe-ii^, twin, b. 14 Aug., 1745, m. 25 Aug., 1774, Lydia Lane' 
(Jol/•^ John^, Job'), and d. 3 Aug., 181 1. 

6. Joanna^, b. 29 Feb., 1747-8, m. Benjamin Tidd of Lexington, Mass. 

7. Pattie', b. 14 July, 1750. 

8. Elizabeth'', b. 7 Aug., 1752, d. i Mar., 1825. 

9. Moses"", b. 3 Mar., 1755, a soldier in the Concord Fight and wounded at 
the battle of White Plains, l^ought of John Lane and occupied a portion of the 
Job Lane possessions; m. 14 Nov., 1782, Rachel Stearns^ {Y.A-^2^x(}i^ , John^*^-^, 

Gifts to the Pastor, memoranda by Rev. Samuel Stearns : 
"1797, June 5. Mr. Fitch i doz eggs. 

June 16. Mr. Fitch 2 lbs butter. 

July 26th. Mrs. Fitch 2 lbs butter." 

Moses Fitch had seven children and d. 12 Oct., 1825, se. 71 

Memorial, window in Trinitarian Congregational church, Bedford, 
of which he was Deacon from Jan. 10, 1805, till his death, — a gift 
of their descendants. 

15. n. Ka'jherine'*, b. 24 June, 1717, m. Benjamin Bacon. 

in. Susanna^ b. 8 Apr., 1720, m. 16 Jan., 1741, Nathaniel 
Davis of Rutland, Vt. 

16. IV. John^ b. T July, 1722, m. Martha Flaoo. 

V. MattheW, b. 10 July, 1724, d. 5 Aug., 1741, ?e. 17 years. 

VI. Samuel'*, b. 15 Apr., 1727, d. i Apr., 1734, in his 7th year. 

By second wife : 

VII. Hannah^, b. 16 ^Lly, 1734, d. 24 June, 1741, ce. 7 yrs., 
I mo. 

17. VIII. Samuel 2d'*, b. 21 Oct., 1737, m. Elizabeth Fitch. 
IX. Ma'ithew^, b. 5 Aug., 1 741. 

Family Tex. 49 


Capt. JAMES LANE^ (John-, Job'), 1 696-1 783, was born in 
Billerica, Mass., 12 Aug., 1696. He settled on a portion of the 
Winthrop purchase, where five generations of the name Lane were 
born. OHver J. Lane" built the present house. 

In I 718, a highway was laid out from Shawshine bridge to Con- 
cord river near James Lane's house. In 1729, he subscribed to- 
wards erecting the meeting house and the expense of incorporation 
of Bedford, Mass., for which he received credit, Jan. 20, 1730. 
"James Lanes pue, Oct. ye 18, 1734, is the 2^ pue from the grat 
door in the front joyning to Nathaniel paiges pue." The select- 
men, Sept, 9, 1743, made bounds to the highway leading from 
Billerica to Concord, beginning at James Lane's. The same year 
the road from Benjamin Kidder's to P^nsign James Lane's was laid 

James Lane was taxed in the North Part of Bedford, Mass., 
1748, — was grantor of real estate to N. Page, Jr., Feb. 10, 1755, 
to J. Lane, Jr., May 3, 1756, to I. Putney, Feb. 29, 1764. 

He freed his slave and gave bond that he should not become a 
town charge in 1764. In order to give freedom to a slave, a 
citizen was obliged to give bonds that the freed person should not 
become a public charge. 

Capt. Lane m. first, 19 Jan., 17 19, MARTHA^, dau. of Dr. 
James and Rebecca (Wheeler) MINOT"* (John^, George"-^, 
Thomas') ; she b. Concord, Mass., 31 Apr., 1699, and d. 3 July, 
1762, ae. 63 years. He m. second, 9 Aug., 1763, CHARITY 
WELLINGTON of Cambridge, Mass., who d.. 16 Dec, 1764, ae. 
70 years, and Jonathan Stone of Watertown, Mass., was appointed 
administrator on the estate of his mother "Cherry Lane" of Bed- 
ford, Jan. 29, 1765. He m. third, by Rev. Henry Cummings, 22 
May, 1766, Mrs. ABIGAIL FARNUM of Billerica, who d. 25 
Feb., 1773, in her 77th year. She was b. 13 June, 1697, dau. of 
Ebenezer Johnson^ (William-, Edward^), of Woburn, Mass., and 
wid. of Oliver Farnum of Billerica. He m. fourth by Rev. Joseph 
Penniman, 20 Jan., 1774, Mrs. ABIGAIL, wid. of Lieut. John 
MERRIAM, nee Howard. She had ten children bv Lieut. Mer- 

50 Joi^ Lane and Descendants. 

riam, who d. 20 Sept., 1767, ae. 67 years, leaving her by will, Aug. 
II, 1767, "my negro servant named Abraham to be at her own 
disposal agreeable to the term of his service." 

Mrs. Lane died 5 Nov., 1793, ae. 83 years. Capt. James Lane 
died II Apr., 1783, ae. 86 ys., 8 ms. 

Epitaph : 

"Death, steady to his purpose, from ye womb 
Pursues, till we are driven to the tomb. 
O reader, wisely lay this thought to heart, 
And seek an interest in the better part; 
Then when you close in death your mortal eyes, 
Your soul may rise and reign above the skies." 

The will of Capt. James Lane of Bedford, gentleman, signed and 
sealed, Dec. i, 1773, was consented to by Abigail Lane, May 6th, 
and presented for probate. May 14, 1783. Bequests were made to 
sons James, Jonathan and Samuel, to daus. Martha Dutton and 
Rebecca Hutchinson, to grandson Solomon Lane and to executors 
James Lane and Samuel Lane ; "all my estate in Old England, 
pew in Bedford meeting House, etc." Executors gave bonds. May 
14, 1783, and took receipts for portions of estate from Rebeckah 
Hutchinson and Martha Dutton, May 10, 1784. 

Children by first marriage : 

L Martha'^, b. 17 ^L1r., 1 721-2, m. 19 Aug., 1740, Samuel 
Dutton and had : 

1. Pattie^ b. 10 Apr., 1742, m. 13 Dec, 1764, David Pollard. 

2. Samuel, b. ii July, 1743. 

3. Hannah, b. 21 Apr., 1 745. 

4. Seth, b. 9 Apr., I 747. 

H. Rebecca"^, b. 29 Oct., 1723, d. 24 May, 1814, m. 31 July, 
1750, Benjamin Hutchinson, Jr., and had: 

I. Molly, b. 2 Aug., 1751. 2. Susanna, b. 8 Aug., 1754. 3. John, b. 
29 June, 1757. 4. Betty, h. 20 Jan., 1760. 5. Rebecca, h. 10 Feb., 1762. 
6. Sarah, b. 9 Nov., 1765. 

18. HL James'*, b. 8 Mar., 1725-6, m. Mary Wellington. 

IV. Love'*, b. 8 Jan., 1728-9, d. 3 Aug., 1735, ae. 7 ys. 

V. MercV*, b. 24 Dec, 1730, d. 4 Mar., 1736-7, ae. 6 ys., 2 ms. 
VL Jonathan"*, mentioned in his father's will. 

Family Eleven. 51 

VII. David^, b. 17 Mar,, 1733-4, grad. H. C, 1753, A.M., 
1754, ''deceased abroad"; Shattuck says, died in the French War, 
29 Dec, 1756, 36. 22 ys., 9 ms., 12 ds. 

VIII. Susanna^, b. 18 Jan., 1735-6, d. 24 Feb., 1749-50, ae. 14 
yrs., 37 ds. 

19, IX. Saml'el^, b. II July, 1737, m. Ruth Davis, Hannah 
French and Frances Blood. 

X. Stephen-*, d. 4 July, 1740. 


JOB LAXK, Jr.« (Job"', John-2, Job'), 1718-1796, b. 27 Sept., 
1 7 18; subscribed towards building the meeting house in Bedford, 
Jan. 20, 1730, was taxed in the Xorth Part, 1748. He was grantee 
in real estate transactions June 24, 1746, June 18, 1747, July 13, 
1747, Apr. 28, 1778, and grantor to B. Kinsman, Mar. 13, 1749, 
to C. Page, Mar. 31, 1755, ^^^ i- I^ane, Oct. 25, 1765, to J. Win- 
gate, Mar. 7, 1769, to O. Pollard, Feb. 22, 1792, to S. Lane, Oct. 
4, 1794. Mr. Lane left home at the midnight alarm Apr. 19, 
1775, and joined the Minute Men under Capt. Jonathan Wilson in 
front of the Jeremiah Fitch tavern. After refreshments, the brave 
captain said to his men : ''We give you a cold breakfast, boys, but 
will give the British a hot dinner ; we will have every dog of them 
before night." They were joined by the militia company under 
Capt. John Moore. Seventy-seven Bedford men were among the 
first on the ground at Concord. They engaged in removing the 
military stores and were in the fight at the old North Bridge. In 
pursuit of the British across the Great Fields past Merriam's Corner 
toward Lexington, Capt. Wilson was killed near Brook's Tavern, 
and Mr. Lane was severely wounded. The ball entered his side 
and lodged in his hip, where it remained, causing lameness during 
his life. Lord Percy said : ''We never saw anything equal to the 
intrepidity of the New England minute men." Return of Minute 
Men, May 15, 1775 : "Job Lane, Jr., wounded at Concord, April 
19 .... in service one day." Return of Militia Co. under Capt. 

52 Joi] Laxe and Descendants. 

John Moore, Apr. 3, 1776 : ''Job Lane, Jr., wounded at Concord, 
travelled ten miles, in service one day." The town of Bedford 
voted Jan., 1779, "to abate half of Job Lane's war rates in con- 
sideration of his wounds received at Concord fight;" and in 1780, 
voted "to abate Job Lane's poll rates for every year since the war 
began." Again Jan. 22, 1782, "voted Job Lane, Jr., fourteen 
pounds in specie for his services in the army in 1776." 

Town orders : "March 7, 1777, To Mr. Job Lane For Wood to 
Jabez Russell, £0, 5s, od." "March ye 7th, 1777 to Mr. Job 
Lane For Wood to Jabez Russell, 5 — o — o." 

Job Lane, Jr., m. first, 29 Jan., 1746-7, by Rev. Nicholas Bowes, 
SUSANNA, dau. of Capt. Josiah and Joannah (Page) FASSETT, 
who was b. 29 Mar., 1725, and d. 24 Mar., 1775, ^e. 50 years; m. 
second, 15 Jan., 1777, by Rev. Joseph Penniman, ELIZABETH 
STICKNEY of Bedford. He d. 11 June, 1796, ae. 78 years. His 
will, signed 17 May, 1793, was proved 20 Sept., 1796. Exr., son 
Luke Lane. Inv. ordered 16 Mar., 1797, taken 12 Nov., 1798, 
returned 14 Nov., 1798, amount $1245.26. Bequests to wife 
Elizabeth Lane, son Luke Lane, daus. Susannah Richardson, Lydia 
Fitch, Sarah Grifen, Hannah Bacon, Ammitta Bacon, Molly Lane, 
Bethia Webber and Fannie Lane, a minor. 

Children : 

L Susannah^, b. 21 Dec, 1747, m. first, i May, 1766, Daniel 
Davis, Jr."* (DanieU^, Samuel-, Dolor'), m. second, 23 Nov., 1790, 
Ebenezer Richardson of Billerica for his sixth wife. She had by 
first husband : 

1. Susanna, b. 6 Nov., 1767, m. 8 June, 1789, Josiah Hill of Bedford, 
and d. 15 Feb., 1818. 

2. Sally, b. Harvard, m. Brooks of Lincoln. 

3. Lydia, m. Xehemiah Flint of Concord. 

4. Lortihamah, m. John Hill o\ Billerica. 

n. Lydia-'', b. 13 Aug., 1749, m. 25 Aug., 1774, Matthew 
Fitch, b. 14 Aug., 1745, son of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Lane) 

ni. Sarah^"*, b. 15 Dec, 1751, m. 26 Nov., 1778, Samuel Gilson 
of Bedford. 

Family Elevkn. 53 

IV. Haxxah^ b. 31 Jan., 1754, ra. 6 May, 1779, John Bacon, 
and had 

I, Hannah, b. II Dec, 1779, d. 27 Sept., 1823. 

V. Job\ b. 13 June, 1756, was in Capt. John Moore's company 
of militia at Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775, was styled Ensign, 
purchased estate, 28 Apr., 17 78, d. 22 Dec, 1788, se. 32 yrs., 6 
ms. Adm. on his estate was granted to Job Lane with James Lane 
as security, Sept. 11, 1789, and an inventory was returned Dec. 30, 

VL A.MnTAr\ b. 9 Feb., 1759, m. first, Elijah Bacon, son of Dea. 
Benjamin and Catherine (Lane) Bacon, who was in Jonathan 
Wilson's company of minute men at the Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 
1775, and was paid $25, Jan. 22, 1782, for hiring soldiers for the 
army in 1777, and d. in 1788 ; m. second, 31 Dec, 1789, Benjamin 
Bacon, brother of Elijah. Benjamin Bacon, by marriage with his 
brother Elijah's widow, became owner of the whole Bacon estate in 
Bedford. The homestead was formerly a part of the grant of 500 
acres on Shawshine river to Rev. Joseph Mitchell of Cambridge. 
Michael Bacon^ (Michaer^-') first leased and then purchased it of 
the widow Mitchell in July, 1682, for 200 pounds. — Bacon Home- 

\TL MoLLY^ b. 14 June, 1761, m. 11 Oct., 1781, David Lane'^ 
(James"'-^, John-, Job^), and d. 12 Dec, 1820. 

VIIL Bethia^ b. I Feb., 1764, d. 8 Aug., 1834; m. 15 Dec, 
1785, John Webber, Jr. of Bedford, b. 31 Dec, 1760, d. 1 1 Dec, 
1846, grandson of Benj. and Susannah (Whitmore) Webber. 
Their children : 

1. Amittai, b. 31 Aug., 1789, m. 25 June, 1808, Zehedee Simonds of Bed- 
ford and d. 20 Feb., 1853. 

2. Bethia Lane, b. 16 Aug. 1799; m. 3 Feb., 1825, Benjamin Reed'' , who 
at one time was assessed the largest tax in Lexington, (Hammond**, Wm.*-', 
Geo.2, Wm.i). 

20. IX. Luke\ b. 29 Sept., 1768, m. Hannah Crosby. 

By second wife : 

X. Fannie'', b. 24 May, 1781. 

54 Job Lane and Descendants. 


JOHN LANE, 2d'i (Job^, John^ Job^, 1720-1789, was b. in 
Billerica, Mass., 2 Oct., 1720, settled on a portion of the Job Lane 
estate. He was taxed in the north part of Bedford, Mass., 1748 ; 
was grantee in transfer of real estate from J. Lane, Dec. 26, 1748, 
from same, Oct. 10, 1763, from , Oct. 25, 1765. 

John Lane of Bedford paid Caleb Dana of Cambridge, Mass., 40 
pounds lawful money, Nov. 10, 1768, for land in Ashburnham, 
Mass., lot No. I, Division 2, and also part of Lot 12 in same 
division. In presence of John Lane, 3d, He paid Elizabeth Clapp 
of Sudbury, Mass., widow and administratrix of Joel Clapp, 40 
pounds, 6, 1771, for 108 acres of land in Ashburnham, 
bounded by land of said John Lane. John Lane and Sarah his 
wife, for "the love I bear my son Francis Lane," conveyed to him 
50 acres of land in Ashburnham, Mar. 9, 1773. John Lane and 
wife Sarah Lane, for "love to my son Benjamin Lane" conveyed to 
him, Apr. 16, 1775, 108 acres of land in Ashburnham. — Worcester 
Co. Deeds. 

John Lane was returned, Apr. 3, 1776, on the pay roll of Capt. 
John Moore's company of militia which had acted as minute men 
in the Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775, travelling 26 miles and in 
service 6 days. Bedford treasurer's account: 1778, Feb. 13. 
"To John Lane For Hireing soldiers. 10 — 10 — o." 

The dwelling house which he built about 1750 stood upon the 
rising point of land on the right hand side of the road from Bedford 
to Billerica, a little beyond the old house reputed to be the Job Lane 
house, within the boundaries of the estate originally secured by Job 
Lane. This house was occupied by his descendants till totally de- 
stroyed by fire with many family records and relics. Mar. i, 1847. 

John Lane, 2d, m. first, 13 Feb., 1745-6, by Rev. Nicholas 
Bowes, RUTH BOWMAN; she b. Lexington, Mass., 23 Dec, 
1723, and d. 13 Aug., 1759, in the 36th year of her age, dau. of 
John and Mary (Stone) Bowman. 

He m. second, 28 May, 1761, Mrs. SARAH HILDRETH, n^e 
Abbott; she b. Andover, Mass., 27 Apr., 1726. He d. 7 Dec, 
1789, in his 70th year. 

Family Twelve. 55 

Epitaph : 

"A span is all that we can boast, 
An inch or two of time; 
Man is but vanity and dust, 

In all his flower and prime. 
My days are spent, my race is run. 

Remember me though dead and gone; 
Cease my beloved to complain, 

My sleeping dust shall rise again." 

Agreement in settlement of estate between widow Sarah Lane and 

sons, Feb. 1 1, i 791 . 

The Pastor's Tithing. Mem. by Rev. Samuel Stearns : 

"July 26, 1797. One cheese from the Widow Lane. 

From September to Thanksgiving, Widow Lane, 2 lbs butter." 

Mrs. Lane m. third, Mr. Parker, and died his widow, 5 Mar., 

1 814, ae. 88 years. 

Epitaph : 

"\'ain world farewell to you, 
Heaven's my native air; 
I bid my friends a short adieu. 
Impatient to be there." 

Children by first wife : 

21. I. John'', b. 7 Dec, 1746, m. Ruhannah Reed. 

II. FR-\NaS'^, b. 18 Sept., 1748, d. 23 Feb., 1749-50, ae. i yr., 
5 nis. 

22. IIL Fr.ancls'', b. 31 Aug., 1750, m. Hepsibah Coolidge 
and Sarah Burr. 

IV. RuTH^, b. 8 Apr., 1752, m. 9 Dec, 1772, John Whitney of 
Littleton, Mass., res. Rindge, N. H. 

23. ^- Benjamin^ b. 17 Mar., 1754, m. Anna Page and 
Isabel Hill. 

24. VL Ziba\ b. 5 July, 1756, m. Lvdia Danforth. 

VII. Esther^ b. i Mar., 1758, m. 25 Sept., 1778, Joseph 
Crosby of Amherst, N. H., res. Jaffrey, N. H. 

By second marriage : 

VIII. Josiah^, b. 25 Feb., 1762, d. 5 Mar., 1762, ae. 18 ds. 

56 Job Lane and Descendants. 

25. IX. Jonathan^, b. 15 Oct., 1763, m. Hannah Lane. 

X. Sarah'', b. i Oct., 1765, m. i Nov., 1787, Timothy Stearns^ 
(Isaac^ John'*-3-2, Isaac^). His father, Hon. Isaac Stearns'', a 
soldier in the French war, magistrate and distinguished citizen of 
Billerica, m. 11 Feb., 1748, Sarah, dau. of Obed and Elizabeth 
Abbott of Bedford, who d. 9 Jan., 1815 ; he d. 23 Mar., 1808. 
John Steams'*, b. 25 Nov., 1686, d. in Maine, ae. 86 yrs. ; m. Esther 
Johnson, dau. of Edward of Woburn, Mass., granddaughter of Wil- 
liam Johnson, Elsq., and great granddaughter of Capt. Edward 
Johnson, author of Wonder Working Proi'idence of Zion's Savior 
in New England. John Stearns^, b. •'2d week" May, 1654, the 
first or second child born in Billerica, Mass., m. first, Elizabeth 
Bigelow of Watertown, Mass., who d. 18 Apr., 1694; m. second, 
Joanna, widow of Jacob Parker and dau. of Thomas Call of Maiden, 
Mass.; he d. 26 Oct., i 728 ; she d. 4 Dec, 1737. John Stearns^, b. 
Watertown, Mass., 1631, was a purchaser of the Dep. Gov. Dudley 
farm and became one of the earliest inhabitants of Billerica. A south- 
west portion of the Dudley purchase, bounded by Concord river 
and the Gov. John Winthrop farm, became the permanent Stearns 
homestead. He m. first, Sarah Mixer of Watertown, who d. June, 
1656; m. second, 1656, Mary Lothrop of Barnstable, Mass., and 
d. 5 Mar., 1668-9. Isaac Stearns^, the emigrant, came to America 
in 1630, probably with Gov. John Winthrop and settled in Water- 
town, Mass. He was made freeman ]\Iay 18, 1631, which is the 
earliest date of any such admission. — Bond. He d. 19 June, 
1671 ; wife Mary d. 2 Apr., 1677. 

Timothy Stearns^ was b. in Billerica, 25 Sept., 1763, and d. 8 
Aug., 18 16. Mrs. Stearns d. 13 June, 1849. 

Their ele\en children were : 

I. T'/wi?//;;', b. 8 Sept., 1788, d. 22 Nov., 1791. 2. Sally. 3. Timothy, 
4. John. 5. Se-cvall. 6. Sarah. 7. Obed, b. 21 Mar., iSoi, m. 27 
May, 1827, Mehitable Carlton, and had: 

i) Josiah Obed, b. 17 Oct., 1830. 2) Amos, b. 1831, 111. Oct., 1856, 
Mary A. Hartwell. 3) Eckley, deacon of Congl. church in Woburn, gave 
one of the Rose windows in Amherst College church as a memorial. 

8. Sarah. 9. Albert. 10. Eckley. II. T^/wd/Zn', b. Billerica, 23 Jan., 
1810; Amherst College 1833, Andover Seminary 1837, ordained 2 July, 1839, 
died Fort Madison, Iowa, 19 July, 1861. 

Family Fourteen. 57 


TIMOTHY LANE^ (Job^ John^, Job>), 1722-1793, b. 10 July, 
1722, was on lax list, -north part of Bedford, Mass., 1748, was 
grantee in transfer of real estate, July 8, 1757, and Oct. 25, 1765, 
was returned in Jonathan Wilson's Co. of Minute Men, May 15, 
1775. Town Treasurer's account : "April 11,1777. To Timothy 
Lane For hiering soldiers, 16 — 3 — 4." He m. 7 Mar., 1 750-1, 
by Rev. Nicholas Bowes, LVDIA, dau. of Stephen^ and Elizabeth 
DAVIS (Samuel"-^, Dolor^), of Bedford, who d. 31 Aug., 1801, ae. 
72 years. He d. 3 Dec, 1793, ?e. 72 years. His heirs were 
grantors to S. Lane and others. Mar. i, 1794. 

Children : 

L LucY^ b. 7 Nov., 1751, m. 23 Nov., 1775, Jonathan Put- 
nam and had son, 

I . Elijah . 

II. Elizabeth-^ b. 7 May, 1753. 

26. HI. Stephen-^ b. 20 Aug., 1755, m. .Alice Abbotf. 

IV. Anna\ b. 30 ^Llr., 1758, m. 20 May, 1779, Ebenezer 
Gould of Chelmsford, Mass. 

V. Lydl\^ b. 16 Dec, 1760; d. 23 Oct., 1765,96.4 ys., 10 ms., 
7 ds. 

VI. Rhoda'^, b. 17 May, 1763; m. 12 Feb., 1789, Slmeon 

VII. Paitie\ b. 8 Nov., 1765. 

VIII. Nathan'', b. ir Feb., 1768; received real estate. Mar. i, 
1794, Nov. 28, 1794, d. I Dec, 1794, ae. 26 ys., 10 ms. 

IX. Lydla^, b. 16 Jan., 1772 ; d. 13 July, 1796, ae. 24 ys., 5 ms. 


JONATHAN HILL^ (Jonathan-^-2, Ralphi), b. Billerica, Mass., 
28 Apr., 1718, m. 13 Jan., 1746-7, MARY LANE^ (Job^, John^, 

Ralph Hin\ was originally of Plymouth, Mass., where he m. 

58 Job Lane and Descent) ants. 

Margaret Toothaker, probably a widow, in 1638. Removing to 
Woburn, Mass., he was chosen surveyor of highways, Apr. 13, 
1644, was taxed there as an inhabitant, 1645, 1646, and was made 
freeman 1647. He was selectman and assented to the boundary 
between Charlestown and Woburn, i6th 10 mo., 1650, and was 
chosen again among the seven selectmen, 25th 12 mo., 1650, 
(Feb. 25, 1651). He removed to Billerica, Mass., in 1653, one 
of its earliest settlers and founder of the family in that town. In 
1659, he sold his land and house in Woburn to Richard Snow. 
Ralph Hill and George Farley purchased the Edward Oaks grant 
at Shawshine in 1661. He d. at Billerica, 29 Apr., 1663. His 
widow d. there, 22 Nov., 1683, aged ''about 88." In his will, Nov. 
10, 1662, he names sons Nathaniel, Jonathan and Ralph, daus. 
Martha and Rebecca, his widow Margaret and his son-in-law Roger 

Children of Ralph' and Margaret (Toothaker) Hill : 

1. lYaihaniel^, b. probably at Plymouth. 

2. JonatJian'^^ b. Woburn, 20 Apr., 1646, m. 11 Dec, 1666, Mary^, dau. 
of William HartwelP of Concord, Mass., who is mentioned in her father's 
will, probated 1690. In the allotment of common lands in 1707, a portion of 
the Thomas Oaks grant fell to Jonathan Hill. They had: 

Jonathan'^ m. Mary Brackett who m. second, 3 Dec, 1744, John Hartwell 
of Bedford, Mass. 

3. Kalp/i^, b. Woburn and named in his father's will, Nov. 10, 1662. 

4. Martha^. 5. Rebecca'^. 

JONATHAN HILL^ son of Jonathan and Mary (Brackett) 
Hill, m. MARY LANE'^ ; she b. 24 Feb., 1724-5, and d. 24 Oct., 
1772, ae. 47 years. He m. second, 24 May, 1774, SARAH, widow 
of Samuel WHITING, who d. 16 Aug., 1778, ae. 42 years. He d. 
7 Apr., I 796. 

Children of Jonathan"* and Mary (Lane) Hill: 

I. Ralph^, b. 2 Sept., 1747. 

II. Mary'', b. 21 Oct., 1748, m. 19 June, 1777, Oliver- Pol- 
lard; he b. 1736-7, son of Oliver' and Hannah (Hill) Pollard. 
He possessed a portion of the Thomas Oaks grant and d. in 1831, 
ae. 94 years. He was succeeded in the estate by his son Oliver^, 
who built the present dwelling and whose dau. Molly Pollard^ m. 
James Lane^ (James"*-^, John-, Job'). 

III. Martha"', b. 4 Mar., 1749. 

Family Fifteen. 59 

IV. Susanna-"^, b. 22 Jan., 1 750-1. 

V. Benjamin^, b. 30 June, 1752. 

VI. Job'', b. 29 May, 1754. 

VII. LucY^, b. 14 Jan., 1756. 

VIII. JrJsiAH^ b. 10 Dec, 1757, lived on the Bedford home- 
stead, m. 8 June, 1789, Susanna, dau. of Daniel Davis of Bedford. 
Their son Josiah*^ was a clergyman at Methuen and later Lynnfield, 

IX. Elizabeth^, b. 13 Oct., 1759. 

X. Isabel-^ b. 3 Dec, 1761, m. 26 May, 1785, Benjamin Dane^ 
(John^ Job-^ John^, Job'). 

XI. Jonathan'', b. 28 Sept., 1763, m, 13 Dec, 1798, Mary 
Proctor of Bedford. A dau. MafY', m. 23 Xov., 1824, Samuel 
Butler q{ Leominster, Mass. 

XII. Jane\ b. 17 Dec, 1764. 

XIII. Azubah'', b. I Mar., 1768. 

XIV. Anna-\ b. II June, 1776. 


BENJAMIN BACONS (Benjamin^ Michael^^--^-'), b. Billerica, 
Mass., 6 Dec, 17 13, m. 15 Feb., 1739, CATHF^RINE LANE^ ; 
she b. 27 June, 17 17, dau. of John^ and Katherine (Whiting) Lane 
(John^ Jobi). 

The Bacons constituted one of the most numerous Bedford 
families for more than two centuries. Michael Bacon ^ was the 
immigrant ancestor. He left England for Ireland on the approach 
of the Civil War about 1633, and came thence to Dedham, Mass., 
in 1640, accompanied by his wife, sons Michael-, Daniel- and 
John"2 and daughter Sarah-. These children are mentioned in his 
will, April 14, 1648. Their mother died in 1647. 

Michael Bacon-, eldest son, was of Charlestown, Mass., 1640, 
where the brothers Michael Bacon'^ and Daniel Bacon- subscribed, 

60 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Dec. 1 8, 1640, the ''Town Orders" agreed upon for the proposed 
town of Woburn. ''8th of 7 mo., 1642, Charlestowne Village is 
called Wooborne," records its act of incorporation by the Gen. 
Court of Mass. Michael Bacon^ was one of the original inhabitants 
of Woburn, chosen highway surveyor, Apr. 13, 1644, and on the 
board of selectmen 1659, 1665, '6, '8, 1670. His wife Mary 
dying 26 Aug., 1655, he m. second, 26 Oct., 1655, Mary Richard- 
son, and after her death 19 May, 1670, he took to him a third 
wife, 28 Nov., 1670, Mary Noyes. He d. 4 July, 1688. He 
had Michael'^, only son, b. about 1640. Elizabeth^, b. 4 Jan., 
1642. Sarah^, b. 24 Aug., 1644. 

Michael Bacon^ (Michaer^-i), had a mill on the Shawshine river 
in the present town of Bedford, Mass., before King PhiHp's War. 
He was alluded to in a mortgage deed as citizen of Billerica, June 
8, 1675, ^rid was assigned by the town of Billerica, for defence, to 
garrison No. 10, in Aug., 1675, and allowed to have two soldiers 
from the garrison for the protection of his mill. He purchased the 
Rev. Mr. Mitchel farm of 500 acres including the mill on Shaw- 
shine river for ^200, in July, 1682, and it became known as the 
Bacon Homestead. He gave a deed, Oct. 4, 1696, to his "loving 
son Michael Bacon jun of Billerica, shoemaker." The house he 
built has been occupied by seven generations of the Bacon family 
and name. He m. 22 Mar., 1660, Sarah Richardson of Woburn, 
who d. 15 Aug., 1694. He d. 13 Aug., 1707. Ten children born 
in Woburn and Billerica : 

Mary*. Sarah*. Abigail*. Michael*. Jonathan*. Benjamin*. Nath- 
aniel*. Josiah*. Joseph*. •*. 

Jonathan Bacon"* (MichaeP---^), b. 14 July, 1662, was in the 
Indian wars with "Mager Lane" 1706, selectman of Billerica, 17 19 
and 1727, boarded the school master one month in 1722, repre- 
sentative of Billerica, 1726, called the first town meeting of Bed- 
ford, Sept. 26, 1729, at which time he was chosen selectman ; ra. 
first, 3 Jan., 1694, Elizabeth Giles; m. second, 22 Sept., 1739, 
Elizabeth Wyman, born Hancock; died 12 Jan., 1754. 

Benjamin Bacon-* (MichaeP---'), b. about 1688, m. 2 Dec, 
1 7 12, Abigail Taylor of Concord, Mass. His will dated Nov. 
25, 1727, mentions the four elder children: 

Family Sixteen. G1 

Benjamin^, b. 6 Dec, 1713. John^, b. 16 June, 1716. AbigaiP, b. 25 
Sept., 1 718. Samuel'', b. 21 July, I 72 1. Mary''. 

BENJAMIN BACON^ (Benjamin^ MichaeP-^-'), b. 6 Dec, 
I 7 13, was taxed in Bedford, 1748, and was deacon of the church 
in Bedford, Feb. 15, 1759, ^i^^ ^is death. Town of Bedford Dr., Feb. 
10, 1778. '*To Dea. Benjamin Bacon P'or hiering soldiers, 15 — 
17 — o." Six Bacons from Bedford were in the company of minute 
men and two in the mihtia company at Concord Fight, Apr, 19, 


Dea. Bacon m. 15 Feb., 1739, Catherine Fane-* (John^--, Job'), 

who d. 7 July, 1 79 1. He d. i Oct., 1701, ae. 78 years. 

Epitaph : 

"Go traveller, live to God." 

Their children : 

I. Benjamin^, b. 6 July, 1741, engaged in the Concord Fight, 
Apr. 19, 1775, gave to the pastor. Rev. Samuel Stearns, "6 lbs 
beef" in 1797. He m. first. 27 May, 1766, Esther Davis; m. 
second, 31 Dec, 1789, A.MrnAi (Lane) Bacon; m. third, Anna 
(Crosby) Jaqltth. He had son BenjatnitP and grandson Benja- 
min"", who m. Sylvania Lane^ (David^, James^-^, John^, Job'). 

n. Catherine*^, b. 9 July, 1746, d. young. 

HI. Isaac*^, b. 6 May, 1748, d. young. 

IV. Isaac^, b. 27 Oct., I 751, d. young. 

V. Elijah^, b. 19 Sept., 1754, engaged in the Concord Fight; 
m. Ami'itai Lane^ (Job'*-^, John-, Job'), and d. 1788. 

VI. Rhoda^, b. 30 Oct., 1757, d. young. 


JOHN LANE, 3d-' (John'^-2, Job'), 1722-—, b. Billerica, Mass., 
I July, 1722, inherited from his father and lived on the Thaddeus 
Davis place, Bedford, Mass. He was taxed in the north part of 
Bedford, 1748. He was a soldier in Capt. John Moore's com- 
pany of militia at Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775. Town Treasurer's 

62 Job Lane and Descendants. 

account: "Sept. 15, 1777, John Lane ye 3d for personal Service, 
14 — II — 8." Probably was grantor of real estate to J. Wright, 
Apr. 27, 1782, to E. Stearns, June 14, 1784, to O. Pollard, Jr., 
Jan. 12, 1789, to same, Jan. 16, 1789, to E. Baker, Apr. 10, 1790, 
to J. Lane, May 31, 1790. — Worcester Co. Deeds. 
The Pastor's Tithing, Mem. by Rev. Samuel Stearns : 
"1797, From September to Thanksgiving, Mr. Lane i lb butter. 
-Mr. John Lane, a peice of fresh pork. Thanksgiving Week, Mr. 
Lane, 7 lbs pork and 14 candles." 

Mr. Lane m. 28 Oct., 1747, Martha Flagg, a descendant of 
Thomas and Mary Flagg of Watertown, Mass., and of Gershom 
and Hannah (Lepingwell) Flagg of Woburn, Mass., who had ten 

Children of John and Martha (Flagg) Lane: 

L Martha'', b. 13 Aug., 1748. 

11. Maithew', b. 9 Oct., 1750, settled near Boston, Mass. 

27. IIL Gershom Flagg, b. 30 July, 1753, m. Lydia Thomas. 

IV. Ha\xah\ b. 13 May, 1755, m. John Bacon. 

V. \\v.v7AY,\w-', b. 30 Aug., I 761. 


SAMUEL LANE, 2d^ (John •'^•'2, Job^), 1737-1822, b. Bedford, 
Mass., 21 Oct., 1737, m. 8 Dec, 1763, by Rev. Nathaniel Sher- 
man, ELIZABETH FITCH, b. 6 Jan., 1738-9, dau. of Zachariah 
and great grand dau. of Samuel and Sarah (Lane) Fitch. She d, 
29 Sept., 1796, ae. 57 ys., 8 ms., 20 ds. He was returned with 
Capt. John Moore's Co. of Militia, Apr. 3, 1776, as having been in 
the Concord Fight of Apr. 19, 1775. Town Treasurer's account, 
July 12, 1777: "To Sam' I^ne jur. For Hiering Soldiers, 8 — 5 
— o." He was selectman of Bedford, Mass., 1780. Pastor's Tith- 
ing: "1797, Thanksgiving Week, Mr. Samuel Lane, Jr., 9 lbs beef. 
From Thanksgiving to April, Mr. S. Lane, i bushel rye meal." 
Mr. Lane inherited Elm Farm, a portion of the Job Lane home- 

Family Eighief.n. 63 

stead, was in good financial circumstances, and d. 3 Aug., 1822, ae. 
84 yrs., leaving no son. He was the last of the name in this line 
of the Lane family. His will was signed Apr. 10, 181 8, presented 
for probate, Sept. 3, 1822; Moses Fitch and John Stearns, son-in- 
law, executors; appraisement ordered Sept. 9, 1822; inventory 
taken Oct. i, 1822, exhibited Nov. 2, 1822; executors' account 
June 3, 1823; bequests to daus. Phebe Lane, Hannah Lane, 
Dorcas White, and to children of daughter Polly Stearns, deceased. 
Children : 

L Hannah'"', b. 26 Feb., 1765, m. Jonath.\n Lane"' (John*^, 
Job^ John2, Job'). 

n. Elizabeth'', b. 6 Dec, 1766, m. 8 May, 1800, Maithfw 
Short of Cambridge, Mass., and had children. 

HL Dorcas-^ b. 18 Feb., 1771, m. Nathan White of Bedford, 
Mass., and had three children. 

IV. Phere\ b. 12 Feb., 1773, m. David Lane^ (James-^-"^, John^, 

29. \ . PoLLY^, b. 15 Aug., 1776, m. John Stearns. 


JAMES LANE, Jr.^ (James^ John^, Job^), 1 726-1 799, b. Bed- 
ford, Mass., 8 Mar., 1725-6. He was in Capt. John Moore's Co. 
of militia and took part in the Concord Fight of Apr. 19, 1775. 
This Bedford company was among the first of the provincials on 
the ground, engaged in removing the military stores and also in the 
fight at Concord Bridge. The flag they carried to the field was 
the only one displayed on that day. The old emblem is still pre- 
served at Bedford. Mr. Lane was afterward a sergeant of the same 
company in Col. Jonathan Reed's regiment. Town Treasurer's 
account, Feb. 13, 1778: ''To James Lane, Jur., For Hiering 
Soldiers, 8 — 5 — o." 

He was grantee in the transfer of real estate, Dec. 11, 1756, 
Apr. 16, 1764, Feb. 3, 1790, Sept. 9, 1796 ; grantor to Charles, a 

04 Job Lane and Descendants. 

negro, Oct. 17, 1759, to J. Moore, June 8, 1761, to E. Stearns, 
May 18, 1764, to J. Lane, Jr., Oct. 25, 1765, to S. Lane, Apr. 5, 
1 781, Dec. 31, 1785, Mar. 8, 1791, Feb. i, 1799, to M. Lane, 
Feb. 23, I 782. 

Mr. Lane m. 10 Jan., 1 750-1, by Rev. Nicholas Bowes, MARY 
WELLINGTON, dau. of Dea. Job Lane's second wife, and d. 
suddenly, 4 Jan., 1799, se. 73 years. Will of James Lane, signed 
Dec. 25, 1798, proved Apr. 9, 1799, son Solomon Lane, executor, 
made bequests to wife Mary Lane, to sons James, Solomon, David 
and Isaac, and to grand children, ''the five surviving children of my 
late son Oliver Wellington Lane deceased." 

Mrs. Lane m. second, Capt. John Moore, Jr., who had been Mr. 
Lane's company commander in the Revolution; he d. 27 Sept., 
1807, 86. 78 years. 

"Glory with all her lamps shall burn, 

To watch the Christian's sleeping clay; 
Till the last trumpet cause his urn 
To aid the triumph of the day." 

Mary, second wife of Capt. John Moore, d. 2 Apr., 1806, se. 76 

Children of James and Mary (Wellington) Lane : 

30. I. Oliver Wellington-'', b. 27 Oct., 1751, m. Susanna 

II. James'', b. 10 Mar., 1754, m. by Rev. Samuel Stearns, 6 
June, 1805, Molly Pollard, who d. 16 Feb., 1848, ae. 96 ys., 8 
ms. Uncle James, an old bachelor, used to go courting Aunt 
Molly, regularly, just once a year and for many years. He d. 20 
Oct., 1836, ae. 83. Adm. on his estate was declined by Molly 
Lane, and Joel Foster was appointed administrator, Nov. 8, 1836, 
who gave bond with David Lane and Oliver Wellington Lane 
sureties; inventory taken Nov. 17, 1836, exhibited, and allowance 
made to widow Molly Lane, Jan. 10, 1837 ; administrator's sale. 
May 29, 1837, and account rendered Nov. 14, 1837. 

31. 111. Solomon^, b. 7 Aug., 1756, m. Sarah Stearns. 

32. 1\'. David'', b. 11 Mar., 1759, ^^' Molly Lane and Phebe 

Family Nineteen. 65 

V. Isaacs b. 13 May, 1766, d. 24 Nov., 1803, ce. 37 years. 
No family. Verbal bequests were made to his niece Anna Lane 
and to Oliver W. Lane, May 23, 1S03. The nuncupative will was 
attested by Moses Fitch, David Lane and Samuel Lane, 2d, June 
14th, the heirs ^Lary Moore, Susannah Lane, James Lane and 
David Lane consenting July 27th, appraisement made Aug. 2d, and 
the will presented for probate Oct. 5th, all in the year 1803. The 
first account of Solomon Lane, executor, was exhibited June 6, 
1804, and his second account June II, 1S06, with distribution of 
personal estate to brothers Solomon, James and David and to 
heirs of Oliver Wellington Lane, a brother. 


SAMUEL lam:' (James:*, John', Jobi), 1737-1802, b. Bed- 
ford, Mass., II fuly, 1737, was returned with Capt. John Moore's 
Co., Apr. 3, 1776, as in the Concord Fight of Apr. 19, 1775 ; was 
a farmer in Bedford, grantee of real estate June 4, 1793, Sept. 4^ 
i795» ^ct. 12, 1796; grantor to S. Richardson, Aug. 28, 1797, to 
J. Batten, June 15, 1798, to E. Richardson, Jr., Oct. 19, 1798. 

Mr. Lane m. first, by Rev. Nathaniel Sherman, 2 Oct., 1760, 

RUTH, dau. of Stephen, Jr., and Elizabeth (Brown) DAVIS, of 

Bedford : she b. 5 Dec, 1739, and d. 21 Oct., 1772, in her 33d 

year; m. second, by Rev. Henry Cummings, 6 Jan., 1774, Wid. 

HANNAH (Richardson) FRENCH, of Billerica, who d. 29 Sept., 

1796, ce. 57 yrs. 

Epitaph : 

"Retire, my friends, dry up your tears, 
Here I must lie till Christ appears." 

He m. third, by Rev. Paul Litchfield, 21 May, 1799, Mrs. 
FRANCES BLOOD of Carlisle, who d. 19 Sept., 1807, ae. 69 years. 
Mr. Lane d. 26 June, 1802, se. 65 yrs. 

Epitaph : 

"Simple manners, charitable temper. Industry and uprightness were 
adorned by a Christian profession and practice, and inspired a humble hope of 
a happy immortality. The memory of the just is blessed." 

66 Job Lane and Descendants. 

In the administration of the estate of Samuel Lane of Bedford, 
yeoman, Jonas Lane, Esq., of Lancaster and Samuel Lane, 2d, 
yeoman, of Bedford, were appointed administrators, who gave bond 
with Solomon Lane and David Lane, sureties, July 15, 1802 ; in- 
ventory exhibited Oct. 12, 1802, amount $3,642.77 ; administra- 
tors' account Oct. 5, 1809, had paid claims of widow Frances Lane, 
Jonas Lane, David Lane, John Webber, Jr., Solomon Lane, 
Amariah Preston, Ebenezer Lane, Phebe Lane, Hannah Lane, 
Samuel Lane, 2d. 

Children all born in Bedford : 

33. L Jonas^ b. 10 May, 1761, had wives Dolly Ballard, 
Elt^'ice Kendall, Sally Hawks and Lydla Wait. 

n. Rebecca 5, b. 17 Jan., 1763, d. Boston, 27 Nov., 1791, se. 
28 ys., 10 ms., interred at Bedford. 

34. HL Ephralm^, b. 22 Mar., 1767, m. Elizabeth Danforth 

IV. Ruth'', b. 7 June, 1769, m. 30 Mar., 1797, Nathaniel 
Brown"", son of Nathaniel Bowman"* and Abigail (Page) Brown 
(DanieP, Joseph-, John'). They moved to Plymouth, Vt., July 3, 
1814, and founded a prominent family. He d. of consumption, 28 
Apr., 1834, ae. 65 years; she d. 18 Aug., 1838, ae. 68 years. 

Children born in Bedford : 

1. Anna Page, b. 23 Mar., 1799, m. at Plymouth, 28 May, 1818, Jona- 
than Lewis Pratt of Ludlow, Vt. 

2. John, b. 19 Sept., 1801, d. 12 Sept., 1805, re. 3 ys., 11 ms., 24 ds. 

3. Abigail, b. 19 Mar., 1803, m. 6 Dec, 1826, Moses Pollard, Jr., of 
Plymouth, and d. 6 Aug., 1850. 

4. Mary Ann, b. 6. Sept., 1805, m. 15 Apr., 1828, Amos B. Pollard, 
brother of Moses, Jr. 

5. Ruth Davis, b. 17 Oct., 1807, m. 10 Jan., 1828, Horace Sa^vyer of 

6. John Page, b. II Jan., 18 10. 

35. V, Ebenezer'', b. 14 May, 1771, m. Hannah Cunning- 
ham and Sally Weston. 

By second marriage : 

VI. Daniel^, b. 9 Oct., 1774, d. 28 Oct., 1785, ae. 1 1 years. 

VII. Hannah'', b. 6 Apr., 1776, m. by Rev. Samuel Stearns, 12 

Family Twenty. 67 

Dec, 1 80 1, Isaiah Green, a farmer of Carlisle, Mass., and d. 23 
Mar., 1845, se. 68 ys., 11 ms., 16 ds. Four children : 

1. Isaiah Richardson, b. Carlisle, 28 Mar., 1803, d. 15 Oct., 1805, ce. 2 
ys., 6 ms., 17 ds. 

2. Hannah Lane Chandler, b. 15 Dec, 1 806. 

3. Lydia Ada/ns, b. 15 Dec, 18 10. 

4. iVancy Richardson, b. 30 July, 1816. 

36. VIII. Samuel'', b. 15 Jan., 1778; m. Lucy R. Jones. 
IX. PArriE-'', b. 19 Aug., 1780, m. 14 July, 18 11, Tilla Green, 
a farmer of Carlisle, Mass. Four children : 

1. Benjamin, b. 3 Aug., 1813. 

2. Mary^ b. 26 ?>!)., 1816. 

3. Susan, b. 7 Nov., 1818, m. 4 Nov., 1843, Isaac Blaisdell of Carlisle. 

4. Selina, b, 20 Apr., 1827. 


LUKE LANE-^ (Job^^ John^, Jobi), 1768-1801, b. 29 Sept., 
1768. Luke Lane was grantee of estate from J. Lane, May 17, 1793, 
and grantor to I. Prudden, Jan. 8, 1798; m. 24 Mar., 1791, by 
ReY. Henry Cummings, HANNAH CROSBY of Billerica, and d. 
27 Aug., 1801, ae. i^i ys- Hannah Lane, widow, gave bond, 14 
Oct., 1 80 1, as admx. on the estate of Luke Lane, late of Bedford, 
yeoman. The bond was filed 13 Apr., 1802. Children : Hannah, 
Job, Luke and Seth. Mrs. LANE m. second, 20 Jan., 1805, Nath- 
aniel Dudley of Lexington. 

Children born in Bedford : 

I. Luke^, b. 9 Sept., 1791 ; m. Martha , and d. 15 Feb., 

1850, ae. 58. Son : 

I. Dudley'', b. 17 Oct., 1822. 

37. 11. J()B'\ b. 7 Aug., 1794; m. Mary Hadley. 

III. Seth*^, b. 9 Aug., 1796 ; m. Ammarilla , and had : 

1. Emeline', b. 27 Jan., 1829. 

2. Reuben Bacon', b. 18 Jan., 1 83 1. 

3. Alonzo\ b. 5 July, 1838, enlisted at Boston, in U. S. nav^ for three 
years, Oct. 12, 1863. 

IV. Hannah*^, b. 4 May, 1799. 

68 Job Lane and Descendants. 


JOHN LANE, Jr.5 (John^, Job^, John^, Job'), 1746-1808, b. 
Bedford, Mass., 7 Dec, 1746, received by will of his grandfather, 
Dea. Job Lane, Feb. 15, 1753, "my old clock." Return, Apr. 3, 
1776, of Capt. John Moore's Bedford Co. militia, in the Concord 
Fight, Apr. 19, 1775 : "John Lane, Jr., travelled ten miles, in 
service one day." 

1807. Alarm of war with Great Britain. The town of Bedford 
voted : 

"To make up to the soldiers that may voluntarily turn out in 
defence of our country, $14.00 per month as wages, if called into 
active service ; and to give the men ordered to be discharged from 
Captain Lane's company, if they should voluntarily turn out $3.00 
per man, as an encouragement to the same, whether they march or 

December 27 th, the town "granted to captain Lane's soldiers 
who should enlist in the defence of our country for the term of six 
months, $13.00 per month as wages during the time they are in 
actual service." 

181 2. Madison's War. Bedford men were ordered to the de- 
fence of Boston under Captain Reed. 

John Lane was grantee of real estate Oct. 10, 1763, Jan. 12, 
1789; agreement Feb. 11, 1791; grantee Oct. 6, 1791, Feb. 22, 
1794, Feb. 26, 1799; grantor to J. Penniman, Jan. 12, 1789, to 
J. Reed, Apr. 10, 1789, Feb. 26, 1799, to T. Page, Apr. 10, 1789, 
to Ziba Lane, ALar. 8, 1791, to J. l>ane, Apr. 4, 1791, Aug. 25, 
1792, Feb. 22, 1794, to O. Pollard, Feb. 22, 1792, to J. Whitman, 
Apr. 10, 1792, to B. Lane, Mar. 20, 1792, Oct. 31, 1793, to F. 
Lane, Mar. 20, 1792, to A. Cragie, Apr. 27, 1793, to S. Lane, Jr., 
Jan. 8, 1798, to L Prudden, Jan. 8, 1798. 

He m. 25 Nov., 1773, RUHAMAH READ, dau. of Esq. John 
and Ruhamah (Brown) Read'' (Wm."'.^^, Geo.-, Wm.') ; she b« 
Bedford, 11 Dec, 1753, and d. 30 Apr., 181 7, ?e. 63 years. 

William Reade' sailed from London, Eng., July, 1635, Jri the 
ship "Defence," Capt. Edward Fostick, master, and reached Bos- 
ton, Mass., Oct. 6, 1635, with wife >Laybel Kendall and three 

Family Twentv-Oxe. 69 

children. He was made freeman at Dorchester, Mar. 4, 1638, was 
of Scituate, 1639, and constable in 1644, settled in Woburn, 1648. 
They soon returned to England, where he died at Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne in 1656, and she was appointed executrix of his will by Lord 
Protector Oliver Cromwell, ''the last day of October, 1656." Nine 

George- (William*), was b. in England, 1629, lived in Woburn, 
now Burlington, a wealthy landholder and deacon of the church in 
Woburn; m. first, 4 Aug., 165 i, Elizabeth Gennings or Geninson, 
who d. 26 Feb., 1664 ; second, 9 Nov., 1665, Hannah Rockwell of 
Charlestown, and d. 21 Feb., 1706, ^. 77 years. Fourteen 

William^ (George-, William*), b. 22 Sept., 1662, a military cap- 
tain, justice of the peace and selectman of Lexington, m. 24 May, 
1686, Abigail Kendall of Woburn, his relative, with extra fingers 
and toes, and d. 12 May, 17 18. Nine children. 

William"* (William-^, George-, William'), b. 18 July, 1693, justice 
of the peace, representative of Lexington 20 years in succession, 
owned large estates in Lexington and Billerica; m. about 1769, 
Sarah, dau. of John Poulter, and d. ir Feb., 1778, ae. 85 years. 
Ten children. 

John^ (William'*-^, George-, William^), b. 28 May, 1731, military 
officer, justice of the peace, a wealthy and prominent man in Bed- 
ford ; m. 18 Jan., 1753, Ruhamah, dau. of Daniel and Eliot Brown, 
and d. 20 Nov., 1805 ; she d. 9 Jan., 1798. Seven children. 

Mr. Lane d. 22 Feb., 1808, ae. 61 years. 

The widow Ruhamah Lane waived the right of administration on 
estate of John Lane, and Eliab B. Lane, the eldest son, was ap- 
pointed administrator, Apr. 14, 1808. The same day the widow's 
request for dower was lodged ; her petition for allowance was filed 
Aug. 30, 1808, and allowance granted Apr. 14, 1809. The ad- 
ministrator presented inventory and was ordered to sell personal 
property, Aug. 30, 1808; exhibited personal claims and filed his 
first account, June 13, 1809; second account, Sept. i, 1809; sold 
estate and rendered his third account, Oct. 4, 1809. 

The will of Ruhamah Lane, widow, was dated Mar. 29, 181 7, 
and proved June 3, 181 7; Amariah Preston and Eliab B. Lane, 

70 Job Lane and Descendants. 

executors; inventory taken, Oct. i6, 1817, exhibited, Jan. 13, 
1818; executor's account presented, Feb. 24, 1819; heirs Amariah 
Preston, Eliab B. Lane, Asa Webber, EUot Webber, Amasa Lane, 
Roger Lane, John Lane, Abner Foster. 
Children : 

L Ruhamah'', b. 10 June, 1775, m. 15 May, 1796, Amariah 
Preston, M. D. He was b. 5 Feb., 1758, a justice of the peace 
and an ardent patriot, in the Revolutionary war three years ; m. 
first, 18 Oct., 1790, Hannah Reed and settled in Bedford, Mass., 
1790, "the honored physician of the town for 45 years and enjoyed 
the confidence of the people whom he faithfully served." — A. E. 

"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Hannah, wife of Dr. Amariah 
Preston, Feb 8, 1795, in the 26th year of her age. 

Hark I hear my dear Redeemer's voice, 
My soul must hence remove; 
Farewell to all those earthly joys, 
And haste away to realms above." 

In memory of Hannah, daughter of Dr. Amariah Preston, Aug. 
8, 1 8 10, aged 15 years. 

He located on the Walter Pollard tavern site which in 1738 
stood near the Job Lane sawmill on Peppergrass brook in the south- 
erly part of the Winthrop Farm. In those times goods were repre- 
sented in their true condition. "Want to buy any yellow pork?" 
asks Walter Pollard. "Think not," answers Job Lane. Pollard was 
succeeded on the estate by Rev. Joseph Penimin and Peniman by 

Dr. Preston removed to Lexington, Mass., where he addressed 
Louis Kossuth, governor of Hungary, May 7, 1852, and d. 29 Oct., 
1853, ae. 95 ys., 8 ms., 24 ds. Children of Dr. Amariah and 
Ruhamah (Lane) Preston were: 

I. Amariah^ b. 21 June, 1798. 2. Ezekiel Warren, b. 8 July, 1800. 
3. Ezekiel Warren, b. 24 Dec, 1802. 4. Harvey Newton, b. 21 June, 
1806, grad. Harvard Med. Col., 1827, d. 1837. 5. Lovice Matilda, b. 19 
Feb., 1809. 

11. Gr.\cy Foster^, b. 22 Dec, 1777, d. 16 Nov., 1806, ae. 30 

Family Twenty- Two. 71 

38. HI. EuAB Bridge^, b. 21 June, 17S0, m. Anna Welling- 

IV. Eliot Reed^, b. 30 Apr., 1782, m. 30 Apr., 1801, Asa 
Webber*, b. 20 June, 1775, son of John-^ and Sarah (Fassett) 
Webber (Benj.-, James^). He d. 8 Xoy., 1850; she d. 26 July, 
1878. Children : 

1. Riihaviah, b. 14 Apr., 1802, d. 31 Aug., 1879, m. 30 Nov., 1826, Wil- 
liam Ilartwell^ (Wm.^, Joseph^, Wm.-', SamueF, Wm.'), b. 12 Jan., 1797, d. 
14 Jan., 1888. 

2. Eliot, b. 26 June, 1804, d. 24 July, 1855, m. 15 Apr., 1823, Eldridgc 
Mi-rriam'^, (John^-^-*, Xath.^, John^, Joseph'), b. 8 Feb., 1802, d. 25 Sept., 

3. John Lane, b. 3 Dec, 1808, m. Sarah IV/iil/orcl and d. 12 Feb., 1859. 

4. Lucy, b. 5 June, 181 1, d. 20 Apr., 1834, m. 13 Nov., 1828, Benjamin 
F. f/artiuell^ (\Vm.^, Joseph^, Wm.^, Samuel', \Vm.'), b. 8 June, 1800, d. 
14 Dec, 1884. 

5. Lydia, twin, b. 5 June, 181 1, d. an infant. 

V. JoHN*^, b. 5 July, 1784. 

VI. Abner^, b. 18 Apr., 1786, d. 9 Aug., 1806, ae. 21 years. 

VII. Jesse*^, b. 25 Mar., 1788, went to Pennsylvania. 

39. \TII. Amasa^, b. 30 Apr., 1790, m. Beulah Burnham. 
IX. Roger^, d. 16 Nov., 1794, ae. 16 months. 

40. X. RoGER^, b. 1795, m. Zelinda Bacon. 


Col. FRANCIS LANE-^ (John^, Job^ John^, Job'), 1750-1823, 
b. Bedford, 31 Aug., 1750; settled in Ashburnham in the spring 
of 1773, and was a soldier in the Revolution; marched as corporal 
on the Lexington alarm, 19 Apr., 1775; enlisted as sergeant in 
Jonathan Gates' Co., 25 Apr., 1775; on com. of safety and in- 
spection 1777; captain 1781, afterward major and lieutenant 
colonel ; built and conducted a saw and grain mill and owned 
other property at Lane Village, Ashburnham. Grantor to J. Lane, 
Feb. II, 1 791, to J. Lane, Apr. 4, 1791, to B. Lane, Oct. 31, 
1793, to Stephen Lane, Dec. 3, 1796. 

Francis Lane of Bedford received from his father John Lane and 
wife Sarah of Bedford, 50 acres of land in Ashburnham, Mar. 9, 

72 Job Lane and Descendants. 

1773. — JVor. Co. Deeds, g8 : J 5 4. He paid the town of Ash- 
burnham, £,'^Zy ^^s., Dec. 2, 1773, for the school lot No. 12 in 
said town. The same day, with Isaac Stearns, he paid William 
Buttrick and Jeremiah Bridge, ^96, 2s., for land in Ashburnham. 
— 77.- 234 &- 73: 167. 

Francis Lane, gentleman, engaged in many real estate transac- 
tions in Ashburnham. HepaidElisha Coolledge 700 pounds for 
330 acres, Nov. 6, 1783 ; Samuel Cutting 42 pounds for 35 acres, 
May 4, 1784 ; with wife Hepzibah sold Isaac Stearns 15 acres 126 
poles for ^34, 15s., 2d., Jan. 23, 1785; paid Grover Scolley 13 
pounds for land, July 18, 1785; paid John Whiting 100 pounds. 
Mar. 26, 1787, for 85 acres in Leominster with dwelling house and 
barn, and sold the same property to John Whiting for 120 pounds, 
Nov. 14, 1787, his wife Hepzibah relinquishing right of dower; 
paid Samuel Cotting, collector of taxes, ^i, t6s., Nov. 30, 1789, 
for land in Ashburnham on which Ziba Lane had not paid the tax 
of 5s., 8d. ; with his brothers and sisters in favor of Benjamin Lane 
for 28 pounds, Dec. 9, 1789, to 38 acres, *'one moiety or half 
quantity and (quality;" paid his brothers and sisters 28 pounds for 
quit claim to Tf2> acres, Dec. 29, 1789; paid Benjamin and Isabel 
Lane 33 pounds, May 14, 1791, for 37 acres; with wife Hepzibah 
sold Ziba Lane three lots, Feb. 13, 1792, for 20 shillings; sold 
Stephen Lane land, Dec. 3, 1796, for $500; with wife Sarah, sold 
Elias Lane land for $500, July 7, 1709 ; with wife Sarah sold Isaac 
Morse for $57.20, Nov. 4, 1808, "all our right to the one- third 
part of the real estate of John Burr late of Winchendon, this right 
belonging to said Sarah Lane as widow of the said John Burr. — g2 : 
327; g3 : 461, 464; 100: 127; 102: 147; 103: 203; 114: 
80, go, gi, g2, 330 ; 128: 33; 246: 420; 188: 28g. 

Francis Lane, Esq., of Ashburnham, sold Elias Lane, gentleman, 
land in Ashburnham, Nov. 21, 1821, for $403. — 246: 421. 

Col. Francis Lane m. first, 30 Sept., 1779, HEPSIBAH COOL- 
IDGE, b. Waltham, 9 Mar., 1754, dau. of Capt. Wm. and Elizabeth 
(Brown) Coolidge. She d. 14 Mar., 1795. He m. second, 1801, 
SARAH, wid. of John BURR, ned Cushing. He d. i May, 1823. 

Nine children : 

I. John Coolidge^, b. 2 July, 1781 ; d. 16 Sept., 1781. 

Family Twenty-Three. 73 

II. vSarah'', b. II June, 1782; m. 20 Nov., 1800, John Kib- 
LiNG, and d. 19 Aug., 1865. He d. 17 Jan., 1846. Six children. 

III. LuCY^, b. 6 July, 1783; m. 17 Dec, 1809, Capt. John 
Jones, b. 24 Nov., 1783 ; res. Dublin, N. H., where he d. 3 May, 
1849. She d. 24 Mar., 1873. Two children: 

1. Frederick, b. 20 July, 1813, Phillips Acad., 1831, grad. Harv, Uni- 
versity, 1835, and at Dart. Med. Col., did much in literature and in teaching 
in his earlier years, had a large medical practice in New Ipswich, N. H., and 
adjoining towns, and had sat in the Legislature; m. 20 Feb., 1845, Caroline 
Frances, b. 2 Feb., 1824, dau. of Dr. Stillman Gibson of New Ipswich, and d. 
6 July, 1892. They had two children: 

i) Frederick William, b. 9 Jan., 1848; grad. D. C, 1869, and at Med. 
Department of University, New York city; settled in practice at New Ipswich. 
2) Frances R., b. i June, 1852, an artist with many fine paintings. 

2. Lucy Ann, b. 20 Nov., 1819; d. 14 Feb., 1861. 

41. IV. Elias^, b. 2 1 Feb., 1785 ; m. Anna Jones. 
V. Abk^aii/', b. I June, 1786; d. 31 Aug., 1786. 

42. VI. Francis*', b. 20 Aug., 1787; m. Susanna Foster. 
\\\. Abigail^, b. 20 May, 1789; d. unm. 13 Dec, 1813. 

VIII. JoHN^, b. 15 May, 1791 ; d. 19 Mar., 1792. 

IX. John*', b. 9 Oct., 1792; m. 10 Apr., 1822, Anna Cook, 
dau. of John and Anna (Beal) Cook, and d. 13 Dec, 1845. She 
d. 27 Aug., 185 I. Child : 

I. Mary A?, b. 12 Oct., 1832; m. II June, 1856, ]V7)i. II. Fmory, b. 
27 Mar., 1821, son of Enos and Ziporah (Hale) Emory; res. Ashburnham. 


Lieut. BENJAMIN LANE^ (John^ Job^, JohnS, Job^), 1754- 
1835, b. Bedford, Mass., 17 Mar., 1754; receiYed from his father, 
John Lane and wife Sarah, Apr. 16, 1775, 108 acres of land in 
AshburnhaiTi, Mass. ; committee of Bedford "to procure beef" levied 
as a tax in the Revolution; "Treasurers Account, Feb. 13, 1778: 
To Benjamin Lane For hiering Soldiers, i — 7 — 4 ;" it is certain 
that he received a pension as a Revolutionary soldier. He re- 
moved to Ashburnham in the spring of 1780, to the premises still 
known as the Benjamin Lane place. 

74 Job Lane and Descendants. 

He paid Jacob Kiblings, 9 pounds, 9 shillings, Nov. 28, 1787, 
for land in Ashburnham, bounded by lands of Benjamin and John 
Lane; paid Caleb Wilder, 12 pounds, Dec. 4, 1787, for 46 3-4 
acres, lot No. 7, Division 2, in Ashburnham; paid his brothers 
and sisters, 28 pounds, Dec. 9, 1787, for quit claim to "one 
moiety of half quantity and quality" of 38 acres in Ashburnham; 
with his brothers and sisters he quit claim to 38 acres in Ashburn- 
ham, in favor of Francis Lane, for 28 pounds, Dec. 29, 1789; 
grantor of estate to J. Lane, Feb. 11, 1791, Apr. 4, 1791; with 
wife Isabel sold Francis Lane, 37 acres in Ashburnham, bounded 
by land of Ziba Lane, May 14, 1791 ; paid John Lane, 24 shillings 
for land in Ashburnham, Mar. 20, 1792; grantor of estate to J. 
Lane, Oct. 31, 1793 ; with wife Isabel sold Josiah Lane, 20 acres 
in Ashburnham, for $200, Apr. 23, 1803. — IVor. Co. Deeds. 

Lt. Lane m. first, 9 Dec, 1779, by Rev. Joseph Penniman, 
ANNA, dau. of Ebenezer PAGE, who d. 4 Sept., 1784 ; m. second, 
26 May, 1786, ISABEL HILL, dau. of Jonathan and Mary 
(Lane"*, Job^, John-, Job^), Hill of Billerica, Mass., who d. i Jan., 
1833. She was in the sixth generation from Ralph Hill, a pioneer 
of Billerica, Mass. Mr. Lane adventurously settled with his young 
bride in Dorchester, Canada, inc. Ashburnham, Mass., in 1765, when 
the Indians had hardly quitted the forest. He took a journey to 
Boston on horseback and returned with a little glass for windows 
and some articles for cooking. His glass windows were among 
the first in town. Being a great reader his mind was treasured 
with a fund of useful information, and a conversation with him on 
historical topics was always interesting. He d. 20 Dec, 1835, ae- 
81 ys., 9 ms., 3 ds. Will, signed April 8, 1834, making bequests 
to children and grandchildren and naming Benjamin Jaquith exe- 
cutor, with inventory of $2,255, Mar. 16, 1836, was presented for 
probate, Apr. 5, 1836. — IVor. Co. IVills. 

Children : 

I. DoLLV^, b. 18 Oct., 1780, d. 20 Jan., 1784. 

43. 11. Josiah^, b. 28 Mar., 1782, m. Nancy Wilder. 

By second marriage : 

\\l. Benjamin^, b. 1786, d. 31 July, 1791. 

Family Twenty-Three. 75 

IV. Isabel^ b. 7 July, 1788, d. 13 Feb., 1825, iinm. 

V. DoLLY^, b. 22 May, 1790, m. 25 July, 1S26, Benjamin- 
Howard of Ashby, Mass., and d. 3 Nov., 1833, leaving: 

I. C/^ar/t'j, res. San Jose, Cal. 2. Dorothy, m. Eben Damon. 3. Lucy, 
m. in Vt. 

VI. Anna'^, b. 29 Apr., 1792, m. 28 June, 181 2, William 
Stearns, had son William, m. and d. in Oregon ; m. second, 
Joseph Ingalls of Keene, N. H., and had 3 sons. 

VII. RoxANNA^, b. 4 Oct., 1793, m. 3 Apr., 1832, John Cook, 
Jr., of Ashburnham, he b. 15 Mar., 1805. She d. 24 Feb., 1834. 
Fourteen years after her death her husband was arrested for her 
murder, but was acquitted. 

One child, Sarah Roxanna, b. 6 Oct., 1833, m. 1 85 1, Jacob Hart of 
Keene, N. H., res. Bellows Falls, Vt. 

44. VIII. Benjamin'', b. 23 June, 1795, m. Abigail Walker. 

IX. LuciNDA*^, b. II Dec, 1797, m. 28 Oct., 1823, John W. 
CuiTiNG of Weston, Mass., and d. 20 Apr., 1854. He was b. 6 
Apr., 1800, and d. 12 Mar., 1873. Children of John W., and 
Lucinda (Lane) Cutting : 

1. John Warren, b. 4 Aug., 1824, m. Susan Ketiiston, lived in Ashby, 
Mass., had ten children and d. 27 Jan., 1892. 

2. Lucinda, b. 15 Apr., 1826, m. I Jan., 1856, Eben Damon, lived in 
Ashby, and had John, m. Elizabeth Jeffs, and Lewis, unm. 

3. Benjamin Lane, b. 13 Jan. ,1828, m. 20 Sept., 1853, Sarah Varney; 
m. second, I Nov., 1870, Laura LLowe. Seven children. 

4. Susan Anna, b. Sept., 1830, m. 15 Sept., 1847, John Parmaleel lived 
in Chicago, 111. Five children. 

5. Eliza, twin, b. 14 June, 1835, m. 17 June, 1856, George Russell, lived 
in Ayer, Mass., and had: I) Georgietta, b. 30 Aug., i860, d. 30 July, 1874. 
2) George C, b. 26 Aug., 1878. 

6. Emily, twin, b. 14 June, 1835, m. 23 Oct., 1859, Oliver N. Kenney, 
lived in Weston, Mass., and had: i) Charles Cutting, b. 29 Dec, i860, m. 
9 Dec, 1885, Clara S. Stimpson and had William Oliver, b. 12 Feb., 1887, 
Elizabeth Cutting, b. 11 Apr., 1889, Frederick Stimpson b. 8 July, 1892, 
Winthrop Warren, b. 4 Jan., 1894. 2 j Ralph, b. 25 June, 1864, m. 8 Mar., 
1891, Lois R. Snare and had Walter, b. 5 Mar., 1891, Carl Elmer, b. 23 Apr., 
1893. 3; George Washington, b. 15 Mar., 1866. 4) Emily, b. 19 July, 
1871, d. 19 Aug., 1871. 5) Emily Lane, b. 26 June, 1872, teacher in Rayn- 
ham, Mass. 6) Oliver Warren, b. 21 Oct., 1878, 

7. Joseph, b. 14 Oct., 1837, m. first, JAzrv A. Wellington, second, 2 Nov.,- 
1870, Sarah E. Allen, lived in Waltham, Mass., and had: l) May Elizabeth, 
b. 13 Dec, 1871, grad. Boston University, 1894. 2) Alice Amelia, b. 7 May, 

76 Job Lane and Descendants. 

1873- 3) Florence Gertrude, b. 9 Apr., 1874. 4j Chester Joseph, b. 29 
Mar., 1883. 

X. Susan^', b. 29 Oct., 1799, m. first, Mar., 1831, Benjamin 
Jaql'ith of Ashby, Mass. ; m. second, Nathaniel Swain, and d. 6 
Oct., 1880. No children. 

XI. Sally^, b. 18 Oct., 1 80 1, m. 28 Dec, 1828, Franklin 
Stearns of Billerica, Mass., son of John and ^^lary (Lane) Stearns 
and brother of Gov. Onslow Stearns of N. H. They settled, 
the 6th generation on the Stearns homestead. She celebrated 
her 90th birthday in good physical and mental strength, re- 
ceiving the congratulations of children, grandchildren and 
numerous friends who called to see her. She rehearsed Indian 
stories told by her mother respecting the scattering Pawtucket 
tribe, who made visits to the Bedford springs near by. These 
keen students of nature had detected the remedial properties 
of the waters, called them "medicine," and brought their sick 
to bathe in them, and took away water in their skin bottles. They 
expressed great indignation that the white people had broken up 
their camping grounds. The venerable lady was remarkably free 
from infirmities, eyes tired, lids heavy but sight perfect, and she 
had cut several teeth of her third set. To the question of age she 
replied, 'T was born in the year one and I have lived long 
enough." Mrs. Stearns was living in Billerica with her son John 
B. in 1894. She had six children. 

I. Susan Isabel^ b. 21 Aug., 1 830, d. July, 1882, unm. 2. Mary yane, 
m. yohn J\eeJ, of Elizabeth, N. J., and d. Oct., 1893. 3. Sarah Olive, d. in 
infancy. 4, Sarah Maria, m. Asa Dunn, of Carlisle, Mass. 5. Lucretia 
Ann, m. John Davis of Carlisle. Ten children. 6. John Billings, b. Mar., 
1843, unm. in Billerica, Mass. 

XII. Melinda^, b. 2 1 May, 1804, m. 29 Nov., 1838, Benjamin, 
son of William Ward of Ashburnham ; he b. i Apr., 1801, d. 16 
Sept., i860. Shed. 25 Feb., 1855. Four children. 

Children of Benjamin and Melinda (Lane) Ward : 

1. Eliot, drowned in pond near his father's house, aged 17 yrs. 

2. Henry, lived in Greely, Col., and in California. Three children. 

3. Edivin, lived in Greely, Col. 

4. Isabel Hill, m. Lemuel IVhiiing of Pawtucket, R. I. Son Arthur b. 

Family Twenty- Four. 77 


ZIBA LANE5 (John^ Job^, John^, Jobi), 1756 , b. Bedford, 

Mass., 5 July, 1756, was in Capt. John Moore's militia company at 
the Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775 : "Ziba Lane travelled 33 
miles, in service 9 days." 

Ziba Lane of Billerica, ^Lass., paid Asa Danforth 120 pounds, 
Apr. 17, 1784, for 160 acres, lots Nos. i and 4, Division 2, in 
Ashburnham. — JVor. Co. Deeds, gi : 4ig. He paid George 
Dana and wife Elizabeth, 120 pounds, Jan. 14, 1786, for 185 
acres, lots No. 4, in Div. 2, and Nos. 50 and 10, in Div. 4, Ash- 
burnham. — gg : ly. His name appears in the settlement of his 
father's estate, 1789. — 114: 80, gi. He was grantor of estate to 
J. Lane, 1791, Feb. 11, and Apr. 4; 1792, Aug. 25. — Mid. Co, 

Ziba Lane of Amherst, N. H., received from Francis and Hep- 
sibah Lane quit claim to 3 lots of land in Ashburnham, for 20 
shillings, Feb. 13, 1792. — Wor. Co. Deeds, 114: §30. He was 
grantor of estate to S. Lane, 1793, Feb. 2, to B. Lane, 1793, Oct. 
31 ; to V;. Goodwin, 1796, Apr. 2. — Mid. Co. Deeds. 

Ziba Lane of Amherst, N. H., gentleman, and wife Lydia Lane, 
sold to Joseph Steele, 3 lots of land, 185 acres in Ashburnham, for 
300 pounds, June 8, 1796. — Wor. Co. Deeds ijy : 334. 

Ziba Lane m. i Apr., 1778, by Rev. Henry Cummings, LYDIA 
DANFORTH of Billerica, Mass. They res. Billerica, Mass., and 
Amherst, N. H. 

Children : 

L Hannah^, b. 25 Nov., 1778. 

H. JosiAH^, b. 28 Sept., 1780, d. 5 Nov., 1780, ae. i mo., 8 ds. 

45. HL ZiBA^, b. 31 Jan., 1782, m. Frances Gordon Dennis. 

46. IV. Francis Bowman^, 24 Sept., 1787, m. Roxinda Par- 


47. V. JoHN^, b. 2 Jan., 1793, m, first, Mrs. Patty Hopkins, 
m. second, Lucy Olmstead. 

VL James^, b. , tailor, Lyons, N. Y., m. Eliza Moss. 

78 Job Lane and Descendants. 


JONATHAN LANE5 (John^, Job^, John^, Jobi), 1 763-1808, 
b. Bedford, Mass., 15 Oct., 1763 ; was grantee of real estate, May 
31, 1790, Apr. 4, 1 791, Aug. 25, 1792, Feb. 22, 1794, and grantor 
Dec. 9, 1789, Dec. 29, 1789, Feb. 11, 1791, Mar. 8, 1791, Oct. 
31, 1793. He m. 2 Feb. 1787, HANNAH LANE^ (SamuelS 
John^-^, Job^). "Their parents being only cousins, they did not 
consider themselves related." — Sarah Maria Fisk. 

Mr. Lane succeeded his father on the homestead and d. 4 Mar., 
1808, ae. 44 years. Mrs. Jonathan Lane and Mrs. Stephen Lane 
purchased Tomb No. 4, built in 1826. She bought one of the 
first chaises in Bedford after the death of her husband ; and the 
first cook-stove was used by her son-in-law, George Fisk. She 
was b. 26 Feb., 1765, and d. 9 Mar., 1848, ae. 83 years. 

Her grandson Samuel Wright Lane wrote in the Lane Family 
Bible : "Note. The Dwelling House in Bedford, Mass., built by 
Mr. John Lane, whose name appears first in these records and 
occupied ever since by his descendants, was totally destroyed by 
fire the first of March, 1847. No lives were lost, but Mrs. Hannah 
Lane, aged 82 years, the widow of Jonathan Lane, was with diffi- 
culty saved. The old family Bible was lost, but a copy of the 
Records had previously been taken by a Grandchild, who now fur- 
nishes this Bible with the family records copied into it, to serve his 
venerable relative in her declining years. 

s. w. L. 

Boston, March 22, 1847." 

Eleven children. Four of the children, Jonathan, Josiah Abbot, 
Hannah and Arinda, all minors above the age of 14 years, were 
placed under the guardianship of Solomon Lane, Apr. 13, 1808, 
who presented his account and was discharged, July 8, 18 15. 

48. L Jonathan^, b. 27 Jan., 1788, m. Ruhamah Page. 

H. Hannah^, b. 11 Oct., 1789, a teacher of "reading, writing, 
spelling, reckoning and sewing;" a fine mantua maker and tailor, 
going to Boston twice a year for the fashions, she fitted the young 
people of the town, at wages of 25 cts. for a day of fifteen hours' 

Family Twenty- Five. 79 

work. She m. 27 Sept., 1838, Elijah Putnam, who was b. 5 Jan., 
1780. She d. 22 Apr., 1874. 

49, III. JosiAH Abboit^, b. 17 Aug., 1791, m. Phebe Spin- 

IV. Arinda^, b. 26 May, 1793; skillful at hand spinning and 
weaving, at wages of a shilling a week, she early purchased for her- 
self a string of gold beads ; an enterprising housekeeper, she was 
among the first in town to use a cook-stove; m. 6 May, 1824, 
George Fiske of Amherst, N. H., remained on the paternal home- 
stead, and d. 24 Jan., 1885. Their children : 

1. George A^ourse, b. 12 May, 1825; was among the "Fortyniners" who 
rank so high with Californians; d. 28 Apr., 1869, ae. 44. 

2. Nathan Lord, b. 9 Oct., 1826; d. 1847. 

3. David Abbot, b. 30 July, 1828; d. 1847. 

4. Ann Eliza, b. 27 Aug., 1830, m. Charles IVm. Dodge of Amherst, N. 
H., and had : 

1) Died young. 2) Died young. 

3) Fannie Arinda, b. 12 ^Iay, 1857, m. Harry Gray of Lowell, Mass., and 
had three children. 

4) Antonette Fiske, b. 15 Dec, 1864. 

5. Sarah Maria, b. 28 Nov., 1832, res. Lowell, Mass.; mind full of 
family traditions and memories of childhood, when troops of Lane children 
were tutored in the old red school house. 

6. Jonathan Lane, b. 8 Nov., 1 834, with two good sized teeth which he 
retained until nine years old and was told they were a sign he would go to 
war; enlisted for three years. May, 1861, in 7th Mass. Light Battery, and d. 
at Suffolk, Va., 19 Dec, 1862. 

V. Rollin^', b. 3 Apr., 1795, d. 9 Jan., 1800, ae. 4 yrs., 9 ms. 

VL Sarah^, b. I May, 1797, m. 15 May, 181 7, Ebenezer Hay- 
ward of Acton. 
Children : 
I. Hannah Elvira, b. 26 Mar., 1818, m. A. Peabody Morse, and had: 

i) Elvin Peabody, b. 29 Dec, 1837, d. before 1865. 

2) Garafelia ^L, b. I Nov., 1843, m. John Dawson. 

Eben Abbot, b. Apr., 182 1. 

Sarah E., b. May, 1823, d. 3 Mar., 1824. 

Sarah E.,\). 21 Mar., 1 825, d. 28 Mar., 1825. 

Sarah C, b. 3 Aug., 1827, m. IVingate. 

Ebenezer S., b. Aug., 1829, m. Amelia 

Timothy A., b. 15 July, 1831, d. July, 1831. 
Maria L., b. 3 Feb., 1833, m. Bedell Bangs. 

9. Elizabeth Lane, b. 22 Feb., 1835, m. Van Llorn. 

10. Esther Mercy Ann, b, 18 Apr., 1 837, m. Wilcox. 

11. Susan Augusta, b. 31 Oct., 1840, m. LLodkins. 


Job Lane and Descendants. 

VII. Elizabeth^, b. 13 June, 1799, d. 15 Jan., 1800, ae. 7 ms. 

VIII. Myra^', b. 24 Nov., 1800, d. 2 May, 1801, ae. 5 ms. 

50. IX. George^, b. 8 May, 1802, m. first, Lucy M. Dunn ; 
second, Sarah H. Berry. 

51. X. Charles^, b. 14 Aug., 1804, m. first, Sarah B. 
Wheeler ; second, Elizabeth Carlton. 

52. XI. John Samuel^, b. 15 Jan., 1808, m. Sally ^Ann Ver- 


STEPHEN LANE5 (Timothy-i, Job3, John'^ Job^) 1755-1827, 
was b. in Bedford, Mass., 20 Aug., 1755, lived at Sunny Side, a 
homestead taken from the Fitch land. 

Return of Capt. John Moore's militia company, Bedford, Apr. 3, 
1776, of soldiers in the Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775 : "Stephen 
Lane, travelled t,;^ miles, in service 7 days." 

He was grantee in transfer of real estate, Feb. 2, 1793, and Mar. 
I, 1794 ; grantor to S. Lane, Sept. 4, 1795, ^^ ^- Lassett, Apr. 2, 
1796. He paid Francis Lane $500, Dec. 3, 1796, for land in 
Ashburnham, Mass. — Worcester Co. Deeds. 

Pastor's Tithing, Mem. by Rev. Samuel Stearns: ''1798, April 
to June. Stephen Lane, leg of pork." 

Some Lanes who were pew owners in the second and third 
houses of worship, Bedford. The sum paid was for one or more 
pews : 

OlV^ pilVll l^clllV^, LfdlVl 


Job Lane, 


Jonathan Lane, 


Solomon Lane, 


David Lane, 


Roger Lane, 


Eliab B. Lane, 


Mr. Lane m. i ^L\y, 1806, by Rev. Samuel Stearns, ALICE 
ABBOri', wid. of Moses Abbott, Jr., nee Stearns^ (Edward^, 

Family Tweniv- Seven, 81 

John-^-3-2, Isaac^). Her father, Lieut. Edward Steams'*, b. 9 May, 
1726, m. 9 May, 1755, Lucy, dau. of Thomas Wyman and Rachael 
(Crosby) wid. of Samuel Stearns. He d. 1 1 June, 1793; she d. 
28 Nov., 1802. The Lieut. Edward Stearns homestead and mill 
yard were set off to Bedford in 1766, and he was the head of the 
family in Bedford. At an early hour of Apr. 19, 1775, he awoke 
his family, announced that the British were coming, joined, with his 
eldest son Solomon, the Bedford company of militia and was soon 
at Concord, and in authority the latter part of the day after the 
death of Capt. Jonathan Wilson. Father and son reported at 
Cambridge on the following day ; the former returned to his family, 
the latter remained on duty, sickened and d. 18 May, 1775. The 
Rev. Samuel Stearns, who performed the marriage ceremony, was 
cousin to Mrs. Lane. 

Mr. Lane's will, dated May 3, 1S27, presented for probate, 
June 5, 1827, named w^ife AUice, dau. Lydia Harriet Hayward, 
nephew Elijah Putnam, friend Sally Goodwin, Moses Abbot, grand- 
son to my wife, Oliver Reed Abbot, my son-in-law, who was ap- 
pointed sole executor. Inventory, $1,480.00; return made Sept. 
2, 1828. 

Mrs. Stephen Lane and Mrs. Jonathan Lane built tomb No. 4, 
in Bedford, 1826. Their daughter: 

L LvDiA Harriet^, b. Bedford, 26 Mar., 1808, inherited the 
homestead and m. 26 Apr., 1827, Capt. John White Hayward- 
(Martha^, Paul\ Dea. Samuel"*, Simeon-', Joseph-, George'). He 
was b. II July, 1804, was commissioned as captain of Lexington 
artillery company, was often in town and parish office, Bedford, and 
d. in 1866. She d. 25 Dec, 1884. Children: 

1. ^o/in Augustus, b. 14 Mar., 1828, d. Aug., 1828. 

2. Stephen Lane, b. 26 Oct., 1829. 

3. Harriet Frances, b. 12 May, 183 1. 


GERSHOM FLAGG LAXE^ (John^-3-2, Job^), 1 753-1838, b. 
Bedford, Mass., 30 July, 1753, m. 8. Feb., 1775, LVDL\ THONL\S 

82 Job Lane and Descendants. 

of Rhode Island; she b. Feb., 1757. They resided in Weathers- 
field and Cavendish, Vt., and in Springville township, Susquehanna 
Co., Pa., where he d. 17 Nov., 183S ; she d. 31 Oct., 1841. 
Children : 

I. Daughter^, d. in infancy. 

53. II. JoHN^, b. 14 Feb., 1776, m. Nancv Geach. 

III. Lvdia'^, b. 6 Sept., 1778, m. Benjamin Farewell of Ver- 

IV. S0PHLA.6, b. 12 Mar., 1780, of a hopeful, jovial disposition, 
kind to the poor, generous to children, loved society, was jealous 
of her rights and in her younger days considered handsome, m. 
Benjamin Blakeslee, who was b. 18 Apr., 1774, a pioneer of 
Dimock, Susq. Co., Pa. Their children : 

1. Amanda^ b. 20 Aug., 1803, m. Pardon Fish, and had: 

i) Benjamin, b. Mar,, 1826, unm. 

2) Hiram, b. 18 Oct., 1828, m. first, Susan Bush, second, her sister, and 
had: Fanny, 1854, Mary, 1856, Webster, 1865, Anna, 1870. 

3) Freeman, b. 25 Dec, 1830, m. Miss Sherman. No children. 

4) Sophia, b. June, 1832. unm. 

5) Miles, b. II Sept., 1834, m. 29 Dec, 1870, Emeline Bolls, and had: 
Oscar, b. 2 Mar., 1872. Nellie E., b. 9 May, 1880. 

2. Ltike, b. 4 May, 1805, m. Anna Rogers, and had: 

1) Janet, m. and had no children. 

2) Orin, m. Widow McKeeby and had Edward. 

3. Leland, b. 15 June, 1807, m. Mary Potter, and had: 

i) Lewis Raymond, no children. 

2) Joseph G., d. single. 

3) Charles D., unm. 

4. George, b. 18 Jan., iSio, m. first, Louisa Thayer, second, Delight West, 
and had : 

i) Louisa, d. in childhood. 

2) Amanda, m. Charles Bunnell. 

3) Louisa, m. Hiram Terry. 

4) Benjamin F., m. 

5) Orlando F., m. Mary Tyler; four children, 

5. Hiram, b, 12 Feb,, 1812, m. Amanda, dau, of Cyrus Whipple of 
Bridgewater, Pa,, and had: 

i) Catheline, m, D, C. Ainey, and had: W, B, D,, Esq,, and Charles, 
2) Elbert L,, b, 25 May, 1843, Elbert L, Blakeslee was b, in Dimock, 
Pa., 25 May, 1843, studied at Harford and Montrose academies. Pa,, enlisted 
in Co. H., 4th Penn. Reserves, in 1861, graduated medical department Michi- 
gan University, at .^nn Arbor, 1865, practised medicine at Brooklyn, Pa., 
three years, studied law at Mich, University and was admitted to the bar in 

Family Twenty- Seven. 83 

1869, and became junior member of the law firm of Little & Blakeslee, Mont- 
rose, Pa. Dr. Blakeslee was a remarkably able, impressive and eloquent 
pleader in the courts of Susq. Co., and died suddenly of heart disease, May, 
1893, leaving a widow, m. n. Mary Litter, and one son, Elbert. 

3) Riley, m. Miss Risley, and had son. 

4) Florella, unm. 

6. Lydia, b. i6 May, 1814, m. Pardon Fish, his second wife, and had: 

1) Wallace, b. 1836, m. Widow Beach. 

2) Laura, b. 1845. 3) Ira, b. i Nov., 1848. 4) Alfred, b. Feb., 1850. 
5) Herbert, b. i Apr., 1855. 

7. Lyman, b. i8 May, i8i6, m. Lydia Kasson, and had: 

i) Ida, m. John Tiffany. 2) Edith, m. James Jeffers. 3) Lillian, m. 
Thomas C. Allen. 

8. Rachel, b. 26 May, 1818, m. Albert Potter, and had: 
i) Albert. 2) Delphina. 

9. William Riley, b. 20 Sept., 1822, a physician in Coatesville, Chester 
Co., Pa. 

V. Gershom'', b. 6 >Lir., 1782, m. in Vermont. 

VI. Hannah^, b. 7 Apr., 1784, a strong mindeci, practical 
woman, member of the Baptist church, m. first, Abijah Gkegorv, 
second. Ami Moit. Xo children. 

54. W\. George Washington^', b. 29 Sept., 1786, m. Salue 
OsTERHAUT and Olive Newton. 

VIIL Patty or Martha^, b. 16 Sept., 1788, m. Mr. Worcester, 
lived in Wisconsin. Their children : 

I. Wesley. 2. William. 3. Seneca, m. his cousin Elizabeth, dau. of 
Leland Lane. 4. Elizabeth, m. Blacktnan. 

IX. Clarissa^, b. 9 Feb., 1790, m. Aaron Blakeslee, brother 
of Benjamin, who m. Sophia Lane. "She was a dignified, high 
minded and amiable woman, a devoted wife, a loving and judicious 
mother." Their children : 

1. Mariah, b. 9 Feb., 18 1 2, m. Dwight Risley, and had: ' 

i) Alfred, m. Elizabeth Bingham. 
2) Harriet. 3) Olive. 

2. Atigeline, b. ii Mar., 1813, m. Charles Keeney. No children. 

3. Erasmus Darwin, b. 24 June, 1818. 

4. Rev. George Ldarmon, b. 28 Oct., 1819, m. Hester Ann Cargill, and 

i) Rev. Frank Durbin Blakeslee, D. D., principal of East Greenwich 
academy, R. I. 

2) Mary, m. Mr. Stowell. 

84 Job Lane and Descendants. 

3) Helen, m. Prof. Mann of the State Normal school, Potsdam, N. Y. 

4) Emma, m. . 

5) Clara, m. Principal of State Normal school, Potsdam, N. Y. 

5. Elinor, b. 28 Sept., 1822, m. 2 May, 1849, A. D. Woodhouse, and 

i) George Fred, b. 25 Mar., 1855, d. unm. 
2) Eva, b. 31 Jan., i860. 

6. Miranda, b. 3 Nov., 1828, m. Oscar Alarch, and had: 
i) Charles K. 

55. X. Thomas'^, b. 15 Nov., 1792, m. Sarah Harkins. 

XL Abiah^, b. 29 Sept., 1794, m. Thomas Bagley. "She was 
remarkable for her piety and power in reHgious exhortation, being 
able to quote Scripture at will." Their children : 

EtJiily, m. Hiram Baker, and had children, 
James, m. Emeline Saunders, and had several children. 
Hannah M., m. yohn Rozve, and had several children. 
Sarah Martha, m. Thomas Hadsell, and had children. 
Juliette, m. Theophilus Provost, and had children. 
Roxiiia, unm. 

XIL Leland'', b. 26 June, 1799, m. and settled in Kalamazoo, 
Mich. Children : 

1. Elizabeth'' , m. her cousin Seneca Worcester, and lived in Illinois. 

2. James'' , merchant in Detroit, Mich. 

3. Others''. 

XI I L Rev. Freeman^, b. 16 May, i8ot, graduated at Middle- 
bury college, Vt., 1828, and at Andover, Mass., Theological 
seminary, 1833, was ordained Episcopal deacon, Sept. 25, 1833, 
and was rector at Manchester, Vt., at Springfield, Pa., i836-'4o, at 
Troy, Pa., i844-'5o, at Huntington, Pa., 1851, and d. in 1852. 
He m. LvDiA Parker, and had four sons : 

1. Richard'', d. in youth. 

2. Henry'' , res. N. Y. city. 

3. Cornelius'' . 

4. Morris LitteW , of Troy, Penn. 


JOHN STEARNS'^ (IsaacS John'^-2, Isaaci), b. Billerica, Mass., 
18 Sept., 1765, m. 10 Feb., 1801, POLLY LANE^ (SamueH, 
John^*-, Job'); she b. Bedford, Mass., 15 Aug., 1776. Mr. 

Family Twexiv-Xine. 85 

Stearns was a prosperous farmer on the Stearns homestead in 
Billerica. His father Isaac Stearns was a well known and influential 
citizen of Middlesex county, who held various local and state 
ofifices and was for several years a member of the Executive 

Mrs. Stearns d. 30 Nov., 181 5^ ae. 39 years. Her children are 
mentioned in her father's will, Apr. 10, i8i8, of which Mr. 
Stearns was named an executor. 

Their eight children were : 

I. Franklin, b. 25 Jan., 1802, m. Sally Lane^ (Benjamin^, 
John^, Job^ John^ Job'). 

n. Mary, b. 28 Dec, 1803, m. 13 May, 1832, William Whit- 

III. John Owen, b. 3 Aug., 1805, m. Margaret C. Walker ; 
went to Virginia, civil engineer in the construction of the Chesa- 
peake and Ohio canal, contractor in building various railroads in 
Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, director of the New 
Jersey Central railroad. 

IV. Onslow, b. 2 Feb., 1807, d. 23 Feb., 1808. 

V. Eliza Ann, b. 4 Oct., 1808, m. John Dennis Billings. 

VI. Onslow, b. 30 Aug., 18 10. He remained at home attend- 
ing school and academy and farming until 17 years of age. In 1827 
he went to Boston as clerk in the dry goods jobbing house of Howe 
& Holbrook, afterwards J. C. Howe & Co. In 1830, he joined his 
brother, John O. Stearns, in civil engineering and in 1833, in 
constructing railroads in several of the middle states. In 1837, he 
returned to New England and engaged in the building of railroads 
in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. Among the 
positions he filled were superintendent of the Nashua and Lowell 
railroad, 1838, agent of the Northern railroad of N. H., 1845, and 
its president, 1852, until his death, general superintendent of the 
Vermont Central railroad, 1852 to 1855, director of the Nashua 
and Lowell railroad, 1857 to 1875, president of Old Colony and 
Newport railroad, 1866 to 1877, also for a time president of the 
Narragansett Steamship Co., president of the Concord railroad, N. 
H., 1874, until his death. 

86 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Beginning his career at the foundation of railroad construction, 
there was no department in railroad management with the details 
of which Mr. Stearns was not familiar. To the management of the 
various railroads with which he was connected, he brought a more 
thorough equipment than was possessed by any other man in New 
England and one surpassed in completeness by few men in the 
country. He won a reputation for enterprise and shrewdness 
almost unparallelled, and his services were sought beyond the geo- 
graphical limits to which his operations had been confined. 

Nor did railroad interests absorb the whole of his time and at- 
tention. In 1862, he was a member of the N. H. Senate, and in 
1863, its president. In 1864, he was delegate at large from N. 
H., to the Republican National Convention at Baltimore, Md. He 
was nominated, Jan. 7, 1869, and inaugurated, June 3, governor 
of N. H., and also served a second term in 1870. As chief 
magistrate he gave close attention to details, no interest failed to 
receive his careful attention, and his administration was character- 
istically wise, economical and successful. 

Gov. Stearns m. 26 June, 1845, Marv A. Hcjlhrook, dau. of 
Hon. Adin Holbrook of Lowell, Mass. In 1846, he made Concord, 
N. IL, his permanent home, a public spirited, opulent, hospitable 
man. Presidents Grant and Hayes were his guests when visiting 
Concord. Here he d. 29 Dec, 1878, and his widow d. 27 July, 
1895. Their children : 

1. Charles Onsloiv, of the firm of John A. Lowell & Co., Steel Plate En- 
gravers and Printers, 147 Franklin St., Boston, Mass. 

2, Four daughters, 

\\\. Lorenzo, b. 13 May, 1S13, d. at Elizabeth, N. J., 13 May, 

VIII. Barnard, b. 23 Nov., 1815, m. Lavinfa Beatrice Havnes. 
Residence Poughkeepsie, N. V. 


OLIVER WELLINGTON LANE-^ (James4-\ John^, Job'). 
i75i~W93> ""^"^^ t)orn in Bedford, Mass., 27 Oct., 1751, graduated 

Family Thirty. 87 

Harvard College, 1772, received degree of M. A., 1779, a dis- 
tinguished teacher and writing master at West End, Boston, Mass. 
He was named, with his brother James, executor of the will of 
his grandmother, Mary Wellington-Lane, who died 11 Dec, 1783, 
the widow of I)ea. Job Lane-* (John-, Job'). This trust he de- 
clined in a letter of neatest penmanship, directed to the Judge of 

"Hon^ie Oliver Prescoit Esq^ 

Boston, >Lirch 4'*^ 1784. 

I wou'd inform you that my Brother with myself are Executors 
to the Will & Testament of my Grandmother. 

My Situation and Indisposition are such at jjresent as render it 
inconvenient for me to wait on you with him. Reposing Confi- 
dence in vou and trust in him, I shall rest contented with his 
Representation to you, and your Determination. 

I am With Respect, 

Your Hum^. Serv^ 

Oliver Wellington Lane." 
Master Lane's West Boston Writini^ School. 


When President George Washington visited Boston on Saturday, 
Oct. 24, 1789, Master Lane's pupils were paraded in Cornhill, 
now Washington street, to welcome him as the procession passed 
along. They stood in the gutters in front of long rows of men 
whose strength was required to protect them from the crowd on 
the sidewalks. General Washington was mounted on a white 
charger, seated in uniform with characteristic erectness and dignity. 
As he rode along with uncovered head, he inclined his body first 
on one side and then on the other, distinctly bowing. The pupils 
were placed in front of Mr. Jonathan Moore's hardware store op- 
posite Williams Court. I well remember the laugh which our 
salute created when, as the General passed us, we briskly rolled in 
our hands quills with the longest feathers we could find. — Recol- 
lections by Win. H. Sumner. Gen. Reg. 14: 161. 

Item : Mr. Oliver W. Lane, by the liberal subscription of 
patriotic gentlemen, opens a Sunday School in Boston, the middle 

88 Job Lane and Descendants. 

of April, 1 79 1, for ''both sexes under a certain age, whom habits 
of Industry or other causes debar" from instruction on week days." 

Lucius Manlius Sargent was one of Master Lane's pupils in 1793, 
at 7 years of age, and thought him severe. "The master was 
harsh, he did not like him. One mode of his punishment was to 
make a boy stand on a very narrow log with scarcely any foothold, 
with a large chip in his mouth for an example ; yet if any urchin 
lifted up his eyes to look at him, he was condemned to a similar 
punishment." — John H. Sheppard. 

The Rev. John Murray was pastor and Oliver W. Lane was 
deacon of the First Universalist church at the corner of Hanover 
and North Bennet streets, Boston. Mr. Murray ''was installed, 
Oct. 24th, 1793, by Deacon Oliver W. Lane, as the record states, 
'in a very appropriate and affecting manner.' " — Memo7'ial History 
of Boston, J : 48 g. 

Dea. Oliver W. Lane m. in Boston, 23 Oct., 1784, SUSANNA 
NEW^L\N, and d. 3 Nov., 1 793. In the petition for administration 
on his estate, dated Nov. 19, 1793, he is styled "gentleman." The 
estate was settled in Suffolk, Probate Court, No. 20221. He left 
estate on Leverett street, Cushman avenue, Boston, where he re- 
sided, and five acres of land in Bedford, Mass. 

Epitaph in Old Granary Burying Ground. 

"Beneath this spot reposes 

the mortal part of 

Mr. Oliver W. Lane Junr. 

Dea'n of the Universalist Church in Boston, 

Ob't Nov. 3d 1793 aged 42 years, 

in whom was united the real christian, 

the accomplished gentleman and unrivalled preceptor. 

Beside the parent sleeps his son 

John Murray Lane 

Ob't June 20'*^ ^794 aged 14 months. 

The stock and scion sprang from the same root; 

Entwined in Heaven they bear immortal fruit." 

The "Jun"^" in this inscription presents an unaccountable 

Family Thirty. 89 

Children of Oliver ^V. and Susanna X. Lane : 

I. James Bowdoin^, b. 4 Aug., 1785, was clerk and kept the 
books of Levi Lane his stepfather, and d. without issue before 181 7. 

IL Augustus Frederick^, b. 12 Aug., 1787, a baker, m. Nabby 
perhaps Tr^^sk and was living in Boston, 1819. 

in. Thomas Parker'^, b. i July, 1789, a sailmaker, unm., d. 
before 3 June, 1818, apparently. 

IV. ]NLarv Wellington^, twin, b. 30 Mar., 1791, a very fine 
woman among the Universalists ; m. Elijah Clark of Boston, and 
d. in Boston, 29 Apr., 1868. Mr. Clark was b. in 1781, and d. 12 
Nov., 1845. ^y ^ previous m. with Cynthia Smith, he had : 

1. Elijah, signed account of adm. on his father's estate, 1848, and d. 
leaving a widow. 

2. Nancy J\., m. Thomas A. Taylor, prior to 1849. 

3. Liitv F., m. George IV. Pickering of Bangor, Me., certainly before 

4. Cynthia C, b. I Sept., iSlo, m. 30 Sept., 1830, li^ashington Jefferson 
Lane^, (Ebenezer'', Samuel*, James^, John-, Job'). Five children. 

Mr. Clark, by wife -\Lary \V., had : 

1. James Frederic, d. unm. 1 88 1. 

2. Siisan, d. an infant. 

3. George, d. in infancy. 

4. Alfred Pickering, m. Joanna Chaplin Houghton, and had: 

i) Alice Sargent. 2) Arthur Wellington, M. D., of West Chester Park, 
Boston. 3) Alfred Houghton. 

5. Mary A. B., m. William F. Nichols of Boston, who d. i May, 1892, 
and had : 

i) Mary, m. George Chickering of Boston, the pianoforte manufacturer 
whose character has been described to be like his instruments, "square, up- 
right and grand." 2) Francis W., m. Isadore Evans, of the U. S. Navy. 3) 
James Alfred, m. Caroline Daniell, and had son, William. 

V. Susan Newman^, twin, b. 30 Mar., 1791, m. Samuel Buffum 
of Cambridge, Mass., who lived in Salem and d. a widower, 15 
Mar., 1 86 1. She d. between 1842 and 1855. Their children 
were : 

1. James L., of Cambridge, paper hanger, m. Lucy H., between 22 Sept., 
1852, and 7 Nov., 1854. 

2. Joshua, of Salem, Mass. 

3. William H., of Cambridge. 

4. Charles E., of Randolph, Mass. 

5. Sarah L., m. Ebenezer Noyes of Saugus, Mass., who d. previous to 

6. Emily, m. Charles Safford of Portland, Me., who d. prior to 1861. 

7. Mary Jane, m. Isaac Read of Randolph, who was living in 1861. 

90 Job Lane and Descendants. 

VI. John Murray*', b. 29 Apr., 1793, d. 20 June, 1794. 

Mrs. SUSANNA (Newman) LANE m. second, his second 
wife, LEVI LANE, Esq.-'', of Boston, (Josiah"^, James^, John^, 
James^), and survived his death. Her estate was settled in Suffolk 
Probate Court, 1842. Her heirs appear to have been Mary W. 
Clark, Susan N. Buffum and Hannah (Lane) Braynard. Children : 

L Hannah''^, b. 28 Apr., 1796, m. Selden Braynard. 

n. John'', b. 28 Dec, 1797, d. unm. 

HL Harriet^, b. 29 Apr., 1799, d. of consumption, ae. about 
20 years. 

IV. FR-4NCIS'', b. 5 Dec, 1800, d. unm. 


SOLOMON LANE^ (James^-^ John^, Job^), 1756-1837, b. 
Bedford, Mass., 7 Aug., 1756. He was returned with Capt. John 
Moore's Bedford Mihtia Co., Apr. 3, 1776, of soldiers, who were 
at Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775 : 

''Solomon Lane travelled t,t^ miles, in service 12 days." He was 
also orderly sergeant in the Continental army. 

He said of Jonathan \\'ilson, who was captain of Bedford 
Minute Men, and was killed, Apr. 19, 1775 : "Capt. Wilson was 
a fine officer. I well remember him as he looked that morning. 
He drew his men up in front of the old Fitch tavern and said, 
'Come, boys, we'll take a little something, and we'll have every dog 
of the enemy before night.' He was as lively as a bird ; but he 
never came home till they brought him home." 

The flintlock musket Mr. Lane carried in the Concord Fight 
was exhibited among the army relics at the sesqui-centennial of 
Bedford, in 1879. 

Solomon Lane settled on a part of the homestead in Bedford, 
where he was much in town business and is said to have had the 
Family Coat of Arms. He was grantee in the transfer of real 
estate, Apr. 5, 1781, Dec. 31, 1785, Feb. 3, 1790, Mar. 8, 1791, 
Oct. 4, 1794, Feb. I, 1799. 

Family Thirty-One. 01 

The Pastor's Tithing, Mem. of Rcy. Samuel Stearns : 

"June I, 1797, Mr. Solomon Lane, i spare rib of pork. 

June 5, 1797, Mr. Lane. 3 codfish. 

June 23, 1797, Mrs. Lane, i lb. butter. 

From September to Thanksgiving, Solomon Lane, i lb. butter." 

His bass voice, loud enough to make the summers start in the 
oaken ceiHng of the church, would join with the tenor of his 
minister, Rev. Samuel Stearns, if perchance the choir were absent. 
He was "Uncle Solomon" to all the Bedford folks, in his old age — 
a man of rare excellencies, some roughness and no show, who 
carried under his farmer's coat a heart as gentle as a woman's." — 
Jonathan F. Stearns, D. D. 

Solomon Lane m. 29 May, 1781, by Rev. Josiah Stearns of 
Epping, N. IL, SARAH, dau. of Rev. Josiah and Sarah (Abbott) 
STEARNS-^ (John^-^-S Isaac'). Her father, the Rev. Josiah 
Stearns, was b. in Billerica, Mass., 20 Jan., 173 1-2, a graduate of 
ILirvard College, 175 i, pastor at Epping, N. H., Mar. 8, 1758, his 
pastorate and life terminating, 25 July, 1788. Tall in person, 
cultured in mind, devout and tender in spirit, he was no ordinary 
man. He was an unwavering friend of libertv. He sent his sons 
into the field and made large pecuniary sacrifices for the American 
cause. As he reached home from a State convention in Exeter, 
1775, he called his children together, told them that he had 
pledged himself for freedom against rule and tyranny, and added, 
*Tf the cause prevail, it will be a great blessing to the country, but 
if it should fail, your poor old father's head will soon be a button 
for a hatter." 

The Rev. Samuel Stearns, b. Epping, N. H., 8 Apr., 1770, 
graduated Phillips Exeter academy and Harvard college, 1794, the 
fourth minister of Bedford, Mass., Apr. 27, 1796, to his death, 26 
Dec, 1834, was a brother of Mrs. Lane. 

Mr. Lane's will, signed Mar. 9, 1826, was presented for probate, 
Apr. II, 1837, son Oliver Wellington Lane executor. It gave 
bequests to daus., Anna Parkhurst and Sally Lane, to daughter-in- 
law, Amelia Lane, to grandchildren, Samuel Stearns Button, Laura 
Ann Dutton, Susanna Elizabeth Parkhurst, and Sarah Elizabeth 

92 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Lane, to Rev. Samuel Stearns, and to son, Oliver Wellington Lane. 
Mr. Solomon Lane died i Feb., 1837, ae. 80 years. 

"Ah! warm affection cannot save 
P'rom pain and sickness and the grave; 
But power divine our soul shall raise, 
In endless life, God's love to praise." 

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Solomon Lane, died 13 Aug., 1825, ae. 
69 years. 

"Draw near my friends and take a thought, 
How soon the grave must be your lot; 
Make sure of Christ while life remain, 
And death shall be your eternal gain." 
Children : 

L Anna^, b. 19 Aug., 1782, m. first, 28 Nov., 1805, Samuel 
Button of Ashby, Mass., and had : 

I. Samuel Stearns. 2. Solomon Lane. 3. Laura Ann, m. Varnum 

Mrs. Dutton m. second, Samuel Parkhurst. 

IL Josiah^, b. 9 July, 1785, d. 8 Apr., 1787, ae. i yr., 9 ms. 

IIL Josiah Stearns*^, b. 11 Nov., 1787, m. 11 Feb., 1813, by 

Rev. Samuel Stearns, Amell\, dau. of Oliver Gragg of Groton, 

Mass., and d. 21 Sept., 1815, ae. 28. They had only: 

I. Josiah Steams'^, b. 24 Dec, 1813, d. the day following his father's 
death, 22 Sept., 1815, ae. I yr., 9 ms. 

"They've fought the fight, their race is run. 
Their joys in heaven are now begun; 
Their tears are gone, their sorrows flee, 
No more afflicted now like me." 

IV. Sallv^, b. 30 Apr., 1789, unm., d. 7 Nov., 1854, ae. 65 

V. Enoch^, b. 7 Feb., 1793; d. 11 Oct., 1799, ae. 6 ys., 8 ms. 

56. ^T. Oliver Welllvgton^, b. 16 June, 1794, m. Cath- 
erine Walton and Harriet Blinn. 

Vn. Abigail French^, b. 23 Mar., 1799, d. 17 July, 1800, ae. i 
yr., 4 ms. 

Vin. Daniel^, b. 5 Nov., 1800, d. 3 Oct., 1803, ae. 2 ys., 11 ms. 

Family Thirty-Two. 93 


DAVID LANE-^ (James^-3, John-, JobO, 1 759-1842, was b. in 
Bedford, Mass., 11 Mar., 1759. 

Return of Capt. John Moore's militia company Apr. 3, 1776, of 
soldiers in the Concord Fight, Apr. 19, 1775 : "Fifer DaYid Lane, 
travelled ;^;^ miles, in service 11 days." 

He lived on a part of the homestead in Bedford and m. first, 1 1 
Oct., 1 781, by Rev. Joseph Penniman, MOLLY LANE^ (Job''-^ 
John-, Job'), who d. 12 Dec, 1820. 

Epitaph : 

"Farewell my friends, I sleep in dust, 
Till the last trump awakes the just; 
Therefore retire and cease your tears, 
Prepare to meet when Christ appears." 

— Tombstone. 

He m. second, by Rev. Samuel Stearns, 30 Apr., 1822, PHEBE 
LANE^ (SamueH, john^-'^, Job'), who d. 8 July, 1838, ae. 65 years. 
David Lane d. 10 Sept., 1842, re. 83 years. 

Children : 

L MoLLY<^, b. 23 Apr., 1782, m. 1 1 Mar., 1802, Thaddeus Wil- 
son*^ (James^-^*, Francis^, John--i) ; he b. 16 Nov., 1778. 

n. Susanna^ b. 14 Oct., 1785, m. 28 Nov., 1805, Samuel 
Hastings of Waltham, Mass. 

HL JoB«, b. 3 Apr., 1789, d. 15 Nov., 1814, se. 25 ys., 7 ms. 

IV. Amhtai Bacon^, b. 26 July, 1793, m. Mr. Hill and d. 13 
Sept., 1842. 

57. V. David^, b. 15 July, 1799, m. Betsey B. Simonds. 

VI. James^ b. 15 July, 1799, d. 17 Dec, 1859, ae. 60 years. 
Property was put in trust for the two brothers, "James the feeble 
minded and David the thirsty." 

VII. Sylvania^, b. 17 Sept., 1801, m. Benjamin Bacon, 3d*^, 
(Benj.'-6-5-4^ MichaeP-2-i) ; he b. Bedford, 13 Jan., 1801, and d. 
1888. They had: 

1. Martha Sylvania, b. 31 July, 1822; then moved from town. 

94 Job Lane and Descendants. 


JONAS LANE, Esq.-^ (Samuel^ James^ John^, Jobi), 1761- 
1848, was b. in Bedford, Mass., 10 May, 1761. Was educated in 
the common schools; from 15 to 21 years of age was apprenticed 
to the boot and shoe trade with David Abbot in Billerica, Mass. ; in 
1782, shipped in the privateer Marquis LaFayette, under Capt. 
John Buffington of Salem, Mass., and afterwards went in a mer- 
chant vessel with Letters of Marque, spending 4 months in Nantes, 
France, till peace was declared. In July, 1783, he located in 
Lancaster, Mass., where he purchased the Phelps estate, June 22, 
1785. His shop, stock and accounts were burned, July 14, 1786. 
The same year he aided in suppressing Shay's Insurrection, as ser- 
geant under Capt. Beaman, Col. Stevens and Gen. Lincoln, march- 
ing all night from Old Hadley to Petersham, where Shay's party 
was routed and broken up. He rebuilt his house and moved into 
it, Oct. 30, 1788. He held a commission in the militia 15 years, 
last as colonel; assessor 15 years, selectman 5 years, representa- 
tive 6 years, justice of the peace 20 years, deacon of the First 
Church, Lancaster, 30 years. His name appears in Worcester Co. 
Records as a party in the transfer of real estate, June 22, 1785, 
June 2, Oct. 12, 1786, Nov. 18, Dec. 10, 181 2, Apr. i, 1827, 
May 5, 1829, Jan. 24, 1833. He erected monuments in Bedford, 
Mass., in 1804, to his parents and sister Rebecca. His will signed 
Dec. 17, 1833, Anthony Lane sole executor, codicil dated Jan. 15, 
1845, Jonas H. Lane joint executor, presented for probate, July 4, 
1848, . . . "My executors to retain the Family Tomb for the use 
of the family and on no terms or conditions to dispose of the same." 

Deacon Lane d. of old age, 6 June, 1848, ae. 87 ys., 7 ds., 
"having a good hope, through faith in Jesus Christ, of the resur- 
rection to eternal life." Rev, Ceo. M. Bartol offered prayer at 
the funeral and his remains were placed in the family tomb he had 
built at Lancaster. 

He m. first, by Rev. Timothy Harrington, 5 Oct., 1788, DOLLY 
BULLARD, who was b. 26 Aug., 1767, and d. of consumption, 26 
Feb., 1795, cX. 27 ys., 6 ms., dau. of Josiah and Sally (Carter) 
Bullard of Lancaster. He m. second, by Rev. Francis Gardner, 


Family Thirty-Three. 95 

20 Apr., 1796, EUNICE KENDALL, of Leominster, Mass., who 
was b. 20 Apr., 1766, and d. of consumption, 2 Aug., 1807, se. 
41 ys., 3 ms., 13 ds., dau. of Jonas'* and Elizabeth (Bennett) Ken- 
dall (Samuel'^, Thomas"-^, Francis'). He m. third, by Rev. Nath- 
aniel Thayer, 30 July, 1809, SALLY HAWKS, who was b. 10 
Oct., 1778, and d. of fever, 12 Mar., 1813, ae. 34 ys., 5 ms., 2 ds., 
dau. of John and Hannah Hawks of Lancaster. He m. fourth, by 
Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, D. D., 5 Mar., 1828, LVDL\ WAITE, b. 
Maiden, Mass., 2 Mar., 1777, and d. 24 Feb., 1862, ae. 85 ys., 11 
ms., 22 ds., dau. of David and Rebecca (Wood) Waite, who had 
fled to Maiden when Charlestown, ^Lass., was burned. Mar. 2, 1777. 
The will of Lydia (Waite) Lane, signed Nov. 5, 1861, and 
presented for probate, Apr. 4, 1862, besides personal legacies 
bequeathed "to the Ladies' Society of which I am a member in 
Lancaster $500; if the said Society shall be given up, it is to be 
added to the fund for poor widows in said Lancaster, the interest 
only to be used annually; to the Mass. Bible Society 1^700; 
Anthony Lane residuary legatee and executor." 

Children : 

L JoNAS*^, b. 22 Dec, 1789, d. of dysentery, 5 Sept., 1791, se. 
I yr., 8 ms., 14 ds. 

H. JoNAS^, b. 21 Oct., 1 791, d. 29 Aug., 1797, ce. 5 ys., 10 ms., 
8 ds. 

58. HL Anthony^, b. 28 Sept., 1793, m. ^L.vRv Miles White 
and Abigail R. Carter. 

By second marriage : 

IV. Dolly Ballard^, b. 25 Jan., 1797, d. 10 Mar., 1798, ae. i 
yr., I mo., 13 ds. 

59. V. Jonas Hexry^, b. midnight, 27, 28 Jan., 1800, m. 
Frances A. Brown. 

VI. Mary Ann^, b. 9 Aug., 1802, d. of dysentery, 23 Sept., 
1805, ae. 3 ys., i mo., 14 ds. 

VII. Elizabeth^, b. i July, 1805, d. of dysentery, 13 Sept., 1805, 
ae. 2 ms., 13 ds. 

VII I. SoN^, b. 17 July, 1807, d. same day. 

96 Job Lane and Descent)ants. 

By third marriage : 

IX. Sarah Ann^, b. 14 Sept., 1810, d. of general debility, i 
Oct., 1862, ae. 52 ys., 17 ds. "The church, Sunday school. Benevo- 
lent and Social circles, all felt her worth — a bright pattern of the 
Christian life, whom to know was to honor, whom to miss was to 

X. Mary Hawks Kendall Ballard^, b. i Mar., 1813, d. of dys- 
entery, 30 July, 1 8 13, ae. 5 ms. 


EPHRAIM LANE-^ (SamueH, James^ John^, Job^), 1767- 
1837, was b. in Bedford, Mass., 22 Mar., 1767. Soon after his 
majority he wended his way on foot, with a pack on his back, to 
Walpole, N. H., and stopped over night at the tavern of Alexander 
Watkins. About 1790 he purchased the property afterwards known 
as the "Lane Mills." In the business of milling he accumulated 
the nucleus of his subsequent gains. His education was necessarily 
limited, but "he early learned that one hundred cents make a dol- 
lar, which many of our college educated young men learn too late, 
if at all." By industry, frugality and careful loans he became the 
monied man in town and brought up a family of nine children. 

Mr. Lane m. in 1793, ELIZABETH DANFORTH ABBOTT-'^ 
(Solomon^*, David-"^, Benjamin-, George', of Andover, Mass.), she b. 
Dracut, Mass., 12 Oct., 1769, "an highly estimable woman possess- 
ing all the womanly virtues." In girlhood she worked out at twenty- 
five cents a week and was paid in flax, which she spun into fine 
thread and sold to the gentry to be wrought into lawns. Thus she 
procured money to purchase her scanty wardrobe. Schooled from 
childhood to prudence and economy, she was ever ready to help 
the needy and destitute. Their seven girls, with only common 
school advantages, made model housewives, and six of them good 

Mr. Lane d. of cholera morbus, 15 Aug., 1837, ae. 70 ys., 4 ms., 
24 ds. Mrs. Lane d. of catarrh, 5 July, 1857, ae. 86 vs., 8 ms., 
23 ds. 





























Family Thiriv-Four. 97 

Children : 

I. Rebecca*^, b. 7 Apr., 1794, m. 15 Mar., 181 5, David Pulsi- 
FER, Jr., of Rockingham, Vt., and d. of heart disease, 5 Feb., 1847, 
ae. 53 years. He was b. 6 Dec, 1791, and d. 14 Dec, 1865. 
Their children : 

1. Elvira, b. 7 Mar., 1816, m. 18 Jan., 1843, William Hooper of Walpole, 
and had : 

1) Frank William, b. 1 1 Feb., 1851. 

2) George Dana, b. 4 Sept., 1859, m. 31 Dec, 1871, Eliza W. Duncan. 

2. Lewis, b. 9 Apr., 181 7, d. 21 June, 1825. 

3. Dana, b. 9 Sept., 1818. 

4. Mary, b. 30 Apr., 1820, d. 15 July, 1821. 

5. Mary, b. 1 3 Nov., 1821, d. 24 Sept., 1822. 

6. Sophia, b. 18 Feb., 1823. 

7. George, b. 9 July, 1 824, d. 21 Oct., 1S54. 

8. Elizabeth, b. 26 July, 1826, m. 2 June, 1847, Robert If. ll'illey, and d. 
29 Nov., 1873, X. 47 years. 

9. Le-iVis, b. 5 Oct., 1828, d. 10 Nov., 1875. 

11. Susan**, b. i Oct., 1796, m. 29 Jan., 1820, F^i.i.^s Pulsifer, 
brother of David, and d. of old age, at Saxton's River, Vt., 7 June, 
1880, ?e. 83 years. He was b. 20 June, 1794, and d. 23 June, 
1858. Their children : 

1. George Franklin, b. II Aug., 1821, d. I Oct., 1821. 

2. Martha Adaline, b. 9 Apr., 1823, m. 6 Sept., 1842, Othniel Edson, 
and d. 28 May, 1859. 

3. Ira Allen, b. lO Feb., 1826, ni. 4 Dec, 1861, Ruth Brown Pollard, 
and d. 19 Nov., 1865. 

HI. Betsey*^, b. 25 Jan., 1799, m. 31 Dec, 1833, Horace 
Reynolds of Putney, \'t., had son and daughter, and d. of general 

IV. Mary*\ b. 3 Sept., 1 80 1, m. 19 Jan., 1826, James Hooper, 
Jr., a thriving farmer in Walpole for more than forty years, and re- 
moved to Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 1, 1870. He was b. 31 Aug., 
1803, and d. 31 Dec, 1877, ?e. 74 ys., 4 ms., son of James and 
Eleanor (Wellington) Hooper. Mrs. Hooper in 1893 furnished 
many items for this family history. Their children : 

1. Liuretia Sophia, b. 12 Oct., 1 829. 

2. ll'arren Lane, b. 1 1 Dec, 1832, a successful merchant in Boston. 

3. Isabella Altnira, b. 24 July, 1836, m. Jonas LLenry Lane~' (Jonas H.*, 
Jonas', SamueP, James**, John*, James'). 

60. V. George^, b. 25 Nov., 1803, m. Sarah A. Dunshee and 
Elizabeth Bailey. 

98 Job Lane and Descendants. 

VI. Phebe^, b. 25 Jan., 1806, m. 3 Mar., 1829, Chester Wier, 
Jr., of Walpole, and d. of cholera morbus, 24 Sept., 1880, ae. 74 
years. He d. 22 Jan., 1837, ae. ^^ years. Four children : 

1. ytdia Elizabeth, b. 19 Nov., 1829, m. 9 Mar., 1 85 1, Thomas Seaver, 
and d. 19 Aug., 1878, x. 47 ys., 9 ms. 

2. Flora Sophia, b. 7 Mar., 1832, d. 25 May, 1838, ce. 6 vs., 2 ms. 

3. Henry Lane, b. 19 Apr., 1834, m. , and d. 30 Aug., 1874, re, 40 

ys., 4 ms. 

4. George Chester, b. 15 July, 1836, d. 1 1 Mar., 1838. 

VII. Sophia^, b. 10 July, 1808, m. 31 Mar., 1835, Oliver 
Huntington of Walpole, and d. 25 Jan., 1857. He was a farmer, 
b. 25 Oct., 1794. Children, two daus. were mutes and m. mutes: 

1. Edward Lane, b. 23 Oct., 1838, d. a soldier in the Civil War at Osh- 
kosh, Wis., 8 Oct., 1862. 

2. Sophia Mary, b. 17 Mar., 1842, m, 18 Mar., 1868, James Kine of 
Waterbury, Conn. 

3. Abnira Susan, b. 28 Dec, 1844, m. 1 1 Nov., 1867, Frank Worcester 
of Lowell, Mass. 

4. Abby Rebecca, b. 7 Apr., 1850. 

VIII. Almira^, b. 8 Jan., 181 1, m. 23 May, 1839, Charles 
Hooper of Walpole, and d. i8 Jan., 1891. He was b. 16 Dec, 
1809, a brother of James, Jr., extensively engaged in general farm- 
ing and sheep-husbandry, accumulating large gains a.nd meeting 
with heavy losses. No children. 

IX. Lewis^, b. 22 Apr., 181 3, m. 27 Oct., 1841, Mary P., dau. 
of EHsha and Sally (Russell) Angier, lived at Walpole, and d. of 
paralysis at Keene, N. H., 17 Mar., 1886, ae. 72 ys., 10 ms., 26 ds. 
Two sons resided in Keene : 

1. Warren LLooper'' , b. 23 Feb., 1854. 

2. Abbott Angier'' , b. 29 Oct., 1857. 


EBENEZER LANE^^ (SamueH, James^ John^ Job^), 1771- 
1846, b. Bedford, Mass., 14 May, 1771, m. first, in Boston, by 
Rev. John Murray, 21 May, 1797, HANNAH CUNNINGHAM. 
She was b. Balltown, Me., 19 Aug., 1771, dau. of James and Mary 
(Mackintire) Cunningham. They resided in Boston and West 
Cambridge, now Arlington, Mass. She d. of consum])tion, 21 

Family Thirty- Five. 99 

Nov., 1 812, ae. 41 yrs., 3 ms., 2 ds. He m. second, 30 Aug., 
1 815, Widow SALLY WESTON of Boston, who d. of cancer, 28 
Oct., 1842, ae. 72 ys., 7 ms., 9 ds. He was a card maker and d. 
in New York city of marasmus, 14 Feb., 1746, ae. 75 yrs., and was 
placed in the family tomb at Arlington. 

Ebenezer Lane thus characterized the Lanes : 

"They have always been remarkable for their industrious habits 
and high moral character. Although few of them anywhere have 
attained to what the world calls greatness, the most of them have 
held a highly respectable rank among their fellows. I have never 
known one of them or their descendants to be arraigned or im- 
prisoned for a violation criminal of the laws of the land." 

Children : 

L ^LAKv''', b. Boston, 22 ^Llr., 1778, m. in New York city by 
Rev. Edward Mitchell, iS Mar., 1S19, Abraham Wandle Cooper; 
he b. Tappan, N. \'., 25 July, 1794, and d. 14 Apr., 1842, ae. 47 
ys., 8 ms., 19 ds. She d. 11 Nov., 1884. Their children born 
in New York city : 


Miiria, b. 26 Feb., 1820. 

2. Ebenezer Lane, b. 9 Nov., 1S21. 

3. Lticreiia, b, 24 Nov., 1823. 

4. IVashington Lafayette, b. 2 FcIk, 1 826, d. 13 May, 1826. 

5. Washington Lajayette, b. 3 June, 1 829, d. 21 Aug., 1 83 1. 

6. LLannah Eliza, b. 22 Mar., 1830, d. 17 Sept., 1834. 

7. Sarah Catherine, b. 15 Aug., 1833, d. 26 Sept., 1834. 

8. IVashington Lafayette, b. 5 Sept., 1835, firm Cooper & Dockstader, 78 
Gold street, New York city. 

n. Daniel^, b. ^^^ Cambridge, 22 Dec, 1799, d. 17 Aug., 1802, 
se. 2 ys., 7 ms., 25 ds. 

HI. Hannah Cunningham^, b. 27 Feb., 1802, m. in New York 

city, by Rev. Edward Mitchell, 24 Dec, 1822, William ^LAC- 

DouGALL ; he b. Philadelphia, Pa., i Mar., 1797, and d. 1 Mar., 

1866, ae. 69 yrs. She d. 19 Apr., 1888. Children born in New 
York city : 

1. Sarah, b. 21 Feb., 1825, m. Abner Osborn, and d. 29 Oct., 1868, se. 
43 ys., 8 ms., 28 ds. 

2. yohn Smith, b. 13 June, 1827, d. 3 Apr., 1846, :e. 18 ys., 9 ms., 20 ds. 

3. yonas Lane, b. 25 Feb., 1830, d. 15 Aug., 1861, se. 31 ys., 5 ms., 
20 ds. 

4. ^Largaret Ann, b. 17 Mar., 1833, d. 26 Feb., 1835, oe. i vr., 11 ms., 9 

100 Joi] Lane and Descendants. 

5. Ma?'}' Eliza, h. 4 Sept., 1834, d. 20 May, 1836, a\ i yr., 8 ms., 10 ds. 

6. Daniel Lane, b. 22 Mar., 1837. 

7. William, b. 26 May, 1838, 

8. Eleanor Gillespie, b. 24 July, 1840, d. 10 July, 1841, se. 11 ms., 17 ds. 

IV. Eliza Br.\dlee^', b. 20 May, 1804, m. in New York city by 
Rev. Edward Mitchell, 17 June, 1830, George Lippencoit ; he b. 
Howell, X. Y., 19 Aug., 1801, and d. 12 June, 1887. She was 
living June 27, 1893, "in sound mind and memory." Their 
children : 

1. Calvin Griswold, b. 5 Apr., 1831, baker and confectioner. New York 

2. Mary Cooper, b. 19 Sept., 1832, d. 2 May, 1887. 

61. V. Washington Jefferson''^, b. i6 Feb., 1807, m. Cynthia 

VI. Daniel^, b. 12 Feb., 1809, m. in New York city, by Rev. 
Edward Mitchell, 5 Oct., 1831, Mary Fr.a.nsway, and d. 11 Feb., 
1850. She was b. in X. Y. City 11 Feb., 181 1. They had children. 

VII. Ebenezer^', b. 12 Sept., 181 2, d. 27 Nov., 181 2, se. 2 ms., 
16 ds. 


SAMUEL LAXE-\ (Samuel^ James^ John^, Job'), 1778-1823, 
b. Bedford, Mass., 15 Jan., 1778, m. by Rev. Samuel Stearns, 28 
May, 1801, LUCY R., who was b. 30 Nov., 1777, dau. of Timothy 
and Rebecca (Putnam) JOXES of Bedford. He moved to North 
Brookfield, Mass., and paid Peter Harvard $1,400 for a farm of 74 
acres, Apr. i, 181 1. He d. by a fall from a cart, 2 Oct., 1823. 
His son, David ^V. Lane, administrator, presented inventory of 
$1,756.81, Nov. 18, 1823, and the account of the division of the 
estate was allowed, Oct. 5, 1824. Mrs. LANE m. second, 
Thomas \Yilson of Mason, N. H., and d. 8 Jan., 1864. 

Children, three sisters married three brothers : 

62. I. Davh) Woodwari/^, b. Bedford, 28 Oct., 1801, m. 
Eliza Swan Wn r. 

II. Mary Ann'', b. 24 Nov., 1803, m. by Rev. Ebenezer Hill 

Family Thirit-Six. 101 

Mason, 28 June, 1832, Franklin Mfrriam of Greenville, N. H. 
Their children : 

1. George Franklin, b. 20 Oct., 1836. Graduated Amherst college, 1861, 
Union seminary 1864, ordained and installed. Mar. 9, 1865, pastor of Cong, 
church, Greenville, N. IL, joined Hollis Association, Feb. 6, 1866; has two 
sons graduated at Amherst college. 

2. Abigail Rebecca, b. 15 Mar., 1839. 

3. Daniel Lane, b. 12 May, 1841. 

4. Joseph Bancroft, b. 6 Dec, 1843. 

III. Samuel Richardson^', b. 26 Feb., 1807, d. 25 Jan., 1825. 

IV. Lucy Rehecca'^, b. 31 Mar., 1809, m. 3 May, 1827, Elisha 
J. Merriam of Mason, N. H. 'i'heir children : 

1. Henry Wilson, b. 20 June, 1S2S, a man of large wealth in Newton, N. 
J. A sister m. Huntington. 

2. Sarah Caroline, b. 23 July, 1830. 

3. Samuel Lane, b. 18 Oct., 1832. 

4.'in Lllisha, b. 3 Aug., 1836. 

5. John Jones, b. 25 Sept., 1839. 

6. Harriet ALaria, b. 24 Apr., 1 845. 

\'. Ahi(;ail Jones^, b. i Aug., 18 10, m. by Rev. Thomas Snell, 
1). I)., 8 Oct., 1829, Dea. Tyler Batchelllr of North Brookfield, 
and d. in Boston, 10 Mar., 1877. Dea. Batcheller was b. in Sut- 
ton, Mass., 20 Dec, 1793, son of F>zra and Mary (Day) Batcheller; 
founded the Batcheller shoe manufactory in North Brookfield ; m. 
first, 6 Apr., 18 19, Nancy Jenks, who was the mother of the 

VI. Sar.\h E.^, b. No. Brookfield, 9 Dec, 181 3, d. 9 Apr., 

VII. Martha S.^, b. i Nov., 181 6, m. by Rev. Thos. Snell, D. 
D., 2 Apr., 1835, Edmund Merriam of Mason, N. H. 

Their children : 

1. James IV., b. 7 Feb., 1837. 

2. I^iicy J/., b. 14 Aug., 1838. 

3. Martha J., b. 4 July, 1841. 

4. Charles C, b. 7 July, 1843. 

63. VIII. John Jones^, b. 15 Dec, 18 18, m. Marietta Van 

64. IX. Daniel Josiah*^, b. 21 Feb., 182 1, m. Martha E. 

102 Job Lane and Descendants. 


JOB LANE6 (LukeS, Job^-^, John2, Job'), 1 794-1826, b. Bed- 
ford, Mass., 7 Aug., 1794, m. 16 Aug., 1815, by Rev. Samuel 
Stearns, MARY HADLEY of Bedford, who d. in 1866. With 
others he built tomb No. 10 in 1826, and d. intestate. Guardian- 
ship of the children, Mary E., Olive, Hannah, Andrew H. and Wil- 
liam, was granted to Reuben Bacon, Feb. 19, 1827 ; adm. on estate 
granted to Thompson Bacon, Feb. 20, 1827 ; inventory exhibited, 
allowance to widow Mary Lane made, and administrator's account 
allowed. Mar. 6, 1827. 

Children : 

L Mary Elizabeth", b. 5 Mar., 1816, m. Jephtha Parkhurst, 
and d. 1852. 

IL Olive M.", b. 9 Apr., 181 7, d. unm. 24 Dec, 1881, se. 64 
ys., 8 ms., 15 ds. 

in. Hannah A.", b. 1819, m. 27 Nov., 1839, Charles C. 
Corey, and d. 10 May, 1884, ?e. 65 ys., 6 ms. He was b. Groton, 
Mass., 19 Mar., 181 6, son of Aaron, came to Bedford in 1831, 
established an express route between Bedford and Boston and later 
engaged in the lumber and grain business. He m. second, 22 July, 
1888, Dora M. Holmes. Children : 

1. Elizabeth Adelaide^ b. Nov., 1840, m. Oct., 1867, .// Rollins. 

2. Charles Andreiv, b. 23 May, 1842, m. 6 June, 1869, Mary Ella Lane^ 
(Wm. A.', Oliver W.^, Solomon^, James'*-'', John"^, Job'), who d. 26 July, 
1879. He was a grocer in Bedford, Justice of the Peace, town clerk 1871 
more than a score of years, treasurer 1876 more than twenty years, representa- 
tive 1881. Their children: 

l) Lottie May, b. 24 June, 1870. 2) Mary Adelle, b. 25 July, 1876. 

3. George W., d. young. 

IV. Andrew H.', b. 1820, d. 1842. 

V. William"^. 


ELIAB BRIDGE LANE^ (John-^, Job-^ JohnS, Job>), 1780- 
1853, b. Bedford, Mass., 30 June, 1780, settled on a portion of the 
Winthrop Farm, his heirs selling a part of the estate. He m. first, 

Family Thirtv-Xine. 103 

by Rev. Samuel Stearns, 21 Mar., 1802, ANNA WELLINGTON, 
dau. of Jotham and Priscilla Wellington, who d. 30 ^Lay, 1844, 
ae. 67 years. 

**Now, therefore, harken unto me, O ye children. 
For blessed are they that keep my ways." 

Mr. Lane m. second, Mrs. SALLY REED, and d. 9 Jan., 1853, 
ae. 73 years. 

"Hear instruction and be wise." 
Children : 

L Eliza Ann"^, b. 17 NLiy, 1804, m. William Evereit, his sec- 
ond wife, and d. 28 Jan., 1873. He was a chaise trimmer and 
harness maker, and d. 4 July, 1868. His memorial is seen in the 
meeting house, Bedford. 

65. 11. Ahner Bridcje', b. 24 >Lay, 1806, m. Lvdia Bailv. 

III. Susan Grace", b. 22 Jan., 1808, m. Nathaniel C. Cutler-' 
(Thomas-- ') of Lexington, ALass., and d. 4 Feb., 1847. 

IV. Catherine W.~, b. 2 Sept., 1809, m. Silas Wilkins. 

\'. Galen^, b. 24 Apr., 181 1, <1. 21 Nov., 181 1, ae. 7 ms. 

\ I. Mary Priscilla''', b. 12 Oct., 181 2, m. 16 Apr., 1833, Amos B. 
CuiTER, and d. 27 Nov., 1S85. He was b. Ashley, Mass., 22 June, 
1809, son of Isaac and grandson of Thomas of Lexington, Mass.; 
came to Bedford, Jan. i, 1827, a carpenter and builder. Justice of 
the Peace, moderator several times, selectman 1842-44, 1850-51. 
They had in custody the *'Lane Family Papers," from which ex- 
tracts were published in the New England Genealogical Register, 
1857. They were on the committee of antiquities for the sesqui- 
centennial of Bedford in 1879. Their children were : 

1. Evierson Bartlett, b. 1 836. 

2. Frederick Amos, b. 1840, m. Sarah, dau. of Varnum Monroe, furnished 
and erected an elegant liberty pole for Bedford's 150th anniversary, 1879. 

3 and 4 d. young. 


Capt. AMASA LANE6, (John-4, job^, John2, Job^), 1790- 
1865, b. 30 Apr., 1790, carried on the business of manufacturing 
bandboxes and shoes in Bedford; m. 4 July, 1822, Beulah Burn- 

104 Joi; Lane and Descendants. 

HAM, and d. ii Aug., 1865. She d. 23 Aug., 1891. Their 
descendants in 1890 were nine children, thirteen grandchildren 
and nineteen of the next generation. The town of Bedford re- 
ceived ^50.00, May, 1893, to care for his burial lot, No. 70. 

Children : 

I. Lois Elizabeth", b. 8 Oct., 1823, m. 9 Jan., 1844, Cyrus F. 

IL Sarah Ann", b. 29 May, 1829, m. 1849, George A. Samp- 

IIL Reuben A."^, b. 2 Sept., 1831, m. 30 July, 1854, Mary 
Louisa, b. 5 Oct., 1833, dau. of Elias and Louisa (Hartwell) 
Skelton. Their dau., Mtwy Louisa, was b. Charlestown, 1 1 Mar., 


IV. George E.'^', b. 6 Aug., 1834. 

V. Charles H.~, twin, b. 6 Aug., 1834, d. 10 Dec, 1865. 

VL Franklin S.~, b. 30 Jan., 1838, m. 1868, S. Maria Hodg- 


VIL Lemuel B."^, twin, b. 30 Jan., 1838, d. 22 May, 1866. 
VIIL Caroline A."^, b. 30 Aug., 1847, m. 1866, Charles J. 


ROGER LANE6 (John-^ Job^ John-', Job^), 1 795-1853. t). 
1795-6, m. ZELINDA BACON, and resided in Bedford and Fitch- 
burg, Mass. Roger Lane and Elbridge Merriam, both of Bedford, 
paid Stephen Houghton and others, $1,470.00, Nov. 5, 1833, for 
land in Fitchburg. — Wor. Co. Deeds, 317 : 53. 

Mr. Lane d. 21 Dec, 1853, ae. 58 years. Mrs. Lane d. 29 Feb., 
1856, 36. 54 years. The town of Bedford received $50.00 in 1892 
to care for his burial lot. No. 100. 

Children : 

L John Roger", b. 10 July, 1824. 

IL Mary Maria", b. 7 July, 1826, m. 24 Feb., 1847, Hiram 
Clark, b. Acworth, N. H., 12 Sept., 1815, son of Thomas and 

F'a.milv Fortv-One. 105 

Lydia (Woodbury) Clark. He settled as a farmer in Bedford, 
Mass., a man of unimpeachable integrity, and d. 26 Feb., 1891. 
She d. 18 Apr., 1885. Children: 

1. Annette M., b. 28 Feb., 1850. 

2. Mary Alice, b. 16 Dec, 1852, d. 22 Nov., 1870. 

66. III. George", b. 7 Aug., 1827, m. Laura Ann Smith. 

• IV. Eli", d. young. 

V. Caroline", b. 5 May, 1S31, m. Ch\ki.i> F« »x, antl d. 6 June, 

W. Ei.i", b. 3 Mar., 1S33, d. May, 1857. 

\'ll. IC.mkline", d. young. 

VIII.", b. 14 Sept., 1835, m., as his second wife, 9 Dec, 
1S69, Dr. .Asa .\llen Howeand, a descendant of the Pilgrim John 
Howland, 1620. He was b. 8 Feb., 1820, a dentist at Worcester, 
Mass. Their son : 

ll'iilia>n Arthur, b. I May, 1 87 1. 

IX. Susan", b. 20 Nov., 1836, m. first, 31 Dec, 1856, Bradley 
M. Clark, b. 1820, son of Thomas and Lydia Clark: m. second, 
9 May, 1884, Joseph Litchfield. 

X. Eliot", b. 29 Dec, 1837, m. Cyrus Monroe, and d. 12 
June, 1859. 

XL Amos"^, d. young. 

XII. Sophronia", b. 21 Sept., 1840, m. Frank Gardner, and d. 
9 Mar., 1888. 

XIII. Lavinia", b. 9 July, 1842, m. first, John Kyle; second, 
Nelson George, third, Harry Ratienbury. 


ELIAS LANE6 (Francis^ John^ Job^ John^, Job'), 1785- 
1859, b. 21 Feb., 1785; res. Ashburnham, farmer, miller, select- 
man, etc.; m. 3 Sept., 1809, ANNA, dau. of Nathan JONES, b. 
21 Jan., 1787, d. 30 Mar., 1853. 

Elias Lane, yeoman, paid Francis and Sarah Lane, ;$5oo, July 
7, 1809, for land in .Ashburnham. — IVor. Co. Deeds, 246: 420. 

106 Job Lane and Descendani-s. 

Elias Lane, gentleman, paid Francis Lane, Esq., for land in 
Ashburnham, ^403, Nov. 21, 1821. — 246: 421. 

He paid Francis Lane, Jr., gentleman, $165, for land in Ash- 
burnham, May 29, 1822. — 246: 4ig. 

With Francis Kibling he paid John Kibling, $100, Nov. 4, 1823, 
for "a shop in Ashburnham, built for the purpose of turning wood 
and sawing clapboard, about eighty rods below said John Kibling's 
gristmill." — 246: 418. 

Elias Lane and Francis Lane, gentlemen, paid Samuel Foster, 
;^40o. May 29, 1824, for "land in Ashburnham, with one undivided 
half of the sawmill standing on the same." — 246 : 422. 

With John Jones of Dublin, X. H., he paid Nathan and Nancy 
Jones, $500, Oct. i, 1825, for 70 acres of land in Ashburnham. — 
246: 423. 

The will of Elias Lane of Ashburnham, signed Apr. 2, 1859, 
and giving bequests to thirteen children and naming Jerome W. 
Foster executor, was presented for probate, Oct. 19, 1859. — Wor. 
Co. Wills, 3g4: 194, 497. 

Mr. Lane d. 20 Aug., 1859. Fifteen children: 

67. L Elias Coolidge", b. 30 Dec, 1809; m. Mary Fan- 


IL Sarah Ann", b. 2 Mar., 1811, received a legacy of |i,ooo 
by her father's will, Apr. 2, 1859, d. unm., 28 Feb., 1862. 

III. George Etheridge", b. 22 Apr., 181 2, m. 15 Jan., 1840, 
^Larv J., dau. of Enos and Tiporah (Hale) Emory, b. 23 Jan., 
1 81 8; res. Fitchburg, Mass. George E. Lane of Ashburnham, 
gentleman, paid Joseph A. Gibson and wife, Miranda K. Gibson, 
$1,000, Mar. 24, 1837, for land in Ashburnham. — J22 : 347- 

IV. Gilbert Balnbridge", b. 17 June, 1813, m. Eliza A. Jones; 
res. Chelsea, Vt., where he d. 9 June, i860, leaving a son. 

V. Edwin Philander", b. 28 Dec, 1814, d. unm., New Glou- 
cester, Me., 30 Aug., 1838, ae. 24. 

VL Charles", b. 2 Mar., 1816, m. first, 17 Nov., 
184 — , Honor Goodrich; m. second, Helen (Peitis) Lawton ; 
res. Brattleborough, Vt. 

Family Forty-One.' 107 

VII. Ix)RENZO Alexander", b. 26 Mar., 181 7, m. Rebecca 
Brown; res. Ashburnham, where he d. 12 Feb., 1881. She d. 
same day, 12 Feb., 1881. 

VIII. Abigail Amanda"^, b. 25 May, 181 8, m. 26 Nov., 1845, 
George W. Townsend, and d. 19 Feb., 1884. 

IX. Mary Jones'^, b. 27 July, 1820, d. i Apr., 1839. 

X. Marcus Aurelius^, b. 2 June, 1822, m. Amanda Ogden ; 
res. Glen Falls, N. Y. 

XI. Eliza Maria', b. 25 June, 1823, m. 11 Oct., 1848, 
Charles Henry Emory, b. 29 Mar., 1823, brother of Mary J., 
the wife of (ieo. E. Lane ; res. Fitchburg, a machinist, dau. : 

I. Lizzie J/., b. 28 June, 1857. 

XII. Abraham Fgwr", b. 23 Nov., 1824 ; res. Rindge, N. H., 
d. unm., 4 May, 1863. His will signed at Rindge, Apr. 7, 1863, 
giving legacies to five brothers and four sisters, and bequeathing 
525 to be expended on the family burial lot in the new cemetery 
at Ashburnham, and naming James B. Robbins of Rindge, exe- 
cutor, was presented for probate July 7, 1863. — War. Co. ll'ilis, 
3g6: 154, 384: 423. 

XIII. Nancy Augusta"^, b. 24 Mar., 1826, d. 9 Sept., 1883, m. 
8 Feb., 1849, Henry A. Smith, b. 5 June, 181 7, son of Henry 
and .Asenath Smith; res. Townsend, Mass., Rindge, N. H., and 
P'ranklin, N. H. 

XIV. Marilla Jane', b. i July, 1827, m. 24 Nov., 1850, 
Pascal P. Emory, b. 21 July, 1825, brother of Mary J., and 
Charles H. ; res. Springfield, Mass. Children : 

1. Etta E., b. 2 Sept., 1856, d. 3 Nov., 1878. 

2. Elora y., b. 17 Apr., 1861, d. 9 Aug., 1861. 

3. Carrie J., b. 23 Feb., 1863. 

XV. Lucy Matilda", b. 30 June, 1829, m. 6 Jan., 1852, Francis 
A., son of Ohio Whiting, and d. 16 Aug., 1861. He was farmer, 
school teacher and superintendent, assessor, selectman, trustee of 
Gushing Academy, Ashburnham. No children. 

108 Job Xane and Descendants. 


Capt. FRANCIS LANE^ (Francis-^ John^ Job^, John^, JobM, 
1787-1856, b. 20 Aug., 1787; captain of militia and successful 
miller at Lane Village, Ashburnham, Mass., m. 1 1 Nov., 181 1, 
SUSANNA FOSTER, b. 25 Sept., 1789, d. 15 Mar., 1867, dau. of 
Samuel and Susanna (Wood) Foster, of Ashburnham. Francis 
Lane, Jr., gentleman, sold land in Ashburnham, to Elias Lane, 
gentleman, for $165, May 29, 1822. — Wor, Co. Deeds, 246: 4ig. 

Francis Lane and Elias Lane, gentlemen, paid Samuel Foster, 
^400, May 29, 1824, for **land in Ashburnham, with one undivided 
half of a sawmill standing on the same." — 246 : 422. 

Capt. Lane d. 11 Oct., 1856. Hosea F. Lane, administrator 
on the estate, returned an inventory of 15,055.50, Jan. 5, 1858. — 
Wor. Co. Wills, 100: jSj. 

Twelve children : 

68. L Allen Francis"'', b. 24 Mar., 181 2, m. Laura P. Tyler. 

IL Hepsibah C.~, b. 14 June, 1813, m. 31 Aug., 1843, the 
second wife of Israel A. Packard, b. 7 Sept., 181 8, son of Nathan 
and Celia D. (Houghton) Packard, tanner, morocco dresser and 
farmer, Ashburnham. She d. 17 Sept., 1888. He d. 27 Nov., 
1897. Their children : 

1. Charles F., b. 1844, ^^- 6 Aug., 1899. He m. and had: 

i) Charles A., m. 28 May, 1898, Gertrude Wilson, Mason, N. H. 2) Alice 
M., a teacher. 3J Austin F., b. 30 May, 1890. 

2. Sarah Frances, b. 1846, m. A. Burnham of Westminster, Mass., who 
d. 6 Aug., 1894. They had: 

i) Mabelle E., b. 28 Nov., 1873, d. 29 Nov., 1873. 2) Dexter E., 
(adopted) b. 15 Dec, 1873, ^- ^5 Mar., 1874. 3) Arthur W., b. 8 May, 

3. Susan Rebecca, b. 1848, m. Augustus Searles, and had: 
I) Cora M., b. 8 Sept., 1870, d. 18 Oct., 1870. 

4. Henry Alfred, b. 1852, m. and had: 

i) Marion Augusta, b. 6 May, 1886. 2) Everett Augustus, b. 14 Feb., 
1888. 3) Chester Henry, b. 7 Feb., 1890. 4) Nelson Alfred, b. 21 Jan., 
^893. 5) Leon Andrus, b. 17 Feb., 1895. 

5. Mina A., b. 1856, d. 1866. 

69. HI. Amos Foster", b. 30 June, 18 15, m. Martha Ward. 

Family Forty-Three. 100 

70. IV. Samuel", b. 21 May, 181 7, m. Xancy H. Eaton. 

71. V. Milton', b. 27 Feb., 18 19, m. Mary Parkhurst and 
Jane Flagg. 

VI. Leonard"^, b. 21 Apr., 182 1, m. 4 June, 1856, Lt'CY Pol- 
lard, b. 25 Sept., 1822, dau. of Willard and Lucy (Spaulding) Pol- 
lard, res. Ashburnham. She d. 29 Aug., 1894. Daughter: 

I. Ada Estelle^, b. lo May, 1 859, d. I Jan., 1863. 

VII. Hosea", b. 20 Apr., 1823, d. 7 Aug., 1828. 

Vni. Susan W.', b. 23 Jan., 1825 ; res. Ashburnham. Died 
30 July, 1899. 

IX. Rebecca CLAki^>A", b. 29 Jan., 1827, m. 14 June, i860, 
the second wife of Merrick, b. 30 Sept., 181 1, son of Josiah 
Eaton. They res. Ashburnham, where he d. 16 Feb., 1875. Xo 

X. Eleanor Jane", b. 27 Jan., 1829, m. Daniel Walker Lane". 
(Benj.^'-'', John-*, Job^, John-, Job'). 

72. XL Hosea Foster", b. 7 Feb., 1831, m. Eunice Eliza- 
beth Fairbanks. 

XII. Charles W.", b. 15 Aug., 1833, m. 31 Oct., 1867, 
Philena, b. 20 Jan., 1834, dau. of Josiah Howard, and wid. of 
Horace C. Packard of Hinsdale, N. H. Res. on the homestead, 
Ashburnham. Shed. 21 Xoy., 1888. Child: 

I. Harry Charles^, b. 29 Jan., 1872. 


JOSIAH LAXE^ (Benj.^ John^ Job3, John2, Job»), 1782-1876, 
b. 28 Mar., 1782. Benjamin Lane of Ashburnham, with John 
Lane of Bedford, and Ziba Lane of Billerica, sureties, gave bond, 
Dec. I, 1784, and was appointed guardian to Josiah Lane his son, 
a minor about two years old and grandson of Ebenezer Page, late 
of Bedford. 

Josiah Lane of Ashburnham, paid his father, Benjamin Lane, and 
wife Isabel, $200, Apr., 23, 1803, for 20 acres of land in Ashburn- 
ham. — JVor. Co. Deeds, 133: 37 i- 

110 Job Lane and Descendants. 

With wife, Nancy Lane, he sold John Adams, Jr., land in Ash- 
burnham, for $50, Apr. 20, 1825. — 246 : 41"/. 

Josiah Lane, and wife, Nancy Lane, sold to Charles W. Wilder, 
for ^1,200, May 25, 1829, 6 acres of land in Ashburnham, with 
dwelling house, barn, grist and saw mill. — 26"/ : 621. 

He m. 28 Mar., 1805, NANCY WILDER, dau. of Caleb and 
Elizabeth (Woodward) Wilder, b. 23 Oct., 1786, d. Somerville, 4 
May, 1853. Mr. Lane res. Ashburnham, Cambridge, 1828, d. 
Anoka, Minn., 28 Feb., 1876, se. 94. 

Thirteen children : 


L Julia Ann Cushing", b. 7 Oct., 1805, m. 22 Jan., 1835, H- 
A. Harrington, and d. in Anoka, Minn., 10 Feb., 1881. 

H. Mary Jane Woodward"^, b. 19 July, 1807, m. John L. 

HL Charles W.''', b. 31 Jan., 1809, d. 2 Dec, 1809. 

IV. George V.", b. 28 Nov., 1810, d. 7 Oct., 1813. 

V. Nancy W."^, b. 28 Feb., 181 2, d. 2 Dec, 1813. 

VI. Alexander Page"^, b. 30 Aug., 1814, m. 1836, Anna M. 
Favor ; res. Eureka Springs, Ark. 

VII. Augusta Joy"^, b. 26 Dec, 1815, m. 1841, Sarah Skidmore, 
and d. at Wilbraham, 11 Oct., 1880. 

VIII. Electa Frances Wilder", b. 19 June, 181 7, m. 31 Dec, 
1837, Aquilla Willette, and d. 2 Sept., 1839, at Davenport, 

IX. David Hyslop"^, b. 2 Apr., 1820, m. 13 July, 1845, Har- 
riet L. Bettinson, and d. Anoka, Minn., 13 Nov., 1878. 

X. Joseph Hayden", b. 25 Oct., 1822, m. Hester Prather; 
res. Chicago, 111. 

XL George S. W.', b. 15 Sept., 1824, d. 15 Feb., 1825. 

XII. John S. W."^, twin, b. 15 Sept., 1824, m. 31 Dec, 1848, 
Sarah Gushing ; res. Brighton, Mass. 

XIII. Thomas Parkman Gushing", b. 30 May, 1827, in. 18 
Dec, 1 86 1, Helen M. Rose; res. Mattoon, 111. 

Family Forty- Four. Ill 


BENJAMIN LANE6 (Benjamin^ John^ Job^ John^, Job^), 
1 795-1880, b. Ashburnham, Mass., 23 June, 1795, m. 27, Dec, 
1823, ABIGAIL WALKER, dau. of Capt. Jesse and Sarah (Emer- 
son) Walker, of New Ipswich, N. H. He was a farmer at Ashburn- 
ham, and d. 18 Oct., 1880. 

Nine children : 

73. L Daniel Walker-, b. 4 Dec, 1824, m. Jerusha E. Bemis. 
II. Sarah"^, b. 8 Aug., 1827, d. 13 Jan., 1828. 

74. III. Martin B.", b. 4 Sept., 1828, m. Carrie N. Adams. 

IV. George", b. 23 Sept., 1829, m. 27 .Aug., i860, Mary A. 
Clstella, she b. 15 .NLir., 1837. He was a merchant at Newton, 
Mass. Their children : 

1. Cora J/.^, b. 30 Aug., iS6i, ni. 8 Oct., 1894, IViilurii Btirnham Cur- 

2. George lVilliar>t^, h. 21 Dec, 1862, is with the dry gootls firm of C, H. 
Newhall, Maiden, Mass. 

3. Anna Mary^, b. 18 May, 1 864. 

4. C/ara Emeline^, b. 5 Feb., 1 869, d. 19 May, 1 869. 

5. Laura Mabel'^, twin, b. 2 Apr., 1871. 

6. Lena ALarion'^, twin, 1). 2 Apr., 1871, d. 5 Aug., 1871. 

V. Sarah Abigail", b. 31 Mar., 1831, m. 5. Oct., 1865, Joseph 
Hayne ; res. Maiden, Mass., and d. 10 Sept., 1893. 

VI. Mary Ann", b. 5 Apr., 1832, d. 5 July, 1842. 

VII. Emeline", b. 20 June, 1834, d. 13 July, 1854. 

VIII. Sophronia Asenath", b. 20 Oct., 1835, d. 17 Oct., 1863. 

IX. Sewall Stearns", b. 28 Aug., 1838, m. 7 Feb., 1867, 
Sarah Josephine Loyett of New Ipswich, N. H., she b. 17 Jan., 
1S43. He was a merchant in Gardner, Mass., P. O. address, 1899, 
Ashmont, Dorchester, Mass. ; is interested in the family history. 
One son : 

I. Arthur Clarence^, b. Ashburnham, Mass., 20 Nov., 1871, m. Elizabeth 
Gertrude Wolmsley, she b, 24 Sept., 1879. 

112 Job Lane and Descendants. 


ZIBA LANE^ (Ziba5, John^, Job^ John^, Job^), 1 782-1 866, 
was born in Billerica, Mass., 31 Jan., 1782, a farmer and trades- 
man, lived in Amherst, N. H., and on the Kennebec river, Maine, 
and at Lyons, X. Y. He m. 9 Jan., 1806, FRANCES GORDEN 

When Levi their first child was a babe in arms they moved to 
Maine. They had to cross the Kennebec river. It was rapidly 
rising on account of recent rains. There was but little time. 
With Spartan-like decision and courage the mother seized as many 
of her treasures as she could carry and her baby by his dress in her 
teeth and crossed in safety. Just as she stepped upon the opposite 
bank the swift water carried away the log that had served as a 
bridge. After the war of 181 2, the family removed to the wilds of 
Wayne Co., New York. Four Lane brothers joined a New Eng- 
land colony and proceeded most of the way on foot. The boy 
Levi at 86 years of age remembered how startled the people were 
on the way, fearing the approach of the British. To the eyes of 
the boy the guns of the company as they were stacked looked like 
a forest. \Vhen the travelers reached Utica, and the residents 
found they were not enemies, there was great rejoicing. At Utica, 
they met with Indians, still restless and seemingly dangerous. The 
fright was now with the Yankee parents, who refused the request 
of the Indians to take charge of the baby — Lavinia now. But at 
length the Indians seemed so kind, they were allowed to take the 
child. Then the redskins danced with pleasure, held a real pow- 
wow, did not hurt the child in the least, but assisted in carrying 
her and some of the goods a long distance. It was a great treat 
for the Indians to carrv a white babv. Five miles north of the 
present county seat of Lyons, in the wild forest, broken only here 
and there by a lonely settlement, Mr. Lane, in 18 14, took uj) a 
claim and made his home, and went to Geneva to mill. He raised 
a large and happy family. 

Mr. Lane d. at Lyons, 20 Jan., 1866, ae. 84 years. Mrs. Lane 
was b. 20 Dec, 17S4, and d. 11 Jan., 1S68. 

Ten children : 

Family Forty-Six. 113 

75. I. Leyi', b. Amherst, N. H., Thursday, 13 Nov., 1806, m. 
Sally Burnet. 

II. Luther", b. Friday, 29 Jan., 1S08, m. Emily Watson, and 
had one son and two daughters. 

III. Lorenzo", b. Wednesday, i Nov., 1809, m. Maria Larne, 
and had two daughters. 

IV. Lydia', b. Thursday, 23 Jan., 181 2, m. 2 Oct., 1828, Rens- 
selear Merchant, and d. 30 May, 1874. Children: 

1. Nelson, b. Monday, 24 May, 1830, m. Jtdia A. Griffith. 

2. Eleanor, b. Wednesday, 29 Oct., 1 834, m. Enoch Gridley. 

3. Lydia, b. Saturday, 5 Jan., 1839, m. Herchel Munn. 

4. Rensselear, b. 27 July, 1846, d. young. 

V. Lovina", b. Sunday, 13 ^L1r., 1814, m. John Riggs, and had 
four boys and one girl. 

VI. Loren", b. Lyons, Wednesday, 25 Sept., 1816, m. Tamma 
Van Marter, and had three boys and one girl. 

VII. Francis B.", b. Friday, 25 Dec, 181 8, m. Martha Spears, 
and had one boy and one girl. 

VIII. John", b. Monday, 2 Apr., 182 i, unm., d. 1842. 

IX. Fanny G."^, b. Saturday, 31 Dec, 1825, m. first, C. 
HoRTON ; m. second, D. Walion, by whom she had two sons and 
one daughter. 

X. N.ancy", b. Thursday, 30 June, 1831, m. John Nichols, and 
had two sons. 


FRANCIS BOW^L\N LANE^ (Ziba^, John^, Job^, JohnS, Jobi), 
b. Billerica, Mass., 24 Sept., 1787, tradesman, Lockport, N. Y., d. 
I Mar., 1849, m. Roxinda Parlin, who was b. 5 Jan., 1792, d. 2 
Feb., 1856. 

Six children : 

I. Jonas P.", b. 23 Jan., 1809, d. 16 Jan., 1863. 

II. Charles B."^, b. 17 Dec, 1810. 

114 Job Lane and Descendants. 

III. Nancy P.'', b. lo June, 1815. 

IV. Alma Ann''', b. 5 May, 1820. 

V. Mary E."^, b. i July, 1822. 

VI. FR-A.NCES Ellen", b. 26 June, 1829. 


JOHN LANE6 (Ziba^, John^ Job^, John^, Jobi), 1793-1857, b. 
Amherst, N. H., 2 Jan., 1793, m. first, Mrs. PATTY HOPKINS, 
and moved to Pittsford, N. Y., where he m. second, 23 July, 1826, 
LUCY OLMSTEAD of Ridgefield, Conn.; moved in 1833, to 
Homer, Will Co., 111., where he d. suddenly, 5 Oct., 1857. Mrs. 
Lane d. 15 Oct., 1866. A fine man — so gentle and of such an 
estimable nature. 

"The name of John Lane, Sr., should stand side by side with that 
of Fulton and Morse and McCormick, as one of the great in- 
ventors of the country. He was an accomplished mechanic and 
practical farmer. He invented and made the first steel plough, in 
1835, the use of which has proved of national importance and is 
now essential to the agricultural progress of all civilized nations . 
. . . He absolutely refused to take out a patent on his valuable 
invention, saying that if it was of any value or service to his 
brother farmers and mechanics they were cordially welcome to it. 
.... His remarkable inventive genius and personal high 
character, it is the object of this address to commemorate." — Dr. 
J. F. Daggett at Reunioii of Pio?iee?s of Will Co., III., 18 go. 

Three children bv first wife : 

I. Martha", b. 20 Nov., 1822, m. i Jan., 1840, Joseph M. 
Weeks, and had two children : 

1. Harry V. 

2. Charles B. 

Mr. Weeks d. in 1863, and she m. second, E. Warner of 
Albion, Mich. 

II. Emma", d. at the age of seven months. 


I 788-1 860. 

Family Forty-Eight. 115 

76. III. John", b. 25 Sept., 1825, m. Mary Eliza Rodgers. 

By second wife, two children : 

IV. Lucy M.", b. 16 June, 1827, d. 19 Jan., 1885, m. 31 Dec, 
1846, John S. Ramsey, who d. in 1857. Two children : 

1. Mary F., b. Feb., 1848, m. 21 Sept., 1871, Edward Goodnoh of 
Lockport, 111. 

2. George Lane, b. 2 Jan., 1857, d. 22 Oct., 1885. 

V. Mary Frances", b. 4 Sept.. 1830, m. 12 .-^pr., 1857, James 
D. Frazer of Lockport, 111., and had three children : 

1. John D., b. 29 Mar., 1858, m. 1881, Bernice Garrison, and had: 

1) James D., b. 1883. 

2) Jessie G., b. 1885. 

3) George Carlysle, b. 1892. 

2. Martha J., b. 16 Jan., 1863, m. 13 Sept., 1888, Harry Cowell. 

3. Mary F., b. 16 Feb., 1867. 


JOx\ATH.-\N LANE^ (Jonathan^ John^ Job^ John-, Job'), 
1 788-1860, b. Bedford, Mass., 27 Jan., 1788, m. 27 July, 1815, by 
Rev. Samuel Stearns.. RUHAMAH PAGE^ (Nathaniel and Sarah 
Brown, John^ and Rebecca Wheeler, Nathaniel- and Susannah 
Lane, Nathaniel^ and Joanna), who was b. in Bedford, i May, 
1788, twin with brother Thaddeus. Mr. Lane settled as a farmer 
and cooper on the homestead in Bedford, removed to Boston in 
1824, as a merchant at Fort Hill, returned to the David Reed farm 
in Bedford, 1847, where he died, Nov. 12, i860, ae. 72 years. 
He was closely identified with Congregational interests. "Simple, 
earnest, charitable, a genial friend, a liberal citizen, an humble 

Mrs. Ruhamah Page Lane, at the time of her marriage, was held 
in high esteem as a school teacher. At Bedford's sesqui-centennial 
in 1879, then in her 92d year, with intellect unimpaired, she re- 
ceived marked attention from her townspeople and old-time 

116 Job Lane and Descendants. 

pupils. She survived her beloved husband twenty- two years. By 
her strong, attractive and original character, she became a con- 
spicuous and honored representative of the two families. She died 
19 June, 1882, aged 94 ys., i mo., 18 ds. 
Seven children : 

I. Ruilamah", b. 6 May, 181 6, d. 10 Apr., 181 7. 

II. Jonathan Abbot", b. 23 Oct., 1818, d. 24 Aug., 1820. 

III. Samuel Wright", b. 2 Aug., 1820, early removed with his 
parents to Boston, where he entered business with his father, under 
the style of Jonathan Lane and Son. He d. unm., 25 Mar., 1856, ae. 
35 years. "A dutiful son, an affectionate brother, a faithful, generous 
friend. He was known for uprightness, sincerity and truth ; for 
kindness to the poor, sympathy with the unfortunate and oppressed, 
and for a consistent Christian life, — the active service of which he 
has exchanged for the 'Rest of the people of God.' " 

77. IV. Jonathan Abbot", b. 15 May, 1822, m. Sarah 
Delia Clarke. 

78. V. RuHAMAH Augusta", b. 29 July, 1824, m. Rev. Elihu 


VI. Henrv Edwards", b. 14 Jan., 1S27, d. 19 Jan., 1831. 

VII. Sarah Ann", b. 29 June, 1829, d. 11 Aug., 1831. 


JOSIAH ABBOT LANE^ (Jonathan^ John^, Job^, John^, Job^), 
1 791-1860, b. Bedford, Mass., 17 Aug., 1791, m. 17 May, 1818, 
PHEBE SPINNING of New York, who was b. 14 Sept., 1801, and 
d. 29 Oct., 1880. He d. 15 Jan., i860. 

Children born in New York city : 

I. Emmeline Ruhamah", b. 7 May, 1819, m. first, 25 Apr., 1838, 
Samuel Adams, who d. 17 Sept., 1841, by the hand of John C. 
Colt; m. second, 21 Nov., 1850, William Henry Vanderhoof, 
who d. 17 Oct., 187 1. She d. 17 Oct., 1889. No children. 

cA 6 




iThtce buildings were destroyed by fire July 30, 1901.) 

Family Fifiy. 1 1 7 

79. II. Stephen Abbot", b. 24 Feb., 1821, m. Mary L. Ban- 

80. III. John Samuel", b. 24 May, 1823, m. Caroline Water- 

IV. William Edward", b. 20 Aug., 1829, d. 6 Feb., 1830. 

V. William Baxter", b. i Dec, 1831, m. 19 Dec, 1854, 
Katherine .a. Carr. Children : 

1. Emtna^, m. Bynner. 

2. William'^. 3. Harry^. 4. Benjamin^. 

81. ^ I- Charles Gardner", b. 29 Dec, 1835, m. Maria B. 

VII. Samuel Adams'^, b. 5 Mar., 1842, d. 9 June, 1863, unm., 
ae. 2 I years. 


GEORGE LANE^ (Jonathan-', John^ Job^ John^, Job^), 1802- 
1882, b. Bedford, Mass., 8 May, 1802, settled in Charlestown, Mass., 
m. first, 15 XoY., 1826, LUCY MARIA DUNN, she b. 8 Aug., 
1804, and d. 22 Feb., 1830. 

He m. second, 22 Nov., 1831, SARAH HAWES BERRY of 
Belfast, Me.; she b. 25 Feb., 18 10, at Barnstable, Mass., and d. 17 
Nov., 1897. George Lane d. 11 Feb., 1882. 

Children : 

I Fr.\nces Maria", b. 26 Aug., 1827, d. 2 June, 1885. 
II. Lucy Miranda", b. 26 Jan., 1829, d. Oct., 1830. 
By second marriage : 

82. III. Charles DeWitt", b. Charlestown, Mass., 2 Feb., 
1833, m. Josephine Bell Baker. 

IV. Elizabeth Nickerson", b. 2 Nov., 1835, m. 30 Oct., i860, 
Charles A. Church. 

V. Ellen Watson", b, 25 Feb., 1839. 

VI. RICH.-VRD Byron Clarke", b. 10 Feb., 1843, d. at Panama, 
Cal., Sept. 30, 1 88 1. Served in civil war of 186 1, was in Gen. 

118 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Banks' division on Red river, and had honorable mention for 

VII. Frank Ernest", b. 12 Aug., 1850, d. 25 Nov., 1854. 


CHARLES LANE6 (Jonathan-^ John^ Job^ John^, Job^), 1804- 
1872, b. Bedford, Mass., 14 Aug., 1804, resided in Boston and 
Dorchester, Mass. He made a speech at the dedication of Bed- 
ford town hall, in 1856, and was the donor of the town hall clock. 
He m. first, 22 Nov., 1827, SARAH BANCROFT WHEELER, 
who d. 5 Apr., 1844; m. second, 10 Apr., 1845, ELIZABETH 
CARLTON of Dorchester. He d. 14 Oct., 1872, by an assassin's 
bullet at his own threshold in Dorchester. 

Children : 

I. Charles Bancroft"'', b. Boston, 4 Aug., 1828, d. Dorchester, 
19 r^Iay, 1849. 

IL Sarah Elizabeth Dexter", b. 8 x^ug., 1834, m. 21 July, 

1864, Lester Goodwin of Hartford, Ct. ; residence Newton, Mass. 

One son : 

I. Bancroft Lane, b. Dorchester, 25 May, 1865, graduated Harv. Col., 

III. Harriet Felicia", b. 9 July, 1841, m. 23 Oct., 1862, 
James W. Bartlett, D.D.S. ; res. Roxbury and Newton. Children : 

1. Charles Lane, b. Roxbury, l8 Aug., 1863, d. Newton, I Dec, 1887. 

2. Sidney Roland, b. 20 Nov., i8b4, graduated Institute Technology, 
Boston, 1887, and from Harvard Dental College, 1890; m. 25 Oct., 1894, 
Mabel Landell, she h. Philadelphia, Pa., 9 Jan., 1869. Children born in 
Colorado Springs, Col.: 

1) Eleanor, 1 . , t ,o«- 

2) Landell, / ^- M Jan., 1897. 


JOHN SAMUEL LANE^ (Jonathan^, John^, Job-^ John^, Job^), 
1808-1856, b. Bedford, Mass., 15 Jan., 1808, m. 12 May, 1834, 

Family Fifty-Three. Ill) 

SALLV ANN VKRMILVEA; she b. ii Feb., 1816, and d. 24 
Aug., 1878. He d. 21 July, 1856. 
Children : 

I. Hannah", b. 25 Apr., 1835, m. first, 12 Dec, 1S53, Theo- 
dore Van Riper, who was b. i Jan., 1830, and d. 18 Aug., 1869; 
m. second, 22 Feb., 1875, James G. Beach, who was b. 1842, and 
d. 10 Oct., 1898. She d. 11 June, 1895. Child: 

I. Arlitte Letitia (Van Riper), b. 27 Dec, 1855, m. 18 May, 1896, 
Harrald T. Qnartrup^ who was b. 4 Feb., 1853. 

II. Mary Amelia', b. 12 Jan., 1837, d. 15 Mar., 1838. 

HI. Geor<;e Edward"^, b. 20 Jan., 1839, m. 1S72, Emma Mid- 
DLETON, and d. 5 Mar., 1898. No children. 

1\'. Eliza Ann", b. 21 Jan., 1S42, m. 13 Oct., 1869, Fr.\nk 
Chase S.mith ; he b. 19 Jan., 1843, residence 1899, 135 Reef 
street, Brooklyn, X. \ . Child : 

I. Georze EihvarJ, b. 29 Aug., 1874, employed in a piano warehouse. 

83. \ . Pj^fnezfr Hayward", b. 6 Xoy., 1848, m. Catherine 

VI. Oliver Abroit", b. 26 Nov., 1S50, clerk Colonial club, 

Vn. John Abraham", b. Jnlv. 1852, d. June, 1856. 


JOHN LANEC (Gershom F.^, John^-^-^, Job^), 1776 , was 

born in Weathersfield, Vt., 14 or 17 Feb., 1776, moved with his 
parents Jo Penn., m. NANCY GEACH ; lived in AVestmoreland 
Co., Penn., and settled in Ohio about 181 2. 

Children : 

I. Mary", m, Joseph Springer. 

n. Jemima", m. Archibald McCollum, and had son James, res. 
Creston, Iowa. 

III. Rhoda", m. Simeon Nott (?) and Willlvm Benjamin. 

120 Job Lane and Descendants. 

IV. Hannah", m. George Highbargain, and had son, H. High- 
bargam, b. 1817, res. Richwood, Ohio. 

V. LuciNDA^, d. at the age of 14 years. 

84. VI. Hiram H.", b. 24 Oct., 1802, m. Drusilla E. Davis. 

VII. Sarah", m. Alfred Ellis. 

VIII. Maria"^, m. William Howland. 

IX. Jacob''', m. Elizabeth Sioneman. 

X. Willia:m'^, d. se. about 20 years. 

85. XL Richard", b. 14 Feb., 181 2, m. Elizabeth Horn. 


GEORGE WASHINGTON LANE^ (Gershom F.-^ John^-^-^ 
Jobi), was born in Weathersfield, Vt., 26 Sept., 1786, m. first, 
SALLY OSTERHOUT, who died in 1818; m. second, OLIVE 
NEWTON of Brattleborough, Vt., and removed to Montrose, Sus- 
quehanna Co., Pa. He had a remarkable memory and was a great 
lover of history. 

Ten children : 

I. Stillman'', b. 1809, d. at the age of 21 years. 

II. Olive", b. 181 5, a very successful teacher, m. 1849, Ezekiel 
Gage. Had : 

I. Helen, b. 1855, m. 1876, Eli Meeker of Binghampton, N. Y., and had: 

i) Roscoe E., b. 28 July, 1881. 

By second marriage : 

HI. Malvina Caroline"^, d. in infancy. 

86. IV. Mary Eveline", b. 25 Nov., 1823, m. Daniel Lloyd 

V. Newton", b. i Oct., 1825, was a school teacher, enhsted 
1 86 1, in First Pa. cavalry, and was captured by the Confederates 
1863, deputy sheriff i866-'69, railroad contractor, farmer in 
Illinois; died in Thomas Co., Kansas, greatly respected, unm., 19 
Feb., 1888. 

Family Fifty- Five. 121 

VI. S. Lauretta", b. 21 May, 1827, m. Apr., 1850, Caleb 
ALEX.A.NDER of Boston, Mass. Their children : 

1. Ada, b. 24 Dec, 185 1, m. 28 Oct., 1886, Robert McDozvell, and had 
two daughters. 

2. Ellen Olive, b. 13 Sept., 1854, m, 24 Dec, 1872, IVafson T. Hunter, 
and had : 

i) Augusta, b. 14 Dec, 1873. 2) Paul, b. 1 1 Mar., 1876. 

3. Lillian, b. 27 Aug., 1857, m. about 1881, John C. Fenton. No 

VII. Otis"^, b. 6 Mar., 1829, d. April, 1837. 

VIII. Jennie H.", b. 26 Dec, 1832, taught school from the age 
of 15 to 34 years, m. 19 Dec, 1867, Thomas Rodgers from Eng- 
land, and lived in Silver Lake, Pa. He d. 10 Mar., 1892; she d. 
of heart failure 15 Oct., 1893. Their children : 

1. iVe'iVton, b. 19 Feb., 1S69. 

2. Daisy, b. 9 Jan., 187 1. 

3. Ktit/i, b. 7 Nov., 1872, d. 10 Mar., 1873. 

87. IX. Samuel Freeman", b. 31 Aug., 1834, m. Katk \Vells. 

X. Emma", b. 19 Dec, 1837, graduated at Hudson River In- 
stitute, now Claverack College, 1861, taught at Charlestovvn, Md., 
Aug., 1 86 1, to 1866, preceptress at Claverack, Sept., 1866, to sum- 
mer of 1869. She m. 20 Oct., 1869, Rev. D. C. Olmstead, who 
received the degree of A. M. in 1885, and d. 12 Oct., 1888. No 
children. Mrs. Olmstead was connected with the Creenwich 
Academy 1890, onward. Her report as secretary of the Wyoming 
Methodist Episcopal Conference to the Philadelphia Branch of the 
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, 1892, closed with the verses 
of T/te Tapestry Weavers. 

"Let us take to our hearts a lesson — no lesson can braver be — 
From the ways of the tapestry weavers on thejDther side of the sea." 

— Anson G. Chester. 


THOMAS LANE6 (Gershom F.^, John^-3-2, Job^), b. Weathers- 
field, Vt., 13 Nov., 1792, lived in Montrose, Pa., a farmer and 
devout member of the Methodist church, noted for his Biblical 
knowledge, and d. 7 Jan., 1853. He m. 30 Jan., 181 7, Sarah Har- 
KiNS; she b. i July, 1794, and d. 10 Dec, 1880. 

122 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Their children were : 

I. Roseita", b. 4 Aug., 1820, m. Joseph Bramhall, who was b. 
5 Sept., 1799, and lived in Springville, Penn. Their children 
were : 

1. Rev. Mclvifi Edmund, b, 24 Dec, 1842, a Methodist preacher, m. 24 
Dec, 1874, Polly Calhcrine Holmes, who was b. I Oct., 1841. No children. 

2. Charles Olin, b. 16 Aug., 1848, finished his education at Yale College. 

II. Elmina", b. 20 May, 1822, d. 12 Sept., 1824. 

III. Hannah~, b. 23 May, 1824, m. 18 Apr., 1849, Jackson 
Lewis, lived in Springville, Pa. Their daughter : 

I, Minnie, m. Calvin D. Pipher, and had : 

i) Lewis. 2) Julia C. 3) Maynard. 4) Lottie May. 5) Jessie Pearl. 
6) Lemuel. 7) Rosetta. 

IV. Lydia Ann^, b. 2 2 July, 1827, d. 7 July, 1829. 

88. V. Clementine"^, b. 30 July, 1829, m. Aaron Bunnell. 
VI. Horace Agard", b. 23 Nov., 183 1, d. young. 

89. Vn. Anne Maria"^, b. 22 Jan., 1833, m. Lucius Euard 

90. Vm. Charlotte", b. 15 Mar., 1837, m. Lemuel Blakes- 


IX. Gershom Flagg"^, d. young. 


OIJVER WELLINGTON LANE^ (Solomon^ James^-^ John^, 
Job'), 1 794-1877, b. Bedford, Mass., 16 June, 1794, was 
moderator and selectman of Bedford. Fifteen days after the 
outrage upon Fort Sumter, Apr. 12, 1861, he contributed the 
most towering pine from the forest of the Lanes of Indian and 
Revolutionary fame, which was erected as a Liberty Pole on the 
Common or Training Field, Apr. 27, 1861, around which the peo- 
ple rallied and from which the flag of the Union was unfurled and 
waved daily during the years of the bloody conflict. 

Mr. Lane m. first, by Rev. Samuel Stearns, 23 July, 1818, 
Catherine W\4lton of Bedford, who d. 30 July, 1841 ; m. second. 

Family Fifit-Six. 123 

by Rev. G. W. Woodward, 26 Feb., 1S43, Mrs. HARRIET 
BLIXX, widow of Richard D. Blinn, sea captain of Boston, and 
dau. of Jacob and Sarah (Trask) Gragg of Groton, Mass., who d. 6 
June, 1869, ae. 71 years. He d. 15 Aug., 1877, as. St, yrs., 2 ms. 

Children : 

I. Sarah Elizabeth", b. 27 Nov., 181 8, m. 20 Sept., 1838, 
Henry Goodwin of Bedford. She wrought in canvas the Lane 
coat of arms handed down through her granih'ather, Solomon Lane. 
Their children were : 

Henry Oliver, b. 25 June, 1839, m. 5 July, 1S60, Hannah Paine. 

Frank IV., b. 4 July, 1841, m. 26 Dec, 1S68, Sarah E. Roberts. 
Charles JV., h. 4 Sept., 1S43. 

Joseph A., b. 31 Oct., 1S45, m. 1876, Emma E. Ashhy. 
George E., b. 13 Apr., 1847, m. first, in Aug., 1S74, Mary Richardson^ 
second, 12 Feb., 1891, Mrs. Melvina M. Shedd. 
6. Katherinc /:"., b. 28 May, 1857. 

H. ^LARY Whiting", b. 31 >Lir., 1820, m. 26 Sept., 1841, 
George W. Briggs, and d. 4 Apr., 1866. 

91. III. William Augustus"^, b. 12 Mar., 1S22, m. Mary L. 
Wright, Julia M. Houghton and Sarah M. Lane. 

IV. Catherine Amelia", b. 4 Dec, 1823, m. 5 Oct., 1845, 
Joseph H. Goodwin, son of Uriah and Nancy (Hood) Goodwin. 
Their children were : 

1. Ann Catherine, b. 1846, d. 1846. 

2. Mary Ada line, b. 21 Jan., 1 85 1, m. Charles Lozve. 

3. Joseph Eranklin, d. young. 

4. Ahbie Josephine, b. 20 Jan., 1855, m. Daniel E. Hay ties. 

5. Harry Ellsworth, b. 27 June, 1866, d. 2 Feb., 1876. 

V. Abigail Rebecca", b. 3 June, 1826, d. 29 June, 1854, m. 16 
Oct., 1847, Samuel S. Wii^on ; he b. 1821, son of John B. and 
Mary Wilson. He m. second, Laura Ann Lane, VIII. 

92. VL Oliver Josiah", b. 29 Jan., 1828, m. Mary An^n Bil- 

VII. Laura Ann", b. 21 July, 1830, d. 26 Apr., 1834, ae. 3 ys., 
9 ms. 

VIII. Lauk\ Ann", b. 1 May, 1834, m. 29 Nov., 1855, Samuel 
S. Wilson, and d. 15 June, 1863. See V. 

124 Job Lane and Descendants. 

93. IX. Samuel Leavitt"^, b. 24 Feb., 1838, m. 23 May, 
1 86 1, Frances E. Pinkham. 

X. Henry Francis", b. 4 Sept., 1839, d. i May, 1841,36. i yr., 
8 ms. 


DAVID LANE, Jr.g (David^ James-*-^, John^, Job'), 1796- 
1853, b. Bedford, Mass., 7 Sept., 1796, m. 26 Jan., 1826, BETSEY 
B. SIMONDS, dau. of Joseph and Abigail of Wilton, N. H., who 
d. 15 Dec, 1868, se. 69 yrs., i mo., 25 ds. He settled on a part 
of the homestead in Bedford, and d. 19 Jan., 1853, se. 56 years. 

Children : 

1. Mary Ann', b. 2 Aug., 1826, m. William Kelsea, and d. 29 
July, 1875. 

94. II. Job Blanchard^, b. 18 Oct., 1828, m. Caroline P. 

III. Caroline E.^ twin, b. 10 Oct., 1833, m. 30 Nov., 1853, 
Fairfield R. Davis; he was son of Zenas, b. Nashua, N. H., 1830, 
settled in Bedford, 1864 ; was a town officer and d. 30 June, 1867. 
Their children : 

1. Ada C, b. 5 Feb., 1858, m. Rufus E. Bellows^ of Dorchester, Mass. 

2. Walter, b. l86l, d. 1863, 

3. George IF., b. 6 Dec, 1866, m. Emily L. Bello7vs of Dorchester, Mass. 

IV. Maria S.', twin, b. 10 Oct., 1833, m. 27 May, 1854, 
George Isaacs, and d. 31 Mar., 1872. He was son of John and 
Mary Isaacs, b. 1833, and d. 30 Nov., 1872, se. 38 years. 


ANTHONY LANE" (Jonas-'', Samuel', James^ John^, Job',), 
1 793-1869, b. Lancaster, Mass., 28 Sept., 1793, a cabinet maker 
and farmer in Lancaster; m. first, by Rev. Cyrus Mann., 22 Oct., 







Family Fifty-Nine. 125 

1822, MARY MILES WHITE; she b. i June, 1796, and d. of 
consumption, 16 June, 1865, se. 69 yrs., 16 ds., dau. of Dea. 
James and Mary (Miles) White of Westminster, Mass. Her will, 
signed Oct. 8, 1864, proved July 5, 1865, named her husband, 
Anthony Lane, executor. He m. second, by Rev. Benjamin B. 
Flaggin Cambridge, Mass., 6 Dec, 1866, ABIGAIL REBECCA 
CARTER" (Solomon*^, Ephraim'*-"^, SamueP, Rev. Samuel'^, Rev. 
Thomas^, of Woburn, Mass.) ; she b. i June, 1796, dau. of Solomon 
Carter, deputy sheriff, and his wife, Elizabeth \\'hite, of Lancaster. 
His name appears in the transfer of real estate, Aug. 20, 181 8, 
Feb. 15, 1819, Jan. 25, 1833. Anthony Lane was a member of 
the general committee of ten persons to commemorate the two- 
hundreth anniversary of the town of Lancaster, incorporated May 
28, 1653. He was also vice-president on the day of the celebra- 
tion, June 15, 1853. He d. of cancer, 20 Dec, 1869, ae. 76 yrs., 
3 ms., 8ds. 

His will signed Sept. 5, 1867, left bequests to wife, Abby R. Lane, $13,000, 
to my late brother's children, Eliza Richardson, J. 11. Lane, and Charlotte T. 
Lane, $2,000 each, to Henry Carey, $1,000, to Mary Ann Townsend, $600, 
to each of J. H. Lane's children, $500, except Anthony, to him $1,000 for 
his name, to Moses W. Richardson, $500, to Charlotte T. Lane, $500 more if 
she remain single, to the Sewing Circle in Lancaster, in which my wife is a 
member, $500, to the selectmen of Lancaster to take care of my lot in the 
North village cemetery, $200, to Sarah Everett, Anthony Lane Sawyer, 
Anthony Lane Harrington and Phebe White, each $100. J. H. Lane and 
Moses W. Richardson, executors. Abigail R. Lane, widow of Anthony Lane, 
waived her allowance in the will of her husband, Jan. 6, 1870. — It^or. Co. 
Wills, S99- 26S. 


JONAS HENRY LANE, M. D.e (Jonas^ SamueH, James^, 
John-, Job'), 1 800-1 86 1, was b. at Lancaster, Mass., midnight, 
27, 28 Jan., 1800, was bap. under the name of Henry, but re- 
ceived the addition of Jonas by act of legislature, June 18, 1825. 

When tvvo years old he had white swelling at right hip joint, the 
head of the thigh bone passed from its socket and a new socket 

126 Job Lane and Descendants. 

was formed shortening the Hmb about two inches ; was educated in 
the public schools until fourteen, then at the academies in Groton, 
1 8 14, Leicester and Lancaster ; graduated at Harvard L'niversity, 
1821 ; studied medicine at Westminster, at McLean Asylum, with 
Rufus Wyman, M. D., with John P. Spooner, M. D., and in Mass. 
General Hospital; received the degree ^L D. from Harvard, 1826, 
commenced the practice of medicine in Boston, at No. 10 Hanover 
Street, 1826, No. 25 School Street, 1829, 170 Washington Street, 
1830 to 1848, then at No. 4 Montgomery Place. He was the first 
physician in Boston and probably in New England, Sept. 28, 
1846, to treat diseases of the larynx, trachea and bronchia by the 
local application of the solution of nitrate of silver, which he learned 
of Dr. Horace Green of the City of New York. 

He was thrown from his chaise upon the sidewalk in Charles 
Street, July 6, 1847, his health injured and little finger of left hand 
crushed and amputated and the hand never recovered its strength 
and usefulness. He responded by letter to the invitation to be 
present at the celebration of the two-hundreth anniversary of the 
incorporation of Lancaster, Mass., June 15, 1S53. In the open- 
ing of 1 86 1, with the War of the Rebellion, he became very 
anxious about his country's welfare, and, at the defeat of the L^nion 
forces at the first battle of Bull Run, received the attack which re- 
sulted in his death by paralysis, 5 Sept., 1861, se. 61 yrs , 7 ms., 

Dr. Lane attended the ministry of Rev. Lyman Beecher, D. D., 
1828, and united with the Hanover Street church in March, 1829. 
He continued his connection with the same society in its removal 
to Salem Street and Bowdoin Street under the pastoral care of Rev. 
Messrs. Lyman Beecher and Hubbard Winslow. The following 
terse statement of his Christian hope was found among his papers : 

"I look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith, as my 
Redeemer and my Saviour, and to the Holy Spirit *as my Sancti- 
fier and Guide, through whom 1 have acceptance with God the 
Father. I look away from myself, a sinful worm of the dust, to 
Him through the shedding of whose blood : through whose merits 
and mediation I have the forgiveness of my sins. I believe in 
Him, and through this faith I have justification before God : and 













Family Fifty-Nine. 127 

walking in the ways of obedience before Him, I commit all my 
interests for time and for eternity into His hands, as my Faithful 
Keeper until I come to my Father in Heaven." 

Funeral services were held at his residence, No. 4 Montgomery 
Place, Boston, conducted by Rev. Edward N. Kirk, D. D., and at 
the residence of his brother, Anthony Lane, Esq., of Lancaster. 
His remains were interred in the new cemetery, near the North 
village, Lancaster. All sought to honor him as the model husband, 
father, physician, friend and Christian. Many there were who 
called him blessed. May there be many of his descendants who 
shall emulate his virtues. 

Dr. Lane commenced a very complete system of family registra- 
tion in Oct., 1844, which was continued by his children. These 
records have been freely used in this work. 

He m. 5 Oct., 1830, by Rev. Walter King, FRANCES ANN 
BROWN^ ; she b. 16 Jan., 1S07, dau. of James Fitch Brown- 
(James^) of Norwich, Conn., and his wife, Eliza Rogers Wood- 
bridge^ (Samuel-, Dr. Dudley^). Born of parents of no common 
education and ability, reared in a family of Christian love and 
example, her life became blended with that of her husband, the 
good physician, worthy counsellor and beloved head of their united 
household. What happy homes were those into whose very life 
her own sweet life was so joyously blended ! Model Christian wife 
and mother, beloved of husband and revered by children, her life 
beautifully adorned the gospel of Christ. She entered into rest 
Nov. 16, 1846. Her remains were temporarily interred at Mount 
Auburn and subsequently removed to the family lot in the cemetery 
at North Lancaster. 

"Descendants, whoever you may be, you have just cause to be 
proud of such ancestors as this parentage and those preceding. 
Seek to pattern from their characters and example, and, like them, 
die ripe in the faith of these fathers and mothers in Israel who 
have so gloriously preceded you." 

Children : 

I. Daughter^, stillborn, 22 Dec, 1831, interred Infants Tomb, 
Granary Burial Ground, Boston. 

128 Jo]i Lane and Descendants. 

95. II. Eliza Wait', b. 27 Apr., 1833, m. Moses Wright 

96. III. Jonas Henry, Jr., b. 4 Jan., 1837, m. Isabella 
Almira Hooper. 

IV. Charlotte Taylor~, b. 20 Mar., 1843, christened by Rev. 
Wm. M. Rogers, 2 July, 1843, bearing the name of Charlotte 
Taylor of Newark, N. J. She passed through the perils of vacci- 
nation the Saturday following her birth on Monday, measles, 1848, 
scarlet fever, 1849, mumps both sides, 1851, revaccination, 1854. 
"Can talk quite well," Mar. 2, 1845, commenced primary school 
course under ]\Iiss Green in Harvard Place, 1847, grammar 
course in Bowdoin school on Myrtle street, 1852, Chapman Hall 
school, under Amos Baker and commenced French, Latin, etc., 
1857, on skates and began music lessons, 1858, French Institute 
under Mrs. Dunscomb, late Mile. Grosschoff, 1859. She was con- 
firmed at St. Paul's church, Rev. Wm. R. Nicholson, Rector, 
Manton Eastburn, Bishop, Apr. 21, 1861. 

Miss Lane journeyed and studied in Great Britain and on the 
continent of Europe, 1867, 1868; her second trip to England, 
France, Switzerland and Germany, 1873 ; her third trip to Switzer- 
land, 1890. She spends her summers in Lancaster, Mass., and 
her winters in New York city. The committee of the Evangelical 
society in Lancaster, June, 1882, thankfully acknowledged the 
gift of a church organ from Charlotte T. Lane of Lancaster, Jonas 
Henry Lane of New York city, and Messrs. Richardson of Boston. 
The society has several times been the recipient of her bounty. 


GEORGE LANE6 (Ephraim-', Samuel^ James^ John^, Job^), 
b. Walpole, N. H., 25 Nov., 1803, m. first, 4 Apr., 1831, SARAH, 
dau. of Hugh DUNSHEE of Walpole, who d. 22 Sept., 1841, se. 
36 years; m. second, 18 Sept., (?) 1842, ELIZABETH BAILEY. 
He d. June, 1878, ae. 74 years. 

Children : 

L Martha Ellen", b. 22 Dec, 1831. 


Family Sixty- One. 129 

II. Henry", b. 6 Sept., 1833. 

III. Lewis", b. 23 Oct., 1835. 

IV. Mary Jane'^, b.-2 Aug., 1840. 
By second marriage : 

V. Sarah Elizabeth", b. 12 Aug., 1844. 

VI. Julia Rebecca", b. 22 Feb., 1847. 

VII. Abbie Almira", b. 30 Oct., 1851. 

VIII. FLOR.A Isabella", b. 15 Nov., 1855. 

IX. George Leslie"^, b. 29 July, 1859. 


James^, John-, Job^), 1 807-1 864, b. in West Cambridge, now 
Arlington, Mass., 16 Feb., 1807, m. in Boston by Rcy. Paul Dean, 
30 Sept., 1830, CYNTHIA CLARK, who was b. in Boston, i 
Sept., 1 810, dau. of Elijah and Cynthia (Smith) Clark, and d. 20 
July, 1864. Mr. Lane d. 5 Aug., 1864, **an excellent, beloved 
man whom his children were proud to call father." 

Children born in West Cambridge : 

I. Susan Clark", b. 27 July, 1833, m. 30 Nov., 1853, Charles 
Edwin Goodwin; he b. Belfast, Me., i Jan., 1830, res. West Cam- 
bridge, Mass., and Minneapolis, Minn. Their children b. in West 
Cambridge : 

1. Annie, b. 6 Oct., 1854, m. 9 July, 1884, Allin Ruftis Reed, b. Lowell, 
Mass., 27 Oct., 1852, and had: 

i) Edward Goodwin, b. Boston, 2 Sept., 1885. 2) Martha, b. Boston, 27 
May, 1 89 1. 

2. Charles Edzuard, b. 30 Nov., 1856, d. New York City, 3 Aug., 1891. 

3. Herbert Lane, b. 30 June, 1863. 

4. Arthur Haskell, b. 24 Sept., 1865, m. in Somerville, Mass., 22 July, 
1891, Ada Dean Atwood, who was b. Raynham, Mass., 5 Dec, 1869. 

5. William Haskell, b. 14 July, 187 1. 

II. George Washington", b. it Mar., 1835, m. at West Cam- 
bridge, 20 June, 1866, Sar-AH Tutile of Lexington, Mass., and 

130 Job Lane and Descendants. 

lived on the old homestead of his grandfather, Ebenezer Lane in 
Arlington. No children. 

in. Cynthia Pickering'^, b. 4 Nov., 1836; unm. 

IV. Ebenezer'^, b. 7 Aug., 1838, d. Hamburg, Germany, 27 

Feb., 1873. 

97. V. Mary Wellington^, b. 19 Dec, 1839, m. Edward 
Eri Poor. 

VI. James Alfred''', b. and d. same day. 


DAVID WOODWARD LANE^ (SamueP-4, James^, John^, Job^), 
1801-1888, b. Bedford, Mass., 28 Oct., 1801, resided in North 
Brookfield, Mass., was styled captain, a prominent man and noted 
teacher; administered on his father's estate Nov. 18, 1823, paid 
Jonas Lane $1,200, April i, 1827, for a "farm lately owned by 
Capt. Samuel Lane," of North Brookfield. — Wor. Co. Deeds, 2^6 : 


Capt. Lane m. 24 Jan., 1823, ELIZA SWAN WITT; she b. 

North Brookfield, August, 1801, descendant of John Witt, of Lynn, 
Mass., 1650, d. I Aug., 1868. He d. 26 June, 1888. Obituary 
notice in the Congregatiotialist, 1888. 
Children born in North Brookfield : 

I. Edward Bancroft"^, b. 6 Aug., 1824, d. 10 Oct., 1825. 

II. Lucie Ann*^, b. 4 July, 1826, m. 12 Nov., 1856, Washington 
Harwood, of Adrian, Michigan. 

98. III. Sarah Adeline", b. 24 Aug., 1828, m. Rev. John H. 

IV. Frederick Warren", b. 17 July, 1830, d. 20 Dec, 1853. 

V. Abigail Sylvania^, b. 16 Nov., 1832, m. 4 Oct., 1859, 
George Frye, of Foster, R. I., settled in Lebanon, Linn Co., 

Their children b. in Foster, R. I. : 

I. Richard Alfred, b. 8 Dec, i860, a printer in Jacksonville, Athens Co., 

Family Sixty-Three. 131 

Oregon, m. 14 July, 1888, Ruth Alvina, dau. of Lyman H. and Louisa A. 
Brown, of Coventry, R. L; she d. in Albany, Ore., 29 Jan., 1891. Child: 

i) Ruth Alvina, b. Albany, Ore., 21 Jan., 1891. 

2. Daughter, b. and d. I, 1862. 

3. Frederic Bancroft, b. 12 June, 1863, a compositor in Lebanon, Ore., 
m. 16 July, 1888, Sarah Maria, dau. of Lyman H. and Louisa A. Brown. 
Children : 

i) Susan Maria, b. 26 Aug., 1891. 2) Daughter, b. Albany, Ore., 6 Jan., 
1893, d. 7 Jan., 1893. 3) Edith Louisa, b. Albany, 8 Jan., 1894. 

4. Mary Eliza, b. 9 July, 1864, d. 14 Sept., 1864. 

5. George Herbert, b. 2 Sept., 1865, m. April, 1888, Nellie E. Rabbins, of 
Conn., who d. April, 1889. He d. 5 Oct., 1890. 

6. Earl Clinton, b. 18 Mar., 1867, a missionary in Japan, m. first, Apr., 
1893, Anjiie, adopted dau. of E. H. Pierce, of Rehoboth, Mass., who d. Jan., 
1894; m. second, Susie V. Gullett, a missionary in Japan. Daughter: 

i) Annie Pierce, b. Woodstock, Vt., 7 Jan., 1894. 

7. Emma Lavinia, b. 3 Sept., 1868, d. 23 Sept., 1868. 

8. Son, b. II Sept., 1869, d. 14 Oct., 1869. 

9. Abbie jfajie, b. 2 Nov., 1871. High school teacher. 

10. David Lane, b. 11 Jan., 1873, a printer in Lebanon, Ore. 

11. Daughter, b. 2 Sept., 1874, d. 24 Sept., 1874. 

VI. Nancte Angeline", b. 7 ^Llr., 1835, d. 5 Mar., 1859. 

VIL Lavinia Frances'', b. 20 I\Iar., 1837, d. 23 Nov., 1864. 

VIIL Emmeline Selinda^, b. 12 Nov., 1839, wrote her name 
Emma S., and resided in North Brookfield. 

IX. Adeliza Woodward^, b. 19 Dec, 1841, d. 12 Aug., 1843. 

99. X. John Henry", b. 4 Sept., 1846, m. Abbie A. Kellogg. 


JOHN JONES LANE6 (SamueP-^, James^ John2, Job'), 1818- 
1868, b. Bedford, Mass., m. 16 Nov., 1^49, MARIETTA VAN 
MARTYR, of St. Louis, Mo., and d. in New York City, 18 May, 
1868. She d. 28 Jan., 1873. 

Children born in New York Citv : 

I. John B.", b. 11 June, 1851, d. 15 Aug., 1865. 

II. Marietta', b. 2 Oct., 1851, d. 16 Nov., 1854. 

III. Carlisle Jones'^, b. 4 Sept., 1857. Post office address, 
1899, Susanville, Grant Co., Oregon. 

IV. Frank M.~, b. 21 Sept., 1859, d. 18 Aug., 1865. 

132 Job Lane and Descendants. 

V. Albert Irving', b. 15 Nov., 1861, book-keeper, Newton, N. 
J., residence, 1899, Susanville, Grant Co., Oregon. 

VI. Lizzie J.', b. 15 Nov., 1863, d. 13 Aug., 1865. 

VII. Charles Randolph', b. 17 Nov., 1866, residence, 1899, 
Worcester, Mass., 534 Main street. 


DANIEL JOSIAH LANE^ (SamueP•^ James^ John^, Jobi), 
b. North Brookfield, Mass., 21 Feb., 1821, m. 30 Aug., 1841, by 
Rev. Thomas Snell, D. D., MARTHA E. BARSTOW, of North 
Brookfield. He resided in Beloit, Wis., 1899, the last survivor of 
his father's family. 

Children : 

I. Louis", b. Plymouth, Mass., 10 Apr., 1850, d. 20 Sept., 1850. 

II. Clara', b. 5 Sept., 1852, d. New York, 28 Jan., 1857. 

III. Ella Starr"'', b. 20 Dec, 1855, m. 10 Sept., 1878, A. M. 
Griffin, of Chicago, 111. 

IV. Ida Clara"^, b. 8 Dec, 1857, m. 4 Nov., 1879, L. E. Yer- 
rington, of Galena, 111. 

V. Henry Hudson", b. New York, 31 Dec, i860, commercial 
traveler, residence, Jefferson, Wis. 


ABNER BRIDGE LANE^ (Eliab B.^, John-'-^, Job'\ John^ 
Job^), 1 806- 1 884, was born in Bedford, Mass., 24 May, 1806, m. 
LYDIA BAILEY, resided in Bedford, and d. 13 July, 1884, ae. 78 
ys., 7 ms., I dy. Mrs. Lane d. Oct., 1890. 

Children : 

100. I. George Winchester^, b. 25 July, 1829, m. Sarah M. 

II. Henry Watson®, b. 16 Mar., 183 1, d. 5 Dec, 1847, ae. 
16 ys. 

III. Chandler Bridge®, b. 3 May, 1837. 

F.\.MiLY Sixty- Seven. 133 


GEORGE LANE" (Roger^, JohnH Job^ John2, Job^), 1827- 
1859, b. Bedford, Mass., 7 Aug., 1827, m. 4 July, 1858, LAURA 
ANN, b. 1833, dau. of Timothy and Betsey SMITH. He res. in 
Bedford and d. 18 Oct., 1859, ae. 32. She d. a widow, 2 Apr., 
1889, ae. 56 ys., 8 ms., 16 ds. 

Child : 

L Willis George*^, b. 14 May, 1859, dealer in coal and wood, 
m. 23 June, 1880, Alice Frances Copeland, b. 1858, dau. of 
Mark and Elizabeth (Chase) Copeland. They had : 

1. Mavftor Wilfred^, b. II June, 1883. 

2. Percey Hoxvland^ , b. 5 Mar., 1887, pupil in the 2d Grammar school, 


ELIAS COOLIDGE LANE" (Elias6, Francis^, John^ Job^, 
John^, Job^), 1809-1878, was b. Ashburnham, Mass., 30 Dec, 
1809, m. 20 Sept., 1835, ^L\RY FARWELL; she b. 1805, dau. 
of Simeon and Hepzibah (Farwell) Farwell, of Fitchburgh, Mass. 
They settled in New Gloucester, Me. Elias C. Lane, chairmaker, 
and Mary F. Lane his wife sold to Solon H. Campbell, Jr., for 
^100.00, June 29, 1 84 1, land with buildings in New Gloucester, 
''being the land which Daniel Wheelwright conveyed to me the said 
Lane, by deed Oct. 14, 1836." His name appears in the transfer 
of real estate, 1841 to 185 1, Cumberland Co. Deeds. 

He died at New Gloucester, 23 Aug., 1878, se. 68 yrs. 

Children : 

L Mary H.^, b. 12 Sept., 1842. 

n. David*^, d. 12 May, 1846. 

in. David A.'^, d. 12 Nov., 1857, ae. 11 yrs. 

— New Gloucester Records. 

134 Job Lane and Descendants. 


ALLEN FRANCIS LANE" (Francis^-s, John^, Job^ John^, 
Job^), 1812-1886, b. 24 Mar., 1812; farmer and mechanic, Ash- 
burnham, Mass., m. 28 Oct., 1840, LAURA P. TYLER, and d. 3 
Dec, 1886. She d. his widow, Jan., 1899. 

Nine children : 

L Henry T.^, b. 20 Sept., 1841, d. in the Civil War, 29 Oct., 

IL Infant^, b. 8 May, d. 18 May, 1843. 

in. Laura A.^, b. 25 Nov., 1844, m. WiM. Richardson, of Fitch- 
burg, Mass. He d. 13 June, 1890. 

IV. Emma L.*", b. 8 Apr., 1847, d. i Sept., 1847. 

V. Eliza M.^, b. 25 Oct., 1849, m. 27 Nov., 1879, Charles T. 
Harding, of Fitchburg, and had : 

I. Charles Frajicis, b. 11 Sept., 1881. 

VI. Albert^, b. 22 Mar., 1853, m. 19 June, 1881, Ada E. 
Lyndes ; res. Westminster, Mass. 

VII. James A.^, b. 18 Nov., 1854, carpenter at Lane Village, 
Ashburnham, m. 17 Dec, 1881, Carrh: Belle, b. 15 May, 1861, 
dau. of Robert White McIntire, and had : 

1. Edith Laura^^ b. 6 Oct., 1891. 

2. Alice Beatrice, b. 8 Feb., 1896. 

VIII. Francis W.^, b. 24 Oct., 1858, grad. D. C. 1881, teacher 
at Yonkers, N. Y., and Washington, D. C. ; mechanical draftsman, 
solicitor of U. S. and Foreign patents. Resides in Chicago, m. 26 
Dec, 1 88 1, Gertrude B. (Dewey) Kilbourne, of Litchfield, 
Conn. Children : 

Harold Francis ^ b. 2 Nov., 18S2. 

Arthur Aiigleton^ , b. 20 Mar., 1884. 

Henry Richardson^, b. I Feb., 1886. 

Jessie Gcrtrnd(^, b. 2 May, 1887. 

Florence^, b. 11 July, 1890, d. 31 July, 1890. 

Lena Isabel^, b. 24 June, 1892. 

Laura Paulina^, b. 3 Oct., 1894, d. 31 July, 1895. 

IX. Justin E.^, b. 8 Apr., 1861, d. 17 June, 1861. 

Family Sixty-Nine. 135 


AMOS FOSTER LANE^ (Francis^-s, John\ Job^, John^, Jobi), 
1815-1878, b. 30 June, 1815 ; res. Ashburnham, m. 26 June, 
1839, MARTHA WARD, b. 26 Nov., 1819, d. 28 Jan., 1862, 
dau. of Nathaniel D. Ward. Mr. Lane d. 7 Mar., 1878. 

Children : 

I. William W.^, b. 7 Nov., 1841 ; res. Ashburnham, d. 3 Sept., 

II. Albert Francis^, b. 24 Feb., 1844, d. 16 Sept., 1847. 

III. Sar.\h N.®, b. 8 Apr., 1846, d. 14 Sept., 1847. 

IV. George F.^, b. 15 Oct., 1848; res. Kingston, Mass., mer- 
chant and postmaster. He bought land in Plympton, Mass., 
1878, in Pembroke, Mass., 1880, in Kingston, 1882. He sold 
land in Kingston, 1882 ; m. first, 28 Sept., 1878, Abbie M., dau. of 
H. B. and I'^lizabeth Magathlin, of Duxbury, Mass., who d. 23 
Jan., 1880, m. second, 6 Mar., 1881, D. Marinda Keevy. Two 

V. Elmir.\ J.^, b. 30 Dec, 1850, m. Mr. Walker; res. Min- 

VI. Oman F.^, b. 31 Mar., 1853 ; res. Ashburnham, d. 30 Dec, 

VII. Mary E.^, b. 25 May, 1856, m. 12 July, 1873, Charles 
A., b. 10 Oct., 1853, d. 17 Oct., 1883, son of Elijah Haven. 
Their children : 

1. George E.,h. 20 Nov., 1877,111. 26 Apr., 1899, Catherine Josephine 

2. Edith Abbie, b. i6 Aug., 1880. 

3. Clara Luretta, b. 15 Aug., 1882. 

VIII. Walter A,-, b. 19 July, 1858, m. 9 Sept., 1883, Eva T. 
Wright; res. Kingston, Mass. Two children. 

IX. Samuel A.^, b. 26 July, i860, d. 3 Sept., i860. 

X. John F.*^, b. 22 Aug., 1861, d. 28 Apr., 1864. 

136 Job Lane and Descendants. 


SAMUEL LANE- (Francis6-5, John^, Job-^ John^, Jobi), 1817- 
1856, was born in Ashburnham, Mass., 21 May, 181 7. He was a 
carpenter by trade and resided in Ashburnham. He m. 30 Dec, 
1840, NANCY H. EATON; she b. 18 Apr., 1822, dau. of Joel 
Eaton, of Fitchburg, Mass. 

Mr. Lane d. 6 Nov., 1856. Israel A. Packard was administrator 
on his estate, who returned an inventory of $3,728.19, Jan. 6, 1857. 
— JVor. Co. Wills, 100 : 406. 

Five children : 

I. Joel E.**, b. 18 Apr., 1843, d. i Jan., 1859. 

n. Mary Susan^, b. 20 Jan., 1845, d. 5 Dec, 1845. 

HL Samuel Edward^, b. 18 Oct., 1846, a farmer, resident in 
Hubbardston, Mass., m. 3 June, 1866, Edna L. Pierce, of Liver- 
more Falls, Me. Their children : 

1. Sarah Maude Lillian^, b. 22 May, 1872, m. 25 Dec, 1894, Leonard 0. 
Robinson^ of Westminster, Mass., and has: 

i) Olin Edward, b. 14 Oct., 1895. 

2. Edwin Dexte)-^, b. 6 Mar., 1876, Methodist pastor in Groveland, Mass. 

3. Myrtis E.^, b. 23 Jan., 1878, d. 21 Aug., 1878. 

101. IV. Frederick DougLu\ss^, b. 4 July, 1849, i^^- Cora 
Jeanette Gilbert. 

V. Mary Suzetta^, b. 20 Oct., 1850, d. 23 Dec, 1858. 


MILTON LANE' (Francis^-^, JohnS Job^, John^, Job^), 18 19- 
1876, b. 27 Feb., 1819; res. Ashburnham, m. first, 5 Nov., 1851, 
MARY PARKHURST, of Fitchburg, b. i April, 1831, d. 25 Oct., 
1863; m. second, Jan., 1867, JANE (Pierce) FLAGG, and d. 8 
June, 1876. 

Six children : 

I. Ella M.^, b. 10 Sept., 1855 ; res. Rindge, N. H. 

Family Seventy-Three. 137 

II. Hattie P.^ b. 1 6 Dec, 1857, m. 16 May, 1888, John H. 
Maude, and resides in Worcester, Mass. 

III. Gexery M.^, b. 19 Oct., i860; res. Ashburnham, m. 14 
May, 1896, Mabel, dau. of George Howard. 

IV. Della. M.^, b. 25 Mar., 1863, m. 25 Sept., 1887, Vernon 
S. Fay ; resides in Fitchburg, Mass., and had : 

1. Leon B., b. 20 Sept., 1891. 

2. Elsie L., b. 21 Apr., 1894. 

3. Royal V.,h. 1 1 June, 1896. 

By second marriage : 

V. Gertrude E.^, b. 4 Nov., 1867. 

VI. Herbert L.*^, b. 20 Nov., 1869. 


H0SP:A FOSTER LANE" (Francis^-^ John^ Job^, John2, Job^), 
was born in Ashburnham, Mass., 7 Feb., 1831, an efficient and 
eminent teacher. Mr. Lane began his long career as principal of 
the High school, Templeton, Mass., at its establishment in the 
autumn of 1856, a position he held for two score years. He has 
been the librarian of the Boynton Public Library at Templeton, 
from its first opening in Sept., 1873. ^^ wrote the history of 
Templeton for the press of J. W. Lewis & Co., Philadelphia, 1889. 

Principal Lane m. 16 Aug., 1858, EUNICE ELIZABETH 
FAIRBANKS; she b. 14 Feb., 1839, dau. of Emory and Eunice 
(Hayward) Fairbanks. 

Children born in Templeton : 

I. Charles H.^, b. 14 Sept., 1859, collated records for the 
White Genealogy. 

II. Arthur Fr.\ncis^, b. 17 July, 1861, d. 17 Oct., 1862. 


DANIEL WALKER LANE' (Benj.6-5, John^ Job^, John^, 
Job^), 1824-1892, b. Ashburnham, Mass., 4 Dec, 1824, m. first, 9 
Feb., 1852, JERUSHA E. BEMIS, who d. 3 Sept., 1872; m. 

138 Job Lane and Descendants. 

second, 23 Apr., 1874, ELEANOR J. LANE^ (Francis^-s, John^, 
Job3, John2, Jobi). He d. 19 Mar., 1892. 

Three children : 

L LoRETTA^, b. 14 Dec, 1852, d. 27 Jan., 1853. 

IL Cyrus W.^, b. 23 Feb., 1854, variety wood turner and 
manufacturer of enameled wood goods, Townsend Harbor, Mass. 

HL Minerva L.^, b. 15 Mar., 1857. 


MARTIN B. LANE^ (Benj.6-5, john^, Job^, JohnS, Job'), b. 
Ashburnham, Mass., 4 Sept., 1828, m. i Nov., 1865, CARRIE N. 
ADAMS; she b. 29 July, 1846, dau. of Capt. William Adams, of 
Townsend, Mass. He resided, merchant and salesman, Ashburn- 

Five children : 

I. Henry Martin^ b. 28 Nov., 1867. 

II. Willie Frank**, b. 22 July, 1870. 
HI. Abboit Benjamin®, b. 4 June, 1876. 

IV. Mabel Augusta®, b. 7 June, 1879. 

V. Orrie Adams®, b. i Apr., 1884. 


LEVI LANE^ (Zibafi-\ John'', Job^, John^, Job^), 1806-1894, 
was born in Amherst, N. H., 13 Nov., 1806. In 18 14, when eight 
years old, he moved with his parents from the state of Maine to 
Lyons, Wayne Co., N. Y. There was much work to be done in 
the new settlement. From his boyhood he did his full share. He 
learned the blacksmith trade and all through life was a hard 
worker. The habits of industry formed in youth followed him all 
his days. He was most happy when doing something useful. 

He m. 4 Mar., 1829, SALLY BAUNETT when he was twenty- 

Family Seventy-Five. 139 

two and she eighteen years of age. They lived happily together 
nearly 62 years. On March 4, 1889, their children gave them a 
surprise celebration, the sixtieth anniversary of their wedded life. 
In 1868, he united with the Presbyterian church of Lyons. In 
the feebleness of old age, when forgetful of other things, he never 
forgot his religious duties. Every day, to the very last, he read his 
Bible and offered prayer. He was a good man, of whom his 
neighbors and those who knew him best, speak only in terms of 

Mrs. Lane was b. 4 July, 18 10, and d. 7 Dec, 1890. Mr. Lane 
d. March, 1894, ae. 87 years. 

"Father, though from yonder sky 
Cometh neither voice nor cry, 
Yet we know from thee to-day, 
Every pain hath passed away. 

Not for thee shall tears be given. 
Child of God and heir of heaven. 
For he gave thee sweet release, 
Thine the Christian's death of peace. 

Well we know thy living faith 
Had the power to conquer death, 
As a living rose may bloom. 
By the border of the tomb. 

Father, in that solemn trust 
We commend thee, dust to dust ! 
In that faith we wait, till risen, 
Thou shall meet us all in heaven. 

While we weep as Jesus wept, 
Thou shall sleep as Jesus slept; 
With thy Saviour thou shall rest. 
Crowned and glorified and blest." 

— The Lyons Republican, Mar. 2j, /8g^. 

Eleven children : 

I. Robert B.^, b. i Apr., 1830, d. in infancy. 

II. Martha^ twin, b. 14 July, 1831, m. John Everhart, had 
two children and d. i May, 1888. 

I. George. 2. Belle. 

III. Mary^, twin, b. 14 July, 1831, unm., d. 13 Feb., 1868. 

140 Job Lane and Descendants. 

IV. Frances G.^, b. 19 June, 1834, unm. 

V. Elizabeth E.®, b. 12 Aug., 1836, m. Barton Cornwell. 
Children : 

I. Alice. 2. Henry. 3. Hatiie. 4. Nora. 

VI. Rodney D.^, b. lo Apr., 1839, m. Jennie Welling. Child- 
ren : 

I. yohn^. 2. Sadie^ . 3. Welling. 

VII. Baby^, b. 16 July, 1 84 1, d. 9 Aug., 1841. 

VIII. Robert B.^, b. 27 July, 1843, d. 5 Aug., 1850. 

IX. Harriet B.^, b. 8 Noy., 1846, m. Jacob Vanderbilt. 
Children : 

I. Ella V. 2. Edna M. 

X. Laura J.^, b. 26 May, 1849, m. Augustus Burnet, and had 
two children. 

XI. Leyi E.^, b. 5 Oct., 1 85 1, m. Emma Gifford. Children : 

I. Minnie^. 2. IVillie'^. 3. Martha^. 4, Jennie^. 5. Augustus^. 


JOHN LANE" (John6, Ziba-', John^, Job^ John2, Job'), 1825- 
1897, was born in Homer, 111., 25 Sept., 1825, and inherited many 
of the best qualities and genius of his father. He was a black- 
smith and manufacturer of ploughs at Lockport, 111. HaYing 
realized a deserYcd and competent fortune, he retired to Chicago, 
residing in Kenwood, where he deYOted his leisure to amateur 
floriculture and was an enthusiast in orchid and chrysanthemum 
culture. His extensiYC grounds, seYeral greenhouses, and, during 
the summer, his garden were something worth seeing. His friends 
and neighbors reaped largely the benefits of his labor which were 
distributed to them with laYish generosity. — The Inter- Ocean. 

The old family Bible and many records and relics which had 
been accumulating for scYeral generations were burned in the great 
Chicago fire of 1871. 

Family Seventy- Seven. 


Mr. Lane m. June, 1847, MARY ELIZA RODGERS, who d. 17 
Feb., 1892. He d. 17 April, 1897. 
Four children born in Lockport : 

102. L Julius Arthur^, b. 6 July, 1848, m. Helen Duncan 

H. Ernest John^, b. 9 Mar., 1850, m. Julia Pierce, resided 
St. Louis, Mo., and had : 
I. Charles Ernest^. 

HL Rose Helen^, b. 20 Aug., 1855, m. 29 Oct., 1877, Frank 
M. Wilson, capitalist at Kenwood, Cook Co., 111., and had : 

I. Raymond Van IVilson, b. 23 Aug., 1879. 

IV. Emma Lilian^, b. 5 Dec, 1859, ra. at Kenwood, i Oct., 
1890, Dr. S1L.AS J. Baird, of Youngstown, Ohio, and had : 
I. Raymond Marnine, b. 3 Sept., 1893. 



JONATHAN ABBOT LANE" (Jonathan^-^, John^ Job^, John^ 
Job*), 1 82 2- 1 898, was born in Bedford, Mass., 15 May, 1822, at 

the homestead built by his great grand- 
father, Mr. John Lane'*. Moving with his 
parents to Boston, Mass., when he was 
between one and a half and two years 
old, and graduating from the old Boylston 
Grammar school in 1843, and from the 
English High school in 1837, he became 
a prominent man in the business, phil- 
anthropic and religious circles of Boston. 
"A typical Boston merchant, representing 
in his birth, tastes, training and influence 
all that is best, and standing high in the 
commercial circles of the city and of the 
nation as well." — The Cojigregationalist. 

Entering as a boy the employ of a dry goods jobbing house, he 
obtained control of the business in 1849, and continued it in his 

142 Job Lane and Descendants. 

own name. The firm was afterward known as Lane & Washburn, 
then from 1864 to 1894, as Allen, Lane & Company; later it was 
incorporated as the Allen-Lane Company, with Mr. Lane as 
president. The concern has had different places of business, 
having been at No. 266 Devonshire street since the Boston fire of 
1872, and is counted the oldest woolen commission house in 

During the Civil War, Mr. Lane was president of a branch of 
the Union League and private in the Home Guards. He was 
a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1863 
and 1864; and of the Senate 1874 and 1875; ^^^^ ^i^^ member 
and president of the old Mercantile Library Association, 1875- 
1878, and largely instrumental in the reorganization of that in- 
stitution ; served on the Executive Council of Governor Rice, 
1878; president of the Boston Merchants' Association, 1887- 
1895, and represented the seventh Congressional district as Re- 
publican Presidential Elector, 1892. He was director of the 
American Congregational Association, 1893 ; president of the 
Congregational Club, 1894, of which he had been a member 
for twenty-five years from its organization ; member of Mayor 
Quincy's Merchants' Municipal Committee and of the Associated 
Board of Trade, 1896; gave a reminiscent and racy address at 
the seventy- fifth anniversary of L^nion Church, with which he had 
been a member in youth and manhood, 1897. Mr. Lane was 
a life member of the American Economic Association, and spoke 
and wrote pamphlets on the subject of taxation and in behalf of 
consular reform. He was a charter member of the Boston Art 
Club; a life member of the Young Men's Christian Association, 
and the Young Men's Christian Union ; one of the advisory board 
of the Children's P>iend Society ; a director of the Home for Aged 
Men ; state trustee of the Hospital Cottages, Baldwinville, Mass., 
and was interested, ofificially or otherwise, in many other benevo- 
lent organizations. A list of Mr. Lane's Discourses and Sources 
of Biographical Information relating to him has been prepared by 
his son, Mr. Lucius P. Lane, and twenty-five copies have been 
privately printed. It may be consulted in some of the large 

Family Seventy- Seven. 143 

Jonathan A. Lane married at West Hawley, Mass., by her father 
Rev. Benjamin F. Clarke, 13 Nov., 1851, SARAH DELIA 
CLARKE"* (Benjamin F.^, and Sarah, dau. of Israel and Chloe 
(Lombard) Chapin, Samuel-, of Sharon, Mass., and Ursula Fellis 
Church, Joseph F.', of Jamaica Plain, ]Mass.) Mrs. Lane was 
born in Buckland, Mass., 7 Oct., 1826, and graduated from Mount 
Holyoke Female Seminary in 1845, being a classmate of Mr. 
Lane's sister, Ruhamah Augusta Lane. Mr. Lane died of heart 
failure, at his residence since 1856, No. 623 Tremont street, Sun- 
day morning, June 5, 1898. Appropriate funeral services were 
held June 7, at the house and at the Union Church, Columbus 
Avenue. "Busy Boston stopped to honor one of its leaders in 
commerce and politics." — Boston Herald. 

The interment was in the family lot at Bedford, Mass. Will 
dated April 12, 1889, was filed in the Registry of the Suffolk Pro- 
bate Court, June 9, 1898 ; wife and eldest son executors. 

"Mr. Lane had a reputation which was not confined within 
business limits, though for years he had been one of the leading 
spirits in the commercial life of Boston. Although he was well 
known as one of the Allen- Lane Company, dry goods commission 
merchants, he had large interests that lay in other social, political 
and charitable ways." — Boston Journal. 

"In the death of Hon. Jonathan A. Lane the city of Boston has 
lost one of its most high minded and public spirited citizens. 
But his sympathies and his efforts were not bounded by local limi- 
tations. He desired pure and efficient city government, but his 
ideals did not halt at that point. He was no less ardent in his 
championship of large and practical reforms for state and nation. 
There was hardly a progressive or a philanthropic movement in 
this city that had not felt his influence. He had been helpful and 
zealous in whatever seemed to him to give promise of wholesome 
progress, and the good causes which had benefitted by his means, 
his counsel and his service were almost numberless." — Boston 

A monument in representation of a Grecian temple is erected to 
his memory in Shawshine cemetery, Bedford, Mass. Inscription : 
"Jonathan Abbot Lane, son of Jonathan and Ruhamah Lane, born 

144 Job Lane and Descendants. 

in Bedford, 15 May, 1822. After he had served his own genera- 
tion by the will of God, fell on sleep, Boston, 5 June, 1898." 
This memorial, erected in the family enclosure, is but one of 
several which mark the resting place of former merchants and use- 
ful men of Boston, those to the memory of Jonathan Lane, the 
father, and Samuel W. Lane, a brother, being among them. 
Six children : 

103. L John Chapin^, b. Boston, 8 Nov., 1852, m. Harriet 
Brewer Winslow. 

IL Augusta Benjamin*^, b. Boston, 2 June, 1854, d. Littleton, 
Mass., 31 July, 1856. 

IIL Frederic Henry^, b. Boston, 25 May, 1858, B. S. Mass. 
Institute Technology, 1879. Allen-Lane Co., 49 Leonard street, 
New York City. Married at Macon, Ga., 27 Mar., 1890, Louise 
Abbot Lane Moseley, of Hernando, Miss. They resided in New 
York, and had : 

1. Alfred Paqe^, b. 26 Sept., 1891. 

2. Abbott Atwood^, b. 16 Feb., 1893. 

IV. Alfred Church^, b. Boston, 29 Jan., 1863 ; A. B. Har- 
vard College, 1883, instructor there 1883-85, student at Heidel- 
berg, Germany, 1886-87, A.^L, Ph.D., Harvard 1888; student of 
the family history in England and America, State Geologist of Michi- 
gan, with residence at Houghton, and later, Lansing, Mich. He 
has printed important geological papers in American and German 
publications. Fellow of the Geological Society of America, F. G. 
S. A. 

Dr. Lane m. 15 Apr., 1896, Susanne Lauriat; she (bap. Susan 
Foster) dau. of Charles E. and Harriet Fidelia Lauriat of the firm 
Estes & Lauriat, Boston, Mass. Son : 

I. Lauriat^, b. Brookline, Mass., 14 Nov., 1898. 

V. Benjamin Clarke^, b. Boston, 2 Oct., 1866 ; English High 
school class of 1883, and Mass. Institute Technology, i883-'87 ; 
of the Allen-Lane Co., 266 Devonshire street, Boston; regular 
Republican nominee for Congress from the ninth Massachusetts 
District in 1892, at the age of 25 ; member of the Republican 
State Committee, 7th Suffolk Senatorial District, i894-'95, of the 

^cJa^a^ I2j . ^L^^ 





Family Seventy- Eight. l-i5 

Boston Municipal League, 1S94 , of the Common Council of the 

city of Boston, 1895 and 1896; active member of the Old South 
Historical Society, 1884, and Speaker of the Boston Young Men's 
Congress, 31st and ^26. sessions. He m. 25 April, 1899, in Union 
Church, Boston, by Rev. Samuel Lane Loomis, pastor of the 
church and cousin of the groom, Miss Florence Goodwin, of the 
Boston University class of 1895, dau. of the late Henry Harrison 
Goodwin, of South Berwick, Me. Home on Maxfield street, West 
Roxbury, Mass. 

VL Lucius Page^ b. Boston, 7 Jan., 1872, graduated Mass. 
Institute Technology, 1894, Harvard L^niversity, 1895, student 
New York State Library School, Albany, N. Y., class of 1899, is 
employed in the Boston Public Library ; has visited the old home- 
stead in England and assisted greatly in the Genealogy. 


Rev. ELIHU LOO^^S^ born Huttonville, Randolph Co., Va., 
13 Oct., 1823, son of Rev. Aretas^, of Bennington, Yt., and wife 
Sarah (Goodman) Loomis, of Greenfield, Mass., (Shem^^^, Amos"*, 
Stephen^, Joseph-, Joseph^, from Braintree, Essex Co., England, 
of Boston, Mass., 1638, of Windsor, Conn., 1639), graduated Wil- 
liams College, 1847, ^^'^s ordained 185 1, and held Congregational 
pastorates at Pownal, Yt., i85i-'53, Littleton, Mass., i854-'69, 
Chesterfield, 111., i87o-'79, Memphis, Mo., i879-'8o. Bonne Terre, 
Mo., i88o-'8i, Oakwood, Mich., i882-'84, Chesterfield, Mass., 
1885-94, without charge Bedford, Mass., 1895. 

Rev. Mr. Loomis m. first, 26 Nov., 185 1, RUHAMAH 
AUGUSTA LANE- (Jonathan^-^ John-*, Jobs, john^, Job^) ; she 
b. Boston, Mass., 29 July, 1824, graduated Mount Holyoke, 1845, 
d. Littleton, Mass., 24 Feb., 1867. He m. second, LUCY 
ANNETTE MONROE, of Chesterfield, III, by whom he had 

Children of Rev. Elihu and Ruhamah Augusta (Lane) Loomis : 

I. Elihu Goodman^, b. Bedford, Mass., 22 Oct., 1852, fitted 
for college at Lawrence Academy, Groton, Mass., Appleton Acad- 

146 Job Lase and Descendants. 

emy, New Ipswich, N. H., and Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., 
graduated Amherst College, 1874, studied law with George W. 
Morse, of Boston, and at the law school, Boston University, and 
was admitted to the Suffolk Co. Bar in 1878, and has extensive 
practice in Boston. He m. 11 Apr., 1882, Marian Hillhouse 
Fitch, of Norwich, Conn.; she b. Norwich Town, Conn., 28 Sept., 
i860. They settled in Bedford, Mass., on the David Reed place, 
previously owned by his grandparents, Jonathan and Ruhamah 
(Page) Lane. Here he was town officer and prominent citizen, 
special Justice of District Court of Central Middlesex, 1898. 
Children : 

1. Afar}' Fitch^, b. 29 July, 1883, d. 19 Mar., 1892. 

2. Ralph Lane^, b. 13 Apr., 1887. 

3. Hubert Hillhous^, b. 16 Mar., 1889. 

4. Samtiel^, b. 18 Sept., 1892. 

5. William Fitch^, b. 27 Apr., 1894. 

104. H. Samuel Lane^, b. Littleton, Mass., 16 Aug., 1856, 
m. Marion Camp Lippincott. 

HL Henry Abbot^, b. Litdeton, ^lass., 29 Oct., i860, firm of 
Hayes & Loomis, Shoe and Travelers League, Boston, Mass., ra. 29 
Dec, 1885, Florence Elizabeth Barker, and d. 13 Oct., 1890. 
Had daughter : 

I. Elizabeth Bella?ny^, b. 20 Nov., 1889. 

Mrs. Loomis m. second, 23 June, 1898, by Rev. Samuel Lane 
Loomis, William T. Whedon, of Norwood, Mass. 

IV. Aretas George*^, d. aged three months. 


STEPHEN ABBOT LANE' (Josiah Abbot^ Jonathan^, JohnS 
Job^, John-, Job'), b. New York city, 24 Feb., 1821, m. 24 Jan., 
1852, MARY LAVINIA BANCROFT; she b. Brooklyn, N. Y., 
25 Sept., 1834. They resided 973 Madison street, Brooklyn, N. 
Y., January, 1899. 

Children born in Brooklyn : 

L Charles Bancroft^, b. 10 Nov., 1853, m. first, 29 Mar., 




y%^ ^:2^, 




Family Eighty- One. 147 

1880, Theodor-a. Olivia Doten, m. second, 29 Nov., 1888, Re- 
BECKA Barker. No children by either marriage. 

II. Lorenzo Durvea®, b. 6 May, 1859, unm., d. 29 Mar., 1880. 

III. Freddie Russell^, b. 13 Sept., 1865, d. 16 July, 1866. 

IV. Laura May^, b. ii Dec, 1868. 


JOHN SAMUEL LANE" (Josiah Abbot^, Jonathan^, John^, 
Job^, John"^, Job^), was b. in New York city, 24 May, 1823, m. 11 
Nov., 1845, CAROLINE M. WATERBURY, and setded in 
Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Children : 

I. Henry Pltnam^, b. 20 Oct., 1848, m. i Aug., 187 1, Sarah 
Freeman Teed, and d. 15 Oct., 1887. She was b. 25 Nov., 1852, 
and m. second, 19 Nov., 1891, Eleazer Giles Lemon; he b. 13 
Sept., 1847, in business with the Sawyer Woolen Mills Co., of 
Dover, N. H., as its New York agent, boarding at Hotel Endicott. 
Children of Henry P. and Sarah F. Lane : 

1. Emvia Matid^, b. I Feb., 1873, m. 25 June, 1899, Robert Winthrop 

2. Henrv PauP, b. 28 Aug., 1875, d. 8 Feb., 1884. 

3. Carrie May^ , b. I 7 Oct., 1878, d. 28 Nov., 1881. 

II. William Malcom^, b. 24 Dec, 1853, d. 12 Feb., 1867. 

III. John Scudder^, b. 17 Sept., 1861, d. 18 July, 1888. 

IV. Albert Waterbury^, b. 16 Dec, 1863, traveling salesman, 
m. 10 Oct., 1888, Nena Barbee, and had : 

1. Gladys B.^, b. 5 Sept., 1891. 

2. Albert JV.^, b. 20 May, 1893. 


CHARLES GARDNER LANE" (Josiah Abbot^ Jonathan^, 
John'*, Job^, John-, Job'), b. New York city, 29 Dec, 1835, m. 6 
Aug., 1863, MARIA BURNHAM FR.\ZIER; she b. i Sept., 

148 Joe Lane and Descendants. 

1836. They resided 105 Adelphi street, Brooklyn, N. Y., Janu- 
ary, 1899. 

Children born in Brooklyn : 

I. Samuel H.^, b. 20 May, 1864, d. 21 May, 1864. 

II. Albert F.^, b. 13 Nov., 1865, m. 14 Feb., 1893, Eleanor 
E. Wilson, of Brooklyn, and had children : 

1. Edith F.^, b. 4 Apr., 1894. 

2. Maricni E.^, b. 20 June, 1895. 

3. Charles Nelson Curriej-^, b. I Nov., 1898. 

III. Annie Estella^, b. 12 Aug., 1868, m. 10 July, 1894, 
Charles Nelson Currier, of New Brunswick, Canada. No 

IV. Joseph Abbot^, b. 7 Feb., 1871, m. 12 Oct., 1898, Helen 

V. Charles Gardner, Jr.^, b. 26 Oct., 1873, m. 14 Feb., 1897, 
Lillian McMullan. Child : 

I. Nlaomi L.^, b. 3 Jan., 1898. 


CHARLES DeWITT LANE" (George^, Jonathan^, JohnS Job^, 
John^, Job^) b. 2 Feb., 1833, in Charlestown, Mass., m. 1865, 
JOSEPHINE BELL BAKER. Was a minute man in Civil War 
of 1 86 1, enlisted in Charlestown City Guards, 5th Mass. Regt., and 
was in first battle of Bull Run. • 

Children : 

I. Frank Church^, b. 20 Jan., 1S66, m. 10 Feb., 1886, Han- 
nah Austin Penhallow, of Portsmouth, N. H. Their children : 

1. Helen Penhallou^ , b. 23 June, 1887. 

2. Mary Pickering , b. 14 Jan., 1891, d. 17 Feb., 1897. 

3. Katherine Wyvtan^ ^ b. 5 Feb., 1 895. 

4. Marion Haven^, b. 15 May, 1898. 

II. DeWitt*, b. II Nov., 1867. 

III. Mary Baker^, b. 24 Mar., 1870, d. 9 Sept., 187 1. 

Family Eighty-Four. 149 


EBENEZER HAYWARD LANE- (John Samuel^ Jonathan^, 
John'', Job^, John-, Job^), b. 6 Nov., 1848, m. 25 Oct., 1877, 
CATHERINE MURRAY; she b. 27 Sept., i860. 

Children : 

I. Clair DeWitt^, b. 4 Sept., 1878. 

II. Arlixe Gr-a.ce-, b. 10 Dec, iSSi. 

III. Gertrude Evangeline^, b. i Mar., 1884. 

IV. Ruth Cleaveland^, b. 2 Apr., 1894. 


HIRAM H. LANE? (John^, Gershom F.^ John^-3-2, job^), 
1802-1878, was born in Penn., 24 Oct., 1802, and moved with 
his parents to Ohio about 181 2; m. at Windsor, O., 11 Aug., 
1 83 1, DRUSILLA E. DAVIS; she b. 25 Aug., 181 2. They 
settled at Wesley Township, Wash. Co., O. He d. 9 Mar., 1878. 

Children : 

105. I. Richard^ b. 9 June, 1832, m. Elizabeth Miller. 

II. Jesse D.^, b. 3 Jan., 1834, m. at ^Vindsor, O., 26 Oct., 
1865, LiNNiE A. PiERiOT ; she b. 5 Feb., 1845. No children. 

III. Nancv^, b. 3 Feb., 1837, ra. 12 Dec, 1861, Willl\m Mil- 
ler, and d. 27 Sept., 1880; he b. in Harrison Co., O., i Nov., 
1836, and settled in Franklin, O. Their children : 

1. Ella A., b. 6 Nov., 1862, m. 6 May, 1883, C. C. Coulson; he b. 12 
Nov., 1859, and had: 

Mary D., b. 30 July, 1884. 2)" Roger W., b. 28 Oct., 1890. 

2. J/ai^ie y., b. 17 Sept., 1864, m. 23 Jan., 1895, George W. Miller ; 
he b. 3 Mar., 1870. 

3. Charles B., b. ii Nov., 1866, d. 5 Apr., 1890. 

Frank G., b. 27 Nov., 1868. 
Jesse P., b. 21 Jan., 187 1. 
Mary D., b. 27 Mar,, 1873. 
Hattie^ b. 15 Nov., 1875. 
Blanche, b. 10 July, 1880. 

IV. Henry^, b. 19 Jan., 1839, d. 19 Sept., 1839. 

150 Job Lane and Descendants. 

V. Mary A.^, b. 30 May, 1844, m. at McConnellsville, O., 17 
Oct., 1867, Capt. Charles J. Gibson; he b. Morgan Co., O., 31 
May, 1841. She d. 3 June, 1884. Their children: 

1. Myr^a D., b. 1 1 Dec, 1868, m. 28 Mar., 1885, Dr. J. B. Naylor, 
and d. 18 June, 1886; he b. 4 Oct., i860. 

2. Jessie L., b. 4 Mar., 1869, m. 12 Aug., 1888, G. L. Keaw, he b. 4 
Dec, 1863, and they had: 

i) Mary F., b. 6 Feb., 1889. 2) Harry B., b. 11 June, 1892. 

3. Thomas B,, b. 12 Nov., 1871. 

4. Milton, b. 17 July, 1873, d. 19 Sept., 1873. 

5. Clara M., b. 3 Jan., 1878. 

6. Harry L., b. 27 Dec, 1881, d. 9 Aug., 1882. 

7. Afary M., b. 16 July, 1884. 

106. VI. Thomas Benton^, b. ii Oct., 1844, m. Lucia M. 


RICHARD LANE' (John^ Gershom F.^ John^-3-2, Job'), 
1 81 2-1 892, was born in Penn., 14 Feb., 181 2, moved in infancy 
with his parents to Ohio, m. 19 Dec, 1833, ELIZABETH HORN, 
who was b. 14 Feb., 181 2, and d. 20 Dec, 1891. He d. 8 Jan., 

Children : 

I. Minerva^, b. 2 Apr., 1835, m. 9 Nov., 1854, John Larimore; 
he b. 7 Oct., 1 83 1. Their children: 

1. Clara E., b. 26 Sept., 1855, d. 17 Nov., 1859. 

2. Elma E.f b. 8 Oct., 1856, d. 10 June, 1873. 

3. Caroline A/., b. 12 Sept., 1858, m. 21 Nov., 1877, yohn R. Black-, 
he b. I Mar., 1853, and had: 

i) Mary T., b. 24 Nov., 1878. 2) Richard L., b. 27 May, 1 88 1. 

4. William C, b. 9 Apr., i860. 

5. George L., b. ii May, 1862, m. 14 Feb., 1888, Lillie L. King; she b. 
I Oct., 1866, and had; 

i) Walter King, b. 3 Jan., 1889, and took the prize at baby show, Topeka, 

6. Richard C, b. 12 Sept., 1 864. 

7. Blanche,}). 6 Aug., 1866, m. 18 Sept., 1888, Sherman S. IVhitc, he 
b. 14 Nov., 1864, and had: 

I) Harry D., b. i July, 1889, d. 25 Sept., 1889. 2) Wilbur S., b. 22 
Sept., 1890. 3) Mildred B., b. 19 July, 1892. 

Family Eighty-Six. 151 

8. Fannie F., b. 5 July, 1868, m. 26 Mar., 1889, Clarence E. Ferry; he 
b. 15 June, 1869, and had: 

i) Ivy P., b. 8 July, 1890. 2) Edith M., b. 15 Nov., 1892. 

9. Brtice L., b. 4 Apr., 1871, m. 2 Oct., 1895, Mary E. Bonhatw, she 
b. 28 Sept., 1872. 

10. Jessie F., b. 13 Feb., 1873, m. 24 Jan., 1895, Asa H. Broxi<n; he 
b. 27 Apr., 1872. 

11. Infant Son, b. 1 1 Aug., 1874, d. 19 Oct., 1874. 

12. James U., b. 30 Sept., 1875, d. 24 Mar., 1877. 

13. Fred B., b. 5 July, 1878. 

II. George W.®, b. 17 Apr., 1838, m. 10 Nov., 1859, H. Ellen 

Belt and d. 27 Mar., 1861. She was b. 10 Nov., 1839. Their 

only child : 

I. Clara E.^, b. i8 Feb., 1861, m. 23 Nov., 1881, Thomas IVilliams, he 
b. 5 May, 1855, and had: 

l) Louise, b. I Aug., 1894. 


LINE LANE" (George \V.'% Gershom F.^, John^-^-^, Job»), she b. 
Montrose, Pa., 25 Nov., 1823, and d. of paralysis 4 Jan., 1894. 

Their children : 

I. Agnes Ann, b. 24 Feb., 1845, i"^"'- ^^st, 7 Dec, 1868, George 
Lewis, m. second, 14 Sept., 1873, Andrew A. Parmelee. Her 
children : 

1. Adolphns Corella (Lewis) b. 28 Sept., 1869, m. 21 Sept., 1892, Edith 

2. Katherine May, b. 5 May, 1 87 1. 

3. Frank Edzaard (Ta.T melee) b. 15 Jan., 1875. 

4. Burt Olmstead, b. 10 Dec, 1878. 

5. Arthur Andre^u, b. 15 May, 1880. 

6. Lillian Grace, twin, b. 4 June, 1883. 

7. Leon IValter, twin, b. 4 June, 1S83. 

II. Ella F., b. 12 Sept., 1846, m. W. W. Rogers, and had: 

1. Delphine, b. 5 June, 1870. 

2. Charles, b. 20 Jan., 1876. 

3. Edna, b. 23 Feb., 1877. 

III. Sarah J., b. 13 Aug., 1848, m. 7 Dec, 1870, Charles 
Frink, and had : 

I. Frederick lF.,h. 20 Jan., 1872. 

152 Job Lane and Descendants. 

IV. George L., b. 13 Jan., 1851, m. Mabel , and had: 

1. Charles V., b. 4 Aug., 1880. 

2. Dajiiel L., b. 5 Jan., 1884. 

V. Edward R., b. 29 Nov., 1854 m. Christie , and had: 

1. Willie E., b. 14 Sept., 1879. 

2. Mary E.,h. 6 Nov., 1881. 

3. Sarah E., b. 15 Dec, 1884. 

4. Lezuis, b. 16 June, 1 888. 

VI. Nahum J., b. 4 July, 1859, ^'^'^- 1882, Arvilla Bennett, 
and had : 

I. Corella^ b. 16 Apr., 1883. 


SAMUEL FREEMAN LANE^ (George W.6, Gershom F.^, 
John'*-^--, Job'), b. Montrose, Pa., 31 Aug., 1834, student at Mont- 
rose Academy, school teacher, began study of law 1859. He en- 
listed 1 86 1 in First Pennsylvania Cavalry, was transferred to 
Signal Corps, Army of the Potomac, Feb., 1864, and was dis- 
charged at the close of the war, Aug., 1865. He was high sheriff 
of .Susquehanna Co., Pa., Oct., 1866, to 1869, was admitted to the 
bar of Susquehanna Co., Jan., 1879, and held a leading position 
in his profession. He was nominated for Justice of the Supreme 
Court of Penn. by the People's Party, Sept. 7, 1899. He has as- 
sisted greatly in the family history. 

Mr. Lane m. 14 Nov., 1866, KATE WELLS. The'y resided in 
Montrose, Pa. 

Children : 

I. Grace A.^, b. 27 Oct., 1867. 

II. Olmstead,® b. 20 Oct., 1869, d. 25 Dec, 1878. 
HI. Jesse Lamont®, b. 21 Sept., 1871. 

IV. Bruce^, b. 23 June, 1874, d. 28 Feb., 1875. 

V. Walter Freeman^, b. 26 Apr., 1876. 

VI. Emma May^, b. 23 July, 1877. 

VII. Pauline®, b. 2 May, 1881. 


Family Eighty- Nine. 153 


AARON BUNNELL, b. 30 Jan., 1828, lived at Russell Hill, 
Pa., where he d. 7 Jan., 1894. He m. 23 Apr., 1849, CLEMEN- 
TINE LANE^ (Thomas^, Gershom F.-^ John"^--^--, Jobi) : she b. 30 
July, 1829, at Montrose, Pa. 

Their children : 

I. Clar-\ Rosaletta, b. 22 May, 1850, m. 24 Mar., 1873, 
Martin M. Bramhall, lived at La Porte, Ind., and had : 

1. Edith Cle?ne7iiine, b. 8 Mar., 1874. 

2. Bertha Evelyn, b. 27 Nov., 1878. 

3. Arthur Eugene, b. 24 Aug., 1884. 

4. Ralph Rodger, b. 8 Oct., 1887. 

n. Bessie Amanda, b. 16 Jan., 1852, m. 24 Oct., 1S76, Har- 
RiDON Sterling Jen^tngs; he b. 21 May, 1853, lived at North 
Mehoopany, Pa., and had : 

1. Joanna, b. 7 Sept., 1879. 

2. Leondl, b. 5 Oct., 1 882. 

3. Sterling Bunnell, b. 18 Feb., 1886. 

HL John Gh.bert, b. i Mar., 1856, d. 10 Sept., 1858. 

IV. Mary Frances, b. -18 July, 1858, m. i .\Lar., 1880, Manuel 
Thomas Silvara, lived at Silvara, Bradford Co., Pa., where he d. 
14 Aug., 1892, and she d. 13 Sept., 1893. Their children: 

1. Harridon A., b. 30 Dec, 1880. 

2. Eva Clementine, b. 9 Nov., 1885, 

V. Alma E., b. 8 Jan., 1861, d. 8 June, 1862. 

VL James Lane, b. i May, 1862, resided at Russell Hill, Pa. 
VH. Minnie Josephine, b. i Nov., 1865. 
VHL Eleanor Roena, b. i July, 1868. 
IX. John Walter, b. 12 Aug., 187 1. 


LUCIUS EUART WILLIAMS, b. 24 Apr., 1827, m. 28 Dec, 
1854, ANNE MARIA LANE" (Thomas6, Gershom F.6, John4-3-2, 
Jobi), she b. Montrose, Pa., 22 Jan., 1833. They lived at New- 
ark Valley, N. V. 

154 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Their children : 

I. Myron Lane, b. i Oct., 1855, m. 14 Dec, 1881, Fannie E. 
WiLLEY. Their children : 

1. Lucius Airman, b. 23 Oct., 1888. 

2. CJiarles Clark, 1). 26 Feb., 1890. 

3. Ralph Burrett, b. 19 Nov., 1892. 

IL Lillian Sarah, b. i June, 1863, m. 10 June, 1885, Charles 
S. Payne, M. D., Liberty, Sullivan Co., N. Y., and had : 

1. Euart Williams, b. 26 Apr., 1887, d. 5 Sept., 1887. 

2. Anna Louise, b. 3 Apr., 189 1. 

3. Evelyn, b. 25 Apr., 1894. 

IIL Julia Clementine, b. 26 Feb., 1866, d. 27 Apr., 1870. 
IV. Norman Merrill, b. 30 Dec, 1868, d. 13 Oct., 1871. 


LEMUEL BLAKESLEE, of Springvil'le, Pa., m. 27 Dec, 1855, 
CHARLOTTE LANF7 (Thomas^ Gershom Y-\ John^-^-^, Job^), 
she b. Montrose, Pa., 15 Mar., 1837. He d. 10 Jan., 1893. 

Their children : 

L Jessie M., b. 14 Nov., 1856. 

H. Louisa E., b. 24 Mar., i860. 

HL Robert L., b. 23 Sept., 1865, m. 20 Sept., 1888, Mary E. 
Kilts, and had : 

1. Robert Paul, b. II Nov., 1889. 

2. Betsey Madeline, b. I Mar., 1892. 

IV. Sarah M., b. 13 Jan., 1868, d. 13 Mar., 1876. 

V. James A., b. 22 Dec, 1869. 

VI. LoiTiE Caroline, b. 14 Jan., 1874. 

VII. Marian C, b. 9 Jan., 1876. 

VIII. Kate Helene, b. 23 July, 1879. 

Family Ninet\'-T\vo. 155 


WILLIAM AUGUSTUS LANE- (Oliver W.«, SolomonMames^-^, 
John2, Jobi), 1822-1887, b. 12 Mar., 1822, m. first, MARY P. 
WRIGHT, of Pepperill, who d. 21 Sept., 1852, ae. 31 ; m. second, 
JULIA M., dau. of Thomas and Betsey HOUGHTON, of North- 
field, Vt., who d. 21 July, 1872, ae. 42 ; m. third, i Jan., 1873, 
SARAH M., widow of George W. LANE« (Abner B.', Eliab B.^, 
John-^ Job3, John2, Job^). 

Mr. Lane res. Bedford, was an auctioneer and d. 31 July, 1887, 
ae. 65 yrs., 4 ms., 19 ds. 

Children by first wife : 

1. Mary Ella*^, b. 25 Feb., 1849, ^- Charles A. Corey, town 
clerk, Bedford, 187 1, onward a score of years. No. 37, III. 2. 
She d. 26 July, 1879, leaving: 

1. Lo^^ie May, b. 24 June, 1870. 

2. Mary Adelle, b. 25 July, 1876. 

By second wife : 

II. Henry W.^, b. 31 Aug., 1855, d. 27 Oct., 1855, ae. 2 ms. 

III. William M.^ b. 31 Aug., 1855, twin, d. in infancy. 

IV. Rosa Belle^ b. 4 July, 1858, m. 29 Nov., 1873, at the age 
of 15 years, Wallace Ellithorp, son of Henry and Annie of 
Edinburgh, Scotland. 


OLIVER JOSIAH LANE' (Oliver W.^, Solomon^, James4-3, 
John2, Job^), was b. in Bedford, Mass., 29 Jan., 1828, a carpenter 
and builder, erected his dweUing on an old homestead of the Bed- 
ford Lanes for five generations ; was chairman and treasurer of 
the committee for Bedford's Sesqui-Centennial in 1879. When the 
Union school house in Bedford was dedicated, Dec. 31, 1891, 
Hon. Jonathan A. Lane, of Boston, tendered the gift of a clock, 
and Oliver J. Lane, Esq., as chairman of the Selectmen, delivered 
the keys from the Building Committee to the School Board. He 

156 Joe Lane and Descendants. 

served as Selectman, i859-'65, i868-'73, iSyy-'yS, 1881 until 
1896, and was Moderator 41 years, of more town meetings than 
any other citizen. Action of the town of Bedford, March 2, 1896. 

''Resolved, That a vote of thanks be given Mr. Oliver J. Lane 
for his valuable services as a town ofificer for the last twenty-five 
years, and that the same be placed on the records of the town ; 
and a copy of this vote so cordially given Mr. Lane by a rising 
vote of the town be handed him by the clerk." 

Mr. Lane m. 28 Apr., 1853, MARY ANN, dau. of John D. and 

Children : 

107. I. John Wellington^, b. 2 May, 1854, m. Mary M. C. 

II. Alice Walton®, b. 16 Feb., 1857, m. 28 Aug., 1883, 
James Stoddard, he b. 1856, son of William J. and Joanna W. 
Stoddard. Had : 

I. Alice Lane, b. 29 May, 1884, 

III. M. Athalia^ b. 18 Dec, 1859. 

IV. Elmer A.®, b. 17 Nov., 1863, m. 23 Oct., 1888, Nettie L. 
Adams, dau. of George and Maria A. (Lincoln) Adams. Had : 

I. Frank Adams^, ]>. 16 Sept., 1889. 

V. Edith L.®, b. 4 Jan., 1866. 


SAMUEL LEAVITT LANE' (Oliver W.^, Solomon-^ James^-s, 
John^, Job^), 1 838-1 87 7, was born in Bedford, Mass., 24 Feb., 
1838; enlisted July 16, 1864, in Co. D, 6th Regiment of Mass. 
Volunteers for 100 days, went to military camp at Lowell, Mass., 
July 24, 1864, and was stationed later at Fort Delaware. He d. 
II Jan., 1877, ?e. 38 yrs., 10 ms. The town of Bedford received 
^50, April, 1893, for the care of his lot. No. 207 in the burial 

Mr. Lane m. 23 May, 1861, FRANCES E., dau. of Isaac and 

Family Ninety- Five. 157 

Children : 

I. Arthur W.^, b. 21 July, 1865, d. 7 July, 1879, ae. 13 years. 

II. Ernest P.®, b. 31 Aug., 1873. 


JOB BLANXHARD LANE' (Davidc-^ James*^•^ John^, Jobi), 
1828-1890, b. Bedford, Mass., 18 Oct., 1833, m. 17 June, 1862, 
CAROLINE P. RUSSELL, she b. 1842, dau. of Royal and 
Roxy B. Russell. He settled on the homestead in Bedford and d. 
14 May, 1890, leaving widow and son. 

I. Walter David^, b. 18 Oct., 1866. He stood by and saw a 
part of the ancestral acres sold under the hammer in September, 
1 89 1. This was the first transfer by deed of estate that eight 
generations of the Lane family had owned and occupied for 227 
years since the purchase of Job Lane, Senior, from Gov. Fitz-John 
Winthrop in August, 1664. 

Walter D. Lane and his mother now live on the estate. David 
Lane built the present house. 


MOSES WRIGHT RICHARDSON, a merchant of Boston, 
Mass., was born i Jan., 1827, son of Thomas and Mary (Wright) 
Richardson, of Fitzwilliam, N. H. He m. 5 June, 1855, ELIZA 
WAIT LANE" (Jonas Henry^, Jonas^ Samuel"*, James^, John^, 
Job^), she b. Boston, 27 Apr., 1833. She was christened in 
Bowdoin street church, bearing the names of her two grand- 
mothers ; was the victim of vaccination at three months old, re- 
vaccination with effect 1837, chicken pox 1838, whooping cough 
1839, measles 1841, scarlet fever 1841, vaccination again 1854. 
Her teachers were Sarah H. Lothrop under Chauncey Place church 
1 84 1, Emma Lothrop 1844, Misses Sullivan, at Quincy and Ellen 
Reed, in Park street 1845, Adams and Welds, Winter street 1847, 

158 Job Lane and Descendants. 

Rev. Hubbard Winslow, Allston street, 1850 to 1852, with lessons 
upon the piano 1842, vocal music 1845, and riding school 1846. 

In 1854, she became engaged to Mr. Richardson, to whom she 
was married by Rev. George Richards, pastor of the Central 
church, at her father's residence No. 4 Montgomery Place, in 
presence of numerous friends, and receiving costly wedding 
presents with an evening band concert. "The guests of the day 
and the evening serenaders were generously entertained, but no wine 
or spirits were served." 

After a month's wedding trip, they occupied rooms at No. 2 
Avon Place and went to house-keeping in their new house No. 
589 Tremont avenue, Feb. 3, 1858. With delicate health she 
visited continental Europe, accompanied by her husband and 
sister Charlotte T. Lane, in 1868, and subsequently spent much 
time at health resorts in Massachusets and at Lake George, Sara- 
toga and New York city. A professor of Christ's religion and 
member of Shawmut Congregational church, she fell asleep in Jesus, 
2 Feb., 1872. Her age was t,8 yrs., 9 ms., 6 ds. 

Their children were : 

L Daughter, stillborn, 10 x'\pr., 1856. 

n. P'annv Brown, b. 29 Mar., 1858, d. of brain fever, 9 Aug., 
1864, ae. 6 yrs., 4 ms., 10 ds. 

HL Alice Wright, b. 15 Aug., 1859, d. 2 Sept., 1859, ?e. 17 ds. 

IV. Henry, b. 12 Feb., 1861, d. 24 Feb., 1861, ?e. 12 ds. 

V. Son, stillborn. 

VL Arthur Kimball, b. 26 Feb., 1866. 


JONAS HENRY LANE, Jr." (Jonas H.6, Jonas\ SamueH, 
James^, John-, Job'), was b. at 170 Washington street, Boston, 4 
Jan., 1837, and christened the first Sabbath in June, 1837, at the 
Franklin street church, by Rev. Wm. M. Rogers, bearing the name 
of his father and grandfather Lane. He fought successfully man's 
mortal enemies : vaccination when four weeks old, chicken pox 


Family Ninety-Six. 159 

1838, whooping cough 1839, inflammatory fcYer 1839, croup 1840, 
measles 1841, lung fever 1845, varioloid 1854, billious fever 1862, 
nervous, prostration 1872. He attended public Primary school 
in Harvard Place 184 2-1 844, Adams' private school in Mason 
street 1 844-1 847, Amos Baker's school in Chapman Place 1849- 
1852, Comer's Commercial College 1852. He entered, as clerk, 
the counting room of Read, Chadwick & Dexter, Bowdoin Block, 
Milk street, Nov. 2, 1852. Here he bought his fur hat 1854, and 
gold watch 1855, holding the clerkship till his majority, Jan. 4, 
1858. He was salesman at the New York branch of the house 

Mr. Lane became partner in the firm of H. Ammidon & Co., 
dry goods commission house. New York, in 1861. He had con- 
tinuous success in business under the firm of H. Ammidon & Co. 
till 1864, and Ammidon, Lane & Co. subsequently, until his mill 
at Oakdale, Mass., was totally destroyed by fire, Sept. 7, 1871. 
By this fire and subsequent bankruptcy of a large part of the in- 
surance companies, the mill sustained a loss of some ;$90,ooo, one- 
half being owned by Mr. Lane. By the great fires in Chicago and 
Boston in 1871 and 1872, his losses in insurance investments were 
$20,000 more. He was president of the West Boylston, Mass., 
Manufacturing Co. 1871, and was elected president of the U. S. 
Corset Co. of New York, in the spring of 1872, a new enterprise. 
Ammidon, Lane & Co., Worth street, N. Y. city, had successors 
Ammidon & Smith, Dec. 4, 1890. Mr. Lane is still in business 
under the style of J. H. Lane & Co., New York city. 

Jonas Henry Lane, Jr., m. 19 Jan., i860, his cousin ISABELLA 
ALMIRA HOOPER ; she b. 24 July, 1836, dau. of James, Jr., and 
Mary (Lane) Hooper, of Walpole, N. H., and Charlestown, Mass. 
The marriage was solemnized by Rev. Edward N. Kirk, D.D., at 
his father's house No. 4 Montgomery Place, Boston, amid mutual 
friends with numerous wedding presents to the bride and groom. 
They resided in New York city and at Sycamore cottage in 
Llewellyn Park, Orange, N. J., which he had bought. He also 
purchased at auction in Oct., 1868, house No. 131 East 21st 
street. New York city, for $65,000 and subsequently the furniture 
for $15,500. They moved into it Nov. i, 1868, and had the 

160 Job Lane and Descendants. 

pleasure of welcoming as first guests the same week his sisters Eliza 
and Charlotte and brother-in-law M. W. Richardson, who then 
arrived from Europe. Mr. Lane made a most deligntful vacation 
trip with wife, children and sister, Apr. 22, to June 10, 1872, to 
California, from which all returned with renewed health and vigor. 
Business and recreation have taken him on visits to Europe as late 
as 1899. 

Six children : 

I. Henry Anthony^, b. New York city, 15 Jan., 1863. 

II. James Warren^, b. South Orange, N. J., 31 July, 1864, a 
merchant of the firm J. H. Lane, New York city; m. 19 June, 
1890, by Rev. \Vm. Hamilton Morgan, Eva Metcalf Bliss; she 
b. 15 Oct., 1866, only child of Eliphalet William and Anne 
Elizabeth (Metcalf) Bliss, of Fly Creek, Otsego Co., N. Y. Their 
children : 

1. Mortitiier Bliss^, b. New York city, 3 May, 189 1. 

2. Arthur Bliss^, b. 16 June, 1894. 

3. James Warren^ Jr.^, b. 5 May, 1898. 

III. Mabel Frances^, b. New York city, 19 Mar., 1866. 

IV. Florence Bro\\'n^, b. 3 May, 1869. 

V. Elizabeth Abbott^, b. 5 Apr., 1871. 

VI. Richard Hooper^, b. 6 July, 1875. 


EDWARD ERI POOR was born in Boston, Mass., 5 Feb., 
1837, and became a member of the firm of Denny, Poor & Co., 
New York city. He m. 17 Jan., i860, MARY WELLINGTON 
LANE" (Washington Jefferson*^, Ebenezer-^, Samuel^, James^, 
John-, Job'), she b. West Cambridge, Mass., 19 Dec, 1839. 

Their children : 

I. Edward Eri, b. West Cambridge, 2 Dec, 1861, m. 18 Jan., 
1888, Susan Grimes, and had : 

1. Edward Eri, b. Hackensack, N. J., 7 Nov., 1889. 

2. Mary Grimes^ b. 24 Mar., 1 89 1, d. 17 Aug., 189 1. 


Family Ninety- Eight. IGl 

II. James Harper, b. Boston, 17 Dec, 1862, m. 20 Jan., 1885, 
Eyelyn Bolton, and had : 

1. Evelyn Terry, b. Garden City, L. I., 22 Oct., 1886. 

2. Mildred, b. 4 Oct., 1890. 

III. Charles Lane, b. Hackensack, N. J., i8 Jan., 1866, m. 
19 Apr., 1892, An*na Louise Easton, in New York. 

IV. Frank Ballou, b. 24 Apr., 1868, m. 9 Apr., 1892, Bessie 
Fitz Gerald Hamilton, in New York. 

V. Helen Frances, b. 27 Mar., 1870, m. 11 Aug., 1892, Wil- 
liam Clark Thomas, in Hackensack. 

VI. Emily Clark, b. 3 Sept., 1873. 

VII. Hor-ACE Fr-ANKLin, b. 12 July, 1878. 


Rev. JOHN HYRCANUS MELLISH^ (John^-2, Samuel^), 
was born in Oxford, Mass., 30 Aug., 1824. 

His brother David Batcheller Mellish was a member of the 43rd 
Congress from New York city and had sons Edward A., druggist, 
Worcester, Mass., and WiUiam C, a lawyer in the same city. His 
brother George Herbert Mellish, of New York city, was living in 

His father John Mellish, Esq.^, born Dorchester, Mass., 4 
Feb., 1 80 1, d. Auburn, Mass., 4 Sept., 1875, ae. 74 yrs., 7 ms., m. 
Cyrene, dau. of Peter and Nellie (Parmenter) Smith, she b. Wal- 
pole, Mass., 16 Oct., 1800, and d. Southbridge, Mass., 29 Dec, 

His grandfather was John Mellish-, b. Dorchester, Mass., 12 
Dec, 1758, d. 24 June, 1824, a fifer in the army of the Revo- 
lution five years, m. Hannah, dau. of William Holden ; she b. 12 
Feb., 1763, and d. 19 Dec, 1832. He had numerous descend- 
ants. A brother was Stephen MeUish. Another brother was 
Samuel Mellish, deputy sheriff, etc 

His great grandfather was Samuel Mellish^, b. Boston, Mass., 
d. Dorchester, Mass., 28 Oct., 1805, se. 76 years. He was son of 

162 Job Lane and Descendants. 

the emigrant from Great Britain, and ra. Sarah, dau. of Amos 
Stetson, of Randolph, Mass., and his wife Margaret Thayer, of 
Braintree, Mass. She d. in Dorchester, 7 Jan., 181 7, ae. 82 years. 
A house he built in Dorchester was standing in 1899. 

Rev. John Hyrcanus Mellish^, eldest son of John Mellish, Esq., 
graduated at Amherst College 1851, and at Andover Theological 
Seminary 1854, was ordained Feb. 14, 1855, pastor of Congrega- 
tional church, Kingston, N. H., 1855, to June, 1867, acting pastor, 
Dayville, Conn., Jan., 1868, to April, 1871, North Scituate, R. I., 
June, 187 1, to June, 1880, Tisbury, Mass., 1880, to 1882, Temple, 
N. H., 1882, to 1885, Auburn, Mass., 1886, to 1887, North 
Scituate, R. I., 1887, to 1891, Killingly, Conn., without charge, 
1892, . 

He m. I Jan., 1856, SARAH ADELINE LANE^ (David Wood- 
ward^', Samuel'"^-"^, James^, John-, Job^), she b. North Brookfield, 
Mass., 24 Aug., 1828. 

Children : 

L Florence-'', b. Kingston, N. H., 5 Dec, 1856, was one year 
at Mount Holyoke Seminary before the school became a college. 

IL Bertha Lane-'', b. North Scituate, R. L, i Jan., 1877, was 
a member of Mount Holyoke College in her third year at the time 
of her disappearance, Nov. 18, 1897, and no trace of her has since 
been found, Feb., 1899. 

$500 REWARD. 

Bertha Lane Mellish, a student at Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, 
Mass., disappeared from the College on the i8th of November, 1^97, and no 
trace of her has been found since that time. 

The following is a description: She is 20 years old, about 5 feet, 5 inches 
in height, medium build, dark auburn hair, fair complexion, brown eyes, round 
face, full lips. Sometimes wore her hair parted and sometimes combed 
straight back. Very small faint scar in the center of forehead. 

When last seen wore a black dress, shaggy black jacket, black cloth Tarn 'o 
Shanter. Underclothing was marked "Mellish." She wore a gray flannel 

The above reward will be paid for the girl alive, by Rev. John H. Mellish, 
at Dayville, Connecticut. In addition to the $50 offered by the Mt. Holyoke 
College, the family will pay $50 additional for the recovery of the body. 

Dayville, Conn., December loth, 1897. 




Family One Hundred. 1G3 


JOHN HENRY LANE^ (David W.e, Samuel^-^, James^, John^, 
Job^), b. North Brookfield, Mass., 4 Sept., 1846, m. 4 Sept., 1867, 
ABBIE A. KELLOGG, of North Brookfield, and settled on the 
homestead in North Brookfield. 

Children : 

L Eliza Abbie^, b. 13 Oct., 1868, ra. 27 July, 1889, S. K. 
LiDSTONE, of North Brookfield, optician, Athens, Georgia, 1899. 
Three children. 

H. Frederick Henry®, b. 19 Aug., 1870, m. 2 June, 1898, 
Lizzie H. Amidon, of North Brookfield. 

HL Charles Sumner®, b. 10 Aug., 1872. 

IV. Nellie May®, b. 9 June, 1875, m. 6 Oct., 1S96, Fred G. 
Smith, of West Brookfield. 

V. David Carl®, b. 3 July, 1877. 

VL Emma Florence®, b. 27 Jan., 1882. 

VH. John Jones®, b. 26 May, 1883. 

VHL Edward Alaric®, b. 4 Aug., 1885, d. i Nov., 1886. 

IX. Harold Albertus®, b. 5 Apr., 1888, d. 13 June, 1S88. 


John''--^, Job^, John-, Job^), was b. in Bedford, Mass., 25 July, 
1829. He m. SARAH ^L GOODWIN, dau. of Uriah and Nancy 
(Hook) Goodwin. She was b. 1831, and m. second, i Jan., 1873, 
William A. Lane" (Ohver W.6, Solomon^ James-^.^, John^, Job^). 

Children of George W. and Sarah M. (Goodwin) Lane: 

I. Henry W.^, b. 17 Jan., 1849. 

II. George E.^, b. 16 Dec, 1851. 

III. Charles Sumner^, b. 21 Feb., 1857. 

IV. Daughter^, b. 25 Dec, 1858. 

V. Frederic A.^, b. 20 Oct., i860, d. 2 Aug., 1868, se. 7 yrs., 
10 ms. 

164 Joe Laxe and Descendants. 


FREDERICK DOUGLAS LANE^ (Samuel', Francis^-^ John^, 
Job^, John-, Job^), was b. in Ashburnham, Mass., 4 July, 1849. He 
attended public school in Ashburnham, entered Appleton Academy, 
New Ipswich, N. H., Dec. 3, 187 1, and graduated June 12, 1874, 
entered Dartmouth College August, 1874, and graduated June, 

1878, taught school in New Ipswich, winter term of 18 78-' 79, 
taught Grammar school, Ashburnham Centre, spring and fall of 

1879, professor of mathematics and German, Gushing Academy, 
Ashburnham, since Dec. 3, 1879, continuously. He was a mem- 
ber of the school committee in Ashburnham, 1880 to 1889; 
clerk of the church and has delivered lectures and preached 
sermons in Congregational pulpits. He says, "my vocation is 
teaching, my avocation is writing poetry, preaching occasionally, 
lecturing sometimes and preparing mathematical works for future 
publication." He lost valuable manuscripts by the Gushing Acad- 
emy fire. 

Prof. Lane m. in L'nion City, Pa., 24 Aug., 1887, CORA 
JEAXETTE GILBERT; she b. Ashburnham, 25 Sept., 1865, 
attended school in Ashburnham, Jamestown, N. Y., Canisteo, N. 
Y., Keene, X. H., and graduated from Gushing Academy, June, 
1885. Mrs. Lane has written quite extensively for several period- 

Children : 

I. Gilbert Frederick^, b. L^nion City, Pa., 13 Aug., 1890. 

II. Sylvia Mary Lgis'^, b. Ashburnham, 14 July, 1893. 

III. Merton Burgess^, b. 10 Dec, 1894. 


JULIUS ARTHUR LAXE^ (John'-^, Ziba\ John-*, Job^ John^, 
Job^), was b. at Lockport, 111., 6 July, 1848. He made his home 
in Chicago, 111., but his business of railroad builder took him to 
many places in the United States and Central America. He m. 

Family One Hundred Three. 165 

14 Feb., 1873, HELEN DUNCAN SHIPMAN, b. 9 Mar., 1850, 
dau. of Dr. George E. Shipman, founder Foundling's Home, in 
Chicago. Parents and children constituted a happy, musical 
family with instruments of great money value. They form a 
Presbyterian choir and give concerts and church entertainments 
with piano, flute, 1st violin, 2d violin, viola, violoncello and cornet. 

Nine children : 

I. Fannie Boardman'-^, b. 10 Nov., 1S73, ^^ Chicago. 

H. John Harold^, b. 28 June, 1875, at Hyde Park, Cook Co., 

HI. Emma Lilian^, | twins, b. 13 Feb, 1878, at Kenwood, Cook 

IV. Rose Helen^, j Co., 111. 

V. Jessie Barker^, b. 19 May, 1879, at Nettleton, Kansas. 

\\. George Shipman^, b. 27 Jan., 1884, at Boyne Falls, Mich. 
\TI. Margaret Pavson^, b. 31 Aug., 1885, at Chicago. 

VIII. Edith Corinne^, b. 28 Mar., 1889, d. 30 Jan., 1893, at 

IX. Marion Rogers^, b. 31 Aug., 1890, at River Forest, 111. 


JOHN CHAPIN LANE8 (Jonathan Abbot-, Jonathan^-^ 
John-*, Job'^, John'-^, Job^), i852-'98, was b. Boston, Mass., 8 
Nov., 1852, the ninth person in as many successive generations 
whose name begins with the letter J, and the eldest son of Hon. 
Jonathan A. Lane whom he greatly resembled in his noble con- 
ception of his duties as a public spirited citizen. . He married 1 1 
'Sept., 1883, HARRIET BREWER WINSLOW; she b. 3 Jan., 
1859, dau. George S. Winslow of Norwood, Mass. 

Mr. Lane entered the Boston Latin School in 1865, and was 
graduated in 187 1, receiving a Franklin medal. He entered 
Harvard College in 187 1, and graduated with honors in 1875. 
After graduation he studied law in the office of George W. Morse, 
Esq., and at the Law School of Boston University, receiving the 

166 Joe Lane and Descendants. 

degree of LL.B. in 1876. He was admitted to the Suffolk Bar in 
1878, and practiced law under the firm of Morse & Lane with 
ofifices at 28 State street. In 1879 he removed to Norwood, Mass., 
where he became influential in the educational, moral and social 
development of the town. In 1880 he was appointed one of the 
Trial Justices of Norfolk County, and in the judgment of 1,005 
cases distinguished himself for keen, clear-headed, righteous decis- 
ions. From 1883, onward, he was associated with many important 
litigations, being special counsel for several large firms engaged in 
industry and transportation. As a counsellor and strictly com- 
mercial lawyer he stood among the first, and his firm built up a 
large practice. He was president of the Allen- Lane Company, 
commission merchants, and director in the woolen mills at Warren 
and East Wilton, Me., and Manchester, N. H. He was treasurer 
and director of Newton Street Railroad Co., Jan. 26, 1889; was 
projector and treasurer of the Norwood Associates for Co-operative 
Savings, president of the Norwood Board of Trade, vice-president 
of the Massachusetts Board of Trade, as well as holder and 
manager of several large trusts. 

Judge Lane became a member of Hebron Chapter of Free 
Masons in 1885, and of the Cyprus Commandery of Knights 
Templar, located at Hyde Park, Oct. 27, 1887 ; took the Scottish 
Rite Degrees at Boston, and became member of Massachusetts 
Consistory in the spring of 1896, taking the 3 2d degree, April 24, 
1896. He was also a member of Aleppo Temple of the Mystic 
Shrine at Boston, and of the Loyal Contentment Lodge of Odd 
Fellows at Norwood. 

He was an important factor in the political world, enthusiastic as 
a Republican up to 1884, afterwards active on the Democratic 
State Committee till 1895, then manager of the campaign of th^ 
Gold Democrats and delegate to the National Convention at 
Indianapolis, in the summer of 1896. In the fall of 1896, he was 
chosen vice-president of the Young Men's Democratic Club of 
Massachusetts, and re-elected in 1897. 

He was deeply interested in the public schools of Norwood, and 
instituted the Norwood medals for merit and good scholarship in 
1890, now so eagerly sought by competing pupils. He was a 

Family One Hundred Four. 167 

member of the Norwood Literary Club, and chairman of the School 
Committee in 1894, and of the Board of Trustees of the Public 
Library i893-'98. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lane were members of the First Congregational 
church at Norwood. He was admitted without giving up his 
membership in the L'nion church, Boston, with which he had been 
for a long time connected. He served on the prudential com- 
mittee of the church, on the committee of the parish and on the 
music committee in 1897-98, a tireless worker and inspiring 
helper in all departments of the church and an endeared Bible 
class teacher in the Sunday School. He had inherited through a 
long line of ancestors a tendency to distinguishing public service, and 
he ranked high in the social, business, benevolent and religious 
circles with which he was connected. 

On Nov. 2, 1898, seemingly in the best of health, he left his 
home in Norwood to take an early morning train for Boston. 
Thinking himself late he ran part of the way to the station. He 
was taken severely ill on the cars, and on arriving in Boston went 
to his mother's house on Tremont street. He had recovered suf- 
ficiently Nov. 15, to be driven to his home in Norwood, and ap- 
peared improved by the change. The next day his trouble de- 
veloping into pericarditis, he failed steadily until on Sunday morn- 
ing, Nov. 20, 1898, he passed away. 

"The best words of formal resolution can but faintly express the 
sense of loss we feel in the death of our late President John C. 

"If integrity is the best evidence of true manhood, an unwilling- 
ness to inflict unnecessary pain the mark of the gentleman, dis- 
interestedness the test of citizenship, and self denial the character- 
istic of the Christian, surely we may say that John C. Lane was an 
honest man, a perfect gentleman, a good citizen, and a zealous 
Christian." — Norwood Board of Trade. 


Rev. SAMUEL LANE LOO^^S^ (Elihu-, Aretas^, Shem^, 
Amos-*, Stephen^, Joseph^-i), was b. in Littleton, Mass., 16 Aug., 

168 Job Lane and Descendants. 

1856, A. B., Amherst College, 1877, Yale Theological Seminary 
1878, Andover Theological Seminary 1880, ordained Oct. 14, 
1880, succeeding his father and grandfather in the Congregational 
ministry. His first charge was at Newport, Ky., i88o-'85,. under 
the Home Mission Society, where he erected a church free from 
debt. On leaving Newport, he traveled in Europe two years, 
1 885 -'86. Returning he gave a course of lectures at Andover 
Seminary,- which were afterward published under the title of 
Modern Cities and Their Religious Problems. This book had a 
large sale and was used as a text-book in Chicago University and 
elsewhere. He next became assistant pastor of the Tompkins 
Avenue church, Brooklyn, N. Y., with Dr. R. R. Meredith, where 
he worked nearly three years, 1886-89. He resigned to accept a 
call to Belleville Avenue church, Newark, N. J., i89o-'96. He 
was installed pastor of Union church, Boston, Nov. 8, 1896. 
The sermon at his installation was by Dr. Meredith, a former 
pastor of the Union church, and the installing prayer was by Rev. 
Elihu Loomis, the father of the new pastor. He received the 
degree of D.D. from Amherst College 1899. 

Mr. Loomis m. 23 Aug., 1887, MARION CAMP LIPPINCOTT 
of Lincoln, Neb, 

They have son : 

L Henry Sprague^, b. 18 June, 1891. 


RICHARD LANE*^ (Hiram H.", John^ Gershom F.\ John^-^-s, 
Job'), was b. in Wesley Township, \Vash. Co., Ohio, 9 June, 1832, 
m. 18 Apr., 1861, ELIZABETH MILLER; she b. 26 Dec, 1838, 
in Harrison Co., O. 

Their children : 

I. Minerva^, b. 5 Apr., 1862, m. 29 Apr., 1883, Thomas I. 
Mercer, he b. 28 Jan., 1859. 

II. Adella^, b. 23 Jan., 1864, d. 9 May, 1895. 

Family One Hundred Seven. 169 

III. Marv^, b. 26 Jan., 1866, m. 15 July, 1893, John Cole- 
man, he b. 3 Nov., 1870, and had : 

I. Jesse, b. 19 Mar., 1894. 

IV. Homer*^, b. 9 Feb., 1872. 

V. Ralph^, b. 27 Sept., 1873. 

VI. George^, b. 21 June, 1875. 


THOMAS BENTON LANE^ (Hiram H.^, John^, Gershom F.^ 
John"^-^-2, Job'), was b. in Wesley Township, Ohio, 11 Oct., 1844, 
settled as a merchant at \Vindsor, O., post office, Stockport, O. 
He m. at McConnellsviUe, O., 12 Feb., 1874, LUCIA M. ROLAND, 
she b. 3 Sept., 1852. 

Their children : 

I. Gertrude M.^, b. 28 Nov., 1874. 

II. Hiram H.9, b. 10 Nov., 1877. 

III. Helen E.^, b. 18 May, 1880, d. 20 June, 1882. 

IV. Goldie B.9, b. 31 Oct., 1882. 

V. Elsie D.9, b. 9 Feb., 1886, d. 26 Aug., 1886. 

VI. Jessie M.9, b. 9 May, 1888. 

VII. Mabel B.^, b. 22 Jan., 1890. 

VIII. Richard D.^, b. 12 Apr., 1892, d. 30 July, 1892. 

IX. Jesse B.^, b. 12 Apr., 1892. 

X. Dorothy M.9, b. 4 July, 1894. 


JOHN WELLINGTON LANE^ (Oliver J.', Ohver W.^, 
Solomon-^, James^-^, John-, Job'), was b. in Bedford, Mass., 2 May, 
1854, lived in Fall River, Mass., having possession of his great 

170 Job Lane and Descendants. 

grandfather Solomon Lane's Bible and sword, and the flint-lock 
gun he carried at Concord Fight, and also holding deed of the last 
ten acres remaining in the Lane family of the original Winthrop- 
Lane Farm. He m. MARY M. C. MARBLE, of Somerset, Mass. 
Six children, all boys : 

L William Josiah^, b. ii May, 1882. 

IL John Franklin^, b. 12 July, 1884, d. 17 Mar., 1890. 

IIL Onslow' Stearns^, b. 4 Feb., 1887. 

IV. Herbert Billings^, b. 20 Dec, 1888. 

V. Samuel Marble^, b. 18 Aug., 1891. 

VL John Wellington, Jr.^, b. 19 Apr., 1893. 


James Lane of Casco Bay, Me., 


The Rev. James Pillsbiiry Lane furnished a sketch of "James 
Lane of North Yarmouth, Me., and His Descendants" for the 
Neiv England Historic- Genealogical Register of April, 1888, vol. 
42 : pp. 141-152. 


JAMES LANE^ b. in England, son of James Lane, was a 
craftsman and perhaps member of the guild of turners, London, 
in 1654. The same year he had joint ownership with his brother, 
John Lane, in real estate at Rickmansworth, Hertford Co., re- 
ceived from their parents, in which their brother, Job Lane, claimed 
also a share. James Lane had paid debts on the property, "a 
good sum," and was reduced in circumstances. Jeremiah Gould 
wrote to Job Lane from London, June 6, 1654: "You wonder 
your Brother James should deceive me to make away your estate 
... I find a surrender of premises from both father and mother 
unto James and John and their heirs forever. . . . Your brother 
James, he is very poor and I hope very honest." — Gen. Reg., iS^Y- 

The brothers, Job, James and Edward Lane, settled in Maiden, 
Mass., about 1656, probably in some sort of partnership, which, 
however, did not continue long. James Lane soon removed to 
Casco Bay, Me. Edward Lane was of Boston, Mass., and sold his 
Maiden estate in 1663. Job Lane removed to Billerica, Mass., 
about 1664. 

172 James Lane and Descendants. 

James Lane seems accounted an inhabitant of Charlestown, 
Mass., in 1658. In 1660, Nov. 19, then of Maiden, he appointed 
Job Lane his attorney. 

"I James Lane, of Maiden, Middlesex County, Turner, Have 
constituted my well beloved brother Job Lane of same Maiden, my 
true and lawful attorney in my name and sted to act etc. Seal and 
anchor : Witness, Thomas Esdell, Wm. Pearse." 

While the deposition of John Lane^ (James') July 2, 1733, 
shows that the family "removed from Maulden to a Place since 
called North Yarmouth, in Casco Bay," the statement that it was 
"about seventy-five years since," cannot be taken as giving the 
exact year. 

Raleigh Gilbert probably entered the harbor of Casco Bay in 1608. Capt. 
John Smith anchored here in 1614. Thomas Dermer must have been here in 
1619. Christopher Levett was welcomed at the falls of Presumpscot in 1623, 
by the Sagamore Skatterygusset. This Sachem was chief of the Aucocisco 
tribe from which comes the name Casco. All the early plantations were called 
by the general name of Casco Bay. No boundaries were defined and the 
Indian designations were in use. The ancient places of Maquoit, Harraseeket, 
Westcustigo, Damaris Cove, Machegonne Neck, Purpooduck and Spurwink 
became better known as Falmouth in 1658. 

Ferdinando Gorges early granted a township extending six miles on Casco 
Bay east of Westcustigo river. Here William Royall, a cooper and clap-board 
cleaver, settled as early as 1636, purchased land in 1643, gave his name to 
the river and ended his days. The municipality of Westcustigo was recog- 
nized by Mass. in 1680. 

"Fort Royal 22d September 1680. 
"For the further enlargement to the settlement of the township, by the 
governour and company of the Massachusetts Colony, on the easterly side of 
the West Custigo river on Casco Bay; it is hereby granted unto them, that the 
waste lands lying between the said grant and Casco shall be added to the 
township called Damerras Cove. It is also hereby ordered and declared that 
the name of the plantation shall be North Yarmouth. 

Thomas Danforth President.'''' 

Here James Lane acquired by purchase and improvement large 
estates in various situations, and gave his name to a point of land 
and to an island off the east bank of Royall's river which still bears 
his name. The Indian headquarters for fishing the streams and 
coves along shore and island of Casco Bay seem to have been on 

Family One. 173 

Lane's Island. Tradition marks the island as the place where the 
Indians planted corn, held councils, tortured their captives and 
buried their dead. As the banks of the island cave away, human 
bones are exposed to view. From the manner of burial it is sup- 
posed that the graves are those of the aborigines. 

Court Items: James Lane was a frequent petitioner to the General Court, 
and his family is mentioned casually four times in Willis' History of Portland. 
He was living at Falmouth in 1658, and was among the petitioners to be 
joined to the Massachusetts Bay government. Among eight neighbors he re- 
newed the petition, "April ye 26th (1659?) haueing formerlie presented a 
petition to this Honourd Court for yoi" takeing vs vnder y gouernment Doe by 
these in ye behalfe of our selues & ye rest of our Neighbours humbly renew 
our request vnto you." — Mass. Archives. 

James Lane received a legacy by his uncle John Lane's will 
dated Aug. 7, 1661. "Item I giue and bequeath vnto James Lane 
brother to the said Job, Tenn pounds of like good money to be 
paid to him within Six moneths next after my death by myne 
Execut^" — Gen. Reg., Oct., i8go. 

In 1665-6 and probably longer, James Lane was "sergeant of 
ye companye" and William Haynes "dark of y« band." This train- 
band, the extent of Westcustigo's early martial glory, was a section 
of the larger military division of Casco with its less than thirty 
small houses. Sergeant Lane as chief oiiticer would be armed with 
halberd, sword and pistol. 

At a Court in Casco, July 26, 1666, James Lane was surety under a bond of 
^^170, for James Mosier in the settlement of his father, Hugh Mosier's estate, 
and soon after bought of James and John Mosier, out of the estate, two islands 
called Great and Little Mosiers. 

At the same Court James Robinson, cooper, of Black Point, was indicted, 
29 July, 1666, for the murder of Christopher Collins of the same place. The 
case was committed to James Lane of Westcustigo, with seventeen others, 
"the jury of Life and Death," who found that "said Collings was slain by 
misadventure and culpable of his own death." Jurymen were "freemen" 
with the prerogatives of that title. 

The name of James Lane appears in connection with presentments and in- 
dictments by the Grand Jury at Casco, i Oct., 1667. "We present John 
Mosier for travelling upon the Sabbath day, fined 5s,, officers fees 5s. 
This los. to be forthwith paid; and if afterwards by 2 evidences he can make 
it out that upon the Sabbath he traveled purposely, as he pretends, to look 

174 James Lane and Descendants. 

after Mr. Lane who that day, as the said Mosier pretended, was in danger of 
being drowned, then the said Mosier is to have his los. returned to him again." 

James Lane of Westcustigo with eight neighbors petitioned, Apr. 26, 1668, 
"ye Honord General! Court of his maiesties Collonee of ye Massachusetts Bay 
att Boston" to be taken under the government of Mass. He purchased estate 
of John Cleaves, May 15, 1673. 

"I John Sears (Cleaves) resident in the Province of Mayne in New Eng- 
land, Planter, ffor Twenty pounds current money of New England, have sold 
unto Mr. James Lane of Westgestuggo, All that Ysland commonly known or 
called by the name of Reddings Island & being on the Eastern side of Mayre 
Poynt Necke, togeather with all that Prcell of Land lying & being vpon Mare 
poynt necke, comonly known by the name of Sandy Poynt . . . together with 
all Marsh & Marsh grounds formerly in the Right & possession of Thomas Red- 
ding deceased being Sixty Acers more or lesse, 15 May, 1673. Acknowledged 
21 June, 1673: In presence of us Ezekiel Carveath, John Lane." — York Co. 
Records, vol. ii, p. 2jS. 

He also purchased of John Burrell, May 20, 1673, a second farm of sixty 
acres lying between Royall's river and Cousin's river. 

Boundary: 1690, Dec. 10, Deed. "Joshua Atwater of Boston to Theodo- 
sius Moore of the same place, all my lands and house on Westostugo river 
containing 200 acres bounded east by land of James Lane, west by said river; 
also 16 acres one mile and a half above my house near James Lane's, being 
the same land whereon Thomas Redding lived and died." 

"Theo. Moore claimes a house and tract of Land lying upon Westcustogo 
river in Casco Bay containing 2 Hund. acres more, or less upland, bounded by 
the land of James Lane eastward, westward with the same river. North & South 
with Creeks; together with 16 acres meadow about one Mile & half North- 
West above my Dwelling house next James Lane's Meadow land, which 
house, upland and Meadow Thomas Reding of late lived upon & died siezed 
of in his own right. Bott of Joshua Atwater per Deed. Dated 10 December 
1690. Acknowledged Dec. 29 1690." — Book of Eastern Claims. 

Mr. Lane was witness to transfer of land from Ellner Redding widow of 
Thomas Redding to James Andrews, March 10, 1673-4. "James Lane his 
marke L." 

He was living at Westcustigo in 1675. The deposition of John Lane, July 
2> I733> 5^y^ \.\i'3X "he removed with his father James Lane from Maulden to 
a Place since called North Yarmouth in Casco Bay and there lived till driven 
from thence by the Indians in the first warr." This "first warr" was King 
Philip's war of 1675 ^° 1678. Casco Bay was molested first, in the beginning 
of September, 1675, when twenty-five harvesters going up the Bay in a sloop 
and two boats to gather Indian corn were fired upon by Indians but escaped 
with many wounds and the loss of their freighted boats. Again Sept. 12, 
1675, old Mr. Wakely of Casco Bay, his wife, son, daughter-in-law and three 
grand children were murdered and the house burned. This bloody butchery 

Family One. 175 

was succeeded, Aug. ii, 1676, by the attack on Falmouth in which thirty- 
four persons were killed or captured, the rest of the inhabitants abandoning the 
place. Capt. William Hathorne and soldiers never could come up with the 
Indians and his expedition to Casco Bay was fruitless. — William Hubbanl, 

Sergeant James Lane disappeared at this time. He was ''killed 
in a fight with the Indians." 


"Moses Felt aged about Eighty-Three years, doth Testifie & say that I the 
Depon' did Live at North Yarmouth upward of Sixty years agone, and to my 
certain knowledge Old Mr, James Lane Did then live in an Old Little House 
on a Tract of Land between Redings Creek & Mossers Farm bounding south- 
erly on the sea, for some years, and then he built a new Large House & 
Lived in said House untill the Wars brook out, then Mr. Lane was killed & 
his Family was driven off of said Farm, & when the Wars were over again, 
Said James Lanes Son went to the said Farm again & did build a new End to 
sd House & repaired the other Building, & did Live there until the Wars 
brook out again, and I the Depon'. and one of my Brothers did Saw the 
Jice and Timber for M^. James Lane, and said Farm was known and called 
by the Name of Lane's and Wilkinson's Farm and by no other, but never 
knew that Mr. Roiall or his sons had any Claim unto Sd Land. And Further 
I the Depon*. have heard old M'. Roiall say he had Sold all his Land on the 

East Side of Reding's creek to James Lane and John Wilkinson. 


Moses n Felt. 

Essex ss. Lyn Apr 3d 1731. 

Then Moses Felt made Oath to the truth of the above written Euidence to 

which he has put his mark & the same is taken to be in in perpetuam rei 


Cap. Com. 

Ben J. Lynde. 

Benj. Lynde Jr. 

Justice Peace. Quom. 

A true copy of the Original Rec'd under Seal June 11, 1747. 

Att. Dal. Moulton 


"James Lanes Ii 




18, 6, 81. 

fil a ... 

I — 
I — 



James Lane and Descendants. 

money exd. 

5, 2, 82 by Hen. K — ing 
to mem 


"The invetary, a bed and bed close 3 pound 15 sg and 8: shets 20 shilling, 
8 sshillings, cotten cloth 17, a bed of serge 12 shillings, irish cloth 
4 shillings, cloth 4 shillings, irise cloth 7 shillings, pece of homspun cloth 8 
shilling, a bed blanket 4 shillings, lincewulse 34 shillings, puter 14 shillings, 
2 shillings, a porridge pote 10 shillings, 3 chests at 5 shillings, 3 
bras cetles at 20 shillings, a pare of tongs and pot hooks I shilling, a box of 
good 6 ppounds, 'a bed a rudg and a blanket b^lddrecy, wee can not com at it 
to prise it : a chest of goods and rittings and some other goods in John Lanes 
hands and wee cant get them to prise them, the goods at bostownd 4 pound, 
the bed in . . . hand appra . . at 2I los d. 


18, 6, 1680 Taken upon oath 

Before A. D. Rdr." 

"Coppie of James Lanes Inven'y 
"An Inventory of the estate of Jeames Lane 

One Bed & Bed cloths 

one bed tick 


Table Linen 

Cotton cloth 

a piece of serge 

Irish cloth 

more Irish cloth 

more Irish cloth 

Home spun cloth 

Bed Blanket 

Linsey woolsey 



one porridge pott 

3 Chests 

3 brass Kettles 

a pr of Tongs & pot hooks 

one Box of Goods 

Goods at Boston 

Deceased of the Town of Casco 

00 — 1 8 — 08 

I — 00 — 00 
00 — 08 — 00 
00 — 1 7 — 00 
00 — 1 2 — 00 
00 — 04 — 00 
00 — 04—00 
00 — 07 — 00 
00 — 08 — 00 
00 — 04 — 00 

01 — 14 — 00 
00 — 14 — 00 
00 — 02 — 00 
00 — 10 — 00 
00 — 05 — 00 
o I — 00 — 00 
00 — 02 — 00 
06 — 00 — 00 
04 — 00 — 00 

23 — 04 — 08 

Family One. 177 

one Bed & Rug & Blanket at his Daughters house in Bilrica we canot come at 
at present at the . . . 2 — 10 — o 

one Chest of Goods in John Lanes Hands but we canot get them at present 
to prise them, 



They was desired to prise a bed sumthing better than half full of feathers 
a old bed ticking with peag . . , prised i — o — 11 shilling in money, 
witness our hands 

Job laine 


James Lane is supposed to have had a wife ANN , and 

certainly had a daughter by this name. He m. SARAH WHITE, 
daughter of John White and his wife Mary, who was the widow of 
James Phips. The mother Mary was mother of twenty-six 
children, and the daughter Sarah was half-sister of Sir William 
Phipps, the royal governor of Mass. 

James Lane died intestate leaving six children who shared his 
estate : 

L Ann-, lived as the wife of John, son of Richard Bray, and 
had : 

I. Daughter. 

"John Bray received from his father Richard Bray of Westcustigo, Dec. 24, 
1669, deed of half the land bought of John Cossons." — York Co. Deeds. 

Richard Bray and son John Bray were living in Casco Bay out of the limits 
of Falmouth in 1675. — IViliiajn Willis. 

Ann, daughter to James Lane, is named in the deposition of Nicholas Cole, 
Dec. 23, 1678, and her house at Billerica, Mass., is mentioned in the inven- 
tory of her father's goods, 1680. 
Deposition : 

"Nicholas Coole aged fiuety two years or yr abouts Ellner Redding aged 
fiuety fiue years or yr abouts, testifyeth & sayth yt John Bray sonn to Richd 
Bray & Rebecca of Cascoe Bay in the Province of Mayn in New England, was 
neuer Legally married to Ann Lane daughter to James Lane with the Consent 
of his father & mother, nor married by any Majestrate 'Justs of peace' Com- 
misionr, nor by any Minister, nor by any man Impourd or authorized by any 
authority, nor by any Act done by the Inhabitants yt liued there or else W, 
but the sd John Bray lived with the abousd Ann Lane, by whom hee had a 
daughter wch we Judg was not according to Law or Justice, and further sayth 

178 James Lane and Descendants. 

The Deponents further sayth that ye abouesd John Bray was never published 
to ye abouesd Ann Lane according to any law, & further sayth not. 

All this to be vnderstood According to or knowledg who liued long by them 
& know how they came to Hue as man & wife togeather. 

Richard Bray also deposeth y* hee neur gaue Consent y* his sonn Bray 
should Marry with y^ sayd Ann Lane. 

Taken vpon oath this 23th of Decembr '78, before mee 

Symon Bradstreete, Depu. Gour. 

A true Coppy transcribed & with originall Compared this 21 : December 


Re. Cor." 

— Vor^ Co. Deeds, 

2. 11. John-, b. 1652, m. Dorcas Wallis. 

3. III. Samuel^, had wife Abigail. 

IV. Henry-, testified respecting Indian molestation, July 28, 
1688, in the case: Falmouth against John Royal, See Samuel 
Lane^ (James^). Henry Lane died at Boston, 4 June, 1690. 

4. V. Job-, m. Mary Fassett. 

VI. James^, deed of land from Richard Bray to his son John 
Bray, Dec. 24, 1669, was witnessed by "James Layne Jujor" who 
also was present when the deed was proved Aug. 25, 1679. 


JOHN LANE-^ (James'), 1652-1738. 

Machigonne, now Portland, Me., was settled first by George Cleaves and 
Richard Tucker, Mrs. Cleaves and daughter and a servant, in 1633. The 
settlement was entirely destroyed by the Indians in 1676, resettled under 
President Danforth in 1680, and again destroyed by French and Indians in 

John Lane testified, July 2, 1733, that "Fifty-two or three years 
since he went to live at Falmouth in Casco Bay and there lived till 
he removed from thence in the 2d Indian War." — Deposition, 

Other records show him at Cape Elizabeth under President 

Family Two. 179 

Thomas Danforth in 1680. Here he married DORCAS WALLIS^, 
daughter of John- and Mary (Shepard) VVallis. 

Nathaniel Wallis' was born in 1632, a native of Cornwall Co., England. 
With his son John Wallis he was among the twenty-nine inhabitants of Black 
Point and Casco, who, July 13, 1658, signed to be joined to Mass. Bay. 

John Wallis* had bought his property at Cape Elizabeth in 1667. Record: 
"Nicho. White sold to John Wallis a plantation at a place comonly called or 
known by the name of Papoding in Casco Bay, 25 Nov., 1667, for 24 pounds 
sterling." In the Indian attack upon Casco Bay, Aug. 11, 1675, "Gf" 
W^allis his dwelling & none besides his is burnt; there are of men slain 11, of 
women & children 23 killed & taken." — Thaddetis Clark, i^, 6, '76. 

Driven away by the Indians in 1675, Goodman John Wallis returned to Fal- 
mouth where he was Selectman in 1681. Compelled to flee in the second 
Indian attack, he died at Gloucester, Mass., 23 Sept., 1690. Inventory of his 
estate, Jan. 29, 1691. 

John Lane was living near his father-in-law John Wallis at 
Purpooduck Point in 1687, and May 26, 1689. King William's 
war, "the second Indian U'ar" of John Lane's deposition, broke 
out in 1686. 

The Indians alleged grievances of their own. They began reprisals at 
North Yarmouth by killing cattle and in a few instances persons. Samuel 
and Henry Lane (see Samuel* (James') No. 3), testify to being molested in 
their house July 26, 168S. Justice Benjamin Blackman ordered sixteen 
Indians to be seized and kept under guard at Casco, but others continued to 
rob and capture the inhabitants. In September, 1689, seven hundred French 
and Indians attacked the fort at Casco which was successfully defended by 
Col. Benjamin Church and his forces, and probably saved the Maine settle- 
ment from absolute ruin. On May 17, the following year, 1690, an expedi- 
tion from Quebec dismantled three forts at Falmouth, killed and captured one 
hundred inhabitants and destroyed the town, The slain had no funeral cere- 
monies and were left unburied until the next year. After the destruction of 
Falmouth the eastern plantations were deserted. Maine, a second time, was 
nearly abandoned of English settlements. The fugitives took refuge first on 
Jewell's, then on Richmond's island to await earliest transportation, some for 
Pascataqua, some for Boston and some for Salem. . From Casco Bay to 
Pemaquid not one English plantation remained. 

The families of John Wallis and John Lane of Cape Elizabeth 
and of Samuel Lane of North Yarmouth are found soon at Glou- 
cester, Mass. Here the Lane family gave the name of Lanesville 
to a village of the town. 

180 James Lane and Descendants. 

John Lane of Ipswich, Mass,, Feb. 14, 1694-5, P^^<^ ^^o pounds current 
silver money for one acre and a half of land with buildings thereon, to Shore- 
born Wilson whose wife Abigail relinquished right of dower; witnessed Mar. 
28, 1695. He sold land in Falmouth, Me., to John Arnold, F'eb. 11, 1700. 
He bought land in Gloucester of Nathaniel Day and others, Oct. 5, 1700. 
He received several grants of land in Gloucester — "swamp land up in the 
woods with consent of neighbors," in 1701; a common right, Mar. 3, 1 701-2; 
ten acres at Flatstone cove in 1704, where he built his house and to which his 
own name was subsequently given; and land at Plum cove near his house in 
1726. In 1713 he was paid \£, los, for killing "a grown wolve." 

John Lane also possessed large estates in Maine by inheritance and by 
purchase. The possessions of his father James Lane at Westcustigo, were 
mentioned in the boundaries of other lands, Apr. 12, 1680. Molested by 
the Indians, July 26 and Sept. 13, 1688, they were again mentioned, 
Dec. 10, 1690. In Jan., 1 714-15, John Lane presented claims in his father's 
name to six several propertys at North Yarmouth and also claimed in his own 
right fifty or sixty acres at Pond cove. Cape Elizabeth. When in May, 1722, 
Massachusetts renewed the corporation of North Yarmouth, and when the 
meetings of proprietors and assignees were transfered from Boston to North 
Yarmouth, May 16, 1 727, the claim of the Lane family as being among the 
few original proprietors, was still duly recognized. — Sullivan'' s History of the 
District of Maine, ijg^. 

John and Dorcas Lane shared in the division of the Wallis estate at Fal- 
mouth, Feb. 19, 1723. Calling himself then of Boston, John Lane conveyed, 
Mar. 20, 1727, all right, inherited from his mother Sarah (White) Lane, dau. 
of John White, at Nequasset in Kennebec, purchased by John White and 
James Phips about 1640, from Edward Bateman, who with John Brown had 
bought the land from Robin Hood, the Indian chief. 

Deed, 1730, June 26. "John Lane son of James Lane, of Gloucester, to 
Samuel Wait, Joseph Lampson & Josiah Nichols of Maiden, a tract of land in 
North Yarmouth, bounded east by Capt. Thomas' farm, south by the sea, west 
by Redding's Creek & to head of said creek. 

Also, second, a neck of salt marsh on Cousin's River; also first neck on 
South side of said river; also Lane's Island 30 acres more or less, and first 
bounded premises more or less. 

Also another tract in two parts, containing an island called Arnold's or 
Moshier's Island. 

Also a neck on Chusquiash River, 3 acres more or less. 

Also a tract on north side of Saunders Creek and northwest by Cousins' 
River, alias Little River, and running up northerly to creek joining Henry 
Daniel's land, 60 acres more or less. 

Also tract called Redding Island on east of Mare Point Neck, together 
with land on said Neck formerly owned by Nicholas White, called Sandy 
Point, and running from thence to the falls & sooner to Mecoit Bay formerly 
belonging to Thomas Redding containing 60 acres." 

Family Two. 181 

Again 1732, Nov. 26, Aaron Cleveland of Charlestown, Samuel Newhall, 
Joseph Lamson and Josiah Nichols all of Maiden, sold their "right of inheri- 
tance to land owned by John Lane late of Casco Bay." — York Co. Deeds. 

In consequence of the loss of deeds and evidences of titles by 
the various inroads of the Indians, great confusion was brought 
upon the titles to lands in Maine. To remedy in a measure this 
evil, the (ieneral Court in 1700, appointed a commission consist- 
ing of seven members to examine claims of persons to lands in the 
Province. John Lane was accounted among the old Planters of 
Westcustigo. Briefs of his Eastern claims, his share in the division 
of the Wallis estate and his five Depositions are here presented. 


From a copy in the Willis Manuscripts. 

Extract: "Jany, 1 714-5, John Lane of Gloucester, Claims in right of his 
father James Lane, in North Yarmouth, viz., 60 acres of land bounded North- 
west of Little river and so running up Northerly to a Creek joining to Henry 
Daniel's Possession as p*" deed from John Burrell dated 20th May, 1673, 
neither acknowledged nor Recorded. 

Also Claims his father's Possession in sd Town, bounded pr Royall's river, 
as appears by a torn <& defaced deed and by the Testimony of John Cousins 
Taken before Edward Rishworth, Just. Peace. 

John Lane also Claims another Parcell of land being an Island Commonly 
called Redings Island, being on the Eastward side of Mare Point Neck, 
together with all the Parcell of Land being upon Mare Point neck, bounded 
with the Land formerly in the Possession of Nicholas White, Commonly 
known by the name of Sandy Point, together with all ye Marsh and Marsh 
Grounds formerly in ye Possession of Thomas Reding, being 60 acres more or 
Less, as pr deed from John Cleaves dated 15 May, 1673. Acknowledged & 

Item, another Island known by the name of Arnold's Island or Moser's 
Island, with a neck of Marsh Ground Containing 3 or four acres, lying up the 
river called the Little river as pr Deed by James Mosser and John Mosier, 
Dated 28, Deer. 1666, neither Acknowledged nor Recorded. 

Item, sd John Lane Claims in his own right a grant of a parcell of land 
from the sd Town of Falmouth, — Contains fifty or Sixty acres lying on the 
North Side of Pond Cove and that he did Quietly Possess and Improve sd 
lands Several years, pr. the Testimony of Josiah Wallis taken before John 
Newman, Just. Peace. 

John Lane pr John Brown brings a deed belonging to John Brown of Glou- 
cester, fifty acres of upland & Marsh ground lying in .... of Falmouth, 
bounded South Easterly by the river, Northerly by land of Richard Martain, 

182 James Lane and Descendants. 

westerly by Nathaniel Wallis and his son John Wallis as pr deed from Thomas 
Blashfield, March, 1681, Acknowledged." 


"Josiah and James Wallis, John & Dorcas Lane all of Gloster, & Joseph & 
Benjamin & Susannah Wallis & Joshua Woodbury who hath bought the right 
of Rebecca Wallis now wife of Joseph Foster, all of Beverly, Co. of Essex, 
agree to divide our Father John Wallis his Estate of Lands in Falmouth in 
Casco Bay : 

Three or four acres in Papoduk Point shall be for the equall use & benefit of 
us all; also House Island in the same manner.'' 

Certain lands were divided into 7 lots: "And the 6*1^' Lott to John & 
Dorcas Lane & their Heirs forever, bounded on the westerly side with a Rock 
& Stones upon it by the Highway butting up to the Land of Joel Mattofen." 

Other lands also were divided into 7 lots: "Assigning the 7th lot to John 
& Dorcas Lane." Feb. 19, 1723. — York Co. Records, 

"John Lane of Boston, cordwainer, for 20 pounds by Jeremiah Green of 
Boston, sold him 1-3 of all claim which I the sd John Lane or my heirs ever 
had to right of my mother Sarah Lane deed, who was daughter of John White, 
of land situate in Kenebeck River within the Co. of York at a place called 
Nequasset, which land John White and James Phipps purchased of one Ed- 
ward Bateman, upon part of which sd John White lived & dyed, 20 Mar. 
1727. Acknowledged, Nov. 30, 1728." 

A like deed of the same property was made by John Lane the same day to 
Thomas Foster of Boston. Signed, Mar. 20, 1727. Acknowledged, Nov. 30, 
1728. — York Co. Records. 


1st. "The Deposition of John Lane aged about Seventy years, testifieth & 
saith That Thomas Reding formerly of Falmouth in Casco Bay deceased, 
carried on & was the reputed Owner of a certain Tract of Land lying to the 
Westward of a Creek called Redings Creek, as also of a certain Salt Marsh 
lying up Cozens his River so called, & lived on said land many years & died 
seized thereof more than fifty years past, & was ever since known & called by 
the Name of Redings Lsland. Further saith not. 

John Lane. 

Essex ss. Glouster Aug*. 25, 1727. 

Then the within mentioned John Lane personally appeared & made oath to 
the Truth of this Evidence. 

Before us 

John Appleton, J. P. 
Epes Sargent, Just Peace. 

Sept. 6, 1727." 

Fa:mily Two. 183 

2d. "Gloucester Oct^. 21, 1730. The Deposition of John Lane aged 
Seventy Eight years who testifieth & says that he well remembers That Mr. 
John Cussons possessed a Neck of Land in Casco Bay lying between a Creek 
called Reddings Creek & Royals River, & that He the sd Cossens had a House 
& Barn upon sd Neck of Land for Sixteen or Eighteen years wch he peaceably 
enjoyed until he was driven off by the Indians which is above Fifty years ago 
that sd Cossens was driven off sd Land. 

And he the sd Deponent well remembers that his Father mowed Hay upon 
the sd Farm in the Right of the sd Cossens being meadow near the Creek 
belonging to sd Farm; and the sd Cossens claimed & enjoyed an Island in the 
sd Bay called Cossens Island peaceably all the Time he lived at Casco Bay 
which was as was sd before, about Sixteen or Eighteen years. Excepting one 
Half of sd Island wch I heard he had sould to one Richard Bray. 

John Lane. 
Essex, ss. Gloucester, Oct. 21, 1730. 

Then John Lane personally appeared & was examined & Sworn to the 
Truth of this Evidence. In Perpetuxm Rei Memoriam. 

Before John Appleton, J. P. 

Danl. Appleton, J. P. Quo"". 

A true Copy of ye Orig'. Reed under Seal. Novr. 24, 1730. 

Attest Jos MOOUY Regr." 

3d. "The Deposition of John Lane aged Seventy 7 or Eight & Nathaniel 
Wharf aged near Seventy Years Testifie & Say that Saml York had a Lott of 
Land near mussle cove in Casco Bay & had a House & possessed it by virtue 
of a Town Grant more than Fifty years ago, sd Lots according to our Recolec- 
tion were called Fifty acre Lots. 

John Lane. 

Nathaniel Wharf e his mark, W. 
Glocester, Octb^. 21, 1730." 

4th. "The Deposition of John Lane of Gloucester aged about Eighty-two 
years, Testifieth and saith That about Seventy-five years since he removed 
with his father James Lane from Maulden to a Place since called North Yar- 
mouth in Casco Bay and there lived till driven from thence by the Indians in 
the first warr; and that he was acquainted with John Couzens and Richard 
Bray who were settlers there all the time above mentioned, and well remem- 
bers that said Bray and Cousins possessed two certain Islands called Cousins's 
Islands, by building Houses, cutting Timber and improveing Land from 
the time he first went there above mentioned, till drove from thence by the 
Indians in the first war, and that the said Islands at that time were accounted 
said Bray and Cousins Islands; one of the said Islands being the greatest 
Island lyes about one half mile from the neck of Land on which John Maine 
& John Holman formarly lived at the nearest place, and the other Island being 

184 Ja!\ies Lane and Descendants. 

the lesser Island lyes about fourty or fifty Rodds from the great Island and on 
the South East side. 

Fifty two or three years since he went to live at Falmouth in Casco Bay and 
there lived till he removed from thence in the 2nd Indian War, etc. etc. 2 
July 1733." 

5th. "The Deposition of John Lane of Gloucester, aged about eighty and 
three years, testifieth and saith that he lived at a place since called Northyar- 
mouth in Casco Bay, sixteen or eighteen years before the first Indian war, and 
was well acquainted with Mr. John Couzens of that Place and well Remeinbers 
said John Couzens possessing a certain Neck of land and Marsh lying in a fork 
of Couzens River so called and between the East and West Branches thereof, 
about a mile up said River, and that he the sd Couzens had a House and Barn 
on sd neck of Land. This Deponent doth testify that his father did Mow 
Grass in sd marsh in Right of sd Couzens, and the sd Couzens lived in Quiet 
possession of the above neck of Land and marsh for sixteen or eighteen years 
untill he was Driven off by the Indians which is now nfar sixty years agoe, 
30 April 1734." — York Co. Records. 

The First Church in Gloucester was gathered by Rev. Richard 
Blynnman in 1642. The Second Parish was incorporated at West 
Gloucester, June 12, 17 16. The Third Parish was incorporated 
at Annisquam Harbor in 1728. The Fourth Parish was incorpor- 
ated -in 1742. The Fifth or Sandy Bay Parish, now Rockport, 
was incorporated in 1754, and the First Church was organized 
Feb. 13, 1755. 

John Lane was connected with the First Church at Gloucester 
before 1703, and was also an original member of the Third Church, 
Annisquam, at its organization in 1728. He died 24 Jan., 1737-8, 
36. 86 years. Dorcas (Wallis) Lane was admitted to the church 
Jan. 14, 1730, and died 2 Feb., 1754, in her 93d year. Their 
remains rest in the Lanesville burying ground. 

Administration on the estate of John Lane was granted to his eldest son, 
Dea. James Lane of Gloucester, Mar. 29, 1738. The estate was appraised 
Apr. 7, 1738; inventory returned Apr. 11, 1738, amount £()'J?>. 8. 2, debts 
;^I43. 12. 2. Mention was made of dwelling house and barn, thirty acres of 
homestead, beside orchard-pasture-herbage-swamp-and wood-lands, "one- 
fourth part of an acre of Land for a burying place Forever, ye brook as 
a common priviledge of a Watring place for Cattle to all ye heirs of ye sd 
Jno. Lane Deed.," Flake yard, cattle, bills of credit, copper-and silver- 
money, iron-brass-and glass-ware, sword and cutlass. The committee to 
S€t off dower and to apportion the estate made report, Feb. 22, 1738-9. The 

Family Two. 185 

division was ordered, Apr. 9, 1739: dower to Dorcas Lane, "Widow and 
Relict of John Lane," and shares to James Lane, to the representatives of 
John Lane dec'd, to Josiah Lane, to Joseph Lane, to Benjamin Lane, to Job 
Lane, to William Tucker in right of his wife Dorcas, to the representatives of 
Sarah Lane alias Riggs, to Caleb Woodbury in right of his wife, to Joseph 
Thurston in right of his wife Mary. The several heirs gave receipts to the 
administrator for their respective shares, 1 739-1 743- 

Copy: "Recvd this ii^h of May 1741 of Dea" James Lane ad mr. to ye 
Estate of John Lane Late of Gloucester Deed, the sum of two hundred seventy 
Eight Pounds five Shillings and five pence in full for my Third in the Personal 
Estate Left at the Decease of my Husband the sd John Lane as Settled p"" the 
Honbl Judge of Probate for ye County of Essex, 

Rec^d p*^ me 


Dorcas D Lane. 

Testes. Benja Brad^reet." 

Children : Five born at Cape Elizabeth, and six at Gloucester ; 
nine were baptized at the First church in Gloucester before 1703, 
by Rev. John White. 

5. I. James-^ b. 1682, m. Ruth Riggs and Jl'dith Woodbury. 

6. II. JoHN^, b. 1688, m. Mary Riggs. 

III. JosiAH^, m. 15 Jan., 1713, by Rev. John White, Rachel 
York. Her father Samuel York had come to Gloucester from Fal- 
mouth on the second destruction of that town by the Indians. 
Josiah Lane was one of three Gloucester fishermen captured by 
the Indians in the harbor of Owl's Head, Cape Sable, June 2, 17 13. 

Deposition: "Then James Davis and Josiah Lane went to set said Indian 
on shore and to bring off the Englishman [John Sadler], and as soon as they 
came to the shore, the Indian went out of the canoe; and, as the said Josiah 
Lane tells me, they went to set the canoe off, but the Indians laid hold of the 
painter to stop them, and the other two Indians came and laid hold of the 
painter also, and they hauled the canoe upon shore. With that two of the 
Englishmen, as namely, James Davis and Josiah Lane, skipt out of the canoe 
into the water to swim on board. But one of the Indians came into the water 
and caught said James Davis immediately and brought him on shore; and the 
other two Indians went wdth the canoe after Josiah Lane, and when they 
came up with him one of the Indians took his hatchet and seemed as if he was 
going to strike at him but did not, but took hold of him and hauled him on 
shore; and when they came on shore there were several more Indians that 

186 James Lane and Descendants. 

were come out of the bushes with their guns, and when they had got the said 
three Englishmen together they set them down, as said Josiah Lane informed 
me, and said they would carry them to Port Royal." — Richard Yorke, June 
22, 1713. 

Josiah Lane bought land of Edward Harraden, July 20, 17 16, 
and seven other purchases appear to be by him from 1729 to 1738. 
He and wife Rachel were admitted to the church at Annisquam 
Mar. 8, 1728. He d. 23 Nov., 1747. se. 58 yrs. His widow d. 3 
Oct., 1774, 36. 84 yrs., "falling from her chair, she was taken up 
dead." No children. 

The will of Josiah Lane of Gloucester, shoemaker, dated Dec. 3, 1746, and 
presented for probate Feb. 2, 1747-8, bequeathed property to his wife Rachel 
Lane and to his nephew, "beloved friend and kinsman," Ambrose Finson, 
"to be Equally Divided by and Between them. Whither It be In Vessels, 
household goods, money, stock, Negroes or anything whatsoever." The in- 
ventory taken June 23, 1748, and returned June 27, 1748, included dwelling 
house, barn, land, flats in Lobster cove, one third of fish-house and wharf in 
Flatstone cove, one fourth part schooner Endeavor, fishing boat with a canoe, 
husbandry and carpenter's tools, a Negro man, ^^70, a Negro woman, £^^1 a 
pew in the meeting house with two chairs, clock, iron- brass- pewter- tin- ear- 
then and glass-ware, books, small arms and cutlass, silver and paper-money in 
the house. 

Administration on the estate of Rachel Lane was granted to Ambrose Fin- 
son 8 Nov., 1774. 

IV. Dorcas-'^, pub. 13 Dec, 171 2, and m. 8 Jan., 17 13, William 
Tucker; he b. ii May, 1690, son of John and Sarah (Riggs) 
Tucker, Gloucester. Granted in June, 1707, *'to Sarah Tucker the 
wife of John Tucker and for her heirs lawfully borne of her owne 
body, about ten acres of ground above the head of Goose Cove." 
William and Dorcas Tucker receipted in full to Dea. James Lane, 
for their interest in the personal and the real estate of her father, 
John Lane, 21 Jan., 1740, and 7 ^L1y, 1742. Children: 

Dorcas, d. in infancy. 

Abigail, d. 


William, b. 22 May, I 721, m. 18 Oct., 1742, Patience Riggs. 

John, b. 30 Jan., 1725, m. Nov., 1746, Mary Davis. 

V. Sarah^, m. 17 Dec, 17 13, Thomas Riggs^, b. 16 Jan., 1690, 
son of Thomas- and Ann (Wheeler), Thomas^ and Mary (Millet). 

Family Two. 187 

She d. i8 Nov., 17 15, and he m. again Sarah Hunt of Ipswich, 
and d. before 1740. His children were : 

I. Sarah. 2. Hannah. 3. Thomas^ d. in infancy. 4. James. 

The representatives of Sarah (Lane) Riggs were apportioned an 
interest in the real estate of their grandfather, John Lane, 22 Feb., 
1738-9, and gave receipt for the same to Dea. James Lane by 
Daniel Griffin, their guardian, 3 Sept., 1739. 

VL Hp:phzibah'', b. Gloucester, 20 July, 1694, m. 27 Nov., 
1 7 18, Caleb Woodbury, son of William, and d. 12 Feb., 1732. 
They resided near his father at Ciallop's P^olly, (iloucester. He, as 
guardian to the children, receipted for their interest in the real and 
the personal estate of their grandfather, John Lane, 7 Nov., 1739, 
and 6 May, 1740. She d. 12 Feb., 1732. He m. second, 14 
Sept., 1732, .Ablal Morgan; m. third, 14 Aug., 1738, Anna 
Thomas. Children of Caleb and Hephzibah (Lane) U'oodbury : 

1. irHiiam, b. 19 ?eb., 1 72 1. 

2. Hannah, b. 24 Feb., I 723. 

3. Rebecca, b. 18 .Sept., 1726, d. 2 Sept., I 743, a-. 17 yrs. 

4. Caleb, b. 20 Mar., 1728, m. 22 Nov., 1748, Lois Merchant. 

5. Jntire7c, b. 20 Mar., I 730. 

6. Peter, twin, b. 20 Mar., 1730. 

7. A'ache/,h. 13 Jan., 1732. 

\TL ^LARY^, b. 8 Aug., 1696, pub. 7 Nov., 1716, m. first, by 
Rev. John White, 6 Dec, 17 16, Thomas Finson, who was killed by 
the Indians at Fox Island, June 24, 1724. Administration on his 
estate was granted to Mary Finson, who returned inventory 1 2 
Oct., 1724. Dea. James Lane purchased the Finson dwelling 
house and land, and was appointed guardian to children Mary and 
Thomas Finson. Josiah Lane was appointed guardian to son 
Ambrose Finson, a minor upwards of fourteen, 25 .Apr., 1737. 
Mary (Lane) Finson m. second, 9 Mar., 1725, Joseph Thurston, 
and gave receipt to James Lane for her interest in the estate of her 
father, John Lane, Sept. i, 1740. Mary and Thomas Finson, as 
they became of age, Nov. 29, 1736, and Sept. 11, 1741, gave 
receipt to James Lane for their share in the estate of their father, 
Thomas Finson. The Finson children receipted to James Lane, 
administrator, for their interest in the estate of their grandfather, 
John Lane — Ambrose Finson, by his guardian, Josiah Lane, Oct. 

188 James Lane and Descendants. 

15) 1737 ') Mary Finson, now Davis, Mar. 23, 1742-3, and Thomas 
Finson Mar. 23, 1742-3. Mary (Lane-Finson) Thurston d. in 
1792, 36. 96 yrs. Children of Thomas and Mary (Lane) Finson: 

1. Mary, b. 23 July, 1718, m. before 23 Mar., 1742-3, Mr. Davis. 

2. Thomas, b. 16 July, 1720, had wife Sarah Thurston, lived at Sandy 
Bay in 1754, and was drowned at Plum Cove 13 May, 1762. 

3. Ambrose, bap. 7 Apr., 1723, d. I Feb., 1806, ae. "upward of eighty." 

4. Elizabeth, b. i Feb., 1725. 

Mary (Lane) Finson m. second, by Rev. John White, 9 Mar., 
1725, Joseph Thurston^, (Joseph'^, Daniel^), res. Pigeon Cove and 
Sandy Bay, where he d. 29 May, 1780. Children : 

5. Sarah, b. 2 Dec, 1726, m. Thomas Finson and d. 1795. 

6. Joseph, b. 15 Feb., 1729, m. Agnes Davis^ lived in Rockport and had 
nine children. 

7. Elizabeth, b. 8 Nov., 1 731, m. Henry Clark. 

8. Daniel, b. 16 Feb., 1735, m. Anna Tarr and Bethia Adams and had 
seven children. 

9. John, b. 30 June, 1737, rn, Eunice Stockbridge and had nine children. 

10. Dorcas, b. 22 Jan., 1740, m. Thomas Roberts and d. 28 Apr., 1825. 

11. William, b. 27 Nov., 1 742, m. Martha Pool, and was lost at sea in 
1779. Six children. 

12. Polly, m. [Villiam Cook. 

13. Anna, m. William Lo7ue, lived in Rockport and had seven children. 

14. Esther, b. Dec, 1764, m. Xathanicl Tarr of Rockport, and d. 24 
May, 1829. Seven children. 

7. VUL Joseph^, b. 15 Oct., 1698, m. Deborah Harraden. 

8. LX. Benjamin^, b. 25 July, 1700, m. Elizabeth Griffin. 

X. Deborah^, b. 19 Feb. and bap. 9 May, 1703, by Rev. John 
White; d. 9 May, 1729, in her 27th year. 

9. XL JoB^ b. 8 Feb. and bap. 22 July, 1705, by Rev. John 
White ; m. Mary Ashbv. 


SAMUET> LANE- (James'), 1660-1724. A garrison was built 
at Royall's river. North Yarmouth, Me., in 1685, for the accom- 
modation and defense of Samuel Lane, son of James Lane, and his 
neighbors. In the "second Indian war," with molestation at their 
house July 26, 1688, and attack on Lane's Island Sept. 13, 1688, 
the Lane family was driven away and soon joined their friends at 
Gloucester, Mass. 

Family Three. 189 

Case: "Falmouth, Province of Maine, July 27, 1688, against John Riall of 
North Yarmouth. Upon grate causes of Suspicion that he have and doe pre- 
sume to trade with the Indians, a warrent was Ishued ought for the sd Jno Riall 
to appear before Liff* ConeU Tyng, one of the Council, to Answer on his Oath 
in that Case; & also for Refusing to assist the Constable in the securing of an 
Indian called Joseph that had made an attack of and abuse unto Henry & Sam 

John Rial was committed to the Constable of North Yarmouth to be trans- 
ported to Boston to appear before his Excellency the Governour. Edward 
Tyng one of the Council." 

Testimony: Falmouth, Province of Maine, July 28, 1688. "Samuel & 
Henry Lane testifieth to being within their house at North Yarmouth upon the 
26th of July. Towards night there came an Indian man and a Squaw desired 
that they might sleepe there that night which was granted. The next morning 
the two Indians went to the water-side and called to some more who had layn 
on an island and five other Indians came to Lane's house and asked for fire, 
which being given them they made a small fire near the house. The Lanes 
fearing the (ire might doe damage took the fire away from the Indians and car- 
ried it to the water-side and told the Indians to make a fire there and not 
endanger their house. Then the Indian Joseph fell upon Sam Lane and the 
said Sam Lane endeavored to defend himself. The Indian Joseph threatened 
to kill the Lanes' hoggs and did Runne after the hogs with a hatchet. After 
the Lanes drove off the Indians they immediately complained of them to the 
Constable." — i'ork Counfy Records. 

James Sullivan gives the following account of the Indian attack 
Sept. 13, 1688 : 

"That night the Indians went on to an island called 'Lanes Island' where 
they butchered the unfortunate victims who fell into their hands in the morn- 
ing, together with another captive whom they had previously taken farther 
east, in a most savage and cruel manner. Their bodies were found by some of 
the garrison and buried on the main. Soon after this the garrison removed to 
Jewel's Island, one of the most distant from the main land in Casco Bay, and 
built a fort there to secure themselves till they could return to Massachusetts. 
Not long after the building of the fort, it was attacked by a large party of 
Indians from the main; but was resolutely defended until many of the Indians 
being killed, the others thought proper to leave the island. A vessel soon 
after took the inhabitants off the island and conveyed them to Boston, in which 
and its neighborhood they disposed themselves. And thus the settlement of 
North Yarmouth was entirely broken up at this time." — Hist, Dist. 0/ Maine, 


Samuel Lane was a blacksmith by trade. He was of Salem, Mass., June 6, 

1696, when he paid 25 pounds to Samuel Sibley of Salem, cooper, his wife 

Mar)' consenting, for "dwelling house, barns and orchards with four acres of 

190 James Lane and Descendants. 

land," the deed witnessed June 25, 1696. He soon fixed his residence near 
his brother, John Lane, at Flatstone Cove, Gloucester, Mass. He received a 
grant of land from Gloucester in 1708; bought lands in Gloucester of Nathan- 
iel Sargent Mar. 2, 1714, and of Timothy Somers Mar. 2, 1 714; sold land to 
Samuel Lane, Jr., Jan. 19, 1724. 

The church in Annisquam Parish, Gloucester, Mass., being gathered and 
incorporated by Rev. John White, chose Benjamin Bradstreet pastor, who, 
with ten other persons, publicly owned the covenant in 1728. Three of these 
eleven original members were the three Lane brothers, Samuel, John and 

Samuel Lane died at Lanesville, Mass., 30 Dec, 1724, ae. above 

sixty years. He had wife ABIGAIL , who was admitted 

to the church at Annisquam Jan. 28, 1730. 

Children : 

I. Daughter^, died at Salem Village, 10 Feb., 1692. "Samuel 
Lanes daughter eighteen days old." — Record of Rev. Samuel 

10. II. Samuel^, m. Mary Emmons. 

III. Rachel^, b. 15 Nov., 1708, bap. 29 May, 1709, by Rev. 
John White, First Church, Gloucester, and d. 25 Jan., 1719, ?e. 
about 10 yrs. 


JOB LAXE- (James^), 1667-1744, a mason by trade ; driven 
from Maine by the Indians, he settled with kindred at Billerica, 
Mass., about 1700, was founder of the second Lane family in Bed- 
ford, Mass., and known in the records of his generation as Job 
Lane, Sr. 

He liought of Caleb Farley, Jr., Apr. 6, 1700, a house and fifty acres of land 
south of the Winthrop Purchase, and other lands of Fitz-John Winthrop July 
31, 1703. He was allowed by the town of Billerica two lots of 93 and 40 
acres in 1708. In March, 1727, he exchanged his house and 50 acres of land 
with Christopher Page for a house and 150 acres near Shawshine river, and 
removed to the east part of Bedford, where he was innkeeper to his death. 
Other purchases of real estate were made by him Oct. 21, 1737, and Jan. 28, 

Family Four. 191 

He sold lands to T. Waite Feb. 13, 1705, to C. Farley Apr. 11, 1706, to J. 
Mudge Jan. 28, 1707, to F. Wyman July 15, 1 719. 

Copy, deed, July /j, 17 iQ. "Job Lane and Mary his wife of Billerica, 
Mass., convey to Francis Wyman of Woburn, Mass., all right and title to lands 
which formerly belonged to my father James Laine deceased, lying in Casco 
Bay, containing a neck of land lying between Cousins his River and Har- 
riseekett; also an island lying over against sd Island called Long Island, one 
seventh of the above described land being what he intends to convey." — York 
Co. Records. 

The eldest son of a person who died intestate received two shares in the 
estate. Job Lane receiving "one seventh" proves that his father James Lane 
had six children. 

Other sales of lands were made by Job Lane to S. Brown Dec. 12, 1720, to 
J. Blood Aug. 8, 1727, to J. Marshall Nov. 13, 1732, to W. French, Jr., Apr. 
2, 1735, to J. Paige Feb. 7, 1737, to T. Waite Mar. 28, 1737, to Z. Whiting 
Mar. 31, 1740, to J. Lane, 3d, Apr. 16, 1742; his estate to J. Mudge, Nov. 

17. 1743- 

Job Lane was a soldier in Major John Lane's Indian scout, 1706. 
He was credited Jan. 20, 1730, with gift of money to incourage- 
ment for the town of Bedfortl in the year 1729. He died 19 Sept., 
1744, ?e. 77 yrs. His wife was MARY FASSE1T-, dau. of Patrick' 
and Sarah Fassett of Maiden and Billerica, Mass. She was b. 31 
Mar., 1683, and d. 7 Sept., 1746, «. 65 yrs. 

A highway was laid out in 1694, "from Patrick' Fassett's house leading up 
to Concord Road and from there to Mr. Lane's." John Fassett^, son of 
Patrick', m. 31 Mar., 1697, Mary Hill of Billerica. He was chosen treasurer 
at Bedford's first town meeting Sept. 26, 1729, and d. 30 Jan., 1736. Samuel 
Fassett-, another son of Patrick', was the first town treasurer of Westford, 

Children of Job and Mary (Fassett) Lane : 

I. Mary^, b. 18 Feb., 1706-7, perhaps' m. 10 Feb., 1728, Wil- 
liam Ingalls of Marblehead, Mass. 

II. n. Joseph^, b. 11 Jan., 1708-9, m. Thankful Amsden. 
HL Susanna-^ b. 2 Mar., 1710-11. 

IV. Sar,\h3, ni, 28 Dec, 1732, James Miller of Charlestown, 

12. V. Job, 3d^, twin, b. 29 Jan., 17 13-14, m. Sarah . 

VL Elizabeth-^, twin, b. 29 Jan., 17 13-14. 

192 James Lane and Descendants. 

VII. Samuel^, b. 7 Apr., 17 16, d. 25 Nov., 1736, ae. 20 yrs. 

VIII. Silence^, b. 2 Apr., 17 19. 

IX. Elizabeth^, b. 17 Mar., 1722-3, m. 5 Mar., 1747, his sec- 
ond wife, Michael Bacon^; he b. Billerica, Mass., 17 13, son of 
Nathaniel'' and Judith (Wyman) Bacon (MichaeP-^-"^). Nine 
children : 

1. Elizabeth y b. 19 Nov., 1747. 

2. Sarah^ b. 17 Feb., 1749-50. 

3. David, b. 2 June, 1752, was killed June 15, 1810, by Lt. William Mer- 
riam, Esq., whom he was guarding when insane. 

4. Nathan, b. 24 Mar., 1754. 

5. Solomon, b. 8 Mar., 1756, his rough farm on Pine Hill road, Bedford, 

6. Molly, b. 6 Jan., 1758. 

7. Susanna, b. 27 Mar., 1760. 

8. Martha, b. 27 June, 1762. 

9. Susanna, b. 8 Feb., 1765. 


Dea. JAMES LANE^ (John^, Jamesi), 1682-1751, b. Casco 
Bay 1682 ; m. first, by Rev. John White, 25 Oct., 17 10, RUTH^, 
eldest child of John^ and Ruth (Wheeler) RIGGS. (Thomas 
Riggs', educated in England as a scrivener, first appears in Glou- 
cester, Mass., as grantee of land at Goose Cove in 1658, officiated 
as school master ; town clerk 1665 to 17 16, 51 years; selectman 
upwards of 20 years, and representative in 1700). Mrs. Lane was 
b. (iloucester, 4 Nov., 1690, and d. 18 Aug., 1711, ae. 20 yrs. 
Dea. Lane m. second, ent. int. 16 Apr., 17 15, JUDITH, widow of 
William WOODBURY, who was admitted to the church Nov. 13, 
1739, and d. his widow, 29 Aug., 1770, as. 85 yrs. He resided at 
Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., where he was a man of marked char- 
acter and influence. 

James Lane, Nov. 9, 1706, bought of John Wainwright of Ipswich, mer- 
chant, and ElizaVjeth his wife, for thirty pounds, a certain messuage or tene- 
ment and eighteen acres of upland, in presence of John Lane and John Wain- 
wright, Jr., before Francis Wainwright, justice, Nov. 13, 1706. 

Annisquam river and harbor are drawn on William Wood's map of Mass. in 
1633, and spelled Wonasquam. This is the spelling in Winthrop's Journal, 

Family Five. 193 

1635, and in Josselyn's Account, 1638. "Mr. Endecott was willed to send 
three men to view Cape Ann, whether it may be cut through and how they 
find it." — Gen. Coio't Records, i6j8. 

The neck was cut through in 1643 by the enterprise of Rev. Richard Blyn- 
man, the first minister of Gloucester. James Lane was among the seventeen 
owners of vessels who in 1710 paid the annual charge for using the ship- 
channel connecting Ipswich and Mass. Bays. He made thirty-six purchases of 
land from 1716 to 1746. 

James, John and Samuel Lane were among the 40 petitioners in 1726 for the 
Third or Annisquam Parish, which was incorporated June 1 1, 1728. Rev. Ben- 
jamin Bradstreet was ordained pastor of the church at Annisquam Sept. 19, 
1728. Samuel Lane, John Lane and James Lane signed the original covenant. 

James Lane was chosen deacon of the church at its organization ; 
selectman of Gloucester 1726, 1727, 1730 to 1735, inclusive. 
Died, intestate, 20 Apr., 1751, ae. 69 yrs. 

Administration on his estate was granted to his sons, William Lane and 
Josiah Lane, May 27, 1751; inventory taken Oct. 10, 1751, was returned 
Nov. 4, 1751; real estate was appraised £i2Ji^T,, 3, 8, personal estate ^^323, 

6, I. Committee appointed Nov. 4, 1 75 1, set off dower Nov. 22, 1751, and 
made return P'eb, 24, 1752. The same day the account of the joint adminis- 
tration of William Lane and Josiah Lane was exhibited and approved. The 
estate included five dwelling houses and buildings attached, parsonage land, 
flake yard, a fourth part of a schooner at sea, two and one-half pews in the 
meeting house, two Bibles and a number of other books, "a Negro man £2^, 

7, 8, a Negro woman ^^30, 13, 4." After the death of the widow a commit- 
tee was appointed Jan. 30, 1771, to divide the estate among the heirs, "if it 
can be done without prejudice to the estate." The division, made Feb. 20, 
1 771, was returned to Judge of Probate July 30, 1771. 

Administration on the estate of widow Judith Lane was granted to Thomas 
Burnham Oct. 29, 1770; inventory was taken Nov. 24, 1770, and returned 
Jan. 28, 1771; account of administration was presented May 8, 1776. 

Children : 

L James*^, b. 8 Aug., 171 1, bap. 13 Apr., 171 2, by Rev. John 
White, d. 14 May, 1729, in his i8th year. 

By second marriage : 

13. II. William^, b. 24 June, bap. 24 Aug., 17 16, m. Lvdia 
Griffin and Deborah (Lane) L.angsford. 

III. RuTH"*, b. 27 Dec, 17 18, bap. 15 Feb., 1719, m. 6 Apr., 

194 James Lane and Descendants. 

1738, Paul ]\Iorgan and was admitted to the church Nov. 13, 

1739. Their children : 

I. Ruth, b. 1739. 2. Mary, b. 1741. 3. Judith, b. 1743. 4. Paiil^ 
b. 1745, m. Anna Broivn. 5. Henry, b. 1 749. 6. John, b. 1 752. 7. 
Joanna, b. I 755. 8. \Villia?n, b. 1 761. 

14. IV. JosiAH"*, b. 29 Mar., bap. 16 Apr., 1721, m. Abigail 

V. Marv*, b. 25 June, bap. 28 July, 1723, m. Thomas Burn- 
ham, and was admitted to the church Dec. 13, 1741. 

VI. John-*, b. 8, bap. 29 Aug., 1725, d. before 1751. 

VII. James^, b. 9 Oct., 1729, was master of a fishing schooner 
and lost on a voyage to the Grand Banks in 1753, ae. 24 yrs. His 
brother, William Lane, was appointed adm. of his estate Nov. 25, 
1754 ; inventory taken Mar..3i, 1755, and returned Feb. 23, 1756, 
total ^326, II, 10, including "one third part of a pew in Squam 
meeting house" and ''one old Negro man ^£20." 


JOHN LANE-^ (John-, James^), m. i Jan., 1713, by Rev. John 
White, MARY RIGGS ; she b. 30 June, 1696, sister of his brother 
James' first wife. His vessel was taken and he killed by the In- 
dians at Fox Harbor, near Penobscot, Me., 24 June, 1724. His 
age was 36 years. Perhaps his widow m. second, 3 Nov., 1726, by 
Richard Jaques, Samuel Jones of Exeter, N. H. 

The care of five children and administration on the estate of John Lane, Jr., 
was committed to his widow, Mary Lane, Sept. 28, 1724. The estate was 
appraised Oct. 6, 1724, and inventory returned Oct. 12, 1724; amount, £'i^y), 
II, II. It comprised a servant boy, £,\o, and "one halfe of two vessells, one 
a Coaster ye other a fishing vessel, £^S-'^ Account of administration was pre- 
sented Feb. 16, 1724-5, and division of estate made to Mary Lane, widow, to 
David Lane, only son, a double portion, to daughters Mary Lane, Sarah Lane, 
Dorcas Lane and Comfort Lane. The mother was appointed guardian to the 
children, all minors under fourteen years of age, Feb. 16, 1725. John Riggs 
was appointed their guardian Oct. 14, 1727. Dea. James Lane was appointed 

FAMiLy Six. 195 

guardian to the son David Lane Apr. 25, 1737. The daughters Mary and 
Sarah had married, and the daughter Comfort had died, Aug. 2, 1737, when 
John Riggs returned an account of his guardianship, and the estate was 
equally divided among the four surviving children, Mary Lane alias Roberts, 
Sarah Lane alias Day, Dorcas Lane and David Lane. 

Children : 

L Mary**, b. 13 Mar., 17 14, bap. 20 June, 1714, by Rev. John 
White; m. 13 Nov., 1735, ^V Richard Jaqiies, John Roberts, Jr.; 
he b. 20 Apr., 17 14. She gave receipts in full to Dea. James 
Lane, administrator, for her portion of the real and personal estate 
of her grandfather, John Lane, June 7, 1739, and Aug. 5, 1740. 
Their children : 

I. David^ b. 8, d. 9 Aug., 1736. 2. Comfort, b. 8 Aug., 1737, d. same 
day. 3. Sarah. 4. Eliphalet. 5. Levi. 6. Hannah. 7. John. 8. 
Sarah again. 

II. Patience'*, b. 12 July, 17 15, d. the same day. 

III. Sarah-*, b. 18, bap. 24 June, 1716, m. 29 Apr., 1735, by 
Richard Jaques, Eliphalet Day, and gave receipt to Dea. James 
Lane for portion of her grandfather's personal estate Aug. 5, 1740. 
In digging the cellar for the Daniel Day house at Flatstone Cove, 
Lanesville, about 1870, square bricks from the old house of John 
Lane-, Senior, were discovered. 

IV. Ruth'*, b. 7, bap. 21 Apr., 17 18, d. 6 May, 17 18. 

V. Dorcas-*, b. 4, bap. 14 June, 17 19, m. 16 Nov., 1738, 
Thomas Wharf : he b. 21 Mar., 171 7, son of Nathaniel Wharf, Jr., 
a Grand Bank skipper, lost with all his crew on a voyage to the 
Banks in 1753. She gave receipts for her portion in the real and 
personal estate of her grandfather, John Lane, to Dea. James Lane, 
administrator, Apr. 11, 1739, and June 9, 1740. Their children : 

I. Dorcas. 2. Sarah. 3. Job. 4. John. 5. Nathaniel. 6. 
Thomas^ b. 3 Aug., 1747. 7. David, b. 2 Feb., 1752. 8. Eliphalet Day. 

VL John-*, b. 21, bap. 26 Mar., 1721, d. 6 Apr., 1721. 

15, Vn. David"*, b. 27 May, bap. June, 1722, m. Abigail 
Lane"*, (SamueP--, James'). 

Vni. Comfort"*, b. t8 Aug., 1724, d. before 2 Aug., 1737. 

196 James Lane and Descendants. 


JOSEPH LANE3 (John^, Jamesi), 1698-1743, was b. 15 Oct., 

1698; m. I Jan., 1721, by Rev. John White, DEBORAH HARA- 

DEN, dau. of Benjamin and Deborah (Norwood) Haraden, and 

granddaii. of Edward and Sarah Haraden. 

Members of the Lane family had taken up their residence at Planter's Neck, 
between Lobster Cove and Annisquam river, before the end of the 17th cen- 
tury. This property had come into the possession of Edward Haraden, who 
appears to have been the first settler at Squam Point about 1656. Joseph Lane 
moved from Lane's Cove or Bay View to the Haraden grant. He bought land 
of Deborah Haraden, administratrix, Mar. 17, 1725, and of John Lane, Jan. 7, 
1737. He gave Dea. James Lane, administrator, receipts for real and personal 
estate of his father, John Lane, Apr. 11, 1739, and May 6, 1740. About 40 
of the neighbors petitioned to be incorporated as the Third Parish in 1726. 

Joseph Lane and wife joined the church in Annisquam Sept. 26, 
1 731. He d. 24 Apr., 1743, in his 45th year. 
Children : 

L Deborah"*, b. 17 Dec, 1721, d. 17 May, 1722, ae. about 
5 ms. 

n. Deborah^, b. 24 Apr., 1724, m. first, 9 Jan., 1744, John 
Langsford ; he b. 1722, son of Richard and Mary (Rowe) Langs- 
ford, and was shot by Indians in ambush while walking on shore at 
Owl's Head, Me. She m. second, 1756, her cousin, Wh.liam Lane"* 
(James-^, John-, James^), and m. third, Mr. Webster. 

HL Joseph^, b. 3, bap. 9 May, 1725, d. 9 Mar., 1726, ne. about 
10 ms. 

16. IV. Joseph"*, b. 20 Aug., 1726, m. Joanna Haraden. 

17. ^^ Caleb'*, b. 16 Nov., 1729, m. Lydia Riggs. 

18. \1. Solomon"*, b. 29, bap. 31 Oct., 1731, m. Abigail Gott 
and Judith Knowltox. 

VII. Esther"*, bap. 9 Dec, 1732. 

VIII. Amey or Amv^, bap. 25 Jan., 1735-6. She m. Mr. Ket- 
cham, and according to reliable tradition lived to be one hundred 
years old. Among descendants living in 1899 is the Rev. WilHam 
E. Ketcham, D. D., of Vonkers, N. V., editor of T/n: Preachcr''s 
Magazine^ etc., etc. 

Family Eight. 11)7 

19. IX. Gideon'*, bap. 19 Mar., 1737-8, m. Mary Babson. 

X. John"*, b. 8 July, 1739, perhaps killed in an engagement with 
a British ship of twenty guns, May 29, 1778, and mentioned as the 
first victim of the Revolutionary war from Annisquam. ' 

XI. AxN^, b. 7. Jan., bap. 8 Feb., 1 740-1, m. George Denni- 
SON, and lived in Freeport, Me. 


BENJAMIN LANE'' (John-, James'), i 700-1 773, b. in Lanes- 
ville, Gloucester, Mass., 25 July, 1700, m. 6 Jan., 1725-6, by Rev. 
John White, ELIZABF:TH GRIFFIN, a descendant of Samuel 
and EHzabeth (York) Griffin. They resided in Gloucester where 
he bought land of .Abraham Robinson, Jr., Nov. 15, 1727, and 
other lands in 1737 and 1738. He gave receipts for his portion 
of the real and personal estate of his father, John Lane, to Dea. 
James Lane, adm., April 11, 1739, and May 6, 1740. He d. 12 
Mar., 1773, re. 72 years. His widow Elizabeth Lane d. of asthma, 
II Sept., 1779, cT. 70 years. 

Children : 

I. Thomas"', b. 5 Sept., 1726, d. 10 Sept., 1726. 

20. 11. Benjamin"*, b. 27, Nov., 1727, m. Hannah Lane. 
111. Elizabeth'*, b. 3 Jan., 1730. 

21. IV. Jonathan"*, b. 2, bap. 10 Oct., 1731, had wives Lydia 
Robinson, Esther Staniford and Elizabeth Whalen. 

A\ John"*, b. 15, bap. 20 .Oct., 1733, entered intention of m. 12 
Aug., 1756, with Rachel Sargent, and resided in Gloucester. 

VL LvDiA^, b. 24 Feb., bap. 19 Mar., 1735-6. 

22. VII. Hezekiah^, b. 31 Mar., bap. 2 Apr., 1738, had wife 
Hannah Go it. 

Vni. David^, bap. 1 740. 

IX. Daniel^, bap. 3 June, 1740, had wife Hannah , and 

children : 

1. Mary'", bap. 24 Oct., I 762. 

2. Judith^, bap. 22 Sept., or 13 Oct., 1765. 

198 James Lane and Descendants. 

X. Dorcas^ bap. i6 Oct., 1743- 

23. XI. Joseph'', bap. 8 Sept., 1745, m. Rachel Rowe and 
Sarah Davis. 

XII. Joshua"*, twin, bap. 8 Sept., 1745. 

XIII. Lois^ bap. 13 Dec, 1747, m. 5 Nov., 1767, Ebenezer 
Annis^; he b. Gloucester, 18 Feb., 1747, (Isaac^ and Experience 

Haraden, Isaac^ and Rebecca , Charles^ and Sarah Chase, of 

Newbury, Mass.) Children born in Gloucester : 

Lois, bap. 2 Apr., 1769. 

Mark, bap. 26 Nov., 1769, d. young. 

Esther, bap. 13 June, 1773, m. Oct., 1791, Richard Grover Pew. 

Lydia, bap. 29 Mar., 1777. 

Ebetiezer, b. 24 Apr., 1779. 

Mark, b. 7 Oct., 1780. 

XIV. Nathaniel'', b. 10, bap. 23 Sept., 1750. 

XV. Rebecca"*, bap. 22 Dec, 1751. 

XVI. Peter-*, b. i8 Apr., 1754? d. 30 Oct., 1772, ?e. 19 years. 


JOB LANE^ (John-, James*), was b. in Annisquam, Gloucester, 
Mass., 8 Feb., 1705, bap. 22 July, 1705, by Rev. John White; 
entered intention of m. with MARY ASHBY of Beverly, Mass., 
20 Oct., and m. 26 Nov., 1734, by Rev. Benjamin Bradstreet. 

She was baptized and joined the church at Annisquam, May 10, 1 741. He 
bought land in Gloucester of John Lane, Jan. 7, 1737; signed an indenture 
June, 1738; gave receipt for portion of the personal estate of his father, John 
Lane, to Dea. James Lane, administrator. May 6, 1740; sold to James Lane, 
flake-yard and a dwelling he had bought of Stephen Butler, before 1751. 

The fifth or Sandy Bay parish, now Rockport, Mass., was incorporated Jan. 
I, 1754, and the new church organized Feb. 13, 1755. Job Lane was among 
the about 40 tax-payers at Sandy Bay in 1754. He bought lands of John 
Pool, June 18, 1766, and of Nathaniel Allen, et als., Oct. 10, 1766. 

Fifth Parish Gloucester. "I say Reced per me Ebnr Cleaveland orders and 
abaitments in the year 1771. Job Lane. 

head abated o — 11 — o." 

He d. in Rockport. Mary Lane his widow d. in 1795, very 
aged of course. 

Family Ten. 199 

Children born and baptized at Annisquam : 

I. Sarah^, b. lo, bap. 14 Sept., 1735, probably entered inten- 
tion of m. 25 May, 1758, with Lemuel Merchant-, (Jabez'). 
"1761, Oct. 30. Visited Lemuel Merchant, in a consumption." — 
Rev. SafHucl Chandle)' s Diary. Children : 

1. Sarah, bap. 13 May, 1759. 

2. Leviuel, bap. 3 May, 1761. 

IL Jonathan^, bap. 19 Dec, 1736. 

IIL ]ov^, bap. 18 June, 1738, m. 26 Feb., 1782, Joiiena Mor- 

IV. Martha'^, bap. 24 Feb., 1739-40. 

24. V. Ehenezer'*, bap. 4 July, 1742, m. ALa.ry Preston and 
Eunice Dodd. 

VL Deborah-*, bap. 8 Jan., 1743-4, m. 28 Nov., 1767, James 
Parsons; he b. 25 Oct., 1746, son of James and Abigail (Tarr) 
Parsons of Sandy Bay, now Rockport, Mass. Their son : 

I. IVilliatn, h. 27 ^L'^r., 1780, m. 7 Sept., 1S03, Mar/ha Pool, and d. 
Nov., 1823, leaving an only son William, b. Gloucester, 30 Aug., 1804, d. 
Newton, Mass., I July, 1885, cX.-. 80 yrs., 10 nis. 

25. ^TL Andrew*, bap. 6 Feb., 1745-6, m. AL\ry Tarr and 
Sarah Story. 

VIIL Edmund"*, bap. 19 Jime, 1748. 

IX. Marv"*, bap. 15 Sept., 175 i, m. 5 Dec, 1773, Joseph Dres- 
ser, a native of Gloucester, who settled previously to 1782, in 
Danville, Me. Four children : 

1. Maiy, m. William Moody, 2d. 

2, Martha, m. Joseph Davis, and had Dr. Joseph D. Davis, of Auburn, 


SAML^EL LANE^ (Samuel'^, James^), was pub. 6 Oct., and m. 
23 Oct., 1722, by Rev. John White, MARY EMMONS, both of 
Gloucester, Mass. He was an original member of the Third 
Church, Annisquam, 1728, and his wife Mary was admitted to 
membership in 1743. 

200 James Lane and Descendants. 

"1752, Jan. 2. In the morning sent for to pray with Sam'l Lane's child; 
in the evening visited and prayed again at Sam'l Lane's. 

1752, Dec. 18. I visited and prayed with Sam'l Lane's wife, sick. 

1 761, Sept. 2. I attended the funeral of Sam'l Lane's wife; died of nervous 
fever." — yournal of Rev. Samuel Chandler. 

]Mr. Lane is probably the Samuel Lane who ent. int. of m. 7 Jan., 
1762, with :\L\RY NEWHALL of Newbury, Mass. 

He bought land of his father Jan. 19, 1724, had claim against 
the estate of John Lane- (James^) in 1738, bought land of John 
Prince Aug. 26, 1754, and of Epes Sargent Sept. 3, 1759. 

Administration on the estate of Samuel Lane was granted to his son-in-law, 
David Lane, Apr. 10, 1765; inventory taken Apr. 23, 1765, was returned May 
10, 1765; account of adm. was rendered June 17, 1765, additional account 
Oct. 14, 1765. The estate comprised dwelling house, barn and shop, 17 1-2 
acres of land, cattle, blacksmith's tools, fishing boat and canoe. Among the 
claims allowed was that of "the widow for mourning." 

Children : 

26. L Samuel"^, b. 7 July, bap. 4 Aug., 1723, m. Deliverance 

IL Mary'^, b. 4 Sept., 1724. 

IIL Abigail'^ b. 23 Feb., bap. 15 May, 1726, was admitted to 
the church June 20, 1742, m. David Lane^^ (John^--, James^). 

IV. Elizabeth"^, b. 26, bap. 31 ^Llr., 17 28. 

27. V. Zebulon^ b. i July, 1729, m. Hannah Cogswell. 

VL Hannah"*, b. 10 Jan., 1 730-1, m. Benjamin Lane' (Benj.-', 
John-, James^). 

Vn. Judith^, bap. 13 ^Lay, 1732. 

28. VHL Daniel'*, bap. 5 Jan., 1734-5, m. AL\ry Lane. 

IX. Judith^, b. 16 June, bap. 11 July, 1736. 

X. Sus.\NNA^, bap. 23 Oct., 1737. 

29. XI. Issacher'*, b. 11, bap. 17 June, 1739, ^^' ^I-^RV Hodg- 


XII. Zacheus^, bap. 31 Aug., 1740. 

XIII. Mary^, b. 16, bap. 18 Oct., 1741. 

Family Eleven. • 201 


JOSEPH LANE3 (Job^, Jamesi), b. Billerica, Mass., ii Dec, 
1708, m. THANKFUL, dau. of Isaac AMSDEN, resided at Bed- 
ford and Sutton, Mass. 

Joseph Lane formerly of Bedford, now Resident in the town of Sutton, 
Husbandman, paid Richard Waters of Sutton, 200 pounds in good Bills of 
Credit, Mar. 14, 1736-7, for 130 acres of land adjacent to Sutton and part of 
that land which was surveyed by Mr. John Chandler, Jr. Acknowledged, 
Aug. 15, 1737. — IVo?-. Co. Deec/s, 8: jgi. 

Joseph Lane died intestate at Sutton, about 20 Mar., 1737. Adm. on the 
estate was granted to his brother Job Lane tertius, of Bedford, who gave 
bond accordingly Mar. 28, 1737. Inv. taken Aug. 17, 1737, included lands, 
man's and woman's clothing and baby linen; amount, T,gT£, is, I id; dis- 
bursements, 107;^, IS, 7d. Account presented Aug. 20, 1740. 

Child : 

I. JOSEPH'^, b. 6 Sept., 1736. ''Proposed the baptismal cove- 
nant to Joseph Lane and Thankful his wife and baptized their 
child Joseph, Oct. ye 31^', 1736." — Bedford Church Records. 

Joseph Lane, being a minor about ten months of age, his grandfather, Job 
Lane, was appointed his guardian and gave bond, Aug. i, i737- Job Lane, 
guardian, being "unable and infirm of Body," petitioned, Sept. 4, 1742, 
that his son, Job Lane 3d, be appointed "guardian in my stead over Joseph 
Lane a minor under age." The petition was granted and Job Lane 3d gave 
bond, Sept. 6, 1742. This trust of Job Lane 3d as both administrator and 
guardian, was represented, Sept. 13, 1742, as "altogether improper." Parties 
were cited to appear Sept. 30, 1742, the Judge saying, "I shall put off the 
matter of the guardianship, the parties meanwhile to agree on some third 
party." Hearing was had Oct. 1 1, 1742, when the judge decided, "I ap- 
point Benjamin Kidder of Bedford, guardian in the room of Job Lane 3d, to 
Joseph Lane in his 7th year, son of Joseph Lane late of Sutton." When 20 
years of age, Joseph Lane appears to be living with Dr. Upham of Brookfield 
and having Benjamin Kidder his guardian and Job Lane 3d the administrator 
of his father's estate. 

Joseph Lane of Sutton, husbandman, in consideration of 200 pounds. Mar. 
10, 1 761, received from Richard Waters, deed of 149 acres of land "lying 
adjacent to Sutton and part of the land I bought of ye Province committee." 
This was to make good the quality and bounds of land [sold to his father] 
Mar. 14, 1736-7. — Deeds 44: 116. 

He sold this land to Henry Nichols of Sutton, for 214 pounds. Mar. 13, 
1762.— ^j.- 414. 

202 James Lane and Descendants. 


JOB LANE, 3d (Job^, James'), 1714-1754, twin, b. Billerica, 
Mass., 29 Jan., 1713-14, resided in Bedford and was innkeeper in 
Brookfield, Mass. 

He was appointed administrator of his brother Joseph's estate Mar. 28, 1737, 
and bought land of J. Lane Apr. 16, 1742, and sold land to N. Pope, Jr., 
Feb. 2, 1748. 

Jobe Lane Jr. of Bedford paid Philip and Mary Goss, 150 pounds, Apr. 11, 
1748, for 82 acres of land in Brookfield, Co. of Worcester. — Wor. Deeds, 
24:427. Job Lane of Brookfield paid John Goss, 300 pounds, Nov. 20, 1748, 
for 10 acres of land in Brookfield. — 27:288. He paid Thomas and Abigail 
Goss 3000 pounds old tenor, Feb. 15, 1748-9, for no acres of land, being the 
homestead of Capt. Philip Goss late of Brookfield, with the buildings. — 
28 : 241. Job Lane of Brookfield, Innholder, paid John Goss 160 pounds old 
tenor, Sept. 17, 1749, for 25 acres in Brookfield. — 31:84. He paid Abner 
Gilbert 100 pounds lawful money, Oct. 7, 1750, for 73 acres of land iri Brook- 
field and deeded it l)ack again May 24, 1751. — jo : 1^8 and ji:jj. Job 
Lane of Brookfield, gentleman, received judgment May 22, 1752, against 
Ephraim Hay ward and David Hoar both of Western in Co. of Worcester, for 
57 pounds 16 shillings 7 pence damage and 2 pounds i penny cost lawful 
money, and was put in possession of the premises Nov, 7, 1752. — J2 :8y. He 
sold John Cutler for 700 pounds lawful money, Jan. 14, 1754, 300 acres of 
land in Brookfield; also paid him 400 pounds lawful money for 100 acres in 
Brookfield Jan. 14, 1754. — 32:^14 and J4 : 24^. 

Mrs. Sarah Lane, gentlewoman, and Thomas Hall, gentleman, both of 
Brookfield, executors of the last will of Job Lane late of Brookfield, gentle- 
man, sold to Jonas Brewer of No. i in Co. of Hampshire, for 373 pounds 6 
shillings 8 pence, Apr. 17, 1758, one messuage in Brookfield containing 100 
acres with buildings. — Deeds jj : i2j. 

Account of Noah Gilbert and Sarah Gilbert his wife who before marriage 
was Sarah Lane wife of Job Lane late of Brookfield, acting executors of the 
last will of JoIj Lane, the other executor being Thos. Hale. 

Inv. of Personal estate Aug. 17, 1754, 

;^967— 15— II 
911— 17— 5 

Rendered Oct. 17, 1759. 

— Wor. Co. Wills, 6:280. 

Children of Job and Sarah Lane : 

L Sarah^, b. Bedford, Mass., 28 Jan., bap. 3 Feb., 1739-40, 
m. first, 29 Sept., 1757, Abner Howe of North Brookfield, Mass., 

Family Thirteen. 203 

who d. in the hospital 20 Dec, 1776, from sickness contracted in 
the army of the Revokition. After his decease the family moved 
to Jaffrey, N. H., where she m. second, Samuel Parker, who sur- 
vived her. Tablet erected by her grandson is inscribed : ''Sarah 
Parker, mother of Dr. Adonijah Howe, died Dec. 30, 1795, aged 
59." Children of Abner and Sarah (Lane) Howe born in North 
Brookfield, Mass. : 

1. Adonijah, b. 24 July, 1 758, moved his mother's family to Jaffrey, X. II., 
where he began to practice medicine at an early age and d. 31 July, 1832. 

2. Percis, b. 3 Sept., 1760. 3. Abner, b. ll Jan., 1763, d. 1837. 4, 
Sarah, b. 13 Feb., 1765. 5. Rebecca, b. 21 June, 1767, d. 1821. 6. Job 
Lane, b. 16 or 18 Sept., 1769, d. 1838. 7. Eunice, b. 6 Nov., 1771, d. 1843. 
8. Jatnes, b. lo or 16 Mar., 1774, d. 13 Nov., 1810. 9. Thankful, b. i^ 
May, 1777, tradition says born at the time her father lay dying or about 20 
Dec, 1776. 

n. Job'*, b. Bedford, 14 Feb., bap. 28 Feb., 1 741-2, graduated 
Yale College 1764, and d. 16 Sept., 1768, ?e. 27 yrs. A stone, 
with an highly appreciative inscription in Latin, marks his grave at 
New Haven, Conn. 

Epitaph: "Stop Traveller. Here, hard by, lyeth D., Job Lane, M. A., 
Tutor in Yale College, a man distinguished for his talent, sobriety, literary at- 
tainments and piety. This perishable monument Ijriefly witnesses to thee, — 
That he was born in Bedford, A. D. 1741 ; That in Youth he was very fond of 
study; That in academic pursuits he surpassed others; That for three Years he 
earnestly preached the Gospel; That for two years he faithfully performed the 
duties of Tutor; That he was very dear to his parents, loved by his friends and 
all favorers of piety, and that deeply mourned by all he departed this life Sept. 
16, 1768." 

HL JONATHAN"*, b. 3 Feb., bap. 5 Feb., 1743-4. 

IV. Samuel"*, b. 6 May, 1746. 

V. ^L\RV^, b. 16 Mar., 1747-8. 


WHTTAM LANE4 (James^, John^, James^), 1716-1759, b. 
Lanesville, Mass., 24 June, bap. 24 Aug., 17 16, by Rev. John 
\Yhite; m. first by Rev. Benjamin Bradstreet, i Jan., 1738, LYDLA. 
GRIFFIN, who was admitted to the church, 20 June, 1742. He 

204 James Lane and Descendants. 

ent. int. of m. 13 Feb., 1756, with DEBORAH (Lane-^) LANGS- 
FORD, (Joseph:^ John2, James'). Mr. Lane d. about 1759. 

Guardianship for the children was granted as follows : John Lane a minor 
above fourteen to Ambrose Wincut, Apr. 21, 1760; William and Joanna under 
fourteen, and other children under seven to Deborah Lane, Nov. 10, 1760; 
Nicholas and Rachel under fourteen to Thomas Burnham, Jr., of Ipswich, Dec. 
15, 1760; Nicholas and Rachel, now above fourteen to Samuel Griffin, Apr. 
10, 1765; Lydia and Judith above fourteen to John Ilale, Apr. 10, 1765. 
Nicholas and Rachel "having arrived at full age," release their guardian, 
Samuel Griffin, Dec. 5, 1770. 

Administration on the estate of William Lane was granted to his widow, 
Deborah Lane, May 12, 1760. Inventory taken June 20, 1760, was exhibited 
with account of adm., Sept. i, 1760. Additional inventory was returned, 
Mar, 9, 1 761. Dower set off, Sept. 28, 1761. Other accounts of adm. were 
rendered, Oct. 13, 1 761, and Oct. 6, 1763. P\uther account by "Deborah 
Lane now Webster," Mar. 11, 1765, and July 27, 1767. 

Children : 

I. Sarah^, b. 6, bap. 15 Dec, 1738. 

IL William^ b. 12, bap. 21 Dec, 1740, d. in France about 
1759, £6. 18 years. 

II L John'', b. 17, bap. 20 Mar., 1742-3. 

IV. Lydia'^, b. 30 May, bap. 2 June, i745- 

V. Judith'*, b. 21, bap. 28 June, 1747. 

30. VI. Nicholas-^ b. 18 July, bap. 6 Aug., 1749, had wives 
Nancy Bezoh. and Mary . 

VII. Rachel^ bap. 13 Feb., 175 1-2, m. 16 Dec, 1784, by 
Rev. Daniel Fuller, Josiah Griffin; he b. Mar., 1742, son of 
Samuel and Mary (Vork) (iriffin, and lived in Sandy Bay, Mass. 

VIII. Joanna-'^ b. 8, bap. 10 July, 1753. 
By second marriage : 

IX. Joanna-'', b. 16, bap. 17 July, 1757. 

X. William'', b. 6 Aug., 1759, presented for bap. by Deborah 
Lane, widow, 16 Sept., 1759; was lost in a storm at sea, May 29, 
1778, ee. 19 years. 

Family Fourteen. 205 


JOSIAH LANE* (James^, John-, James'), 1721-1766, was b. in 
Gloucester, Mass., 29 Mar., 1721, m. 20 Mar., 1743, by Rev. Ben- 
jamin Bradstreet, ABIGAIL XORWOOD^^; she b. 28 Mar., 1723, 
flau. of Joshua-, (Francis'), and EHzabeth (Andrews) Norwood. 

Francis Norwood^ was one of Cromwell's soldiers and, after the restoration 
of Charles II, fled from England, Joshua Norwood- was a fisherman and 
later engaged in getting out mooring- and mill-stones, the first man in Glou- 
cester to quarry stone — a business since become of national repute. 

Mr. Lane and his wife were members of the Third Church in Annisquam, 
she admitted in 1749, and its records show the baptism of their children. He 
is probably the Josiah Lane who made six purchases of land in Gloucester 
from 1749 to 1757. Administration on his estate was granted to his widow, 
Abigail Lane, Nov. 3, 1766. Inventory taken, Jan. 12, 1767, returned Feb. 
23. 1767. It included house and lands, "half a small schooner, a pew in 
Squam meeting house and one third of another pew, and one third of one 
eighth of the vacancy in the gallery." Dower was set off and estate appor- 
tioned, May 25, 1767. Account of adm. was rendered, May 26, 1767, and 
additional account, Feb. 26, 1771. 

Abigail (Norwood) Lane seems to have m. again, "Joseph Caffareen, the 
school master," who d. 6 Sept., 1814. She is said to have d. at Mt. Desert, 
Me., at her daughter Abigail's. The house occupied by Josiah Lane and 
family is still standing at Bay View, Gloucester, though changed in appear- 
ance. Here Capt. Francis Lane made his home when he came to Cape Ann 
on his yearly visits to go fishing. It was sold by Mark Lane and heirs to 
Joseph Berry. 

Children, births entered in family Bible and baptisms on church 
records by Rev. Benjamin Bradstreet. It is said that six or seven 
of these brothers were at the battle of Bunker hill tos^ether. 

I. RuTH'^ b. 8 Oct., 1743, bap. 8 Jan., 1743-4. 

II. Judith'', b. 23 June, bap. 22 Sept., 1745. 

31. III. James-^, b. 8 June, bap. 14 June, 1747, ra. Hannah 

32. IV. Josiah^, b. 6, bap. 1 1 Dec, 1748, m. Jerusha Stevens. 

33. V. Isaac"'', b. 4 Nov., bap. 11 Nov., 1750, m. Dorcas 
Bennett and Jerusha . 

34. VI. Theophilus-\ b. 9, bap. 12 July, 1752, m. Susannah 

206 James Lane and Descendants. 

35. VII. Levi^, b. 3, bap. lo Nov., 1754, m. Elizabeth Gvles 
and Susanna (Newman) Lane. 

36. VIII. Francis^ b. 12 Dec, 1756, bap. 17 July, 1757, m. 
Esther Griffin, Hannah WyxMan and Betsey Gammon. 

IX. Abigail^, b. 19, bap. 21 Oct., 1759, prob. m. 18 June, 
1778, by Rev. Obadiah Parsons, Nathaniel Bennett, resided at 
Mount Desert, Me. 

37. X. ]Mark-^, b. 8 Jan., b. 10 Jan., 1762, m. Esther Gott. 

XL Ammi^, b. 5, bap. 17 June, 1764, named for Rev. Ammi 
Ruhamah Cutter, first pastor of No. Yarmouth, Me., 1 730-1 735. 

"Pownal, Me. Direct U. S. Tax 182 1. Ammi Lane: Real 
and personal estate and Income $97.00, six p"" cent. $5.82." 


DAVID LANE'* (John^.-, James^), 1 722-1777, b. June, 1722, 
at Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., was two years old when his father 
was killed by the Indians. 

His guardians were his mother, Mary Lane, Feb. 16, 1725, John Riggs, 
Oct. 14, 1727, Dea. James Lane, Apr. 25, 1737. He had arrived of age Oct. 
28, 1743, when he gave Dea. James Lane a receipt in full for his interest in the 
estate of his father, John Lane, Jr.*, and his grandfather, John Lane^. He 
bought land in Annisquam, July 25, 1748, and purchases were continued by 
his son, David Lane^, and grandson, David Lane®, for more than half a 
century. He was adm. on the estate of his father-in-law, Samuel Lane, 1765. 

David Lane m. 31 Oct., 1743, by Rev. Benjamin liradstreet, 
ABIGAIL LANE'* (SamueP*-, James'), and was intending m. with 
DELIVERANCE GOTV, 12, and m. 28 May, 1769. He d. 3 
Sept., 1777, 36. 56 years. i- 

Children : 

I. Susanna-^ b. 3 May, bap. 17 June, 1744. 

II. John-\ b. 5, bap. 7 July, 1745. 

III. Marv^\ b. 7, bap. 25 Jan., 1746-7. 

IV. Thomasin"', b. 3, bap. 9 ^Liy, 1749. "Tammy Lane" m. 

Family Sixteen. 207 

25 Nov., 1769, Daniel Merchant-'* (Daniel-, Jabez^) ; he b. 6 

Aug., 1745, one of the incorporators of the Independent Christian 

church, 1792. Their children were: 

I. Tammy ^ bap. 4 Nov., 1770. 2. Daniel, b. 1771. 3. Rebecca, b. 
1774. 4. Caleb, twin. 5. Nancy, twin. 6. Perhaps others. 

38. V. David'*, b. i Dec, 1750, m. Hannah Merchant. 

VI. Francis-'^ bap. 12 Dec, 1756. 

VII. Sar-\h5, bap. 17 June, 1764, m. 1792, Asa Todd of 
Rowley, Mass. 

VIII. Judith-'*, bap. 22 Sept. 1765. 


JOSEPH LANE* (Joseph-'', John^, James'), 1 726-1 776, b. 
Gloucester, Mass., 20 Aug., 1726. At the age of twenty-four years, 
12 Nov., 1750, he entered intention of m. with JOANNA HARA- 
DEN, widow of Joseph Haraden with half a dozen children. 

He sold to Dea. James Lane, before 1751, part of a flake-yard at Lanesville, 

Records of the Fifth Parish of Gloucester, now Rockport, Mass. 

"March the 24 Day 1767 at a Parish meeting said Meeting Maid Chois of 
Joseph Lane Edmund Grover Jonathan Pool for Moneters." 

"November the 8 Day 1775. At Payrish Meeting Lawfully assembled 
then Maid Choice of Francis Pool m^ John Rowe Jr and Joseph Lane as a 
Committee to prouid a scool Master also to Mend the Meeting house. Voted 
that the Same Committee Settel with Mr Nehemiah Grover and Pay him his 
Damidg Done his Seat in the Meeting house." 

"Jenuary the twelfth Day 1775 [6] at Parish Meeting Mr Joseph Lane 
Thomas Rowe Daniel Voung chosen Moneters." - 

Joseph Lane paid Daniel Lane, £y:i, 13s, 4d, Jan. 2, 1772, for sixty acre 
lot No. 5, Division 2, in New Gloucester, Maine. 

About one century after the settlement of Cape Ann, all the available land 
was under cultivation and the young men must turn to the sea or to the wilds 
of Maine. Joshua Lane was engaged in real estate transactions at Falmouth 
in 1700. John Lane presented land claims at North Yarmouth in 171 5, shared 
in the division of Wallis estate at Cape Elizabeth, 1723, and was dealing in 
real estate in Maine as late as 1732. Theophilus Lane resided at North 
Yarmouth in 1770, and subscribed his "proportionable part of cost" to Dr. 
Elias Bank's private school. Gideon Lane removed from Gloucester to Free- 

208 James Lane and Descendants. 

port, Me., about 1780. Isaac Lane bought land and settled in Gray, Me., 
1 78 1, and moved to Falmouth, Me., 1793. Francis Lane settled at North 
Yarmouth, Me., at the close of his service in the Revolution, and was at 
Minot in 1802, and at South Paris in 1818. Hannah Lane m. John Trow of 
North Yarmouth; he bap. 7 Nov., 1768, and was a member of the First 
church, Sept. 15, 1799. Joanna Lane united with the First church in Free- 
port, between its organization, Dec. 21, 1789, and 1805, and died before 1805. 

Joseph Lane died 1776, a communicant in the Fifth church, 
Gloucester, Mass. 
Children : 

39. I. Caleb\ of Annisquam, m. Abiah Saville. 

40, II. Gideon"^, of Gloucester, m. Anna Griffin and Han- 
nah Lane. 


CALEB LANE4 (Joseph^ John^, Jamesi), 1729-1783, b. Glou- 
cester, Mass., 16 Nov., 1729, followed the sea for a livelihood, and 
was soldier in Lt. Lane's company of scouts at Squam, May 9, 
1776. He m. 15 Nov., 1752, by Rev. John Rogers, LYDIA 
RIGGS, and d. 10 Feb., 1783, ae. 54 yrs. 

"Erected to the memory of Caleb Lane, who died Feb. loth, 1783, aged 54. 

Farewell, my wife and children dear. 
If aught on earth could keep me here, 
'Twould be my love for you; 
But Jesus calls my soul away — 
Jesus forbids a longer stay — 
My dearest friends adieu." 

— Parish Cemetery^ Lancsville. 

Lydia (Riggs) Lane d. 21 Mar., 181 2, ?e. 83 years. 

"From scene to scene our fleeting moments go." 

Administration on her estate was granted to Aaron Lane Jan.' 5, 

Children baptized at Annisquam : 

I. Lvdia'', b. 5, bap. 16 Sept., 1753, m. Nathaniel Lane^ 
(Benjamin'''^, John-, James'). 

Family Seventeen. 209 

II. Thomasin'\ bap. 29 Aug., 1756, ent. int. of m. 6 Mar., 178S, 
with William Evans of Pelham, N. H. 

41. III. Caleb^, b. 23, bap. 27 May, 1759, ^^^- Hannah Burn- 

42. IV. Joseph-^, bap. 30 Nov., 1760, m. Joanna Morgan. 

V. Aaron-'', bap. 28 Oct., 1764, by Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland. 
He was a sea captain, bought lands in Gloucester Jan. 3, 1795, and 
July 14, 1796; administered on the estate of his brother, Went- 
worth R. Lane, Dec. 4, 1809, and on the estate of his mother, 
Lydia Lane, June 5, 18 13. He ent. int. 27 Oct., and m. 20 Nov., 
1787, widow Martha (Hodgkins) Merchant, dau. of John and 
Molly Hodgkins, who d. of old age, his widow, 22 Oct., 1857, ae. 
94 yrs., 18 ds. Capt. Lane d. Nov., 1833. His will, dated Oct. 
23, 1833, proved Jan., 1834, with Samuel Lane, Esq., adm., gave to 
wife Martha Lane "the use, profit and benefit of my whole estate," 
after her decease "to go to Jabez Marchant and Thomas Marchant, 
minor children of Jabez Merchant, Jr., deceased." — Essex Co. 

VI. Ammi, Amori or Amev'', bap. 8 Dec, 1765. 

VII. Wentworth Riggs-\ bap. 22 May, 1767, by Rev. John 
Wyeth. He was a fisherman, purchased land in Squam parish of 
Jonathan Woodbury Jan. 10, 1791, and land of the estate of Cor- 
nelius Lane, with part of a pew in the meeting house, 1808. He 
d. intestate, 1809. Aaron Lane, adm. 

"In memory of Wentworth Riggs Lane, who died Augst 6th, 1809, aged 42 

Adieu ! my friends, a long adieu, 

I leave the joys of earth with you, 

I seek a Heavenly prize; 

May you in Jesus too be found, 

And when the trump of God shall sound. 

In His blest Image rise." 

VIII. Susanna^, bap. 21 May, 1769, ent. int. of m. 5 Nov., 
1 791, with Solomon Sargent, 3d. 

43. IX. Zacheus^ b. 7 June, 1769, bap. 16 June, 1771, m. 
Rebecca Merchant. 

210 James Lane and Descendants. 


SOLOMON LANF/ (Joseph-'^ John^ James'), b. 29 Oct., 
1 731; bought land in Gloucester, Mass., Third Parish, of John 
Saville, Jan. 28, 1756; ent. int. 2 Feb., and m. 22 Mar., 1764, 
ABIGAIL GOTT, who was admitted to the church in 1764, and 
d. 30 Sept., 1774, ae. 38 yrs. He m. second, 31 July, 1778, by 
Rev. Obadiah Parsons, JUDITH KXOWLTON, who survived 
him and ent. int. of m. 13 Feb., 1802, with Joseph Cafferene, the 
village teacher of Gloucester. 

Administration on the estate of Solomon Lane, mariner of Gloucester, was 
granted to his widow, Judith Lane, Apr. 2, 1799. Inventory taken May 29 
and 30, 1799, and returned July i, 1799, included a dwelling house two stories 
high with back rooms, barn, land, live stock, "old store at Harraden's point," 
"an old schooner better than 30 tons, eleven years old and nearly run out," a 
two mast boat in partnership with Solomon and Cornelius Lane, one French 
gun, one King's arm, half a wall pew in Annisquam meeting house; total 
$1376.75. Dower set off Dec. 2, 1800. Account of adm. rendered and estate 
settled Mar. 7, 1803. — Essex Co. Deeds. 

Children : 

44. I. Solomon, Jr.'', b. 21 Jan., bap. Squam, 24 Feb., 1765, 
m. Sally Stanwood. 

45. II. Nathaniel'', b. 2, bap. 9 Nov., 1766, m. Sarah Wood- 

46. III. Cornelius^ b. 24 Oct., 1769, bap. 24 Dec, 1769, 
m. Lucy Harr.\den. 

47. IV. Humphrey'', bap. 13 Oct., 1771, m. Susannah Green- 
leaf and Mary P . 

V. Abigah.^, bap. 25 July, 1773, d. 30 Sept., 1774, ae. 18 ms. 

VL Pi'Jis'', bap. 29 Oct., 1775, had died leaving legal represen- 
tatives Mar. 7, 1803. 

By second marriage : 

VII. Abioah., 2d-\ bap. at home 25 Mar., 1779; received from 
Cornelius Lane Mar. 7, 1803, a portion in the setdement of their 
father's estate; m. Davfd Lane^ (David''-"*, John-*--, James'). 

VIII. Mark^. Judith Lane was appointed guardian to Mark 
Lane, a minor more than 14 years of age, Jose])h Cafferene her 

Family Nineteen. 211 

bondsman. Nov. 4, 1799. Mark Lane was guardian to William 
Lane, Mar. 7, 1803, and presented a claim against the estate of 
Cornelius Lane, 1808. 

IX. Ammi-'', bap. at Second church, 6 June, 1784. 

X. George Washington^. His mother, Judith Lane, was appoint- 
ed his guardian Apr. 2, 1799 ^ he received from Cornelius Lane a 
bond for his portion in their father's estate Dec. 2, 1800 ; his claim 
against the estate of Cornelius Lane was allowed, 1808. 

48. XL WiLLUM^, b. 17S9, m. Polly Lane, Nancy and 

Louisa Brooks. 


GIDEON LANE-i (Joseph^, John^, Jamesi), 1738-1813, was 
bap. at Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 19 Mar., 1737-8. He ent. 
int. of m. 21 Jan., and m. 23 Feb., 1763, by Rev. Ebenezer 
Cleaveland, MARY BABSOX. Both were bap. 11 Apr., 1773, 
and united with the church in Annisquam, 23 May, 1773. She d. 
of consumption, 8 Jan., 1779, ae. 34 years, a great aunt of John J. 
Babson, the historian of Gloucester. He m. second, 25 Mar., 
1780, by Rev. Eli Forbes, widow LYDIA GATEWOOD. 

Mr. Lane probably located at Porridge Hill in Dogtown, Gloucester, where 
the well is still shown. His daughter Mrs. Asa Woodbury is remembered to 
have said that she was born there. But he soon settled at Lobster cove. 
Gideon Lane and Gideon Lane, Jr., made many purchases of land in Glou- 
cester from 1773 to 1799. Tradition connects the father with the exploits of 
the English sloop of war "Falcon" which had aided the British at the battle 
of Bunker Hill. The vessel made her appearance in Ipswich Bay, Aug. 5, 
1775. Capt. Lindsay despatched a barge with 50 men on shore to seize a 
supply of sheep from the adjacent pastures. Repulsed in this attempt, the 
barge was next ordered to Squam Harbor to capture Capt. Lane's deeply 
laden schooner, supposed by Lindsay to be a West Indiaman. Upon boarding 
the craft, she was found to be laden with nothing but sand. Disappointed 
again in seizing what he supposed to be a valuable cargo of West Indian 
products, Capt. Lindsay continued his depredations in adjacent parts. He 
bombarded for several hours the town of Gloucester, Aug. 8, 1775. The fire 
of the 'Talcon" was directed principally upon the meeting-house and caused 

212 James Lane and Descendants. 

considerable damage to the building. Capt. Joseph Rogers with his company 
of minute men, aided by Col. Joseph Foster, met the enemy, captured four 
boats, a small tender, a prize schooner, and forty men, and compelled the 
"Falcon" to withdraw. 

A company under Capt. John Lane had been stationed all summer some- 
where on Cape Ann, for the defense of the sea coast. But Capt. John Lane 
does not appear to have been engaged in the affair with Lindsay and therefore 
probably was not near the scene of action. In September this company was 
supplied with wood and barracks by the town. It suffered in some degree 
from the non-payment of wages, but in November was allowed to draw cloth- 
ing from the public stores. — y. y. Babson. 

Capt. Gideon Lane removed to Casco Bay, Me., about 1780. Harraseeket, 
the northeast part of ancient North Yarmouth and Grout's Gore were incor- 
porated as the town of Freeport, Me., Feb. 14, 1789. Capt. Lane settled on 
Pleasant Hill near Mast Landing. He paid Ozias Blanchard, Esq., and others 
$200.00, June 23, 1800, for 50 acres of land, the northerly half of Lot 39, 
Range E, in Freeport, formerly included in No. Yarmouth. He and wife 
Lydia sold 12 1-2 acres of this lot for $500.00 to his son Peter Lane of Free- 
port, May 2, 1803; the remainder and another lot he sold to Gideon Lane, 
Jr., of Gloucester, mariner, for $800.00, June 25, 1813. He bought of 
Thomas Burrell, Nov. 5, 1801, 34 acres of land in Freeport, an undivided 
half of Lot 39, Range E, with half of house and half of barn thereon; this 
estate he and wife sold to Peter Lane for $400.00, May 7, 1803. He and 
wife, Lydia, sold 12 acres and 128 rods of lot No. 39, Range E, in Freeport, 
to Joshua Webb for $153.60, May 24, 1808. 

Capt. Gideon Lane d. at Pleasant Hill, Freeport, Ale., 6 Oct., 
1813, ae, 76 years. 

Lydia Lane, widow, quit claim to Thomas Bicknell for $20.00, 
Mar. II, 1817, all right of dower in certain lands in Freeport. 

Children : 

49. L Gideon Jr.\ b. Annisquam, 14, bap. 16 Dec, 1764, m. 
Hannah Griffin. 

H. Marv^, b. 6 Sept., 1766. 

HI. Priscilla-^, b. 23, bap. 29 Aug., 1768, ent. int. of m. 5 
Sept., and m. 13 Nov., 1789, by Rev. Eli Forbes, Nathaniel 
Griffin, Jr., and lived at Annisquam ; m. second Mr. Harraden, 
and lived at Squamscott, Mass. Priscilla (Lane) Griffin was one of 
the earliest converts of Rev. John Murray. Her dau. Mrs. Mary 
P. Lewis, who lived and died in Lynn, Mass., was one of the early 
members of the First Universalist society there. 

Family Twenty. 213 

IV. Esther-^, b. 3 Dec, 1770, bap. 3 Feb., 1771, ent. int. of m. 
20 Dec, 1790, with Asa Woodbury of Gloucester, and lived at 

50. V. Martha^, b. Stiuam Harbor, 20, bap. 27 Dec, 1772, 
m. Moses Soule. 

51. VI. John Babson^, bap. 18 Dec, 1774, m. Sarah Win- 

52. VII. Peter^, bap. 27 Dec, 1776, m. Experience Bick- 


By second marriage : 

VIII. Rachel"*, b. Freeport, 23 Mar., 1781, m. Mr. Pierson. 

IX. Anna-^, b. 16 Apr., 17 85, m. Nath.a.niel Additon, of Free- 

X. Betsey^"", b. 18 Sept., 1787, m. 17 May, 1807, Joshua Webb. 


BENJAMIN LANE^ (Benj.3, John^ Jamesi), 1727-1805, b. 
Gloucester, Mass.. 23 Nov., 1727 ; entered intention of m. 28 Oct., 
1749, with HANNAH LANE^ (SamueP-^, Jamesi). He bought 
land in Gloucester, Mass., 1752, and removed to New Gloucester, 
Me., 1770, where he again ent. int. of m., 23 Sept., 1780, with 
Mrs. SARAH POOL, who d. 30 Mar., 1840, se. 82 years. 

Many Gloucester families perpetuated the name of the home they left, in the 
town of New Gloucester on Royal's river in Maine. The first meeting of the 
sixty Gloucester proprietors was Apr. 27, 1736, and the same year, Mass. Gen. 
Court granted them a township six miles square. Pioneers located first in 
present Gorham and Gray, Me. Others selected a site further to the north- 
west which the Gen. Court confirmed to them, July 5, 1737, and to which a 
road was brushed out, on the east side of Royal's river from Cousin's river in 
North Yarmouth. The proprietors met again in Feb., 1738, set apart three 
lots for public purposes, divided sixty lots among themselves and provided for 
building a saw mill on "Stevens Brook" within two years, calling the town- 
ship New Gloucester. The settlement began in the spring of 1739. Families 
of settlers were brought from Mass. to North Yarmouth by a vessel in the fall 
of 1742, and from thence poled up Royal's river on rafts to the great bridge, 

214 James Lane and Descendants. 

but the governor ordered the settlers off on account of Indian troubles in 1 744 
to 1749. The permanent settlement at New Gloucester dates from 1756. 
In 1758 a grist mill was completed in connection with the saw mill. In 1760, 
the mills were moved to the great falls on Royal's river. Their block house 
became to them a home, a fort, a church. The church was organized and 
Rev. Samuel Foxcroft, ordained, Jan. 16, 1765. It was reported that they 
had "a jolly ordination and lost sight of decorum." In 1770 sixty-one 
persons subscribed to build a meeting-house but the town languished till its 
incorporation, Sept. 7, 1774. 

Benjamin Lane bought of Peter Graffan, Sept. ii, 1770, the 60 acre lot No. 
60 in the supplement to Division 2, New Gloucester, on which he settled. 
The same year Benjamin Lane, Ebenezer Lane and Daniel Lane subscribed 
10 pounds each toward building the meeting-house. Benjamin Lane paid 
Micah Walker of Bakerstown, 5 pounds, Jan. 8, 1782, for "the floor or ground 
Pew number five in the meeting House in New Gloucester, being the most 
Easterly Corner Pew." He was party to conveyance of land, Feb. 8, 1782, 
Nov. 25, 1788, June 4, and June 25, 1790. He died about 1805. — Cumb. Co. 

Children : 

L Nathaniel-^, b. 10, bap. 23 Sept., 1750, m. 8 June, 1780, by 
Rev. John Rogers, Lydia Lane-^ (Caleb'*, Joseph-', John-, James^). 
He sold to Samuel True for $100.00, Aug. 7, 1805, one-eighth 
part of Lot 7, supplement 2d division, which fell to him by the 
estate of Benjamin Lane, late of New Gloucester. 

53. IL Benjamin^, bap. i Dec, 1752, m. Sarah Davis and 
Elizabeth Norwood. 

54. ITT. Eliphalet-^, bap. 8 Sept., 1754, m. Ruth Pacor. 

IV. Zephaniah^, bap. 29 Aug., 1756. 

V. Hannah^, bap. 12 Feb., 1758. 

VI. John'', bap. 4 Oct., 1759, ''killed in an engagement with a 
British ship mounting twenty guns. Six others were killed and ten 
wounded. He was a very promising youth aged 19 years, the first 
that had been killed belonging to Gloucester since the commence- 
ment of the unnatural war between Great Britain and the United 
States, which commenced April 19, 1775." — Annisquam Church 

55. VII. Samuei/', bap. 20 Sept., 1761, m. Polta' Dwixfxl, 
Dorothy Haskell and Betsey Everleth. 

Family Twenty- One. 215 

VIII. Joshua'', bap. 2 Oct., 1763, by Rev. Ebenezer Cleave- 
land, mustered with Capt. Isaac Parson's New Gloucester Co., 
Col. Prince's Reg., under Gen. Wadsworth, May, 1780, for eight 
months' service at Thomaston, Me. 

IX. Susanna^, bap. 9 Feb., 1766, by Rev. John Wyeth, m. 9' 
Feb., 1807, Benjamin Hart of Portsmouth, N. H., and had: 

I. Susanna, bap. 24 July, 1808, at Gloucester, Mass. 

X. Bettv^, bap. 3 June, 1770. 


JONATHAN LANE^ (Benj.-^ John'^, Jamesi), 1731-1803, b. 
Gloucester, Mass., 2, bap. 10 Oct., 1731, by Rev. Benjamin Brad- 
street ; residence, Annisquam, Mass. ; bought land of Caleb Wood- 
bury, Jr., Apr. 12, 1762. He first ent. int. of m. 15 Nov., 1755, 
with LVDIA ROBINSON; ent. int. second, 30 Nov., 1765, and 
m. 17 Jan., 1766, by Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland, ESTHER STAN- 
IFORD;. m. third, 13 Jan., 1775, ^Y R^^'- Obadiah Parsons, 
BETSEY WHALEN, m. n. Butman. 

Jonathan Lane and Betsey Whalen, his third wife, were admitted 
to the church in Annisquam, Jan. 13, 1778. She d. his widow in 
Sept., 1808. 

Administration on his estate was granted to Jonathan Lane, his son, Jan. 2, 
1804. Inventory taken Jan. 14, and returned Feb. 6, 1804, included a dwel- 
ling house in Annisquam parish near Lane's Cove; total $1 173.90. Commit- 
tee appointed Feb. 6, to set off dower to Betty Lane, made return Dec. 26, 
1804. The estate was apportioned to two sons — to Jonathan Lane, he paying 
legacies to daughters Lydia Phipps, Esther Sa'rgent and Dorcas Lane, and to 
Moses Lane, he paying legacies to Sally Lane and Dorcas Lane. 

Children : 

I. Lydia\ bap. 18 June, 1780, ent. int. of m. 10 Dec, 1796, 
with Amos Phipps, and gave receipt Feb. 8, 1805, to Jonathan 
Lane, adm. of her father's estate. 

56. II. Jonathan"*, b. i8 June, 1780, m. Rachel Grover and 
Sally Gowin. 

216 James Lane and Descendants. 

57, III. MosES""^, b. 14 Dec, 1781, m. Olive Love and Mary 


IV. Esther-^, ent. int. of m. 15 Oct., 1803, with Samuel Sar- 
gent, Jr.; gave receipt, Feb. 18, 1805, for portion of her father's 
estate; was killed by being thrown from a wagon, 1861, ae. 78 yrs. 
A daughter : 

I. Charlotte, b. 1827, m. 20 Jan., 1847, Allen Lane^ (Jonathan^-*, Benj.^, 
John^, James^). 

V. Dorcas-'', a minor,^ age 16, her brother Jonathan Lane was 
appointed her guardian, Feb. 6, 1804. She gave receipt for her 
portion of her father's real and personal estate, Jan. 18, 1806; 
ent. int. of m. 24, and m. 25 June, 1805, by Rev. Ezra Learned, 
Peter W. Griffin ; m. second, William Harraden. 

VL Sally^, a minor, age 14, Jonathan Lane was appointed her 
guardian Feb. 6, 1804 ; m. 18 Dec, 1806, by Rev. Ezra Learned, 
Simeon Saunders ; receipted for her portion of her father's estate, 
Jan. 16, 1807. Children: 

I. Sinuoft. 2. Reuben. 3. Williavi. William Saunders of Glou- 
cester, and Hannah Lane of Gloucester, ent. int., 31 Mar., were pub. 2 Apr., 
and m. 23 Apr., 1853, by Rev. Daniel Tilton of Rockporl. 4. Louisa, m. 
Henry W. Lane'', (John^, Uavid'^''*, John-'--, James'). 5. Sarah. 6. 
Joseph. 7 and 8. Leonard and Leiuis, twins. 9. Levi. 10. Elhridge. 
II. Sarah. 


HEZEKIAH LANE^ (Benj.^ John^, James'), b. 31 ALir., bap. 
2 Apr., 1738, at Annisc^uam, Gloucester, Mass. He ent. int. of 
m. 22 Dec, 1759, and m. 15 Jan., 1760, MARTHA GOTT, by 
Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland. They lived in Rockport, Mass. 

Record of fifth Parish. "auGust the 11 Day 1778 in Parish 
Meeting assembled. Deacon Rowe M"" Jonathan Pool M*^ Hesa- 
kiah Lane Chosen to treet with M"" CleaueLand to Come or Send 
an answer to the Parish before the adjurnment of the meeting." 

Hezekiah Lane bought land in Rockport, of Joshua Tarr, June 

I7> 1783. 

Family Twenty-Three. 217 

Children : 

I. Hezekiah-'', bap. 28 Dec, 1760, m. 8 Nov. 1781, by Rev. E. 
Forbes, Molly Ga^ 

II. Oliver-^, bap. 17 Oct., 1762, by Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland, 
at Sandy Bay, now Rockport. 

III. Martha^ bap. 13 Oct., 1765, at Sandy Bay. 

IV. Oliver-'^ bap. 11 Nov., 1767. 

58. V. Abner-\ bap. 19 Aug., 1769, perhaps the Abner Lane 
of Pennsylvania. 

VI. Abel-^, bap. 16 Aug., 1772. 

VII. Calvin'', bap. Nov., 1774. 

VIII. Lydlv*, bap. II May, 1777, removed to Sedgwick, Me. 

IX. John Calvin,^, bap. 18 July, 1779. 


JOSEPH LANE4 (Benjamin^ John'^, James'), 1 745-1828, was 
bap. in Gloucester, Mass., 8 Sept., 1745, and lived in the Fifth 
Parish of Gloucester, now Rockport, Mass. 

"March the 24 Day 1767 at a Parish meeting Maid Chois of Joseph Lane 
Edmund Grover Jonathan Pool for Moneters." 

"November the 8 Day 1 775. At Payrish meeting Lawfully assembled then 
Maid Choice of Francis Pool m^ John Rowe Jr. and Joseph Lane as a Com- 
mitte to prouid a school Master also to Mend the Meeting house." 

"Jenuary the twelfth Day 1775 [6] at Parish Meeting. Mr Joseph Lane 
Thomas Rowe Daniel Young chosen Moneters." 

Joseph Lane was a soldier in Capt. John Rowe's Gloucester company of 
minute men at the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. The company 
marched from Gloucester, on Monday, June 12th, and, reaching Mystic river 
on the 1 6th, were with the forces that threw up the redoubt on Breed's Hill. 
In the engagement next day, part of the company were at the redoubt and a 
part were ordered to the extreme left wing of the Provincial troops on the 
bank of Mystic river under Major McCleary. They retreated that night to 
Ploughed Hill. Capt. Rowe had three of his men killed and three wounded. 
Such was their exploit on the great day of the 17th of June, 1775. — !/• 7' 

218 James Lane and Descendants. 

Joseph Lane was First Lieutenant in Capt. William Parson's company, Col. 

Joseph Foster's regiment, Jan. i, 1776. 

Copy : 

"Gloucester, May 9, 1776. 

Lieut. Lane: 

Sir — You are hereby ordered and requested forthwith to march with the 
party of five men under your command whose names are as follows : Daniel 
Haraden, John Atkins, Caleb Lane, Joseph Somes and Joseph Davis to 
Squam, where you are to keep a watch at the entrance of the harbor night and 
day, which watch is to be properly released at your discretion; you are to give 
said watch orders to inform you if they discover any vessels or boats that at- 
tempt to land on that shore, or that appear to be an enemy; after you have 
inquired into such information as you may receive from the watch, if you judge 
it needful you are to fire three guns to alarm the inhabitants there and send 
one of your party to me with an account of what occasioned the alarm, after 
which you are to endeavor to prevent the enemy from landing. You are 
furthermore to visit the watch at the Cape and Chebacco side under Corporals 
Brown and Emerton once a week or oftener, and see if they keep a good watch 
agreeable to the orders they have received from me, which you are to demand 
when you visit said watches and see if these men attend their duty, and make 
return to me every Tuesday when you send for your allowance of provisions. 

Fail not. 

Joseph Foster. 

N. B. You are to practice your party in ye manuel exercise all opportunies." 

Lt. Joseph Lane m. 19 >Lar., 1767, by Rev. Ebenezer Cleave- 
land, RACHEL ROWE. He ent. int. of m. 3 July, 1775, with 
SARAH DAVIS, and witnessed with her to sale of land by Ben- 
jamin Lane of Poland, Me., Oct. 6, 1807. He died Nov., 1828, 
as. 83 years. 

Children : 

L Rachel'', b. 22, bap. 27 Dec, 1767. 

IL Deliverance-^ b. 19, bap. 23 Apr., 1769. 

59. HL Joseph^ b. 8, bap. 25 Nov., 1770, m. Betsey Jewett. 

IV. Mary Baker-^, b. 26, bap. 31 Jan., 1773. 

V. Judith^ b. 16, bap. 19 Feb., 1775. 


EBENEZER LANE^ (Job^ John'^, James^), 1 742-1828, bap. 
Gloucester, >Lass., 4 July, 1742, and when a young man sailed as 

Family Twenty- Four. 219 

a shipmaster from the port of Cape Ann. ''March the 29 Day 
at a Parish Meeting in the 5 Parish in Glocester. Edmund Grover 
Ebenezer Lane Henry witham chosen Moneters. Ebenezer Lane 
Chosen and sworn to the office of Collector." 

Ebenezer Lane bought of his brother, Andrew Lane, both fishermen of 
Gloucester, and Co. of Essex, for i8 pounds, Dec. 12, 1768, lot No. 20 of the 
second division by the proprietors of New Gloucester, Co. of Cumberland. 
The northerly half of this lot he sold to Ebenezer Lane, Jr., then living on it, 
for $500, July 26, 1808. The southerly half, his wife, Eunice, relinquishing 
right of dower, he sold to Abbe and Grosvenor, traders of New Gloucester, 
Apr. 21, 1809. 

Ebenezer Lane of Gloucester, Co. of Essex, paid Nathaniel Allen, Esq. of 
said Gloucester, his wife Sarah relinquishing right of dower, 20 pounds, July I, 
1769, for "A Tract or Parcel of Land at a Place called New Gloucester, con- 
taining sixty Acres or thereabouts." This was lot No. 1 1 in 2d Division, on 
which Ebenezer Lane was the first settler and among the subscribers oi £10 
towards the meeting-house in 1 770. This estate he conveyed to his son. Job 
Lane, for $500, Jan. 11, 1808, receiving a life lease of it for which he was to 
pay I cent annually, Dec. 4, 1808. He sold it to Job Lane for $1, Dec. 4, 
1809, and took it into his possession again, paying Job and Polly Lane $500 
for it, Apr. 12, 1815. It was included in his estate with his dwelling-house 
standing on it, when settled by Job Lane administrator, June 28, 1828. 

Ebenezer Lane bought land in the "Fifth Parish, Gloucester, of Thomas 
Harris, Nov. 24, 1 770." 

Ebenezer Lane paid Elkanah Lucas, 21 pounds, 7 shillings, 8 pence, Feb. 
8, 1782, for 13 1-2 acres of unimproved land, the 60 acre lot No. 10, Division 
2, in New Gloucester. He paid Joel Haskell $500 for the remainder of the 
lot, Oct. 30, 1799. He conveyed it to his son, William Lane, Apr. 31, 1804, 
and, after William's death, to his daughter, Sally, Jan. 14, 1808, "in con- 
sideration of the natural love and affection I have unto my beloved Daughter 
Sally Bridgham and divers other good causes." He leased this property for 
life from Alden and Sally Bridgham paying them 10 cents annually, June 14, 
1808, and bought it again of Joseph E. Foxcroft, Esq., for $535, Dec. 26, 

Ebenezer Lane was one of the associates with Abijah Buck which paid the 
Massachusetts committee for conveying unappropriated lands in the counties 
of York, Cumberland and Lincoln, ;!^ 1 632, 17s, lod, Nov. 13, 1788, for the 
township of Bucktown or No. 5, containing about 23023 &cres, "reserving 200 
acres for the use of the ministry, 200 for the first settled minister, 280 for the 
use of a Grammar school, and 200 acres for the further disposition of the 
General Court, also 100 acres to a number of first settlers, 47 in all." 

Ebenezer Lane paid William Bridgham physician, 35 pounds for 50 acres of 
unimproved land in New Gloucester, June 14, 1790. This land he mortgaged 
to Job Lane of Pejepscot for $700, Dec. 4, 1808. 

220 James Lane and Descendants. 

Ebenezer Lane of Gloversboro, in the County of Cumberland, paid a com- 
mittee appointed by the General Court of Massachusetts to sell unappropriated 
lands, I pound, 6 shillings, 6 pence, specie, and i pound, 5 shillings, 3 pence, 
consolidated notes of said commonwealth, June 25, 1790, for 100 acres of 
land in the Plantation of Gloversboro, including improvements by said Eben- 
ezer Lane. He sold this land to James Johnstone for 90 pounds, in May, 
1795. Acknowledged Sept. 2, 1795. 

Ebenezer Lane of New Gloucester, paid Edward Pool of Gloucester, 46 
pounds, 4 shillings, 6 pence. May 10, 1793, for 50 acres of land in the Co. of 
Cumberland, part of the 8th division, above Pownaldborough on the Pejepscot 
claim. Ebenezer Lane, innholder, sold this land to Alden Bridgham for 50 
pounds, Nov. 29, 1797. 

Ebenezer Lane, Ebenezer Lane, Jr., and Job Lane, all of New Gloucester, 
paid Thomas Bayley $800, that is 1-4 of said sum by Ebenezer Lane, 1-4 by 
Ebenezer Lane, Jr., and the other half by Job Lane, July 4, 1796, for 47 acres 
of land in Poland, it being part of lot No. 47 in the first division, together 
with half of the saw-mill and grist-mill and one-half of the stream, yard, roads, 
conveniences . . . etc., standing on said lot 47. The same party paid $120, 
Sept. 4, 1796, for another part of Lot 47, Division i, in Bakerstown. 

Ebenezer Lane, innholder, bought out the interest of Ebenezer Lane, Jr., 
and his wife, Peggy Lane, in this property for $500, Nov. 4, 1806. 

Ebenezer Lane, innholder, Ebenezer Lane, Jr. and Job Lane paid George 
Erskine $300, Dec. 16, 1799, for 100 acres of land in Poland. 

Ebenezer Lane, innholder, paid Nathaniel Ingersol $250, May 29, 1802, 
for lot No. 28, Minot, He sold the same lot to Job Lane for $950, Dec. 
27, 1806. 

Ebenezer Lane paid John Glover $400, Feb. 24, 1803, for the 200 acre 
lots No. 5 and 6 and for a gore of land lying between the towns of New 
Gloucester, Gray and Raymondtown. 

Ebenezer Lane, innholder, and Ebenezer Lane, Jr., sold to Job Lane for 
$114, Jan. II, 1806, 50 acres of lot 72, proprietors division, partly in Minot 
and partly in Poland. 

Ebenezer Lane bought of Ebenezer Lane, Jr., for $500, Aug. 7, 1807, land 
and other "claims which I possess in the right of my wife to the estate of 
Peter Graffam." 

Ebenezer Lane paid Edward Bailey $300, and Josiah Bailey $784, Sept. II, 
181 1, for Lots 117, 146, 147, 150, Division 2, in Poland. 

The name of Ebenezer Lane appears 27 times in transfers of real estate 
from 1807 to 1828. 

The homestead of Ebenezer Lane on which the dwelling-house of said 
Ebenezer stood, was sold by his son, Job Lane, administrator, to William 
Haskell for $282, June 28, 1828. — Essex and Cwnb. Co. Deeds. 

Ebenezer Lane was among the first settlers of New Gloucester, Me. He 
was farmer, land and mill owner, and noted taverner, known as "Inkeeper." 

Family Twexiy-Four. 221 

He went to Maine while real and also imaginary fears of Indians still dis- 
turbed the dwellers, Jabez True and Ebenezer Lane were once travelling 
together on the lowlands near Royal's river. Mr. True was surprised and felt 
sure that he heard the Indians approaching them. He said to Mr. Lane that 
he could hear them say, "Mr. Jabez True I am as big a man as you, you, 
you." Then Mr. Lane was startled and sure that he could hear them say, 
"Mr. Ebenezer Lane I will stab you with my tomahawk and club you with my 
cane, cane, cane." Now these gentlemen, in their trepidation, were sure 
that they heard the Indians challenge, but it turned out to be nothing but bull- 
frogs in the river. 

Journal: Thomas Fisk of Oxford, Mass., went with Lieut. Livermore, to 
the Androscoggin river, Maine, in 1773, to survey and lay out roads in the 
township of Livermore. The party reached Falmouth by vessel. May 2, 1773. 

"3d Traveld Eleven miles .... Loged at North Casco. 

4th Traveld 4 miles. 

5th traveled to Little Amascoggen 9 miles, waded the river. 

6 Day began to clear our Road. 

13 crost the Twenty mile River. 

14 Rany. Encampt on the East side of 20 mile River. 

15 Lieut. Livermore and I sett out to view the Land for the Rod In To 
our Township, about 15 miles the way we went. 

21 Set out to goe for stores, ... to Mr. Lanes; arived thare jest before 

22 Day Set out, heavy Loads upon our Backs. But we had one cag we 
caled the Bull, which helpt us cary the Rest — at Euery Spring Bluded the Bull. 
We come Twelve mile and Night came on. 

23 Sunday, arrived at our camp this morning. 

June 10, Thursday Traviled in to Lieut. Livermores .... Returned 
again to camp. 

13 Day Sunday Set out to Wintrop. 

14 Day Monday set out at one of the clock to mark oure Road to poart 
Royal and at Knight campt by great anderascoggin pond. 

17 this afternoon packed up our things for marching home — about the Sun 
Set foure miles on our gorney. 

18 Fr^'day got into Mr. Laines about the middle of the afternoon and re- 
freshed ourselves and Rested our Selves at Little andrew Scroggan River. 

19 Saturday crost the River .... Traveled to Mr. Winslows in North 
casko and Loged thare. 

20 Sunday at falmouth afternoon went to church. 

Ebenezer Lane entered intention of m. 19 Mar., 1762, with 
MARY PRESTON, who d. 5 Jan., 1808, ae. 69 years. His 

'222 James Lane and Descendants. 

second wife was EUNICE DODD of North Yarmouth, Me., with 
whom he ent. int. of m. i6 July, 1808. He d. 1828. 

Children : 

60. I. Eeenezer, Jr. 5, b. Gloucester, Mass., 5, bap. at Sandy 
Bay, 19 June, 1763, m. Margaret Graffam. 

61. II. Jop/^ bap. at Sandy Bay, 23 June, 1765, m. Polly 


III. Anna Marlv^, b. 13, bap. 15 Nov., 1767, m. Andrew 
Robinson Giddinge; he b. Gloucester, Mass., 22 Sept., 1763, son 
of Capt. Andrew and Elizabeth (Davis) Giddings, and descendant 
of George Giddings who came from St. Albans, Hertfordshire, 
England, to Ipswich, Mass., in 1635. A. R. Giddings, Esq., was 
a prominent citizen of Danville, Me., (then a part of Pejepscot 
grant) in 1787, where his first wife died, 12 Dec, 1798, ae 31 
years, and he died 22 June, 1847. Four children : 

1. Andrexi) A'., Jr., m. Deborah Tarbox of New Gloucester, and d. 14 Feb., 
1871, ae. 79 years. 

2. Anna, m. i8i6, CoL Nathaniel L. Ingersol of New Gloucester, and 
d. 23 Apr,, 1837, leaving six children. 

3. Betsey, d. 22 Nov., i8l8, a. 22 years. 

4. Richard, d. young. 

IV. Abigail Lane-\ dau. of Ebenezer and Mary Grover, bap. 
March 29, 176S. — Rockport Record. 

V. Sarah^, bap. 2 Dec, 1770, m. Alden Bridgcome. She re- 
ceived from her father, Jan. 14, 1808, Lot 10, Division 2, in New 
Gloucester, "in consideration of natural love and affection I have 
unto my beloved Daughter, Sally Bridgham and divers other good 
causes moving me." — Deeds 57 .• jj. Four children : 

1. Sally, m. Mr. IVoodnian, and had one son. 

2. Anna, m. first, Theophilus Miller of Durham, Me., and had three 
children; m. second, Robert Boxoey of Lisbon, Me., had two children and 
was living in 1887 at the age of 100 years. 

3. Hannah, m. Maj. Arnold. Residence Bangor, Me. 

4. Mary, not m,, lived with her sister, Mrs. Miller. 

VI. PoLLY^ d. July, 1788, ae. 10 years. 

VII. William^ b. 1781, bought of his father, Ebenezer Lane, 
for 100 pounds, Apr. 3, 1804, 60 acre lot No. 10, Division 2, and 

Family Twenty- Five. 223 

also 50 acres of unimproved land in New Gloucester. — Deeds 44 : 
201. He d. unm. 22 Sept., 1805, in the 25 th year of his age. — 
44 : 201. 

Vm. Betsey-^, d. 7 Apr., 1803, ae. 20 yrs., 6 ms. 


ANDREW LANE^ (Job^ John^ Jamesi), 1746-1791, bap. at 
Gloucester, Mass., 6 Feb., 1745-6, moved with his parents in 
childhood to Sandy Bay, now Rockport, Mass. He settled on the 
homestead, was styled captain, and m. first by Rev. Ebenezer 
Cleaveland, 14 Dec, 1769, MARY TARR ; m. second, intention 
entered 22 Mar., 1777, SARAH STORY of Ipswich, Mass. 

He paid Nathaniel Allen of Gloucester, Mar. 12, 1768, 18 pounds for ofie 
60 acre lot No. 20, 2d Division, at New Gloucester, Me., and sold the lot to 
Ebenezer Lane, his brother, for 18 pounds, Dec. 12, 1768. He bought land 
of Job Lane, Nov. 28, 1768, and made twelve other purchases of land between 
1770 and 1789. He was twice grantor of real estate in Maine to Ebenezer 
Lane, about 1772. 

Fifth Parish Gloucester, now Rockport. "March the 20 Day 1770 at Parish 
Meeting clered Mr andrew Lane from being Collector, Caleb Pool Jun"" 
chosen Collecter in Rome of M"" Lane." 

"March the 19 1772. At Parish Meeting Mr Andrew Lane chosen Parish 
Collecter and sworn." 

"1778 March the 26 Day at Parish Meeting assembelled. andrew Lane 
James Parsons Edmund Grover DeCon Row -Benjamin Hail Chosen Parish 
[as] Sessers and Parish Commtte also." 

"Gloucester Jenuary the 4th Day 1779 in Parish meeting AsSembled. 
Ebenezer Grouer andrew Lane Joseph Thurston 3 Chosen moneters for said 

"September 25 Day 1780 in Parish meeting assembeled. Maid Choice of 
Mr Francis Pool Mf andrew Lane and Cap^ Mark Pool a Committ to Settel 
with all the old Collecters and treasurers and to Settel with Mr CleaueLands 
attoruney the whole that is Due to him and to take a reCept in full for the 
same . ' ' 

"September 5 Day 1781 Voted to Mr Francis Pool Andrew Lane Capt 

224 James Lane and Descendants. 

Mark Pool a Committe to Settel with all the old Collecters and treasurers and 
to Settel with and Pay of mr CleaueLand his whole Due." 

"Glouster March iSt'^ 1782 The Parish mate. Caleb Norwood & Stephen 
Pool & Andrew Lane Chosen parish Comite & parish assesers also." 

"July the 3 1786. at the Parish Meeting Assembled Chose Capt Mark 
Pool Leut Ben. Tarr & And^ Lane Parish Committe & Sessors for th Current 
year & Sworn." 

Capt Andrew Lane died in 1791, ae. 45 years. Administration 
on his estate was granted to Sarah Lane, July 4, 1791. Inventory 
taken, Dec. 10, 1791, returned, Feb. 6, 1792, included dwelling- 
house formerly belonging to Mr. Job Lane deceased, barn, cattle, 
tillage, pasture and woodland, fish-house at Long cove, Sandy Bay, 
flakes, sheep-shear' boat of about ten tons. Dower was set off to 
his widow, Sarah Lane, now Todd, Jan. 4, 1802. Account of 
administration was allowed Apr. 5, 1802. A son, Charles, had 
died and the estate was apportioned to the other children, Sally 
Clark, Nancy Tarr, Andrew Lane, Lucy Lane, Polly Woodbury 
and George Lane. 

Children : 

I. MoLLY-'^, b. 2 Apr., bap. 26 Aug., 1770. 

IL Andrew^ b. 26 July, bap. 8 Aug., 1772. 
By second marriage : 

62. IIL Andrew"^, bap. 14 June, 1778, m. Dorcas Poole. 

63. ^y. George-'', b. 13, bap. 27 Feb., 17S0, m. Lucv Tarr 
and Sally Goss. 

V. Sally'', bap. 1782, ent. int. of m. 20 Dec, 1799, with Henry 
Clark of Gloucester, Mass. 

VL Charles'', bap. 20 July, 1788, d. before his father. 

Vn. Nancy'\ ent. int. of m. 26 Apr., 1800, with Charles Tarr 
of Gloucester. 

MIL LucY^, a minor, age 16, had guardian John Lees ap- 
pointed Feb. I, 1802. 

IX. Polly -^j m Walter Woodbury, pub. 3, and m. 29 Nov., 
1 7 88, by Rev. Eli Forbes. 

Family Twenty- Seven. 225 


SAMUEL LANE^ (SamueF---^, Jamesi), 1723-1804, b. Glou- 
cester, Mass., 7 July, bap. 4 Aug., 1723, by Rev. John White of 
First church, Gloucester. He m. 17 May, 1743, by Rev. Benja- 
min Bradstreet, DELIVERANCE POOL, m. n. Giddings, wid. 
of Joshua, son of John Pool. They lived at Gloucester Harbor. 
She d. 5 June, 1768, ae. 61 years. He bought land at Gloucester 
of Daniel Rogers, Mar. 31, 1790. Adm. on goods and estate of 
Samuel Lane, late of Gloucester, mariner, was granted to Henry 
Bates, Mar. 27, 1804. 

Children : 

64. L Stephen'', b. 8 Aug., bap. 2 Oct., 1743, m. Ann Has- 

n. Joseph'', bap. 16 ^Lar., 1745-6. 

HL GH)r)iNGS^, bap. 28 Aug., 1747. 

IV. John''', b. 20, bap. 26 Aug., 1750. 

V. AiiiGAiL'', b. 9 Nov., bap. 9 Dec, 1753 or 4. 

VI. Timothy-"', b. 8, bap. 13 Feb., 1757. 

VII. Jl'ditH'\ b. 15, bap. 23 July, 1758. 

VIII. Iammy-^, bap. 3 Aug., 1760; ent. int. of m. 17 June, and 
m. 30 June, 1786, William Allen; he b. Gloucester, 24 Apr., 
1758. Children b. in Gloucester : 

1. George, 1). 14 Nov., 1786, d. at sea. 

2. Nabby La7ie, h. 4 Sept., 1788. 

3. Emily, b. 27 July, 1790. 


ZEBULON LANE-* (SamueF-^, James^) b. Annisquam, Glou- 
cester, Mass., I July, 1729, ent. int. of m. 29 Mar., 1750, with 
HANNAH COGSWELL of Ipswich, Mass., res. Gloucester Har- 

"Zebu. Lane and wife spent the evening here. 1755, March 12. 
Went to see Zeb. Lanes wife who is infirm." — Journal of Rev. 
Samuel Chandlei'. 

226 James Lane and Descendants. 

]\Ir. Lane was a soldier in Capt. Aliraham Dodge's Ipswich Co., 
April, May and June, 1775. The company was encamped within 
sight of Bunker Hill with a number of men voluntarily in the 


''Prospect Hill, Dec. 29, 1775. Rec'd of Capt. Abraham Dodge 
the Sum of Twenty five Shillings for my Coat money. Each of us 
whose names are hear under Sined who Belongs to the s^ Dodge's 
Company in the Continental armey : 

Zep.elen Lane," 16 names. 

Children : 

L Daniel-^, bap. 7 July, 1751, by Rev. John White, First church, 

H. Hannah-'"^, bap. 18 Nov., 1753. 

IIL Anna^, bap. 28 Sept., 1755, ent. int. of m. 25 Nov., 1784, 
with Stephen Haskell. 


DANIEL LANE'^ (Samuel^--, James^), was born in Gloucester, 
Mass., and baptized 5 Jan., 1734-5. He entered intention of 
marriage, 14 Sept., and m. 17 Sept., 1761, MARY I>ANE, by 
Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland of the Fifth parish, Gloucester. Daniel 
Lane was a blacksmith by trade and moved to New Gloucester, 
Me., where, in 1770, he subscribed ^10 towards building the 
meeting-house, and where with wife, Mary, he sold to Joseph 
Lane, Jr., of Gloucester, Mass., for ^30, 13, 4, Jan. i, 1772, sixty 
acre lot. No. 5, in supplement to 2d Division, New Gloucester. 
He was of Bakerstown, Me., Aug. 18, 1773, and bought of Samuel 
Gerrish of Newbury, Mass., one-half of a hundred acre lot. No. 68, 
upon Little Androscoggin river. He was the second settler in 
Minot, Me., 1773. 

Daniel Lane entered the Naval service from Gloucester, Mass., as a privateer 
in the war of the Revolution and was taken captive to Eni^land. When sick 
on board the ship Buford of 70 guns, he was ordered by its humane British 
commander, George Bowyers, Feb. 15, 1777, to ])e transfered to the royal 

Fa:mily Twei^ty- Eight. 227 

hospital, Plymouth, England, and remained in hospital from April i, to May 
7, 1777. — Gen. Rci:;. J2 : 4j, 44. The crew of sloop Charming Polly was 
captured, May 16, 1777, and committed to Mill Prison in Plymouth harbor, 
and Daniel Lane was reported "escaped." Capt. John Lane sailed from 
Newburyport, Mass., in the brigantine Fancy, and was captured by the British, 
Aug. 7, 1777, his crew committed to prison and Daniel Lane was "ex- 
changed." Among the prisoners remaining in Old Mill, Feb. 7, 1779, were 
Capt. John Lane and Daniel Lane, who was transfered to Forten Gaol about 
one mile out of Portsmouth, England, Apr. 19, 1779, and reported "dead." 
Tradition relates how Daniel Lane dug out of prison under ground of the 
street and was given a shirt by a friendly Englishman, in which he escaped 
and was afterwards robed for burial. Joseph Appleby of Rowley, Mass., was 
a soldier in Capt. Daniel Lane's company. Col. Brooks' 7th Regiment Con- 
tinental Army pay accounts for service from Feb. 28, 1778, to Dec. 31, 1779. 

After his service in the Revolution, Mr. Lane was styled "Captain" and 
returned to his family at Leeds, Me. Here he sold the Gerrish place, May 2, 
1 78 1, to John Piatt of Andover Mass. — Cumb. Co. Deeds. 

He was a remarkably fine workman in iron and wood, and some 
nicely constructed scales made by him were stored in the attic of 
his son, Peter Lane's house, as late as 1820. His widow died at 
the home of their son, Peter, her honey-dish on the top shelf of the 
cupboard being the source of many sweet lunches for the grand- 
children. Five sons settled on adjoining farms on the west side of 
Androscoggin Lake and a sixth son, the next Range south. 

Children : 

L M.\Rv'', bap. Sandy Bay, Gloucester, Mass., 24 Oct., 1762, 
m. Stephen, son of Jonathan and Alice (Eastcott) Rowe of Dan- 
ville, Me. Ten children. 

65. n. Daniel^ bap. Annisquam, 2 1 Aug., 1763, m. Eunice 
Verrill and Ruth Platt. 

HL Judith-^ b. 22 Sept., bap. 13- Oct., 1765, m. Gloucester, 
Mass. She m. first, Capt. Edward Jones, a Revolutionary soldier ; 
m. second, 1821, Joseph Leavitt, and d. in Leeds, Me., 7 Jan., 
1 85 6. Children born in Leeds : 

I. Betsey, b. 7 Apr., 1787, m. 9 July, 1807, William A. Day. 
1. Lydia, b. I Mar., 1789, m. 25 Sept., 1806, Benjamin Gilbert, and d. 
6 Apr., 1872. 

3. Isaac, b. 20 Mar., I 791, m. 16, 1815, Hannah Beats. 

4. Sally, b. 7 June, 1793. 

5. Judith, b. 4 Oct., 1795, m. 30 Apr., 1S15, John Beats. 

228 James Lane and Descendants. 

6. Eihvard^ b, 29 Dec, 1798, m. 16 Dec, 1820, Fanny I.ant^ (Giddings^, 
Daniel"*, SamueP-, James'). A child, Mary Ann, m. Capt. Nichols of Sears- 
port, Me. 

7, Charlotte, b. 15 May, 1 800, m. 19 Dec, 1 824, Jesse Lauc^ (Peter^, 
Daniel*, SamueP'^, James*), and d. 9 Apr., 1881. 

8. Daniel L., m. 1833, Sainyntha Lane^ (Peter', Daniel"*). 

9, Alfred, never married. 

66. IV. James'', b. 26 Sept., 1767, m. Abigail Leadbetter. 

67. V. Giddings^ b. 5, bap. 27 May, 1770, m. Jemima Nor- 


68. VI. Elias'', bap. 19 Apr., 1772, m. Mary Lawrence and 
Abbie Brown. 

VII. Lydia-'', b. 3 Apr., 1774, m. 17 Jan., 1791, Nathaniel, 
son of Jonathan and Martha (Springer) Norcross of Hallowell, 
Me., and d. 5 Mar., 1853. He b. in Bath, Me., 12 June, 1769, 
and d. 5 May, 1843. Nine children born in Hallowell : 

1. Polly b. 5 July, 1795, ^'^- I<^habod Yeaton of Richmond, Me., and had a 
large family. 

2. David, b. 8 July, 1 797, was drowned in Kennebec river when young. 

3. Adna, b. n Mar., 1799, had 4 or 5 wives and many children, 

4. Philip, b. 8 Dec, 1800, m. his cousin, Judith Lane^ (Peter-'*, Daniel^ 
SamueP"^, James'). 

5. Gideon, b. 26 June, 1804, twice m. 

6. Fanny, b. 8 Mar., 1807, m. first, John Abee, second, James IVood- 
bridge. No children. 

7. Livonia, b. 22 Aug., 1809, m. Rnfns L. Choate, had 7 children and d. 
9 Aug., 188S. 

8. Oliver D.,h. 7 Apr., 181 1, m. Diana Choate, had 3 children and d. 29 
Oct., 1888. 

9. Martha, b. ii Nov., 1812, m. first George Riley, second, , and 

had a large family in the West. 

69. VIII. Peter-'', b. 1776, m. Lois Verrill and Grace Tur- 

70. IX. Samuel^ m. Judith Verrill and Frances Nye. 


ISSACHER LANE^ (SamueP-^, James^), was b. in Gloucester, 
Mass., IT, and baji. 17 June, 1739. He ent. int. of m. with 
MARV HODGKINS, 15 Mar., 1760. 

Family Thirty. 229 

Children born in Gloucester : 

71. I. IssACHER^*, bap. 2 1 Dec, 1760, at Fourth church, Glou- 
cester, m. Susan Hall. 

72. II. Benjamin-^ b. 31 July, bap. i Aug., 1762, m. Margaret 

HI. J(JSEPH-'', bap. 19 Aug., 1764. 

IV. Marv'', bap. 24 Aug., 1766. 


NICHOLAS LANE5, (Wilham^ James^ John^, James'), was 
born in Gloucester, Mass., 18 July, and bap. 6 Aug., 1749; served 
an apprenticeship as sailmaker together with his cousin Levi Lane^ 
(Josiah^, James'\ John-, James') ; m. 10 Mar., 1771, by Rev. S. 
Chandler, NANCY 15KZOIL, dau. of William Bezoil. Mr. Lane 
appears to have been the sailmaker of Salem, Mass., who left 
widow, Mary, in 181 5. 

He was appointed guardian to his children, Dec. 4, 1804 — to Lydia, age 
17, Harriot, age 15, Priscilla, age 13, Anstice, age 1 1, and John, age 9. 
Lydia and Harriot each acknowledged the receipt of $100 from their father 
and guardian, Oct. 12, 1808. Administration on his estate was granted to 
William Lane of Salem, Oct. 30, 1815. Inventory, taken Dec. 15, 1815, and 
returned Jan. 2, 1S16, included a mansion house and store with land. Mary 
Lane, widow, received allowance, Jan. 7, 181 7. Anstice P. Lane and John 
Lane released the estate of their father and guardian, Aug. 23, 181 7. Estate 
sold, May 12, 181 7. Account of adm. accepted, May 19, 1818. 

» Children born in Salem, Mass. : 

I. Nancy Bezoil^, bap. lo Xo\-., 1771. 

73. 11- Willl\m^', bap. 14 Mar., 1773, m. Elizabeth Bro\vts\ 

III. Mary^, bap. 12 Mar., 1775. 

IV. Sarah^, m. Nathaniel Delano, son of William Delano ; he 
b. in Pembroke, Mass., 6 Apr., 1777, and d. in Charlestown, Mass., 
6 Oct., 1830. Their children : 

1. Sarah, b. Salem, 26 June, 1800, m. William Ross. 

2. Xaihamel, b. 14 July, 1801, m. Sarah Gray Thompson. 

3. Mary Lane, b. 10 Nov., 1802, d. 3 Aug., 1809. 

4. Benjamin, b. 7 May, 1805, m. 

230 James Lane and Descendants. 

5. William Laiic, b. 27 Nov., 1807, unm,, d. in Boston, Mass. 

6. AHcholas Lane, b. 27 Nov., 1807, m. Anna Matilda Hill, and d. 
Maiden, Mass. Anna M. Lane, executrix, presented her first and final ac- 
count, Jan. II, 1893. 

7. Joseph, b. Pembroke, 27 Oct., 1811, m. Eliza Jane Hayden. 

8. Ichabod, b. Charlestown, 14 July, 181 7, d. 18 July, 181 7. 

V. Betsey^, bap. North church, Salem, 11 Feb., 1781. 
VL Lydia^, bap. First church, 8 Sept., 1782. 
By wife Mary, baptisms at East church, Salem : 
VIL Lydia6, bap. 12 Mar., 1786. 
YIIL Harriet*^', bap. 4 Feb., 1788. 

IX. Priscilla^, bap. 23 Jan., 1791. 

X. Anstiss P.^, bap. 6 Jan., 1793. 

74. XL JoHN^, bap. 30 Aug., 1795, m. Hannah Fellows. 
XIL NiCHOLAs'^', bap. 5 Mar., 1803. 


JAMES LANE-^ (Josiah^ James^ John^ James^), was b. at 
Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 8 June, and ba}). 14 June, 1747. 
He m. by Rev. John Rogers, 13 Dec, 1770, HANNAH ROBIN- 

Children : 

I. James", b. 17 Sept., bap. 10 Nov., 1771; ent. int. of m. i 
Dec, and m. 16 Dec, 1792, by Rev. Kli Forbes, Polly Brady; 
she admitted to the church in Annisquam, June 18, 1793. Their 
daughter : 

I. ElizahetJi^ , d. 15 Dec, 1848, ne. 27 years. 

II. Hannah", b. 6, bap. 8 Aug., 1777. 

III. Abigail^, b. 14, bap. 15 Mar., 1778. 


JOSL-\H LANE^^ (Josiah^ James-', John-, James'), bap. Annis- 
quam, C;ioucester, Mass., 11 Dec, 1748, ent. int. of m. with 
JERUSHA STEVENS, 19 Dec, 1769. Son: 

75. L losiAH", b. 15 Jan., 1771, m. Abigail Rowe Cle.\ves. 

Family Thirty-Three. 231 


ISAAC LANE-\ (Josiah^ James-'^, John-, james^), 1750 , 

bap. Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 11 Nov., 1750, mariner, re- 
sided at Gray, 1781, and Falmouth, Me., 1793, and at Charles- 
town, Mass., 1800. 

He paid Ebenezer Davis 61 pounds, 10 shillings, Nov. 20, 1 781, for 51 1-2 
acres in Lot I, Division 3, in Gray. — 16: 42^. He paid Nathaniel House 
18 pounds, L. M., Oct. 10, 1784, for 103 acres of land in Gray. Deed ac- 
knowledged Dec. 25, 1786. — 16: 424. He paid Jabez Mathews 25 pounds 
for 103 acres of land in Gray, Feb. 9, 1789. — 16: 42J. With wife, Jerusha, 
he sold to James Lakin for 30 pounds, Apr. 4, 1789, 5 1-2 acres of Lot 5, 
Division 3, in Gray. — ib : ^og. He paid Greenfield Pote 135 pounds, Jan. 4, 
1793, for 10 or II acres of land in Falmouth. — ig : ^og. He and wife, 
Jerusha Lane, sold to John Trow, for 60 pounds, Apr. 30, 1795, the home- 
stead of Solomon Mitchel, consisting of a house, barn and one-fourth acre of 
land in North Yarmouth. — 24: ^jj. He sold to his son, Levi Lane, for $550, 
Oct. 4, 1797, 129 acres of land in Gray, it being half of Lots 5 and 3, and 1-4 
of lot No. I. — 28: 2gj. Indenture made Nov. 24, 1800, between Isaac 
Lane, mariner, and Levi Lane, yeoman, both of Gray, who held, in common, 
Lots I, 3 and 5, in Gray, which they now divide between themselves. Signed, 
Isaac Lane, Levi Lane. — J4 : ii']. Isaac Lane conveyed to his daughter, 
Lucy Lane Hincks, Dec. 4, 1802, lands in Lots i, 3 and 5, Division 3, in 
Gray.— J9.- 5^9. 

Isaac Lane m. 20 Dec, 1771, by Rev. Mr. Chandler, DORCAS 
BEN NET, who d. at New Gloucester, Me., at the age of 27 years. 
He also had wife, JERUSHA . 

"Isaac Lane of Charlestown, Co. of Middlesex, mariner, and Jerusha his 
wife, have agreed to separate and not inhabit as man and wife. In considera- 
tion of which Levi Lane of Boston, Co. of Suffolk, sailmaker, hath given a 
deed of a dwelling-house and land in Charlestown to Abraham Peirce of New 
Gloucester, conditioned for the payment of 104 dollars per anmim to the 
said Jerusha, during her life, to be paid quarterly, secured by a mortgage of 
land in Charlestown to said Peirce, in consideration of which said Jerusha 
agrees not to trouble or molest said Isaac and not to contract any debts, Sept. 
20, 1800." 

"Jerusha Lane wife of Isaac Lane formerly of Gray, since of Falmouth, 
now of Charlestown Co. Middlesex, mariner, in consideration of the provision 
made for me in this present year 1800, to be paid by Levi Lane of Boston, 
sailmaker,^ do quit and release to him, the said Isaac, my right of dower in 
Pote's Point in Falmouth, Oct. 28, 1800. Acknowledged and consented to 

232 James Lane and Descendants. 

for the sum of $i.oo in favor Jonathan Paine, Jr., Sept. 29, 1801." — Cumber- 
land Co. Deeds. 

Children : 

76. I. Isaac, Jr.^, b. 19 Sept., 1772, m. Esther Cook. 
II. Ebenezer Davis'^, a seaman, d. young. 

77. III. Levi^, bap. 30 Apr., 1775, m. Sarah Hicks. 

IV. Dorcas*^, bap. 17 Aug., 1777. 

V. Betty^, bap. 7 May, 1780. 

VI. Lucy Laxe*'-Hicks, received of her parents "in considera- 
tion of the natural affection we have," Dec. 4, 1802, parts of Lots 
I, 3 and 5 of the Third Division in Gray, "to come into possession 
after our decease." 


THEOPHILUS LANE^ (Josiah*, James^ John^, James'), was 
b. in Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 9 July, and bap. 12 July, 
1752. His widowed mother, Abigail Lane, was appointed his 
guardian, Nov. 27, 1770. He was a shoemaker and went early in 
life to North Yarmouth, Me., where he subscribed to a private 
school, Mar. 27, 1770, agreeing to employ Dr. Elias Banks or 
some other person to teach in district No. 7 for one month or 
more and to pay his proportionable part of the cost. 

Mr. Lane was published to, and m. SUSANNAH DAVIS, 20 
Aug., 1774. 

"Being out on the fishing ground in the spring of 1776 he was seized by an 
English vessel and employed as a pilot to bring the craft into Gloucester bay. 
He had assurefl the captain that Gloucester was in the hands of the British 
and thus induced him to run into this port. Gloucester people went off to her 
in sufficient number to overpower the crew and took possession of the vessel." 
—J. J. Babson. 

Theophilus Lane, with wife, REBECCA, sold to Thomas Went- 
worth, tailor, for $180, June i, 1801, part of Lot 32, with buildings 
in North Yarmouth, "which I purchased of Joseph Banks." Five 

Family Thirty- Five. 233 

other transfers of real estate by him are recorded between 1801 
and 1 810. 

Son : 

I. Theophilus'^, m. Zeruiah Ring, widow of Benjamin Porter, 
and dau. of Eleazer and OHve (Mitchel) Ring; she b. 7 Oct., 
1792, and d. 12 Nov., 1867. Child: 

I, Jane True', h. 5 July, 18 — . 

Theophilus Lane, m. Eliza, m. n. Porter, her second m. ; she b. 
about 1827, dau. of Benjamin and Zeruiah (King) Porter. 


LE\'I LANE, EsQ.-^ (Josiah^, James=^, John-, Jamesi), 1754- 
1806, was born at Annisquam, 3 Nov., and bap. at Bay View, 
Gloucester, Mass., 10 Nov., 1754. He and his cousin, Nicholas 
Lane"* (William^ James-^ John-, James^), served apprenticeship 
together as sailmakers. 

Levi Lane was a soldier under Capt. Nathaniel Warner at the battle of 
Bunker Hill. Capt. Warner's company marched from Gloucester to Cam- 
bridge in the latter part of May. On the morning of the attack by the British 
forces, the company made a rapid march to Charlestown, crossed the pen- 
insula under fire, and was ordered by Gen. Israel Putnam to the redoubt and 
then to the left towards the rail fence. — J. J. Bahson. 

While still a young man, Mr. Lane visited France and returned in company 
with Marquis de Lafayette, who came to join the American Colonies in the 
spring of 1777. lie was a member of St. Andrew's Lodge of Free Masons, 
and there was forwarded to him from France "a blue pitcher with gold letters, 
with his own name and that of all the prominent members of the lodge and 
fraternity, etc." — Abigail Perry. 

Mr. Lane's place of business as a sailmaker ami merchant w^as near Clinton 
street, Boston, Mass. "He w^as a sailmaker of wide repute, made the best 
sails that went out of Boston, made sails for my great grandfather, John Browne 
of Providence, R. I., who was a noted merchant in his day whose ships sailed 
all over the world." — LeT.ois Herreshoff. 

He became a leading merchant and shipowner, losing some vessels about 
1800, by French spoliation. He was a pew owner and prominently connected 
with the First Universalist church at the corner of North Bennett and Hanover 
streets with his residence on Pine street, Boston. He was allowed claims 
against the estate of Solomon Lane, Gloucester, Nov. 5, 1799, and was party 
to two transfers of real estate in Cumberland Co., Me., 1 798-1800. 

234 James Lane and Descendants. 


Levi Lane, Esq., entered intention of marriage with ELIZA- 
BETH GYLES of Boston, May i, 1778 ; she died the same Tues- 
day in April, 1795, with her mother, the widow Mary (Maverick) 
Giles, a descendant of Samuel Maverick the grantee of Noddle's 
Island. Six weeks after the death of his first wife, Mr. Lane m. 
second, SUSANNAH (Newman) LANE, the widow of Master 
Oliver Wellington Lane-'' (James^-^, John^, Job'). Levi Lane d. 
23 June, 1806, and was buried at Copps Hill, Boston, where his 
stone may be seen, 1899. His widow, Susanna Lane, administered 
on his estate. Inventory $19,406.90, comprised mansion-house 
on Pine street, three dwelling houses, blacksmith's shop, cooper's 
shop, large store and wood wharf, near Fish street, pew in First 
Universalist church and 75 acres of land in Augusta, Me. 

Susanna (Newman) Lane brought into Levi Lane's family four 
children by Oliver WeUington Lane, and she had four children by 
Levi Lane. This is especially noted in order to distinguish her 
children by each marriage. Her estate was settled in Suffolk 
Probate Court in 1842. Her heirs appear to have been Mary W. 
Clark, Susan N. Buffum and Hannah (Lane) Braynard. The 
names of children, John, Harriet and Francis, do not appear in the 
probate papers ; they had died. 

Children of Levi Lane by first marriage : 

78. 1. Betsey'^^ b. 26 Jan., 1779, m. Capt. Benjamin Proctor. 

11. Francis^, b. 15 June, 1780, was made a Free Mason in the 
West Indies and d. at the age of 1 7 years. 

79. III. Abigail^, b. 15 Feb., 1782, m. Iitai Perry. 

80. IV. Polly'', b. 4 Mar., 1784, m. Capt. Nathan Frye. 

81. V. Nancv^, b. 21 June, 1786, m. Joseph Warren Lewis. 

VI. Sally6, b. 21 Mar., 1788. 

VII. Levi'', b. and d. 11 July, 1790. 

VIII. Levi''', b. 24 Sept., 1791, is supposed to have been lost at 
sea with his brother-in-law, Capt. Benjamin Proctor. 

Children of Levi Lane and his second wife : 

IX. Hannah'', b. 28 Apr., 1796, m. Selden Braynard of Boston, 
a very capable man who was imprisoned for forging the name of 





















Family Thirty'Six. 235 

H. G. Otis. Both are mentioned in the settlement of her mother's 
estate, 1842. Children: 

1. Thomas^ settled in New York. 

2. Charles Phelps, graduated Harvard College, 1S42, and settled in New 

3. Harriet, 4. Snsan. 

X. JoHN^, b. 28 Dec, 1797, d. unm. 

XI. Harriet^, b. 29 Apr., 1799, d. of consumption at about 20 

XII. Francis^, b. Friday, 5 Dec, 1800, d. a mariner in middle 
life. He m. at Gloucester, Mass., 29 Oct., 185 1, by Joshua P. 
Trask, Justice of the Peace, Mrs. Ann Stevens ; she b. about 
181 1, Xova Scotia, dau. of Robert and Mary Anne Dopson. 


Capi-. FRANCIS LANF' (jDsiah\ James^ John-', James»), 
1 756-1829, was bap. at Anniscjuam, Gloucester, Mass., 12 Dec, 

Me enlisted in Capt. John Rowe's Co. of Gloucester minute men under Col. 
Ebenezer Bridge and marched to Bunker Hill in season to take an active part 
in the great engagement of June 17, 1775. Returning to Gloucester, he 
entered the service on board of a privateer, and at the close of the war re- 
ceived his share in several prizes he had aided in capturing. He studied navi- 
gation and, subsequently master of a vessel, sailed for several years as far as 
the East Indies and many times to the West Indies and was once wrecked on 
Sable Island where he remained all winter to recover the cargo of cotton which 
had sunk in the ship. He afterward coasted between Boston and Portland, 
Me., for many years. The house he occupied at Bay View has been the 
homestead of the Jones family for more than a century (1884). 

Capt. Francis Lane, m. first, by Rev. Obadiah Parsons, 25 Feb., 
1779, ESTHER GRIFFIN; she bap. 6 Sept., 1761, dau. of 
Samuel and Mary (York) Grifhn of Gloucester, from Newbury, 
Mass. They moved to North Yarmouth, Me., where Mrs. Lane 
sacrificed her life and d. 31 Aug., 1799, ae. 38 years, in taking care 
of a neighbor sick with the yellow fever. The neighbor recovered. 

236 James Lane and Descendants. 

but Mrs. I-ane died, while her dau. Mary took the fever and never 
fully recovered. Mrs. Lane was buried in the old cemetery at 
North Yarmouth. 

She was descended from Philip Griffin, the ancestor of the numerous and 
influential Gloucester family. Mary Griffin m. William Babson and was the 
mother of Hon, John J. BaVjson, the historian of Gloucester. The Annisquam 
church records say of Samuel Griffin, "He was a member of the church many 
years and was well esteemed. He was firm and unshaken in the doctrines of 
free grace in an exalted Divine Redeemer and Saviour." 

Capt. Lane m. second, 8 July, 1800, Mrs. HANNAH WYMAN 
of North Yarmouth. She was the 381st member of the First 
church in North Yarmouth and joined by public profession of faith, 
July 24, 1 791. They moved to a farm at Minot Corner, Me., and 
in June, 181 8, to South Paris, Me. She died in 1820, se. 65 years. 
He was published, 10 Nov., and m. third, 5 Dec, 1822, widow 
BETSEY GAMMON of South Paris, who died 31 Mar., 1825, ^. 
63 years. 

Francis Lane of North Yarmouth, sold to Jabez Cushman for $500,00, Jan. 
16, 1802, 64 acres and 93 rods in the 281 squadron No. 9 in the gore, "the 
place where I now live," He paid Ichabod Benson, $330.00, Apr. 27, 1802, 
for 50 acres of land. Lot 78, in Minot. Francis Lane of Minot and Hannah 
Lane his wife in her right, sold to Leonard P. Woodbury for $475.00, June 
26, 1818, Lot 78 in Minot with the buildings thereon. He was party to sale 
of real estate eight times between 1801 and 1818, — Ciunb. Co. Records. 

Capt. Lane had a strong attachment for the place of his nativity 
and visited Gloucester on a fishing trip every season, Aug. to Nov., 
till a short time before his death, at the house of his dau., Mrs. 
Susan Ripley, 30 Nov,, 1829, ae. 73 years. He was rather small in 
stature with light complexion, blue eyes and delicate constitution, — 
soldier, scholar and gentleman. With his last two wives he was 
buried in the Robinson neighborhood near South Paris, Me. The 
grave of this soldier and pensioner of the Revolution, unmarked 
and forgotten for many years, was at length discovered and marked 
by a suitable marble headstone with appropriate inscriptions by 
his grandson, Samuel Richards, Jr., at his own expense, he "not 
thinking it right to have a soldier of Bunker Hill sleep in a lost 
and fors;otten erave." 


Family Thirty-Six. 237 

Children by first wife. "From all my researches and intimate 
acquaintance with them, I have found no stain on the character of 
any. They all were worthy of such a father as Capt. Francis 
Lane." — Sajuuel Richard, yr. 

I. Esther Griffin^, b. North Yarmouth, 26 May, 1782, m. 
Benjamin Safford of North Turner Bridge, Me., and d. 2 May 
1842. Children : 

I. IVillia/n S., b. 15 Aug., 1806. 2. Xa/han, b. 14 Feb., 1808. 3. 
Fraticis Lane, b, 6 May, 181 1, d. 31 Aug., 1819. 4. Polly Lane, b. 22 
May, 1813. 5. Eliza A., b., 18 Apr., 1816, d. 12 Sept., 1845. 

II. Francis'', b. about 1787, d. young. 

82. III. Mary^*, b. 7 Jan., 1792, m. Samuel Richards. 

83. IW Annie Ruhamah^, b. 7 Mar., 1794, m. Eliza White- 

V. Susan'% b. 9 Nov., 1797, was pub. 20 Feb., and m. Mar., 
1818, Ransom Ripley'' (Thaddeus** and Lydia • (Ransom) Ripley, 
Abner-'', Hezekiah'*, John-'--, William', from Hingham, Norfolk Co., 
England). Mr. Ripley was b. 8 Sept., 1786, settled in Paris, Me., 
1800, and d. 5 Sept., 1842, ae. 56 years. She d. 12 May, 185 1, 
ae. 53 yrs., 6 ms., 3 ds. Their children : 

1. I\ansoin, b. 15 Oct., 1S23, m. Jttlia M. Thayer, res. Paris, Me. 

2. Annie L., b. 8 Sept., 1825, m. Judith Fidler of Paris andres. Cali- 

3. Cynthia A., b. 19 Aug., 1827, m, Williavi G. Knapp, res. Hartford 
and Livermore, Me. 

4. Louisa Ellen, b. 23 July, 1829, res. Biddeford, Me. 

5. Thaddens, b. 15 Oct., 1831, d. Sept., 1858, in California. 

6. Ahhy y., b. July, 1833, m. first, Joseph Lihby, res. Limerick, Me., m. 
second and lived in St. Louis, Mo. 

7. Amanda, b. 1835, m. Elijah DeCoster, res. North Turner, Me. 

8. George, b. July, 1838, m. Mary Noyes,-x^?,. Cincinnati, Ohio. 

9. Adelia Eliza, b. 12 Mar., 1841, m. i Sept.; 1859, Joseph LLenry Can- 
nell, of Cambridge, Mass., res. and town clerk, Everett, Mass. Children: 

i) Nellie Ellsworth, b. 24 July, 1861. 2) William Henry, b. 15 Apr., 
1867. 3) Herbert Livingston, b. 3 Feb., 1869. 4) Joseph Johnson, b. 11 
July, 1872. 5) John Weston, b. 22 July, 1879. 6) Leon Garfield, b. 9 
Oct., 1 88 1. 

VI. Han'nah'^, b. 14 June, 1799, was pub. 22 May, 1820, and 
m. William Hutchings of Pownal, Me., res. Oxford, ]Me., and d. 
24 Mar., 1859. Children: 

I. William, b. 18 Dec, 1 82 1, d. 

238 James Lane and Descendants. 

2. JoJui S., b. 30 Nov., 1823, m. Phebc lunoe, res. North Turner Bridge, 
Me., and d. 8 May, 1876. Children: 

i) Charles Albert, b. 9 Oct., 1851. 2) John Francis, 1j, 24 Oct., 1853, 
res. Norway, Me. 3) Orinton L., d. 2 Aug., 1858, k. 2 yrs., 10 ms. 4) 
Emily J., d. 26 July, 1863, ?e. 4 yrs., 5 ms., 7 ds. 

3. Mary Lane, b. 21 Oct., 1824, m. Benjamin Franklin Pearson and had: 

i) George Frank, b. 20 May, 1858, m. and had son b. al)out 1880. 2) 
Lewis Webster, b. 22 Apr., i860, m. and lost his wife, res. Campello, Mass. 

4. George, d. 5. Francis. 

6. Martha Ann, b. 19 Feb., 1832, d. 9 Nov., 1846, ce. 14 yrs., 8 ms. 
"She said : 

'Jesus can make a dying bed 

Feel soft as downy pillows are. 
While on his breast I lean my head 

And breathe my life out sweetly there.' 

Thus sleeps her dust beneath the sod, 

Her soul ascended to her God; 
There tears of grief forever cease. 

In that eternal world of peace." 


MARK LANE^ (Josiah^ James^, John^, James',) 1 762-1 824, 
bap. Annisquam, Mass., 10 Jan., 1762, was pub. 11 Dec, 1801, 
and m. ESTHER (lOTT, who d. of pleurisy, 9 July, 1827. He 
d. of consumption, 15 June, 1826, ae. 62 years, and lies buried in 
the corner of Annisquam burying ground near Parson Learned's 

Children : 

L Esther'^, m. 13 Dec, 182 1, by Rev. Ezra Learned, John 
LriTLE Griffin, and resided at Annisquam. 

84. n. Mark^, b. 28 June, bap. 28 July, 1804, m. Clemen- 
tina Young. 

IIL Judith^, bap. Oct., 1S07, m. 10 Dec, 1822, James Lane 
of Annisquam and d. 21 Nov., 1825, ae. 19 years. 

85. IV. George Washington^, b. 181 2, m. Thomazine 


V. Louisa^, d. unm. 6 July, 1874, ae. 51 years. 

Family Thirty- Eight. 239 

VI. John K.", mariner, m. first, Butler, second, Ann 

Maria Griffin, and d. at Squam Point, Gloucester, 23 Apr., 1857, 
ae. 35 years. 

VII. Leyi*^, master-mate of sloop of war Dale. Capt. Levi Lane 
was the youngest son of Mark Lane. He had three daughters and 
one son. The oldest child was Lucretia A'.', who m. Isaac Bourne, 
lived in Whitman, Mass., and had son, Isaac, b. 1867. 


DAVID LANE^' (David^, John^^--, Jamesi), 1750-1825, born 
Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., i Dec, 1750. Tradition relates 
that he was a soldier in the Revolution, captured and carried to 
Halifax, Nova Scotia. He escaped and swam on board a sloop 
bound for Virginia, whence with a companion he returned on foot 
to Gloucester. 

He was monitor and collector for the Third Parish, Annisquam, 
Mass., Mar. 20, 1779, parish committee 1788, sexton 1807. 

He ent. int. 21 xAug., and m. 12 Nov., 1772, by Rev. Obadiah 
Parsons, HANNAH MERCHANT. She was b. 17 Feb, 1754, 
dau. of Daniel and Hannah (Woodbury) Merchant, and grand- 
daughter of Jabez and Mary (Butman-Babson) Merchant, who 
settled in Annisquam in 1721. Her ancestress, Mary Butman, 
is supposed to have descended from John Robinson, pastor of 
Plymouth Colony in 1620. 

Capt. David Lane died 30 May, 1825, aged 74yrs., 5 ms., 28 ds. 

"A husband kind, a father dear, 

A sincere friend lies buried here." 

— Tombstone. 

Mrs. Hannah Merchant Lane joined the church at Lanesville, 
July 31, 1774, and d. 30 Nov., 1840, aged 86 yrs., 9 ms., 13 ds. 

Administration on the estate of Capt. David Lane was granted to Samuel 
Lane, Esq., and appraisers were appointed Feb. 7, 1826. Inventory returned 
May 2, 1829, $3815.26. Allowance to Hannah Lane, widow, May 5, 1829, 
and dowry, Oct. 5, 1830. Division of estate Aug. 2, 1831, to Hannah Lane, 
widow, David Lane, Epes Lane, Samuel Lane, Hannah Young, and legal 

240 James Lane and Descendants. 

representatives of John Lane, Polly Lane and Caroline Tucker. Administra- 
tor's accounts presented Nov. I, 1830, and May 3, 1831, and third account 
allowed May 14, 1833. The dwelling-house of Capt. David Lane was stand- 
ing in good condition in 1900, and, across the way, the sweet apple tree on 
which he dressed his sheep, since called "the mutton tree." 

Children : 

86. I. JoHN^, bap. 21 Aug., 1774, had wife Esther White. 

87. II. David'5, bap. 14 July, 1776, had wives Nabby Lane 
and Mary Cook. 

88. III. Epes'^, b. 10, bap. 19 Apr., 1778, had wives Susanna 
Young and Sally Humphrey Woodbury. 

IV. Hannah^, bap. 4 June, 1780, ent int. 2 Nov., and m. 6 
Dec, 1798, Daniel Young of Rockport, Mass., who d. 19 Dec, 
1848, 36. 75 years. Their children. 

1. ydhn b. I Aug., 1799, m. Sally Tarr. 

2. Judith /., b. 12 May, 1801, d. unm. 

3. Hannah /,., b. 27 Aug., 1803, m. Reuben Tarr. Their dau. Sophia 
A., b. 21 June, 1832, m. 15 Jan., 1865, Francis Jackson of Lanesville, and 

i) Ethel S., b. 20 Aug., 1867. 2) Francis A., b. 17 Jan., 1874. 3) 
Martha A., b. 27 Feb., 1876. 

4. William^ b. 11 Apr., 1805, m. Sophia Tarr. 

5. Daniel^ b. 14 Mar., 1807, m. Angella Knoxullon. 

6. Adelaide, b. 14 Mar., 1807, m. Joshua linker. 

7. Henry, b. 2 Sept., 1810, m. Caroline Tucker. 

8. Samuel Lane, M. D., b. 3 Jan., 1813, graduated Bowdoin College, 
1840, and Harvard Medical School, 1852, practised medicine at Marblehead, 
Mass., marine hospital, Rainsford Island, alms house, Bridgewater, Mass., 
Lanesville, Mass., and South Portland, Me. He was an ardent Republican 
and reformer. He m. first, Emily Tarr of Rockport, Mass., by whom he 
had Alia Frances, b. 28 Jan., 1868, teacher High school, Charlestown, Mass.; 
m. second, Mary C. Mariner, of Cape Elizabeth, Me., where he d. of 
apoplexy, 19 Apr., 1893, ce. 80 yrs., 3 ms. 16 ds. 

9. Stcsan, b. 23 Jan., 1815, d. unm. 

10. Augusta, \ b. II Dec, 1817. 

11. Franklin, >- triplets, 1). 12 Dec, 181 7, d. x. 7 yrs. 

12. Warren, J !'• 13 Dec, 1817, m. Betsey Dodd. 

13. David L., b. 4 Feb., 1820. 

14. Frederick, b. 5 Feb., 1822, m. Ruhamah Holmes. 

15. Abigail, b. II Aug., 1824. 

16. Franklin, b. 6 July, 1827, m. at Newry, Me., and d. 1892, oe. 65 years. 

89. V. Samuel'% bap. 27 Apr., 1794, had wives Sallv W. Har- 
raden and Martha Dennison. 

Family Forty. 241 

VI. Polly'^, m. William Lane-'' (Solomon^, Joseph-'^, John-, 

VII. Caroline^, m. Sept., 1813, by Rev. Ezra Learned, Joshua 
Tucker, and d. before 1831, leaving children heirs to her father's 
estate : 

1. Joshua , m. Catherine Young. 

2. Mary Lane^ ni. Joshua Grijln. 

3. Caroline, m. Henry Young. 

4. Daughter, d. young. 


CALEB LANE^ (Joseph^-^"^, John-, James^), ent. int. of m. ro 
Dec, 1782, and m. 2 Jan., 1783, by Rev. Eli Forbes, ABIAH 
SAVILLE, dau. of Jesse and Martha Saville. They resided in 
Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass. 

Children : 

I. John Savillf/', b. 19 Apr., 17S5, d. at Gloucester, i May, 
187 1, ae. 86 years. Their child : 

I. John S. Lane, Jr.^, m. Mehitable, and had: 

i) Rodney^, b. i Nov., 1839. 

2) Matilda"*, b. 22 June, 1842, d. 6 Oct., 1843. 

3) John Preston^, b. 4 Oct., 1843, d. 23 Oct., 1844, oe. i yr., 19 ds. 

90. II. Joseph^', b. i May, 1787, m. Lucv Gott. 

III. xAndrew^, b. 5 June, bap. 4 Oct., 1789. 

9J^ IV. William Saville,^, b. 5 Sept., bap. 6 Nov., 1791, m. 
Sally Lane. 

v.* Charles^, b. 7 Sept., 1796, bap. by Rev. Gilbert Wilkes. 

VI. Eliza^, bap. 3 July, 1799. 

VII. Hepsibah^, b. 21 Nov., 1802. 

VIII. Adaline'^, b. 4 Apr., bap. 29 June, 1806. 

92. IX. Theodore^, b. 24 Jan., 1808, m. Clarissa Lowe. 


GIDEON LANE-^ (Joseph^-^, John^ James^), born Annisquam, 
Gloucester, Mass., ent. int. of m. 8 Mar., 1796, with ANNA 

242 James Lane and Descendants. 

GRIFFIN, who d. 7 June, 182 1 ; m. second, 10 Dec, 1822, by 
Rev. Ezra Learned, HANNAH LANE, who d. 29 Mar., 1848, ae. 
62 yrs., 4 ms., 15 ds. Interred at Gloucester, ]\Iass. 
Children : 

93. I. Gideon^, b. 10 Dec, 1798, bap. 3 July, 1799, m. 
Abigail Gott. 

II. Jude Griffin*', bap. 29 x\ug., 1801. 

94. III. Samuel Robinson^, b. 6 June, 1806, m. Martha 
Watson. ^ 

IV. Anna^, m. David Lurvey. 

V. Others^', d. young. 


CALEB LANE, Jr.-'^ (Caleb^, Joseph^ John^, Jamesi), 1759- 
1850, b. Lanesville, Mass., 23, and bap. 27 May, 1759. He was 
a mariner in U. S. privateer service, captured by British forces 
and committed from privateer "Alfred" to Forten gaol or prison 
one mile from Portsmouth, Eng., July 18, 1778. Returned to 
Gloucester, Mass., he was committee for settlement of estate of 
Cornelius Lane, 1806, and surety for Aaron Lane, administrator 
on estate of Wentworth R. Lane, Dec 4, 1809. 

Mr. Lane ent. int. 28 Apr., and m. 3 May, 1804, by Rev. Daniel 
Fuller, HANNAH BURNHAM' (Jonathan", and Ruth Haskell, 
Simeon^ Thomas'*-"'^, John-, Thomas^), a family of Ipswich and 
Essex, Mass.; she b. 29 Oct., 1765. Roth were admitted to the 
church of Annisquam, Apr. 22, 1805. This pensioner of the 
Revolution d. 5 Apr., 1850, ?e. 90 yrs., 10 ms., 12 ds. His wife 
d. 18 Feb., 1843, ae. 76 years. 

Children : 

I. Hannah", bap. 28 Apr., 1805. 

95. 11. David Saville", bap. June, 1807, m. Lvdia Ann 


96. III. Lazarus", bap. 13 Aug., 1809, had wife Ruth. 

Family Forty-Three. '243 


JOSEPH LAXE5 (Caleb\ Joseph^, John--\ James') was b. in 
Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., bap. 30 Noy., 1760. He was a 
cordwainer at LanesYille and bought land in 1798. He m. 26 
Feb., 1782, by ReY. Eli Forbes, JOANNA MORGAN and d. in- 
testate, 1832, leaYing a widow Joanna to whom dower was as- 
signed Apr. 21, 1835. Division of the estate was made Noy. 17, 
1835, to Amos Griffin, to Andrew H. Langsford, to John S. Lane, 
to Jonathan Harraden and to Mary Andrews. 

Children : 

I. Elizabeth'', bap. by Rev. William Williams of Casco Bay, d. 
of old age 11 Sept., 1872, ae. 85 yrs., 8 ms., 24 ds. 

n. Jane'', ent. int. of m. 27 Sept., 1800, with Jonathan Har- 
raden of Gloucester. 

HI. Mary'', m. 22 Noy., 1807, by ReY. E. Learned, Stephen 

IV. Lucy'^, m. 26 Aug., 1 8 10, Amos Griffin. 

V. Judith^, bap. 23 June, 1798, by Rev. Manassah Cutler, m. 
21 July, 1 81 8, by Rev. Ezra Learned, Andrew H. L.\ngsford, 
and d. before 1835, leaving minor children. 

VL Joseph'^, bap. 1801, d. 12 Dec, 181 9, ae. 17 years; fell 
overboard from his uncle Aaron Lane's vessel coming from the 
eastward laden with wood. 

Vn. John S.'', had wife Susan, and : 
I. Soji"^ , b. 2 Oct., 1843. 


ZACHEUS LANE5, (Caleb^, Joseph^ JohnS, Jamesi), 1769- 
18 19, b. Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., 7 June, 1769, bap. 16 June,' 
1 77 1, a fisherman at Bay View, Gloucester, ent. int. of m. 8 Nov., 
and m. 8 Dec, 1805, REBECCA MERCHANT^ by Rev. Ezra 
Learned. She was b. Gloucester, 21 Sept., 1782, dau. of Jabez-"^ 
and Rebecca (Woodbury) Daniel-, Jabez', and d. 18 Jan., 1853, 

244 Jamks Laxe and Descexdanis. 

cC. 70 years, "having passed the allotted threescore and ten years." 
He bought land in Squam parish of James Woodbury, Jan. 10, i 791, 
and was surety for Aaron J.ane, adm. on the estate of Wentworth 
Riggs Lane, Dec. 4, 1809. 

Mr. Lane d. 2 ^lay, 18 19, ae. 48 years, of a singular disease. A 
post morion examination by Dr. Israel B. Hovey showed that "the 
outlet of the stomach had grown up and become chaliced." 

Administration on his estate was granted to Rebecca Lane, 
widow, Jan. 7, 1823. She received allowance Nov. 4, and dowry 
Dec. 2, 1823. 

Children : 

L Rebecca'', b. 22 Apr., 1807, d. 26 July, 1849, ae. 42 yrs., 5 


"The casket lies beneath the sod, 

The gem it held has gone to God; 

Death's messenger by Him was sent, 

To carry back the treasure lent. 

Afflicted friends great is your loss, 

But God your path hath wisely crossed; 

He only took what was his own, 

Then should we say, 'Thy will be done.' " 

11. Carolixe^, b. 29 Nov., 1809, bap. May, 18 10, by Rev. 
Daniel Fuller. 

97. IIL CvRUS^, b. 8 June, 1812, m. Sarah Rowe. 

IV. SusAX Merchaxt^, b. 21 Oct., 1814, m. 13 Nov., 1831, 
Israel Jerqued, and d. 17 Aug., 1854. 

V. Betsey Merchaxt^', b. 26 July, 181 7, bap. 31 Oct., 18 19, 
m. LzEKiEE Chard, a stage driver, and d. 12 Aug., 1889. She 
was the mother of : 

1. Chase Chard. 


SOLOMON LANE, Jr.-- (Solomon^ Joseph^ John^, James>), 
I 765-181 7, was b. in .-^nnisquam, Gloucester, ^Lass., 21 Jan., and 
bap. 24 Feb., 1765. He bought land in Squam parish of Jonathan 
Harraden, Dec. 31, 1788, received bond from Cornelius Lane for 

Family Forty- Five. 245 

a portion in their father's estate, Mar. 7, 1S03, purchased of 
Cornehus Lane his right in the fish house, 1806, and presented a 
claim against his estate, 1808. He ent. int. 6 Feb., and m. 11 
Mar., 1792, SALLY STANWOOD, by Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland. 
He d. intestate, 28 Aug., 1817, at the Point, Rockport, Mass., 
John Manning administrator, Jan. 19, 18 18. His widow was 
buried 27 May, 18 18. 
Their children : 

L Sl'san'', bap. 27 Oct., 1799, d. 12 Sept., 1805. 

n. Jacok Clark^, bap. 1801. 

HL Nathaniel^, bap. 18 Aug., 1805, d. 19 Aug., 1805, k. 3 

1\'. Caroline'^ bap. 8 Sept., 1805. 

V. FiTZ William'^, d 15 June, 18 18, ce. about 5 years. 


NATHANIEL LAXE'^ (Solomon*, Joseph^, John^, James*), was 
b. Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., 2, and bap. 9 Nov., 1766, by Rev. 
John W'yeth. He had a claim against his father's estate, Nov. 5, 
1799 ; received bonds from Cornelius Lane for a portion of their 
father's estate. Mar. 7, 1803, presented a claim against his brother, 
Cornelius Lane's estate, 1808. He ent. int. of m. with SARAH 
WOODBL'RV, 19 Dec, 1795. They settled in New Gloucester, 
]Me., whence they removed to Poland, Me. Here he resided 70 
years and died at the advanced age -of 92 years. "Mr. Lane was a 
good citizen and a worthy man. He was a great reader of the 
Bible, having read it through in course eleven times, was a lifelong 
Universalist." — Rev. Zxnas Tkonipson. 

Children : 

L Clar.V^, bap. Oct., 1798. 

98. n. Nathaniel'^ b. 1802, m. Esther Sargent. 

HI. Eli*', b. about 1806, unm., d. Gloucester, 30 July, 1884, ae. 
78 yrs., 17 ds. Buried at Locust Grove, Lanesville. 

246 James Lane and Descendants. 

99. IV. Wentworth Riggs^', b. New Gloucester, JVIe., 20 
Nov., 1807, m. Lavina Jordon. 

V. Betsey Gideons^*, bap. 9 July, 1810. 

100. VI. Lewis'^, b. Mar., 181 2, m. Sally T. Pool and 
Laura A. Wadley. 


CORNELIUS LANE5, (Solomon^, Joseph^, John^, James'), 
1 7 69-1 805, was b. in Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 24 Oct., 
1769, and bap.. 7 Jan., 1770. He was a fisherman, and received 
two-thirds of his father's estate by giving bonds. Mar. 7, 1803, to 
pay portions to other children and legal representatives. He ent. 
int. of m. with LUCY HARRADEX, 18 Oct., 1793, and was 
buried 9 July, 1805. Administration was granted to his widow, 
Lucy Lane, Oct. 7, 1805 ; inventory, Oct. 14, 1805, mentions 
dwelling-house and lands, fish house, nets, one-half of a two mast 
boat, one right in school house on Harraden's Point, two-thirds of 
a wall pew in Annisquam meeting-house, Bible, Testament and 
hymn book; widow's dower set off Mar, 20, 1806; account of 
adm. rendered, Oct. 6, 1806. 

Children : 

I. William Pitt^, bap. 3 July, 1799. 

II. Ammi^, bap. 1 80 1. 

III. Perhaps Cornelius*^. "Mr. Cornelius Lane of this town 
and Miss Almira Smith of Belfast, Hancock County, were published 
Jany 21^^ 1821; Certificate given 7 Feb., 1821." — Record Free- 
port, Me. 


HUMPHREY LANE^^ (Solomon^ Joseph^ John^, James'), bap. 
in Gloucester, Mass., 13 Oct., 1771 ; ent. int. of m. 11 Jan., 1797, 
with SUSANNAH GREENLEAF of Newbury, Mass., received a 

FaxMily Forty- Eight. 247 

portion of his father's estate, Mar. 7, 1803, and presented a claim 
against the estate of CorneHus Lane, 1808. Administration on the 
estate of "Humphrey Lane last of Newburyport, mariner, who died 
on or about Nov. 20, 1832," was granted to Philip Johnson of 
Newbury, Dec. 11, 1832; inventory returned Mar. 12, 1833; 
Mary P. Lane, widow, received allowance, Dec. 10, 1833, who 
"has one son, Joseph Lane, only three years of age, whose nurture 
and education will depend entirely upon her." 
Children of Humphrey and Susan Lane : 

L LiDEAY Davis'*, bap. 11 Oct., 1801. 

n. Joseph*^, bap. 21 Sept., 1805. 

UL Polly Greenleaf"^, bap. Oct., 1807. 

IV. Thomas^. 

V. \Villiam6. 

VL Sar.ah'^, bap. 28 Nov., 181 9. 


WILLLVM LANE^ (Solomon-*, Joseph^, John-, James'), was b. 
in Rockport, Mass., in 17S9. William Lane, aged 14 years, re- 
ceived Mark Lane as his guardian, Mar. 7, 1803. He was allowed 
claims against the estate of Cornelius Lane in 1808, was a carpenter 
and d. 17 Oct., 1857, ae. 69 years. 

He m. first in Aug., 181 1, by Rev. Ezra Learned, POLLY 
Lx^NE^ (David-^-^ John^^-^, James'). She d. suddenly, 20 June, 
1824, leaving an infant two months oJd. In 1832, her minor 
children received by William Lane, their father and guardian, a 

portion of her father's estate. He m. second, NxANCY , who 

was b. in Rockport, and d. of cancer, 4 Sept., 1847, se. 61 years. 
He m. third, 25 June, 1848, by Rev. Samuel C. Gilbert, Mrs. 
LOLUSA BROOKS; she aged 38, dau. of Jabez and Lois Tarr, 
who m. third, 19 Sept., 1869, by Rev. Nathaniel Richardson, John 
York, he b. 1793, son of Samuel and Elizabeth York, his third 

248 James Lane and Descendants. 

Children : 

101. I. William, Jr.**, b. 12 Oct., 18 12, m. Sally and 

Rhoda Elwell. 

102. II. Albert^, b. 26 Oct., 18 16, m. Rhoda W. Butman 
and Martha A. Butman. 

III. Henry Oscar*^, b. 26 June, 18 19, m. in Boston, Mass., and 
d. 28 Mar., 1858, ae.-39 yrs., 4 ms., 3 ds. 

IV. Mary^j, b. 29 Nov., 1 82 1, d. 27 May, 1826. 

V. Maria*^, b. 6 June, 1824, m. Joseph Burns of Rockport, 



GIDEON LANE 2d'^ (Gideon^, Joseph^, John^, James') 1764- 
182 1, was born in Gloucester, Mass., 14, and bap. at Annisquam, 

16 Dec, 1764. He was born on the east side of Lobster cove, 
but bought and moved his family to the large, double, two story 
house still standing near the west end of the bridge over Lobster 
cove in Annisquam. 

British armed barges came into Squam river in 18 13 to destroy what shipping 
they could find. Capt. Lane had a schooner called "Federalist" lying at the 
wharf l)elow his house. A barge came into Lobster cove intending to destroy 
her. When preparing to set her on fire, Capt. Lane's daughter, Clara, then 

17 years of age, went from the house and requested them not to destroy the 
vessel. The lieutenant in command looked at Miss Lane a few moments and 
then declared "he could not resist answering the prayer of such a pretty lass 
and would leave the vessel unmolested." And the barge returned to their 
vessels outside, without any further damage to property here. That was the 
last visit armed barges made in Annisquam river. — George Edward Lane. 

Gideon Lane, Jr., of Gloucester, mariner, paid Gideon Lane of Freeport, 
Me., $800.00, June 25, 1813, for land including the northwest part of Lot 39, 
Range E, in Freeport. 

Capt. Lane ent. int. 24 Nov., 1789, and m. 20 Apr., 1790, 
HANNAH GRIFFIN ; she a descendant of Philip Grififin, an early 
settler of Cape Ann, b. Annisquam, 20 Sept., 1772, and d. 10 May, 
1852, ae. 79 yrs., 7 ms., dau. of Oliver and Mary (York) Griffin. 

"Through the darkness into light." 

Family Forty- Nine. 249 

She was sister to the mother of John J. Babson, the historian of 

Capt. Lane died at Annisquam, 28 Nov., 182 1, ae. 57 years. 

"The pure in heart see God." 

Administration on his estate was granted to Samuel Lane, Esq., 
Apr. 5, 1S25 ; inventory July 19, 1825 ; allowance to widow, Han- 
nah Lane, Jan. 12, 1826 ; dower set off, Oct. 5, 1830. 


"Died in Gloucester on Wednesday morning last, Capt. Gideon Lane, aged 
57 years, after a long and distressing illness which he endured with remarka- 
ble fortitude and patience. An affectionate remem])rance of the worthy man 
will ever be cherished by his relations and friends. His moral character was 
unexceptionable and he was distinguished for his diligence and activity in 
business. When in health his cheerful and social disposition never failed to 
render him an acceptable companion in the circle of his friends and acquain- 

In the death of Capt. Lane the society in which he lived, and his friends in 
particular, have sustained an irreparable loss. He was a kind and affectionate 
husband, a tender and indulgent father. He was fondly attached to life and 
had an earnest desire to recover from his illness, but still, when he became 
sensible that his case was hopeless, he expressed a perfect resignation to the 
Divine Will, and died in a comfortable hope of a happy immortality. We 
trust he is now rejoicing in the possession of perfect purity and bliss; while he 
has left behind that which is better than precious ointment 'a good name.' 
Peace be to his memory." — Rev. Ezra Learned. 

Children : 

103, L Gideon, 3d.^, b. 31 Aug., 1791, m. Dorcas Babson 
and Eliza H. Peabody. 

IL Hannah^', b. 26 July, 1793, d. 27 Oct., 1793. 

IIL Clara*^, b. i'^ Feb., 1796, m. David Babson. 

104. IV. Oliver Griffin'% b. 25 Nov., 1798, bap. 27 Oct., 
1799, m. Charloite Phippen. 

V. Alexander'', b. 18 Aug., 1801, d. St. Thomas, W. L, 5 Aug., 
182 1. Heard of his death, Sept. 7, 1821. 

VL Hannah*^, b. 18 Nov., 1803, bap. 7 July, 1804, m. David 
Lane"- (Epes^, David-^-^, John'^--, James*). 

250 James Lane and Descendants. 

VII. Esther G.'^ b. 8 Sept., 1805, d. 8 Nov., 1805. 

VIII. Emily'% b. 9 Sept., 1806, m. Davis. 

IX. Julia Augusta'^, b. 21 Jan., 1808, d. 30 Nov., 1813, ae. 5 

105. X. Gustavus Adolphus'^, b. 9 June, 1811, m. Clarissa 

XI. Julia A.^, b. 13 Feb., 181 5, d. 23 Aug., 1816. 


MOSES SOULE, Jr.g (Moses^ Barnabas^ Moses^, John^, 
George'), 1769-1851, was born in Freeport, Me., 28 Dec, 1769. 

Moses Soule^, was b. 19 Feb., 1739, and bap. 5 Sept., 1742. son of Barnabas 
and Jane Bradbury. 

Barnabas Soule"*, h. 1705, bought of his brother Cornelius in 1745, a home- 
stead in Freeport; m. 1737, Jane, a posthumous daughter of Jacob and Eliza- 
beth (Stockman) Bradbury of Salisbury, Mass.; she b. 1718, bap. 4 Aug., 
18 18, the youngest sister of Mrs. Dorothy, the wife of Rev. Ammi Ruhamah 
Cutter, and great granddaughter of the noted divine Rev. John Wheelwright. 
Barnabas and his wife were received to the First church of North Yarmouth 
by public profession, Aug. 30, 1742. He died 8 Apr., 1780, x. 75 years; lies 
buried in the old burying ground on Pleasant Hill, Freeport, that overlooks 
the town and gives a glimpse of the blue waters of Casco Bay in the distance. 

Moses Soule, Jr. and MARTHA LANE"^ (Gideon^ Joseph^ 
John^, James^), both of Freeport, Me., she b. Gloucester, Mass., 
22 Dec, 1772, entered their intention of marriage 25 May, 1793, 
certificate of m. given 9 Jan., 1794, and entered for record 28 
May, 1794. 

Both united with the Congregational church in Freeport about 1810. He 
called upon the fence viewers of Freeport to partition the fence between him- 
self and Thomas Becknell, July 25, 1818. He was chosen deacon of the 
church, Apr. 29, 1813, and closed his service with his death, 4 Oct., 1851. 
Mrs. Soule d. 20 Dec, 1837. Their descendants have been preeminently a 
race of literary men and educators. 

Children : 

I. Charles"^, b. 29 Aug., 1794, entered Phillips Exeter Acad- 

Family Fifit. 251 

emy, 1815, graduated Bowdoin College, 182 1, and Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1825, was ordained to the Congregational 
ministry at Belfast, Me., June 24, 1824, and held fifteen pastorates 
in Maine. He m. Phebe (Bartol), widow of Rev. Samuel Veazie. 
and d. at Portland, Me., 31 May 1869, ?e. 75 years. 

II. Gideon Lane", b. 25 July, 1796, entered Phillips Exeter 
Academy, 181 3, graduated at Bowdoin College, 18 18, teacher at 
Phillips Exeter Academy, 1 818- 19, graduated at Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1821, teacher at Phillips Academy, Andover, 
1820-21, professor of ancient languages Phillips Exeter Academy, 
1822-38, principal and trustee ex-officio, 1838 to June 30, 1873, 
then principal emeritus till his death. 

Dr. Soule "was fully indoctrinated with the views and methods of his old 
preceptor (Dr. Benjamin Abbot), was a thorough classical scholar, and pos- 
sessed rare natural qualities for the high post to which |ie was promoted. He 
was of commanding presence and dignified manners, and understood well how 
to appeal to the best instincts of his pupils. Like his predecessor he had the 
gift of command, and was a thorough gentleman in the best sense of the term, 
courteous, high minded, just and generous in his treatment of all ... . After 
Dr. Soule had completed his fiftieth year of duty as a professer and principal 
of the academy, he retired from active employment, bearing with him the 
respect and cordial affection of his associates and of the numerous pupils who 
had enjoyed the great advantage of his instruction and his example." — Charles 
H. Bell. 

Principal Soule received the honorary degree of LL. D. from 
Harvard University in 1856, and died at Exeter, 28 May, 1879. 
He m. 26 Aug., 1822, Elizabeth Phillips, dau. of Xoah Emery of 
Exeter. Three children reached adult age : 

1. Charles Einery^ , b. 1823, entered Phillips Exeter Academy, 1833, 
graduated Bowdoin College, 1842, A. M., assistant surrogate in New York 

2. lYicholas Emery^, b. 1825, entered Phillips Exeter Academy, 1835, 
graduated Harvard University, 1845, A. M., M. D. Pennsylvania, 1851, 
teacher Cincinnati, Ohio, trustee Phillips Exeter Academy, 1879. 

3. Augustus LoriP, b. 1827, entered Phillips Exeter Academy, 1837, 
graduated Harvard University, 1846, Justice Supreme Court Massachusetts, 
1879-81, counsel for Boston and Albany railroad corporation, residence Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

III. John Babson", b. i6 Sept., 1798, d. 22 Feb., 1807. 

IV. Xanxy", b. 31 Mar., 1801, d. 21 Mar., 1807. 

252 James Lane and Descendants. 

V. Jeaneite", b. 1 6 July, 1803, d. 23 Feb., 1807. 

VI. MosES^, b. 18 Mar., 1805, entered Phillips Exeter Academy, 
1822, graduated Bowdoin College, 1829, A. M., teacher at Lyons, 
Iowa, publisher and editor; m. 17 Nov., 1836, Eliza (Chetwood) 
Sheppard, widow of Clementine B. Sheppard. 

VII. Nancy", b. 26 Apr., 1807, united with the church in Free- 
port on profession of faith, July 31, 1828, m. 16 Oct., 1832, Glad- 
den Melcher and dismissed to Second church, Portland, Me., 
Sept. 10, 1835. 

VIII. Jeaneti'e^, b. 30 Jan., 1809, m. 6 Mar., 1850, O. Isaac 

IX. Mary Babson''', b. 6 Sept., 1810, united with the church at 
Freeport on profession of faith, Oct. 8, 1837, d. 28 Aug., 1839. 

X. Caroline", b. 30 Aug., 181 2, united with the church on pro- 
fession, Jan. 4, 1835, m. 3 Jan., 1843, Robert Pennell and was 
dismissed to the church in Brunswick, Me., July 5, 1843. 

XL John Babsox Lane", b. 4 Apr., 1815, united with the 
church at Freeport, Oct. 8, 1837, graduated at Bowdoin College, 
1840, received honorary degrees of D.D., and Ph. D., m. 3 Sept., 
1840, Mary L., daii. of Rev. Ethan and Mary Stevens of Hal- 
lowell. Me.; m. second, i Aug., 1849, Caroline E., dau. of Sey- 
more and Fidelia (Loomis) Gookins of Terre Haute, Ind. 


JOHN BABSON LANE-^ (Gideon', Joseph^ John^ James'), 
1774-1821, bap. Gloucester, Mass., t8 Dec, 1774, a shipwright 
and partner in the purchase of 1 1 1 square rods of Porter's Landing 
in Freeport, Me., for $473.50, Sept. 25, 1799. — Cinnb. Co. Records. 
He ent. int. of m. at Freeport, with SARAH WINSLOW^, of Fal- 
mouth, Me., 27 Apr., 1799 (Job"' and ^Lary (Robinson) Nathan*^, 
James^, Job-, Kenelin') ; she b. 22 Apr., 1778. Mr. Lane died of 
yellow fever at Harpswell, Me., about 1820. 

Family Fifty-Two. 253 

Mrs. Lane m. second, Timothy Robinson, Jr. of Windham, Me., he b. 
Berwick, Me., 30 Aug., 1784, son of Stephen and Constant (Alley) Robinson, 
a farmer, and d. 8 Feb., 1865. She survived her second husband, by whom 
she had three children, and died in Nov., 1870. 

Sarah Robinson, parent and natural guardian to William Lane, Sarah Jane 
Lane, Charles Lane, and George Lane, all minors and children of John B. 
Lane late of Freeport, deceased, sold to William Lane of Windham, joiner, 
for $143.60, "one-fourth acre of land with buildings thereon, and another lot 
of 23 1-2 rods with buildings of which the said John B. Lane died possessed, 
subject however to the widow's right of dower." — Ctunb. Co. Record. 

Nine children of John B. and Sarah (Winslow) Lane : 

I. Louisa'', b. 9 Xoy., 1799, d. i Oct., 1800. 

106. IT. William*^, b. 6 Apr., 1802, m. Sophia Wiggins. 

IIL ^L\RY Ann*^, b. 17 Sept., 1803, m. 1820, Job Winslow 
Austin; he b. Pownal, Me., 12 Dec, 1799, son of Jedediah and 
Miriam (Winslow) Austin, res. Pownal and South Brooks, Me., 
where she d. 5 Dec, 1857. He m. second, ^L\RTHA (Russell) 
Hathaway and d. at South Brooks, 4 June, 1865. 

IV. Nathan Winslow^^ b. 19 Apr., 1804, d. Apr., 1806. 

V. Sarah Jane^, b. 18 Feb., 1807, d. Windham, Me., ?e. 28 

VL Charles'', b. 29 Mar., 1809, d. ae. about 22 years. 

VIL George^, d. ae. about 18 years. 

VI IL Amanda^, d. at an earlier age than George. 

IX. John Babson^, b. 181 6, was adopted by Gideon Lane Soule, 
LL.D., entered Phillips Exeter Academy, 1834, graduated Bowdoin 
College, 1840, clergyman. Highland Park, 111. 


PETER LANE-5 (Gideon^ Joseph^ John^, Jamesi), 1776- 
1807, was bap. at Gloucester, Mass., 29 Dec, 1776. He bought 
of his father, Gideon Lane, and wife, Lydia, May 2, 1803, for 
$500.00, 12 1-2 acres of Lot 39, Range E, in Freeport, Me. He 
paid Joseph M^nn, Jr., $500.00, Dec. 31, 1804, for land in Lot 39, 
Range E, Freeport. — Cumb. Co. Record. 

254 James Lane and Descendants. 

"Freeport, May 25, 1805. Taken up in the Inclosure of the 
subscriber, a red mare with a white star in the forehead ; the owner 
may have her again by proving property & paying Charges. — Peter 

Entered by Nathan Wesson, Town Clk. Sent in to be recorded." 

Peter Lane's heirs were taxed for real and personal estate in 
Freeport, May i, 1825, 1827. 

Peter Lane and EXPERIENCE BICKNELL entered their 
intention of m. at Freeport, 4 May, 1799. They settled on the 
Lane homestead at Pleasant Hill, East Freeport. She was b. 15 
Apr., 1780, and d. i Oct., 1814. He d. 22 Jan., 1807. 

Children born in Freeport : 

107. L Thomas Bicknell^, b. 9 Mar., 1800, m. Leah Low 

IL Martha^, b. 25 Sept., 1802, m. John Addington of Rich- 
mond, Me., had seven sons and one daughter, and d. 23 Aug., 
1854, se. 52 years. 

HI. Mary*^, b. 15 July, 1804, m. i Jan., 1824, Joseph Town- 
send, son of Robert of Freeport, and had : 

I. Mirhida J. 2. Mary. 3. Joseph Henry, Esq., of Mast Landing. 
4. Caroline. 5. Alpheus. 

IV. Experience^'', b. 15 Sept., 1807. She sold to Thomas B. 
Lane, Apr. 8, 1829, one-third undivided part of 20 acres of land in 
Freeport, formerly belonging to the estate of Peter Lane, and is the 
same that the said Thomas B. Lane sold to Martha, Mary and the 
said Experience Lane by deed, Apr. 7, 181 6. — Cumb. Co. Deeds. 

She m. Isaac Dunham of Winterport, Me. Children : 

I. Harriet N. 2. Corella. 3. Alary. 4, Isaac. 


BENJAMIN LANE"^ (Benjamin^-^ John^ James'), 175^-1841, 
was bap. at Gloucester, Mass., i Dec, 1752, and m. by Rev. Oba- 
diah Parsons, 3 July, 1775, SARAH DAVIS. She was bap. and 
admitted to the church at Annisquam, 27 Sept., 1778. He m. 

Family Fifty-Three. 255 

second, by Rev. Ezra Learned, 26 Mar., 18 16, ELIZABETH 

Mr. Lane removed from New Gloucester, Me., and settled in Poland, Me., 
on the lOO-acre lot No. 73 in the First division — a part of which he bought of 
Joseph Newell of Newbury, Mass., for $200.00, May 3, 1796, and another 
part he purchased of John Woodman, of New Gloucester, for $70.00, May 16, 
1798. He was party in other real estate transactions, Apr. 19, 1800, Dec, 15, 
1802, Mar. 10, 1805, when he sold land in New Gloucester, which had fallen 
to him "by the estate of Benjamin Lane lately deceased." — June 17, 1807, 
Oct. 6, 1807, Dec. 9, 1812, Dec. 6, 1814, Oct. 29, 1816, Aug. 18, 1S25, Aug. 
22, 1829, Mar. 21, 1835. — Cionb. Co. Deeds. 

The will of Benjamin Lane of Poland, dated Apr. 13, 1838, proved 3d 
Tuesday, Jan., 1842, makes bequests to wife, Elizabeth, to children and grand 
children, and names son, Zenas Lane and his wife Judith Lane executors. — 
Cumb. Co. Wills. 

Children : 

108. L Benjamin^, b. 14 Jan., 1777, bajx 27 Sept., 1778, the 
same day with his mother ; m. Hannah Downing. 

n. John'', mentioned in his father's will, Apr. 13, 1838. 

Perhaps the John Lane, mariner of Brunswick, Me., where he paid Samuel 
Henry $271.25 for land, Aug. 29, 1799, and paid Daniel Govin $184.00, for 
23 acres, Nov. 23, 1802. He sold the 23 acres to Jacob Pennell for $184.00, 
Sept. 2, 1803, and the same date sold him 38 3-4 acres for $1166.00. Deed 

signed John Lane and Elethear X Lane. — Ciiinb. Co. Deeds. 


HL Sally^, m. Bailey, and is mentioned in her father's 

will, Apr. 13, 1838. 

IV. Oliyer^, was witness to deed of land from Jabez Cushman 
to Benjamin Lane of Poland, Dec. 6, 1814, and is mentioned in 
his father's will, Apr. 13, 1838. 

V. Nehemiah*^, sold his brother, Zenas Lane, t^-t^ acres of land 
in Poland, for $264.00, Feb. 19, 181 7. The U. S. government 
passed an Act Jan. 9, 18 15, to raise $6,000,000 additional revenue 
by direct taxation. Thirty-four cents were assessed on Nehemiah 
Lane's 50 acres of land, lot No. 79, First division in Poland. This 
tax he refused to pay and the land was sold at pubHc auction, Aug. 
10, 1 81 8, for 41 cents, by Woodley Storer, collector for Seventh 
Collection District of Mass. — Cumb. Co. Deeds. 

2oG James Lane and Descendants. 

Xehemiah Lane and Orlistus P. Lane, probably his son, are 
mentioned in Benjamin Lane's will, Apr. 13, 1838. 

VL Rebecca'^, m. Glover, and d. before 1838, leaving 

children mentioned in their grandfather's will. 

109. VI L Zenas^, m. Judith Norwood and Jane Sawtell. 


ELIPHALET LAxXE-^ (Benjamin-'-^ John^, James^), was born 
in Gloucester, Mass., bap. 8 Sept., 1754, m. in New Gloucester, 
Me., 14 Aug., 1777, RUTH PACOR. She owned covenant with 
the First church, Xew Gloucester, Aug. 27, 1780. 

Child : 

L Bettv^, bap. 10 Sept., 1780. 

110. IL Eliphalet^', bap. 10 Sept., 1780, resided in Bethel 
and Wells, Me., m. first, Barbour, m. second, Powers. 


SAMUEL LANE5 (Benjamin'-^ John^ Jamesi), 1 761-1836, 
was b. 8, and bap. 20 Sept., 1761, in Cdoucester, Mass., and moved 
when young with his parents to New Gloucester, Me. He sold to 
Olive Watson of Falmouth, Me., Dec. 16, 1790, for 15 pounds. 
Lot 41, in a gore of land between Bakerstown and Shepardsfield, 
and sold to Luther Perkins, June 5, 1825, for $600.00, one- third 
part of a saw-mill at Bog Falls. 

Samuel Lane m. first, 15 June, 1791, POLLY DWINF2LL of 
Bakerstown, which formerly embraced the present Minot, Poland, 
Auburn, Danville and Mechanic Falls. He m. second, 14 July, 
1794, DOROTHY HASKELL, both of New Gloucester, who d. 
6 Nov., 1821, ae. 49 years; m. third, ent. int., 15 Oct., 1822, 
BETSEY EVELETH of New Gloucester. He d. 8 Apr , 1836, ce. 
74 yrs., 7 ms. 

Family Fifty- Five. 257 

Children : 

I. Simeon^, of Poland, Me., 1826, m., and d. 8 June, 1849, ae. 
54 yrs., I mo., 11 days, leaving four children : 

I. George^. 2. Chandler'^ of Upper New Gloucester, Me., m. 

Chandler^ a cousin, and had: i) John^, m. and lived in Upper Gloucester, 
Me. 2) Charles^, unm. in 1899. 3) Addie^, m. in Peru, Me. 3. Daugh- 
ter'' . 4. Daughter'' . 

II. Samuel, Jr.'', d. 17 Aug. 1840, ae. 40 years, leaving three 
children : 

I. Edwin'. 2. Otis'. 3. Evalina'' . 

III. Polly'5, d. at about 18 years of age. 

IV. Malixda^^ d. young. 

V. Thomas^, b. 2 May, 1804, m. i Mar., 1829, Rhoda N., dau. 
of William Rowe. Thomas Lane of Poland, and Rhoda N., his 
wife and others, for $120.00 by Stephen Blaisdell Rowe, of New 
Gloucester, quit claim all their right to the fa^m of William Rowe 
in New Gloucester, Apr. 14, 1S31. — Ciimb. Co. Record. 

He d. at Poland Corner, 3 Nov., 1892, ae. 88 years. Will and 
petition for probate, Nov., 1892. Charles Lane was appointed 
executor and his bond approved, Dec, 1892 ; inventory returned, 
March, 1893. Four children : 

1. Irene B.'', b. Poland, I Nov., 1830, m, IVm. H. Roberts^ lived in Port- 
land, Me., and d. 31 Jan., 1898. 

2. Mary Ann' ^ b. 24 Feb., 1834, d. 6 Oct., 1892. 

3. Charles' , b. New Gloucester, 29 Mar., 1838, res. Mechanic Falls, Me., 
executed his father's will, 1892-3. 

4. George B.'', b. New Gloucester, 23 Feb., 1846, resided Portland, Me., 
associated with the Portland Star Match Corporation, 1899. 

VI. Benjamin*^, m. Hannah Parsons Adams of Sangerville, Me. 
Children : 

1. Benjainin Whidden'' , d. when young. 

2. yuiia'', b. I Nov., 1847, living, 1899. 

3. Samuel'' , b. 8 Dec, 1850, trader in dry and fancy goods, boots and 
shoes, pianos and organs, Houlton, Me., 1899. 

4. Elizabeth SpringaP , d. when young. 

5. Ann'' , d. young. 

6. Hannah'', b. II May, i860, living, 1899. 

VII. Seth C.^, trader of Poland, obtained judgment against 
Curtis Walker and sold at sheriff's sale, goods to the value of 
$34.86, damage and cost, Oct. i, 1833. Probably EdiuiiV Lane of 
Auburn, Me., 1899, was a son. 

258 James Lane and Descendants. 

VIII. Jonathan^, b. 27 Feb., 1812, of Poland, 1838, 1850, and 
still living there in 1899. His name appears many times in the 
transfer of real estate. — Cumb. Co. Deeds. 


JONATHAN LANE-^ (Jonathan^ Benjamin^ John'^ James'), 
1780-1860, was bap. 18 June, 1780, by Rev. John Rogers. He 
resided in Gloucester, Mass., administered on his father's estate, 
Jan. 2, 1804, and was guardian to his minor sisters, Dorcas and 
Sally, Feb. 6, 1804. He m. first, 10 Dec, 1807, by Rev. Ezra 
Learned, PEGGY or MARGARET GROVER. Both were admitted 
to the church at Annisquam, Mass., Aug. 6, 1804. She d. 30 July, 
1824, dau. of James and Sally (Woodbury) Story of Essex, Mass. 
He m. second, 9 Oct., 1825, SALLY GOINS, who d. 23 Nov., 
1885, ae. 98 yrs., 10 ms., 21 ds. He d. of palsy, 22 Dec, t86o, 
?e. 80 yrs., 8 ms., 3 ds. 

Children : 

I. Chiij)^*, d. 27 Oct., 1808. 

II. Jonathan, Jr.'^', bap. Aug., 1809, fisherman, m. Marv 
Going; she b. Essex, Mass., 5 Nov., 1810, d. Rockport, Mass., 
23 Nov., 1 89 1, ?e. 81 yrs., 18 ds., dau. of John and Sally (Story) 
Going. He d. 14 May, 1851, ae. 42 years. Their children: 

1. Phebe^ , d. 27 Oct., 1864, w. 25 years. 

"Dearest sister, thou hast left us, 

Here thy loss we deeply feel, 

But 'tis God that hath bereft us, 

He can all our sorrows heal." 

— Cemeiej'v, Awiiisquam . 

2. George", b. 13 Nov., 1843, fisherman, m. 15 Nov., 18S3, by Rev. W. 
H. Rider, Augusta C. Saiiuders ; she b. Gloucester, 12 Oct., 1S40, dau. of 
Henry and Clarinda (Woodbury) Saunders. She d. of peritonitis at hospital, 
Boston, Mass., 25 Sept., 1896, x. 55 yrs., ii ms., 18 ds. Child: 

i) Annie A.^, b. 2 Mar., 18S4. 

III. Child^, d. in summer of 181 2. 

111. l\ . Frederick^, b. about 1813, m. Jl'dith Story. 
Y. Infant'^, buried, 28 Apr., 18 15. 

112. ^ 1. Allen^', b. 1819, m. Charloite Sargent. 

Family Fim'-Ei(;HT. 259 


MOSES LAXE'^ (Jonathan^ Benjamin^, John-, James^), 1781- 
1856, b. 14 Dec, 1781 ; res. Gloucester, Mass.; m. first, OLIVE 
LOWE, who was b. Ipswich, Mass., 23 Aug., 1792, and d. 12 Feb., 
1823, se. 30 years; m. second, 29 Jan., 1828, by Rev. Ezra 
Learned, MARY FELLOWS, who was b. 7 Dec, 1797, and d. 19 
Apr., 1880, ae. 82 years. He d. 20 Apr., 1856, ae. 74 yrs., 4 ms., 
6 ds. 

Children : 

I. Mary Olive''^, b. i Aug., 1820, bap. Sept., 182 1 ; ent. int. 
24, was pub. 25 July, and m. 18 Aug., 1841, by Rev. Josiah K. 
Waite, Joseph Moore, Jr. of Annisquam. Had one son : 

I. Joseph^ m. Lucy Todd oi Gloucester. 

II. Moses Augustus^^ b. i i Jan., 1823; gunner, U. S. Navy, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. and California; m. 16 Sept., ^862, by Rev. Geo. 
W. Skinner, Ann Sargent; she b. about 1836, dau. of Oliver W. 
and Sophia Ann Sargent. He retired to Everett, Mass., where he 
d. suddenly, 31 Oct., 1888, ae. 65 yrs., 9 ms., 20 ds., and was 
buried at Annisquam. ''Gentle and kindly in disposition, and 
with a manly integrity of character above reproach, all were his 
friends who knew him and many hearts will be pained to learn of 
his sudden death." — Rev. Perry Bush. 

Children : 

1. Otis^ ^ b. 10 Aug., 1852. ' 

2. Four Daughters'' . 


ABXER LAXE-^ (Hezekiah^ Benjamin^ John^, James^) was 
bap. Gloucester, Mass., 19 Nov., 1769, settled in Pennsylvania. 
Probably had wife, MARY THORN, and children : 

113. I. JoHN^, m. Rachel Tyler. 

II. Thomas'^, lived at Waverly, Tioga Co., N. Y. 

III. Esther^. 

200 James Lane and Descendants. 


JOSEPH LANE-^ (Joseph^, Benjamin-^, John'^, James^) was born 
in Gloucester, Mass., 8, and bap. 25 Nov., 1770. He ent. int. of 
m. 13 Oct., 1792, with BETSEY JEWETT of Ipswich, Mass. 

Their children were : 

I. Joseph'^, b. 5 Sept., 1794. Joseph Lane of Poland, Me., re- 
fused to pay the direct U. S. government tax of 34 cents on 50 
acres of land and the land was sold at public auction by revenue 
collector for 41 cents, Aug. 10, 1 818. 

n. Hannah^, bap. 23 June, 1798, was insane a number of 
years and died 21 June, 181 9. 

HL Child^, d. Dec, 1805. 

IV. Stephen^, a mariner, m. and d. of consumption, 9 Aug., 
1852, 3d. 46 years. 

V. Lar-A^, b. 1808, d. 14 Aug., 1843, 3d. 35 yrs., 3 ms., 6 ds. 
Had wife, Ruth or Charloite, and daughter : 

I. Lizzie M."^, b. about 1833, m. at Rockport, Mass., 3 July, 1864, by 
Rev. W. C. High, Reuben II. Ellis; he b. Harwich, Mass., son of Barnabas 
and Abigail Ellis. 

VI. Aaron^ b. 1813. 


EBEXEZER LANE, Jr.'^ (Ebenezer^, Job\ John^, James') 
1 763-1810, was born in Gloucester, Mass., 1763, a farmer, lumber- 
man and mill owner in New Gloucester, Me. He ent. int. of m. 
5 Feb., 1785, with MARGARET GRAFFAN, dau. of Peter and 
Mary Graffan of Windham, Me. 

John and Peter Graffan were among the 61 subscribers towards building the 
meeting-house at New Gloucester, in 1770 and 1771. Peter Graffan bid off 
the building of a pound at New Gloucester, for ^^3, I2s., 8d., in 1774. He 
was chosen on the committee of safety at New Gloucester, Mar. 23, 1778. 

Peggy Lane, wife of Ebenezer Lane, Jr., received the first share in the 
division of her father, Peter Graffan's estate in New Gloucester, and her 
husband paid $70.00, May 2, 1796, for the second share of 8 3-4 acres, which 

Family Sixtw 2(i1 

was set off to her sister, Mary Graffan of Portland, Me., single woman. 
Ebenezer Lane, Jr., also paid $83.00, Oct. 23, 1801, for 3 1-2 acres of the 
share of Lewis Graffan, a minor, in said estate. These and other lands he 
sold to Ebenezer Lane for $500.00, Aug. 7, 1807. 

Ebenezer Lane, Jr., united with Ebenezer Lane and Job Lane, all of New 
Gloucester, July 4, 1796, in paying Thomas Bagley, $800.00, for lands and 
mills in Poland, Me. He sold to Richard Gowell, for $300.00, Feb. 6, 1S04, 
one-fourth of a saw-mill in Minot, Me., on Lot 98. With Peggy, his wife, he 
sold to Ebenezer Lane, innholder, for $500.00, Nov. 4, 1806, his interest in 
Nason's mills on Little Androscoggin river. He united with Ebenezer Lane, 
innholder, Jan. 11, 1807, in selling to Job Lane, for $114.00, 50 acres of land. 
Lot 72, in the proprietors' division, partly in Minot and partly in Poland. He 
paid Ebenezer Lane $500.00, July 26, 1808, for the north-east half of Lot 20, 
Division 2, with buildings, it being the same lot Ebenezer now lives on. This 
estate, Peggy, his wife, relinquishing her claim to dowry, he sold to Job 
Lane, for $600.00, Nov. 17, 1809. Ebenezer Lane, Jr. and Peggy Lane, his 
wife, in her right in the estate of Peter Graffan and Mary, his relict, received, 
June 8, 1810, one-fourth of the new grist-mill privilege, 25 acres of land, etc., 
the same being the whole tract sold by John Graffan of Lewiston, Me., to 
said Peter Graffan by deed, Jan. 24, 1778. — Cumb. C(\. Deeds. 

Ebenezer Lane, Jr., became embarrassed in estate and died of apoplexy, 
13 Aug., 1810, a?. 47 years, 

Margaret Lane of New Gloucester, widow, bought of Lydia Campbell, July 
9, 1828, for $100.00, one-quarter part of a mill privilege in New Gloucester, 
the same being set off as part of the dower of Mary, late widow of Mr. Peter 
Graffan, deceased, being known by the name of the upper grist-mill privilege 
on Royal's river. — Cumb. Co. Deeds. 

Mrs. Margaret (Graffan) Lane died in New Gloucester, Me., 20 
Nov., 1849, ^- ^4 years. 

Five sons and four daughters : 

I. Margaret^, d. 10 June, 1802, ae. 17 years. 

II. Sarah^, m. Mr. Hockins. 

114. III. Hon. Ebenezer^', b. 1793, m. Celeste Hearsey. , 
I\'. AxDRE\v6, a merchant in New Orleans, La., aided his brother, 
Ebenezer, in educating the younger brothers and in establishing 
Lane Theological Seminary at Cincinnati, Ohio. He died in New 
Haven, Conn., in 1862, ae. 66 years, leaving an estate of about 

V. WiLLLAM A.*', graduated Bowdoin College, 18 19, professor in 
Louisiana College, merchant and cotton planter in Feliciana 

262 James Lane and Descendants. 

Parish, La. William A. Lane of Clinton, La., Mar. 14, 1839, 
bought of Abiel Chandler of Boston, Mass., for ^2048.00 several 
pieces of real estate in Gorham, Me. 

VL George^, after graduating from Bovvdoin College, went to 
Princeton Theological Seminary to study for the ministry, and d. 
of consumption in a few years in Virginia. 

VIL SoN^, d. in infancy. 

VI I L Daughter^. 

IX. Daughter^, youngest of the family, living in Ohio, 1869. 


JOB LANE^ (Ebenezer^ Job^, John"-, James^), was bap. at 
Sandy Bay, now Rockport, Mass., 23 June, 1765. 

The Pejepscot Purchase included the present Brunswick, Durham and other 
lands on the Androscoggin river in Maine. Job Lane of Pejepscot paid An- 
drew Robinson Giddinge, 84 pounds, 12 shillings, lawful money, Feb. 9, 
1789, for 84 acres of land in the great lot, No. 7, of the Pejepscot Claim. 

Job Lane, Ebenezer Lane, innholder, and Ebenezer Lane, Jr., all of New 
Gloucester, Me., paid $800.00, one-half by Job Lane, one-fourth by Ebenezer 
Lane, and one-fourth by Ebenezer Lane, Jr., to Thomas Bayley, July 4, 1796, 
for 47 acres of land, it being the north-easterly part of lot No. 47, in the first 
Division of Poland, Me., together with half the saw-mill, grist-mill, privilege, 
etc. The same party secured the other half of the land for $120.00, Sept. 4, 
1796. Again the same party paid George Erskine, $300.00, for 100 acres of 
land in Poland, Dec. 16, 1799. 

Job Lane of Pejepscot paid Ebenezer Lane, innholder, and Ebenezer Lane, 
Jr., $114.00, Jan. 11, 1806, for 50 acres, being one-half of Lot 72, in the 
division made by the proprietors, partly in Minot and partly in Poland. He 
already owned the other half of the lot. The same year, Dec. 27, 1806, Job 
Lane paid Ebenezer Lane, innholder, $950.00, for 100 acres, lot No. 28, in 

Job Lane of Pejepscot paid Ebenezer Lane, $5000.00, Jan. 11, 1808, for 
60 acres, lot No. 11, in 2d Division, New Gloucester. Job Lane and Polly 
Lane witnessed, Jan. 14, 1808, deed of land from Ebenezer Lane to his 
daughter, Sally Bridgham, 60 acres, lot No. 10, in 2d Division, New Glou- 
cester. The same day the land was leased by Alden Bridgham and Sally 
Bridgham, his wife, to Ebenezer Lane for the term of his natural life, he pay- 
ing an annual rent of 10 cents. 

Family Sixty- One. 263 

Job Lane of Pejepscot paid Ebenezer Lane, Jr., and his wife, Peggy Lane, 
$600.00, Nov. 17, 1808, for 30 acres, the northerly half of Lot 20, in Division 
2, made by the proprietors of New Gloucester. 

Job Lane paid Ebenezer Lane, $700.00, Dec. 4, 1808, for a mortgage of 50 
acres of land in New Gloucester, "which I purchased of William Bridgham." 

Job Lane of Pejepscot paid his father, Ebenezer Lane of New Gloucester, 
Dec. 4, 1809, for land with buildings. Lot 1 1, Division 2, in New Gloucester, 
$1.00, and the same day leased the premises to his father for one cent an- 
nually during said Ebenezer Lane's natural life, "the estate being the same 
which the said Ebenezer Lane conveyed to me in Jan., 1808." 

Job Lane of Pejepscot sold Ebenezer Lane, Jr., wheelmaker, for $200.00, 
Sept. 22, 1814, 30 acres of land, the north-easterly half of Lot 20, Division 2, 
New Gloucester, land he had bought of Ebenezer Lane, Jr., deceased, Nov. 
17, 1809, and the same day took a mortgage on the estate for $250.00, the 
right to dower of Peggy Lane, widow of Ebenezer Lane deceased, only ex- 

Job Lane of Pejepscot, his wife, Polly Lane, relinquishing her right to 
dower, sold to Ebenezer Lane, for $500.00, Apr. 12, 181 5, Lot 1 1, Division 
2, New Gloucester, the same land which the said Ebenezer Lane purchased of 
Nathaniel Allen, and the same on which the said Ebenezer now lives. 

Job Lane of Danville, and Polly Lane, his wife, in her right, ([uit claim to 
Anna Lane of Danville, single woman, Oct. 16, 1821, all right to 50 acres of 
land in Danville, which was set off to William Giddinge as heir to the estate 
of Andrew Giddinge, formerly of Gloucester, late of Newburyport, County of 

Job Lane of Danville, administrator on the estate of Ebenezer Lane, late of 
New Gloucester, sold to William Haskell, for $282.00, June 28, 1828, Lot 1 1, 
Division 2, New Gloucester, on which the dwelling house of said Ebenezer 

Job Lane and Polly, his wife, in her right, for $2000.00, paid Jan. 31, 1831, 
conveyed to William G. Lane, our only son, all our interest in 200 acres of- 
land in Danville, in the Andrew and William Giddings estate, late of New- 
buryport, formerly of Gloucester, Mass. — Ctimb. Co.' Records. 

Job Lane ent. int. of m. 8 Xov. 1794, with POLLY GID- 
DINGS, both of Pejepscot Claims, Me. She was b. Gloucester, 
Mass., dau. of Andrew and Elizabeth (Davis) Giddings and sister 
of Andrew Robinson Giddings, who m. Anna Maria Lane, a sister 
of Job Lane. They settled in New Gloucester and Danville, Me. 

Six children : 

I. Polly'\ m. Nath-\n Parker of Baltimore, Md., and left : 
I. Mary Elizabeth. 2 and 3. Other Children. 

264 James Lane and Descendants. 

II. Anna^, m. John Smith of Danville, Me., and left five 

III. Betsey^, of Danville, ''singlewoman and gentlewoman," 
paid Edward Little, Esq., $1980.00, July 14, 1841, for all his right 
in the farm of the late William G. Lane of Danville, gentleman, 
and for pew No. 16, in the meeting-house. The same date she 
sold this farm to John McKeene, Esq., of Brunswick, for $330.00, 
subject to a mortgage to Edward Little, for $522.00. Witness, 
Job Lane. 

IV. Lucretia^. 

V. Rebecca^, not married. 

VI. WiLLMM G.^, only son. He paid $2000.00, Jan. 31, 1831, 
to his parents. Job and Polly Lane, for their interest in the Andrew 
and William Giddings estate at Danville. The estate of William 
G. Lane, late of Danville, gentleman, was conveyed to Edward 
Little, Esq., of Danville, by Nathaniel L. IngersoU, administrator, 
for $1980.00, Apr. 28, 1 84 1. He m. Judith Haskell of Danville, 
Me., and left : 

I and 2. Two children'' . 


ANDREW LANE"^ (Andrew^ Job^ John^, Jamesi), b. Sandy 
Bay, now Rockport, Mass., 5 Mar., 1778, bap. 14 June, 1778; 
ent. int. of m. 20 Dec, 1799, with DORCAS POOL; she b. 
Rockport, 6 Oct., 1780, and d. his widow, 15 July, 1858, ae. 77 
yrs., 9 ms. 

Children : 

I. Esther^, b. 22 Mar., 1801. 

II. Sally'', b. 28 Jan., 1803. 

III. Dorcas^, b. 4 May, 1805. 

IV. Lois'^', b. 9 July, 1807. 

115. V. Andrew, Jr.'', b. 14 Feb., 18 18, m. Susan S. Simpson. 
VL Mary Eliza<^, b. 31 Oct., 182 1. 
VII. Child^', d. unnamed. 

Family Sixtv-Three. 265 


Capt. GEORGE LAXE^ (Andrew^ Job^ John^, Jamesi), 1780- 
1838, born Rockport, Mass., 13 Feb., 1780, m. first, published 9 
May, 1 80 1, LUCY TARR, who d. 25 Aug., 1802 ; m. second, 
pub. II Feb., 1804, SALLY GOSS, dau. of WilHam and Abigail 
Goss of Rockport, who d. his widow, 10 Jan., 1863, ae. 75 years. 
His will dated Apr. 7, 1838, was presented for probate, ^Lay 8, 
1838, George Lane, Jr., executor. Inventory returned, July 5, 
1838, $9067.08. Bequests to wife, Sally Lane, she to provide a 
comfortable maintenance for the children during their minority. 

Children of George and Sally (Goss) Lane : 

116. L George^^, b. I Nov., 1808, m. Delia Sawyer Rowe 
and Adelia Pool. 

IL LucY^, b. 3 Aug., 1807, m. Witham. 

in. Sally^, b. 23 Dec, 1809, d. 26 June, 1829. 

IV. Betsey Goit*^, b. 20 Mar., 1813, d. 11 June, 1825. 

V. Maria Pool'\ b. 22 May, 18 14, m. Lowe, and had : 

- I. Betsey. 2. Eben S., d. before 1838. 

VI. Charles'^, b. 14 May, 18 16, carpenter, ent. int. of m. 11 
July, and m. 18 Aug., 1845, by Rev. \V. Gale, Esther Tarr, dau. 
of Henry and Esther (Parsons) Tarr; she b. Rockport, and d. 23 
Feb., 1895, ae. 79 years. He d. 14 May, 1890, ae. 74 yrs., 2 ms., 
28 ds. 

VII. Abigail Gon'^, b. 16 Oct., 1818. 

VIII. Allen Goss^, b. 31 Aug., 182 1, three years service by 
substitute in the Civil War, Co. M., 4th Regiment, Heavy Artillery ; 
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Dea. John and Betsey Wallis of Rockport, 
who d. 9 Dec, 1858, ae. 36 years. He d. 9 Oct., 1881, ae. 60 yrs., 

1 mo., 8 ds. Their children : 

1. Gorhani N'onuood'^ , b. 27 Dec, 1845. 

2. Child'' , b. 30 June, 1848, d. cc. 6 weeks. 

3. Allen IVJ, b. 3 Feb., 1850, d. Aug., 1850, ce. 6 months. 

4. Ella Elizabeth'', b. 21 Aug., 1851, milliner, d, 22 Oct., 1894,36. 43 yrs., 

2 ms. 

5. Allen \V? , d. Danvers Insane Asylum, 5 Sept., 1882, unm., ge. 25 yrs., 
9 ms. 

IX. Eliza Tarr'^, b. 17 Oct., 1824. 

266 James Lane and Descendants. 

X. Laura*^, b. 30 Nov., 1826, d. 31, July, 1829. 

XL Alfred*^, b. 3 Jan., 1829, specially remembered in his 
father's will : "To my youngest son, Alfred Lane, three shares in 
the Sandy Bay pier stock, for his education. This bequest is in 
consideration of the inability in one of his arms." He was a 
minor, 10 years of age, and George Lane was appointed his 
guardian. May 8, 1838. 

XIL Laura*% b. 14 July, 1831. 


STEPHEN LANE'^ (SamueH-s-s, James^), b. 8 Aug., bap. 2 
Oct., 1743 ; ent. int. of m. i Mar., and m. ANNA HASKELL, 21 
Mar., 1769, by Rev. Samuel Chandler. He perished by shipwreck 
with Capt. Jonathan Dennison, of the schooner Neptune, at Scitu- 
ate, Mass., Dec. 28, 1774. 

Children : 

117. 1. Stephen*^, b. 13 Oct., bap. 24 Dec, 1769, by Rev. 
John White, First church, Gloucester, Mass. 

n. Anna<5, b. 2 Aug., bap. 11 Aug., 1771. 

HL Samuel^, b. 28 Dec, 1772, bap. 3 Jan., 1773. 

118. IV. Jonathan Dennison^, b. 7 Sept., bap. 19 Sept., 
1775) presented for baptism by the widow Anna (Haskell) Lane; 
m. Sarah Ring Haskell. 


DANIEL LANE, Jr."^ (DanieH, Samuel'--, Jamesi), was born 
in Gloucester, Mass., and baptized there 21 Aug., 1763, by Rev. 
Ebenezer Cleaveland of the Fifth Parish. He settled in Leeds, 
Me., where he took from Nathaniel Sawtell, deed of lot No. 68, 
Mar. 29, 1787, acknowedged ^L^r. 10, 1790. — Ciimb. Co. Deeds. 

He m. first, EL^NICE VERRILL, who d. in Leeds, 17 May, 
1802 ; m. second, RUTH PRA1T. 

Family Sixty- Six. 2G7 

Children by first marriage : 

I. Eunice'', b. 29 Sept., 1787, m. 16 Feb., 1807, Daniel Foss* 
of Saco, Me., and d. in Leeds, 16 Oct., 18 10. He was b. in Saco, 
21 June, 1785, and d. 14 Jan., 1821, son of Uriah and Sarah 
(Goodridge) Foss^, (Levi-, Walter^), and twin brother of Cyrus 
Foss-*, who m. Polly Lane^, (Giddings-^, Daniel"*, SamueP--, James^). 

119. II. Joshua*', b. 6 Feb., 1789, m. Mehitable Brut. 

III. Nancy^, b. in Leeds, 19 Mar., 1790, d. 18 Jan., 181 1. 

IV. Daniel 3d''', b. in Leeds, 19 Mar., 1792, d. 22 July, 1812. 

V. Lois'*, b. in Leeds, 12 Mar., 1794. 

VI. Mary*^, b. in Leeds, 19 July, 1796, d. unm. in New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

VII. Eliphalet G.*^, b. in Leeds, Jan., 1799, ^^- 28 Apr., 1802. 

VIII. Samuel^, b. in Leeds, 30 Apr., 1802, d. 12 May, 1802. 

By second marriage : 

IX. Eliphalet Gilman^, m. Miss Berry, and settled in Illinois. 

X. Olive'j, b. 16 Mar., 1806, m. 25 Mar., 1824, J(j.siah 

XL LoRiNDA*^, b. 10 May, 1809, m. 28 Sept., 1826, the same 
JosiAH Moulton. 

Josiah Moulton m. first, Sarah Brown, and had: Sarah, b. 23 Mar., 1823. 
He seems to have had no children by second marriage. By third wife, 
Lorinda Lane, he had Daniel Lane, b. i8 Aug., 1829. Olive Lane, b. 15 
Sept., 1832, Cyrus King,\). 22 Mar., 1837, d. 16 Mar., 1853. By a fourth 
wife he had Alvira Pratt, b. 12 Sept., 1842. Lewis Allen, b. 4 Feb., 1844. 
Loretta, b. 29 May, 1745, d. 17 June, 1853. Josiah Henry, b. 6 May, 1847. 
John Parker, b. 19 May, 1849. Josephine Amelia, b. 23 Aug., 1851. 


JAMES LANE-^ (Daniel"*, Samuel-'^--, James^), was born in Glou- 
cester, Mass., 26 Sept., 1767, m. ABIGAIL, dau. of Increase and 
Betsey C. LEADBETTER of Camden, Me., and settled in Leeds. 

268 James Lane and Descendants. 

Eleven children born in Leeds : 

I. Phebe^, b. 13 July, 1793, m. Shepherd Carey. Children: 

I. John Lane. 2. Nelson. 3. Adolphtis S. 4. Orman. 

IL Joanna^, b. 18 Oct., 1794, m. 30 June, 1 8 14, Perez S., 
son of Samuel and Olive (Tupper) Jennings, and d. 9 Apr., 1863 ; 
he b. in Leeds, 2 Mar., 1792, and d. 19 June, 1853. Children 
born in Leeds : 

1. Orville, b. 14 Jan., 1825, was twice m., became U. S. district attorney 
in Arkansas, and d. in Little Rock, Ark. His son, Dr. Chester Jennings, 
resided in Little Rock. 

2. Gustavtis A., b. ii Jvine, 1827, m. Ann Jennings and occupied the 
homestead at Leeds. 

3. Florus, b. 29 Jan., 1829, m. 24 May, i860, Orrah M., dau. of Uriah 
and Mary Leadbetter Foss ; she b. in Leeds, 28 Jan., 1842. They lived in 
Leeds and Farmington, Me. Children: 

i) Elmer, b. 28 May, 1861, m. in Farmington, 13 Sept., 1888, Mary V., 
dau. of L S. and Sarah Jacobs; she b. 8 Nov., 1861. 2) Flora, b. 19 Apr,, 
1865, m. in Farmington, 30 June, 1890, J. Eugene Brown, son of Joseph L., 
and Mary (Hilton) Brown; he b. in Augusta, Me., 17 Nov., 1802. They 
had Zilda Jennings, b. 27 Nov., 1891, and Leo Jennings, b. lo Aug., 1895. 

4. Eliza A., b. 13 June, 1833, m. 5 May, 1852, Isaiah Beals Additon, son 
of Thomas and Anna (Beals) Additon; he b. 10 Nov., 1823. Children: 

i) Flora L., d. 25 Feb., 1862, re. 9 years. 2) Juliette J., d. 15 Feb., 
1862, X. 7 years. 3) Orville L, b. 31 Aug., 1853, principal of High school, 
Cordova, 111., m. Lucy A. Benner, and had Forrest O., and Henrietta S. 4) 
Lorette, d. 10 Mar., 1862, ne. 7 months. 5) Fred L., b. 28 Jan., 1864, m. 
Leonora L, dau. of Francis E. and Eleanor (Pettengill) Howe, and had 
Orville L and Ernest F. 

5. Roscoe G., b. 13 June, 1833, professor of clinical surgery and der- 
matology in Industrial University, Little Rock, Ark. 

6. Rollin F., b. 11 June, 1837, resided in Mason City, Iowa. 

120. III. John''', b. 31 Aug., 1796, m. Vf^ta Phillips. 

IV. Ahigaif/', b. 13 May, 1798, m. 6 Oct., 1822, Stephen, son 
of Benjamin Rackley of Greene, Me., and d. 19 Feb., 1862. He 
engaged in trade at Leeds and accumulated a good property. 
Children : 

I. Benjamin. 2. Benjamin. 3. Daughter; all died young. 

V. Asenath*^, b. 24 Mar., 1800, m. Dr. David Hale, son of 

David and (Kingsbury) Hale of Conn. He res. Turner, 

Me., Fayette Falls, Me., about 1843, and Livermore Falls, Me., 
where he d. in 1868. Children : 

I. Mary A. 2. Pitt Fessendcn. x. Florentine. 

Family Sixty-Seven. 269 

VI. Eliza*^ b. I May, 1802, m. Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel 

and (Strickland) Perley, a merchant in Livermore, Me., 

1852, and after the Civil War removed to Illinois, where he died- 

Children : 

I. Peleg. 2. John Lane. 3. Samuel F., m. Sarah D., dau. of Wil" 
liam H. Brettiin, Jr., lived at Brettun's Mills, Livermore, Me., and had one 
child, Bessie B. 4. Eliza. 

VII. Hannah'', b. 15 Nov., 1804, m. Ammi Woodman of Leeds 

and had : 

I. Ellen M. 2. Annie C. 3. Charles E. 4. Aubrey Lane. 5. 
Abigail Ljxne. 6. LMura Jane. 7. LLannah Lane. 

VIII. Eunice^', b. 20 Apr., 1807, d. 18 Jan., 1809. 

IX. CoLUMHLs'', b. 23 Mar., 1809, m. first, Mary Perkins; m. 
second, 27 Jan., 1834, Rachel Billinc^s, and d. Dec, 1891. 
Elmer H. Morice, adm., April, 1891, on estate of Columbus Lane 
of East Livermore, Me. One child : 

I. Rosebelt"^, res. Lowell, NLass. 

X. Alden^, b. 29 Mar., 181 3, m. Mary R.\ckley of Greene, 
Me. F.ugene S. Coding was adm. on estate of Alden Lane of East 
Livermore, Me., August, 1887. Children: 

I. Benja/nin^, m. Ptillen in Cal. 2. Eliza'', m. George Cochran. 

3. Ellen'', m. I'yler A'e'wlon. 4. Jossie'' , m. Ensign S. Coding ol East 
Livermore, Me. 

XL James*"', b. i Jan., 1816, m. Louisa Wyman of East Liver- 
more, Me., owned estate at East Livermore, and d. about 1887. 
Will and petition for probate, Dec, 1887. Louisa W. Lane, 
executrix, Jan., 188S; bond filed, Feb., 1888; inventory returned, 
Apr., 1888. They had: 

I. Francina' . 2. Ella'', m. Thompsonoi Livermore Falls, Me. 3. 

Avis'' . 


GIDDINGS LANE5 (DanieH, SamueF-^, James^, 1770-1836, 
was born New Gloucester, Me., 5, bap. 14 May, 1770, took up 
woodland in Littleboro, afterwards Leeds, Me., which has never 
been sold out of the family and where his grandsons, Cyrus B. and 
Gustavas W., now live. He m. 6 Sept., 1788, JEMIMA NOR- 

270 James Lane and Descendants. 

RIS; she b. 30 Oct., 1770, dau. of Samuel and Lydia (Wash- 
burn) Norris. 

Lydia Washburn was dau. of Ephraim and Mary Washburn, and is thought 
to have been a Mayflower descendant through John Winslow, Mary and James 

Four sons of Samuel Norris sailed from Sandwich, Mass., to the Andros- 
coggin river in the ship "Sandwich Harbor." The father and sons settled at 
a place first called New Sandwich, but changed to Wayne, Feb. 12, 1798, in 
honor of Gen. Anthony Wayne. 

Mr. Lane was a large man and his wife a small but very smart woman. 
When five years old, she attended with her parents, a reception to Gen. George 
Washington. At the age of eighteen, she knit herself a pair of stockings 
from sun to sun, and spent the day in visiting. When her husband cleared up 
wild land, she drove the oxen to plough the first furrow. Surprised by In- 
dian alarms, she burned her featherbed to keep the savages from coming 
down the chimney. She and her children were great singers, one or more of 
the family sitting in the choir for many years. Mother, daughter and grand- 
son have sung together in public celebrations. The singing school always 
met in her living room. Sitting in the corner knitting and without a book, 
she could learn the tunes better than others with books. She died 14 Apr., 
1865, the day President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. 

The first Baptist meetings in Leeds, 1794 to 1800, were held in Mr. Lane's 
barn, then new. He gave the land for their meeting-house and boarded two 
workmen while it was building, to June, 1800. When the First Baptist 
church of sixteen members was organized, July 2, 1800, Mr. and Mrs. Lane 
were received to membership and he chosen deacon. Every Sunday a 
general invitation was given to all the congregation to partake of his hospi- 
tality, and tables were spread in his shed for all who would stay at noon. 
The brothers, Daniel, James and Giddings Lane, were corporate members of 
the Baptist society, June 23, 1804. Dea. Giddings Lane owned the first 
carriage and the first set of china in Leeds, and at death was the richest man 
in town. He died 29 Jan., 1836. 


"Died in Leeds on the 29th ult. Dea. Giddings Lane, aged 62 yrs. and 5 
ms. Dea. Lane became a member of the Baptist church in Leeds at its 
organization in June, 1800. He was then invested with the office of deacon, 
the duties of which he faithfully discharged until prevented by age and sick- 
ness. In his Christian course, he always cherished unyielding attachment to 
the truth, and being possessed of a sound and discriminating mind, he was 
able to detect the slightest deviation from the rules and requirements of the 
gospel. In church government he was mild and compassionate, but firm and 
persevering. In the sanctuary his seat was sure to be filled; he did not sit in 

Family Sixty-Seven. 271 

cool, critical speculation, but received the message in sincerity and with a 
view to honor God. His approbation of the truth was sometimes evinced by 
an expressive smile. In the absense of a minister he often had some interest- 
ing sermon which he read, much to the edification of his hearers. During the 
week he seemed delighted to visit and to receive Christian company. His 
home was ever open to the friends of Christ, and his conversation was emi- 
nently instructive. Many a young Christian has gone to him with doubts 
and perplexities which he has removed. 

Dea. Lane did much for the cause of morality and religion. He has 
labored much, he has sacrificed much, and in him the church and society at 
Leeds sustain a great loss. But we trust that our loss is his gain, for in his last 
moments he exemplified the truth of the Scripture, 'Mark the perfect man and 
behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.' " 

Thirteen children born in Leeds : 

121. I. PoLLY^, b. 6 Feb., 1790, m. Cyrus Foss. 

122. n. Alpheus^, b. 6 Dec, 1791, m. Sally Foss and Eliza- 
beth Stanchfield. 

in. Lydia'', b. 13 Apr., 1794, m. 7 Oct., 181 3, James, son of 
William and Hannah (Leadbetter) Lindsay; he b. 26 May, 1789, 
of Scotch descent. They Hved in Lincoln, Me., removing to Milo, 
Me., in 1833, and to Medford, Me., in 1864, where he d. 9 Feb.. 
1870. Children : 

1. Abigail, b. i6 Mar., 1815, d. 16 June, 1817. 

2. /^itcy, b. 10 Dec, 181 7, d. 29 June, 1839. 

3. John, b. 10 May, 1819, m. 13 July, 1844, Rebecca, dau. of Moses and 
Peggy Sttirdivant; she b. in Milo, 15 ^Iay, 1825, and d. in Medford, 17 Dec, 
1895. They had: 

i) Charles, b. 17 May, 1845. 2) Ida M., b. 22 Feb., 1853. 3) Florence, 
b. 2 June, 1856. 4 Azel, b. 31 May, 1858. 5) Fred, b. 27 Nov., 1859. 
6) Abby Jane, b. 8 Mar., 1863. 7) Myra, b. 24 Feb., 1865. 

4. Abigail, b. 18 May, 1821, m. Levi Johnson of Milo. 

5. Dulcinea, b. 2 June, 1824. 

6. Charles, b. 6 Dec, 1827, was in the Civil War, and res. Lewiston, Me. 

7. Martha Jane, b. 2 Apr., 1830. 

8. Francis, b. 27 Oct., 1835, killed in the War of the Rebellion. 

9. James, b. 16 Mar., 1837, was killed by a whale in South Pacific ocean. 

IV. Jemima'j, b. I Mar., 1796, m. 8 May, 1814, Luther Lead- 
better. Daughter, Rosatmah, m. Chaj-les Walton of Centreville, 

V. Dorcas^, b. 19 July, 1798, m. Issachar Lane^, (Peter^, 
Daniel"*, SamueP--, James^). 

272 James Lane and Descendants. 

VI. Fan^y^, b. 12 Sept., 1800, m. 6 Dec, 1820, Edward 

123. VII. Giddings'^, b. 16 May, 1802, m. Cassandra Ben- 

VIII. Samuel^, b. 7 ]May, 1806, m. Catherine Pingrey. Son: 

I. Alonzo', living, 1896. 

IX. SusAN^', b. 15 July, 1808, m. first, in May, 1834, Jonathan 
Jewell, second, in June, 1838, Hok\ce Gould of Winthrop, Me., 
and had : 

I. Helen. 2. Hannah, m. and left two daus., living in Lewiston, 1896. 

X. RuTH^, b. II July, 1 810, d. young. 

XI. Esther^, b. 31 May, 1812, m. first, 12 Apr., 1836, Ver- 
ANX's, son of Sullivan Lothrop of Lewiston and Leeds. Their 
children : 

1. Warren Lane, b. 23 July, 1848, m. in Corinna, Me., 27 Nov., 1867, 
Abbie F. Knoiules, res. Lewiston, and had : 

i) Ina R., b. 8 Aug., 1869, d. 29 Oct., 1872. 

2. Aubrey Giddin^s, b. 9 Apr., 1854, m. in Jefferson, Me., 16 Oct., 1876, 
Luretta S., dau. of James and Caroline Avery, res. Lewiston, and had: 

i) Theodore A., b. 22 Sept., 1880. 2) Clyde, b. 12 Aug., 1887. 

Mrs. Lothrop m. second, in 1880, Dea. T. C. Ln?Bv, whom she 

survived, and d. 21 Apr., 1896. 

124. XII. Calvin'', b. 6 Sept., 18 14, m. Dulcinia Lothrop. 

XIII. Nancv^, b. 5 Jan., 181 7, m. in Mar., 1838, Harrison 
Gould of Leeds, and had : 

1. Cordelia, m. Giddings Foss, and lived in Auburn, Me. 

2. Thomas Francis, d. young. 


ELI AS LANE"'', (Daniel^, SamueP--, James^), was bap. New 
Gloucester, Me., 19 Apr., 1772, m. ^LARY LAWRENCE, and 
settled in 1790, in Leeds, Me., where she d. in Sept., 1835 ; m. 
second, 16 Jan., 1838, Mrs. ABBIE BROWN. He d. 3 Jan., 

Family Sixty- Nine. 273 

Their children : 

I. Elizabeth^, b. 8 Aug., 1794, m. 14 Nov., 1816, Hon. Leavitt 
LoTHROP, and d. in Auburn, 12 Jan., 1878. He was b. in Vassal- 
borough, Me., 19 May, 1793, son of George and Polly (Thayer) 
Lothrop ; settled in Leeds, and in 1826, moved to farm occupied 
by D. F. Lothrop, in 1896, where he d. 17 Apr., 1849. Their 
children : 

1. Elias Lane, b. 19 Nov., 1817, m. 24 Apr., 1842, Jane Morse of Lis- 
bon, Me., went to California in 1849, and d. there in 1S53. Children: 

i) Leavitt, b. 1848. 2) Mary, b. 1849. 

2. Davis Francis, b. 1 1 Sept., 1820, m. 8 Nov., 1846, Caroline S. Morse, 
dau. of Jonathan and Jane (Sibley) Morse of Lisbon. Children: 

I) Flora S., b. 1847, m. Frank Higgins. 2) Adonis, b. 1849. 3) Eugene, 
b. 1851. 4) Elias, b. 1853, m. Lucile Piazia, dau. of Swiss consul at New 
Orleans, at time of Civil War. 5) Seville. 6) Irving Scott, b. 1856. He 
resided in Louisiana, where he and Elias owned adjoining plantations on the 
Mississippi river, 24 miles below New Orleans. 7) Olive Morse, b. 1858, m. 
John Turner, AL D., and lived in Bangor, Me. 8) Ralph K., b. i860. 

3. Col. Warren Lane, b. 5 July, 1823, enlisted in U. S. Army, 1845, 
fought in the Mexican and Civil Wars, and d. at Tallahassee, Fla., 1866. 

4. Caroline LMzabeth, b. 17 Oct., 1825, ni. 20 P^eb., 1848, Augustus Foss. 
Children, five living in California and two in Manchester, N. H., 1896: 

i) Frank A., 1). 1848. 2) S. Lawrence, b. 1853. 3) Elizabeth L., b. 
1855. 4) Sarah Jane, b. 1856. $) Emma B., b. 1858. 6) Eunice F., b. 
i860. 7) Carrie L.,b. 1862. 8) Levi Roys, b. 1864. 9) Warren Lothrop, 
b. 1867, graduated Bowdoin College, 1891. 

5. Mary Jane, b. 12 July, 1833, m. in 1855, Charles C. Lane, who d. 25 
Oct., 1857. She res. Pendleton, Oregon, 1896. Child: 

i) Neva C, b. Leeds, 7 Dec, 1S56, a teacher in Pendleton, Oregon. 
n. David^, b. 17 May, 1797, m. 9 Nov., 1823, Lydia Brew- 
ster. Their children : 

1. Elias' , b. 1824, d. 25 July, 1847. 

2. I^orina'', b. 21 Jan., 1830, res. Lewiston, Me. 

3. Salmon P? , b. in Sept., 1832. 

HL Warren^, twin, b. 27 July, i8oi, d. 7 Feb., 1823. 

125. IV. Alvan^, twin, b. 27 July, 1801, m. Lucy Mitchell 
and Haxxah Donham. 


PETER LANE-^ (Daniel^ SamueP-s, Jamesi), born 1776, lived 
in New Gloucester and Leeds, Me. ; m. first, LOIS VERRILL, 

274 James Lane and Descendants. 

who had 6 children and d. 21 Jan., 1808; m. second, 1808, 
GRACE, dau. of William and Joanna TURNER, who came from 
Bridgewater, Mass., to Littleborough, now Leeds, in 1787. Peter 
Lane d. 10 Jan., 1844; his widow d. 8 Dec, 1851. 
Fourteen children born in Leeds : 

126. L Eliphalet G.^, b. 28 Aug., 1796, m. Lydia S. Trask. 

127. IL Issachar6, b. 2 May, 1798, m. Dorcas Lane^ (Gid- 
dings^, Daniel"^, Samuel^*-, James^). 

IIL Davis^, b. 16 Apr., 1800, m. first, 11 Apr., 1828, Harriet 
Hayward ; m. second, Mrs. Almira Spear, and d. 13 Apr., 1886. 
One son : 

I. Davis E?^ was a dentist in Hartford, Conn. 

IV. Jesse^, b. 2 Aug., 1803, m. 19 Dec, 1824, Charlotte, 
dau. of Capt. Edward and Judith (Lane-^) Jones (DanieH, 
SamueP-^, James'), and d. i Dec, 1845 \ ^he b. 15 May, 1800, 
and d. 9 Apr., 1881. Two children. 

1. Emery'', b. 1 828, d. 28 Jan., 1848. 

2. Davis', b. 1836, d. 7 June, 1858. 

V. Judith'', b. 17 Oct., 1806, m. her cousin, Philip, son of 
Nathaniel and Lydia (Lane-^) Norcross (Daniel"*, Samuel-'^--, 
James^), of Hallowell, Me., and d. 1 1 Mar., 1828; he b. 8 Dec, 
1800, and d. 7 Dec, 1831. Children: 

1. Marian, m. Mr. Tozier of Waterville, Me., and had son in Gardiner, 
Me., 1896. 

2. Adeline, m. Jarvis Wilson, and had children, moved from Hallowell, 
to Exeter, N. H. 

VL Lois^, b. 25 Nov., 1807, m. Elias Prince, and d. 2 Oct., 
1887. Children: 

I. Sarah. 2. Charles. 

By second marriage : 

VIL Samyntha*', b. 28 Oct., 1809, m. her cousin, 1833, Daniel 
S., son of Capt. Edward and Judith (Lane'') Jones (Daniel"*, 
Samuel"^--, James'). Children: 

I. Oren. 2. Sehien. 3. Clarkson. 4. Benjamin F. 5. Ahhie. 
6. Fred, 

VIIL Peier^', b. 6 Sept., 181 5, m. first, 16 Feb., 1840, 
Lucretia p., dau. of Stillman Howard, m. second, 28 May, 1845, 

Family Seventy. 275 

Mary J., dau. of James Palmer of Cornville, Me. He first en- 
gaged in trade at Brighton, Me., moved to Skowhegan, Me., about 
1849, and to Portland, Me., i860, where he became a leading 
wholesale dry goods merchant. About 1872, he purchased in 
Leeds the original farm where his uncle, Daniel Lane, Jr.^, settled 
and has made his 200 acres at Chapel Hill most productive and 
keeps about 50 thoroughbred Jersey cows. In politics a Repub- 
lican, in religious preference a L'^niversalist. 

IX. Joanna*^, b. 11 Aug., 1818, never married. 

X. Marlanna^', b. 28 Apr., 1821, d. 13 Aug., 1827. 

XL Eunice'^, b. 8 Dec, 1824, m. 19 Oct., 1845, Bemus Lamb. 
One son : 

I. Franks b. 16 May, 1851, d. 15 Apr., 1868. 

XII. Benjamin Franklin'', b. 30 Mar., 1826, m. first, Caroline 
FuLSOM ; m. second, Jane Hammond of Brunswick, Me., and re- 
sided in Weymouth, Mass. Children : 

I. Frank^ . 2. Ilattie^ . 

XIII. Charles H*'^, b. i Apr., 1828, m. first, 1854, Sarah 
Turner, who d. 1893 ; m. second, 1894, Mrs. Nellie Wright. 

XIV. Harriet H*\, b. 16 Oct., 1832, m. 1852, Benjamin Tur- 
ner, and d. 1892. Children: 

I. George Harvey. 2. Peter L. 3. Grace. 


SAMUEL LANE^^ (Daniel^ SamueP-^, Jamesi), of Leeds and 
Hallowell, Me., m. first, JUDITH VERRILL, by whom he had no 
children ; m. second, FRANXES, dau. of Alvan NYE of Bangor, 
Me., who d. 19 Dec, 1831, ae. 29 years. He d. Dec, 1842. 
Both are buried at Hallowell, Me. In 1828, Mr. Lane invented a 
corn sheller which consisted of a spur wheeled cyhnder from which 
all the standard shellers now in use have descended. In 1833, he 
completed his endless chain horse power with a cylinder having 

276 James Laxe and Descendants. 

high gearing which was regarded as a very successful invention. 
Hist. Kejuiebec Co. 

Children born in Hallowell : 

I. Harriet Maria^, b. 19 Nov., 1823. 

II. Henry K. ^V.^ b. 9 July, 1825. 

III. Samuel Augustus^, b. 17 Dec, 1829. 


ISSACHER LANE^ (Issacher^ SamueF-2, Jamesi),was bap. 21 
Dec, 1760, in the Fourth church, Gloucester, ]Mass., He m. 
SUSAN HALL of ]\Iatinicus, Me., and was one of the early set- 
tlers at Vinalhaven, Me. 

Martin Pring, June 7, 1603, seeing a number of gray foxes upon 
an island in Penobscot Bay, named the group Fox Islands. The 
largest of these islands was first settled permanently in 1765, and 
incorporated as Vinalhaven, June 25, 1789, named in honor of 
John Vinal, Esc}., of Boston. The town in 1829 voted to exempt 
those persons living on Lane's Island, from paying highway tax. 

Mr. Lane settled on what is now the Roberts homestead. 
While gunning, an accidental discharge of a gun so mangled one 
of his hands that amputation was necessary. He went at once to 
Rockland, Me., where the operation was performed by Dr. Bar- 
nard. Mr. Lane afterwards followed the sea for a while, and then 
moved away from Vinalhaven. 


BENJA^HN LANE5 (Issacher^, SamueP-^, Jarnes'), 1762- 
1842, was born in Gloucester, Mass., 31 July, 1762, bap. i Aug., 
1762, m. 10 Dec, 1789, MARGAREIT HALL of Matinicus; she 
b. 9 Mar., 1769, and d. 28 Aug., 1849. They settled at \'inal- 
haven. Me., after the War of the Revolution, and lived on Lane's 
Island, which he purchased from Thaddeus Carver. Here he d. 21 
Dec, 1842. 

Family Seventy-Three. 277 

Seven children : 

I. Margaret^% b. 27 Apr., 1790, m. 19 Nov., 181 1, David 
Smith, and d. 22 Apr., 1875. , 

II. Benjamin^, b. 25 Nov., 1791, m. at Vinalhaven, 28 Dec, 
1 81 3, Desire Philbrook ; she b. 5 Mar., 1793. They had one or 
two children at Vinalhaven, and then removed to the state of Ohio. 

III. Susanna^', b. 4 Jan., 1794, m. 22 Jan., 181 8, Thaddeus 
Roi3ER'i"S, and d. about 1870. 

128. IV. John^, b. 19 Mar., 1796, m. Rebecca Arey. 

129. V. Joseph^, b. 31 Aug., 1800, m. Abigail Arey. 

130. VI. James A.*^, b. 4 Dec, 1802, m. Lydia Smith. 

131. \TI. Timothy'^ b. i Jan., 1805, m. Rebecca Smith. 


WILLIAM LANE'' (Nicholas^ WilliamS James^, John^, Jamesi), 
was bap. 14 Mar., 1773, a sailmaker of Salem, Mass. He bought 
land of Hannah Crowningshield in Salem, Dec. 18, 1799; ^'^^ 
administrator on his father's estate, Oct. 30, 181 5, and on estate 
of Nathaniel B. Lane of Salem, mariner, intestate, Dec. 5, 1837. 
He m. about 1796, ELIZABETH, dau. of N. BROWN ; she bap. 
at East church, Salem, i Oct., 1797, and d. 12 June, 1819, se. 
42 years. 

Children baptized at East church, Salem, Mass. 

I. Eliza"^, bap. I Oct., 1797. 

II. Nan'cy", bap. 25 Aug., 1799. 

III. Mary", bap. 8 Nov., 1801. 

IV. William", bap. 4 Mar., 1804. 

V. Abigail Wellman", bap. 12 May, 1806. 

VI. Nathaniel Brow'Ne', bap. 28 Aug., 1808. 

VII. Franklin", bap. 5 June, 18 14. 

VIII. Edward Browne", bap. 5 June, 18 14. 

278 James Lane and Descendants. 


JOHN LANE6 (Nicholas^ William^, James^ John^, James^), 
bap. 30 Aug., 1795. Perhaps the John Lane of Fox Island, Me., 
descended from John Lane at Flatstone Cove, Lanesville, Mass., 
where old bricks were lately dug up. His wife was HANNAH 
FELLOWS of Ipswich, Mass., where they settled. 

[Mary F. Lane d. 19 Apr., 1880, widow, age 82 yrs., 4 ms., 12 
ds. ; she b. Ipswich, dau. of Nathan Fellows, and wife Hannah 
(Brown) both of Ipswich.] 

Son : 

132. I. George"^, b. about 1813, m. Lucinda Poland. 


JOSIAH LANE« (Josiah^^-^, James^ John^, James'), 1771- 
1833, b. New Gloucester, Me., 15 Jan., 1771, where he lived and 
d. 19 Jan., 1833, ae. 62 years. He ent. int. 30 Mar., 1795, with 
ABIGAIL ROWE CLEAVES; she b. 3 Oct., 1773, and d. 25 
July, 1834, 9e. 61 years. 

Josiah Lane and wife quit claim all right in the estate of Jonathan Row, 
late of New Gloucester, to Jonathan Rowe, one of the heirs, for $300.00, Mar. 
23, 1796, and also sold their claim in the dower of Betsey, widow of Jonathan 
Row, for $600.00, May 10, 1805. He was a party to the transfer of real 
estate seven times between 1796 and 1814. He settled on an estate which he 
purchased of Cotton Tufts and Samuel Tucker in 1799. This farm he be- 
queathed to his wife, and it was sold by his heirs to Benjamin Rollins, May I, 
1838. — Cumb. Co. Deeds. 

Children : 

I. IsAAc"^, b. I Oct., 1795, a resident of New Gloucester, 1838. 
Isaac and wife Mary (Metcalf) Lane of New Gloucester had 
children : 

1. Sarah A.^, h. 5 June, 1840, m. first, 13 May, 1858, yo/ifi F. Bickford, 
second, Elbridge Foss, res. Upper New Gloucester, 1899. Children by first 
marriage : 

i) Mary. 2) Willis. 3) Elmer Ellsworth. 

2. Lorcntus A^.^, b. 15 Nov., 1842. 

3. Alonzo M.^, b. 5 Jan., 1844. 

4. Albert A/.^, b. 15 Nov., 1848, d. unm. 

Family Sevexty-Six. 279 

II. Josiah", b. 7 Dec, 1796, a student, and party in transfer of 
real estate, 1827-1842 ; settled as a physician in Lisbon, Me., and 
d. 1 1 June, 1850. 

III. JoxATHAX R.', b. 26 May, 1798, had wife Betsey ]\I., and 

I. y. C^, of Upper Gloucester, Me. 

IV. Abigail D.", b. 25 Oct., 1800, d. i Jan., 181 5, ae. 14 yrs., 
2 ms., 7 ds. 

V. Cynthia", b. 13 Sept., 1802, d. 28 June, 1844. 

133. ^'I. Edmund Cleaves", b. 23 Oct., 1804, m. Mary 
Ring Humphrey. 

VII. Moses"^, b. 16 Sept., 1806, m. 18 Oct., 1829, Angelina 
Tyler, and d. in Minot, Me., 10 Aug., 1831, ae. 25 years, leaving: 

I and 2. T'cvo Daughters'^ . 

VIII. Mary E.", b. 23 Dec, 1808, was living in New Gloucester, 

IX. Jane C", b. 6 Mar., 181 1, m. Ephr.\im G. Gordon of 
Poland, Me., and d. 25 Jan., 1858. 

134. X. Seth", b. 18 Mar., 1813, m. Haxnah C. C. Rowe. 
XL Julia Ann", b. 24 Mar., 181 5, d. New Gloucester, 27 Feb., 


XII. Abigail C."^, b. 7 June, 1817, was residing in New Glou- 
cester, 1838. 

XIII. Addison"^, b. i Mar., 182 1 ; as a minor and heir of Abi- 
gail Lane, his guardian Jesse Hayes sold his share in her estate to 
Benjamin Rollins, Dec. i, 1838. He was a student at Yarmouth 
Corner, 1838-9; he held the ofifice of deacon at Melrose, Mass., 
and d. before 1875. 


ISAAC LANE, Jr.^ (Isaac^ Josiah-*, James^, John^, James^), 
b. Gloucester, Mass., 19 Sept., 1772, was witness to a deed, April 
8, 1789, settled in the Whittemore District, Paris, Me., and worked 

280 James Lane and Descendants. 

at his trade of a blacksmith. He received 149 votes, Nov. 3, 
1828, as delegate at large in the Presidential election of 1828. 
He m. ESTHER COOK of Conway, N. H. 
Children : 

I. Betsey", b. 15 June, 181 3, m. Lewis Monk, and d. Aug., 

IL Willard"^, b. 17 Mar., 181 5. 

HL Abigail", b. 24 Apr., 18 18, d. 7 Nov., 1840. 

IV. John M."'', b. 15 Oct., 1820, m. Coburn, (son of Sum- 
ner?) of Sumner, Me. 

V. Mary Ann"^, b. 3 Apr., 1823, m. first, Charles Lane; m. 
second, Charles A. Buck. 

VL George B.~, b. 5 Nov., 1826, d. 15 Oct., 1841. 

VH. Trances'^, b. 8 July, 1830, m. Solon G. Walker. 


LEVI LANE'5 (Isaac^, Josiah"*, James^, John^, James^), was 
bap. 30 Apr., 1775, and was an early settler in East Gray, Me. 

He paid Isaac Lane $550.00, Oct. 4, 1797, for 129 acres of land, half of 
Lots 5 and 3 and one-quarter of Lot i, all in the Third Division in Gray. 
These lots held in common between father and son were divided among them, 
Nov. 24, 1800. He bought of Daniel Gordon, for $40.00, Oct. 29, 1801, 
part of Lot 6, in Third Division; paid Benjamin Lebby, Jr., $36.00, May 31, 
181 7, for three acres of land in Gray; paid John Russell $83.34, Apr. 10, 
1821, for part of Lot 31, in Second Division. With Sarah Lane his wife, he 
sold to Levi Lane, Jr., for $1500.00, Feb. I, 1827, lands in Gray and New 
Gloucester, containing 148 acres with buildings. — Cumberland Deeds. 

Levi Lane of New Gloucester, Me., and SARAH HICKS of 
North Yarmouth, Me., entered intention of marriage, 3 Feb., 1797. 
She was the 1048th member of the First church in North Yar- 
mouth, and joined June 5, 1842, by public profession of faith. 

Barnabas Freeman of Yarmouth, who had m. Sarah, the widow 
of Levi Lane, administered on his estate and quit claim to Caleb 
Marston, for $300.00, July 4, 1850, part of Lot i, Range A, in 

Family Seventy- Eight. 281 

Pownal, Sarah, wife of said Barnabas, relinquishing her right of 
dower. She died 2 Aug., 1851, ae. 72 years. 

Children : 

I. Levi, Jr.', owned a stage Hne from Portsmouth, N. H., to 
Berwick, Me., and d. unm. at North Yarmouth. 

He was taxed in District No. 4, 1823; paid Levi and Sarah Lane, $1500.00, 
Feb. I, 1827, for 148 acres of land with buildings in Gray; bought 18 acres 
and 32 square rods of George Bennet, June 14, 1833; mortgaged 94 acres in 
North Yarmouth to David Dana of Portland, for $1000.00, May 5, 1834; 
bought of Joseph E. F. Cushman, July 7, 1834, a part of Squadron No. 13, in 
North Yarmouth; bought of William N. Bennett, Apr. 22, 1837, 24 acres and 
12 rods of lot No. I, partly in Gray and partly in New Gloucester; sold to 
Joseph H. Lane of Gray, for $2500, Sept. 8, 1847, five tracts of land in Gray, 
New Gloucester and North Yarmouth. — Cuinherlaad Co. Records. 

135. IL Joseph Hicks", b. about 1807, m. ^LRAND.\ Mer- 

IlL Sarah H^. 

IV. Adaline", m. Allison, and d. leaving no children. 

V. Olive A.~, m. Samuel Buckman of Falmouth, Me. 
VL Eliza^, m. Nathaniel Merrill of Cumberland, Me. 

VI L Dorcas C.', m. Capt. Charles L. Loring of North Var- 
mouth. Me. 

VII L ^L■^RGARET', m. Chambers of Portland, Me. 

IX. Sarah H.", m. Andrew Jack of Topsham, Me. 

X. Syrena L."^, m. Nath.aniel Wright of Otisfield, Me. 
XL Adelaide". 


Caft: benjamin proctor married BETSEY LANE^ 
(Levi^ Josiah^, James^, John-, James') ; she b. in Boston, Mass., 
26 Jan., 1779. Capt. Proctor was lost at sea, 18 Feb., 1811, 3e. 
33 years. He set sail with one or more of his brothers and his 
household effects, intending to settle in the West Indies and then 
send for his family, but the Yessel and all on board perished in a 
severe storm in Massachusetts Bav. Mrs. Proctor was known as 

282 James Lane and Descendants. 

"Eliza," d. 23 Feb, 1865, ae. 86 yrs., 28 ds., and lies buried in 
the Frye family lot at Dorchester, Mass., North Cemetery. 
Seven children : 

I. Eliza, d. in infancy. 

II. Benjamin, d. young. 

III. Eliza 2d, m. William Morris. They went West, and she 

d. in Arkansas. Among the children was : 

I. Mary, m. first, Mr. yessiip, but was divorced; m. second, Mr. Grade, 
and had children by each marriage. 

IV. Abba, d. unm. 

V. Mary Francis, b. Newton, Mass., 3 Nov., 1807, m. in 
Trinity church, Boston, Mass., by Rev. W. Gardener, 5 Aug., 1827, 
Charles M. Holmes of New York city; he b. 10 Nov., 1804, and 
d. prior to 1896. 'She d. 5 Jan., 1873, ae. 65 yrs., 2 ms., 2 ds. 
Ten children : 

1. Catherine Eliza, b. New York city, 8 Feb., 1829, m. IVilliam J. 
Knapp of Jersey City, N. J. They had: 

i) William J. 2) George. 3) Clara. 

2. Mary Ann, b. 15 Mar., 1831, m. first, Thomas S. 6'<7r(? of England, 
and lived in New York city; m. second, Peter E. Jacobus of Caldwell, N. J. 
Children of Thomas S. and Mary Ann (Morse) Gore: 

i) William James of Montclair, N. J. 2) Thomas Edward of Newark, N. 
J. 3) Caroline Augusta, m. S. H. Bowmam of Caldwell, N. J. 4) Alexander 
Dowie of Caldwell. 5) Alfred Mather of East Orange, N. J. 6) Sarah 
Frances, m. William Aubry of Caldwell. 

3. James Scrywegcoiir, b. 21 July, 1833, m. Phoebe Ann Van Velsor of 
New York city and had: 

l) James S. 2) Emily. 

4. Abbie Proctor, b. 19 May, 1836, unm.. Summit, N. J. 

5. Charles Miiir, b. 15 July, 1838, m. Harriett M. Halves of Towanda, 
Pa., and had : 

l) Harriett. 2) Elizabeth. 

6. Caroline Prances, b. 19 Apr., 1841, m. George E. Poole of Long Branch, 
N. J., lived in Newark, N. J., and had: 

I) George E. 2) Caroline. 

7. Benjamin Proctor, b. 13 June, 1 843, m. Georgianna Klingle of Phila- 
delphia, Pa., resided in Summit, N. J., and had: 

i) Arthur Klingle. 2) La Rue Klingle. 

8. Adrian Banker, b. 4 Sept., 1845, m. Sarah B. Sanford of Newark, 
N. J., and had : 

i) Florence. 

Family Seventy- Eight. 283 

9. Alfred Peckham, b. 23 June, 1848, unm., d. 3 Dec, 1852. 

10. Edward Cook, b. II Dec, 1850, was of John L. Armitage & Com- 
pany, Newark, N. J., m. 21 May, 1874, Eliza Jane Jenkinsoti, and had: 

i) Edward Charles, b. 6 June, 1875. 2} George Jenkinson, b. 13 Jan., 
1877. 3) Clarence Leslie, b. 3 Mar., 1880. 4) Eliza Jane, b. 14 Slay, 
1882. 5) Mary Frances Proctor, b. 24 Mar., 1884. 6) Richard Jenkinson, 
b. 3 Feb., 1886, d. 15 Aug., 1894. 7) Henry Donald, b. 20 Feb., 1887. 
8) James Douglass, b. 2 Feb., 1893, d. 13 Mar., 1893. 

VI. George Burroughs, b. Newton, Mass., 22 Aug., 18 10, m. 
in Boston, 5 Dec, 1835, Harriet Glazier; she b. Middlebury, 
Vt., 20 Apr., 1820, and d. South Boston, 29 Mar., 1874, ae. 73 
yrs., 1 1 ms., 1 1 ds. Mr. Proctor resided in Boston, New York and 
South Boston, and d. at Wellesley Hills, Mass., 2 May, 1892. Fif- 
teen children : 

1. Harriet Elizabeth, b. Boston, 29 Sept., 1836, m. 15 Feb., i860, James 
H, Beck of Boston, resided in South Boston and Wellesley Hills, Mass. 
Children : 

i) Hattie L., b. South Boston, 8 Dec, i860, m. 10 Oct., 1883, Richard 
Cunningham of Wellesley Hills, and had Shirley B., b. 27 Aug., 1884. Rich- 
ard B., b. 6 Dec, 1885. Dorothy, b. 15 Apr., 1891. Phyllis, b. 23 Nov., 
1892. 2) Lewis, b. i Feb., 1865, d. 9 Sept., 1865. 3) George P., b. Hyde 
Park, Mass., 4 Mar., 1868, d. 14 Mar., 1869. 4) Harry J., b. South Boston, 
8 Feb., 1870, m. 9 Oct., 1895, Annie ^L Parsons of Lenox, Mass. 5) Albert 
H., b. 22 Mar., 1871. 6) Ella M., b. 13 Sept., 1872. 

2. Mary J., b. 8 Apr., 1838, d. New York, 2 Mar., 1840. 

3. George B., b. New York, Oct., 1839, served in the Civil War, and d. 
unm., Boston, 21 Nov., 1892. 

4. Charles J., b. 13 June, 1841, d. New York, 28 Mar., 1842. 

5. Benjamin, b. Boston, 15 May, 1843, m. 20 June, 1869, Carrie H. 
Whitaker of South Boston. Children: 

i) Benjamin, Jr., b. Boston, 26 Jan., 1878. 2) Edith M., b. 2 Oct., -1880. 
3) George B., b. 5 Apr., 1882. 4} Grover C, b. 20 Jan., 1885. 

6. Abba B., b. 10 Aug., 1845, m. first, 15 July, 1872, Manuel J. Gonsaloo 
of Spain, who d. 13 May, 1879; m. second, 17 Feb., 1884, Albert C. Noyes 
of Colebrook, N. H., who d. 8 Aug., 1895. Children: 

i) Lottie H. Gonsaloo, b. East Woburn, Mass., 7 Oct., 1873. 2) Ira 
Allen Npyes, b. Colebrook, N. H., 25 Dec, 1884. 

7. Charlotte G., b. 25 July, 1847, m. 3 Nov., 1867, Charles P. Elms of 
East Boston, and lived in South Boston. Children : 

i) Lottie P., b. South Boston, 11 Aug., 1868, m. 1 1 Nov., 1890, George 
B. Elms of South Boston, and had: George B., Jr., b. 3 Oct., 1891. Lottie 
R., b. 22 Oct., 1892. Charles W., b. 20 Apr., 1894, d. 15 Aug., 1894. 
Harold W., b. 8 Nov., 1895. 2) Clarissa M., b. 30 July, 1870. 3) Harriet 
E., b. 19 May, 1874. 4) Jennie C, b. 17 Mar., 1876, m. June, 1896, Oscar 
Hubbard. 5) Charles P., b. 4 July, 1883, d. 9 June, 1889. 

8. Charles Marsh, b. South Boston, 22 Apr., 1849, d. 13 July, 1885, m. 
20 Feb., 1874, Georgianna Hunt oi Brookline, Mass., and had: 

284 James Lane and Descendants. 

i) Charles M., Jr., b. Brookline, i8 Feb., 1876. 2) Frank Hunt, b. Brook- 
line, 7 Nov., 1878. 

9. Helen M., b. 24 June, 185 1, m. 3 Oct., 1894, Albert E. Troester of 
Georgetown, Col. 

10. Marietta H.^ b. 30 Apr., 1853, m. 8 Feb., 1874, Charles L. Stevens 
of South Boston, and had : 

i) Charles A., b. 18 Oct., 1874. 

11. Carrie F., b. 9 June, 1855, m. 19 Aug., 1874, yohn D. Noyes of 
Boston. Children: 

i) Edwin L., b. Boston, 3 Sept., 1878. 2) George B.,b. Roxbury, Mass., 
6 June, 1880, d. 5 May, 1882. 3) Harriet E., b. 2 July, 1883. 4) John, 
b. Roslindale, Mass., 13 Mar., 1886. 5) Lulu B., b. 26 Dec, 1890. 6) 
Proctor, b. 19 Nov., 1894. 

12. Julia P., b. 24 Apr., 1857, m. first, 8 Oct., 1882, Alonzo F. Erskine 
of Boston, who d. 12 Dec, 1889; m. second, in Denver, Col., 29 July, 1891, 
Samuel Po-vell. Children : 

i) Angle Maud Erskine, b. South Boston, 8 Oct., 1884; d. 20 Nov., 1884. 
2) George D., b. 17 Feb., 1886. 3) Samuel Powell, Jr., b. Neponset, Mass., 
12 July, 1892. 4) Helen P., b. Denver, Col., 7 Dec, 1894. 

13. Lulu A., b. 25 May, 1859, m. 13 Nov., 1878, Charles L. Beck of 
Wellesley Hills, Mass. Children: 

i) Hannie L., b. South Acton, Mass., i Jan., 1880, d. 3 Dec, 1894. 2) 
Charles L., b. Somerville, Mass., 15 Jan., 1884. 

14. Minnie L., b. 17 Aug., 1861, m. at Denver, Col., 2 June, 1885, 
yohn IVatkins. 

15. Frank /*., b. 7 Nov., 1863, m. at South Boston, 16 May, 1886, 
Annie C. Bolack. Children : 

i) Lottie M., b. South Boston, 9 Apr., 1888. 2) Louise P., b. 26 Jan., 
1890. 3) Bertha H., b. 18 Jan., 1893. 4) Frank P., Jr., b. Dorchester, 
Mass., 30 Jan., 1896, d. 31 Jan., 1896. 

VIL Joseph B., b. 18 Aug., 1811, m. 27 Nov., 1837, Helen 
S. I\L Montgomery and d. 11 Aug., 1880. She was b. 22 July, 
181 7, and d. 22 Sept., 1891. Seven children : 

1. Eliza Lane, b. Roxbury, Mass., 18 Oct., 1838, m. 18 Oct., 1859, Alfred 
W. Bacoti, and resided in Danvers, Mass., 1896. Children: 

i) John Lewis, b. 2 Sept., 1861, 2) Helen Dora, b. 5 Nov., 1864, m. 4 
Aug., 1886, Charles D. Wentworth, and had: Philip Montgomery, b. 27 Nov., 
1887. Marjorie, b. 15 Oct., 1892. 3) Harriet Rice, b. 16 Dec, 1869, d. 26 
May, 1872. 4) George Alfred, h. 5 June, 1874, m. 8 Aug., 1896, Ella 
Walker. 5) Josie Lida, b. 9 Sept., 1877. 

2, Joseph Hen?)', b. Lexington, Mass., 16 Feb., 1843, m. 7 Sept., 1864, 
Elizabeth Ellis Allen; she b. 12 Nov., 1843. Children: 

i) David Allen, b. iS Aug., 1866, m. 21 June, 1893, Fanny May Bibber 
and had: Earle Henry, b. 12 June, 1894. 2) Mattie Antoinette, b. 27 Feb., 
1S68, d. 12 Mar., 1881. ^,^ Joseph Montgomery, b. 18 Feb., 1871, d. 21 
Nov., 1876. 4) Alfred Whiting, b. 14 Feb., 1873, d. 27 Nov., 1876. 5) 

Family Seventy-Nine. 285 

Charles Herbert, b. 15 Mar., 1877, d. 6 Mar., 18S1. 6) Eliza Montgomery, 
b. 25 July, 1886. 

3. Charles Bates, b. Lexington, Mass., 28 Nov., 1845, m. Angelia Alark. 

i) Helen Angeline, b. 26 Jan., 1870, d. 20 Aug., 1873. 2) Lizzie Esther, 
b. 6 Dec, 1871. 

4. Samuel Herbert, b. Natick, Mass., 19 Aug., 1849, m. Addie Herrick. 
Children : 

i) Herbert Herrick, b. 7 July, 1878. 2) Caroline Bartlett, b. 16 Nov., 
1881. 3) Carl Stuart, b. 20 Mar., 1886. 

5. Helen Medora, b. Natick, 2 Dec, 1854, d. 31 May, 1858. 

6. Caroline Bartlett, b. 4 Nov., 1856, d. 10 Oct., 1880. 

7. Theodore Francis, b. 25 Feh)., 1859, d. 26 June, 1888. 


riTAI PERRV, 1 7 79-1 847, was born in Hanover, Mass., 10 
July, 1779, m. 21 Feb., 1808, ABIGAIL LANE^ (Levi-^ JosiahS 
James'^ John-, James'); she b. Boston; Mass., 15 Feb., 1782. 
They lived in Salem, Mass., where he d. 22 Apr., 1847, se. 67 
years. She d. 4 Apr., 1857, ae. 75 years. 

Children : 

I. Abbie L., b. 19 Jan., 1809, d. unm., 14 Aug., 1885, ae. 75 
yrs., 7 ms. 

II. Ittai, Jr., b. 5 June, 1810, was pilot of Salem harbor, Mass., 
m. 8 Dec, 1835, Abigail Hinman, dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth 
Hinman of Salem. He d. 23 May, 1868, ae. 58 years. She d. 13 
May, 1890, ae. 76 yrs., 2 ms. Five children : 

1. Abbie B., b. 14 Dec, 1836, m. 19 Sept., 1855, Joseph E. Phippen, son 
of Benjamin and Mary ^L Phippen of Salem. Child: 

i) Mary Abbie, b. 20 July, i860, d. 10 Mar., 1861. 

2. Hannah S., b. 4 Dec, 1839, m. 8 Dec, 1859, Bernard IV. Hanscom 
of Eliot, Me., who d. in Charlestown, Mass., 31 Dec, 1871, se. 35 yrs., 4 ms. 
Three children : 

i) Carrie S., b. 8 Apr,, 1862, m. 29 Dec, 1879, Andrew D. Gardner, and 
had: Albert B., b. 28 Apr., 1880. 2) Ittai Perry, b. 15 July, 1864, m. 5 Oct., 
1884, Florence Martin, and had: Carrie E., b. 6 May, 1885. Ittai P., b. 28 
Oct., 1887. Charles E., b. 9 Jan., 1889. Harold P., b. 26 Mar., 1892. 
Helen E., b. 18 Feb., 1894. Walter C, b. 19 Jan., 1896. 3) Justin D., b. 
22 May, 1869. 

286 Ja.mes Lane and Descendants. 

3. Mary Elizabeth, b. 28 Apr., 1842, d. I May, 1847, ce. 5 years. 

4. Lucy A., b. 12 Sept., 1844, m. 27 Sept., 1866, John H. Hamilton, and 
d. 4 Jan., 1885. Son: 

i) Charles Henry, b. 4 Jan., 1867, d. 12 Aug., 1867. 

5. Mary E., b. 17 Dec, 1849, i^- ^5 Sept., 1867, Eugene L. Thomas of 
Salem, Mass., and d. 24 Dec, 1879, se. 30 yrs., 7 ds. Five children: 

i) Eugene Perry, b. I Jan., 1868, m. 3 July, 1893, Rachel Peach of 
Marblehead, Mass., and had: John Y., b. 4 Oct., 1894. 2) Mary Abbie, b. 
5 Sept., 1869, m. 2 Dec, 1891, Fred Moore of Lynn, Mass., and had: 
Everett, b. 9 Mar., 1894. 3) Melissa C, b. 12 Aug., 1874. 4) Frank 
Augustus, b. 24 May, 1878, d. 25 Aug., 1878 5) Carrie H., b. 6 Aug., 1879. 

III. Fr.ancis L., b. 8 Feb., 1814, a pilot of Salem harbor, Mass., 
m. 8 Dec, 1833, Mary Ann Clough, dau. of William and Hannah 
Clough of Salem. He d. 1 1 Aug., 1895, 3e. 81 yrs., 6 ms. His 
widow was living with a dau. in Salem, 1896. Ten children : 

Mary Attn, b. 22 Feb., 1834, d. Sept., 1836. 

Mary Ann, b. 20 Dec, 1837, d. Jan., 1838. 
Francis E., b. 24 Feb., 1839, d. Aug., 1870. 
Annie A., b. 2 Apr., 1841, d. Aug., 1865. 
Horace S.,\). 2 June, 1843, d. in the Civil War. 
George V., b. 25 Dec, 1845, d. 20 Oct., 1853. 

7. Ittai, b. 6 Jan., 1849, d. 20 July, 1880. 

8. Mary Ellen, b. 2 July, 1850, m. 28 Nov., 1868, George A. Caswell. 
Four children : 

i) Francis E., b. Sept., 1869, m. 1892, Katie Cole, and had: Bessie, b. 
Feb., 1895. 2) Arthur, b. Nov., 1870. 3) M. Lizzie, b. 4 Dec, 1872, d. 
31 Dec, 1892, re. 20 yrs., 27 ds. 4) Nellie, b. Nov., 1874. 

9. Hannah F., b. 8 Apr., 1855, m. 1877, Lewis Bartlett, and had: 
i) Charles H., b. 17 Sept., 1887. 2) Hattie, b. Jan., 1890. 

10. George Z., b. 8 Apr., 1858, d. 25 Aug., 1883, re. 25 yrs., 5 ms., 17 ds. 


Capt. NATHAN FRVP: of Salem, Mass., m. as "Mary," POLLY 
LANE^ (Levi^\ Josiah"*, James-'', John^, James') ; she b. Boston, 
Mass., 4 Mar., 1784, and d. 24 June, 1848. He d. 13 Feb., 1873; 
both are buried in Dorchester, Mass., North Cemetery. He was 
a sea captain in the East India trade, and a son of Benjamin and 
Sarah (Templeton) Frye of Salem, Mass., a lieutenant in the army 
of the Revolution, and descended from John Frye, who came from 
England in the ship Bevis in 1638, and settled in Newbury and 
afterward Andover, ^Llss. 

Family Eighty. 287 

Children : 

I. Nathan, Jr., b. Salem, Mass., lo Dec, 1817, a sea captain. 
When quite young he left home to seek his fortune in distant lands. 
After visiting many places in the East Indies, he settled in the 
island of Mauritius, where he founded shipping docks and re- 
mained as manager until a few days prior to his death. He m. in 
Mauritius, 27 July, 1847, Louisa Elizabeth Davy; she b. Mau- 
ritius, 13 Sept., 1827, and d. 13 Apr., 1874. He d. at Port Louis, 
Mauritius, 15 June, 1882. 

"Was always kind and charitable, upright and just in all his 
dealings. A lifetime of genial hospitality, in addition to his many 
good qualities, gained him a numerous circle of appreciating 
friends ; and he was finally laid to rest in the picturesque little 
church yard of St. Thomas. Scarcely a prettier resting place could 
be found than these tastefully arranged grounds of the quiet country 
church." — Louisa Frye Prentiss. 

Issue : 

1. John Davy, b. 6 Nov., 1848, d. Aug., 1884. 

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. 25 Nov., 1849, d. 29 May, 1874. 

3. Henry James, b. 5 Jan., 1850, d. Aug., 1871. 

4. Louisa, b. 23 Mar., 1851, m. 16 Dec, 1873, Thomas Theodore Prentiss 
of Vermont, U. S. A. Children: 

i) James Eugene, b. 11 Sept., 1874. 2) Thomas, b. i May, 1876. 3) 
May Louisa Lydia, b. 19 Apr., 1880. 4) Ethel Maud, b. 9 Mar., 1882, d. 
23 Feb., 1883. 5) Christine Hazel, b. 25 Dec, 1887. 

5. Uicy, b. 30 Aug., 1855. 

6. Grace, b. 22 June, 1857, d. 10 Dec, 1861. 

7. Martha Georgina, b. 23 Apr., i860. 

8. Alice Maria, b. 2 June, 1861. 

9. Letvis Pozvell, b. 21 Mar., 1863. 

10. Annie, b. 3 May, 1866. 

H. Joseph, b. 22 Nov., 181 9, a carriage manufacturer. South 
Boston, Mass., m. first, 20 Apr., 1842, Sarah Faxon; m. second, 
21 July, 1853, Amelia Clapp. He d. Sharon, Mass., 7 Oct., 1893, 
and is buried in Dorchester, Mass., North Cemetery. Children by 
first marriage : 

I. yudith Maria, b. 30 Jan., 1844, m. 18 Aug., 1864, James Warren 
Mitchell, and d. 8 Apr., 1873. Children: 

i) Edith Faxon, b. 1866. 2) Nathan, b. 1868. 3) Charles Frye, b. 28 
Mar., 1873. 

28H James Lane and Descendants. 

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. 5 Mar., 1846, m. 6 June, 1871, Melvin Adams. 
Children : 

i) Mary Elizabeth, b. 31 Mar., 1874. 2) Louise, b. 23 Aug., 1876. 
Child by second marriage : 

3. Francis Henry, b. 15 Nov., 1857, m. 27 July, 1882, Mary Florence 
Clark, Children : 

i) Frank Edwin, b. 6 Apr., 1883, d. 18 May, 1883. 2) Frank Clark, b. 
6 June, 1884. 3) Charles Harper, b. 26 Feb., 1886. 4) Walter Joseph, b. 
5 Nov., 1888. 5) Marion Louise, b. i Jan., 1896. 

in. William, b. Salem, 29 Apr., 1822, mason and contractor, 
assistant inspector of buildings for the city of Boston, Mar. 6, 1873, 
to his death, 4 Sept., 1895. He m. Sept., 1849, ^^ Philadelphia, 
Ann Jane Birnie; she b. New York, 30 Aug., 1825, and d. in 
Roxbury, Mass., 5 July, 1890. He was a member of Washington 
Lodge of Masons, Roxbury, and was buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery, 
Boston. Children : 

1. Mary Lane, b. Philadelphia, 17 Mar., 1 85 1, and resided in Roxbury, 

2. George Birnie, b. Millburn, 111., 27 Apr., 1855, m. Sept., 1890, 
Rebecca Eleanor Robinson, of St. Louis, and lives in the West. 

IV. Francis Henry, b. Boston, 31 Aug., 1827, d. unm. 24 
Sept., 1846, buried in Dorchester, North Cemetery. 


JOSEPH WARREN LEWIS, 1 784-1844, was born 20 Sept., 
1784, of the famous Lewis family of Boston, Mass., ship-masters 
and sailors. He became a wealthy merchant in the city and d. of 
apoplexy, 11 May, 1844. He m. i May, 1808, NANCY or ANN 
LANE'^^ (Levi\ Josiah', James"', John-, James') ; she b. in Boston, 
21 June, 1786, and d. in Bristol, R. I., 13 July, 1856. 

Children : 

I. Joseph Henry, b. 7 Feb., 1809, d. Dec, 1813. 

136. TT. Julia Ann, b. 20 Mar., 181 1, m. Charles Frederick 

HI. Caroline Louisa, b. Boston, 18 Feb., 181 3, d. Bristol, 8 
Dec, 1865. 






7 . 


Family Eighty-Two. 289 

IV. Elizabeth Greenough, b. Boston, 25 Nov., 181 5, d. 21 
Nov., 1878. 

V. Mary Winslow, b. 25 Mar., 181 7, m. George Cartwright; 
soon divorced and living in Bristol, 1897. 


SAMUEL RICHARDS, 1 805-1 880, was born Oxford, Me., 2 
June, 1805, and d. 10 Oct., 1880, son of Tristram, a soldier of the 
Revolution at Ticonderoga, and his wife, Abigail (York) Richards, 
and grandson of John, 2d, and his wife, Abigail (Miles) Richards 
of Boston and Newbury, Mass. He m. 16 Jan., 1829, MARY 
LANE^^ (Francis^ Josiah^, James-^ John-, James'), 1792-1865; 
she b. North Yarmouth, Me., 7 Jan., 1792, and d. 31 Oct., 1865. 
They resided in Oxford, Me., and in Paris, Me., and were buried 
in the Fore street cemetery at Oxford. 

Children : 

I. Tristr.\m, b. 13 Mar., 1830, m. i Mar., 1857, Harriet Pike 
of Oxford, Me., and d. at South Paris, Me., in the early part of 

n. Samuel, Jr., b. 30 July, 1832, served three years' appren- 
ticeship at watchmaking with Simeon AValton of Paris, Me., and 
established himself as optician, watchmaker and jeweller at South 
Paris, Me., in 1856. He has become the most experienced practi- 
cal optician in Oxford Co., and the only one who has earned four 
diplomas and the highest honors of the Optical Colleges. He has 
taken a deep interest in genealogical studies and done much to re- 
cover the history of his ancestors and kindred. He affirms : ''It 
is but just to say that, from all my researches and intimate ac- 
quaintance with the children of Francis Lane, the soldier of Bunker 
Hill, I have found no stain upon the character of any. May we, 
their descendants, while we revere their memory, be careful .... 
to enter the narrow gate through which our Puritan ancestors have 
already passed to receive their reward." 

290 James Lane and Descendanis. 

Dr. Richards m. 5 Feb., 1862, Susan Dearborn; she b. 2 Jan., 
1840, dau. of Edmund and Ahiiira (Cobb) Dearborn of Bridgton, 
Me. Their children born in South Paris : 

1. Flora May, b. 17 Nov., 1862. 

2. Wilson Lane, b. 24 May, 1865. 

3. Susan Almira, b. 1 1 July, 1867. 


AMMI RUHAMAH LANE6 (Francis^, Josiah^, James3, John2, 
James^), 1794-1863, b. North Yarmouth, Me., 7 Mar., 1794, was 
named for Rev. Ammi Ruhamah Cutter, first minister of North 
Yarmouth, 1 730-1 735. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and 
Aroostook war, so called. He bought land in Minot, Me., of 
Francis Lane, for $330, Mar. 20, 1815, and sold 50 acres of land 
in Minot, to Francis Lane, for $T,T,Ti, Feb. 20, 181 7. Mr. Lane m. 
21 Dec, 1824, ELIZA WHITEHOUSE of Oxford, Me. He re- 
sided in Minot, Oxford and South Paris, Me. He d. at South 
Paris, 16 June, 1863, ae. 69 yrs., 3 ms ,9 ds., a gentle, sympathetic, 
worthy man. His widow, b. 18 Oct., 1809, received a life pension 
for his service as a soldier and d. 18 Jan., 1884, ae. 74 1-4 years. 

Their children : 

L Zenas", b. 10 Nov., 1825, m. Judith Safford, and resided at 
North Turner Bridge, Me. Mr. and Mrs. Lane made a very 
pleasant visiting trip to brothers, sisters and friends in Massachu- 
setts, in the spring of 1883. Willie F. Young was appointed ad- 
ministrator on the estate of Zenas Lane of Turner, March, 1892. 

n, Betsey G.~, b. 4 July, 1827, m. Samuel Rogers, a merchant 
residing Attleborough, Woburn and Taunton, Mass. Their children : 

I. Delia, b. 1849, m. 2. Edunn F., b. 1851, m, 3. Clara, b. 
1853, m. 4. Cora Elizabeth, b. 1855, m. and lived at Mt. Sterling, 111. 
5 and 6. Son and Daughter, twins, b. 1857, d. 

HL Oilman G.~, b. Oxford, Me., 26 Dec, 1829, at one time 
engaged in extensive building operations in Cambridge, Mass. In 
1868, he moved to Woodsford Corner, Deering, Me., where he 
continued his business of building and was party to transfer of real 


Family Eichty.-Four. 291 

estate, 1868-1870. He built many of the handsomest residences 
in that part of Portland, iSIe., and was twice selectman of the old 
town of Deering. He m. Mary Guptill, and d. Feb., 1900, ae. 70 
years. Children : 

I. Bion R}, of the firm of John W. Perkins & Co., Portland, Me. 2. 


IV. America^, b. 22 Nov., 1831, m. Eliza A. Fuller, and res. 
Union, N. H. 

V. Philenah G.~, b. 26 Dec, 1836, m. Alonzo Palmer, in em- 
ploy of the Old Colony railroad ; res. Quincy, Mass., 

VI. Am.mi Franklin^, b. 2 Apr., 1843, sometimes known as 
"Frank A.," m. Mary Knight; res. Topeka, Kan. 

VII. Frances Ann", b. i July, 1845, "^' Enoch E. Hall, a 
trader ; res. Quincy, Mass. 

VIII. Oscar G."^, b. 11 Oct., 1855, m. Nelly Talbert; res. 
Quincy and Dorchester, Mass. 


MARK LANE'"' (Mark'', Josiah^, James^, John-, James^), 1804- 
189 1, b. Gloucester, Mass., 28 June, 1804, lived when a boy with 
his grandmother Abigail, who had m. "Joseph Caffareen the school- 
master," sea captain, res. Gloucester, Mass. He was a bright man 
and well remembered his "uncle Frank," Capt. Francis Lane, "who 
used to come from Maine to Gloucester in the fall of the year to 
get pollock to carry home." He m. 24 Dec, 1827, by Rev. Ezra 
Learned, CLEMENTINA YOUNG; she b. 20 Dec, 1805, dau. 
of William and Olive (Woodbury) Young. 

"A smart Old Couple. Capt. Mark Lane 82 years of age and wife 81 years 
of age were lately seen walking through Proctor's House Paper Gallery."- — 
Cape Ann Advertiser ^ 1886. 

Capt. Lane d. 25 Apr., 1891, 20,. ^6 yrs., 9 ms., 27 ds. Mrs. 
Lane d. 5 Jan., 1S96, ae. 91 yrs., 15 ds. 

292 James Lane and Descendants. 

Children : 

I. Mark, Jr."^, b. Gloucester, i8 Nov., 1828, not m., d. 20 June, 

II. Clementina', b. 13 Oct., 1830, m. 16 July, 1848, by Rev. 
Josiah K. Waite, Richard W. Ricker, a stone cutter and widower, 
ae. 27 years, son of Levi and Eliza Ricker of Sanford, Me. She d. 
31 Jan., 1856. 

III. Oscar", b. 7 July, 1833, d. 18 Aug., 1833. 

IV. Andrew Jackson", b. 15 Mar., 1835, d. 16 Mar., 1836. 

V. FiTZ~, b. 3 Oct., 1837, d. 25 Feb., 1838. 

VI. Ora Anna"^, b. 25 June, 1839, m. 17 Jan., 1864, by Rev. 
W. C. High, Walter H. Small; he mariner, b. 8 Sept., 1833, son 
of John and Susan (Thurston) Small of Deer Island, Me. 

VII. Victoria", b. 20 Mar., 1842, d. 20 Jan., 1846. 

VIII. William Henry"', b. 17, bap. 22 Sept., 1845, ^- 25 Oct., 
1877, ^- 32 years. Buried at Oak Grove, Gloucester. 


GEORGE WASHINGTON LANE^ (Mark^, Josiah-*, James^ 
John-, James'), 181 2-1 894, b. Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 181 2, 
fish merchant at Annisquam, representative for Gloucester in Mas- 
sachusetts Legislature, 1833, subscriber to Hampton Lane monu- 
ment, 1886; m. 15 Dec, 1835, TAMAZINE THURSTON; she 
b. Waltham, Mass., dau. of Nathaniel and Eliza (Gee) Thurston. 
She d. 4 Mar., 1892, ae. 75 yrs., 4 ms., 24 ds. He d. 7 Mar., 
1894, je. 81 yrs., 13 ds. They are buried at Locust Grove, Lanes- 
ville, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Nancy", b. about 1837, m. 25 Sept., 1858, by Rev. F. N. 
Peloubet, Thaddeus Wheeler ; he mariner, b. Rockport, Mass., 
about 1826, son of David and Mary Wheeler. 

II. George \V., Jr.', b. about 1839, "lariner, m. 13 Nov., 1870, 


Family Eighty- Six. 293 

by Calvin W. Poole, Justice of the Peace, Hannah Geyer of Rock- 
port, Mass.; she b. about 1846, in Bristol, Me., dau. of Charles 
and Jane Geyer of Maine. He d. Danvers, Mass., 11 Sept., 1894, 
ge. 55 yrs., 9 ms., 27 ds. Child: 

I. Charles^, b. 13 May, 1 87 1. 

HI. Tam.\zena", b. about 1841, m. 9 Sept., 1861, by Rev. I. C. 
Thacher, Albert Story; he b. Rockport, about 1838, son of John 
and Abigail Story. 

IV. Frederick T.~, b. about 1845, mariner, m. 27 Oct., 1878, 
by Rev. George E. Sanderson, Christie A. Sutherend ; she b. 
Cape Breton, about 1852, dau. of David and Annie (Stewart) 

V. Daughter', b. 25 Nov., 1846. 

VI. Mary Ellen^, b. 7 Apr., 1851, m. 29 July, 1879, by Rev. 
George E. Sanderson, George C. McKenzie ; he b. Valesville, 
Conn., son of William and Temperance (Hall) McKenzie. 


JOHN LAXE« (David■^•^ John^-2, James^), 1774-1824, b. 
Lanesville, Mass., bap. Annisquam, 21 Aug., 1774, a mariner of 
Gloucester, Mass. He ent. int. of m. 14 Nov., and m. 3 Dec, 
1795, by* Rev. Eh Forbes, ESTHER WHITE. He d. 27 Feb., 

1824, ae. 49 years, leaving widow, Esther, and children. 

Administration on his estate was granted to Samuel Lane, Esq., 18 Jan., 

1825. Inventory returned, 3 Feb., 1825, included "one-third of the schooner 
Rainbow," and one-half of a pew in Annisquam meeting-house. Esther 
Lane, widow, received allowance from the estate, 15 Feb., 1825, for which 
she gave a receipt, 30 Aug., 1830. Account of administration was allowed 2 
Nov., 1830. 

Upon the settlement of the estate of their grandfather, Capt. David Lane, 
three sons were placed under the guardianship of their mother, 22 Apr., 1 831, 
viz., Henry W. Lane, age 20, Charles H. Lane, age 16, and Thomas L. Lane, 
age 14. Appraisers were appointed, 3 May, 1831; inventory taken 12 Dec, 
1831, and returned 10 Apr., 1832. The estate of each of the three sons in- 

294 James Lane and Descend.^nts. 

eluded "one undivided eighth part of his deceased father's share of the real 
estate of David Lane deceased." — Essex Co. Recojui. 

Esther, widow of John Lane, d. 27 June, 1853, se. 78 years. 

"Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord." 

— Tombstone. 
Children : 

L Esther'', m. 17 Nov., 1816, by Rev. Ezra Learned, Joseph 
Bailey, Jr. ' 

n. Peleg", m. 31 July, 181 7, Thomas T. Low. 

II L Martha", m. Andrew H. Langsford. 

IV. Eliza W.^, m. 14 Nov., 1822, David Donxahue. 

V. John', m. Miss Munsey of Gilford, N. H. A son who served 
in the Civil War was accidentally shot after the war in GilTord. 

137. VI. Henry White"^, b. 1811, m. Louisa Sanders. 

VII. Charles Hodgkins", undertaker, Lanesville, Mass., ent. 
int. of m. 2, and was pub. 8 Nov., 1840, with Eliza Gould; she 
b. Boxford, Mass., dau. of John and Polly (Prince) Gould. He 
d. 23 Jan., 1872, ae. 57 yrs., 4 ms., 17 ds." She d. his widow, 4 
Nov., 1887, ae. ^■^^ yrs., 4 ms., 25 ds. No children. 

VIII. Thomas Low", b. 181 7, unni. 


DAVID LANF/' (David■-^ John^-^, James'), 1776-1833, b. 
Lanesville, Mass., 3 July, 1776, bap. 14 July, 1776, mariner, 
admitted to the church, 21 June, 1800; ent. int., 23 Dec, 1797, 
and m. 24 Jan., 1798, by Rev. Daniel Fuller, ABIGAIL LANE-^ 
(Solomon^, Joseph^, John-, James') ; she bap. 25 Mar., 1779, and 
d. 22 Feb., 1812, ae. 32 yrs., 10 ms., 10 ds. 

"Free froru this world of noise and strife, 
She's present with the Lord; 
The labour of a mortal life 
Ends in a large reward." 

— Family Record. 

Family Eighty-Sevfn. 295 

Mr. Lane m. second, i8 Jan., 1814, MARY COOK, m. n. Gott, 
dau. of James and Lucy. He d. 15 May, 1833, ae. 57 years. 

Administration on his estate was granted to Samuel Lane, Esq., Aug. 4, 
1835; Gideon Lane, Jr., was an appraiser; inventory presented, Aug. 31, 
1835. Mary Lane, widow, "having four children with her," was granted 
allowance, Sept. i, 1835. She d. 4 May, 1868, ce. 75 yrs., 5 ms., 4 ds. — 
Essex Co. IVills. 

It used to be said of David, Epes and Joseph Lane: "Better man never 
lived, but never men had more vixenish wives." 

Sixteen children : 

L Abigail", b. 20 June, bap. 27 Oct., 1799, m. 17 Oct., 181 6, 
by Rev. Ezra Learned, William Dadk, and d. 26 Aug., 1825. 

IL David", b. 20 July, 1801, d. 19 Aug., 1801. 

IIL Adk:linf7, b. 21 July, 1803, m. 3 Dec, 1825, by Rev. Ezra 
Learned, David Story, and had : 

I. Adeline. 2. Mary. 3. Ellen. 4. Son. 

IV. Eveline"^, b. 14 June, 1805, d. 3 Oct., 1806. 

V. Daughter", b. 15 Oct., 1806, d. same day. 
VL S(^N~, b. 15 Sept., 1809, d. 21 Sept., 1809. 
\l\. Twin Sons", b. 3 Aug., 1810; one d. same day. 
VIIL The Other, d. 5 Apr., 181 1. 

By second marriage : 

138. IX. David", b. 10 Oct., 1814, m. Mary P. Allen. 
X. Child", d. Aug., 181 7, se. about 8 months. 

139. XL James Monroe", b. 22 June, 18 19, m. Elizabeth 
Harvey and Lucretia R. Hodgkins. 

XII. Child", b. 17 Aug., 182 1, d 24 Aug., 1821. 

XIII. Eveline", b. 17 Aug., 1822, m. Andrew Riggs, and had: 
I. Augusta. 2. Elizabeth. 3. Maria. 4. Mary. 

140. XIV. John', b. 6 Dec, 1824, m. Mary Ann Figgies. 

XV. Abigail", b. 21 July, 1828, ent. int., 15 Mar., and m. 6 
Apr., [844, by Rev. Maxy B. Newell, Daniel Broughton Hodg- 
kins of Annisquam, miller, and had : 

I. Daniel Greenleaf. 2, David. 3. Elizabeth Abby . 4. Rufus Choate. 
5. Arianna. 6. Edioard. 7. Hoioard Adams. 8. Anna Mary, b. 4 
Apr., 1 86 1. 9. Everett Nelson. 

29r) James Lane and Descendants. 

XVI. George Washington", b. i July, 1835, m. Annie E. Riggs, 
and d. 2 June, 1859, ae. 23 yrs., 11 ms. Daughter. 
I. A}in EJ^, b. 29 Aug., d. 22 Sept., 1859, ?e, 21 days. 


EPES LANE6 (David5-4, John^-^, Jamesi), 1778-1860, b. Lanes- 
ville, Mass., 10 Apr., bap. Annisquam, 19 Apr., 1778, and admitted 
to the Third church, 10 June, 1801. The firm of Epes and Samuel 
Lane, traders, Gloucester, Mass., had claims against the estate of 
Zacheus Lane, 1824, and against their father's estate, 1831. 

Epes Lane ent. int. of m. 8 Feb., and m. 11 Mar., 1800, SU- 
SANNA YOL^NG, a sister of Daniel Young, who m. his sister, Han- 
nah Lane. She was bap. and d. 5 Sept., 181 1. He m. second, 
July, 181 2, SALLY HUMPHREY WOODBURY; she was dau. of 
James and Fanny (Pierce) Woodbury, and d. 14 Nov., 1888, ae. 
95 years. He d. of influenza only three days sick, 18 Feb., i860, 
ae. 81 yrs., 10 ms. 

Children : 

L ^LARV~, b. 18 Mar., bap. 29 Aug., 1801, m. 3 Dec, 1825, 
MoNTfiOMERY ROBERTS, and had : 

I. A/ace. 2. Epes. 3. Hoiuard. 4. Gilbert. 5. Everett. 6. 

141. H. David", b. 17 Dec, 1802, m. Hannah Lane. 

142. HL Epes"^, b. 2 Oct., 1804, bap. 28 Apr., 1805, m. 
I\L\RV Adaline Story. 

IV. Susan Ann"^, b. i June, 1807, m. 7 Dec, 1823, and d. 8 
Jan., 1847, ae. 39 yrs., 7 ms., 6 ds. Their son, Warren Basseit, 
was a LTiiversalist minister at Annisquam, Mass. 

143. V. James Sawyer", b. i i June, 1809, bap. 9 July, 1810, 
m. Sarah Pool. 

By second marriage. 

144. VL William"^, b. 18 Apr., 1813, m. >L\rgaret Knowl- 


VH. Child", stillborn, 19 Feb., 18 16. 

Family Eighty- Eihht. 21)7 

145. VIII. Augustus", b. 31 May, bap. 10 Nov., 181 7, m. 
Abigail Dodd. 

IX. Sarah Ann", b. i Aug., 181 8, bap. i June, 1819, m. War- 
ren Sargent, and had : 

I. Alphonso. 2. Warren. 3. Samuel, d. young. 

X. Julia", b. 23 Sept., 1820, d. 7 Mar., 1821. 

XI. Elizabeth", b. 9 Sept., 1822, bap. 7 Dec, 1823, m. 16 
Apr., 1839, Horatio Gates Merchant-^ (Jabez"*--^, Daniel-, Jabez^). 
He was b. 181 7, and d. of consumption, 1854. She d. 17 Aug., 
1858. Their children : 

I. Thovias, b. 1841. 2. Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1842. 3. John, b. 1844. 
4. James IVoodly, b. 1846. 5, Horace iMann, b. 1848. 6. Son. 7. 
David, b. 1853. 

XII. Child^, b. 23 Mar., 1825, d. 26 Mar., 1825. 

XIII. Otis", b. 9 Jan., 1826, d. unm. 21 Mar., 1847, se. 21 yrs., 
2 ms., 10 ds. 

"Rest thou in peace. Life's toil is o'er. 
Its joys, its sorrows are no more." 

— Tombstone. 

XIV. Warren''', b. 9 May, 1829, mariner, one of the members 
of the Universalist parish of Lanesville at its organization about 
1876. He m. 13 June, 1857, Susan F. Cheeney, who d. 18 Feb., 
1893, ?e. 67 yrs., 9 ms., 27 ds., dau. of Isaac and Susan (Swallow) 
Cheeney of Dunstable, Mass. Their son : 

I. Arthur /F.^, b. I Oct., 1859, mason, m. 13 Mar., 1883, by Rev. John 
Peterson, Mary E. Jones; she b. about 1862, dau. of Samuel and Lucy E. 
(Younger) Jones of Gloucester, Mass., and had-: 

I) Willie 0.», b. 7 July, 1884. 

XV. Alphonso^, b. 6 July, 1833, ^^'hile furling jib was washed 
off the bowsprit and drowned, near Cape Cod. 

146. XVI. Sylvanus Cobb", b. 23 July, 1834, m. Marie 

XVII. Horace C.~, a jeweller in Gloucester, sold his business to 
Everett H. Lane of Rockport, Mass. 

298 James I.ane and Descendants. 


Hon. SAMUEL LANE^ (DavicP-^ John^-s, Jamesi), 094-1873, 
b. Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., 27 Apr., 1894, a prominent 
citizen of Gloucester, Mass., and afterwards of Chelsea, Mass. 

Samuel Lane, Esq., was attorney for Rebekah Lane in the settlement of the 
estate of Zacheus Lane in 1823, and the trade firm of Epes and Samuel Lane, 
Gloucester, brought claims against Zacheus Lane's estate in 1824, and against 
their father's estate in 183 1. He administered on the estates of John Lane 
and of Gideon Lane, Jr., in 1825, and on his father Capt. David Lane's estate, 
1826-1831. He was selectman of Gloucester, 1825, 1834, representative 
1828 to 1832, and subsequently senator from Essex County. When in 1831, 
the pews were sold in the Annisquam church edifice, Samuel Lane bid off 
the second choice, and selected an undesirable corner pew on the left of the 
pulpit. He was executor of the will of Aaron Lane in 1833, and administra- 
tor of estate of David Lane, in 1835. When the Sunday school was or- 
ganized at Annisquam in 1836, he was the first superintendent. He removed 
to Chelsea, Mass., in 1841, and was a number of years in the Boston Custom 

Hon. Samuel Lane, m. first, 10 Sept., t8i6, by Rev. Ezra 
Learned, SALLY WILCOME HARRIDEN, m. second, by Rev. 
Benjamin H. Clark, 7 >Lay, 1848, Mrs. MARTHA (Story) DEN- 
NISON ; she b. about 1804, dau. of James and Sally Story. He 
d. at Chelsea, Mass., 29 Mar., 1873, in his 8oth year. She d. at 
Newton, Mass., 7 Oct., 1897, se. 93 yrs., 10 ms,, 24 ds. 

Children : 

L Theresa Burnham"^, b. 30 >Lir., 181 8, d. 30 July, 1820. 

n. Theresa Burnham", b. i July, 1820, m. Mr. Willis of 
Chelsea, Mass. 

HL Rachel", b. 29 Mar., 1822, d. 23 Dec, 1824. 

IV. Samuel Adams'^, b. 4 .^ug., 1828, d. in minority, unm. 

V. Edward Hh-l", b. 3 Oct., 1830, not m. 

VL Sarah .A.ugusta', b. 12 July, 1833, m. first, Qulmby; 

m. second, Warren Poole of Wakefield, Mass. 

Family Ninety- One. 299 


JOSEPH LANE, sd.e (Calebs Joseph^-^ John^, James'), 
1 787-1827, b. Annisquam, Mass., i May, 1787, m. 18 Dec, 1808, 
by Rev. Ezra Learned, LUCY ANN GOTT, dau. of James and 
Lucy Gott, and sister of David Lane's^ second wife, (David^-'*, 
John^--, James'). He was buried 8 Jan., 1827, ae. about 38 years. 
'She d. 17 Apr., 1864, ae. 74 yrs., 9 ms. 

Children : 

L Joseph^, b. 1813, fisherman, res. Dedham, Mass., m. 22 Apr., 
1858, by Rev. S. E. Pierce, ^L\RGARE'IT Albright or Albride ; she 
b. Weymouth, N. S., 1829, and d. 16 May, 1864, ae. ;^;^ yrs., 8 
ms., dau. of Henry and Rachel Albride. He d. 15 Aug., 1881, ae. 
68 years. Buried at Mount Adnah, Annisquam. Children : 

1. Hem-y lVilso?i^, b. 1850, d. unm. 9 Jan., 1886, x. 26 yrs., 7 ms., 16 ds. 

2. Eugenia^, b. 24 July, 1861, m. 6 May, 18S6, by Rev. James W. Hig- 
gins, Saffiuel A. Elwelh, he paving cutter, b. Gloucester, Mass., about 1854, 
son of Fitz and Caroline (Robinson) Elwell. 

3. Ernest J}^ b. 1864, m. Margaret Conness, and d. 8 May, 1896, ae. 32 
yrs., 3 ms., 20 ds. 

H. Aaron''', b. 1815, mariner, m. first, 25 Aug., 1845, by Rev. 
Joseph A. Bartlett, Harriet G. Norwood, dau. of Charles Nor- 
wood of Gloucester, who d. 10 Apr., 1862, ae. 39 yrs., 2 ms., m. 
second, 29 Oct., 1864, by Rev. S. Chapin, Mrs. MAR(iARET A. C. 
Throp; she b. Boston, >Liss., dau. of Ezekiel and Nancy Cushing. 
He d. at Bay View, Gloucester, 19 Aug., 1884, ae. 68 yrs., 3 ms. 
Mrs. Lane m. third, 29 Apr., 1886, her age 45, by Rev. J. J. 
Lewis, Albert Davis; he carpenter, b. Gloucester, age 52, his first 
m., son of George and Lydia (Phipps) Davis. 

HL Martha Washington", at the age of 22 yrs., m. 7 Apr., 
1849, by Rev. W. S. Clarke, John Rk^gs, Jr.; his age'28 yrs., son 
of John and Alice Riggs. Children : 

I George. 2. Alice. 


WILLL\M SAVILLE LANE« (Calebs Joseph^-s, John"-^, 
James^), 1 791-1837, b. Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 5 Sept., 

300 James Lane and Descendants. 

bap. 6 Nov., 1 791, m. 19 Nov., 181 8, by Rev. Ezra Learned, 
SALLY TARR. He was lost at sea, Apr. 24, 1837. 
Children born in Gloucester : 

L Willlam", b. 19 Aug., 1820. 

n. George^, b. 20 Aug., 1823. 

in. Sarah''', b. 12 Feb., 1827. 

IV. Frederick T.~, b. 30 Jan., 1830, mariner, m. 30 Jan., 1853, 
by William Poole, Esq., Justice of the Peace, Jane B. Webster ; 
she b. Rockport, Mass., about 1835, dau. of George and Sarah 
Webster. He d. 8 Sept., 1869, at Peek's Island, Me., ae. t^S yrs., 
8 ms. 


THEODORE LANE« (Calebs Joseph^-^ John2, Jamesi), 
1 808-1 885, b. Annisquam, Mass., 24 Jan., 1808, mariner, had 
wife, CLARISSA LOWE STEELE; she b. 21 Sept., 1816. They 
celebrated their golden wedding about 1880, at 3 School street, 
Gloucester. He d. i Sept., 1885, ae. 77 yrs., 7 ms., 7 ds., leaving 
her a widow. Monument at Oak Grove, Gloucester. 

Children : 

I. Theodore, Jr.~, b. 12 Mar., 1834, d. 26 Mar., 1836. 

II. Clarissa", b. 24 Apr., 1836, d. 25 June, 1836. 

III. Clarissa", b. 4 Oct., 1837. 

IV. Edwin Lewis", b. 23 Aug., 1840, carpenter, chief engineer 

of Gloucester fire department, m. 27 July, 1864, by Rev. G. W. 

Skinner, Mary S. James; she b. about 1843, dau. of George and 

Fanny James. Their son : 

I. Ilertnan Z.^, b. about 1865, clerk, m. 24 Dec. 1889, by Rev. W. H. 
Rider, Addie L. Sicain; she b. about 1863, dau. of Isaac and Susan J. 
(Stewart) Swain of Nova Scotia. 

V. Lavinia", b. 13 Aug., 1843, d. 9 Oct., 1857, ae. 14 yrs., i 
mo., 23 ds. 

VI. Herman", b. 27 Mar., 1847, drowned near Laker's Island, 
5 May, 1864, ae. I 7 yrs., 2 ms., 8 ds. 

Family Ninety-I^hree. 301 

VII. Adeline*, b. 25 July, 1848, d. 28 Sept., 1848. 

VIII. Izeite'', b. I Jan., 1854, d. 23 Aug., 1854,26. 7 ms., 23 ds. 

IX. Clara M.", b. 29 Noy., 1856* d. 20 Oct., 1857, ?e. 10 ms., 
21 ds. 

X. Cyrus Ed\yard~, b. 13 Xoy., i860. 


GIDEON LANEfi (Gideon^ Joseph^-^, John^ James») 1798- 
1875, ^- Annisquam, Mass., 10 Dec, 1798, bap. 3 July, 1799, m.  
2 May, 1822, by Rev. E. Learned, ABIGAIL GOTT, and d. in 
Gloucester, 25 Dec, 1875, ^- 7 7 Y^^v 15 (^s. She d. 30 Xoy., 
1877, se. 77 yrs., 8 ms., 4 ds. They were buried at Clark's Yard, 

Children : 

I. Adigail"^, b. 28 Dec, 1822, m. 2 Nov., 1845, by Rev. Josiah 
K. Waite, William C. Douglass, son of Jonathan and Sarah Doug- 
lass of Gloucester. 

II. Elizabeth Ann", b. 28 Dec, 1822. 

III. Elizabeth Ann'', b. 24 Sept., 1824, m. 27 Apr., 1846, by 
Rev. Josiah K. Waite, Thomas, son of Jeremiah Coos. They had : 

I. Mary .1)1)1, b. i Mar., 1847. 

IV. Ellen Frances", b. 9 Dec, 1828. 

V. Edward"^, b. 19 July, 1832, shipman, m. 10 Mar., 1857, by 
Rev. X. A. Soule, Susan D. Seayey, who d. 23 June, 1885, se. 52 
yrs., 4 ms., 20 ds., dau. of Moses P. and Leonora D. Seavey of 
Chelmsford, Mass. They had : 

I. Echua)-d Fra}icis^, b. 27 Oct., 1859, in trade, Gloucester. 

VI. Lucy Lowe", b. 13 Aug., 1834, m. 17 Nov., 1853, by Rev. 
A. D. Mayo, Epes M. Parkhurst; he b. about 1828, son of Hugh 
and Mary /\nn Parkhurst of Gloucester. 

VII. Amelia Beach", b. 8 Sept., 1837, m. 24 Apr., 1859, by 
Rev. Nathan A. Soule, John J. Hadley; he b. about 1837, at 
Guysboro, N. S., son of George and Elizabeth Hadley. 

302 James Lane and Descendants. 


SAMUEL ROBINSON LA"NE*5 (Gideon^ Joseph^-s, John^ 
James'), 1806-1881, b. Annisquam, Mass., 6 June, 1806, res. 
Gloucester, Mass., m. MARTHA WATSON ; she b. Gloucester, 
25 July, 1 81 5, dau. of George and Martha (Friend) Watson. Mr. 
Lane d. 12 Sept., 1881, ae. 75 yrs., 3 ms. Mrs. Lane d. 18 June, 
1882, ae. 66 yrs., 10 ms., 24 ds. Monument in Lot 436, Oak 
Grove cemetery, Gloucester. "Mrs. Lane leaves two adult sons, 
three married daughters and a wide circle of relatives and friends 
to treasure pleasant memories of her well spent life." 

Children : 

L Martha Ann"^, b. 20 Nov., 1834, m. 30 Nov., 1858, by Rev. 
W. R. Mellen, William S. Wonson; he trader of Gloucester, b. 
about 1828, son of Samuel and Eliza Wonson, his second marriage. 

IL Eleanor Watson^, b. 12 Dec, 1836, m. 4 June, 1856, by 
Rev. Robert P. Rogers, Edward L. Rowe ; he b. about 1833, sail- 
maker, son of James and Parmelia Rowe of Gloucester. Children : 

1. Son, d. 36. 2 yrs., ii ms., 21 ds. 

2. Daughter, d. se. 2 yrs., i mo., 3 ds. 

3. Daughter, d. s. lO ms., 27 ds. 

II L Amanda', b. 9 July, 1839, m. 13 Apr., 1876, by Rev. 
Richard Eddy, Solomon F. Root ; he merchant of Hinsdale, Mass., 
age 49, second marriage ; b. Middlefield, Mass., son of Solomon 
and Laura (Mack) Root. 

IV. Samuel", b. 27 July, 1S41, fish merchant, firm Samuel Lane 
& Brother, Gloucester, m. 26 Dec, 1875, by Rev. Richard Eddy, 
Caroline E. Wttham ; she b. Gloucester, 8 June, 1846, d. 20 May, 
1896, ae. 49 yrs., 11 ms., 12 ds., dau. of Edward and Jane (White) 
Witham. ' Children : 

1, Samuel R.^, b. 24 Sept., 1876. 

2. Edward /F.-, b. 24 Dec, 1879, d. 3 Aug., 1880, ?e. 7 ms., 10 ds. 

V. George E.''', b. about 1844, merchant of Gloucester, m. 11 
July, 1883, by Rev. Robert P. Rogers, Lucy Thurston' (Nathan- 
ieF'-\ Daniel^, Joseph^--, Daniel'); she b. 11 July, 1848, d. 10 
May, 1887, ae. 38 yrs., 10 ms. 

Family Nineiv-Six. 808 


DAVID SAVILLE LANE'^ (Caleb-^ Josephs, John^, Jamesi), 
bap. June, 1807, at Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., m. 18 Apr., 
1830, by Rev. E. Learned, ELIZA ANN ELWELL. 

Children : 

I. Harriet Augusta", b. 9 Dec, 1831. 

II. Leonard Whalen"^, b. 3 June, 1834. 
HI. Mary Axn^, b. 25 Apr., 1837. 

IV. David", b. 14 Dec, 1841, d. 25 May, 1844, ae. 2 yrs., 5 
ms., II ds. 

V. David", mariner, drowned at sea from on board schooner 
"General Butler," i^ May, 1868, ae. 24 years. 


LAZARUS LANEfi (Caleb^^-', Joseph^, John^, James^), bap. 
Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 13 Aug., 1809. He settled in 
Gloucester, and had wife, RUTH . 

Children : 

I. Elizabeth A.', b. 1832, m. 25 Oct., 1850, by Rev. A. D. 
Mayo, Alfred A. Burnham ; he b. about 1825, son of Gorham 
and Sally Burnham of Gloucester, Mass. 

II. George W.", b. about 1834, shipmaster and soldier, enlisted 
in Co. D, First N. H. Volunteer Cavalry, Feb. 21, 1865, credited 
to Guilford, N. H., mustered out, July 15, 1865. He m. 19 Nov., 
1858, by Rev. Samuel A. Gushing, Ann Elizabeth Andrews; she 
b. Guysboro, N. S., about 1837, dau. of Isaac Andrews. Their 
children : 

1. Anna E,"^, b. 29 Aug., 1859. 

2. Anna^, b. 14 Sept., i860, m. 28 May, 1879, by Rev. N. H. Martin, 
Charles W . Middlcton; he confectioner, b. about 1 862, son of Watson and 
Elizabeth (Allen) Middleton of Gloucester. 

3. Josephine^, b. I Nov., 1 865. 

4. Ilattie Mr, b. about 1868, m. 20 Mar., 1887, Addison G. Stanwood ; 
he clerk, b. about 1869, son of David W. and Martha A. (Jewett) Stanwood. 

5. Jennie IV.\ b. 22 Feb., 1870, m. 19 Oct., 1887, by Rev. W. H. Rider, 

304 James Lane and Descendants. 

John E. Staiiwood', he b. about 1864, son of John J. and Judith M. (Ober) 
Stanwood of Gloucester. 

6. Frederick G.^, d. 23 May, 1876, x. 2 yrs., 6 ms., 25 ds. 

7. AW//f J/.^, b. 8 Oct., 1876, m. 21 Nov., 1894, by Rev. George O. 
Crosby, Benjamin F. Ttuker ; he b. about 1873, son of John F. and Hen- 
rietta (Daggett) Tucker of Gloucester. 

8. Willis H}, d. 14 May, 1881, ae. 2 yrs., 4 ms., 25 ds. 

III. xA.ugusta~, b. about 1837, m. 9 Dec, 1856, by Rev. Robert 
P. Rogers, Frederick Grossman of Weymouth, N. S. 

IV. Joseph W? , b. about 1841, seaman U. S. Navy, enlisted at 
Portsmouth, N. H., June 22, 1861, served on U. S. S. ''Ohio" and 
"Circassian," discharged from receiving ship, N. Y. city, June 10, 
1865. He m. 7 June, 1866, by Rev. Mr. Lacount, Clara L. 
Chandler; she b. Portsmouth, N. H., about 1849, <^^u- o^ John 
and Mahala (Rae) Chandler. He was drowned at the Georges, 
Feb., 1879. She m. second, 30 Oct., 1882, Horace F., son of 
William and Martha (Hodgkins) Wilson. Lane children : 

1. Feuben^, b. 30 Nov., 1869. 

2. Abbv W.^ V : , T 1 o 

3. George B.' [ twins, b. 10 July, 1872. 

4. Abfy^, d. 26 Aug., 1876, i^. 4 ms., I dy. 


GYRUS LANE6 (Zacheus\ Caleb*, Joseph-^ John^, Jamesi), 
18 1 2-1 889, was b. at Bay View, Gloucester, Mass., 8 June, 181 2, 
mariner, m. SARAH ROWE, and d. 22 Nov., 1889, ae. 77 yrs., 5 
ms., 14 ds. Buried at Bay View. 

Children : 

I. James H.~, b. 18 Aug., 1835, mariner, m. 24 Apr., 1864, by 
Rev. James M. Bacon of Essex, Mass., Lucy J. Parsons ; she b. 
Rockport, Mass., about 1840, dau. of Timothy and Lucy Parsons. 
He d. 2 Jan., 1889, ae. 53 yrs., 4 ms., 14 ds. Buried at Bay View. 

II. Sarah Frances", d. i Apr., 1853, ae. 15 years. 

III. CvRus, Jr.", b. II Sept., 1839, m. 5 June, i860, by Rev. S. 
E. Pierce, Lucv Roberts Sargent; she b. about 1841, dau. of 
Andrew and I^ucy Sargent. He d. Annisquam, 19 Nov., 1860, 
ae. 2 I yrs., 2 ms., 8 ds. Son : 

Family Ninety- Eight. 305 

I. Cyrus E.'', b. about i86i, stonecutter, m, 17 Feb., 1887, by Rev. 
Charles M. Hall, Martha L. Thurston, dau. of James and Martha F. (Hood) 

i) Daughter^, b. 3 Sept., 1893. 

IV. Abram O.', b. 28 July, 1843, niason, m. 30 Mar., 1867, by 
ReY. Lewis Holmes, Emily Daggett of Gloucester ; she b. 
about 1850, dau. of William and Judith Daggett. They liYed at 
Annisquam, Gloucester, \vhere he d. a \Yido\ver, 15 July, 1882, ae. 
39 yrs., 3 ms., 17 ds. Children : 

1. Alberta^, b. 7 July, 1868. 

2. Emma F.^, b. 5 Sept., 1870. 

V. Elizabeth A.', b. 25 Oct., 1845. 

VI. George William", b. 12 Mar., 1S49, m. by Rcy. k. M. 
Osgood, Fanny BoYNTON ; she b. about 1854, dau. of Abraham 
and Hannah J. Boynton of Gloucester. 

I. Daughter^, b. 14 July, 1886. 

Vn. Charles J.', b. about 1854, stonecutter, m. 25 Aug., 1874, 
by ReY. William Hooper, Ellen D. Forbes; she b. LiYerpool, X. 
S., about 1855, dau. of James and Eliza (Dexter) Forbes. Their 
children : 

1. Charles \V.^, b. 4 Mar., 1875. 

2. Cyrtis C?, b. 9 Dec, 1877. 

3. Cyrus r.^, b. 9 Feb., 1879, d. 5 Apr., 1880, ae. i yr., 3 ms., 26 ds. 

4. Cyrus^, h. 30 Nov., 1880. 

5. Char/es^, b. 4 Dec, 1881. 

6. Barry E.\ b. 7 Nov., 1884, d. 24 Feb., 1885. 


NATHANIEL LANE*'> (Nathaniel^ Solomon-*, Joseph^ John^ 
James'), b. 1802, was a stone mason, Hved at Pigeon CoYe, Rock- 
port, Mass., m. 20 Dec, 1830, ESTHER SARGENT, and d. of 
consumption, 14 Dec, 1846, ae. 44 years. She d. his widow, 3 
June, 1886, ae. 76 yrs., 2 ms., 22 ds., dau. of Samuel and Esther 
Sargent of Gloucester, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Nathaniel', b. 12 Noy., 1831, teamster, m. 31 Dec, 1865, 
bY ReY. Thomas Morong, Hannah Wheeler ; she b. Gloucester, 

306 Ta:\ies Lane and Descendants. 

Mass., about 1836, and d. 4 Jan., 1883, se. 47 yrs., i mo., 28 ds., 
dau. of James and Hannah Wheeler. Children : 

1. Laura G .^ , b. II June, 1870, m. 15 Feb., 1892, by Rev. Frederick 
Pember, Ralph F. Dodge; he fisherman, b. Beverly, Mass., about 1865, son 
of Charles F. and Helen (Moore) Dodge. 

2. Oscar S.^, b. about 1871, clerk, m. 18 Dec, 1896, by Rev. Oscar F. 
Safford, Louise Bond-, she b. Rockport, about 1872, dau. of Frank and Clara 
(Bernard) Bond. 

II. John Horace''', b. 31 Aug., 1833, unm., d. 7 May, 1877, ge. 
43 yrs., 1 1 ms., 7 ds. 

III. Laura A.', b. 26 Aug., 1835, m. 19 Sept., 1855, recorded 
II Feb., 1856, by Rev. N. Gunnison, Sylvester Gray of Rock- 
port; he b. New York about 1828, son of Samuel and Lydia Gray. 

IV. Esther", b. 23 Mar., 1839. 

V. Sargent", b. 21 May, 1841. 

VI. Mary", b. 30 Aug., 1843. 

VII. Susanna''', b. about 1844, m. 20 Jan., 1869, by Rev. 
Thomas Morong, 0?^car Ant)REWs ; he b. Gloucester, about 1844, 
son of Joseph and Hepsibah Andrews. 

VIII. Chh.d^ b. 17 Oct., 1846, d. 26 Dec, 1846. 


WENTWORTH RIGGS LAxXE^ (Nathaniel-^ Solomon^, Jos- 
eph^, John^, James^), was b. in New Gloucester, Me., 20 Nov., 
1807. He learned the blacksmith's trade with Mr. Burns of New 
Gloucester, and in 1826 opened his shop near the village of Ray- 
mond, Me. He soon bought a farm which he carried on in con- 
nection with his blacksmithing business. He m. 21 Nov., 1833, 
LAVINA JORDAN, the widow of Elias Jordan ; she b. Raymond, 
Me., 30 Sept., 1S04, the eldest of ten children, and m. first, 14 
Sept., 1826. Mr. Jordan d. 10 Feb., 1828, leaving son, Freeman 
Jordan, b. 6 Feb., 1827. Mr. Lane was town clerk for a quarter 
of a century and postmaster at East Raymond for thirty years, 
besides holding other offices. He d. 2 Feb., 1866, and Mrs. Lane 
d. 29 Oct., 1857. 


Familv One Hundred. oO 

Children : 

I. Cyrus"^, b. 15 Sept., 1834, d. 25 July, 18S8. 

II. Mary Jane", b. 11 Nov., 1835, m. J. R. Adams. 

III. Henry J."^, b. 23 May, 1837, enjoyed the adYantages of a 
good public school education. When fourteen years old he became 
clerk in a store where he continued for ten years. He entered 
business with his brother, Orrin B., at Casco, Me., i860, and at 
East Raymond, 1863. The firm created and has continued a good 
mercantile business. He held the offices of postmaster, town 
treasurer and selectman for nearly a third of a century, and was 
representatiYe to the Maine Legislature in 1883. He is a member 
of Windham Lodge of A. F. and A. ^Lasons. Mr. Lane m. in 
Casco, Me., 28 Mar., 1861, by ReY. E. S. Jordan, ^L\RIA L. Hay- 
den. Daughter : 

I. Clara B}, b. 16 June, 1862, m. C. K. Richards of Falmouth, Me. 

IV. Orrin B.', b. 24 Aug., 1838, receiYed a good practical 
common school education. He began to work in a store when 
tweh'e years of age, entered into partnership with his brother, Henry 
J., in i860, and has continued in the business at East Raymond, Me. 
Town clerk, 35 years, representatiYe to the Maine Legislature, 187 1 
and 1874. Member of Siloam Lodge of Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows at Gray, Me., and of the Sons of Temperance. He 
neYer married. — Biographical Review, Cumb. Co., Maine. 

V. Chester D.", b. 18 Mar., 1840, m. Rebecca E. Manches- 
ter, and resided at Cumberland Mills, Me. 

VL Clar-\ J.", b. 8 Apr., 1842, d. 25 Oct., 1857. 

VII. Harriet E.', b. 27 Mar., 1844, d. 21 Mar., 1850. 


LEWIS LANE6 (Nathaniel^ Solomon-", Joseph-"^, John^ James^), 
181 2-1869, b. New Gloucester, Me., March, 181 2, housewright, 
m. SALLY T. POOLE, res. Rockport, Mass., where she d. 29 
Dec, 1855, ae. 41 years. He was killed on the railroad at Law- 
rence, Mass., 3 Dec, 1869, ae. 57 yrs.. 9 ms. 

308 James Lane and Descendants. 

Children : 

I. Lewis", b. 13 Apr., 1836, d. t8 Dec, 1843, ^- 7 y^s-> 8 ms., 
5 (^s. 

IL Sallys b. 28 July, 1838. " 

IIL Elizabeth", b. 14 July, 1840, d. 13 June, 1842, ae. 2 years. 

IV. Elizabeth", b. 4 Sept., 1842. 

V. Emma", b. 24 Nov., 1844, unm., drowned 17 May, 1872, ce. 
27 yrs., 5 ms. 

VL Ada", b. 26 Aug., 1846, d. 30 Apr., 1847, ae. 8 months, 
VIL Ada", b. 29 Mar., 1848, d. 28 Sept., 1849, ae. i yr., 7 ms. 
VIIL Lewis Pool", b. 15 Feb., 1850, d. 20 Jan., 1851, se. 11 
ms., 5 ds. 

IX. Son", b. 5 Jan., 1853, d. 20 July, 1853, ae. 5 months. 

X. Lewis E."^, b. 1855, mariner, res. Gloucester, pub. 27 Jan., 
m. 28 Jan., 1877, by Rev. S. B. Andrews, Eva A. Smith of Glou- 
cester; she b. Rockport, 1862, adopted dau. of Elijah and Helen 
M. (Blaisdell) Smith. Their children : 

1. Luie^, b. 8 Aug., 1885. 

2. Guy Smith^y b. Rockport, 13 Jan., 1888. 

3. Carl Elijah^, b. 13 F'eb., 1890. 


WILLIAM LANE6 (\Villianv\ Solomon^, Joseph^, John^, 
James^), b. Rockport, ]\Iass., 12 Oct., 181 2, carpenter at Rock- 
port, had first wife, SALLY, who died 2 Sept., 1849, ^- 34 years, 
nearly. He m. second, by Rev. W. C. Clark, RHODA ELWELL; 
she b. Rockport, oNIass., about 181 7; dau. of David and Martha 

Children born in Rockport : 

I. William Henry", b. 19 Oct., 1837, d. 29 May, 1839. 

IL William Henry", b. 19 Oct., 1839, carpenter, m. 18 Mar., 
1866, by Rev. C. H. Leonard, Esther Elwell; she b. Rockport, 
about 1839, dau. of David and Esther Elwell. Their children : 

I. Eva J-ior,'iir,^, d. 8 May, 1 87 1, a?. 3 yrs., 9 ms., 8 ds. 

Family One Hundred Two. 309 

2. Eva C^, b. Salem, about 1873, ni. 16 June, 1892, by Rev. Edward E. 
Small, Williani L. Morrison, carpenter, b. St. John, N. B., about 1868, son 
of John and Sarah Morrison. 

III. John Albert", b. 16 Jan., 1842, 

IV. Frederick", b. 13 Feb., 1845. 

V. Eva", b. 9 May, 1849, d. 26 Apr., 1S50, ae. i year. 


ALBERT LAXP:*' (William-^ Solomon\ Joseph^ John^, James'), 
1816-1860, was b. Rockport, Mass., 26 Oct., i8t6; carpenter 
and machinist of Rockport; m. first, 1839, RHODA W. BUT- 
^L\N ; she b. Rockport, 22 May, 1817, and d. 10 Sept., 1846,36. 
30 yrs., 4 ms., 12 ds., dau. of John and Maria Butman. He m. 
second, 4 June, 1848, by Rev. \V. Gale, MARTHA H. BUT- 
>LAN, sister of Rhoda W. Butman, b. about 1824, and d. his 
widow, 26 July, 18S4, ae. 60 years. He d. 19 Dec, i860, ae. 47 
yrs., I mo., 23 ds. 

Children : 

L M. Isadore", b. about 1843, m. i Apr., 1866, by Rev. L. S. 
Watts, Ti.MOTHV Augustus Jacobs; he b. Wells, Me., about 1842, 
son of Timothy and Dolly R. Jacobs. He joined the First Con- 
gregational Church of Rockport, on profession of faith, July 7, 

n. Albert W.-, b. about 1844, commercial traveling salesman; 
m. by Rev. James W. Cooper, Jennie C. Preston ; she b. Rock- 
port, about 1848, and d. 16 Mar., 1S77 ; dau. of John and Mary 
A. Preston. He m. second, Eliza Winsor of Providence, R. I. 
Albert W. Lane joined the First Congregational Church of Rock- 
port, on profession of faith. Mar. 7, 1869. His wife, Mrs. Jennie 
C. Lane, joined on profession, July 2, 1866. Children : 

I. Preston IVahio^, b. 15 Dec, 1876, d. 18 Feb., 1877, ae. 2 ms., 2 ds. 

Bv second marriage : 


2. Son"^, b. 24 Jan., 1883, d, same day. 

3. Child'^, stillborn, 4 Dec, 1885. 

4. Af/iy Whitman'^, b. 9 May, 1891. 

HL Alberta H.~, d. 19 Aug., 1874, ?e. 20 yrs., 3 ms. 

310 James Lane and Descendants. 


Capt. GIDEON LANE, 2(1^, (Gideon'^-^, Joseph^ John^, 
James^) 1 791-1865, b. Annisquam, Mass., 31 Aug., 1790, a suc- 
cessful ship builder and master, lived in Boston, Annisquam and 
Chelsea, Mass. 

A party of ladies on board the sloop "Hebe" were very much alarmed 
when the wind arose in Annisquam River, Capt. Lane's mother was on board 
and tried to calm their fears by telling them that as long as Gideon was at the 
helm, there was no danger. This confidence in the seamanship of her son 
became a standing joke upon the lady for a long time. 

Capt. Lane m. first, 30 Jan., 181 7, DORCAS, dau. of William 
BABSON, who was b. 14 Aug., 1793, and d. 16 Oct., 181 7. 

" Blest be thy rest, fair dweller of the sky, 
Belov'd thou liv'd, lamented thou didst die; 
Thy heart was goodness and thy soul was truth, 
Now blooms in heaven with an immortal youth; 
Soon we shall meet thee on that blissful shore. 
Of peace and joy, to part again no more." 

— Old Parish Burying Ground, Antiisquain. 

He m. second, 1821, ELIZA HARPER PEABODY of Bucks- 
port, Me., dau. of Asa and Elizabeth Harper Peabody. 

Capt. Lane was allowed a claim against his father's estate, Jan. 17, 1826, 
and the same year came from Boston to Gloucester Harbor, in the fishing 
schooner "Patriot," and to Annisquam in a wagon. He settled permanently 
at Annisquam, in 1827, and the "Patriot" landed his furniture at the wharf 
below his house. The post ofifice was first located at the head of Lobster 
cove, near the church on the corner, where Mrs. Maria Lane had her flower 
garden in 1889. Annisquam was then the most flourishing part of Gloucester. 
Vessels of good reputation were then built at 'Squam. Capt. Lane caught 
the building mania, and in 1828 he launched a schooner of 90 tons, called the 
"St. Thomas," of which Capt. David Lane took charge. In 1831, he 
launched the ship "Gloucester," of 348 tons, of which Capt. Oliver Griffin 
Lane took the command. This vessel was wrecked near Sydney, Cape Breton, 
about 1843. About 1831-33, there was a large fleet of vessels fitting out and 
mostly owned here. Capt. Lane reported that at one time there were in the 
harbor 65 fishing vessels of different kinds, 6 coasters and 2 or 3 vessels that 
went trading "Down East." The mill dam across Goose creek was built in 
1834. Capt. Lane and William Hodgkins were owners in the saw and grain 
mill erected there. The property is owned by grandsons of Mr. Hodgkins, in 

Family One Hundred Three. 311 

1898. The chief cause of the decline in the shipping interests of Annisquam 
was the money panic of 1837, when President Jackson vetoed the re-chartering 
of the U. S. Banks. — George Ethuard Lane. 

Capt. Lane was selectman of Gloucester, 1830, '31, '32, '52, '53, 
and representative, 1833 and 1834. He d. at Chelsea, Mass., 13 
Aug., 1865, ae. 73 yrs., 11 ms. His widow d. 15 May, 1875, se. 
72 yrs., 10 ms., 25 ds. They were buried at Annisquam. 

Children : 

I. Infant Son", b. and d. 15 Oct., 181 7. 

147. n. Geo.'^ge Edward"^, b. 19 Feb., 1822, m. Mary Ann 
EvEREiT and Sophronia E. Lane. 

in. Dorcas Babson", b. Feb., 1824, d. 13 Dec, 1824, ae. 10 

IV. Gideon Oscar"^, b. 16 Nov., 1826, d. Chelsea, Mass., unm., 
6 July, 1869, ae. 42 yrs., 7 ms., 20 ds. Buried at Annisquam. 

Capt. Gideon Oscar Lane's first voyage as master was in the barque " Arc- 
tic." From 1859 to 1862, he sailed in the ship "Martha." From 1862 to 
1864, he commanded the ship "Templar," of Boston. In 1865, he became 
master of the bartjue "Behring," in which he made his last voyage. 

Capt. Lane was an honorable representative of American shipmasters, 
intelligent, prompt, enterprising and faithful to his trust, having the entire 
confidence of his "owners," and winning the esteem of all with whom he 
dealt. He was an example of that high-mindedness, patience and moral 
heroism which always secures the safest results in business and the favor of all 
true men. More than all, he exemplified the truth that, amid the severer 
duties of life and the stern tasks of the sea, the gentler virtues that win the 
home and cheer social existence, need not be clouded, but may grow brighter 
by the wear of time and the hazards of an exposed life. Capt. Lane made 
the entire circuit of the globe twenty-five times, crossed the equator sixty 
times, and in all his voyages sailed 630,000 statute miles. 

V. Dorcas Babson''', b. Aug., 1828, d. 13 Oct., 1828, ae. 2 ms. 

VI. Bertha Ada", b. 13 Sept., 1829, m. J. S. Brown, and d. 
1891. Children : 

I. Oscar. 2. Dora. 

VII. Ernf^t'^, b. 2 Oct., 1 83 1, master-mariner, d. Chelsea, 
Mass., 23 Feb., 1886, ae. 54 yrs., 4 mos. 

Capt. Lane's death was ''attributed to blood poisoning created 
by the gases arising from a cargo of nitrate of soda. This gas has 

312 James Lane and Descendants. 

been pronounced to be of a very poisonous nature and one for 
which no antidote is known. Some means should be found to pre- 
vent the danger arising from this service." 

VIII. Medora*^, b. 17 Nov., 1833. 

IX. Dorcas B.", b. 10 Jan., 1836. 

X. Elizabeth", b. 16 Feb., 1838, m. Charles A. Noyes of 
Gloucester; he b. 1832, d. 1891. 

XI. Edith Harper^, b. Nov., 1839. 

XII. William Harper", b. r Nov., 1842, mariner ; d. Sidney, 
Australia, 25 July, 1863, 9e. 21 yrs., 9 ms. — Tombstone, Mount 
Adnah, Annisquam. 

XIII. Arthur", b. 9 Feb., 1844. 


OLIVER GRIFFIN LANE^, (Gideon-^'S Joseph^ John^, 
JamesO, 1 798-1867, b. 25 Nov., 1798, named after his grand- 
father, Oliver Griffin ; a sea captain of Annisquam, Mass. He 
entered upon ship building with his brother, Capt. Gideon Lane, 
and William Hodgkins, by whom many vessels were fitted out for 
mackerel fishing at Goose and Lobster coves, but soon followed an 
active sea-faring life. In 1831, he took command of the ship 
"Gloucester," 348 tons burden, and sailed to New Orleans, where 
he took on board a cargo of cotton for Havre, France. This ves- 
sel was wrecked near Sidney, Cape Breton, about 1843. 

The church in Annisquam was reorganized in the Universalis! faith in 181 1, 
and the meeting house was rebuilt in, 18 13. The pews were prized and per- 
sons bid for a choice. Oliver G. Lane paid $100 for first choice, and selected 
an undesirable corner pew on the right of the pulpit. Samuel Lane bid for 
second choice, and selected the pew in the opposite corner. Gideon Lane 
bid for third choice and still selected an undesirable pew. 

Capt. OHver G. Lane m. 10 Dec, 1822, CHARLOTTE PHIP- 
PEN^ of Salem, Mass., and d. 17 Jan., 1867, ae. 68 yrs., 11 ms., 
23 ds. Monument at Oak Grove cemetery. Mrs. Lane, b. Bev- 
erly, Mass., 13 Aug., 1800, d. 21 Sept., 1886, ae. 86 yrs., i mo., 
8 ds. 

Family One Hundred Four. 313 

She was descended from Nathaniel®, who m. 4 Sept., 1786, Anna, dau. of 
Benjamin and Annie (Pickett); Joseph*, m. 3 Oct., 1764, Hannah, dau. of 
Samuel and Hannah TBartlett) Sibley; Nathaniel'*, m. 14 Oct., 1734, Seeth 
Hardy; Nathaniel^, m. 29 June, 1716, Margaret Palfrey; Samuel^, m. 1st 
12 mo., 1676, Rachel Guppy; Joseph', m. Dorcas of Falmouth, Me. 

Mrs. Charlotte (Phippen) Lane belonged to one of the staid families 
peculiar to ancient .Salem. She accompanied her husband on several voyages, 
sailing to Europe, South America, and around Cape Horn to California. She 
was closely identified with the Universalist church at Annisquam, and when 
the Sunday School was organized she was among its earliest teachers. She 
possessed a very remarkable memory, which she retained to the last, and 
would give facts and recall dates when others were in doubt. " A kind 
friend and neighbor, of generous heart and worthy motives." 

Children : 

I. Oliver Griffin, Jr.*, b. Salem, NIass., 31 Oct., 1823, mari- 
ner, m. 7 May, 1848, by Rev. A. I). Mayo, Nancy, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Clara Pearce of Gloucester, who d. in New York, 7 Mar., 
1852, ai. 28 yrs. lie d. at .\nnisquam, 25 June, 1872, ae. 48 
yrs., 8 ms. Buried at Oak Grove cemetery. Their children : 

1. I/eL'n^, b. 14 Aug., 1849, lived with her aunt, Charlotte A. Lane. 

2. Son'*, h. and d. at sea, Mar., 1852. 

IL Charles Augustus", b. 8 Feb., 1827, mariner, mate of bark 
"C. L. Taylor," d. in Rio Janeiro, Brazil, S. A., 30 June, 1869, ae. 
43 years. He m. 29 Mar., 1856, by Rev. N. Gunnison, Sophronia 
E. PuLCiFER ; she b. 1S31, dau. of Thomas L. and So^jhronia E. 
(Fellows) Pulcifer. She m. second, 28 Dec, 1875, a cousin of 
her first husband, George Edward Lane", (Gideon^-^-^, Joseph'^, 
John-, James'). Son of Charles Augustus and Sophronia E. Lane : 

I. IVilliiifn F.'^, b. 29 Sept., 1858, m. 14 May, 1884, Lilletta Blake of 
Lowell, Mass., and had: 

i) Charles Augustus', b. 1 1 May, 1885, d. 30 Nov., 1889. 2) Oliver Fel- 
lows^, b. 10 Sept., 1S93. 3) Gertrude Day^, b. 13 June, 1894. 

148. IIL Frederick Foome", b. 25 Sept., 1829, had wife 
Nellie . 

IV. Clifford", b. 10 Jan., 1832, d. 26 Mar., 1832, ae. 2 months. 

V. Charlohe Augusta", b. 20 Feb., 1833, attended the acad- 
emy at Lunenburg, Mass., and remembers the Misses Lane resid- 

314 James Lane and Descendants. 

ing there. She has done much to recover the genealogy of the 
Lane family. 


Birthday Surp?-ise Pa^-ty. — Tuesday evening, Feb. 20, 1883, being the 
fiftieth anniversary of the birthday of Miss C. A. Lane, some of her friends 
arranged a surprise party, and about one hundred guests, including young and 
old, assembled at her home to do honor to the occasion. About 8 o'clock 
quite a delegation arrived from the city proper, helping to fill the spacious 
rooms, and many and earnest were the greetings given Miss Lane from friends 
and relatives who know and appreciate her many excellent traits of character. 
Beautiful flowers lent an added charm to the scene, and some admirable songs 
from Mr. H. H. Bennett were warmly applauded. Some of the elder ones 
joined in dancing the Virginia Reel, while Miss Helen Lane played the piano, 
and Miss Lane led off the figure; those looking on said it was performed well. 
Refreshments were served at 10 o'clock, after which an original poem written 
for the occasion by Mr. Geo. F. Griffin, was read, as follows: — 

Fifty long years have passed away. 

And life's meridian sun 
Shines brightly on thy path to-day, 

While still thou seemest young. 

Thy natal month in robes of white 

Is emblematic of thy life; 
'Neath snowy mantle hid from sight 

Lie germs with richest beauty rife. 

And in thy heart are garnered treasures 

Which twine around thy dear old home. 
Blessing the loved ones there with pleasures. 

Forgetting not dear ones who roam. 

Like the green ivy softly twining 

Through ruins desolate and gray. 
Thou would'st o'er all who are repining 

Spread the fair garb of charity. 

In the blue azure skies above 

Bright stars of Hope and Faith e'er shine. 

And in the generous heart true love 

Cannot grow old, but lives through time. 

The sun and shade of fifty years, 

Have fallen on thy peaceful brow. 
With times of sunshine, smiles and tears — 

We would not trace them now. 

Family One Hundred Four. 315 

For dear friends gathered, in the light 

Of this your festal day, 
Would banish every care from sight 

And make the winter seem like May. 

We may not shield thine onward path 

From storms about thee driven; 
But for the darkest days life hath, 

We pray that strength be given. 

What'er the future years contain, 

Wherever we may be, 
We ever dear shall hold thy name, 

And e'er remember thee. 

And may the memories of this day. 

Cluster around thine heart; 
And pleasant recollections stay 

With us, and ne'er depart. 

The C(-)mpany dispersed at 12 o'clock, all agreeing it had been a very pleas- 
ant occasion. \Irs. J. A. Cunningham, a sister of Miss L&ne, was present and 
in her kindly manner did much to make every one happy. — Ca/>e Ann Adver- 

William F. Lane, Mrs. A. Maria Lane and Miss Charlotte A. Lane 
were appointed, Aug. i, 1891, on a committee of repairs on the 
old meeting house in Annisquam. The communion table was given 
by Mrs. A. ^Laria Lane, the collection pouches, by Mrs. William F. 
Lane, the pulpit lamps by Miss Julia Lane and committee on fair. 
The re- dedication took place June 9, 1892. Miss Bertha A. Lane 
was alto singer. Miss Charlotte A. Lane wrote the Historical 
Sketch of the Parish, which was read by William F. Lane. The 
original church covenant had been signed 164 years previous 
[1728], by II members, all males, among whom were Samuel 
Lane, John Lane and James Lane. Samuel Lane, Esq., was the 
first superintendent of the Sunday School. The Historical Sketch 
closed with the following original poem : — 


" O, church of our fathers, God bless you to-night, 
Thou symbol divine of truth and the right; 
May each father's son, in succession's long line, 
Keep guard o'er thy presence till the exit of time. 

316 James Lane and Descendants. 

O, church of our mothers, may your spirit increase, 
Till all of their children shall find release 
From sin and from sorrows that checquer life's way. 
Growing purer and fairer unto life's perfect day. 

O, God of all churches, in Thy infinite care, 

O, keep and protect us, and each soul prepare 

For the higher life which the aiigels have known, 

And to meet all the loved ones in thy kingdom, 'called home.' " 

VI. Ann Eliza", b, 6 Sept., 1835, ra. 12 June, 1856, by Rev. 
Nathaniel Gunnison, James A. Cunningham, son of Nathaniel F. 
and Martha (Putnam) Cunningham of Lunenburg, Mass. He was 
b. Boston, Mass., 27 Nov., 1830, studied in the public schools of 
the city and at Framingham academy. At marriage he settled on 
his father's estate in Lunenburg, but soon after removed to Annis- 
quam and ran the stage line from Annisquam to Gloucester. In 
the Civil War he recruited Co. I), 3 2d Regiment of Massachusetts 
Volunteers, of whigh he was commissioned first lieutenant. He 
was promoted to captain in the spring of 1862, major, June 29, 
1864; brevet lieutenant-colonel, Sept. 30, 1864; brevet colonel, 
April I, 1865 ; brevet brigadier general, Dec, 1866 ; adjutant gen- 
eral till Jan. 14, 1879. He represented Gloucester in the Massa- 
chusetts legislature, 1865 ; was a member of several Masonic lodges 
and superintendent of the soldiers' home at Chelsea, Mass., Apr., 
1882, until his death. Gen. Cunningham died 17 July, 1892,26. 
62 years. He said, ''I am not going out into darkness, but where 
the morning light is breaking." Children : 

1. Charles Edxoard^ b. 1857, m. Marilla Grafton; was postmaster at 
Annisquam, and had: 

i) Jane Hutchins, b. 1891, d. 1892. 2) Nathaniel Carlton, b. and d, 1894. 

2. Frederick Lane, b. 1858, m. 2 Nov., 1886, Mary Elizabeth Mellen, and 

i) James Mellen, b. 18 Jan., 1888. 

3. Anne Grafton, b. 29 Aug., 1870, m. 29 Apr., 1895, Charles Burr 
AJoore, and had : 

i) Charlotte Lane, b. 10 Aug., 1896. 

VII. Fr^ancis Gamaliel", b. 9 Feb., 1840, d. 12 Mar., 1846, ae. 
6 years. 

Family One Hundred Five. 317 


GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS LANE", (Gideon^-^ Joseph^ John^ 
James'), 1811-1878, b. Annisquam, Mass., trader; m. first, 
CLARISSA M. PEABODV, a sister of his brother Gideon's second 
wife, dau. of Asa and Ehzabeth (Harper) Peabody of Bucksport, 
Me., who was b. 1809, and d. 2 Jan., 1S69, ae. 59 yrs., 7 ms., 8 
ds. He m. second, 21 Jan., 1S74, by Rev. WilHam Hooper, 
ANNA M. McQUESTON; she b. Goffstown,. N. H., 1833, dau. 
of Edward and Harriet (Colby) McQueston. Mr. Lane d. 1878. 
Monument in Mount Adnah cemetery, Annisquam. 

Children : 

L Gl'Stavls Adolphus"^, b. 29 ^Lay, 1S35, master mariner, con- 
tractor and merchant at Rockport, ^Llss. ; ent. int. of m. i 7 Jan., 
i860, and m. 19 Jan., i860, by Rev. J. H. Farnsworth, Virginia 
J. Edmunds; she b. Rockport, about 1837, dau. of Elijah and 
Jane W. Edmunds, and d. 10 Apr., 1S69, ae. 31 yrs., 11 ms., 14 
ds. He m. second, 15 Dec, 1874, by Rev. Richard Eddy, Isa- 
belleBabson; she b. Gloucester, about 1848, dau. of Edward 
and Amanda (Stanwood) Babson otf Gloucester. He d. a retired 
mariner, at Anniscjuam, 9 Nov., 1894, re. 59 yrs., 5 ms., 11 ds. 


**Capt. Gustavus A. Lane died at his home on Granite Street, yesterday, 
[Nov. 8, 1894], after a long and tr)'ing illness. He belonged to an old 
Gloucester family, being a son of Capt. Gustavus and Clarissa Lane of Annis- 
quam, where he was born and spent his early life. Coming from a family of 
sea captains, he entered upon a sea-faring career, and soon rose to the rank of 
captain, making many foreign voyages, being for a while, however, in an inter- 
val of his experience at sea, employed in the granite business at Pigeon Cove. 
He was a man of fine character and attractive qualities, and had the public 
sympathy in the serious illness which compelled his retirement from active ser- 
vice in the prime of life." — Gloucester Daily Transcript^ lYov: 9, 18^4. 

Children : 

1. George £^, d. II June, 1863, x. 2 ms., 18 ds. 
By second marriage : 

2. C/iiliP, stillborn, 23 Dec, I.876. 

n. Marcls Morton", b. 31 May, 1837, m. 2^ ^Lay, 1870, at 
Hyde Park, ^Lass., by Rev. L C. Thacher, Rachel H. Steele, 

318 James Lane and Descendants. 

daii. of James and Sarah (Day) Steele. Mr. Lane learned 
the carpenter's trade and worked at it several years. In 1863 
he made a voyage as ship carpenter in the ship ''Templar," 
Capt. G. Oscar Lane, from New York to Sidney, New South 
Wales, and from thence to Calcutta and back to New York. 
At marriage he took up his residence at Hyde Park, where he 
built a house and established, in Boston, a flourishing tool-sharpen- 
ing business. In 1890, he returned to Gloucester, purchased a 
house on Centennial avenue, and established his business. He died 
very suddenly of apoplexy while walking on Webster street, near 
the square, Tuesday evening, 4 Apr., 1893, ae. 55 yrs., 10 ms. 

'' He was a man of excellent principles, industrious habits, 
thoroughly conscientious in all his dealings, an upright citizen in- 
all that pertains to good citizenship. He did his duty from day to 
day, and was a devoted husband, a kind and affectionate brother, 
and one who, it may be said, has passed on to the higher life sin- 
cerely mourned by those who knew his sterling worth and loved 
him for his many virtues." Mrs. Lane outlived her husband and 
d. 17 Jan., 1897, ae. 59 yrs., 6 ms,, 13 ds. 

III. Ralph Irving", b. 4 Oct., 1839, master mariner, U. S. 
Navy, residence, Lexington, Mass.. He m. i June, 1865, Ellen 
Bayley Saville; she b. 18 Nov., 1843, dau. of Ira and Mary 
(Bates) Saville. Capt. Lane d. 12 May, 1869, of yellow fever, in 
command of schooner " W. D. Beckford," at Port au Prince, W. 
L, for a cargo of logwood. Monument at Mount Adnah, Annis- 
quam. Mrs. Lane was a school teacher at Lexington for many 
years. Only child : 

I. Ralph Edgar^, b. 6 Mar., 1 867, res. Lexington; business, Walworth 
Manufacturing Co., Boston; has the names of ships in which his fathers have 
sailed. He ni. 22 Jan., 1897, Vera Perriii, dau. of Rev. Dr. Perrin of Shaw- 
mut avenue, Boston. ' 

IV. Howard B.~, d. 18 July, 1842, ae. 4 months. 

" I am a little angel now; 
A diadem is on my brow." 

V. Clarissa M.~, b. 1844, unm., d. 23 Sept., 1896, ae. 51 yrs., 
9 ms., 23 ds. 

Family One Hundred Six. 310 


WILLIAM LANE6, (John Babson\ Gideon^, Joseph^, John'^, 
James^) 1802-1863, was b. in Freeport, Me., 14 Apr., 1802, m. 
5 Sept., 1824, SOPHIA WIGGINS of Portland, Me.; she b. 
Parsonfield, Me., 22 Nov., 1801, dau. of Nathaniel and Jennie 
(Nealy) Wiggins. Mr. Lane lived in Portland, where he d. 27 
Apr., 1863. Mrs. Lane resided in 1872, at corner of Wilmot and 
Oxford streets, Portland. 

Children born in Portland : 

I. William Henry", b. 8 June, 1825. He lived in Portland 
and Dunkirk, N. V., where he was connected with the P>ie rail- 
road. He m. 7 Dec, 1848, Julia Cox; she b. East Boston, 
Mass., 4 Sept., 1827, dau. of Warren and Sally (Speed) Cox of 
Boston. Their children : 

1. Echuin Cojc^, b. Portland, 27 Sept., 1850, d. Dunkirk, 27 July, 1854. 

2. Annie Ella^, b. 27 July, 1852, d. 20 May, 1859. 

3. IVtllie IV^, b. Dunkirk, 17 Dec, 1S53. 

4. Horace^, b. I4 Aug., 1S55. 

5. Warren C, b. 25 Nov., 1 857. 

6. Kit Carson^, b. 29 1859. 

7. Lc'iinder'^, b. 14 Nov., 1861, d. 19 July, 1865, at Meadville, Pa. 

II. Ann Maria", b. i8 1S27, m. New York, 8 Sept., 1855, 

Capt. Moses Haven Sawter ; he b. Mystic, Conn., 6 June, 1827, 
son of Capt. Jeremiah and Emeline (Kelley) Sawyer. 

III. Mary Jane", b. 16 July, 1830. 

IV. Charles Babson", b. 16 Oct., 1832, master-builder, m. 24 
May, 1855, LvDiA Waterhouse ; she b. Portland, 1832. He d. 
Portland, 9 Jan., 1870. Children born in Portland : 

1. Alice Ella^, b". 15 Jan., 1S56. 

2. Frankly b. Jan., 1858. 

3. Annie Sa-uyet^, b. i860. 

4. Florence J/tiy'^, b. 1862. 

5. Cora Bell^, b. 1 864. 

6. IFillie^, b. 1866, d. 1866. 

7. diaries'^, b. 1870, d. 1870. 

V. Sophia Estelle", b. 21 Sept., 1837, m. 3 Sept., 1856, 
Walter Fearing Goold, a grocer in Portland, b. Eastport, Me., 
16 July, 1830, son of Franklin and Mary (Daverson) Goold of 
Campello, N. B. 

320 James Lane and Descendants. 

VI. Caroline Augusta"^, b. 22 Mar., 1839, ^1- Portland, 1874, 
m. Boston, 8 Oct., 1858, Charles Irving Trowbridge; he b. 
Portland, 21 Apr., 1837, son of Elisha Trowbridge. 

VH. Claudius Mortimer", b 12 1842, a fancy and fresco 

painter, m. Dec, 1869, Emma E. Lowell, and res. Portland. 
Child : 

I. Carrie Augusla^, b. 9 June, 1871. 

VIII. Sarah Jennie", b. 2 Feb., 1846, res. 1872, at 78 Oxford 
street, Portland. 


THOMAS BICKNELL LANE^ (Peter^ Gideon^, Joseph^, 
John"2, James^), 1 800-1 884, was b. Freeport, Me., 9 Mar., 1800. 
His cattle mark, June 18, 1823, was a half crop, the under side of 
the right ear, and two half pennies the under side the left ear. He 
was taxed in Freeport, for real and personal estate. May i, 1825, 
1827. He leased during his life of Martha Lane, Mary Townsend 
and Experience Lane, Apr. 7, 1826, their right to 12 1-2 acres of 
land in Freeport, formerly belonging to the estate of Peter Lane. — 
Deeds I2J : idy a?id lyi : 757. 

He conveyed to John \. Lane of Freeport, for $1.00 and ''love 
and affection," Nov. 20, 1865, "the southwest half of the land 
whereon I now live, the whole containing 45 acres, also all my 
buildings standing on the same, excepting the use of said land and 
buildings so long as I may live, then to go to the said John A. 
Lane." — Ciivib. Deeds, jjg : iiy. 

Thomas B. Lane and Annie Dunham divided fence by mutual 
agreement. May 24, 1880. 

Thomas B. Lane was deacon of the Freewill Baptist church, m, 
21 Nov., 1822, LEAH LO\\' CL'RTIS ; she b. 24 May, 1799, 
and d. 10 Sept., 1865, ?e. 66 yrs., 3 ms., 16 ds. He d. 15 Oct., 
1884, 36. 84 yrs., 7 ms., 6 ds. 

Children : 

149. L Thomas Randall''', b. lo Oct., 1823, m. Mary Low 

Family One Hundred Eight. 321 

II. Sally C", b. i8 Jan., 1S27, entered intention of marriage 
with Worthy Columbus Barrows of Portland, Me., 2 Nov., 1861, 
certificate given, 11 Nov., 1861. They Hved in Portland, where 
she d. 10 Sept., 1897, ?e. 70 yrs., 7 ms., 2;^ ds. Children : 

1. George Lincoln^ b. 1S63. 

2. Ada Lowe. 

3. William Thomas^ b, ^ug., 1S79. 

III. Martha J.', b. 2 Aug., 1832, m. first, 15 July, 1S60, 
George Washington Toby of Freeport ; he b. 1 2 Feb., 1840, d. 
15 Oct., 1862. No children. She m. second, 22 Oct., 1874, by 
Rev. Asa F. Hutchenson, at New Gloucester, Me., Rev. Joseph 
HuTCHENSON, a Freewill Baptist minister of Gorham, Me. ; he b. 5 
Apr., 181 1, and d. 25 Jan., 1889, k. 77 yrs., 9 ms., 20 ds. 

IV. Peter", b. 7 Aug., 1835, at the Elms; was soldier in the 
I 2th Maine regiment, ^"^ months of the Civil War, mechanic and 
trader, lived in Lewiston, Me., i 2 years, was taxed in Freeport for 
real and personal estate, 1887, moved to the Moses Soule place on 
Pleasant Hill, East Freeport, in 1896; entered intention of mar- 
riage with Miss Emily Teague of Lewiston, 8 Sept., 187 1, m. 
Olive K. Rollins, 1873, who d. Aug., 1883. One child. 

I. Percy R.^, b. 1 875. 

V. Arianna", b. 19 Oct., 1837, m. James Miller, and d. 5 Oct., 
1863, ae. 25 yrs., 11 ms., 16 ds. 

VI. John Ambrose", b. 15 May, 1840, soldier in the 25th Maine 
Regiment of the Civil War, lived in Chelsea, Mass., in business for 
Eastern Dredging Co., Boston ; was taxed in Freeport for real and 
personal estate, 1875, 1887; m. Jane D. West. Their children : 

1. Clarence Edgar'^, b. 24 Jurie, 1870, clerk with J. A. Brewster, paints 
and oils, stoves and hardware, Freeport; m. first, 10 June, 1896, Siisie Mae 
Allen, who d. 10 June, 1897. Their son: 

i) Donald Curtis^, b. 14 May, 1897, d. in infancy. 

2. Grace Isabel^, b. 25 Nov., 1876. 

3. John Russell^, b. 14 Feb., 1881. 


BENJAMIN LANE« (Benjamin-^-^-3, John^, James'), 1777- 
1846, was born in Gloucester, Mass., 14 Jan., 1777, lived with his 

322 Ja.mes Lane and Descendants. 

parents in Poland, Me., and settled in Minot, Cumberland Co., 
Me., where he moved onto the loo acre lot, No. 84, for which he 
paid Josiah Little of Newbury, Mass., $525.00, May 16, 1815. — 
Deeds 7/ ; 425 and lOj : 211. 

He appears in other transfers of real estate, Sept. 14, 18 15, 
April 28, 1 81 6, April 19, 1826, Feb. 21, 1828, Aug. 4, 1834, May 
II, 1838, May 9, 1845. — Climb. Co. Deeds. 

He m. 9 Aug., 1798, HANNAH DOWNING, whose name ap- 
pears with his in all sales of real estate; she b. 20 Aug., 1780, d. 
18 Apr., 1867, ae. 87 years. He died at Auburn, Me., of a can- 
cer, 4 Oct. 1846, ae. 69 years. 

The deposition of Hannah Lane of Auburn, widow of Benjamin 
Lane, referring to land and store of her late husband in Minot was 
called for Aug. 11, 1847. — Deeds 202 : 2go-2g2. 

Children : 

150. L Palfrey", b. 30 Nov., 1798, m. Ann G. Sampson. 

151. n. Jacob''', b. 3 Apr., 1800, m. Alice Merrovv. 

HL Phebe", b. 21 Jan., 1802, m. 3 June, 182 1, Samuel Down- 
ing, and d. I 7 June, 1873, ae. 71 years. Their children : 

I.  . 2. Richard^ living in Auburn, Me., 1896. 

152. IV. John Barnard"-, b. 17 Dec, 1803, m. Olive Hay- 

153. V. Richard", b. 4 May, 1806, m. Hannah King. 

VL Reb.ekah", b. 24 Dec, 1808, d. 22 Jan., 1810, ae. 13 months. 

Vn. Sally D."^, b. 30 May, 181 1, m. first, 7 Feb., 1832, 
Richard Downing ; m. second, 7 Sept., 1835, David B. Johnson 
of Whitefield, N. H., who d. in Aug., 1841 ; m. third, 1845, John 
H. ]Meserve. Children of David B. and Sally D. Johnson : 

1. James S., d. in Libbey prison, Andersonville, Ga., during the Civil War. 

2. Edxvai-d H., d. in Wareham, Mass., 23 Nov., 1895. 

3. WiUiam I.eroy^ b. 7 Feb., 1841, ni. and was l)ankcr in Buckley, Iro- 
quois Co., 111., and living 1201 Michigan avenue, Chicago, 111., 1897. 

Child of John H. and Sally D. Meserve : 

4. Barnard, living in Illinois 1 897. 

VHI. Hannah", b. i July, 1813, d. 5 Feb., i82i,ae. 7 years. 

Family One Hlxdred Nine. 323 

154. IX. Benjamin, Jr.-, b. 9 Apr., 181 6, m. Lvdia L. Cur- 

X. Nathan D.", b. 29 May, 18 19, m. 29 Sept., 1841, Julia A. 
Rule, and had dau. : 

I. Oliv^. 

They lived at one time in St. Louis, Mo., thence started for Cali- 
fornia, and he d. on the way at Lexington, Mo., in 1853, ae. T^-i^ 
yrs., 10 ms. The widow continued the journey, and m. again, it is 
supposed, a Mr. Perry in California. 

XL Hannah P."^, b. 7 Jan., 1823, d. 5 ^Lar., 1824, ae. 4 months. 


ZENAS LANE'^ (Benjamin'^-^-3, John^, James'), 1875, re- 
sided in Poland, Me., where he paid Nehemiah Lane ^264 for ^ili 
acres of land, Feb. 19, 181 7, was party to transfer of real estate 21 
times from 181 7 to 1839, and his estate was conveyed to Benjamin 
P. Butler and others, Oct. 5, 1842. — Deeds 84: J 18, ryg : 174. 

He m. first, 2 Feb., 1820, JUDLPH NORWOOD of Gloucester, 
Mass., and second, JANE SAWTELL. He d. 1875. Zenas 
Lane, Jr., jeweller, Mechanic Falls, was appointed administrator on 
the estate, Sept., 1875 ; distribution ordered Dec, 1877. 

Children of Zenas and Judith (Norwood) Lane : 

L Adellv. 


HL Ellen.~ 

IV. Judith", unm., living in Biddeford, 1892. 

V. Amanda", living in Biddeford, unm., 1892. 

VL Albert", d., ae. about 20 years. 

VH. Zenas", jeweller, and town clerk Mechanic Falls, Me., m. 
RowE of Poland, and had children. 

VHL Asa Hanson", photographer, Waldoboro', Me., testified 
that the will of Benjamin Lane, his grandfather, was destroyed in 

324 James 1,ane and Descendants. 

the Portland fire of July 4, 1866, and therefore he placed a verified 
copy of the will in the probate office, Aug. 30, 1875. — Cumberland 
Co. Probate Records No. 201 . 

He was m. , and d. in Massachusetts, Jan., 1892. 

IX. Eustace", professor of music, Saco, Me. Had sons and 
daus. ; one son is a Unitarian minister. 


ELIPHALET LANE^ (Ehphalet^ Benjamin^-^, John^, James^), 
born in New Gloucester, Me., and resided in Bethel and Wells, 
Me. He m. first, BARBOUR ; m. second, POWERS. 

Children : 

155. I. Jotham Sewall", b. Bethel, Me., 1805, m. three times, 
first, Susan Willis. 

II. Sylvanus'', m. , and had two sons, and d. about 


HI. Asenath"^, m. Barrett Howard, lived in Ogdensburg, N. 
Y., and d. about 1885. 

By second wife : 

IV. Barbour'', m. a sister of his brother, Jotham Sewall Lane's 
third wife. 

V. Charles'^, lived in or near Augusta, Me. 

VI. James", lived in or near Augusta, Me. 


FREDERICK LANE'- (Jonathan'^-^, Benjamin-'^ John^, James"), 
1813-189 2, was born in Gloucester. Mass., 1813, mariner, m. 
JUDITH STORY of Pigeon Cove, Rockport, Mass., dau. of James 
and Sally (Woodbury) Story. He d. Gloucester, 7 Jan., 1892, ?e. 
78 yrs., 8 ms., 21 ds. Buried at Mount Adnah, Annisquam, Mass. 

Family Oxe Hundred Twelve. 325 

Children : 

I. Clar.'I'', b. 2 1 Oct., 1840, d. 21 Aug., 1842. 

II. Clarissa", b. 21 Dec, 1845, ^^- 3 -^'^g-j i860, ae. 14 yrs., 7 
ms., 13 ds. 

III. Frederick W.~, b. 25 Aug., 1849, a painter, m., age 40, his 
first m., I Jan., 1890, by Rev. Joel M. Leonard, Mary M. Blrges; 
she a dressmaker of Manchester, Mass., age 40, her second m., 
dau. of Abel Harvey and Ruth (McMarsters) Harvey of Burling- 
ton, N. S. ' • 

IV. Orville", b. 3 June, 1S51. 


ALLEN LANE'' (Jonathan"*-"*, Benjamin^, John"^, James^), 1819- 
1878, was b. Gloucester, Mass., in 18 19, mariner, m. 20 Jan., 
1847, by Rev. Joseph A. Bardett, his cousin, CHARLOTFE SAR- 
GENT; she b. Lanesville, Mass., in 1827, dau. of Samuel and 
Esther (Lane) Sargent. They lived at house 17 Chester square, 
Gloucester. He d. 17 Sept., 1878, ae. 59 yrs., 10 ms., 26 ds. 

"At rest in heaven." 

She d. 23 Mar., 1896, ae. 69 yrs., 11 ms., 23 ds. 

"He gives his beloved sleep." 

They were buried at Mount Adnah, Annisquam, Mass. 
Children : 

I. Allen", b. 4 Dec, 1847. 

II. Edward A.~, b. about 1848, painter, lived at Manchester, 
Mass., m. first, 20 July, 1858, by Rev. Robert P. Rogers, Amanda 
Sargent; she b. Annisquam, Mass., and d. Manchester, Mass., 13 
Aug., 1883, ae. 35 yrs., 10 ms., 18 ds., dau. of William \V. and 
Elizabeth B. (Dennis) Sargent. 

"When we lay aside life's armor 
And our trials are all o'er, 
She will be the first to greet us 
On the better, brighter shore." 

— Tombstone^ Mount Adnah, Annisquam. 

326 James Lane and Descendants. 

Mr. Lane had second wife, Bertha Ada . Children : 

1. Son"^, stillborn, 28 Nov., 1868. 

2. Grace C^, b. 23 Sept., 1871. 

3. Perc}^. 

4. Henry Phillips^, d, I Sept., 1881, a;. I yr., 4 ms., 18 els. 

By second marriage : 

5. Amanda^. 

IIL Charles O.", b. 7 Oct., 1852, d. 16 Sept., 1853, ae. 10 

IV. Bertha A.", b. 1 1 Apr., 1856, principal of Bradstreet school, 
Gloucester, Mass. 


JOHN LAXE^^ (Abner^ Hezekiah^ Benjamin^, John-, James^), 
when a boy lived with a woman by the name of Geers. He was a 
lumberman, m. RACHEL TYLER, and settled in Wayne Co., 
Penn., on the Delaware river. Their post office address was Haw- 
kins Creek. 

Their eight children were : 

L William", died in the Civil War, 1 861-1865, his son, Marion®, 
living at Long Eddy, Sullivan Co., N. Y., in 1894. 

n. Abraham", b. 182 1, m. Sarah Darling, and moved to 
Iowa. She was living, his widow, 1894, with their son : 
I. W. Darling^, 811 University Place, Evanston, 111. 

III. Sarah", m. William Broad. 

IV. Abbie", m. William Frye. 

V. Mary'^, m. 

VI. Esther", m. Mike Wesler. 

VII. Elizabeth", m. David Biggs. 
AT II. Maria" m. Dodge Adams. 


Hon. EBENEZER LANE« (Ebenezer^-^ Job^ John-2, Jamesi), 
was born at New Gloucester, Me., in 1793. He said, "Poverty is 

Family One Hl'xdred Fourteen. 327 

a good thing to begin the world with, and it rightly improved we 



can learn something useful from it that we never would learn if born 

Ebenezer Lane, Jr., of New Gloucester, wheelwright, paid his uncle, Job 
Lane of Pejepscott, $200, with a mortgage for $2^0, Sept., 22, 1814, for 30 
acres of land with buildings in New Gloucester, it being the northeasterly half 
of lot No. 20, in the proprietors' second division. The mortgage excepted the 
right of dower to Peggy Lane, widow of Ebenezer Lane, Jr., deceased. This 
was the purchase by Mr. Lane the year he became of age, of a part of the 
original lot on which his grandfather Lane had settled more than half a century 
before, thus securing a home for his widowed mother. He became a prosper- 
ous merchant in New Orleans, La., and in Oxford, Ohio. 

Lane Theological Seminary was chartered and a preparatory school opened 
in 1829. Its organization was a part of a general scheme for the higher 
education of the Mississippi valley. The Kemper family donated lands which 
have proved of great value. The seminary possesses attractive buildings and 
grounds at Walnut Hills, a suburb of Cincinnati. Elienezer and Andrew Lane 
gave $4,ooo.(X) and the name to the institution. A theological department was 
added in 1832, and it became the first school of theology in Ohio. Dr. Lyman 
Beecher left his ministry in Boston to become its president and senior theologi- 
cal professor. 

But the anti-slavery movement in 1834 brought an unexpected change to 
affairs in the seminary. The board of trustees requested the discontinuance of 
the local colonization and anti-slavery societies in the institution, and also the 
cessation of all discussion of the subject of slavery. This the pupils refused 
to do. They said, "The ground of our secession from the seminary is that 
free discussion and correspondent action have been prohiljited by law." — 
Signed l>y ^/ persons, Dec. /j, iSj^. 

A large majority of the students withdrew to Oberlin Collegiate Institute, 
which was opened in 1833 and chartered in 1834. The students were accom- 
panied by Rev. Asa Mahan, the trustee who openly espoused their cause, and 
by John Morgan, an instructor in the seminary. Mahan was chosen president 
at Oberlin in 1835. Morgan was appointed professor of mathematics there, 
and the same year Rev. Charles G. Finney was called from New York to the 
chair of theolog)-. 

Mr. Lane wrote of the seminary to Rev. James P. Lane, under date of Oct. 
24, 1869: 

" The plan of founding that institution originated with myself. My brother, 
Andrew Lane, joined me in a donation to it. It has able professors and a good 
library, and I trust has done good. But it has not met my expectations. The 
object of its establishment was to prepare indigent young men for the gospel 
ministry; and the manual labor system was to be made a prominent feature of 
the institution, by which young men could preserve their health and meet all 

328 Ja^^ies Lane and Descendants. 

or nearly all their necessary expenses. But the manual labor department was 
badly managed and was abolished. About this time the slavery question 
caused much excitement and resulted in one of the best p'rofessors and about 
sixty students leaving the institution and going to Oberlin. This was a heavy 
blow to Lane Seminary, but was a great means of Ijuilding up Oberlin, which 
is now the largest and I think the best institution in the state. I still have the 
strongest confidence in manual labor schools when well managed. But we all 
know nothing prospers badly managed. I believe in educating the sexes to- 
gether, and the manual labor system made more prominent than it ever has 
been in any institution. Twelve hours in the twenty-four should be equally 
divided between study and labor. The health and expenses of the student 
require six hours labor per day; and six hours devoted to mental culture will 
enable a young man of fair talents to get a good education, — one who cannot 
get it in this time is not worth educating. There are many young men and 
women in the country who could obtain a liberal education by their own daily 
labor, if suitable institutions were established. It is the poor we should assist 
in rising in the world; the rich can take care of themselves. I have a good 
farm here of 107 acres, and a house 38x76 feet, sufficiently large for the 
beginning of a manual labor school, and would use it for this purpose if I could 
get a suitable person to join me in establishing a school of this kind." 

The remarkable career of Hon. Ebenezer Lane has given rise to several 
attempts to tell his story in the form of fiction. 

One account of his life was written by John Babson Lane Soule, and pub- 
lished in J. Friedman & Co.'s Monthly Gazette, Lewiston, Me., for February, 
1874. The sketch is entitled " From Thistle Patch to Cincinnati." It pur- 
ports to give the life of one Robert Lane, who came at length to establish the 
Lane Theological Seminary, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ragged Bob, the village 
vagabond, 16 or 17 years of age, is noticed, lectured, advised and encouraged 
by lawyer Samuel Fessenden. " And now, Robert," said the Esquire, as the 
boy was leaving his door, "the next time I hear from you, let me hear some- 
thing good. Above all things ^^^ out of Thistle Patch.^^ Bob runs away, gets 
a job, studies, takes a school, succeeds, marries one of his pupils, goes to New 
Orleans, becomes a prosperous merchant, returns wealthy at Cincinnati, and 
endows the seminary. 

Another narrative is the more ambitious romance published among " The 
Temperance Tales," by Lucius Manlius Sargent, and entitled "Kitty Grafton." 
The scene is laid in Heathermead End, and Parson More tells the story. The 
beautiful and accomplished Christiana Jansen, only child of respected and 
wealthy parents, weds and brings home Ethan Grafton, a thrifty farmer's son. 
Happy, prosperous years go swiftly by. Sons and daughters bless the home. 
The godly grandparents die, leaving ample estates and a reputable standing to 
the family. But farmer Grafton's orchard and his cider, ^c^r/ as 7i'ine, proves 
ultimately his ruin, morally and financially. At length thrift, comfort and 
happiness forsake the household, and years of sheer misery and domestic war- 

Family One Hundred Fourteen. 329 

fare ensue. In the midst of it all, while still a young man, the prodigal hus- 
band falls from his horse and breaks his neck. He is buried from the poor 
house, followed to a pauper's grave by his eldest son Elkanah as chief and 
only mourner. The once brilliant belle of Heathermead End is left a widow, 
crazed and broken hearted, and her children are left to a cottage of destitution, 
ignorance and misery. Ethan Grafton's cider was equal to wine. 

Elkanah Grafton is kept marvellously pure and helpful through all his child- 
hood of degradation and wretchedness, the only stay of the family. Now 
nearly 17 years of age, he develops much good sense and wise forecast. 
He plans to leave home and seek his fortune. Kind friends and wise 
counsellers appear in Job Rawlins, the shoemaker, Ashur Mellen, the 
nearest farmer, and in Parson More and wife at the parsonage. One early 
morning hour, Elky turned his back upon Heathermead End. His 
traveling outfit was superlatively simple. A small bundle, but containing his 
grandfather's pocket bible and swung over his shoulder on his grandfather's 
oaken staff, comprised his whole earthly possessions. 

More than six months elapse when, one day, to the great delight of parson- 
age and shoe shop, the post brought a double letter from Elkanah. The lad 
was in New York city; had been porter in a store, had purchased a hand-cart, 
then a horse and dray, had learned to write and cipher and keep accounts; 
and the thankful youth had enclosed twenty dollars for his mother and the 
children. Letters and remittances followed every three or four months. 

By the end of fourteen months he had sold his horse and dray and was re- 
ceived to the counting room of A. I. McFinnison & Co. The firm did an 
extensive business in the West, and at the end of two years their trusted clerk 
was at New Orleans and established in business on his own account. When 
five years had passed, Elkanah Grafton visits Heathermead with abundant 
means, benevolent purposes and established Christian integrity. His presence 
was a benediction to the entire hamlet. Mother's cottage, neighbors' shop and 
farm and parsonage all share in his benign ministrations, while the brothers 
and sisters are sent to school and college. 

Many years passed away. Elkanah still lived, opulent, respected and be- 
loved — the benefactor of his fellow men. In a distant part of our country 
there is a fountain of learning and piety whose streams have gone forth to 
refresh and invigorate the world. The Christian student mingles with his 
thanksgiving to the Most High God, his grateful recollections of its patron — 
that wandering boy who, having no earthly father to comfort and guide him, 
became the child of God — a steward of the poor, a benefactor of mankind. 
Such was Elkanah Grafton. 

Hon. Ebenezer Lane m. in New Orleans, 1825, CELESTE 
HEARSEY, dau. of Edward Hearsey of Charlestovvn, Mass. She 
d. in April, 1866. Four children : 

L Celeste", not married. 

330 James Lane and Descendants. 

II. Edward Payson^, d. May, 1869, leaving a widow and four 

III. John Howard*, m. and resided in Memphis, Tenn., and 
Oxford, Ohio. 

IV. Emily", m. a Methodist minister, who was at one time 
stationed at Oxford, Ohio. 


ANDREW LANE, Jr.^ (Andrew^-^ Job^ John^, Jamesi) b. 
Rockport, Mass., 14 Feb., 1818, ent. int. of m. 5 Nov., and was 
published 10 Nov., 1839, with SUSAN S. SIMPSON; she d. 3 
Oct., 1894, ae. 74 yrs., 4 ds., dau. of Ivory and Mary (Young) 
Simpson of York, Me. He m. second, 26 Sept., 1895, by Rev. 
Israel Ainsworth, Mrs. HANNAH SIMPSON-DIXON of Somer- 
ville, Mass.; she b. about 1832, dau. of Ivory and Mary (Young) 
Simpson of York, Me. 

Children : 

I. Andrew J.~, b. 28 Dec, 1840, farmer of Rockport, m. 9 
May, 1866, by Rev. \V. C. High, ?^Iary C. Hale; she b. Rock- 
port, about 1842, dau. of Albert and Mary B. Hale. Their 
children : 

1. Andreio //^, b. 18 Feb., 1867. 

2. IVilbur Ar/hti7-^, b. 2 July, 1 87 1. 

3. Marian^, b. 1 9 Oct., 1882. 

II. Ivory", b. 10 May, 1842, enlisted U. S. Navy at Portsmouth, 
N. H., June 22, 1861, served on L'. S. S. "Dale," discharged dis- 
abled Jan. 7, 1862, from receiving ship, Philadelphia, Pa. He m. 
Sar.\h Goodrich, and d. 15 Nov., 1869, ae. 27 yrs., 6 ms. Their 
daughter : 

I. Florence^, b. about 1867, m. 9 Aug., 1888, by Rev. W. H. Rider, 
yoseph D. Driver', he b. Rockport, age 36, son of Joseph U. and Delia 
(Lowe) Driver. 

III. Levereit"^, b. 14 Nov., 1844, m. 26 Nov., 1871, by Rev. 
Charles C. Mclntire, Louisa M. Hale; she b. Rockport, about 
1 85 1, dau. of Albert G. and Mary Hale. Their children : 

1. Susan May^, b. 15 Oct., 1874. 

2. Charles Pierce"^, b. 9 Apr., 1877. 

Family One Hundred Sixteen. 331 

IV. Hor-ACe", b. 15 Nov., 1847, m. Alberta F. Pool of Rock- 
port, and had : 

I. MabeP, b. 18 Oct., 1872, at Rockport. 

V. Ernest", b. about 1849, farmer, Rockport, m. 21 Dec, 1871, 
by Rev. Charles C. Mclntire, Alberta F. Pool ; she b. Rockport, 
about 1 85 1, dau. of Mark and Sally Pool. 

VI. John Henrv", b. about 1855, farmer, Rockport, m. 6 June, 
1877, by Rev. Charles C. Mclntire, E>nL\ J. Halstead ; she b. 
Scituate, Mass., about 1858, adopted dau. of Thomas and Mercy 
J. (Bardett) Halstead. Their children : • 

1. yane Halstead^, b. 3 Feb., 1878, m. 27 Nov., 1S95, W ^^v. Richard 
M. Peacock, Francis Nelson; he b. about 1873, son of John and Ellen 
(Tobey) Nelson of South Boston, Mass. 

2. Herman Kussell"^^ b. 6 June, 1892. 

VII. Susan S.', b. about 1858, m. i May, 1878, by Rev. Charles 
C. Mclntire, Hknrv H. Thurston; he trader, b. about 1853, son 
of Winthrop and Mary (Fears) Thurston of Rockport. 


GEORGE LAXE6 (George^, Andrew^ Job^, John^, James^), 
1 804-1 883, was b. in Rockport, Mass., i Nov., 1804. He m. 
first, DELIA SAWYER ROWE, who united with the First Con- 
gregational church of Rockport, on profession of faith. Mar. 2, 
1828, and d. II Sept., 1870, ae. 59 yrs., 10 ms., dau. of George 
W. and Mary E. Rowe. He m. second, 22 May, 1872, by Rev. 
E. S. Atwood, Mrs. ADELIA POOL, m. n. Wainwright; she b. 
about 1826, dau. of Thomas and Harriet AVainwright of Rockport. 
Mr. Lane united with the First Congregational church of Rock- 
port, on profession of faith, March 17, 1839, and d. 3 Sept., 1883, 
ae. 78 yrs., 10 ras. 

Children born in Rockport : 

I. George Whitefield", b. 31 Mar., 1835, d. young. 

II. Maria Lowe", b. 18 Apr., 1838, m. at Boston, Mass., 12 
Dec, 1 87 1, by Rev. A. A. Miner, Hor.\ce Lane"^, jeweller of Lanes- 

332 James Lane and Descendants. 

ville, Mass. (David", Epes^, David^-^, John^^-^, James^. He d. 15 
Aug., 1881, ae. 44 yrs., 8 ms. She d. 28 Mar., 1880, ae. 42 years. 
Their children : 

1. Delia Sawyer^, b. 29 Oct., 1874. 

2. David Horace^, b. July, 1877. 

3. Oihers^, died. 

III. Everett H.", b. 21 Mar., 1845, jeweller at Walpole, Mass., 
and Gloucester, Mass., m. first, 2 Jan., 1870, by Rev. James W. 
Cooper, Laura J. Tarr ; she b. about 1847, and d. Oct., 1874, 
dau. of Abner and Emeline Tarr of Rockport. He m. second, 24 
Jan., 1876, by Rev. A. J. Lyon, Carrie S. Wetherbee of Rock- 
port; she b. about i860, dau. of John and Sophia M. (Fay) 
Wetherbee. .Their children : 

1. Laura Wetherbee^, b. Gloucester, 14 Feb., 1877, d. 10 Aug., 1877, oe. 
5 ms., 26 ds. 

2. Marion Garland"^, b. Walpole, 16 Aug., 1880. 

3. Lottie Roive^, b. Walpole, 26 Sept., 1882. 

4. Hattie Evelyn^, b. Rockport, 23 Aug., 1885. 

5. George Everett'^, b. Rockport, 11 Aug., 1889. 

6. Riith Wetherbee^, b. Rockport, 26 Aug., 1891. 

7. John Albert^, b. Rockport, 4 Nov., 1894. 

156. IV. Howard Garland", b. 15 Dec, 1850, m. Grace G. 

V. Others". 


STEPHEN LANE« (Stephen-^ SamueH-^-s, James^, was b. in 
Gloucester, Mass., 13 Oct., and bap. 24 Dec, 1769. He ent. 
int. of m. II Apr., was published 13 Apr., and m. 19 Apr., 1792, 

Their children : 

157r I. Stephen H.~, b. 7 May, bap. 20 Aug., 1794, ni. Han- 
nah Centre and Jidith D. Poland. 

II. John Ingersoll", b. 26 Sept., bap. 9 Oct., 1796. 

III. Samuel", b. 2 Apr., bap. 10 Nov., 1799. 

Family One Hundred Eighteen. 333 


JONATHAN DENXISON LANE^ (Stephen^ Samuel^-s-s, 
James^), b. 7, bap. 19 Sept., 1775, was a sailmaker at Gloucester, 
]Mass. He ent. int. 27 July, and m. 7 Sept., 1798, by Rev. Daniel 
Fuller, SARA-H RING HASKELL, dau. of Stephen and Sally 
Haskell. His claim against the estate of Wentworth Riggs Lane 
was allowed, Nov. 13, 1810. Administration on his estate was 
granted to Sarah Lane, widow, Nov. 19, 1816. Inventory taken 
Dec. 28, 1816, was returned July 15, 181 7. — Essex Co. IJl/Zs. 

His widow d. 19 Feb., 1853, ^e. 85 years. 

Children : 

158. I. Edward"^, b. 5, bap. 21 Nov., 1802, m. Betsey 

and Eunice Norwood. 

II. Nathaniel Rogers'', b. 19 Dec, 1804, bap. 17 Mar., 1805. 

III. Sarah Ann", b. 28 July, 1806, bap. 21 Feb., and d. 25 
Oct., 1808. 

IV. SAR.AH Ann", b. 22 Dec, 1809, bap. 15 July, 18 10, m. Mr. 

V. FiTZ Henry", b. 8 Dec, 1804, celebrated marine painter in 
Boston and Gloucester; unm., artist, d. of cancer, 13 Aug., 1865, 
?e. 60 yrs., 8 ms., buried at Oak Grove, Gloucester. 

"At the age of eighteen months, while playing in the yard or garden of his 
father, Fitz H. Lane ate some of the seeds of the apple-peru, and was so un- 
fortunate as to lose the use of his lower limbs in consequence, owing to late 
and unskilful medical treatment. He showed in boyhood a talent for draw- 
ing and painting, but received no instruction in the rules till be went to Boston, 
at the age of twenty-eight, to work in Pendleton's lithographic establishment. 
From that time his taste and ability were rapidly developed; and, after a resi- 
dence of several years in Boston, he came back to Gloucester with a reputa- 
tion fully established. Since his return to his native town he has painted 
many pictures, all of which have been much admired. He has often con- 
tributed a production of his pencil for the promotion of a benevolent enter- 
prise. With characteristic kindness he furnished the sketches for the en- 
gravings of Babson's History- of Gloucester." — yo/zn y. Babson. 

334 James Lane and Descendants. 


JOSHUA LANE6 (Daniel-^-^ Job^^ John^, James^), a merchant 
of Leeds, Me., m. MEHITABLE BRETT, dau. of Rufus and 
Susanna (Carey) Brett of South Paris, Me., and d. in 1820. Mrs. 
Lane m. again, Thomas Lothrop of Leeds, and had daughter : 

L Louisa, m. Daniel Carey of Turner, Me. 
Children of Joshua and Mehitable (Brett) Lane : 

The genealogy on the Brett side has been traced back in regular 
line to John Alden of Mayflower memory. 

L Rev. Daniel Lane^, D.D., was born in Leeds, Me., 10 Mar., 
1813. After his father's death he lived with his mother and uncle, 
Seneca Brett, at South Paris, Me. He fittted for college at Bridgton 
Academy, graduated from Bowdoin College, 1838, was principal of 
North Yarmouth Academy, 1 838-1 839, and graduated at Andover 
Theological Seminary, 1843. He m. 9 Sept., 1843, Elizabeth J. 
Staples of Freeport, Me.; she b. 4 Aug., 1820, united with the 
Congregational church' at Freeport, on public profession of faith, 
Oct. 8, 1837, dau. of Capt. David and Elizabeth (Bartol) Staples. 
They went West together in company with ten Andover classmates 
who constituted the famous 'Towa Band" of home missionaries. 
He was ordained at Denmark, Iowa, Nov. 5, 1843, was pastor in 
Keosauqua, Iowa, ten years, was then chosen Professor of Mental 
and Moral Science in Iowa College, of which he was one of the 
founders. This chair he held until 1858, resigning on the removal 
of the college from Davenport to Grinnell. He then taught three 
years in Keosauqua. Resuming ministerial work, he held a pastor- 
ate of four years in Eddyville and of six years in Belle Plain, 
Iowa. Failing health led him to resign in 1872, and for a time he 
served Iowa College as financial agent. After a short residence in 
Oskaloosa, Iowa, he returned to Freeport, Me., in 1882. Here he 
joined the Congregational church by letter. Mar. 4, 1883, received 
the degree of D.D. from Iowa College in 1886, solemnized the m. 
of James H. Todd and Nellie F. Walker, Aug. 13, 1887, and died 
of heart failure, 3 Apr., 1890, x. TJ yrs., 20 ds. Early pupils 
have placed in the church in Keosauqua an oriel memorial winflow 

Family One Hundred Twenty. 335 

bearing his name. "We point to his life as one of the great and 
valuable factors in the growth and development of early Iowa. 
There are none who came under the influence of his teachins: and 
character who fail to recognize his life as an inspiration to them." 
— An Early Pupil. 

"Gifted with a clear and firm mind, a thorough student, possess- 
ing an- elevated spirit, instant conscience, and kindly and generous 
affections, he was endeared and honored in all the relations which 
he sustained in life." — Minutes of Gen. Asso. of low a. 

Mrs. Lane survived her husband ten years, dying in 1900. 

II. Joshua, Jr.", b. in Leeds, 2 Nov., 18 19. 


JOHN LANE'' (James^, DanieH, Samuel'^--, James^), was born 
in Leeds, Me., 31 ^L^y, 1796; a deacon, m. 20 Apr., 1823, VES- 
TA PHILLIPS, and d. 12 May, 1863. George B. Lane was ap- 
pointed administrator, Dec, 1863. 

Children born in Leeds : 

I. Charles C", b. 7 Nov., 1829, m. 1855, Mary Jane Lotht 
ROP, dau. of Col. Leavitt and Elizabeth (Lane)^ Lothrop, (Elias-^^, 
Daniel"*, SamueP--, James'), and d. 25 Oct., 1857. One daughter: 

I. A^eva C. C.', b. Leeds, 7 Dec, 1856,- a teacher in Pendleton, Ore.; her 
mother lives with her. 

159. 11. George B.", b. 16 Feb., 1833, m. Viola A. Rams- 

III. Abigail R.", b. 2 Mar., 1840, m. i860, John O. Palmer; 
he son of Humphrey Palmer of Fayette, Me., and Charlotte (Ly- 
ford) Palmer of East Livermore, Me. Both are members of the 
Baptist church. He was an enterprising and progressive farmer, 
and represented Livermore in the Legislature, 1885 and 1889. 
Their children : 

1. Irving O., b. 17 May, 1862, m. Mary Gushing. He graduated at 
Colby University, and was principal of the High School, Wareham, Mass. 
One child, Marie Irving. 

2. Justin A., b. 16 Dec, 1863, d. 20 Aug., 1865. 

3. Charlotte L., b. lo Aug., 1869, d. 1873. 

4. George Lane, b. 9 Aug., 1871, resided on the home farm. 

5. Rossa F., b. 1874, d. 1887. 

33<j James Lane and Descendani's. 


CYRUS FOSS^ (Uriahs and Sarah Goodridge, Levi^, Walteri), 
was born in Saco, Me., 21 June, 1785, a soldier in the war of 181 2, 
died at Leeds, Me., 16 Oct., 1836. He m. 10 July, 1808, POLLY 
LANE^, (Giddings^, Daniel^ SamueP-^, James') ; she b. in Leeds, 
6 Feb., 1790, received a pension after the death of her husband, 
and d. in Livermore, Me., 6 Sept., 187 1. He was twin brother of 
Daniel Foss, who m. Eunice Lane*', (Daniel'^-'*, SamueP*^, James'). 


" Died in East Livermore, Sept. 5, 1871, Mrs. Polly Foss, aged 81 years. 
She experienced religion when quite young; was baptized and united with the 
First Baptist church in Leeds. Afterward, for a time, she was a member of 
the Baptist church in Hallowell, Me., and for the few last years was a mem- 
ber of the Second Baptist church in Livermore. For several years she had 
made her home with her son-in-law, Mr. Benjamin Edgecombe, who with his 
wife did what they could to make her comfortable and smooth her way down 
the decline of life. She frequently spoke of their great kindness with pleas- 
ure, which contributed very much to her happiness. She adorned her pro- 
fession by a uniform Christian life. For a long time she was quite feeble and 
deprived of the privilege of meeting with the church, but frequently sent her 
love to it, and her great desire for its prosperity. She manifested great 
patience, and looked forward to the hour .of her departure with pleasing 
anticipations. Her end was peace." 

Twelve children : 

L Christopher Gore'', b. 22 May, 1809, m. 7 Jan., 1835, 
Olive Lothrop. He was ensign of the 4th ward company Infan- 
try, 2d Regiment, ist Brigade, 3d Division of State Militia, 1834; 
Postmaster of Milo, 1837, justice of the peace and quorum of 
Penobscot Co. for the term of seven years, and d. 21 Nov., 1843 : 
she m. again and d. in 1890. No children. 

H. GiDDiNGS Lane-'', b. 23 Sept., 18 10, d. 18 Nov., 1837, unm. 

HL Jemima Lane"\ b. 5 Sept., 181 2, m. 27 Aug., 1835, Lewis 
Page True ; he b. in Litchfield, Me., 18 May, 1811, d. Augusta, 
Me., 23 Sept., 1853, son of Daniel and Sally (West) True, who 
removed from North Yarmouth Me., to Leeds in 1808, and was a 
descendant of Henry and Isabel (Pike) True of Salisbury, Mass. 
Their children were : 

Family One Hundred Twenty- One. 337 

1. Mary Ellen, b. Bangor, Me., 23 Mar., 1837, d. Leeds, 10 Mar., 1841. 

2. />><?«/>/ y^V/7i7'«, b. Litchfield, 8 Dec, 1838, d. Livermore, 27 May, 1S42. 

3. Emma Sarah, b. Leeds, 8 June, 1840, m. 6 June, 1864, Melville Cox 
Clarke; he b. Gorham, Me., 20 ^Iay, 1837, son of Rev. Daniel and Mary 
(Knight J Clarke, and d. Richmond, Me., 15 Aug., 1866. Their daughter: 

i) Annie Augusta, b. Richmond, 19 Apr., 1865, res. Portland, Me. 

4. Annie Foss, b. Livermore, 22 Feb. 1842, m. 2 Jan., 1867, George liob- 
erts Davis, a merchant of Portland, Me.; he b. Portland, 4 May, 1818, son of 
Isaac and Mary Pearson f Little) Davis. His mother was the 7th generation 
from George Little, who settled in Newbury, Mass., 1640. Their children 
born in Portland : 

i) Gilbert Robert^, b, 17 Mar., 1871, d. 2 Apr., 1876. 2) Arthur True, b. 
16 May, 1874, student at the Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass., class of 
1898. 3) Melville Roberts, b. 7 May, 1876, student at Institute of Tech- 
nology, class of 1899. 

5. I.e-u'is Ed-win, b. Livermore, 23 Feb., 1844, d. Augusta, 22 Feb., 1856. 

6. Rosalinda Edgecombe, b. Livermore, 5 July, 1848, res. Portland. 

7. Christopher Foss, b. Livermore, 8 June, 1851, d. Augusta, 26 June, 

IV. Daniel-% b. 25 July, 1814, m. 10 July, 1841, Nancy, dau. 
of James and Mary (McKenney) Moulton, and d. 21 Sept., 1858 ; 
she was b. i Apr., 1812, m. second, Hiram Hines, and d. in Lewis- 
ton, Me., 22 Apr., 1891. No children. 

V. Cyrus Wilson^ b. 15 Aug., 181 5, d. North Leeds, 23 Feb., 
1890. He m. first, at Bangor, Me., 21 Aug., 1839, Charloite 
TowLE ; she b. Bangor, 5 Sept., 1817, and d. there in 1849. He 
m. second, Catherine B., dau. of Andre and Catherine (Murphy) 
Swanson of Philadelphia, Pa.; she b. 8 Jan., 1828, and d. 15 Dec, 
1883. Children by first marriage : 

1. Adelaide Towlt^ , b. Lincoln, Me., July, 1842, d. 1843. 

2. Adelaide Toivle^, b. Lincoln, July, 1845, m. Charles Walerman of 
Philadelphia, son of Thomas and Anna Waterman. They had children: 

i) Kate and 2) C. Reid. 

3. Mary Frances^, b. Lincoln, 27 Sept., 1846, res. Bangor, Me. 

4. Cyrus Ed'u'in^, b. Boston, 1848, d. Livermore, 1850. 

By second marriage : 

5. Annie IVaterman^, b. Philadelphia, 4 Nov., 1850, m. 7 Apr., 1879, her 
cousin, Aubrey Wilson Edgecombe, res. North Leeds. Children: 

l) Mary Cardiff, b. Livermore, 15 Aug., 1881, 2) Sarah Etta, b. Liver- 
more, 31 Mar., 1886. 

6. Andre-cu S'wanson^, b. Philadelphia, 9 Sept., 1855, m. in Philadelphia, 
22 July, 1881, Emma W . Had one child: 

i) Cyrus Wilson". 

338 James Lane and Descendants. 

VI. Thaddeus Warsaw'^ b. 12 June, 18 18, m. 17 Aug., 1841, 
Martha Jane Shaw, and d. Augusta, 27 Apr., 1885. Their 
children : 

I. IFi/son^. 2. Leroy^. 

VII. Alpheus Lane^, b. 8 June, 1820, m. 18 Feb., 1843, Abi- 
gail J. Hall, moved west and had one daughter. 

VIII. Anourill Coolidge^, b. 29 Oct., 1822, d. 20 Feb., 1842, 

IX. Rosalinda Lane^, b. 3 June, 1825, m. 4 Jan., 1848, Benja- 
min, son of Capt. Benjamin and Sarah (Foss) Edgecombe of Liv- 
ermore ; he b. 17 Jan., 1824, res. North Leeds. Children: 

1. Atibrey Wilson, b. 19 Mar., 1849, m. 7 Apr., 1879, his cousin, Annie 
Waterman Foss, res. North Leeds. 

2. Sarah Etta, b. 2 Mar., 1856, d. 27 Jan., 1861. 

3. Eli, b. 13 Sept., 1863, graduated from Bates College, Lewiston, Me., 
in 1890, teacher at Paris Hill and Camden, Me., m. i May, 1892, Eva Mae, 
dau. of Lorin Curtis Fickett; she b. 29 Oct., 1 87 1. 

X. Infant^, d. 27 Aug., 1826. 

XL Mary Jane^, b. 4 Aug., 1827, d. 20 Nov., 1841. 

XII. Josephine Bonaparte-^ b. 8 Sept., 1830, m. 2 Apr., 1850, 
John Wesley Clarke; he b. Minot, Me., 29 Mar., 1826, brother 
of Melville Cox Clarke. They res. Hallowell, Me., and had : 

1. Mary Ada, b. 25 July, 1854, d. 27 May, 1877. 

2. John Eihvin, b. 28 July, 1866, d. 7 Feb., 1878, 


ALPHEUS LANE6 (Giddings^, Daniel^ SamueP-^, James^), 

1 79 1 , was born in Leeds, Me., 5 Dec, 1791, at one time 

kept a hotel in ^^'ayne, Me., now called the Stinchfield Hotel, and 
d. in Milo, Me. He m. first, 13 Nov., 181 6, SALLY FOSS; she 
b. Saco, Me., 25 Mar., 1797, and d. 25 Aug., 1826, a sister of 
Cyrus Foss, who m. his sister, Polly Lane. He m. second, 14 
Apr., 1828, ELIZABETH STINCHFIELD; she b. Leeds, 22 
May, 1800, dau. of Capt. Roger Stinchfield, the first male child 
born in Leeds. She was paralyzed the last ten years of her life 
and d. at Lubec, Me., in 1876. 

Family One Hundred Twenty-Three. 33'J 

Children by first marriage : 

I. Sewell", b. lo June, 1817, m. \'irginia A. Swiford, settled 
in Virginia, died during the cholera scourge 1859; wife and two 
sons living there in 1896. 

II. Sarah^, b. 27 Sept., 1822, m. Charles Austin of Canton, 
Me. He d. in 1883 ; she lived, 1896, with son Sewall in Iowa. 

III. Alpheus", b. 1826, d. young. 
By second marriage : 

IV. John", d. young. 

V. Frances", d. young. 

VI. Roscoe", b. 4 Mar., 1834, d. in California 1S72. 

VII. Helen Frances"^, b. Hartford, Me., 14 Dec, 1836, when 
ten years old moved with her parents to Milo, Me.; m. 14 Aug., 
1857, Capt. George \V. McFadden of Lubec, Me., who was b. 
Oct., 1826, gave up the sea in 1892, and resided in Lubec. 
Their children : 

1. Cora Z., b. 14 Aug , 1858, d. 12 Dec, 1865. 

2. Koscoe, b. 9 July, i860, d. 13 Dec, 1865. 

3. Virginia S., b. 15 Oct., 1862, m. 6 Apr., 1893, Rer'. Harry Minnick ; 
he b. 2 Oct., 1862, in Wabash Co., Ind., graduated from Bible College, Ken- 
tucky University, and was pastor of Disciples church, Lubec, Me., 1896. 

VIII. Frederick Waldo", b. 30 Oct., 1838; first lieutenant 
Co. B, 20th Maine Regiment, wounded and taken prisoner at the 
battle of the Wilderness, Apr. 7, 1864 and d. 18 Apr., 1864. 

IX. Oiis", b. 22 May, 1842, res., 1896, Reno, Nevada. 

X. Virginl\ S.", b. 15 Oct., 1844, d. of consumption, 16 Nov., 
1 87 1, ae. 27 years. 


GIDDINGS LANE6 (Giddings^ DanieH, SamueP-^, James'), 
1 802-1 879, was born in Leeds, Me., 16 Aug., 1802, and died 15 
Nov., 1879. He acquired a good common school and academic 
education, laboring on the farm in the summer and teaching in 
winter. For half a century he was a leading spirit in his native 


40 James Lane and Descendants. 

town and one of the most prominent factors in the business, social 
and religious life of Leeds. 


He made a tour through the South in 1833, introducing the agricuhural 
novelty of Pitts' horse power and separator. He was captain of militia and 
led his company in the Aroostook War, 1837-1839. He was town treasurer, 
1843 to 1850 : was one of the originators of the Androscoggin Railroad Co. in 
1850, and, as director for 13 years, infused his energy into its construction and 
operation, was representative in 1854, and active in bringing about the organ- 
ization of Androscoggin county. In 1862, he organized a gold mining com- 
pany with Maine and Massachusetts capital, crossed the plains in 1863 with a 
train of ox and mule teams, loaded with quartz-crushing and other machinery, 
located his plant fifty miles west of Denver, Col., and for five years gave his 
personal superintendence to the operations of the company. He built a por- 
tion of the Knox and Lincoln Railroad in 1869, The culmination of his 
business life was the erection, largely due to him, of the Universalist house of 
worship at Leeds Centre, which was completed and dedicated in 1872. The 
Universalist Society was incorporated Nov, 18, 1873; he was chosen clerk and 
held that office till his death, when his son, G. W. Lane, succeeded him. He 
was a man of rapid thought, quick decision, unbounded enterprise, and had a 
rare quality of bringing his labors to a successful completion. Energetic, 
persevering, and possessed of a magnetism that attracted people and won 
friends, his business life was a uniform success. 

His pastor. Rev. Otis H. Johnson, said, " Brother Lane was one of the 
most distinguished citizens of Leeds. For many years he was untiring in his 
exertions in every public enterprise within his reach which had for its object 
the welfare of his fellow men. As a Christian he was outspoken and faithful 
in his duties to the cause he deemed of unparalleled excellence in the moral 
elevation of the world. His pleasant greetings and helpful suggestions will 
long be remembered," — George Drew Mtrrill. 

Mr. Lane m. i Jan., 1834, CASSANDRA, dau, of Dr. Cyrus and 
Lydia (Wood) BENSON of Bridgewater, Mass. She was b. 30 July, 
1 813. In 1864, Cassandra Lane et al. bought land in Bridgewater, 
Mass. Giddings Lane et al. sold real estate in Bridgewater, Mass., 

Mrs. Lane was an estimable lady, and a descendent of two 
notable families of Plymouth Co., Mass. 

Children : 

L Aubrey Giddings", b. 17 July, 1835, d. 13 Sept., 1836. 
160. IL Cyrus Benson', b. 6 June, 1838, m, Albina L. 



i ^ 






Family One Hundred Twenty- Four. 341 

III. GusTA\XTS Wilson"^, b. 12 Nov., 1841, m. first, 19 Feb., 
1863, .Helen M. Snow, who d. 16 Apr., 1871 ; m. second, 10 
Sept., 1882, Susan E. Lothrop, dau. of Willard and Emma 
(Boothby) Lothrop. Mr. Lane settled on the homestead in 
Leeds, but estabHshed himself at the centre in trade, 1883, where 
he built a steam grist-mill, 1889; served the town as clerk, 
treasurer and school supervisor ; was station and express agent, 
treasurer of Leeds' Dairying Association and member of Monmouth 
Lodge of F. and A. Masons. His politics were of the Jeffersonian 
type ; in religion he was a Universalist. 


CALVIN LANE« (Giddings^ Daniel^ SamueP-^ James'), 
1814-1892, was born in Leeds, Me., 6 Sept., 1814, m. i Nov., 
1835, DULCENIA LOTHROP, dau. of Daniel and Lucy Lothrop ; 
she b. Leeds, 1 1 Apr., 1813, and d. 18 Oct., 1895. They moved to 
Carroll, Me., in 1S36, where he cleared the farm on which he lived 
fifteen years, then kept store in the village for a few years and re- 
turned again to the farm. He was selectman of Carroll several 
years and d. 19 May, 1S92. 

Children : 

I. Fr.\nces a", b. Leeds, 27 Nov., 1S36, m. 8 Dec, 1858, 
George E. Baldwin of Prentiss, Me. Their children born in 
Prentiss : 

1. Calvin £"., b. 13 Dec, 1 859, farmer and milkman, Prentiss. 

2. Frank E., b. 25 Mar., 1861, grad. Randolph College, N. Y., m. 2 
June, 18S8, Eleanor M. Mathews of Chautauqua, N. Y., a V^th. Episcopal 
minister, Evanston, 111. 

3. Flora E., b. 25 Oct., 1863, grad. Chautauqua Class 1890, teacher at 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

4. yoshua T., b. 23 Aug., 1865, milkman and farmer, Prentiss. 

5. Ira A., b. 28 Oct., 1867, d. 7 Oct., 1868. 

6. Iza F., b. 7 Aug., 1868, d. 10 Feb., 1877. 

7. J/yra A.,h. 23 Oct., 1871, grad. Normal School, Lee, Me., and Surgi- 
cal Hospital, Minneapolis, Minn., 1893. 

8. Aero}' C, b. 4 Apr., 1873, ^- ^ Dec, 1878. 

9. Xina Belle, b. 10 Feb., 1877, school teacher. 

11. Esther J.", b. Carroll, i8 Nov., 1839, m. 25 Mar., 1859, 
George Taylor of Topsfield, Me. 

342 James Lane and Descendants. 

III. Son", b. 9 May, 1842, d. 19 May, 1842. 

IV. Orestus N.'^, b. 20 June, 1843, m. in Meddybemps, Me., 
5 May, 1867, Myra J. McDougal. 

V. Clara A.~, b. 10 Oct., 1847, ^- 28 Feb., 1869, Alonzo 
Noble of Carroll, and had : 

1. Carl B., b. 30 Apr., 1870, m, in Worcester, Mass., 10 June, 1895, 
Maggie R. Fait. 

2. Dulcenia B., b. 30 Nov., 1882. 

3. Edgar L., b. 20 Aug., 1894, 

161. VI. Daniel G.', b, 7 July, 1853, m. Ella F. Hooke. 
VII. Ella May"^, b. 3 Jan., 1857, d. 18 Jan., 1858. 


ALVAN LANEG (Elias^ DanieH, Samuel^-a, Jamesi), was born 
in Leeds, Me., 27 July, 1801, m. first, 27 Dec, 1823, LUCY 
MITCHELL, m. second, 29 Jan., 1843, Mrs. HANNAH DON- 
HAM. He d. i Jan., 1854. 

Children : 

1. Orson"*, b. in 1826, m. first, in 1852, Susan E. Boothby, 
and second, in 1859, Viora G. Boothby, and d. 16 Apr., 1882. 
Children : 

1. Alelvina Clark^, b. 2 Apr., 1852, res. Brockton, Mass. 

2. Lucy Mitchell^, b. 16 Sept., 1861, a fine singer and school teacher in 
Lewiston, Me. 

3. Stephen B.^, b. about 1865, res. Brockton, Mass. Viora G. Lane was 
appointed his guardian, April, 1884. 

11. Sarah Scoit''', b. 9 Apr., 1844, received John Gilmore as her 
guardian, Aug., 1855, m. Frank Sewall, had children and settled 
in Chicago, 111. 


ELIPHALET G. LANE6 (Peter^ Daniel^, SamueP-^, James^), 
1 796-1854, was born in Leeds, Me., 28 Aug., 1796, m. 22 Aug., 
1820, LYDIA S. TRASK, and d. 4 July, 1854; she d. 16 Oct., 
1 88 1. There were 22 grand children. 

Family One Hundred Twenty- Seven. 343 

Children : 

I. Mary F.", b. 24 Jan., 182 1, m. 23 Feb., 1842, John A. 
Chase, and d. 26 May, 1849. 

II. Almira H.~, b. 14 Feb., 1824, m. June, 1849, Ethan Allen 
Philbrook, and d. in California, 4 Dec, 1863. 

III. Lydl\ S."^, b. 18 Mar., 1826, m. 18 Aug., 1859, John A. 
Chase, and d. in Atchinson, Kan. 

IV. LucEiTA v.", b. 18 Feb., 1829, m. 25 Mar., 1856, Moses 
E. Millf/it. 

V. Eliphalet", b. 4 June, 1831, d. i Aug., 1861. 

VI. Kben F.", b. 25 Jan., 1835, m. 4 Sept., 1859, Susan P. 
Shaw, and d. in Minot, Me., Oct., 1869. 

VII. Francis B.", b. 21 Oct., 1838, m. 10 Sept., 1862, Clara 
E. Bacon. 


ISSACHKR LANE'* (Peter', DanieH, Samuel-'-^, James»), 1798- 
189 1, was b. in Leeds, Me., 2 May, 1798, m. 2 Apr., 1818, DOR- 
CAS LANE**, (Giddings'', DanieP, Samuel-'--, James^) ; she b. 19 
July, 179S, and d. 22 Nov., 1884. He was prominent in town 
affairs, represented Leeds in the Maine Legislature, 1837, and d. 
at East Livermore, Me., 24 Dec, 1891, in his 94th year. Will 
and petition for probate, Dec, 1891. John Turner was appointed 
executor, Feb., 1892, but refused to accept, Apr., 1892. Esther 
A. Berry was administratrix, June, 1S92. 

Children : 

I. Rosalinda", b. 9 Feb., 1821, d. 16 Mar., 1824. 

II. Rosamond", b. 28 Mar., 1827, m. 20 Jan., 1848, Davis 
FR.A.NCIS, had six children and d. 24 Oct., 1863. 

162. III. Adoniram Judson", b. 18 July, 1830, m. Ann Has- 
eltine Foss. 

IV. Esther An'n", b. 13 Feb., 1839, ^'^- 5 -^V^-> ^863, Eli U. 
Berry, lived in Topsfield, Me., and had : 

1. Xc'tfie A.,h. iS Jan., 1 865, m. 8 Jan., 1890, IVillis M. Davis, a Free 
Baptist minister. 

2. Frederick J/., b. 20 Nov., 1872, d. 3 Dec, 1888. 

344 James Lane and Descendants. 


JOHN LANf7' (Benjamin-^ Issacher"^, SamueP-^, James'), was 
born in Vinalhaven, Me., 19 Mar., 1796, and m. 6 Jan., 1820, 
REBECCA AREY; she b. 20 Aug., 1798. The Arey family was 
from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and bought Arey's Harbor, Penob- 
scot Bay, in 1770. 

Six children : 

I. Peggy", b. 10 Dec, 1821, m. 15 Jan., 1840, Elisha Carver. 

H. Deborah", b. 19 Apr., 1823, m. 19 Dec, 1843, Jonathan 
Calderwood, and d. 15 Feb., 1898. 

HI. Henry C."^, b. 23 Sept., 1825, m. 30 Nov., 1859, Mar- 
garet Smith; she b. 1 1 Apr., 1836, and d. 23 Feb., 1898. He d. 
9 Mar=, 1886. One child: 

I, Minnie DJ^, b. 8 Oct., 1868, m. 13 Nov., 1888, Lnroy A. Coombs. 

163. IV. Timothy"^, b. 3 Sept., 1827, m. Amanda Smith. 

V. Mary Ann", b. 3 Dec, 1829, m. 12 May, 1849, Eben Cal- 

VI. Sabra"^, b. 1 1 Nov., 1835, d. 19 Mar., 1840. 


JOSEPH LANE« (Benjamin^, Issacher"*, SamueP-^, James'), 
1 800-1 87 2, b. Vinalhaven, Me., 31 Aug., 1800, m. 26 Oct., 1820, 
ABIGAIL, dau. of Joseph AREY; she b. 20 Apr., 1800, and d. 
10 Sept., 1875. Mr. Lane settled on the place now owned by 
Capt. Emery Smith. About 1834, he began furnishing outfits for 
fishing vessels, the first person to start this business in Vinalhaven. 
He d. 29 Jan., 1872. 

Four children : 

I. William Vinal", b. 22 July, 1822, d. 22 Nov., 1846. 

164. 11. Benjamin", b. 6 May, 1826, m. Mahala Roberts. 

165. III. Hiram Vinal", b. 9 Nov., 1829, m. Susan R. Rob- 

IV. Rebecca C", b. 12 Mar., 1833, m. Edwin Lane^, (Timothy^, 
Benjamin-^, Issacher^, SamueP '^, James^). 

Family One Hundred Thirty- One. 345 


JAMES A. LANE^ (Benjamin-^ Issacher^, SamueP--, James'), 
1802-1873, b. Vinalhaven, Me., 4 Dec, 1802, m. 26 Jan., 1826, 
LYDIA SMITH, and d. 24 Oct., 1873. 

Nine children : 

I. Eleanor", b. 3 Feb., -1827, m. first, 7 Jan., 1847, Isaac 
Jacobs; m. second, 22 Dec, 1872, Calvin Smith. 

n. Eliza", b. 30 Nov., 1828, m. 16 Nov., 1854, George Rob- 
ert's, and d. 25 Feb., 1899. 

HI. Bei-sie", b. 25 Apr., 1830, m. first. Mar., 1850, Benjamin 
Arey; ni. second, 16 Dec, 1877, Joseph IjRown. 

166. 1\'. Rodney", b. 18 Sept., 1831, m. Lvdia Hibbard. 

\'. Scsan", b. 2 Dec, 1832, m. 17 Nov., 1853, Calvin Smith, 
and d. 13 Feb., 1S7 1. 

\'I. Fr.\nklin", b. 9 Aug., 1834, (1. at sea, 23 Oct., 185 i. 

\Ti. John", b. 28 Mar., 1836, m. first, 7 Nov., 1868, Frances 
NoR\V(^oi); m. second, 25 Nov., 1S79, Makiha Clark. 

VHl. Hannah", b. 28 Feb., 1839, m. 13 Jan., 1872, Fred 

IX. George"^, b. 8 Aug., 1842, d. Aug., 1850. 


TIMOTHY LANE6 (Benjamin-^ Issacher^ Samuer^-"-^, Jamesi), 
1805-187 1, was born in Vinalhaven, Me., i Jan., 1805. He re- 
sided on Lane's Island and commenced curing fish and furnishing 
outfits about 1850. He carried on a large business and at one 
time was owner in from 20 to 25 vessels. He accumulated an 
ample property and in 1865 paid the largest tax ever assessed 
against any one person in town, amounting to ^1,328.73. Besides 
this sum the firm of Timothy Lane & Sons paid $238.95. 

Mr. Lane m. 25 Feb., 1830, REBECCA, dau. of William 
SMITH; she b. 30 Sept., 1806, and d. 5 Feb., 1888, ae. 81 years. 
He d. 12 June, 1871, ae. 66 years. 

346 James Lane and Descendants. 

Six children : 

167, I. William Smith", b. 23 Oct., 1830, m. Mercy Delano. 

168. II. Edwin", b. 11 Sept., 1832, m. Rebecca Lane. 

in. Francis M.% b. 8 Sept., 1834, m. 2 Nov., 1856, Susan F. 

The weir at Lane's Island was built by John Rogers and F. M. 
Lane. Two children : 

1. Annie 7,^, b. 20 Apr., 1859, m. 21 July, 1875, John J. Alexander. 

2. Payson S}^ b. 15 June, 1870, m. first, 10 June, 1890, Ada Cliiff ; she b. 
26 May, 1870, and d. 14 Aug., 1894. He m. second, 26 Oct., 1898, Katie 
Bernett ; she b. 20 Jan., 1875. One child: 

i) Harold Francis", b. 9 Aug., 1891, d. 15 June, 1892, 

IV. Margaret", b. 5 Jan., 1837, d. 28 Dec, 1837. 

V. Margaret", b. 10 Apr., 1839, m. 10 Sept., 1855, Alvin Dol- 
HAM ; he b. 10 Apr., 1839, d. 30 Nov., 1887. 

VI. Charles", b. 4 Jan., 1845, d. 3 Sept., 1849. 


GEORGE LANE^ (John", Nicholas-^ \Villiam\ James \ John^, 
James^), b. Ipswich, Mass., about 1813, resided in Essex, Mass., 
and (xloucester, Mass. He m. LUCINDA POLAND; she b. 
Essex, and d. Gloucester, 27 May, 1874, ae. 63 yrs., 5 ms., dau. of 
Josiah and Mehitable Poland. He was representative from Glou- 
cester to Massachusetts General Court, 1833, town officer to 1845, 
deputy sheriff of Essex Co. for many years ; survived his wife and 
d. in Gloucester, 7 Feb., 1893, ae. 80 yrs., 11 ms. Monument in 
Oak Grove Cemetery. 

Children : 

I. George Roswell^, b. Essex, 24 May, 1831, mason by trade, 
m. 13 Sept., 1850, by Joshua P. Trask, Esq., Mary Ann Stanwood, 
both of Gloucester; she b. about 1832, dau. of Nehemiah and 
Catherine Stanwood. He m. second, Lara L. . 

Family One Hundred Thirty-Two. 347 

Children born in Gloucester : 

1. George Roszvell, Jr.^, b. i Dec, 1851, mason, m. 4 Jan., 1874, Mary 

Elizabeth Lovekin or Ltijkin ; she b. East Cambridge, Mass. Their children 
were : 

i) Charles Wesley"', b. 10 D^c, 1874, m. 9 July, 1896, by Rev. G. T. 
Raymond, Mary Fuller Thurston; she b. about 1S75, dau. of James and 
Martha (Hook) Thurston. Child, Charles Wilson^', b. 2 Mar., 1S97. 

2) Lizzie Brown"', b. 3 Aug., 1876. 

3) Samuel RoswelP*', b. 13 Feb., 1881. 

4) George RoswelP", b, 29 June, 1890. 

5) Emma Frances"^ b. 28 Mar., 1893. 

2. Albert Foster^, b. I Apr., 1853, shoemaker, m. 5 Mar., 1872, by Rev. 
C. A. Merrill, Adeline Winn, both of Gloucester; she b. Rockland, Mass., 
about 1854, dau. of William A. and Sarah J. (Thurston) Winn. Their children 
were : 

i) Albert F.>^ b. 12 Mar., 1873. 

2) Ernest"', b. 24 Nov., 1874. 

3) Clifford Henry"', b. 24 July, 1877. 

4) Ernest R."', b. 12 Feb., 18S1. 

3. Benjamin F.^, b. 19 Oct., 1856, d. 11 Aug., i860. 
By second marriage : 

4. Frank Ellsioorth^ , b, 19 Jan., 1 867. Student at Boston University; m. 
two sisters. No children. 

II. LuciNDA Maria-, b. about 1833, m. 28 Dec, 1853, by Rev. 
George F. Danforth, William H. Parroti'; he b. about 1825, and 
d. 15 Nov., 1874, ce. 42 yrs., son of William and Lydia Parrott. 

III. Xancy^, b. about 1838, m. 22 Sept., 1858, by Rev. F. N. 
Peloubet, Thaddeus Wheeler; he mariner, b. Rockport, Mass., 
1837, son of David and Mary Wheeler. 

IV. Emeline Fr.\nces^, b. about 1841, m. 16 Apr., 1859, by 
Rev. Nathan A. Towle, Philip H. Goldthwait; he b. Gloucester, 
about 1837, son of Philip and Sarah Goldthwait. 

V. Henry Albert^, b. 12 Nov., 1846-, blacksmith, and police- 
man, m. 16 Sept., 1867, by Rev. Elmer H. Chapin, Adell\ F. 
Emerton ; she b. Gloucester, about 1848, dau. of Oliver S. and 
Sarah Emerton. Their children were : 

1. Cora Greenioood^, b. 2 Jan., 1868. 

2. Henry O.^, b. 24 July, 1869. 

3. Frederick^, b, 14 Sept., 1871. 

4. Alonzo S.^, b. II Aug., 1873. 

5. Lizzie JV.^, b. 4 Apr., 1875, ^- 4 Sept., 1875. 

6. Lizzie B. IF.\ b. 15 Feb., 1876. 

348 James Lane and Descendants. 


EDMUND CLEAVES LANE^ (Josiahfi-^-^, James^, John^, 
James^), 1804-187 7, was b. in New Gloucester, Me., 23 Oct., 1804, 
a tanner and currier by trade. The tannery was in the field back 
of the house on Gooch's lane at Yarmouth Corner, Me. His name 
appears on Cumberland County Records in the transfer of real 
estate 18 times from 1831 to i860, and he was in the Light In- 
fantry at Yarmouth, 1835. He removed to Strattonville, Penn., in 
1 86 1, and d. there 10 Apr., 1877, se. 73 years. He m. 13 Nov., 
1828, MARY RING HUMPHREY; she b. North Yarmouth, Me., 
1807, dau. of Asa and Betsey (Ring) Humphrey, and descendant 
of Miles Standish. She d. 19 Feb., 1883. 

Children born in Yarmouth, Me. : 

I. Betsey Jane^, b. 22 Jan., 1830, d. 21 Sept., 1847, unm. 

II. Sidney Howard^, b. 2 Sept., 1832, bought house lot No. i 
in Yarmouth, of Octavius A. Hill, for $500, Mar. 26, i860; soldier 
in the Civil War, 25th Reg., Co. H, Maine Infantry; d. unm. 3 
Oct., 1895. 

III. JosiAH^, b. 12 Oct., 1834, d. 4 Sept., 1853. 

IV. Rachel Wentworth^, b. i Feb., 1837, m. 11 Nov., 1863, 
Eben Hutchinson, Esq., of Augusta, Me., a lawyer, res. Chelsea, 
Mass., and d. 9 Feb., 1880. Children born in Chelsea: 

1. Maud, b. 10 Nov., 1867, m. 18 May, 1896, Hoxvard R. Babbitt, a 
lumber dealer of South America. She d. in South America, 16 Sept., 1899. 

2. Eben, Jr., b. 12 Nov., 1869, m. 25 Sept., 1894, Jessie Wkitaker of 
Bradford, Vt., dau. of Mrs. Alfred Whitaker-Colburn; he a lawyer in Chelsea, 

V. Prof. Asa Lyman«, b. 18 Feb., 1839, m. 6 Oct., 1864, Mary 
Josephine Robinson of Skowhegan, Me. Residence Reidsburg, 
Pa., Biddeford, Me., New London, N. H., Waterville, Me., a 
clergyman and teacher at Colby Classical Institute, Waterville, 
Me. Children : 

1. Ava Bertha'^, b. Reidsburg, 3 July, 1865, teacher in Waterville. 

2. Mary Blanche^, b. Biddeford, 23 May, 1873, teacher in Waterville. 

VI. Mary Ring^, b. 23 Jan., 1842, m. 15 June, 1875, Jotham 
E. MuNROE, as his second wife. Residence East Boston, Mass., 
sheriff in Boston Court. He d. 6 July, 1889. One child: 

I. Harold Lymaii, b. 28 Dec, 1881, d. i Oct., 1891. 

Family One Hundred Thirty-Five. 349 

169. ^TI. Rev. Benjamin Humphrey^, b. 8 Mar., 1S44, m. 
Lizzie Ashton Boswell, Minerva W. Dexter, Jennie Theodate 

VIII. Abbie Anna'^, b. 20 Aug., 1846, m. 20 Aug., 1881, Eben 
Hutchinson, Esq., as his second wife. Residence Chelsea, Mass., 
and South America. No children. 


SETH LANF:" (Josiah«-^-S James^ John^, Jamesi), 1813-1876, 
b. in New Gloucester, Me., iS Mar., 1S13, entered intention of m. 
28 Nov., 1839, with HANNAH C. C. ROWE, lived at New 
Gloucester, and d. 24 Sept., 1876, ae. 63 years. She d. 30 Sept., 
1876, ae. 65 years. 

Children ; 

I. Augusta R.'*, b. 27 Aug., 1845, d. 6 Mar., 1846, ae. 6 months. 

II. Emily A."", b. 14 Aug., 1846, m. first, 17 Feb., 1866, 

Charles Coding ; m. second, ; m. third, Augustus 

Haskell, and lived in Upper Gloucester, Me., 1899. No children. 

III. Child^, d. 14 Oct., 1850, 3e. i year. 

IV. Harriet T.'', b. 24 Dec, 1852, d. 6 Mar., 1853, ae. 3 

V. Child®, d. 3 Sept., 1853. 

VI. Lydia B.**, b. 4 Mar., 1854, d. 18 Oct., 1855, ae. i 1-2 years. 

VII. Mary A.'*, b. 5 Sept., 1857, d. young. 


JOSEPH HICKS LANE" (Levis, Isaac^ Josiah^ James^, 
John-, James^), was born 1807, on the homestead in East Gray, 
Me. He followed the sea thirteen years, becoming an able ship- 
master, upon one memorable occasion the only one of fourteen 
persons saved from a wreck. He bought land in Gray, 1847 ; as 

350 James Lane and Descendants. 

attorney for heirs of Levi Lane, late of North Yarmouth, Me., he 
sold to Ebenezer D. Lane of Yarmouth, gentleman, for $4,000.00, 
Apr. 17, 1850, nine undivided eleventh parts of the entire real 
estate of said Levi Lane, and also nine undivided elevenths of pew 
No. 53 on the lower floor of the First Parish meeting house in 
South Yarmouth. 

Capt. Lane settled on a farm in North Yarmouth, in 1870. He 
was a L'niversalist in religious belief, and a Republican in politics. 
He d. 5 Sept., 1886, ae. 79 yrs., 6 ms., 3 ds. Mrs. Lane d. same 
year, ae. 79 years. 

Children bom in Gray : 

170. L Aerial Deblance^, b. 13 Oct., 1834, m. Elizabeth 
S. Haves. 

n. Fr.\nces E.^, m. Beecher True of Yarmouth, Me. 

171. HL Alvin A.^, m. Abby Porier. 

172. IV. Charles ]\L^, b. 4 Oct., 1845, m. Frances A. Young. 

V. LucRETiA^, m. John P. Caswell, and d. before 1892, se. ;^^ 

VL Caroline M.^, d. se. 11 years. 


born in Providence, R. I., 26 July, 1809, and d. in Bristol, R. L, 
8 Sept., 1888. 

The emigrant Herreshoff^ was from a prominent family of 
Dessau, Prussia, and came as a scientific engineer to Providence in 
the last century. He m. a daughter of John Brown of Providence, 
a steady patriot, who provided the boats that sailed down Narra- 
ganset Bay, on the night of June 9, 1772, and burned the British 
armed schooner " Gaspee," as she lay aground, and who belonged 
to the family of Hon. Nicholas Brown, who gave its name to Brown 
University. Mr. Herreshoff moved down the bay from Providence 
and settled among the trees on Popasquast point, opposite Bristol. 

Charles Frederick Herreshoff-, a fine attractive gentleman of the 

Family One Hundred Thirty-Six. 351 

sea, built his house in Bristol. He m. 15 May, 1833, JULIA ANN 
LEWIS; she b. in Boston, Mass., 20 Mar., 181 1. Mrs. Herreshoff 
is Hving in Bristol, still, 1897, in a bright and cheerful old age. 

A few yachtsmen and the people of Bristol know the Herreshoffs 
man from man ; the numerous inlanders know only '' the Herre- 
shoffs," as a dim aggregation of genius that designs and builds 
extraordinary sailing craft. There are nine of the Herreshoffs, 
seven brothers and two sisters. Four of them are blind. Two of 
the brothers are connected with the yacht-building works founded 
in 1864. These two men have built up their business and made a 
name in a single generation. They come rightly by their love for 
the sea, but they did not inherit their reputation. The fame of the 
"Gloriana," the "Vamose," the "Defender," and the "Columbia," 
has fallen, curiously enough, upon an entire family. If the Herre- 
shoffs are cut off from outside associations by their natural reserve, 
they cling together as a family in a remarkable degree. — Ray Stafi- 
nard Baker in Harper's li'eekly, July, igoo. 

Children all born in Bristol : 

I. James Brown-*, b. 18 Mar., 1834, eldest member of the fam- 
ily, experimental chemist, m. 14 May, 1875, Jane Brown, and was 
living in Coronado, Cal., 1S99. Their children : 

1. y(itie BfiKcn*, h. 13 July, 1876. 

2. yaiJies B.*, b. 18 Mar., 1878. 

3. Charles Frederick* , b. 28 May, 1880. 

4. IVilliam Stitart*, b. 21 Apr., 1S83. 

5. Annd Frames*, h. 4 July, 1886. 

II. Carolint: Louisa^, b. 27 Feb., 1837, m. 16 Aug., 1866, E. 
Stanton Cheseborough of New York, who d. in Bristol, 22 Oct., 
1875. She was living in Bristol in 1899. Child : 

I. Albert Stanton, b. ii Jan., 1868, is winning reputation as a designer in 

III. Charles Frederick, Jr.^, b. 26 Feb., 1839, occupied the 
old homestead across the river. He m. first, 19 Mar., 1863, Mary 
Potter, who d. 24 Mar., 1866 ; m. second, 3 Dec, 1868, Alice 
Almy of Tiverton, R. I. Child : 

I. yitlia Ann*, b. 20 Aug., 1864. 

IV. John Brown^, b. 24 Apr., 1841, blind since 15 years of age. 
A tall, heavy built man, saying little and thinking much, he is presi- 

352 James Lane and Descendants. 

dent of the yacht-building establishment, and with business genius 

has built up and managed the enterprise which has made the family 

famous. He m. first, 6 Oct., 1870, Sarah L. Kilton of Boston, 

divorced, 1891 ; m. second, 27 Apr., 1892, Eugenia T. Tucker of 

Providence. Child : 

I. Katherine Kilion*, b. 31 July, 1871, m. 29 Apr., 1896, Lezuis H. 
De Wolf, and had : 

i) Katherine Herreshoff, b. 19 Mar., 1897. 

V. Lewis^, b. 3 Feb., 1844, blind from boyhood, has written for 
the reviews- with success, and been greatly interested in the history 
of the Lane family. 

VL Sally Brown^, b. i Dec, 1845, is blind. Her corre- 
spondence has helped on the Lane genealogy. 

VIL Nathaniel Green'^, b. 18 INlar., 1848. A tall, serious 
youth who preferred to sail alone in his cat-yawl to any kind of 
company ; graduated from the Boston School of Technology, then 
served an apprenticeship with the Corliss Steam Engine Works, and 
afterwards traveled extensively ; a prodigiously hard worker, of 
scientific turn of mind, captain and designer of the famous cup 
defenders. As early as 1877, he built a new kind of a catamaran ; 
now, stooping and gray, he is credited with new methods of scien- 
tific yacht-building. 

Capt. Herreshoff m. 26 Dec, 1883, Clara A. DeWolf. She 
comes from the ancient Bristol family of DeWolf, of whom Capt. 
'*Jim" DeWolf built the famous privateer ''Yankee" in 181 2. 
Their children : 

1. Agnes Mueller'^, b. 19 Oct., 1884. 

2. Algernon Sydneyi^, b. 22 Nov., 1886. 

3. Nathaniel Green*, b. 5 Feb., 1888. 

4. Alexander Griszvold*, b. 16 Apr., 1889. 

5. Lezvis Frajicis*, b. 1 1 Nov., 1890. 

6. Clarence DeWolf*, b. 22 Feb., 1895. 

VHL John Bro\vn Francis-^ b. 7 Feb., 1850, an experimental 
chemist, residing in Brooklyn, N. Y. He m. first, 9 Feb., 1876, 
Grace E. Dyer of Providence, who d. 2 Dec, 1880; m. second, 
25 Oct., 1882, Emilie D. Lee of Philadelphia, Pa. Their chil- 
dren : 

I. Louisa Chamberliu*, b. 29 Nov., 1876. 

Family One Hundred Thirit-Seven. 3oo 

2. Francis Lee*, b. 2 Oct., 1885. 

3. Frederick*, b. 7 Mar., 1 888. 

4. Sarah Lathrop*, b. 17 Oct., 18S9. 

IX. Julian Lewis-'^, b. 29 July, 1854, a blind musician and a 
teacher of languages in Providence. He m. 11 Sept., 1879, Ellen 
Frances Taft. Child : 

I. Grace*, b. 31 Mar., iSSi. 


HENRY WHITE LANE" (John*', David-^-«, John^^-^ James^), 
was b. in Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., iSii. The Congregational 
church of Lanesville was organized in 1S30. Henry W. Lane 
petitioned for the incorporation of the ecclesiastical society, May 
4, 1864. George W. Lane and Charles H. Lane adopted the 
by-laws, May 11, 1864. Joseph Lane Andrews was the first clerk 
of the society and his son, Joseph H. Andrews, was clerk 1866 

Henry \V. Lane ni. 1836, LOUISA SAUNDERS, both of Glou- 
cester. She d. 7 Sept., 1878, ae. 63 yrs., 9 ms., 8 ds., dau. of 
Simeon and Sarah (Lane^) Saunders (Jonathan', Benjamin^, John-, 

Children : 

I. Henrv Lvman^, d. II Oct., 1844, ae. 7 yrs., 3 ms. 

II. Reuben^, d. 13 Oct., 1854, ce. 15 years. 

HI. JuLiA^, b. 25 Aug., 1843, m. David Lane^ (David"^-^-^-'*, 
John-'--, James'). 

IV. Marv Elizabeth^, b. 10 Aug., 1845, m. 25 Aug., 1867, by 
Rev. Thomas Morong of Lanesville, James M. Towle, stone cutter ; 
he b. about 1832, in Maine, son of John and Mary Towle, his 
second marriage. 

173. V. Henry Lvman^, b, 6 Sept., 1847, m. Ada Allen. 

VL Rebecca^. 

VII. Ellen M.^, b. about 1844, m. Thomas M. L.\ne'^ 
(David"-^-''*"', John^-'^, James'). 

354 James Lane and Descendants. 

174. VITI. Levi Saunders^ b. about 1849, m. Ella F. Mer- 

IX. Alzina Marla.^ b. about 1851, m. 23 Nov., 187 1, by Rev. 
William H. Teal, Moses H. Cotton, stone cutter, who was b. 
about 1 846-, son of Charles and Susan Cotton, and who d. 21 Oct., 

X. Almir.4 M.^, b. 5 Jan., 1852. 


DAVID LANE' (David6-5.4, John^-^, James^), 1814-1877, b. 
Lanesville, Mass., 10 Oct., 1814, fisherman, m. MARY P. 

ALLEN, dau. of and Hannah (Floyd) Allen of By field, 

Mass. He d. of typhoid fever, 26 Sept., 1877, ae. 63 years; she 
d. paralysis, 31 May, 1896, ae. 79 yrs., i mo. Buried at Riverdale, 
Gloucester, Mass. 

Children : 

175. L David^, b. 18 Nov., 1836, m. Nancy J. Stanwood and 
Julla. Lane. 

II. Mary Taylor^ b. 14 Nov., 1838, m. 2 Jan., 1858, by Rev. 
H. R. Parmenter, Timothy R. Elwell, Jr., of Concord, N. H. ; he 
b. about 1836, son of Timothy R. and Isabell Elwell. 

III. Jane G.^, b. about 1840, m. 19 Feb., i860, by Rev. N. S. 
Spaulding, Samuel Sylvester, 3d ; he stonecutter, b. Gloucester, 
about 1836, son of Samuel and Eliza Ann. 

176. IV. Thomas M.^, b. i May, 1844, m. Ellen Lane. 

V. Joseph Floyd*^, b. 13 Mar., 1846, painter, m. first, 18 Mar., 
1870, by Rev. A. J. Hall, Ellen M.Hartley; she b. Bosion, 
Mass., about 1852, dau. of Daniel and Roxanna (Ray) Hartley. 
Married second, 31 Mar., 1884, by Rev. A. A. Mesler, Martha A. 
HoDGKiNS ; she dressmaker, b. about 1846, dau. of Abraham D. 
and Judith (Piggies) Hodgkins. 

VI. Tabitha M.^, b. 4 Sept., 1850, m. 14 June, 1874, by Rev. 
William P. Blackman, Henry A. Norwood; he b. Gloucester, 
about 1849, son of Henry and Mary A. (Tucker) Norwood. 

Family One Hundred Thirty-Nine. 355 

VII. Emma A.*^, b. about 1852, m. 14 Sept., 1S69, by Rev. A. 
J. Hall, Andrew Tucker, Jr. ; he fisherman, b. Gloucester, about 
1850, son of Andrew and Susan H. (Jewett) Tucker. 

VIII. Edward Evereit^, b. 21 Aug., 1S57, painter, m. Annie 
A. HowLETr. Son : 

I. Everett Thomas^, b. 13 July, 1892. 

George E., b. about 1857, farmer, m. 25 Dec, 1878, by Rev. 
N. H. Martin, Ella F. Riggs; she b. about 1862, dau. of James 
and Almira (Stanwood) Riggs. Children : 

1. Le7i>is D., b. 6 Aug., 1879. 

2. Edith M., b. 21 Oct., 1886. 


JAMES MONROE LANE- (David6-5.4, John^-^, James'), 1819- 

189 1, b. Annisquam, Mass., 22 Jan., 18 19, mariner, ent. int. 30 
Nov., was pub., 1 Dec, and m. 22 Dec, 1839, by Rev. George 
L. Leach, ELIZABETH HARVEV; she b. 1821, d. 1848. Mr. 
Lane ent. int. second, 24 Nov., 1852, with LUCRETIA R. 
HODGKINS of Annisquam, and d. 27 Jan., 1894, ?e. 75 yrs., 4 ds. 

Children : 

I. James M., Jr.^, b. about 1840, stone cutter, m. 27 Nov., 1864, 
by Rev. Thomas Morong of Ipswich, Mass., Medor-A L. Griffin; 
she b. Gloucester about 1844, dau. of Moses L. and Elizabeth A. 
Butler. He d. 22 June, 1873, ae. t,t, yrs., 4 ms., 9 ds., buried at 
Mount Adnah, Annisquam, removed to Beverly, Mass, 15 Sept., 

1892. James M. and Medora (Grififin) Lane had: 
I. Gertie M.^, b. 24 Aug., 1873. 

177. 11. Harvey^, b. about 1843, n^- Ji-'DnH K. Riggs and 
Amanda M. Stanwood. 

III. Clifford"^, b. 1845, d. 1846. 

IV. Elizabeth A.^, b. 23 Nov., 1846, d. 2 Dec, 1847, ae. i yr., 
5 nis. 

By second marriage : 

178. V. Osborne W.*', b. 2 July, 1853, m. Abbv R. Stanwood. 

356 James Lane and Descendants. 

VI. Gilbert L.^, b. i Mar., 1857, d. unm., 14 June, 1889, ae. 
32 yrs., I mo., 12 ds. 

VII. Everett^, b. 15 July, 1S58, d. 19 Aug., 1863, ae. 5 yrs., i 
mo., 4 ds. 

VIII. Elizabeth Thankful^, b. 24 Sept., i860, d. 8 Dec, 
i860, 36. 2 ms., 15 ds. 

IX. Ida May8, b. i Aug., 1864, m. 27 Dec, 1888, by Rev. W. 
H. Rider, Albert R. Cole, tinsmith and plumber, of Gloucester ; 
he b. about 1865, son of John M. and Charity (Phynard) Cole of 
Liverpool, N. S. 


JOHN LANE^ (David6-5-4, John^-2, James^), was b. in Lanes- 
ville, Gloucester, Mass., 6 Dec, 1824, mariner, m. 18 Feb., 1849, 
by Rev. Ezekiel W. Coffin, MARY AUGUSTA FIGGIES; she b. 
about 1824, d. his widow, 2 Mar., 1884, as. 60 yrs., 10 ms., 24 ds., 
dau. of William A. and Judith A Figgies of Gloucester. 


Children : 

I. Anna Eliza^, d. 15 Apr., 185 1, ae i yr., 5 ms. 

II. John Willl\m^, b. 30 Sept., 185 1, m. Sarah A. Moore. 
No children. 

III. Jenora A.^, b. 20 Oct., 1855. 

IV. Geneva^, d. 3 June, 1856. 

V. Lillian A.^, b. 31 May, 1858, m. George M. Knowlton. 

179. VI. Francis Edward^, b. 13 Mar., i860, m. Mary F. 


DAVID LANE' (Epes^, David^-i, John^-^, James^), 1802-1848, 
b. Lanesville, Mass., 17 Dec, 1802, a successful sea captain to 
foreign ports, commanding the barque " Manto " for several years. 
Capt. Lane m. 24 Aug., 1826, HANNAH LANE^ (Gideon^-i, 

Family One Hundred Forty-One. 357 

Joseph'^, John-, James^). He d. 9 Dec, 1848, ?e. 45 years. Mrs. 
Lane was b. 18 Nov., 1803, and d. at Chelsea, Mass., 16 July, 
1872, ae. 68 yrs., 7 ms., 28 ds. 

Children : 

I. Ellen Frances^, b. 16 Sept., 1827, m. at Gloucester, Mass., 
by Rev. A. D. Mayo, 30 Oct., 1849, George Washington Evereti ; 
he b. 28 Nov., 18 19, son of Jonathan and Aphia Everett of New 
London, N. H., a soldier credited to New London, field and staff 
9th regiment, N. H. volunteer infantry, mustered in to date Aug. 
23, 1862, appointed major, Aug. 26, 1862, died with disease at 
Cincinnati, Ohio, Aug. 27, 1863, ae. 43 yrs., 9 ms., i dy. Mrs. 
Everett d. at Danvers, NLass., 16 Dec, 1888, ae. 61 yrs., 3 ms. 
Their children : 

1. Bertha Ada, b. 4 Apr., 1S51, d. at New London, 7 Oct., 1868, re. 17 
yrs., 6 nis., i dy. 

2. George IT., j^r., h. 22 Nov., 1S53, m. at Georgetown, Mass., Fannie L. 
Hobson, and had : 

i) George Wilbur, b. 4 Sept., 1886. 

3. Mary Lane, b. 30 .Sept., 1855, m. at Gloucester, 23 July, 1881, Daniel 
T. Mahony, and d. at Rockport, Mass., 20 Sept., 1893, ic. 37 yrs., 11 ms., 20 
ds. Their children : 

1) Bertha Everett, b. 13 Mar., 1882. 

2) Daniel Amos, b. 7 Jan., 1884. 

3) George Everett, b. 31 Jan., 1885. 

4) Ruth Ellen, b. 25 Nov., 1887. 

4. Ellen Frances, b. 6 Apr., 1858, m. 27 Oct., 1892, George Morris Pea- 
body , carpenter and builder, at Danvers, Mass. Their children: 

1) George Morris, Jr., b. 18 Aug., 1893. 

2) Charles Alden, b. 28 Sept., 1897. 

5. Jonathan Robert, b. 6 Nov., 1 86 1, m. at Rockport, Mass., 18 Nov., 
1 89 1, Elizabeth J. Pettengill. Their children: 

i) Edward Robert, b. 21 Oct., 1892. 

2) Ruth Levenia, b. 17 June, 1894. 

3) Gilbert Frank, b. 16 July, 1897. 

180. H. Alexander^ b. 24 Mar., 1830, m. Frances Jane 

HL David Horace^, b. 27 Nov., 1836, a jeweler of Lanesville, 
m. at Boston, 12 Dec, 1871, by Rev. A. A. Miner, ^LARLA Lowe 
Lane", (George*^-^, Andrew^, Job^, John-, James^), of Rockport, 

358 James Lane and Descendants. 

Mass. He d. 15 Aug., 1881, ae. 44 yrs., 8 ms. She d. 28 Mar., 
1880, ae. 42 yrs. 

"At Rest." 

— Mount Adnah Cemetery. 

Their children : 

1. Delia Sa7vyer^ , b. 29 Oct., 1874, m. at Rockport, Mass., 15 Apr., 1899, 
Charles Aicbrey Benson. Home at Park Avenue, Bridgewater, Mass. 

2. David Horace^ 7>''^i b. July, 1877. 

3. Others^, died. 


EPES LANE^ (Epes^ David5-4, John^-a, James^), was b. Lanes- 
ville, Mass., 2 Oct., 1804, bap. 2 Apr., 1805, a celebrated fisher- 
man and merchant at Lanesville, served two years as common 
councilman, Gloucester, a strong anti-slavery man and member of 
the Universahst society of Lanesville, at its organization, about 
1876; m. 21 Dec, 1828, MARY ADALINE STORY; she b. 
Essex, Mass., andd. Pigeon Cove, Rockport, Mass., 20 June, 1892, 
se. '^Ty yrs., ii ms., 4 ds., dau. of James and Sally (Woodbury) 
Story. Mr. Lane d. 13 Apr., 1886, ae. 81 yrs., 7 ms., 11 ds. 
Buried at Locust Grove, Lanesville. 

Children : 

L Mary Ellen^, unm., d. Chelsea, Mass., 13 Dec, 1856, ae. 31 

IL Albert L.^, b. 1834, painter, original member of the 
Universahst parish, Lanesville, about 1876, correspondent of 
Gloucester Times, house 790 Washington street, Gloucester; m. 9 
Jan., 1868, by Rev. J. J. Twiss, ^L\RY Augusta Woodbury; she b. 
1 84 1, sister of Sylvanus C. Lane's wife. Their children : 

1. Marian^, b. 29 Apr., 1870, m. 12 June, 1894, by Rev. G. W. Penni- 
xtizx\^ Ehen Riggs ; he plumber, b. Gloucester, 1865, son of Eben M. and 
Sarah E. (Hooper) Riggs. 

2. Lillian^^ b. 7 July, 1873. 

IIL Julia B.^, d. 13 Nov., 1852, ae. 14 yrs., 10 ms. 

IV. Edith^, b. 1843, m. I June, 1870, by Rev. A. J. Weaver, 
Charles Dent^ison, assistant wharfinger, Chelsea, Mass. ; b. Friend- 
ship, Me., 1834, son of Edmund and Julia A. (Willey) Dennison. 

Family One Hundred Forty-Three. 859 

Mrs. Dennison studied in the public schools of Gloucester, and graduated 
at the Salem Normal School in Feb., 1862, after which she was a successful 
teacher for half a dozen years in the Lanesville schools. She was a woman of 
culture and refinement, of a cheerful disposition and a natural tendency to look 
upon the bright side of life; patient under the chastening rod of pain and 
affliction, with a sympathizing and helpful spirit towards all who were in 
trouble or sorrow, and was greatly beloved by a wide circle of friends in Lanes- 
ville and Chelsea. She d. suddenly of hemorrhage, Jan., 1895, at Aiken, S. 
C, whither she went in Dec, 1894, to escape the rigors of a northern winter. 

A brave bright memory ! Her's the stainless shield; 

No shame defaces and no envy mars ! 
When our far future's record is unveiled, 

Iler name will shine among its morning stars. 

— Charlotte A. Lane. 
Children : 

I. Edith. 2. Helen. 3. Charles. 4. Edward. 

V. Adelia^, b. 25 Sept., 1845, pub. 24 Dec, 1875, and m. by 
Rev. (rerald Fagan, John F. Lol'ghlin, music teacher, b. 1841, son 
of Thomas and Bridget S. Loughlin. Children : 

I. Mary. 2. Shencood. 3. yerottld. 4. Thomas A. 

VI. Mary Augusta^, b. 23 Mar., 1848, m. 21 Nov., 1870, by 
Rev. A. Sanderson, Austin D. Griffin; he carpenter, b. 1846, son 
of Tristram and Anne R. (Allen) Griffin of Gloucester. She m. 
second, George Rowley. 

Children of Austin D. and Mary Augusta (Lane) Griffin: 

I. Daughter, d. in infancy. 2. Dana J/., d. about 1895. 3. Gertrude. 

Vn. Helen^, m. Rev. Andrew J. Weaver. No children. 


JAMES SAWYER LANE- (Epes^ David^-^ John^-"-^, James^), 
1 809-1 883, b. Lanesville, Mass., 11 June, 1809, bap. 9 July, 1810, 
m. 6 Nov., 1 83 1, SARAH POOLE of Rockland, Mass., dau. of 
Eben and Sally (Howe) Poole. He d. Charlestown, Mass., 25 
Mar., 1883, se. 73 yrs., 9 ms., 11 ds. 

Children born in Rockport : 

I. James*, b. 15 Sept., 1832. 

360 James Lane and Descendants. 

II. Sarah Elizabeth^, b. 31 Jan., 1835. 

III. Eliza Pool^, b. 20 Mar., 1837, unm., d. Charlestown, Mass. 
3e. 30 yrs., 10 ms., 28 ds. 

IV. Lorenzo®, b. 31 Aug., 1839, d. 15 Sept., 1849. 

V. Albert Harley®, b. 15 Mar., 1842. 

VI. Hiram®, b. 20 June, 1844, farmer. 

VII. Ada Annah®, b. 25 Mar., 1847. 

VIII. Ellen Frances®, b. 28 Sept., 1849. 

IX. Emma®. 


WILLIAM LANE" (Epes^ David^-^, John^-2, James^), b. Lanes- 
ville, :Mass., 18 Apr., 1813, mariner, m. ^L\RGARET KNOWL- 
TON, lived in Gloucester, Mass., and d. 28 Dec, 1877, ae. 64 yrs., 
8 ms., 1 1 ds. 

Children : 

I. William Gordon®, farmer, m. Annie , and had : 

1. Helen M,^, b. 25 Jan., 187 1. 

2. Mabel^, b. 15 July, 1873. 

II. George Warren®. 

III. Melville®, b. 14 Jan., 1850. 

IV. Samuel®, b. 26 Nov., 1853. 

V. Ar-a E.®, b. 26 Oct., 1856. 

VI. Mary Potter®, b. 1857, m. 12 May, 1878, by Rev. E. B. 
Palmer, Arthur M. Norton ; he b. Essex, Mass., son of George 
and Lucinda Norton. 


AUGUSTUS LAXE' (Epes^ David-''-^ John^-2, Jamesi), born 
Lanesville, Mass., 31 May, 181 7, m. ABIGAIL DODD, dau. of 
William and Abigail Dodd. He lived in Gloucester, Mass., was 

Family One Hundred Forty-Six. 3G1 

one of the members of the Universalist parish of Lanesville at its 
organization about 1876, and d. 17 Mar., 1877, ae. 60 yrs., i mo., 
18 ds. She d. 12 Nov., 1896, ae. 74 yrs., 9 ms. 
Children : 

I. Orlando B.^, b. about 1839, mariner, m. 31 xA-ug., 1867, by 
Rev. W. F. Lacount, Mrs. Sarah E. (Hooper) Riggs ; she b. about 
1840, dau. of Robert and Susan Hooper of Rockport, Mass. 
Their children : 

1. Son^, b. 6 Sept., 1871. 

2. Ida y.^, b. I Aug., 1876, d. 2 Oct., 1877, oe. i yr., 2 ms., 22 ds. 

3. James P. "^^ b. 6 May, 1 88 1. 

II. Edward A.^, b. about 1842, carpenter, m. by Rev. W. F. 
Lacount, 13 Feb., 1869, Harriet A. Saunders; she b. about 1845, 
dau. of William and Hannah Saunders of Lanesville. Children : 

1. Gertrude^, b. 3 Jan., 1 871. 

2. I/erman E.^, b. 18 June, 1874. 

3. IVillie A.\ b. 15 Nov., 1883. 

HI. Otis'*, b. 10 Aug., 1852, carpenter, m. 16 Aug., 1876, 
Hattie a. Hodgdon ; she b. Shrewsbury, Mass., 1852, dau. of 
William C. and Nancy D. (Thompson) Hodgdon. Their children : 

1. Son^, b. Gloucester, 17 Oct., 1876. 

2. Mattie AJ^^ b. 7 Dec, 1879. 

3. IVillis P.^, b. 26 Mar., 1883, d. 24 Sept., 1883, x. 5 ms., 28 ds. 

4. Al/'erta B.^, b. 18 Apr., 1884. 

5. Bertha^, b. 18 Feb., 1886. 

6. Augtistus^, b. 13 Nov., 1887, d. 28 Feb., 1889, oe. i yr., 3 ms., 17 ds. 

7. Liliicni A.^, d. 2 Dec, 1893. 

IV. Luelen^, d. 4 Aug., 1858, ae. 3 ms., 13 ds. 


SYLVANUS COBB LAXE" (Epes^ David5•^ John^-^, James^), 
b. Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., 23 July, 1834, seaman with Capt. 
Oliver G. Lane, m. 2 Dec, 1855, by Rev. Nathaniel Richardson, 
MARIE WOODBURY, a sister of Albert L. Lane's wife ; she b. 
about 1832, dau. of Epes and Sarah Woodbury. 

Children : 

I. Olive G.^, b. 2 Apr., 1857. 

362 James Lane and Descendants. 

II. Edward Forest®, b. 3 Mar., 1859. 

III. Ward Hale^, b. about 1866, fisherman, was pub. 15, and 
m. 18 Sept., 1887, by Rev. James W. Higgins, Mary F. Tucker; 
she b. about 1869, dau. of Frank and Nettie (Daggett) Tucker of 
Gloucester. Their children : 

1. Raymo7id H.^, b. 28 Feb., 1888. 

2. Laiurence Frankliir' , b. 25 Apr., 1890. 

3. Mildred IV.^, b. 10 May, 1897. 


Capt. GEORGE EDWARD LANE^ (Gideon^-s, Joseph^-s, 
John'2, JaQies^), 1 822-1891, was born in Boston, Mass., 19 Feb., 
1822, removed with his parents to Annisquam, Gloucester, Mass., 
in childhood, 1826. He worked in the saw and grain mill at 
Goose creek, Riverdale, and drove a meal wagon from it in 1838 
and 1839. Master mariner and merchant. Married first, in 1846, 
MARY ANN EVERETT; she b. 4 Oct., 1826, and d. Yokohama, 
Japan, 17 Nov., 1869, se. 43 years, dau. of Jonathan and Aphia 
Everett of New London, N. H. He m. second, 28 Dec, 1875, 
by Rev. Richard Eddy, SOPHRONIA E. (Pulsifer) LANE, 
widow of Charles Augustus Lane", (Oliver G.^, Gideon''-'*, Joseph-"^, 
John^, James^). Capt. Lane printed Reminiscences of Old Time 
Annisquam in 1889, and died 29 Mar., 1891, ae. 67 yrs., r mo., 
10 ds. — Mojinment in Mount Adnah. 


" Capt. George E. Lane died at his home on Leonard street, Sunday after- 
noon, aged about 69 years. 

"The long vigil is ended, the nights of weariness and suffering are done; and, 
cold and still and at rest, 'he lies an^ong all the beautiful tokens of a busy and 
happy home life. Released from the burdens of poor frail humanity, the 
promise of Easter fulfilled, a new life, brighter, happier and immortal, is his 
forevermore. What this loss means to the home left desolate, to wife and 
sisters and son, we cannot measure in its depth and fullness. But out of our 
sorrow for the friend and neighbor and citizen we can so illy spare, we offer 
our truest sympathy, to those who sit in the shadow of a great and bitter grief. 
Other pens can tell more truly the story of his busy, useful life. Though born 

Family One Hundred Forty-Eight. 363 

in Boston, this was his home from early childhood, and here he came at the 
close of his active outside life to spend his remaining years. He was a suc- 
cessful and enterprising navigator, and rose rapidly in his profession. He com- 
manded some very fine clipper ships and the steamships of the Pacific Mail 
Service, running between San Francisco and Yokohama. In every place he 
was the same high-toned, humane and Christian gentleman that we knew him 
to be in his later life. He had the welfare of his nation on his heart, and no 
good word or work found him wanting. Funeral services will be held at his 
late home either Wednesday or Thursday." — Cape Ann Breeze^ Tuesday^ 
March j/, 789/. 

Child : 

I. George Everett^, b. Annisquam, 7 Sept., 1847, ^^^- first, 
Maggie Hamilton of San Francisco, Cal. They separated and 
she m. Sir Sidney Waterloo, ex- Lord- Mayor of London. He m. 
second, in Texas, 1875, Lillian L. Saladee; she b. Columbus, 
Ohio, dau. of an officer in the regular army. They lived in Texas 
and Colorado, and had : 

1. Ernest'^ ,h. Marlin, Texas, 21 July, 1876. 

2. Arthur^, b. 7 Sept., 1 878. 


FREDERIC FOOME LANE- (Ohver G.c, Gideon •'-', Joseph^ 
John"-, James^), 1829-1892, b. Annisquam, Mass., 25 Sept., 1829, 
res. Beach, Whatcom Co., Wash.; m. 1867, NELLIE LAKE, and 
d. 7 Jan., 1892. 

Their children : 

I. AuGUSTE*^, b. II Nov., 1868, m. Hattie  , and had: 

I. Bertha Aiia^ . 2. Edith^ . 3. iVellie^. 4. Lucia'-'. 5. Son^^ b. 
1898, d. 1899. 

II. Annie Phippen^, b. 14 Nov., 187 1, m. 26 Nov., 1884, Al- 
bert Bender, and had : 

I. Fennel, b. 1885. 2. Xelly^ b. 1889, d. 1891. 3. Son, b. about 1896. 

III. Oscar Ernest^, b. 3 Feb., 1874, m. 1889, Susie . 

IV. Natpl\niel Phippen^, b. 4 Mar., 1876. 

V. Charlotte Sibley^, b. 22 Mar., 1878. 

364 James Lane and Descendani-s. 

VI. Constance*^, b. 9 Mar., 1880. 

VII. Frederic^, b. 3 Aug., 1882. 

VIII. Oliver Griffin^, b. 23 Dec, 1885, d. 3 Mar., 1895, 

IX. Helen^, b. Apr., 1889. 

X. Charles Francis^, b. about 1891. 


THOMAS RANDALL LANE^ (Thomas B.^, Peter^, Gideon^, 
Joseph^, John^, James^), 1 823-1888, born 10 Oct., 1823, at the 
Lane homestead. Pleasant Hill, Freeport, Maine, was taxed for 
real and personal estate at Freeport, 1875, 1887. Capt. Thomas 
R. Lane and Miss MARY LOW CURTIS, both of Freeport, were 
m. by Albert W. Purinton, 21 Oct., 1845. He d. 17 June, 1888, 
ae. 64 years. 

Children : 

I. Marilla C.^, b. 9 Oct., 1846, d. 1852, ?e. 6 years. 

II. Mary B.^, b. 22 Feb., 1851, d. 21 Jan., i860, ae. 8 yrs., 11 

III. George Lamb^, b. 24 Apr., 1854, m., 1882, Ella Hannah 
Richardson, was taxed for real and personal estate in Freeport, 
1887, and had : 

1. £^/2e/ Jl/af, h. 14 Sept., 1SS4. 

2. Fi'ank J\ichardson^, b. 22 May, 1889. 

3. Herbert RattdalP, b. II July, 1891. 

IV. Sarah Caroline^, b. 14 Jan., 1856, m. Willla.m Curtis 
Ringrose, and had : 

1. Etta May. 

2. Harry Merioii. 

3. Thomas Randall La7ie. 

4. Guy. 


PALFREY LANE" (Benjamin''-5-4.3, John^, Jamesi), 1798- 
1843, ^^'^s born in New Gloucester, Me., 30 Nov., 1798, m. 27 

Family One Hundred Fifiv-One. 365 

Mar., 1823, ANN G. SAMPSON, and d. Auburn, Me., 14 Jan., 
1843, ae. 44 years. 

Palfrey Lane of Danville, Me., bought of David Green, 39 4-5 
acres of land, Lot 46, in Minot, Me., for ^600.00, Jan. 2, 1839, 
and mortgaged the same to Edward Little, June 30, 1842. 

Ann J. Lane, adm. of estate of Palfrey Lane, late of Auburn, 
sold at. public auction part of Lot 46 to Edward Little of Danville, 
Me., Oct. 20, 1843. She d. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. 
Leonard Goss, in California, 18 Dec, 1876. 

Children : 

L Edwin A.^, m. Ellen B. St. Clair, and resided 281 Cumber- 
land street, Portland, Me. Their only child : 
I. AlvinB.^, m. Ella A. Edgecomb. No children. 
IL Daughter^, d. in infancy. 

II L Hannah Abigail*, m. Leonard Goss. He was in the 
foundry business at Berkeley and Sacramento, Cal. 

IV. Frederick Henry"^, m. Willey. No children. 

V. George Washington*, m. twice ; second, Elwell. 

No children : 

He had charge of the stables at Crawford, Fabyan, and White 
Mountain houses, and drove the first coach with eight horses from 
the Glen to top of Mount Washington in 1861. The whip lash he 
used on this sensational trip is in the custody of his nephew, Alvin 
B. Lane of Portland, Me. 


JACOB LANE' (Benjamin6-5-4.3^ John^, James^), 1800-1882, 
b. 3 Apr., 1800, settled in Minot, Me. He was a tall, muscular 
man, standing six feet, three inches in his stocking feet, straight as 
an arrow, and challenging, up to past four score years of age, his 
sons and the young men of their generation to lay him on his back. 
He was at one time captain of a military company remarked for its 
good discipline and very fine appearance on " muster days." He 

366 Tames Lane and Descendants. 

was many times urged to take but always declined town office. He 
was also a successful school teacher. 

Jacob Lane bought land in Minot, of his father, Benjamin Lane, 
30 acres of Lot 80, for $250.00, Feb. 21, 1828, and of Leonard 
Woodbury, 8 acres, 64 rods of Lot 78, for $45.00, Oct. 17, 1828. 
— Cii7nb. Deeds. 

Capt. Jacob Lane m. in 1826, his cousin, ALICE MERROW of 
Minot; she b. 9 Oct., 1802, and d. 3 Jan., 1874,36. 71 yrs., 2 ms., 
24 ds. When Alice was seventeen years of age her mother died 
leaving eight children to this daughter's care. Capt. Lane d. 12 
July, 1882, ae. 82 yrs., 3 ms., 9 ds. 

Five children : 

L Alice^, b. 16 June, r828, m. 27 Nov., 185 1, John Pomerov 
of Lewiston, Me. He was a volunteer in the 24th Maine regiment, 
and d. while going up the Mississippi river, 30 July, 1863, ae. 35 
years, and was buried in Tennessee on Island No. 37. Two chil- 
dren : 

1. Walter A., b. i Aug., 1852, m. 25 Apr., 1882, Hattie E. Linscoti, and 
d. 16 Oct., 1886, se. 34 yrs., 2 ms., 15 ds. Daughter: 

i) Marian H., b. 30 Oct., 1883. 

2. Letitia, m. James Graydon, and lived in Woburn, Mass. 

II. Jacob^, b. 24 Oct., 1830, d. Auburn, Me., 21 Mar., 1898, ae. 
67 yrs., 4 ms., 27 ds. He was never married. 

III. Sally D.®, b. 27 Jan., 1834, m. 8 Oct., 1873, Marion A. 
Bessey, and resided in South Paris, Me. 

IV. Samuel M.^, b. 3 July, 1835, proprietor of ''Rogers' Cough 
Remedies"; m. i Aug., 1861, E. Jennie Butler, and resided in 
Portland, Me. She d. 30 Apr., 1S89, ae. 49 yrs., 2 ms., 18 ds. 
Five children : 

1. Addie B.^, b. 14 Aug., 1863, d. 3 Oct., 1863, ce. 7 weeks. 

2. Emma y.^, b. 9 Aug., 1864, d. 22 Aug., 1864, ae. 13 ds. 

3. /Fz7/?V 79.^, b. 22 Sept., 1865, was drowned i Aug., 1886, oe. 20 yrs., 
10 ms., 9 ds. 

4. Stella Ina^, b. 13 Nov., 1867. 

5. lola E.^, b. 27 June, 1873, a graduate of Gorham Normal School, m. 
3 July, 1893, Walter "J. Gam?non, and had: 

i) Jennie R., b. 18 Aug., 1894. 
2) Avis Hazel, b. 7 July, 1897. 

V. Augustus*^, b. about 1840, resided Auburn, Me. 

Family One Hundred Fifty-Three. 367 


JOHN BARNARD LANE' (Benjamin6-^-^-'^, John^, James'), 
1803-1842, b. 17 Dec, 1803, m. OLIVE HAVWARD of Win- 
throp, Me., 15 Sept., 1831, and lived at Minot Corner, Me., trader 
and deputy sheriff. John B. Lane bought land with buildings 
thereon in Minot, of William Dale, Mar. 22, 1830, which estate he 
sold to Benjamin Lane for $250.00, Aug. 4, 1834, and which Ben- 
jamin Lane sold to Daniel B. Hawke for $200.00, May 11, 1838. 
Probably he had purchased the store of his father in 1836. — 
Cu77ib. Co. Deeds. 

He d. 18 Nov., 1842, ae. 38 yrs., 11 ms., 11 ds. 

The widow of John B. Lane m. second, in May, 1859, Jabez 
C. Woodman, an eminent lawyer of Portland, Me., who d. 8 
Nov., 1869. She m. third, Rufus Brett of Farmington, Me., and 
d. 14 July, 1882, ae. about 70 years. 

Children of John Barnard and Olive (Hay ward) Lane : 

L George Havward®, b. Mar., 1835, was living in California, 
1892, and d. 1894. 

H. Charles M.^, b. about 1839, d. Portland, Me., June, i860, 
ae. about 21 years, of consumption, immediately after a game of 
backgammon, in which he had beaten Jabez C. Woodman, Jr., 


RICHARD LANE^ (Benjamin^-s-i.s^ john^, James'), 1806-1884, 
was born in Minot, Me., the part now Auburn, 4 May, 1806, re- 
moved to Whitefield, N. H., in 1832, m. 2 Sept., 1833, HANNAH, 
dau. of Asa KING of Whitefield. With the exception of a few years 
in Carroll, N. H., he resided in Whitefield, and d. there 12 Oct., 
1884, ae. 78 years. She d. 15 Apr., 1896. 

Eleven children : 

I. Benjamin Franklin^, b. 28 Apr., 1834, selectman, 1882, 
1883, board of education, 1894, res. Whitefield, N. H. 

II. Asa King^, b. 29 May, 1836, res. Brookfield, Wis., 1895. 

368 James Lane and Descendants. 

III. Albert Winch^, b. 19 June, 1838, enlisted Sept. 21, 1864, 
for one year in Co. L, First Regt., N. H. Heavy Artillery, mustered 
in Oct. 4, 1864, was appointed corporal and mustered out June 15, 
1865. P. O. address, Whitefield, N. H. 

IV. Richard, Jr.^, b. 11 Apr., 1840, enlisted in Co. L, First 
Regt., N. H. Vol. Heavy Artillery, Sept. 21, 1864, for one year, 
was mustered in Oct. 4, 1864, and credited to Whitefield, was 
appointed corporal May 4, 1865, and mustered out June 15, 1865, 
on Board of Education, 1897. P. O. address, Whitefield, N. H. 

V. Caroline Adelaide^, b. 19 Apr., 1842, d. 3 Mar., 1850, se. 
8 years. ^ 

VI. Augustus Henry^, b. 19 May, 1844, enlisted Aug. 22, 1862, 
at the age of 18 years, and was mustered in Sept. 23, 1862, with 
Co. E, 14th Regt., N. H. Volunteer Infantry, in the quota of White- 
field, was discharged disabled, Oct. 24, 1864, at Jefferson Barracks, 
Mo., and d. 17 Sept., 1866, ae. 22 years. 

VII. Han'Nah Lewella^, b. 27 Aug., 1847, M. D., a physician in 
Snell Seminary, Oakland, Cal., 1895. 

VIII. John Barnard^, b. 24 July, 185 i, grocer, Whitefield, m. 
Mrs. Ann Eliza Eastman, a milliner, 1882 to 1897. He d. 6 
Mar., 1895, ae. 44 years. No children. 

IX. Edward Austin^, twin, b. 27 Nov., 1854, m. 24 May, 1882, 
Annie A. Barter of Concord, N. H., is a lawyer and justice of the 
peace, and res. Pittsfield, N. H. No children. 

X. Charles Irvine^, twin, b. 27 Nov., 1854, m. Frances K. 
Adams of Concord, N. H., and d. 13 Apr., 1883, ?e. 28 years. No 

XI. Effie Jean^, b. 10 Dec, 1856, m. James Edeon Noyes of 
Tilton, N. H., and res. Whitefield and Pittsfield, N. H. Child : 

I. Kathryn. 


BENJAMIN LANE, Jr.' (Benjamin6-'^--i-3, John^ James^, 
1816-1895, was born in Minot, Me., 9 Apr., 1816, m. i Jan., 1844, 
LvDiA L. Currier of Mechanic Falls, Me., who d. 27 Aug., 1881, 

Family One Hundred Fifty-Five. 369 

36. 6i yrs., II ms. He testified Dec. 24, 1844, that he was 28 
years old and that his brother Richard was ^i"^, and had moved to 
Whitefield, N. H., 12 years previous. He d. Auburn, Me., 10 Feb., 
1895, ae. 79 years. 
Children : 

I. Frank^, res. Mechanic Falls, Me. 

n. Nathan D.", in Government Signal Service at Portland, Me., 
and in Texas. 

HI. Elmer^. 

IV. Charles*', Mechanic Falls. 


JONATHAN SEWALL LANE^ (Eliphalet'"5, Benjamin-^-^, 
John-, James^), 1S05-1856, was b. in Bethel, Me., 1805, a clothier 
by trade and captain of the militia; m. first, 1830, SUSAN WIL- 
LIS, who was b. Bethel, 18 14, and d. 1838, dau. of Jonas and 

Charlotte (Bartlett) Willis; m. second, in \\'hitefield, Me., ; 

m. third, a sister of Barbour Lane's wife, (Eliphalet^-^ Benjamin'*-^, 
John^, James^), and d. Lewiston, Me., 10 Apr., 1856. 

Children by first wife, born in Hanover, Me. : 

I. Jonas Willis^, b. 24 July, 1831, lived with his mother's peo- 
ple, m. 10 Apr., 1856, AviCE R. Crockett; she b. 22 Mar., 1837, 
dau. of Daniel H. and Rebecca (Bacon) Crockett of Woodstock, 
Me. They lived in Gorham, N. H. One son : 

I. Virgil \V?, b. 25 Jan., 1858, m. and lived in Gorham and Berlin, N. 
H., and had: 

i) Arthur W.^*^, b. Gorham, 22 Aug., 1883. 
2) Rilla Avice'", b. Berlin, 15 Nov., 1888. 

II. !vIary A.^, b. 14 Feb., 1833, d. Hanover, 10 Apr., 1856. 

III. Augustus K.^, b. 14 Apr., 1834, m. 1861, Oriville Davis, 
and had in Lewiston, Me. : 

I. Albert. 2. Harry^ . 3. Carrie*. 4. Gertie^. 

IV. Susan M.-, b. 5 Dec, 1836, m. Sept., 185 1, Anthony 
Bessee, lived in Manti, Utah, and had several children. 

370 James Lane and Descendants. 

V. Edwin R.^, b. 4 Sept., 1838, m. 1862, Theressa Powers, 
lived in Newry, Me., and had : 

I. Daughter^. 

By second wife : ' 

VI. A. K.^, lived at 53 Lowell street, Lewiston, Me. 
By third wife : 

VIL Albert S.^, lived in Auburn, Me. 

VIIL Daughter^, m. Rev. Frederick C. Rogers, a Methodist 
clergyman stationed at South Paris, Bangor, Auburn and other 


HOWARD GARLAND LANE' (George^-s, Andrew^, Job^ 
John"2, James^), was born in Rockport, Mass., 15 Dec, 1850, 
jeweler in Gloucester, Mass. He m. 27 Nov., 1873, by Rev. 
Richard Eddy, GRACE GREENWOOD POOL; she b. about 1856, 
dau. of Joshua and Azubah G. (Bray) Pool of Rockport, Mass. 

Children born in Rockport : 

L George H.^, d. 28 Feb., 1880, ?e. 4 yrs., 9 ms., 2 ds. 
n. Chester Garland^, b. 15 Oct., 1881. 
HL Mabel S.^, b. 12 June, 1885. 


STEPHEN H. LANE' (Stephen^-^, SamueH-3-2, James^), 1794- 
1885, b. Newburyport, Mass., 7 May, 1794, sailmaker, m. 3 July, 
of Gloucester, Mass., who d. his widow, 20 July, 1889, dau. of 
WiUiam and Judith D. Poland of Hamilton, Mass. He d. 2 1 Sept., 
1885, ae. 92 years, the last Gloucester survivor of the war of 181 2. 
Buried at Oak Grove. 

Children : 

I. William Henry^, b. 24 Jan., 1830. 

Family One Hundred Fifty- Eight. 371 

II. LoAMMi Center^, b. 8 Jan., 1832. 

III. Elizabeth H.^, b. i Mar., 1838,111. i Aug., 1855, by Rev. 
J. L. Hatch, John Blatchford, Jr.; he mariner, b. about 1829, 
son of John and Sarah Blatchford of Gloucester, Mass. 

IV. George Augustus^, b. 22 Jan., 1841, unm., d. 11 Aug., 
1 89 1, se. 49 years. Buried at Oak Grove. 

V. Martha'^, b. 23 Mar., 1843. 
By second marriage : 

VI. John J.^, b. 26 Jan., 1849, d. 7 Sept., 1849, ^' 7 ^^^^-j 7 ^^' 

VII. Sarah A.^, b. about 1852, m. 23 Mar., 1875, by Rev. F. 
B. Makepeace, Walter D. Heath of Sedgwick, Me.; he b. 1854, 
Bucksport, Me., son of John A. and Julia A (Snowman) Heath. 


EDWARD LANE^ (Jonathan D.'"', Stephen-^ Samuel^-^-s, 
James'), 1802-1870, b. 5, bap. 21 Nov., 1802, by Rev. John 
White, First Church, Gloucester, Mass., a sailmaker, purchased the 
old Whittemore estate and settled at 123 Washington street, 
Gloucester; m. first, BETSEY PULSIFER, who d. 14 Dec, 1843, 
ae. 36 yrs., 3 ms., 14 ds. ; m. second, 25 Dec, 1844, by Rev. 
Maxy B. Newell, EUNICE NORWOOD, and d. 7 Feb., 1870, ^e. 
67 yrs., 3 ms. Buried at Oak Grove, Gloucester. 

Children : 

I. (jEOrge Phineas'^, b. 17 Dec, 1828, d. 16 Jan., 1851, ae. 22 

II. Sarah Elizabeth^, b. 26 July, 1836, m. 11 Feb., 1865, by 
Rev. I. C. Thacher, George Stevens; his second m., b. about 1828, 
son of George and Mary Stevens. 

HI. Edward Henry'*, b. 20 Mar., 1839, paper hanger, m. 25 

Nov., 1869, Louisa A. Wilson; she b. about 1846, d. 9 July, 1871, 

se. 24 yrs., 7 ms., 23 ds., dau. of John J. and Louisa J. (Tarr) 

Wilson. Their son : 

I. Frederick^, b. 3 June, 1871, a druggist on Washington street, Glouces- 
ter; 111. 18 June, 1893, by Rev. George O. Crosby, Florence A/. Allen: she b. 

372 James Lane and Descendants. 

about 1874, dau. of Horatio M. and Eliza Jane (Stanwood) Allen. Their 

1) Frederick Allen'^ b. 16 May, 1895. 

2) Son"', b. 20 June, 1896, d. 29 June, 1896. 

IV. Charles Fletcher^, b. 2 Aug., 1842, carpenter, and city 
assessor, house, 118 Maplewood avenue, Gloucester; m. 5 Dec, 
1865, by Rev. I. C. Thacher, Nancy O. Sherman; she b. about 
1845, New Castle, Me. Their children : 

1. Charles E.^, b. 14 Sept., 1866, bookkeeper, m. 12 Sept., 1891, by Rev. 
George W. Mansfield, Edith W. Morroiu ; she b. Gloucester, about 1874, 
dau. of James T. and Catherine (Coffin) Morrow. They had: 

i) Edith Charlotte'^, b. 18 Jan., 1892. 2) Charles M.'^ b. 12 May, 1893, 
d. 9 Aug., 1893. 3) Milton Edward^-', b. 21 Jan., 1895. 4) Charles Morrow*^, 
b. 12 May, 1897. 

2. Franklin 5.^, b. about 1869, mason, m. 2 May, 1892, by Rev. W. H. 
Rider, Mary A. Hodgkins ; she b. about 1873, dau. of Edward T. and Mary 
E. (Brown) Hodgkins. 

3. Newton S.^, b. 16 Mar., 1873. 

V. Agnes Haskell^, d. 3e. about 3 years. 
By second marriage : 

VI. Agnes Haskell^, b. 22 Oct., 1845, unm. 

VII. FiTZ Henry^, b. 19 Oct., 1848, carpenter, m. 4 Mar., 
1 89 1, by Rufus P. Hubbard, Rose or Rhoda Ada Tuck, m. n. 
Bowen ; tailoress, b. about 1853, dau. of John D. and Isabel 
(Rogers) Bowen; had three children by first m., none by second 

VIII. William Marien^, b. 19 June, 1850, mason, m. 16 Aug., 
1882, by Rev. Robert P. Rogers, Eliza Herrick ; she b. about 
1859, dau. of Richard and Eldretta (Sargent) Herrick of Glouces- 
ter. Their children : 

1. Agnes J/.^, b. 24 Apr., 1883. 

2. MadeP, b. 7 Sept., 1888. 

3. £_^e Florence^, b. 1 1 Mar., 1893. 


GEORGE B. LANE' (John^ James\ DanieH, SamueP-^, 
James'), was b. in Leeds, Me., 16 Feb., 1833. He m. 1858, 

Family One Hundred Twenty-Oxe. '61 o 

VIOLA A. RAMSDELL, and lived in Leeds. Administrator of 
his father's estate, Dec, 1863. 
Children : 

L JoHN^, b. 5 Sept., 1859, m. Sept., 1882, Emma B. Foss, and 
d. in Stockton, Cal., 5 Sept., 1883. Their son : 

I. j^o/in F.^, b. Nov., 1883, was living with his mother in Stockton, 1S96. 

IL Justin P.-, b. 12 Dec, 1865, d. 16 Feb., 1885. 

in. KriTiE^, b. 27 Feb., 1875, m. 24 Mar., 1894, Ernest 
A. Russell, and had : 

I. Eula Lane, b. 3 Feb., 1896. 


CYRUS BEXSOX LAXE" (Giddings^-^, DanieH, SamueP-a, 
James^) was born in Leeds, Me., 6 June, 1838, and acquired a 
good common school education. In i860, he was employed as 
assistant civil engineer on the extension of the Androscoggin rail- 
road from Leeds via Lewiston to Brunswick. In 1863, in company 
with his father, Giddings Lane, he crossed the plains with an ox 
and mule team, and on his return engaged in farming. In 1868, 
he sold farm, stock and crops to his brother, G. W. Lane, and went 
to North Monmouth, Me., and engaged in trade, but repurchased 
the old farm and removed to Leeds in 1874. He became a mem- 
ber of Monmouth Lodge of F. and A. Masons in 1868, and a 
member of Winthrop R. A. Chapter in 1874; served his town as 
selectman 1888 to 1893, and was elected town treasurer in 1893, 
serving with credit to himself and satisfaction to his townsmen. 

Mr. Lane m. 26 Jan., 1865, ALBIXA LYDIA LOTHROP, 
dau. of Solomon L. and Hannah (Turner) Lothrop. 

Their daughter : 

I. Cassandra Benson^, b. 16 Oct., 1865, m. 26 Oct., 1888, 
Chester Carroll Farmer, and had : 

1. Cyt'us IVilsoti, b. 3 Aug., 1889, d. 29 Nov., 1889. 

2. Chester Carroll, Jr., b. 9 May, 1 89 1. 

3. IVilliam Leavitt, b. 26 Apr., 1894, d. 15 June, 1894. 

4. Albina Lane, b. 4 Aug., 1895. 

o74: James Lane and Descendants. 


DANIEL G. LANE^ (Calving Giddings-', Daniel^ SamueP-^ 
James^), was born in Carroll, Me., 7 July, 1853, m. 13 Jan., 1876, 
ELLA F. HOOK of Lee, Me., and was proprietor of the Tops- 
field House, Topsfield, Me. 

Children : 

I. Harry G.^, b. in Lee, 17 Aug., 1878. 
H. Carl C.^, b. in Topsfield, 7 Dec, 1879. 
HL Vio D.^ b. 28 Jan., 1886. 

IV. D. Aubrey^ b. 26 May, 1888. 

V. Orland H.^, b. 22 Aug., 1 89 1. 


ADONIRAM JUDS0N7 (Issacher^, Peter^, Daniel^ SamueP-^, 
James^), was born in Leeds, Me., 18 July, 1830, resided Leeds 
Centre, m. 18 Sept., 1853, ANN HASELTINE FOSS; she b. in 
Leeds, 18 Aug., 1833, dau. of Walter Foss. 

Seven children born in Leeds : 

I. Ada x\delaide^, b. 23 May, 1855, d. 8 Nov., 1873. 

II. Freemont^, b. 21 Jan., 1857, d. 30 June, 1863. 

III. Edgar Willie^, b. 11 Aug., i860, m. 31 May, 1892, Isa- 
bella Parsons Foss, dau. of Thomas Clarkson and Elizabeth L- 
(Cobb) Foss of Leeds. They had : 

I. Beatrice Marie^^ b. 11 Nov., 1895. 

IV. Sarah Ellen^, b. 28 May, 1864, m. 27 May, 1896, 
Thomas Henry N evens. 

V. WiNFiELD ScoiT^, b. 1 3 Sept., 1865, m. 5 Oct., 1884, 
Nellie Jane Allen, and had : 

I. Elmer Freeviout^, b. 10 May, 1890. 

VI. Allice^, b. 4 July, 1873, d. 6 Sept., 1874. 

VII. IssACHER*^, b. 7 Sept., 1877. 

Family One Hundred Sixty- Four. 375 


TIMOTHY LANE' (John«, Benjamin^, IssacheH, SamueP-^, 
James^), 182 7-1 888, b. 3 Sept., 1827, m. 19 Feb., 1852, AMANDA 
SMITH; sheb. 4 Oct., 1834. He d. i Feb., 1888. 

Six children : 

I. Fredona E.^, b. 3 Aug., 1852, m. first, 30 Apr., 1870, 
Chaney Hall; m. second, 23 Nov., 1878, Alden C. Cooper. 

II. Benjamin S.^, b. 3 June, 1854, d. 31 Jan., 1870. 
181. III. John K."", b. 3 June, 1854, m. Emma Young. 

IV. George F.^, b. 4 Nov., 1856, d. 11 Oct., 1885. 

V. Mary A.^, b. 13 Aug., 1858, d. 11 May, 1883. 

VI. Rosa A.^ b. 9 July, i860, d. 9 Oct., 1887. 


BENJAMIN LANE' (Joseph'', Benjamin^, Issacher-*, SamueP-2, 
James'), 1826-1887, b. 6 May, 1826, m. first, 1848, MAHALA 
ROBERTS; sheb. i Jan., 1829, d. 12 Mar., 1870. He m. second, 
June, 1871, AMANDA PIERCE; she b. July, 1842, d. 2 May, 
1897. He d. 23 July, 1SS7. 

Five children : 

I. Willl^m V.^, b. 4 Nov., 1849, photographer, Camden, Me., 
m. first. Mar., 1869, Viola Calderwood ; she b. 20 July, 1846, 
and d. 30 Aug., 1885. He m. second, 1886, Annie Gr-a.y. 

II. Hiram L.^, b. 17 Oct., 1856, m. 1881, Dora Montgomery, 
who d. 1886. He d. 6 Feb., 1885. One child: 

I. HarolcP, b. 17 Oct., 1882. 

III. Ada^, b. 17 Dec, 1859, d. 2 Nov., 1862. 

IV. Eva Maria"*, b. 27 July, 1862, m. June, 1886, George VV. 


V. Llcy Ellen^, b. II Aug., 1866. 

376 James Lane and Descendants. 


HIRAM VINAL LANE^ (Joseph^ Benjamin^ Issacher^, Sam- 
ueP-'2, James^), 1829-1898, b. 9 Nov., 1829, m. 11 Nov., 1852, 
SUSAN R. ROBERTS; she b. 8 Jan., 1838. The Vinalhaven 
Fish Company was estabUshed in 187 1. Mr. Lane entered the 
partnership and commenced business on Lane's Island. He d. 3 
Jan., 1898. 

Four children : 

I. Hattie Gertrude^, b. 20 Feb., 1855, m. 30 Oct., 1878, 
W. Frank Pierce, and d. 14 May, 1879. 

II. Joseph James^, b. ii Oct., 1858, traveling agent teas and 
coffees, Waterville, Me., m. 15 Sept., 1880, Ella Brown; she b. 
Apr., 1856. Two children : 

1. HaMie Gertrude^, b. 2 May, 1883. 

2. Fred Walls'^, b. 10 Nov., 1884. 

HI. Lillian Mav^, b. ii June, 1870, m. i Jan., 1891, Thomas 
E. Libby of the Vinalhaven Fish Company. 

IV. Alice Gurney^, b. 9 Nov., 1872, music teacher, Vinal- 
haven. Miss Lane and her brother-in-law, Thomas E. Libby, have 
assisted in the history of the Lane family. 


RODNEY LANE^ (James^, Benjamin^ Issacher^, SamueP-2, 
James^), b. 18 Sept., 1831, a soldier in the Civil War, m. 8 Sept., 
1861, LYDIA HIBBARD ; she b. 29 Aug., 1841. 

Eight children : 

I. Belladona^, b. 10 July, 1862, m. 5 Aug., 1880, U. B. Dyer. 

II. James F.^, b. 15 July, 1864, d. i July, 1884. 
HI. William R.^ b. 25 Oct., 1869. 

IV. Margaret E.^, b. 19 Feb., 187 1, m. 5 Nov., 1892, Sam- 
uel L. Jones. 

V. Edwin G.^, b. 25 Ai)r., 1873, m. 30 Dec, 1893, Annie H. 
Farnham ; she b. 26 Mar., 1876. 

Family One Hundred Sixty- Eight. 377 

VI. Albert^, b. 19 Dec, 1876. 

VII. Adelbert*^, b. 19 Dec, 1876, d. Nov., 1877. 

VIII. IvoN^, b. 3 Feb., 1879, d. 19 Aug., 1884. 


WILLIAM SMITH LANE" (Timothy^, Benjamin-^, IssacheH, 
SamueP'-, James^), b. 23 Oct., 1830, m. i Dec, 1849, MERCY 
DELANO; she b. 16 June, 1832. 

Nine children : 

L Charles F.^, b. 16 June, 1850. 

II. LuciNDA T.", b. 10 Nov., 1851, m. 14 Nov., 1868, E. R. 

III. Theodosia S.^, b. 26 Aug., 1853, m. Mar., 1880, W. W. 
Freeman, and d. 6 Sept., 1883. 

IV. Rachel A."", b. 4 Apr., 1857, m. 16 Sept., 1878, W. H. 

V. Thomas B.^, b. 16 Jan., 1859, m. i Oct., 1885, Maggie A. 
Calderwood ; she b. 8 Aug., 1864. One child: 

I, Leo IV.^, b. 23 Aug., 1892. 

VI. Oscar C.^, b. 25 Dec, i860, m. 23 Sept., 1884, Abbie G. 
Frye ; she b. 20 Dec, 1866. 

VII. Allie H.^, b. 23 Dec, 1862, m. 24 Nov., 1883, Nellie 
M. Carver; she b. 19 Mar., 1867. Two children: 

1. Vera^, b. 13 July, 1 890. 

2. Fred^, b. 17 Apr., 1S97. 

VIII. CoRA*^, b. 15 May, 1865, m. 29 Jan., 1886, James E. 

IX. Clara E.*^, b. 5 Dec, 1868, m. i Jan., 1891, Albert E. 


EDWIN LANE' (Timothy^, Benjamin^, Issacher"*, SamueP-2, 
James'), b. ii Sept., 1832, m. 13 Dec, 1848, REBECCA C. 

378 James Lane and Descendants. 

LANE"^ (Joseph^, Benjamin'^, Issacher"*, SamueP*^, James') ; she b. 
12 Mar., 1833. He commenced buying and curing fish for the 
Boston and Charlestown markets in 1878; is a member of Moses 
Webster Lodge of ]\Iasons. 
Four children : 

L Margaret Ellen^, b. 14 Nov., 1850, m. i Jan., 1869, 
Thomas G. Libby. 

IL Leroy H.s, b. I Dec, 1854, m. 20 Oct., 1877, Carrie E. 
Howard; she b. 6 Nov., 1854. One child: 

I. Leon 11.^, b. 7 May, 1878, d. 5 Aug., 1879. 

in. Benjamin L.^, b. 27 Feb., 1858, m. 6 Sept., 1893, Mabel 
^. FreExMan; she b. 31 Jan., 1866. 

IV. George M.^, b. 14 Apr., 1862. 


Rev. benjamin HUMPHREY LANE» (Edmund Cleaves^, 
Josiah^--'*-'*, James-^ John-, James^), was born in Yarmouth, Me., 8 
Mar., 1844. He enlisted Aug. 23, 1862, in Co. H, 149 Penn. 
Vols. ; was engaged in nineteen battles .with the Army of the Po- 
tomac, and was mustered out June 24, 1865. Graduated from 
Newton Theological Seminary, June 8, 1870; was ordained Sept. 
14, 1870, at Bow, N. H. ; settled at Bow and Newton, N. H., 
North Uxbridge and Worcester, Mass., at Valley Falls, R. I., and at 
Antrim, N. H. He. m. first, 19 Dec, 1877, LIZZIE ASHTON 
BOSWELL ; she b. 22 Oct., 1857, dau of William Ward and Lucy 
Ann (Peabody) Boswell of Newton, N. H., and d. at Valley Falls, 
R. I., 26 Oct., 1885. He m. second, 29 Oct., 1889, MINERVA 
W. DEXTER; she b. 20 Dec, 1863, dau. of James C. and Frances 
(Barrows) Dexter of Lonsdale, R. I., and d. at Lonsdale, 3 July, 
1896. He m. third, 20 June, 1899, JENNIE THEODATE 
MINER, ^L D. ; she b. 22 Dec, i860, dau. of Elliot Earle and 
Abbie Cornelia (Howe) Cunningham of Worcester, Mass., and 
whose name appears in Lane Genealogies, Vol. I, p. 77. 

Family One Hundred Seventy-One. 379 

Children by first marriage : 

I. William Edmund^, b. 9 June, 1881, at North Uxbridge, 

II. Alice Boswell^, b. 24 June, 1883, at Worcester, Mass. 


AERIAL DEBLANCE LANE« (Joseph Hicks', Levi«, Isaac^ 
Josiah"*, James^, John-, James^), was b. in East Gray, Me., 13 Oct., 
1834, and received his name from a Frenchman who saved his 
father's Hfe at sea. He was educated in the schools of his native 
town and at New Gloucester, Me. At the age of twenty he began 
to follow the sea, becoming second mate and later first mate of the 
barque "Meldon." He went to California in 1S49, and engaged 
in mining. From California he went to Boise City, Idaho. After 
thirteen years spent in the West he settled, in 1873, as a farmer 
and dairyman on Brown's wharf road, near the original farm of 
James Lane^ Yarmouth, Me. He m. 1872, ELIZABETH S. 
HAVES; she b. 2 Mar., 1841, dau. of David and Lydia (Parsons) 
Hayes of North Yarmouth. Mrs. Lane is a very hospitable lady. 
To her supervision must be largely credited the excellent quality 
of the butter product at the Lane dairy. Both are members of the 
First Congregational church in North Yarmouth. — Cumh. County 

Children : 

I. Joseph Hicks^, b. 5 Jan., 1874. 

II. Ebenezer Davis'^, b. 26 May, 1876, student at Bowdoin 

III. Beecher True^, b. 6 Jan., 1878. 

IV. Forest Debl-INCE^, b. 3 June, 1882. 


ALVIN A. LANE^ (Joseph Hicks', Levi*^, Isaac-^, Josiah^, 
James^, John-, James^) was a native of Gray, ]\Ie., dealer in boots 

380 James Lane and Descendants. 

and shoes, 381 Congress street, Portland, Me.; m. ABBY POR- 

Children : 

I. Urban D.9 

II. Clarence H.'-^ 

III. Morton M.'^ 


CHARLES M. LANE^ (Joseph Hicks^ Levi^, Isaac-^ Josiah^ 
James3, John^, Jamesi), b. East Gray, Me., 4 Oct., 1845 ; ^t the 
age of twenty was employed as baggage master on the Grand 
Trunk railroad; m. 4 July, 1867, FRANCES A. YOUNG; she 
b. South Paris, Me., 15 Jan., 1847, dau. of 'George W. and Laura 
F. (Fields) Young of South Paris, Me. They settled on a farm of 
100 acres which he purchased in Gray. Both are active members 
of the Methodist Episcopal church ; he a Republican in politics 
and a member of the Grange in New Gloucester, Me. 

Ten children : 

I. Frederick F.'', b. 25 May, 1868, m. Addie L. Call, and res. 
South Boston. 

II. Edgar C.^, b. 31 Mar., 1870, m. Mary S. Mayall. 

III. Carrie L.^, b. 18 Apr., 1872, d. 10 Sept., 1872. 

IV. J. Caswell^, b. 29 July, 1873, traveling agent. 

V. George T.'^, b. 31 Aug., 1875. 

VI. Laura A.^, b. i Nov., 1878, d. i June, 1880. 

VII. WiNFiELD A.9, b. 6 Aug., 1880. 

VIII. Lester E.^, b. 27 Apr., 1882, d. 27 Sept., 1882. 

IX. Infant^ b. 24 Feb., 1884, d. 5 Mar., 1884. 

X. Vera E.9, b. 30 Sept., 1885. 



HENRY LYMAN LANE^ (Henry W.-, John^ David^-^, John 
James^), b. Lanesville, Mass., 6 Sept., 1847, m. 31 Oct., 1867, by 

Family One Hundred Seventy- Four. 381 

Rev. J. C. Smith, ADA ALLEN ; she b. about 1849, ^^^'^' of Mark 
and Martha. He was a fisherman, house 774 Washington street, 
Gloucester, Mass. 
Children : 

L Chester Allen^, b. about 1868, clerk and butcher, Rock- 
land, Mass., m. 26 Nov., 1885, by Rev. Charles >L Hall, Louisa 
RiGGS; she b. about 1869, dau. of James and Eunice T. (Atwater) 
Riggs. Their children : 

1. Chester Lerov^'^, b. 5 June, 1886. 

2. £unue J.^^ b. 12 Mar., 1888, d. 17 June, 1888. 

3. Ada Mildred^^\ b. 16 Aug., 1894. 

4. Dana Clifford'^^^ b. 13 Feb., 1897. 

H. Willie Cotton^, b. 13 Dec, 1872. 

HL Harry Lewts^, b. about 1874, butcher, m. by Rev. H. G. 
Buckingham, Edith ]NL\rv Butler; she b. about 1870, dau. of 
Walter and Julia (Sargent) Butler of Gloucester. Their children : 

1. Olive^^, b. 24 Mar., 1890. 

2. Esther Louisa^^, b. 6 Oct., 1893. 

3. Harry Carlton^'^ , b. 5 Sept., 1S94. 

IV. Sidney Thurston^, b. 6 Aug., 1875. 

V. Eugene Gardner'^', b. 20 Oct., 1878. 
VL Ralph Henrv^, b. 22 May, 1882. 
VH. ]\L\RrHA Louisa^. 

VHL Son9, died. 


LEVI SAUNDERS LANE« (Henry W.", John«, David^-^, 
John^--, James^), b. Lanesville, Mass., about 1849, "^- ^^ River- 
dale, Gloucester, Mass., by Rev. A. J. Hall, 9 May, 1870, ELLA 
FLORENCE MERCHANT^; she b. about 1852, dau. of Jabez-^ 
and Beulah (Parsons) Merchant (Jabez^-^, Daniel^, Jabez'). 

Children : 

I. Elmer Ellsworth^, moved to Lynn, Mass. 

II. Herbert Melvin^, b. i Sept., 1875. 
HI. Julia Hasty^, b. 20 Oct., 1877. 
IV. Others^. 

382 James Lane and Descendants. 


DAVID LANE« (David' •6-5.4^ John^-"^, Jamesi), b. Lanesville, 
Mass., 1 8 Nov., 1836, mariner and painter, lived on Gee avenue, 
Riverdale, Gloucester, Mass., m. first, 12 Oct., 1856, by Rev. 
Nathaniel Richardson, MARY J. STAN WOO D ; she b. about 
1839, dau. of Henry and Rachel Stanwood of Gloucester. He m. 
second, 17 ]\Iar., 1864, by Rev. S. Chapin, JULIA LANE^ 
(Henry White", John'^, David^-"*, John^--, James^) ; she b. 25 Aug., 

Children : 

I. Lizzie Jane^, b. 2 1 Aug., 1857, m. 29 Oct., 1873, by Rev. 
William H. Teel, Henry A. Barker; he b. about 1852, Plymouth, 
Mass., son of George and Julia A. (Thayer) Barker, and lives in 
Bridgewater, Mass. 

By second marriage : 

II. Howard Prescoit^, b. 25 June, 1865, farmer, m. 4 Oct., 
1888, by Rev. F. C. Martin, Katherine G. Kerr; she b. about 
1870, dau. of Thomas and Margaret (Scott) Kerr of New Bruns- 
wick. Their children : 

1. Charles Hoivard^^ , b. 25 Apr., 1889. 

2. Bessie Frances^^, b. 10 Jan., 189 1. 

III. Henry Wallace^, b. 21 June, 1867, farmer, m. 12 Dec, 
t888, by Rev. F. C. Martin, Sarah Frances Brown; she b. about 
1868, dau. of Edward A. and Almira (Stanwood) Brown, and had : 

I. Belle Olive^'\ b. 12 Dec, 1890. 

IV. Bertha^, b. 30 July, 1871, d. 26 Feb., 1872, ae. 7 months. 

V. Arthur L.^, b. 25 Dec, 1879. 


THOMAS M. LANE^ (David~-6--\ John'^-2, James^), b. Lanes- 
ville, Mass., I ^Lay, 1844, pedler, res. Riverdale, Gloucester, Mass., 
m. 28 Apr., 1864, by Rev. Thomas Morong of Ipswich, ELLEN 
U. LAXE^ (Henry White", John^, David'-^ John^-^, James'). 

Family One Hundred Seventy- Seven. 383 

Children : 

I. Edward Evereit^, b. 15 July, 1S65, m. 10 June, 1891, by 
Rev. Andrew W. Baird, Anne Agnes Howlett ; she b. about 1869, 
dau. of Henry W. and Johanna Howlett. Child : 

I. Everett Thomas^'-\ b. 13 July, 1892. 

n. Nellie Jane'-^, b. about 1867, m. 17 Sept., 1885, by Rev. 
Charles M. Hale, John Morris; he b. about 1S65, son of Joseph 
D. and Mary Isabel Morris of Gloucester. Children : 

I. Eddie. 2. Hattie. 3 and 4. Tiuo Children, d. 

HI. Hermon'\ b. 16 May, 187 1, m. 15 July, 1S87, by Rev. 
George W. Cook, Annie W. Cook, dau. of Edmund and Lizzie M. 
(Day) Cook. Children : 

1. Alice Warner^'', b. 9 Oct., 1887. 

2. Percey Z."*', b. 6 Apr., 1889, d. 5 Aug., 1889, ■x. 4 ms. 

3. Datighter^*\ b. 7 Apr., 1 890. 

4. Ida Miiy^'\ b. 21 Nov., 1892. 

5. Danghter^^\ b. 10 Sept., 1896. 

IV. Austin'^, b. 7 Mar., 1875, grocer, m. 8 Sept., 1897, by Rev. 
J. F. Mears, Annie M. Tlxker; she b. Gloucester, about 1874, 
dau. of Henry and Irene (Butler) Tucker. 

V. Thomas Newell^, b. 18 July, 1S77. 

VI. Roscoe^, b. 17 Nov., 1 88 1, m. 


HARVEV LANE' (James M.', David'^-^^-^, John^-^, James^), 
b. Annisquam, Mass., about 1843, mariner, m. first, 14 Oct., 1862, 
by Rev. Robert P. Hogers, JUDITH K. RIGGS; she b. Glouces- 
ter, Mass., 1846, dau. of James and Elmira Riggs, and d. 9 May, 
1863, ae. 16 yrs., 8 ms. He m. second, 14 Aug., 1864, by Rev. 
S. Chapin, AMANDA M. STANWOOD; she b. about 1845, dau. 
of Nehemiah and Catherine Stanwood. He d. 2 Mar., 1889, ae. 
46 yrs., 2 ms., 15 ds. Buried at Mount Adnah, Annisquam. 

Children : 

I. Elizabeth A.^, b. 14 Aug., 1865, m. 22 Dec, 1887, by Rev. 

384 James Lane and Descendants. 

F. C. iMarlin, Charles A. Hodgkins; he painter, b. about 1864, 
son of Isaac and Mary A. (Richardson) Hodgkins of Gloucester. 

II. Annie M.^, b. 29 Mar., 187 1. 

III. Kate E.'-', b. 27 Nov., 1874. 

IV. Gertrude E.^, b. about 1875, m. 6 Sept., 1894, by Rev. 
R. P. Hubbard, Solon M. Pinkham ; he b. Wiscasset, Me., about 
1868, son of Albert H. and Louisa (Rhines) Pinkham. 

V. Harvey M.^, b. 24 Feb., 1877, d. 27 May, 1877, 36.3 ms., 
3 ds. 

VI. Willie H.9, b. 24 Sept., 1878. 

VII. Ada M.9, b. 18 Mar., 1880. 


OSBORNE W. LANE8 (James M.*^, Davide-^-^, John^-s, Jamesi), 
b. Annisquam, Mass., 2 July, 1853, music composer, teacher and 
dealer, Gloucester, Mass. ; m. 24 Feb., 1878, by Rev. Henry C. 
Leonard, ABBY R. STANWOOD ; she b. Gloucester, about 1856, 
dau. of David W. and Susan R. (Allen) Stanvvood. 

Children : 

L Helen M.^, b. 18 Aug., 1878. 

II. Percy O.^ b. 8 Oct., 1882. 

III. Ella P.», b. 29 Sept., 1886. 

IV. Susan Lucretia^, b. 10 May, 1889, d. 27 May, 1890, ae. i 
yr., 1 7 ds. 


FRANCIS EDWARD LANE^ (John-, David^-'^-^, John^-2, 
James^), b. Lanesville, Mass., 13 Mar., i860, sewing machine 
agent, Gloucester, Mass.; m. 9 Oct., 1882, by Rev. M. J. Boglan, 
MARY F. DOWNEY; she governess, b. Brookline, Mass., about 
i860, dau. of Michael and Ikidget (Shine) Downey. 

Family One Hundred Eighty. 385 

Children : 

I. John J.^, b. 21 Mar., 1884. 

II. Fkancis E.9, b. 6 Sept., 1887. 

III. Lena G.^, b. 13 Aug., 1889, d. 31 Aug., 1895, ae. 6 yrs., 
25 ds. 

IV. Frank E.^, twin, b. 15 Nov., 1892, d. 10 July, 1894, ae. i 
yr., 8 ms., 24 ds. 

V. Florence M.^, twin, b. 15 Nov., 1892, d. 10 Sept., 1895, 
se. 2 yrs., 9 ms., 26 ds. 

VI. Lillian Augusta^, b. 14 Nov., 1894. 


ALEXANDER LANE^ (David^ Epes^, David^-*, John^-2, 
James^), b. Lanesville, Gloucester, Mass., 24 Mar., 1830, soldier 
Co. F, nth regiment. New Hampshire volunteer infantry, credited 
to New London, N. H., enlisted Aug. 20, 1862, mustered in Aug. 
29, 1862, as corporal, appointed sergeant, then first sergeant, 
wounded July 30, 1864, at the mine explosion, Petersburg, Va., 
mustered out, June 4, 1865. Post office address. New London, 
Penacook and Concord, N. H. He m. 19 Dec, 1850, FRANCES 

Children : 

I. Emma Jane^, b. 19 Aug., 1852, m. 10 Sept., 1869, Charles 
Curtis Chesley. Their children : 

1. Minnie Bell, b. 24 Mar., 1870, d. 6 Tuly> 1870. 

2. Ediua yd Arthur^ b. 13 June, 1873, d. 31 July, 1 873. 
3.^ Nellie Stear?is, b. 15 Feb., 1875. 

4. Millie Stewart^ b. 7 Nov., 1876. 
6. Charles Edward, b. 4 July, 1880. 
6. Carl Cummings, b. 29 June, 1890. 

II. Nellie Isabell^, b. 3 Aug., 1857, d. 6 Mar., i860. 

III. Charles Woodard^, b. 30 Sept., i860, m. 18 Jan., 1888, 
Florence Blanker, w^ho d. 18 July, 1894. 

IV. Minnie Isabel^, b. 13 Oct., 1862. 

386 James Lane and Descendants. 

V. Frank Linwood^, b. 30 Nov., 1868, m. i May, 1896, Win- 
nie Bailey, and had : 

I. Chester Liii'wood'^^, b. 5 May, 1898. 


JOHN K. LANE» (Timothy"^, John^, Benjamin^, Issacher^, 
Samuel3-2, James^), b. 3 June, 1854, m. 12 Sept., 1885, EMMA 
YOUNG; she b. 17 June, 1856. 

Six children : 

I. Nora9, b. 19 Feb., 1886, d. 10 Nov., 1887. 

II. Lottie9, b. 6 Nov., 1887. 

III. Mertie^, b. 21 Mar., 1889. 

IV. NoR-\9, b. 18 May, 1890. 

V. Jennie E.^, b. ii July, 1896, d. ae. 7 ms. 

VI. Vestie^, b. 25 May, 1893. 


Edward Lane of Boston, Mass. 


EDWARD LANE^ was a brother of Job and James Lane, and 
an early resident of Maiden, Mass., where he bought real estate of 
Robert Harding in 1651. 

He had an interest with his brothers in their father, James Lane's 
estate, Rickmansworth, England, June 6, 1654. Like his brother 
Job, he visited England, returning to America in 1656. 

" Passengers aboard the Speedwell of London, Eng., Robert 
Locke, Master, bound for New England : Edward Lane, aged 36 
yrs.. May 30, 1656." 

He soon settled as a merchant in Boston, Mass. 

" Subscriptions for the building of ye Town house, Boston, 1657, 
paid : Edward Lane pr'mise to pay by the hands of Lievt. Rich. 
Cook fine pounds and tenn shillings, I say ;£^, los." 

Edward Lane m. 11 Dec, 1657, HANNAH KEAYNE^, dau. of 
Benjamin- and Anna (Dudley) Keayne. '' i\P. Edw<^ Lane was 
maryed to Hannah Keayne, 11 : 10 : '57, By John Endecott Gov^" 
— Boston Record. 

Maj. Benjamin Keayne^, only son of Capt. Robert Keayne^ was admitted 
a member of the Boston Artillery Company in 1638, and a freeman of Massa- 
chusetts in 1639. He m. Anna, dau. of Gov. Thomas and Dorothy Dudley, 
"an unhapppy and uncomfortable match." About 1645, he visited England, 
from which country he never returned. Mrs. Keayne was disciplined by the 
church for irregular conduct, Nov. 1646, and was excommunicated Oct., 1647. 
Their only daughter, Anna^, was left to the care of her grandparents. 

Capt. Robert Keayne^ was the earliest settler on the south-western corner 
of State Street, Boston. He was by business a tailor, and fell under the cen- 
sure of the court and church for selling his goods at exorbitant prices, as 

388 Edward Lane of Boston, Mass. 

compared with the regular, authorized rates. He was the first commander in 
1637 of "the military company of Mass.," chartered in 1638, the oldest band 
of citizen soldiery in America, to which the name "Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company" was applied in 1720. Capt. Robert Keayne was deputy 
for Boston to the General Court, May 6, 1646. His lawsuit with warlike Mrs. 
Sherman, about the stray pig, occasioned in 1664 the permanent separation of 
the Massachusetts Legislature into two houses, each with a veto power upon 
the other. "There fell out a great business upon a very small occasion. 
John Winthrop." — Beginnings of Nexij England by John Fiske^ pp. 106-108. 

"Capt. Robert Keayne died 23, i mo. '56," — Boston Records. 

"Captain Robert Keayne 

First Commander of the 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 


— Tofnbsione, King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston. 

He left large bequests to public uses, among which were legacies for the 
erection of a town hall where the old state house now stands, for the founding 
of an alms house and for building a granary; and he supplemented these 
legacies by other gifts. He further provided that his granddaughter Anna 
Keayne, "be disposed of for her future education unto some such wise and 
Godly mistress or family where she may have her carnal disposition most of all 
subdued and reformed by strict discipline; and also that they would show like 
care and assistance in seasonable time to provide some fit and Godly match 
proportionate to her estate and condition, that she may live comfortably and 
be fit to do good in her place, and not to suffer herself to be circumvented or 
to cast herself away upon some swaggering gentleman or other that will look 
more after enjoying what she hath than live in the fear of God and true love 
to her." 

The will, dated at Boston, Dec. 28, 1653, names "my son, Major Benjamin 
Keayne, to be sole executor thereof," and Edward Lane to oversee its execu- 
tion. "Last sheet of my Will, Page 36 or sides of paper, all of it, yea evy 
line & word in it being writen with my own hand & my name subscribed at the 
lower ende of evey page. Robert Keayne." 

The 36 original pages of this will now occupy 158 folio pages of manu- 
script in the Suffolk Co. Probate Records. 

Edward Lane as "overseer," named in the will of Capt. Robert 
Keayne, showed his care "to provide some fit and Godly match" 
for the grantee, by marrying her. But difficulties arose. The case 
between Edward Lane and Anna Keayne, the mother, was 
before the courts. May 26 and Oct. 18, 1659. He was discharged 

Family One. 389 

from guardianship and Symon Bradstreet and Daniel were 

appointed in his place, Nov. 12, 1659. 

Under the same date, Nov. 12, 1659, the Mass. Gen. Court, in 
consideration of Capt. Robert Keayne's liberal gifts to the country, 
granted to his widow and grandchild 500 acres of land apiece. 
The grant to Mrs. Anna Lane was laid out Oct. 16, 1660, and in- 
corporated in the town of Amherst, N. H., Jan. iS, 1760. 

** Laide out to Mrs. Anna Lane five hundred acres of land more or lesse in 
the wildernesse on the west of merrimacke River and about seven miles by 
estimation from merrimake at a place called by the Indians Quoquina-pass- 
kessanahnoy which is upon sowheaganocke River lying two hundred & 
eighty pole in length upon the River, about two hundred acres lyeth on the 
north side and three hundred acres on the south side, being bounded w^h 
land laid out for Mr. Davis and Capt. Isacke Johnson on the east, wilderness 
land elsewhere surrounding the same, as by a plott taken of the same is more 
fully demonstrated by Jonathan Danforth, surveyor. 

The Court doth Approve allow & Confirme this Returne." 

— J/ass. Records, Vol. IV, Pt. I, pp. jdg, ^gi, 44^. 
— A^. H. State Papers, Vol. XXIV, pp. 10, 11. 

Letter. "To the Worshipfull Jno Winthrop, Esq., Governor, present at 

Mrs. Lane intreateth your worshipp to send her some advice & medicine for 
the cure of her joynts which are suposed to be a wind gout, with which she is 
much pained at times. She desires to present her servis to you & Mrs. 

John Tinker from New London, 4th 2 mo: 1660, to John Winthrop, Jr., 
Governor at Hartford." 

Edward Lane was credited to the estate of Robert Battle, Nov. 
13, 1660. With Ann his wife he sold for ^200, Dec. 7, 1663, and 
Feb. 13, 1663-4, an estate of 40 acres in Maiden to Richard Dexter, 
the earliest American ancestor of that family. The courts reach a 
settlement in the case between Edward Lane and Mrs. Keayne, 
Oct. 10, 21, 1669. 

Meanwhile iSlr. Lane had died. He had occupied a high social 
position, was a man of wealth and business capacity and a strict 
Puritan. He was sorely tried and subject to many harsh imputa- 
tions against his character in settling the large estate of Capt. 
Robert Keayne, but he was finally sustained and his conduct 
thoroughly vindicated. 

390 Edward Lane of Boston, Mass. 

*' A Inventory of ye Estate of Mr. Edward Lane, Deceased, viz. : 

Imprimis: Seven hundred pounds in ye hands of L" Richard Cooke & Mr. 
Tno Wiswall wch is in consideration of his whole estate purchased by them, as 
appears pr a Deede of Sale passed ye 14 Decbr, 1663, & is ;i^7oo 00 00 

Item: three hundred pounds more to be payd by ye Sds Mr. Wiswall & L' 
Cooke in case M^. Lane should see Cause to Disprove of soe much in Gifts to 
his friends or to pay his debts if need require 300 00 00 

Item: his wearing apparell prized by Lt. Josh Fisher & 

Jno Moss at 561 

Tol, ^1005 6 I 

Debts owing by ye deceased, viz. : 

To Simon Bradstreet, Esq., . . . 

To Anthony .... a Legacy given him pf Capt. Rob* Keayne . . . 

to Jno Wilson a Legacy for ye Ministers Meetings. . , . 

to Jno Harrison, . . . 

to Job Lane, . . . 

to Sergt Waite, . . . 

to Mr. Jno Gedney, . . . 

to Funeral Charges and Physitian, . . . 

;^492 18 3 
Presented in Court 2d May 1667." 

The children of Edward and Anna (Keayne) Lane, were : 

I. Anna^, "borne 5th of October, 1660, . . . deceased 27 June, 

XL Edward, Jr.~, ''borne 20 FeV. 1661-2." — Boston Record. 

Mrs. Anna (Keayne) Lane survived her husband many years and 
m. second, Col. NICHOLAS PAIGE. 

Nicholas Paige came from Plymouth, England, to Boston as early as 1665. 
He was appointed captain of a troop in the expedition against Mt. Hope, 
June 27, 1675, was of the Artillery Company in 1693, and later its com- 
mander and colonel of the 2d Suffolk regiment of Foot. 

"At a county court for Suffolk held at Boston, 29 Janur Ao 1683: The 
Executors within nominated of the last will of Capt. Robert Keayne, some- 
time of Boston deed, hereto annexed, being both dead, power of Admen of ye 
Estate of sd Capt" Keayne is granted unto Mr. Nicholas Paige and Anna his 
wife, granddaughter of sd Robert Keayne, to pursue the performance of his 
will in what remains to be done herein. They to give bond of one thousand 
pounds to execute the same, their own bond being accepted by ye Court is 

accordingly taken. 

Attest, Jas Addington, Clrk." 

— Suffolk Co, Prob. Records. 

Family Two. 391 

The joint will of Nicholas and Anna (Keayne) Lane-Paige was 
signed in 1703. Gov. Joseph Dudley heard of the death of his 
niece while sitting at the Council Board, June 30, 1704. ''As the 
governour sat at the council table 'twas told him Madam Paige was 
dead. He drop^ his hands & quickly went out and returned not 
to the chamber again, but ordered Mr. Secretary to prorogue the 
courts till the 16'^ of August, which Mr. Secretary did by going 
into the House of Deputies." — Diary of Samuel Sewali. 

We read this sad record concerning Anna (Keayne) Lane-Paige. 
"She poorly repaid the care and attention that had been given for 
her education and happiness, exhibiting in her character and con- 
duct the traits of her mother." 

Col. Paige d. at Rumney Marsh, now Chelsea^ Mass., and was 
buried from Capt. Oliver's, 29, 6, 171 7. He had no child. 


EDWARD LANE2 (Edwardi). The son of Edward Lane^, 
after his mother's second marriage, probably changed his name to 
Edward Paige. This accounts for the form of the inscription in 
the Scottish chapel at Leyden, Holland, undoubtedly commemora- 
tive of him. 

"Here lieth buried Edward Paige, 

only son of Nicholas and Anna Paige, 

born at Boston in New England, 

Feb. 20, 1622, died in Leyden, Nov. i, 

1680. N. S." 

The date of birth should read 1662. 


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79, 214 









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Privateer " Yankee," 

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Indians care for a white baby, 

Schooner "Federahst" saved from British by a 
** pretty lass," .... 

First settlement near Lyons, X. Y., 

United States direct tax on land, . 

Triplets, ..... 

Death of a singular disease, 

Fine mantua maker and tailor, 



















182 1, j-^^. Obituary notices, 130, 139, 143, 167, 236, 249, 259, 

270, 287, 311, 317, 318, 336, 340, 362 
1823. Cattle ear mark, .... 
1825. Introduction of cook stoves, 

1828. Invention of corn sheller, 

1829. Lane Theological Seminary, 

1830. Congregational Church, Lanesville, organized, 

1832. Gifts to the Trinitarian Society of Bedford, 

1833. Introduction of Pitts' horse power and separator in 

the South, . , . 

Invention of endless chain horse power, 

1834. Outfits for fishing vessels, . 
Born with two good sized teeth, 

1835. Invention and use of first steel plough. 
Pilots of Salem harbor, 

1837. Money panic, . . - . 

1840. Iowa Band of Home Missionaries, 

1844. System of family registration, 

1845. Mexican War, 

1846. Early use of nitrate of silver in local application for 

diseases of the larynx, trachea, and bronchia, 

1847. Dwelling burned, ..... 
Settler in Mauritius, .... 
ThrowTi from chaise, .... 


• 78, 79 


261, 327 




344, 345 







54, 78 

398 Lane Genealogies. 

1847, 1877. Family Bibles destroyed by fire, . 54, 78, 140 

1848, seq. Children's diseases, . . 128, 157, 158, 159 

1849, California " forty-niners," . . . 79> 273, 379 
1850? Confidence in the seamanship of her son, . . 310 

1850, seq. Lawyers, 82, Z^, 146, 152, 165, 166, 268, 367, 368 
1853. Two hundredth anniversary of Lancaster, Mass., . 

125, 126 

1856. Experienced optician, .... 289 
Gift to Bedford of Town Hall clock, . . 118 

1857. " Lane family papers," . . .■ , 103 
1859-1896. Town officer for many years, . . 156 

1861. First coach from Glen House to top of Mt. Wash- 

ington, ...... 365 

Statement of Christian hope, . . .126 

Liberty pole, . . . . .122 

Union patriots, . . . . 126, 142 

1861-1865. Civil War veterans, . . 79, 82,98,117, 

120, 134, 148, 152, 156, 271, 273, 
283, 286, 303, 304, 316, 321, 326, 
330» 339» 366, 368, 376, 378, 385 

1862. Benevolent bequests in Lancaster, . . 95 

1863. Across the plains with ox and mule teams, 340, 373 
1863-1893. Provisions for care of burial lots, . 

104, 107, 125, 156 

1864. Congregational Society, Lanesville, incorporated, . 353 
Yacht building works, . . . 35i>352 
Town clerk for a quarter century, . . .306 

1865. Celebrated marine painter, . . . 333 
Payment of largest tax ever assessed in Vinalhaven, 

Me., ...... 345 

1866. Destruction of papers in Portland fire, . . 324 
1 866-1 878. A pubhc spirited railroad president, . 85, 86 
1867-1899. European tours, . 128, 144, 145, 158, 160, 168 
1869. Poverty a good thing, . . . .326 
1876. Organization of Universalist Parish at Lanesville, . 358 

Accounts in fiction, . . . .328 

1879. Sesquicentennial, Bedford, Mass., 90, 103, 115, 118, 155 



1880. Golden wedding, . 

1880, seq. Writers of books and pamphlets, 




1 89-. 




Champion wrestler at four-score, . 

Gift of a church organ to the Evangelical Society 

in Lancaster, Mass., 
Birthday surprise party. 
Smart old couple, . 
History of Templeton, Mass., 
Prize baby. 

Sixtieth wedding anniversary, 
A musical family, . 
Celebration of 90th birthday. 
Gift of clock for the Union school house in Bed 

ford, .... 
Repair of the old meeting house in Annisquam, 
Third set of natural teeth, . 
Missionary in Japan, 
Chrysanthemum and orchid grower. 
Disappearance of a Mt. Holyoke student, 
Seventy-fifth anniversary of Union Church, Boston, 
A family of yacht building geniuses. 



64, 168 














Christian Names of Persons Named Lane. 





5, 6, 9 


XX, xxi 




xxii, xxiii 




xxiii, xxiv, xxvi, i, 2 








XX, xxi, xxiii 




XXV, xxvi 


XX, xxi 


xxi, xxii, xxiii, xxiv, xxv 


4, 6 


xxvi, 5 






3» 4' 6 


xxiii, xxiv, xxv, 2 




xxiv, xxvi 




3» 4. .6 




xxii, xxiii, xxiv, xxvi. 



xxii, xxiii 

I, 2, 3, 4, 5 







xxi, xxiii 




xxv, xxvi 





Jerome or 

Jeremiah xxiv, xxv, xxvi 



2, 3' 5^6 


xxiv, xxv, xxvi, xxvii, 


xxii, xxiii 



xxv, xxvi 


XX, xxi. 

xxii, xxiii 


xxiii, xxvi 


xxiv, xxv 


xxi, xxii, xxiii 


xxv, xxvi, 3, 4, 5 


xxiv, xxv, xxvi, i, 2, 3, 4 

* The index figures or names included in the preliminary pages indicate the generation 
counting back from the settlement in America, 

Abbie Almira 
Abbott Atwood 
Abbott Benjamin 

Abigail Amanda 
Abigail French 
Abigail Jones 
Abigail Rel)ecca 



Abigail Sylvania 






Abner Bridge 

103, 132 


Abraham Lowe 



Ada Estelle 






Adeliza Woodward 






Albert F. 


Index I. 


Albert Francis 


Catherine Amelia 


Albert Irving 


Catherine W. 


Albert W. 


Chandler Bridge 


Albert Waterbury 



80, 118 

Alfred Church 


Charles B. 


Alfred Page 


Charles Bancroft' 


Alexander Page 


Charles Bancroft^ 


Alice Beatrice 


Charles UeWitt' 

117. 148 

Alice Walton 


Charles Ernest 


Allen Francis 

108, 134 

Charles Gardner" 

117. 147 



Charles Gardner^ 


Almy Ann 


Charles H.' 




Charles H.' 



70, 71. 103 

Charles Nelson Currier 




Charles Randolph 



53> 63 

Charles Stillman 


Amittai Bacon 


Charles Sumner^ 




Charles Sumner^ 


Amos Foster 

108, 135 

Charles W. 

109, no 

Andrew H, 



122, 154 



Charlotte Taylor 

125, 128, 160 



Clair DeWitt 







75. 92 

Clara E. 


Anna Mary 


Clara Emeline 


Anne Maria 

122, 153 



Annie Estella 



122, 153 

Anthony 94, 

95. 124, 127 

Cora M. 



78, 79 



Arline Grace 


Cynthia Pickering 


Arthur Angleton 


Cyrus W. 


Arthur Bliss 


Arthur Clarence 




Arthur Francis 




Arthur W. 



92, 99, 100 

Augusta Benjamin 


Daniel Josiah 

loi, 132 



Daniel Walker'' 

III, 137 

Augustus Frederick 


Daniel Walker^ 


Augustus Joy 



34. 43. 80 




43. 44 

David^ 53. 63, 

64, 65, 93, 157 
93. 124 

Benjamin^ 54, 55, 59, 72 

, 73. 74. 109 





"1~* •  Q 

74. 75. Ill 

David A, 



David Carl 


Benjamin Clarke 


David Hyslop 
David Woodward 


loo, 130 



Delia M. 







74. 75 



Dolly Ballard 


Caroline A. 




Caroline E. 




Carrie May 


Dorothy M. 



59. 61 




Lane Genealogies. 


66, 98 

, 99, 130 

Ernest P. 



80, 100 





Ebenezer Hay ward 

119, 149 



Edith Corinne 


Fannie Boardman 


Edith F. 


Fanny G. 


Edith L. 


Flora Isabella 


Edith Laura 






Florence Brown 


Edward Alaric 


Frances B. 


Edward Bancroft 


Frances Ellen 


Edwin Dexter 


Frances G. 


Edwin Philander 


Frances Maria 


Eleanor Jane 


Francis^ 71, 7^ 

2, 73, 74, 11^ 


Electa Frances Wild 



90, 105, 




Francis^ 54, 55, 

73, 90, 106, 


Eliab B. 


Francis Bowman 



Eliab Bridge 

69, 70 

, 71, 102 

Francis W. 


Elias 72, 

lli^ 105, 

106, 108 

Frank Adams 


Elias Coolidge 

106, 133 

Frank Church 




Frank Ernest 


Eliot Reed 


Franklin S. 


Eliza Abbie 


Freddie Russell 


Eliza Ann 

103, 119 

Frederic A. 


Eliza Bradlee 


Frederick Douglass 



Eliza M. 


Frederick Henry 



Eliza Maria 


Frederick Warren 


Eliza Wait 


157, 160 




25, 29 






57, 63 

Genery M. 





80, 97, 117, 


Elizabeth Abbott 



105, III, 


Elizabeth E. 




Elizabeth Nickerson 


George E.' 


Ella M. 


George E.^ 


Ella Starr 


George Edward 


Ellen Watson 


George Etheridge 



Elmer A. 


George F. 




George Leslie 


Elmira J. 


George S. W. 


Elsie D. 


George Shipman 




105, III 

George V. 


Emeline Ruhamah 


George W, 





114, 121 

George Washington*" 





George Washington' 


Emma Florence 


George William 


Emma L. 


George Winchester 



Emma Lillian 

141, 165 



Emma Maud 


Gershom Flagg* 



Emma May 


Gershom Flagg' 


Emmeline Belinda 


Gertrude E. 




Gertrude Evangeline 



66, 96 

Gertrude ^L 


Ernest John 


Gilbert Bainbridge 


Index I. 


Gilbert Frederick 


Tames Alfred 


Gladys B. 


James Bowdoin 


Goldie B. 


James Warren^ 


Grace A. 


James Warren^ 


Gracy Foster 





44, 48 



Hannah' 53, 56, 



66, 78 



Hannah^ 67, 



83, 90 

Jennie H. 




, 120, 122 



Hannah A. 


Jesse B. 


Hannah Cunningham 


Jesse D. 


Harold Albertus 


Jesse Lamont 


Harold Francis 


Jessie Barker 




Jessie Gertrude 


Harriet B. 


Jessie M. 


Harriet Felicia 


Job' 8, 9, 10, 


12, 14, 15, 16, 



17, 18, 19, 22, 


24, 25, 27, 28, 

Hattie P. 


29, 34, 157 

Helen E. 


Job^* 23, 33, 34 



Helen Penhallow 

1 48 


44, 45, 68, $7 


§4, 129 


39, 44, 51, 52 





Henry Anthony 



93, 102 

Henry Edwards 


Job Blanchard 

124, 157 

Henry Francis 



9, 12 

Henry Hudson 


John- 18, 20, 


23, 25, 27, 29, 

Henry Martin 


30, 31, 32, 33 


, 35, 36, 37, 39 

Henry Paul 


John3 33, 34, 


36, 41, 42, 45, 

Henry Putnam 


46, 54, 59 

Henry Richardson 


John Jr.* 

34, 41 

Henry T. 


John 2d'* 

43, 54, 141 

Henrv W.^ 


John 3d'* 41 

, 43 

47, 48, 61, 62 

Henry \V.» 



43, 55, 68 

Henry Watson 


John^ 71, 


77, 82, 90, 119 

Hepsibah C. 




113, 115, 140 





Herbert Billings 


John Abraham 


Herbert L. 


John Chapin 


, 165, 166, 167 

Hiram H.' 

120, 149 

John Coolidge 


Hiram H.^ 


John F. 




John Franklin 


Horace Agard 


John Harold 


Hosea Foster 

108, I 

09, 137 

John Henry 

131, 163 

John Jones'" 


Ida Clara 


John Jones^ 




64, 65 

John ^Iurray 

88, 90 


72, 75 

John Roger 
John S. W. 




John Samuel'' 

80, 118 

James^ 35, 36 



, 49, 50 

John Samuel' 

117, 147 




, 63, 64 

John Scudder 





, 65, 87 

John Wellington^ 

156, 169 

James ^ 


, 93' 95 

John Wellington^ 


James A. 


Joel E. 



Lane Genealogies. 


Jonas Henry^ 

Jonas Henry^ 

Jonas P. 




Jonathan Abbot 

66, 94, 130 

94, 95' 125 

97, 128, 158, 159, 160 



56, 63, 78, 80 

38, 78, 115, 146 

116, 141, 142, 143' 

144, 155, 165 


Joseph Abbot 

Joseph Hayden 


Josiah^ 74, "^^^ 78, 79, 92, 109, 

Josiah Abbot 

Josiah Stearns 

Julia Ann Gushing 

Julia Rebecca 

Julius Arthur 

Justin E. 

Katherine Wyman 

Laura A. 

Laura Ann 

Laura J. 

Laura Mabel 

Laura May 

Laura Pauline 



Lavinia Frances 


Lemuel B. 

Lena Isabel 

Lena Marion 


Leonard Alexander 



Levi E. 



Lizzie J. 

Lois Elizabeth 



Lorenzo Duryea 





Lucie Ann 





















89, 90 

112, 113 











Lucius Page 




Lucy M. 

Lucy Matilda 

Lucy Miranda 

Lucy Rebecca 








Lydia Ann 

Lydia Harriet 

M. Athalia 

Mabel Augusta 

Mabel B. 

Mabel Frances 

Malvina Caroline 

Marcus Aurelius 

Margaret Payson 


Maria S. 

Marian E. 

Marilla Jane 

Marion Haven 

Marion Rogers 








Martha Ellen 

Martha S. 

Martin B. 








Mary A.' 

Mary A.^ 

Mary Amelia 

Mary Ann^ 

Mary Ann' 

Mary Baker 



I, 142, 145 







53' 67 



48, 52, 57 









40, 44, 50 







III, 138 

25, 28, 29 

36, 39' 44 

57' 58, 74 

97' 99 




Index I. 


Mary E.' 
Mary E.^ 

Mary Elizabeth 

Mary Ella 102, 

Mary Evaline 

Mary Eveline 

Mary Frances 

Harry H. 

Mary Hawks Kendall Ballard 

Mary Jane 

Mary Jane Woodward 

Mary Jones 

Mary Louisa 

Mary Maria 

Mary Pickering 

Mary Priscilla 

Mary Susan 

Mary Wellington* 

Mary Wellington'^ 130, 

Mary Whiting 



Maynor Wilfred 



Merton Burgess 

Milton 109, 



Minerva L. 





Morris Littell 

Mortimer Bliss 


Myrtis E. 


Nancy Angeline 
Nancy Augusta 
Nancy P. 
Nancy W. 
Naomi L. 
Nellie May 

Olive M. 

Oliver Abbott 
Oliver J. 






















140 I 







1 10 

120 ' 

102 j 


49 1 

Oliver Josiah 
Oliver Wellington' 

Oliver Wellington* 
Oman F. 
Onslow Stearns 
Orrie Adams 




Percy Howland 









Rebecca Clarissa 


Reuben A. 

Reuben Bacon 





Richard Byron Clarke 

Richard D. 

Richard Hooper 

Robert B. 

Rodney D. 



Rosa Belle 

Rose Helen* 

Rose Helen^ 





Ruhamah Augusta 


Ruth Cleaveland 

123, 155, 156 

64, 65, 86, 87, 

88, 89 

91, 92, 122 




57, 67 




63, 64, 93 




66, 94 






84, 120, 150 

149, 168 




139, 140 


70, 71, 80, 104 







116, 145 

55, 66 


S. Lauretta 









34, 48, 50, 51, 62, 65, 66 

67, 100 

109, 130, 136 


Lane Genealogies. 

Samuel A. 


Susan Newman 


Samuel Adams 


Susan W. 


Samuel Edward 



36, 37, 40 

Samuel Freeman 

121, 152 


48, 51 

Samuel H. 




Samuel Leavitt 

124, 156 



Samuel Marble 



61, 93 

Samuel Richardson 


Sylvia Mary Lois 


Samuel Wright 

78, 116, 144 


25. 27 


84, 121 



Thomas Barstow 

150, 169 


52, 56 

Thomas Parker 



73' 79 

Thomas Parkman Cush 

ng I ro 


III, 120 

Timothy 34, 

41, 43, 44, 57 

Sarah Abigail 


Sarah Adeline 

130, 162 

Walter A. 


Sarah Ann" 


Walter David 


Sarah Ann' 

104, 106, 116 

Walter Freeman 


Sarah E. 


Washington Jefferson 

89, 100, 129 

Sarah Elizabeth 

91, 123, 129 



Sarah Elizabeth Dexter 




Sarah Maud Lillian 



102, 120 

Sarah N. 






William A. 


Sewell Stearns 


William Augustus 

123, 155 

Solomon 34, 43, 

50, 64, 65, 80, 

William Baxter 


90, 91, 170 

William Edward 



82, 83, 98 

William Josiah 




William M. 


Sophi'onia Asenath 


William Malcom 



34, 51 

William W. 



57, 71, 72, So 



Stephen Abbot 

117, 146 

Willie Frank 




Willis George 



76, 97 



Ziba* 34, 55, 

68, 72, 74, 77 

Susan Clark 



77, 109, 112 

Susan Grace 



r III. 



Abigail D. 




Abigail Gott 




Abigail R. 




Abigail Wellman 





217, 259 

Abbie Anna 






Abram 0. 


Abby W. 






Ada Adelaide 


Abigail* 206, 

210, 222, 225 

Ada Annah 



230, 268, 285 

Ada M.9 



280, 295, 301 

Ada Mildred^'' 


Abigail C. 






Addie B. 







Adoniram Judson 

Aerial Deblance 

Agnes Haskell 

Agnes M. 




Albert F.»» 

Albert Foster^ 

Albert Harley 

Albert L. 

Albert M. 

Albert S. 

Albert W.'' 

Albert Winch^ 


Alberta B. 

Alberta H. 






Alice Ella^ 

Alice Gurney^ 

Alice Warner"^ 



Allen Goss 

Allen W. 

Allie H. 

Almira H."' 

Almira M. 


Alonzo M.® 

Alonzo S.^ 




Alvin A, 

Alvin B. 

Algina Maria 




Amelia Beach 

Index I. 


281, 295 





206, 209 






Ammi Franklin 



Ammi Ruhamah 







Amy Whitmore 



Andrew* 223, 

224, 241, 261, 








261, 264, 


350. 379 

Andrew H. 



Andrew J. 



Andrew Jackson 






Ann Maria 



Ann Eliza 








242, 264 






Anna E. 




Anna Eliza 



Anna Maria 




Anne E. 



Annie Ella 



Annie I.^ 



Annie M. 



Annie Phippin 



Annie Sawyer 



Anstiss P. 



Ara E. 












Arthur L. 



Arthur W.^ 



Arthur W.^" 


305. 325 

Asa Hanson 



Asa King 



Asa Lyman 











67, 272 

Augusta R. 









338, 339 







Augustus Henry 



Augustus K. 






Ava Bertha 










Beatrice Maria 



Lane Genealogies. 

Beecher True 




Belle Olive 





197, 213 



, 229 

254, 276 




277, 321 




368, 375 

Benjamin F.^ 


Benjamin Franklin 



Benjamin Franklin 



Benjamin Humphrey 

349, 378 

Benjamin L. 


Benjamin S. 


Benjamin Whidden 



365, 382 

Bertha A. 


Bertha Ada' 


Bertha Ada^ 


Bessie Frances 




213, 223 



264, 281 


280, 290 

Betsey Gott 


Betsey Gideons 


Betsey Jane 


Betsey Merchant 






Bion R. 



196, 208 




241, 242 





Carl C. 


Carl Elijah 




244, 245 

Caroline Adelaide 


Caroline M. 


Caroline Augusta 




Carrie Augusta 


Carrie L. 


Cassandra Benson 










253, 265 



324, 346 

Charles^ 257, 



319, 369 

Charles Augustus' 


Charles Augustus" 


Charles Babson 


Charles C. 


Charles E. 

Charles Fletcher 

Charles Francis 

Charles H.^ 

Charles Hodgkins' 

Charles Howard 

Charles Irvine 

Charles J. 

Charles M.^ 

Charles M.»o 

Charles O. 

Charles Pierce 

Charles W.^ 

Charles Wesley'^ 

Charles Woodard 

Charlotte Augusta 

Charlotte Sibley 

Chester Allen 

Chester D. 

Chester Garland 

Chester Leroy 

Chester Linwood 



Clara A. 

Clara B. 

Clara E. 

Clara J. 

Clara M. 

Clarence Edgar 

Clarence H. 


Clarissa M. 

Claudius Mortimer 




Clifford Henry 






Cora Bell 

Cora Greenwood 






Cyrus Benson 

Cyrus C. 

Cyrus Edward 

D. Aubrey 



























Index I. 


Dana Clifford 



257, 346, 377 




Edwin Cox 





Edwin G. 




Edwin Lewis 




Edwin A. 


Daniel G. 



Edwin R. 


Daniel Saville 



Effie t^lorence 




, 206 

Effie Jean 







David« ^ 



Eleanor Watson 


David'* 295, 

296, 303, 354= 




David s 



Ella Elizabeth 


David Horace" 



Ella May 


David Horace^ 


Ella P. 










Davis E. 







214, 256 










Delia Sawyer" 


Eliphalet G. 

274, 342 

Delia Sawyer* 


Eliphalet Gilman 





241, 269 

Donald Curtis 



277, 281, 345 


186, 195, 


Eliza T.' 




Eliza Tarr® 



232, 264, 


Eliza Pool 


Dorcas C. 


Eliza W\ 

191, 192 

Eben F. 



197, 200 




243' 273 




Elizabeth' 230, 297, 

305' 308, 312, 




Ebenezer Davis® 


Elizabeth A.' 


Ebenezer Davis^ 


Elizabeth A." 


Edgar C. 


Elizabeth A.* 


Edgar Willie 


Elizabeth Ann 





Elizabeth H. 


Edith Charlotte 


Elizabeth Springal 


Edith Harper 


Elizabeth Thankful 


Edmond Cleaves 



269, 323 



Ellen Frances' 





Ellen Frances" 

357' 360 

Edward A.' 


Ellen M. 


Edward A." 




Edward Austin" 


Elmer Ellsworth 


Edward Browne 


Elmer Fremont 


Edward Everett" 


Emeline Frances 


Edward Everett* 




Edward Forest 




Edward Francis 




Edward Henry 


Emily A. 


Edward Hill 




Edward Payson 




Edward W. 


Emma F. 



Lane Genealogies. 

Emma J. 


Francis M. 


Emma Jane 







319. 369 


296, 358 

Frank E. 



31I' 331 

Frank Ellsworth 




Frank Linwood 




Frank Richardson 


Ernest J. 



277, 345 

Ernest R. 


Franklin S. 







213, 216, 238 

Fred Walls 



213, 238, 259, 264 




294, 306, 326 

Frederic Foome 

313* 363 

Esther Ann 




Esther G. 




Esther Griffin 



347, 371 

Esther J. 


Frederick Allen 


Esther Lothrop 


Frederick F. 


Ethel May 


Frederick G. 


Eugene Gardner 


Frederick T. 

293, 300 



Frederick W. 



267, 269 

Frederick Waldo 


Eunice J. 


Fredona E. 


Eunice Lamb 










Eva Florence 




Eva G. 



253, 262, 331 

Eva Maria 


George' 257, 258, 

265, 300, 345 






George Augustus 




George B.' 

257, 280, 372 

Everett H. 


George B.« 


Everett Thomas^ 


George E.' 


Everett Thomas^° 


George E.^ 




George Edward 


George Everett 

332, 363 



George F. 




George H. 


Fitz Henry' 


George Hayward 


Fitz Henry^ 


George Lamb 


Fitz William 


George ^L 




George Phineas 


Florence M.^ 


George Roswell^ 


Florence May^ 


George Roswell^ 


Forest Deblance 


George RoswelP'' 



280, 339 

George T. 


Frances A. 


George W\' 

292, 303 

Frances Ann 


George Warren® 




George Washington* 



206, 207, 235 

George Washington® 



234, 235 

George Washington' 


Francis E.^ 


George Washington® 


Francis Edward^ 


George Whitefield 


Francis Gamaliel 


George William 


Index I. 



Henry Oscar^ 



Henry Phillips 

Gertrude Day 


Henry \Yallace 

Gertrude E. 


Henry White 



Henry Wilson 



. 248 




. 301 


Gideon Oscar 


Herbert Melvin 



, 269 

Herbert Randall 




Gilbert L. 



Gilman G. 


Herman E. 

Gorham Norwood 


Herman L. 

Grace G. 


Herman Russell 

Grace Isabel 



Gustavus Adolphus^ 



Gustavus Adolphus' 



Gustavus Wilson 


Hiram L. 

Guy Smith 


Hiram Vinal 







Horace C. 

Hannah^ 230, 234, 237, 

242, 249, 


Howard B. 


257, 322, 


Howard Garland 

Hannah Abigail 


Howard Prescott 

Hannah Lewella 



Hannah V. 




Ida J. 

Harold Francis 


Ida May» 




Ida May'" 

Harriet Augusta 


lola E. 

Harriet E. 


Irene B. 

Harriet H. 



Harriet Maria 



Harriet T. 






Harry F. 



Harry G. 



Harry Lewis 






Harvey M. 






Hattie Evelyn 



Hattie Gertrude 


J. C.8 

Hattie M. 


J. Caswell^ 





Helen M. 




Helen Frances 


Jacob Clark 




Henry Albert 



Henry C. 



Henry J. 



Henr^: K. W. 



Henry Lyman 




Henry 0.^ 
























229, 276 

274. 343 







205, 230, 












Lane Genealogies. 




197. 215 

James A. 



215, 258 

James F. 




James H. 


Jonathan Dennison 


James M.^ 


Jonathan R. 


James Monroe^ 



196, 201 

James P.^ 


Joseph" 196, 

201, 207, 217 

James Sawyer 



Joseph^ 209, 225, 

229, 243, 260 



Joseph^ 243, 247, 

260, 299, 344 

Jane C. 




Jane G. 


Joseph Floyd 


Jane Halstead 


Joseph Hicks' 


Jane True 


Joseph Hicks^ 


Jennie E. 



Joseph James 


Jennie W. 


Joseph M. 


Jenora A. 


































205, 230 
















194, i95> 





204, 206, 214 


Jotham Sewall 


John« 230, 235, 

255, 278, 293, 


Jude Griffin 







294, 339> 345. 


Judith* 197, 204, 

205, 207, 218, 




225, 227 

John Albert 



233. 243 

John Ambrose 




John Babson^ 


Judith Norcross 


John Babson^ 



257, 297 

John Barnard' 




John Barnard^ 


Julia Ann 


John Calvin 


Julia Augusta 


John F. 


Julia B. 


John Henry 


Julia Hasty 


John Horace 


Justin P. 


John Howard 


John Ingersoll 


Kate E. 


John J.8 


Kit Carson 


John J.3 




John K.6 


John K.s 




John M. 




John Preston 


Laura A,' 


John Russell 


Laura A,^ 


John S. 


Laura G. 


John Saville 


Laura Wetherbee 


John William 




Jonas Willis 


Lawrence Franklin 


Index I. 




M. Isadore 






Lena G. 




Leo W. 


Mabel S. 


Leon H. 




Leonard Whalen 


Marcus Morton 


Leroy H. 



261, 277 

Lester E. 



281, 346 



Margaret E. 




Margaret Ellen 



234, 239, 280 







Levi Saunders 


Maria Pool 




Maria Lowe 






Lewis E. 




Lewis Pool 


Marian Garland 


Lideay Davis 






Marilla C. 


Lillian A.® 



210, 238 

Lillian A.^ 




Lillian Augusta 




Lillian May 




Lizzie Brown 



217, 250 

Lizzie Jane 




Lizzie M. 




Lizzie W. 


Martha A, 


Loami Center^ 


Martha Addington 




Martha J. 



264, 267, 274 

Martha Louise 


Lorentus N. 


Martha Washington 




Mary 3 

187, 191 



Mary* 194, 195, 


200, 203 



Mary^ 197, 20'3, 


227, 229 



Mary® 229, 243, 248, 


267, 289 

Lottie Rowe 


Mary' 277, 


306, 326 


238, 253 

Mary A.® 


369. 375 

Lucetta V. 


Mary Ann® 




Mary Ann' 


280, 344 

Lucinda Maria 


Mary Augusta 


Lucinda T. 


Mary B.® 




Mary Baker^ 




Mary Blanche^ 




Mary E.' 



232, 243, 265 

Mary Eliza® 


Lucy Ellen 


Mary Elizabeth® 


Lucy Lowe 


Mary Ellen' 


Lucy Mitchell 


Mary Ellen® 



. 361 

Mary F. 




Mary Jane 

307* 319 



Mary Olive 


Lydia* 204, 

208, 215, 217, 228 

Mary Potter 



230, 271 

Mary Ring 


Lydia B. 


Mary Taylor 


Lydia T. 





Lane Genealogies. 

Mattie A. 
Melvina Clark 
Mildred W. 
Milton Edward 
Minnie D. 
Minnie Isabel 
Morton M. 
Moses Augustus 





Nancy Bezoil 

Nathan D.'' 

Nathan D.^ 

Nathan Winslow 





Nathaniel Browne 

Nathaniel Phippen 

Nathaniel Rogers 


Nellie Isabell 

Nellie Jane 

Nellie M. 

Neva C. C. 

Newton S. 



Olive A. 
Olive G. 

Oliver Fellows 
Oliver Griffin^ 
Oliver Griffin' 
Oliver Griffin^ 
Orestus N. 
Orland H. 
Orlando B. 
Osborne W. 


Oscar C. 



Oscar Ernest 



Oscar G. 



Oscar S. 



Otis' 257, 

259, 297, 339 












Payson S. 











Percy L. 



Percy 0. 


267, 272, 288 

Percy R. 


277, 292 





258, 322 






253» 273 








Philena G. 


214, 245 



245» 305 


222, 224 


Polly6 241, 257, 

263, 286, 336 


Polly Greenleaf 



Preston Waldo 














204, 213, 218 





Rachel A. 



Rachel Wentworth 



Ralph Edgar 


Ralph Henry 



Ralph Irving 



Raymond H. 







244, 256, 264 








Rebecca C. 




304» 353 








Rilla A vice 









Rosa A. 











Index I. 




Sophia Estelle 




Stella Ina 










260, 332 

Ruth Wetherbee 


Stephen B. 
Stephen H. 







237, 245, 272 


234, 255, 







Susan Ann 


Sally C. 


Susan Lucretia 


Sally D.'' 


Susan May 


Sally D.^ 


Susan Merchant 


Salmon P.'' 


Susan S. 















209, 215 











Samuel^ 257, 

266, 267, 









Sylvanus Cobb 




Syrena L. 


Samuel Adams 


Samuel Augustus 




Samuel M. 




Samuel R.^ 




Samuel Robinson^ 




Samuel Roswell"^ 


Theodosia S. 















Theresa Burnham 












247, 257, 259 


281, 300, 



Thomas B.^ 




Thomas Bicknell^ 

254, 320 

Sarah A.^ 



Thomas Low 


Sarah Ann' 



Thomas M. 


Sarah Augusta' 


Thomas Newell 


Sarah Caroline 


Thomas Randall 

320, 364 

Sarah Elizabeth 



206, 209 

Sarah Ellen 




Sarah Frances 




Sarah H. 




Sarah Jane 


Sarah Jennie 


Urban D.' 


Sarah Scott 








Vera E. 


Seth C. 






Vio D. 


Sidney Howard 


Virgil W. 


Sidney Thurston 


Virginia S. 






W. Darling 





Ward Hale 




Warren C.** 



Lane Genealogies. 

Warren C 


William Smith 

Warren C.« 


William VinaF 

Wentworth Riggs' 


William VinaP 

Wentworth Riggs^ 



Wilbur Arthur 


Willie A. 



Willie B. 



Willie Cotton 





Willie H. 

William^ 247, 




Willie 0. 

William' 277, 




Willie W. 

William A. 


Willis H. 

William F. 


Willis P. 

William G.« 


Winfield A. 

William Gordon^ 


Winfield Scott 

William Harper 


William Henry' 




William Henry^ 



William Marien 



William Pitt 



William R. 



William Saville 









200, 225 





387, 388, 389, 390 I Edward^ 

390, 391 


Collateral Surnames Other Than Lane. 

















3» 5 


xxi, xxii 

4, 6 





xxiii, xxiv, 4 
















xxii, xxiii, 3 

XX, xxi, xxii 

4, 6 



xxi, xxii, xxiii 


















81, 94 

36, 46, 47, 54, 56, 57, 

66, 80, 91, 96 

43, 44, no, III, 116, 

138, 156, 157 


75, 83, 142, 143, 144, 







21, 22, 25, 27, 28, 29 

27, 33' 47. 48. 52, 53. 59» 
60, 61, 62, 71, 93, 102, 104 
9, 10, 62, 84, 117, 128, 159 























84, 128 
103, 132 

117, 146 


146, 147 
loi, 132 






83' 119 







Lane Genealogies. 



Carlton 56, 80, 118 

Be mis 

III' 137 

Carr 1 1 7 



Carter 94, 95, 125 


95' 152 

Chamberlain 21 



' "7' 151 

Chandler 42, 47 



Chase 133 



Chauncy ' 18 



Chester 121 



, 123, 156 

Chickering 89 



Church 117, 143 



Clapp 54 



Clark 19, 89, 90, 100, 104, 



, 122, 154 

105, 129 



Clarke 116, 143 


92, 123 

Clearnly . 45 



Coggan 19 



Coleman 169 



Colt 1x6 



Converse 23 



Cook 73, 75 



Coolidge 55, 72 



Cooper 99 


4I' 52, 

54' 57' 64 

Copeland 133 


44' 54' 66 

Corey 102, 155 



i7» 24, 

25, 27, 28 

Cornwell 140 



Cotting 72 



Coulson 149 

Brake nbury 

10, II 

Cowell 115 


122, 153 

Coytmore 16, 19, 25 



Cromwell 69 



Crosby 53, 55, 67, 81, 104 


39' 72 

Cummings 49, 65, 67, 71 



Cunningham 66, 98 



Currier III, 148 


40, 52 

Cushing 72, no 

Brown 38, 


66, 68, 

69, 70, 72 

Custella 1 1 1 

95' 107, 


, 13I' 151 

Cutter 103 



Cutting 72, 75 


89, 90 



Daggett 114 


29, 66, 94 

Damon 75 



, 122, 153 

Dana 25, 54, 77 


113, 140 

Danforth 45, 55, 66, ^'j 



, 103, 108 

Daniell 89 


55' 72 

Davis 44, 46, 47, 48, 51, 52, 57, 



61, 65, 76, 104, 120, 124, 149 



Dawson 79 



Day loi 



Dean 129 



Dearing 35 
Deering 42 



Dennis 77, 112 



Denny I 60 



Dewey 134 



Dickenson 9, 10, 18, 19, 30, 35, 43 

Index I. 

















12, 13, 14, 15, 32, 34, 



37> 45> 67 


94, 105 



1 Garrison 







76, 80, 117 


82, 119 


128 Geninson 



97, 128 




34, 50, 91, 92 






73, 106, 150 










136, 164 


26, 109, 136 
























-JZ, 106, 107 


77, 81, 118, 123, 129, 



132, 145, 163 




9, 57 


103, 125 


92, 123 








109, 137 


27, 46, 79 




10, 18, 19, 22, 67, 



125, 128 




22, 23 






31. 33 




36, 49 


52, 132 





Fassett 33, 38 

, 39, 40, 44, 52, 71, 80 


28, 37, 160 












78, 79, 82, 83 


67, 102 





Fitch 20, 

25, 26, 27, 28, 33, 34, 

Hale - 

40, 73, 106 


38, 47, 48, 51, 52, 62, 



63, 65, 90, 146 




48, 62, 109, 125, 136 


84, 121 


29, 52 


94, no, 125 


21, 22, 25, 64, 70, 73, 



106, 108, 144 j 


38, 56, 58, 71. 104 




18, 100 




9. 17. 130 










117. 147 


66, 95 


42, 51. 65 


86, 146 


Lane Genealogies. 





86, 123 


Hay ward 

79^ 8i, 137 


127, I 







127, I 


44? 54 


Hill 33, 

43,44, 45, 52, 55' 57? 
58, 74, 93 




II, 17 



30, 31 






79, 104 



85, 86 







102, 122 








22, 122, 137, I 


12, 97, 98, 129, 159 



77, 114 


94, I 


120, 150 






39, 40 


146, I 


89, 104, 108, 123, 155 




49, 75, 109, 137 










105, 120 


116, 145, 146, 167, I 


33, 44 








28, 98, lOI 












74, 76 









10 1 






49, 56 



67, Ti, 100, 105, 106 









84, I 







156, I 


131, 163 




. Mason 


66, 68, 69, 95 









73, 106 


130, 161, I 





41, 49 


Index I. 







27. 36, 37> 41, 49. 71. 



loi, 104 




28, 35, 42, 160 



, 52, 68, 70, 74, 93 










149, 168 




35. 36, 49 








53, 99, 100 








103, 105, 145 


131, 136, 141 


31, 34, 38, 47, 51, 52, 53, 



54, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 


124, 156 

68, 76, 80, 87, 90, 93 





Pollard 38 


50, 51, 58, 62, 64, 


72, 79, 114, 165, 166 

66, 68, 70, 97, 109 




130, 160 






















88, 98, 119, 149 


66, 69, 70 








67, 68 


64, 88, 90 




83, 120 


57, 79, 81, 100 


89, 112 






120, 151 




















77, 114, 121 






68, 69 





55, 63, 68, 70, 76, 



103, 115, 129, 157 





, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 


108, 109, 136 




33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 



43, 49, 51, 52, 55, 66, 68, 



74, 78, 109, 115, 146 



41, 45, 52, 60, 65, 


41, 49 

123, 125, 


134, 157, 158, 160 










10, 14, 39, 55, 56, 84 


107, 131 


77, 91, 92, 102, 109, 136 




77, 113 


12, 136 


75, 151 






115, 121, 141 


Lane Genealogies. 




































82, 128, 151, 158 

150, 169 





. 44 

36, 41. 43 
22, 52, 75, 98, 124, 














30, 104 



66, 125, 147 






36, 62, 65, 82 

141, 165 



39. 40, 53. 93. 124 




9, 12, 47, 89, 105, 107, 

119, 129, 133, 159, 163 

loi, 132 




79. "6 

ID, II, 19, 21, 22, 

25, 26, 30, 41 


43, 44, 48, 55, 56, 61, 62, 

63, 64, 66, 72, 75, 76, 80, 

81, 84, 85, 86, 91, 92, 93, 

94, 100, 102, 103, 115, 122 


44, 52 


• 49. 54 





27, 33. 60, 89, 128 






82, 95, 162 


62, 81, 161 


19. 30 










107, 125 


89, 123 




82, 108, 134 


31. 32, 33 





Van Horn 


Van Marter 


Van Martyr 


Van Riper 





80, 119 


21, 66 


22, 95 


27. 75. 

85. III. 135 


92, 113, 122 


76, 108, 135 








14, 87 


117. 147 






10, II 


38, 40, 52, 53, 66, 70, 71 








36, 38, 43, 49, 50, 64, 

71. 75. 

97, 103, 140 


121, 152 






66, 99 




38. 49. 

80, 115, 118 




20, 21, 2 

5. 30, 34. 36, 

37. 45. 82 


28, 63, 95, 

125, 137, 150 



Index I. 




36, 41, 45, 46, 58. 


100, 130 

59. 72, 76, 107 






95. 108 


10, 35 

. 36. 39. 40, 44. 53 


41, 127 




43. 105 






45. 74. 110 


no, 123 


10, 103 


83, 84, 98 






97. 154 

Wright 28, 47, 62, 

123, 135. 155.157 


122, 151, 153 


60, 81 


51. 53. 

57, 79, 81, 90, 93, 


108, 123, 141, 148 




51. 79 



125, 144, 158, 165 




12, 13. 

14, 15, 19, 56, 157 






Adams I 

88, 257, 

2S8, 307, 326, 368 






283, 284 


213, 268 



Albright or 











225, 284, 295, 321, 


205, 206, 346 


354. 371. 374. 381 


272, 340, 358 




205, 267, 343 






191, 201 




205, 243, 303, 306 


204, 229 






182, 183 




277. 344, 345 


212, 213, 254 


180, 222 




188, 198 








253. 339 











Babson i 

97. 211, 

213, 249, 310, 317 




192, 284, 343 




255. 294. 386 
















256, 324 ' 


349. 378 






321 S 












251 . 




Lane Genealogies. 



190, i93» 198, 



203, 205, 206 








177, 178, 183 


200, 225 




286, 356 


267, 334, 367 







232, 240, 280, 



295, 383 

















Brown ] 

[81, 228, 

229, 268, 272, 



277. 31I' 

35i» 376, 382 














283, 316 




323, 368 




254, 320, 364 

Burnham 193, 

194, 204 

, 209, 242, 303 








357, 385 






366, 381 


248, 309 




205, 291 








344, 375, 377 






185, 186, 

188, 198, 199, 



205i 214, 

218, 232, 254, 


268, 334 


337, 343, 369 








180, 195, 227 


344, 377 




183, 184 




286, 350 


229, 346, Till 


332, 370 



, 240, 298, 358 






199, 201 

, 231, 257, 304 


349, 378 






198, 343 


199, 222 

240, 297, 360 












273, 342 
















356, 384 

Clark 179 

188, 224 

, 234, 288, 345 


255, 322 


337, 338 




198, 209, 211 




181, 230, 278 






214, 256 




252, 352, 376 

Index 1 1. 











337» 338 






202, 224, 265, 365 





197, 206, 210, 216, 




, 299, 241, 242, 301 



248, 299, 303, 


272, 294 

308, 354, 365 












190, 199 


214, 260 




306, 375 












210, 246 


311, 357, 362 



188, 193, 197, 203, 




206, 208, 212, 216, 
238, 239, 241, 242, 



243, 248, 355, 359 




207, 215, 222, 258 








206, 234 


178, 191 







230, 259, 278 


268, 330 



Hall 202 

!, 229 

, 276, 291, 338,375 


295. 356 






286, 363 


212, 217, 

224, 230, 305 




267, 268, 

271, 272, 273, 




. 33^^ 338' 

343. 373' 374 




182, 212 



188, 196, 198, 210, 



212, 216, 240, 246 






377' 378 









286, 326, 377 


295' 325' 355 



237' 275, 291 


225, 226, 256, 264, 
266, 333, 349 






206, 236, 366 






230, 307 



Hayes - 

35O' 379 



Hay ward 

202, 274, 322, 367 


222, 263 


288, 350 


202, 227 


285, 372 




343' 376 




232, 280 


269, 349 






191, 230 






















Lane Genealogies. 


200, 209, 

228, 295, 



354, 355 

372, 384 








240, 282 


212, 234, 288 





272, 376, 378 




211, 212, 271 



324, 378 





203, 268 




355> 383 

Lothrop 272, 273, 


336, 340, 341 


279, 348 




187, 283 





Lovekin or Lufkin 







348, 349 


188, 241, 265 
























309, 345 












194, 195 




























271, 322 



Jones ] 

94, 227, 246, 

272, 274, 



297, 376 



Merchant 187, 


207, 239, 243, 




297, 354, 381 












322, 366 


322, 2,(i^ 










191, 222, 321 









Knowlton 196 

210, 240,296,356, 360 


349, 378 






273, 287, 342 








284, 375 




183, 199 


193, 196, 204, 

243, 294 



286, 316, 356 


228, 272 

Morgan 187, 


199, 209, 243 




282, 383 





Index II. 















267, 337 


278, 332, 346, 370 









198, 199, 200, 207, 




, 216, 225, 246, 264 





265, 296, 332, 370 
, 282, 298, 307, 359 




233. 350, 380 






181, 200 





206, 234 


256, 324, 370 








201, 228 






199, 221, 309 




200, 274 




234, 281 






194, 196, 
256, 299, 


214, 255, 
333. 345. 





368, 371 






284, 312 


228, 275 


268, 269 
335» 373 


214, 256 






181, 182 




237, 289, 307 



291, 335 




203, 263 





Riggs 185, 


187, 192, 194, 196, 




208, 295, 296, 299, 




358, 361, 381, 383 

Parsons 199 

, 206, 210, 


283, 304 






3i7> 357 















195, 257, 277, 296, 



344, 345, 375, 376 





205, 215, 230, 253, 



288, 348 




212, 214, 290, 370 



Rollins - 



234. 285 









Rowe 196, 


207, 216, 218, 227, 


277, 343 


244, 257, 265, 279, 



268, 335 


304, 323, 331, 349 



285, 312 





182, 215 










375. 376 






237, 290 



St. Clair 



Lane Genealogies. 






322, 365 









190, 197, 200, 209, 


337. 353 


216, 245, 258, 259, 
297. 304. 305. 325 




216, 258, 353, 361 



274. 342 


208, 241, 318 




256, 323 











336, 350 


' 301 








186, 240, 


338, 343 





362, 383 






274. 275 





279, 326 






264, 330 





Smith 246, 264, 277, 308, 344, 345, 375 


341. 345 

Van Velsor 







213, 250 





273. 275 








197, 215 





245. 303. 346, 354. 
355. 382, 383. 384 








300, 317 



Stevens 205 

. 230 

235, 252, 284, 371 



280, 284 







181, 182, 

Story 199, 


258, 293, 295, 296, 
324. 358 


184, 265 




















242, 302 









212, 213 
204, 300 















199, 216, 223, 224, 
240, 265, 300, 332 


197. 215 




183, 195 







305. 347 


180, 286 


283, 348 


229, 269 

White 177, 




182, 185, 



187, 188, 




240, 293 




237. 290 



1S7, 238, 292, 302, 
305. 331, 347 

















Index II. 





185, 187, 192, 209, 




213, 215, 224, 240, 


324, 369 


, 245 

296, 297, 358, 361 

180, 274, 

304, Z7^ 


222, 367 



275, 281 



209, 215 

213, 252 



, 192, 206, 236, 269 







185, 197, 204, 247 

265, 302 



240, 241, 291, 296, 


350. 375' 380, 386 

228 1 




390. 391 

3^1, 388, 

389. 390 


States and Towns. 


England : 

Micklefield Hall 6 

Buckinghamshire : 

Mill End i, 3, 4, 5, 6 



New House 6 



Shepherds i, 6 

Hertfordshire : 

West End 5, 6 


XX, xxi, xxii. 

Middlesex, &c. : 

xxiii, XXV, 

xxvi, I, 2, 3, 5 

London 2 

Bullein's Court 


Oxfordshire : 

Croxley Green 

xxii, xxvi 

Oxford 7 


T II. 

Arkansas : 

District of Columbia: 

Eureka Springs 


Washington 134 

California : 

England 14, 23, 24, 128 



Bartham 28 

San Jose 


Braintree, Essex Co. 145 
Bristol 18 

Canada : 

Chesham, Bucks Co. 10 

New Brunswick 


Edgeton, Yorkshire 17 
Gildersome, Yorkshire 9, 24, 30, 43 

Colorado : 

London 42, 68, 89 

Colorado Springs 


Newcastle-upon-Tyne 69 



Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire 8 
Welbourne, Yorkshire 17 



Yorkshire 20, 24, 30, 47 





France 14, 128 
Nantes 94 



New Haven 


Georgia : 

New London 


Athens 163 


127, 146 

Macon 144 





Germany 128 



Hamburg 130 



Heidelberg 144 

Index III. 431 



Ashby 75, 76 
Ashley 103 


Ashmont, Dorchester in 



Auburn 161, 162 

Chicago 75, 

132, 134, 



Ayer 75 




Baldwinville 142 



Barnstable 56, 117 




Bedford 9, 12, 14, 27, 28, 33, 35, 

Hyde Park 








115, 140, 






1 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 73, 76, 78, 

River Forest 


80, 81, 84, 86, 88, 90, 91, 93, 94, 
96, 98, 100, 102, 103, 104, 105, 

Iowa : 

109, 115, 116, 117, 118, 122, 123, 



124, 130, 132, 133, 141, 143, 144, 



145, 146, 155, 156, 157, 163, 169 

Fort Madison 


Billerica 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 
22,23, 29. 30, 31, 33, 34, 37,39, 



40, 41, 43, 44, 45, 46, 49, 52, 54, 



56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 65, 67, 69, 74, 
76, -]-], 84, 85, 91, 94, 112, 113 

Kansas : 

Boston 13, 14, 16, 19, 29, 35, 40, 



42, 47, 62, 66, 68, 74, 85, 89, 98, 

Thomas Co. 


99, loi, 115, 116, 118, 121, 123, 



126, 127, 129, 141, 145, 157, 158, 
159, 161, 165, 166, 167, 168 

Kentucky : 

Braintree 162 



Brighton no 
Brookline 144 


Burlington 69 



Cambridge 12, 18, 39, 49, 54, 63, 



81, 89, 97, no, 125 




Carlisle 65, 67, 76 

Casco Bay 


Charlestown 12, 14, 26, 58, 59, 

East Wilton 


60, 69, 95, 117, 148, 159 

Livermore Falls 


Chelmsford 30, 32, 34, 57 

New Gloucester 



Chesterfield 145 



Concord 13, 16, 17, 30, 32, 36, 

South Berwick 


49, 51, 52, 58, 60 



Dedham 28, 29, 59 
Dorchester 8, 25, 27, 69, 118, 

Maryland : 

124, 161, 162 



Dracut ' 96 
Dunstable 27, 31, 32, 33, 135 

Massachusei'is : 

Fall River 169 



Fitchburg 28, 104, 106, 133, 134, 



136, 137 


27, 3I' 4/ 

S 54, 


Gardner in 



Greenfield 145 


98, 99, 



Greenwich 121 

Ashburnham 54, 

71, 72, 11 

, 74, 


Groton 32, 33, 34, 92, 102, 126, 

76, 77, 80, 

105, 106, 




109, no, III, 

133, 134, 



Groveland 136 




Hancock 60 


Lane Genealogies. 

Hyde Park 
Jamaica Plain 
Lancaster 32, 




25' 45 

33, 41, 45, 66, 94, 
95, 124, 127 
Lane Village, Ashburnham 108, 134 
Leicester 126 

Leominster 44, 59, 72, 95 

Lexington 28, 39, 42, 48, 51, 54, 
67, 69, 70, 81, 102, 103, 129 



55, 144, 145, 146, 166 

79, 86, 98, 129, 156 


26, 130 

8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 


22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 

Mistick Side 
North Brookfield 

North Lancaster 



Old Hadley 






















36, III 



, 40 


, 18 





100, loi, 130, 

132, 162, 163 


165, 166, 167 







24, 57> 132. 135 

89, 162 

75. 129 
8, 131 

17, 37. 41. 43. 


12, 36, 27, 34, 42, 89, 94 


12, 69 





12, 13, 37, 


South Hadley 












West Boylston 

West Brookfield 

West Cambridge 

West Hawley 

West Roxbury 





Woburn 19, 


Ann Arbor 
Boyne Falls 



Missouri : 
Bonne Terre 
St. Louis 


New Hampshire; 
, Acworth 




107, 138 



47. 75. 93 

49. 56. 62 


98, 99, 129, 160 


108, 125, 134, 136 




49, 56, 58, 60, 62, 

69. 125 

62, 94, 104, 132, 

137. 161 












: III. 

Amherst 55, -]-], 79, 112 

-114, 138 









73' 106 

Wayne Co. 





31. 91 





















, 98, 164 








loi, 108 



y— \ 

New Ipswich 

T r 


73. "i> 
28, 55, 

146, 164 

107, 136 




96, 98, 

128, 159 




New Jersey: 



76, 86 



160, 161 






loi, 132 





South Orange 



New York: 

Russell Hill 






Silver Lake 


119, 146, 

148, 168 







Susquehanna Co. 

Fly Creek 



Garden City 


Union City 



Westmoreland Co. 

Glen Falls 




Rhode Island 






East Greenwich 






North Scituate 

Mount Vernon 



New York City 

28, 73 

., 84, 99, 

100, 126, 

128, 132, 

[44, 146, 



158, 159, 

160, 161 










82, 83, 







150, 169 



. 168, 169 

149, 169 




130, 131 





120, 121, 


















Lane Genealogies. 

Virginia : 













Vermont : 



Bellows Falls 






Saxton's River 



106, 120 


82, 119, 120, 121 









Wisconsin : 










r III. 





Little Rock 


New Haven 

203, 261 



Australia : 

New South Wales: 

East Indies: 


312, 318 



Port Louis 



Rio Janeiro 


England : 



California 273, 313, 

323. 339. 343' 



365^ 367^ 379 


227, 242 







St. Albans 







San Francisco 








Canada : 



Cape Breton 



New Brunswick 

310, 312 

Georgia : 





Nova Scotia 







Boise City 



305. 356 


299. 304 


267, 269 






322, 342 


284, 340 






326, 341 

Highland Park 








Mt. Sterling 


Index IIL 






Terre Haute 


Cumberland Mills 307 

Damaris Cove 



326, 339 

Danville 199, 

222, 227, 256, 263, 

Bell Plain 


264, 365 



Deer Island 





290, 291 




222, 262 



East Freeport 

254' 321 



East Gray 

280, 349, 379, 380 



East Livermore 

269' 335' 343 

Mason City 


East Raymond 

-^ ^^ %^ fcx ' ^^  ^^ 




Falmouth 172, 

173' 175. 177-182, 

Japan : 

184, 185, 

189, 207, 208, 221, 




231, 256, 281, 313 
268, 367 

Kansas : 





Fayette Falls 




Fox Harbor 
Fox Island 


Louisiana : 

Freeport 197, 

208, 212, 213, 248, 



250, 252, 

253' 254' 3^9' 320, 

Feliciana Parish 


321, 334, 364 

New Orleans 



312, 327, 


213, 262, 321, 337 

328, 329 

Gray 208, 

213, 220, 231, 281, 



177' 179 

307' 349' 350, 379 

Arey's Harbor 



268, 269 

Auburn 199, 



272, 273, 


228, 252, 274, 275, 




369' 370 

276, 338 

Augusta 234 

, 268 

, 324> 

337' 348 






226, 256 



Bangor 222 



337' 370 






237' 339 


246, 251 









324' 369 


34I' 374 



323' 348 

Leeds 227, 

266-273, 274, 275, 

Black Point 


334-343' 372-374 




261, 271, 272, 273, 



321, 328, 

337' 338, 342, 366, 



369' 370, 373 




262, 264, 



275' 373 


27I' 337 



317' 371 


222, 273, 279 



338' 375 


336, 337 




269, 274 

Cape Elizabeth 


185, 240 


221, 237, 268, 269, 


34I' 374 

336, 337' 338 



179' 307 1 


338' 339 

Casco Bay 



182, 183, 

Machegonne Neck 172 

212, 243 









Mechanic Falls 

256, 257, 323, 



368, 369 


Lane Genealogies. 

Meddybemps 241 

Milo 271, 336, 338, 339 

Minot 208, 226, 256, 261, 262, 

279» 290, 322, 338, 343, 365-368 

Minot Corner 236, 367 

Mt. Desert 205, 266 

Nequasset 180, 182 

New Castle 372 

New Gloucester 207, 213, 214, 

219, 220, 222, 223, 226, 231, 

246, 255, 256, 257, 260-263, 

269, 272, 273, 278-281, 306, 

307, 321, 324, 326, 327, 348, 

349, 364, 379, 380 

Newry 240, 370 

North Casco 221 

North Leeds 337, 338 

North Monmouth 373 

North Turner 237, 238 

North Turner Bridge 237, 290 

North Yarmouth 172, 174, 175, 

179, 180, 181, 183, 184, 188, 

189, 206, 207, 208, 212, 213, 

222, 231, 232, 235, 236, 237, 

250, 280, 281, 289, 290, 336, 

348, 350, 379 

Norway 238 

Otisfield 281 

Owl's Head 196 

Oxford 237, 289, 290 

Paris 237, 279, 289 

Paris Hill 338 

Parsonfield 319 

Pascataqua 179 

Peek's Island 300 

Pejepscot 219, 262, 263, 327 

Pemaquid 179 

Penobscot 194 

Poland 218, 220, 245, 255-257, 

260-262, 279, 322, 323 

Portland 178, 235, 251, 252, 257, 

261, 275, 281, 291, 319-321, 

337, 365-367, 369, 3S0 
Pownal 237, 253 

Prentiss 341 

Purpooduck 172, 179 

Raymond 306 

Raymondtown 220 

Richmond 228, 254, 337 

Rockland 276 

Saco 267, 336, 338 

Sanford 292 

Sangerville 257 

Searsport 228 

Sedgwick 217, 371 

Shepardsfield 256 




South Brooks 


South Paris 208, 








South Portland 


South Yarmouth 

















Upper Gloucester 



Upper New Gloucester 257, 278, 279 

Vassalborough 273 

Yinalhaven 276, 277, 344, 345 

\Yaldoboro' 323 

Waterville 274, 348, 376 

Wayne 338 

Wells 256, 309, 324 

Westcustigo 172, 173, 174, 177 

^180, 181 

Whitefield * 369 

Windham 253, 260 

Winthrop 272, 367 

Wiscasset 384 

Woodstock 369 

Yarmouth 348, 350, 378, 379 

York 330 

Maryland : 


Massachuseits : 

Andover 227, 286 

Annisquam 184, 186, 190, 193, 

196, 197, 198, 199, 205, 206, 
208, 2ti, 213, 215, 216, 225, 
227, 230, 231, 232, 233, 235, 
238, 241, 242, 243, 249, 254, 
258, 259, 292, 293, 295, 296, 

299-303, 305, 310-313, 315- 
318, 324, 325, 355, 362, 363, 

3^3, 384 
Attleborough 290 

Bedford 190, 191, 201, 202, 203 
Beverly 198,306, 312, 355 

Billerica 171, 177, 190, 191, 192, 

201, 202 
Boston 171, 174, 178, 179, 180, 

182, 189, 230, 231, 233, 234, 
235, 248, 251, 258, 262, 276, 
2S1, 282, 2S3, 285, 286, 288, 
289, 299, 310, 316, 318, 319, 

I 321, 327, 331, 333, 337, 351, 

354, 357, 362, 363 

Index III. 


Bridgewater 240, 274, 340, 358, 382 

Brockton 342 

Brookfield 201, 202 

Brookline 283, 284, 384 

Byfield 354 

Cambridge 233, 237, 290 

Campello 238 

Charlestown 172, 181, 191, 285, 

329. 359. 360 
Chelmsford 301 

Chelsea 298, 310, 311, 316, 321, 
348, 349, 357, 358, 359 
Danvers 284, 293, 357 

Dedham 299 

Dorchester 282, 284, 286, 287, 

288, 291 

Dunstable 297 

East Boston 283, 348 

East Cambridge 347 

East Woburn 283 

Essex 242, 258, 346, 358, 360 

Everett 237, 259 

Georgetown 357 

Gloucester 179-188, 190, 192, 

193. 197. 198, 199. 205-210, 

212, 213, 215, 216, 217, 218, 

219, 222-229, 233, 235, 236, 

239, 241, 242, 243, 245, 246, 

248, 249, 252, 253, 254, 256, 

258, 259, 260, 263, 266, 267, 

276, 279, 291, 292, 293, 296- 

306, 308, 310-313, 316, 317, 

321, 323, 324, 325, 326, 332, 

333' 346, 347. 353-362, 370, 
371, 372, 384, 385 
Hamilton 370 

Hanover 285 

Harwich 260 

Hinsdale 302 

Hyde Park 383, 318 

Ipswich 180, 192, 193, 204, 222, 

223, 225, 242, 259, 260, 278, 

346, 355, 382 

Lanesville 179, 190, 192, 203, 

207, 239, 240, 242, 243, 244, 

278, 292, 293, 294, 296, 297, 

325. 331. 353' 354' 356-361, 
380, 381, 382, 384, 385 
Lawrence 307 

Lenox 283 

Lexington 284, 285, 318 

Lowell 269, 313 

Lunenburg 313, 316 

Lynn 212, 286, 381 

Maiden 171, 172, 174, 180, 181, 

183, 191, 230 








New Bedford 

191, 240, 286 







Newbury 200, 226, 235, 246, 247, 
255, 286, 289, 322, 337 
Newburyport 227, 247, 263, 370 
Newton 282, 283, 298 

North Brookfield 202 

North Uxbridge 378, 379 

Oxford 221 

Pemlrroke 229, 230 

Pigeon Cove . 188, 305, 317 

324' 3=i8 

Plymouth 382 

Quincy 291 

Riverdale 362, 381, 382 

Rockland 347, 359, 381 

Rockport 184, 188, 199, 207, 216, 

217, 223, 240, 245, 247, 248, 

258, 260, 264, 265, 292, 293, 

297' 30O' 304. 306-309, 317, 

330, 33I' 332, 347. 357' 358, 

359' 361. 370 

Roslindale 284 

Rowley 207, 227 

Roxbury 284, 288 

Salem 179, 189, 190, 229, 230, 277, 

285-288, 309, 312, 313 

Salisbury 250, 336 

Sandwich 270 

Sandy Bay 188, 204, 222, 223, 

262, 264 
Scituate 266, 331 

Sharon 287 

Shrewsbury 361 

Somerville 284, 330 

South Acton 284 

South Boston 283, 284, 287, 

33 1' 380 

Sutton 201 

Swampscott 212 

Taunton 290 

Wakefield 298 

Walpole 332 

Waltham 292 
Wareham 322, 335 

Wayne 270 

Wellesley Hills 284 

Westford 191 

Weymouth 275 

Whitman 239 


Lane Genealogies. 



290, 366 




378, 379 


327, 330 




Oregon : 

273, 335 


Jefferson Barracks 






Hawkin's Creek 


St. Louis 


288, 323 



282, 288, 330, 

New Hampshire 


337' 352 















Colebrook • 





368, 385 






194, 274 

Rhode Island: 


294, 303 


288, 350, 351, 352 







Providence 233, 

309, 350. 352, 353 





New London 


357, 362, 
378, 385 

Valley Falls 




South America 

313, 348, 349 




368, 369 

South Carolina: 

Portsmouth 215 


304, 330 











367, 368 



New Jersey: 


363. 369 





East Orange 


Jersey City 



Long Branch 





282, 283 

Salt Lake City 





239» 339 

New York 235, 313 

. 319 

327, 351 




259, 352 

Long Eddy 




New York 251, 


283, 304, 
318, 329 





^TT T. , „ . 




West Indies 




Port au Prince 



262, 277 

Wisconsin : 

Cincinnati 237, 


261, 327, 
328, 357 



Index III. 



England : 


Holland : 



Massachusetts : 

New Hampshire; 

387, 388 


T v<- 'V 


: - y. 

: ft. 

•'v.. v;^-: 

... .'•'. .•  '««tj,«t'<:...iJi 


' ••*» 





-;. •